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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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high winds swept to a tent where hundreds of people gathered after a think louis cardinals game, killing one and critically injuring five others. >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, everyone. a controversial ruling by the state court of appeals has singled out the pitbulls breed and would make owners are liable if their pitbulls attack. sheldon duquesne's as of live at the maryland spca. >> people are on either side of the ruling. a lot of opponents are worried there will be an influx of abandoned pitbulls dropped off at shelters like this one. orders and enthusiast are outraged by a recent ruling by the state court of appeals. >> it is a terrible decision. it is devastating to all dog owners. >> the court decided owners of
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pit bulls or pit bull mixes are liable for damages if the dog attacked someone. in the past, the victim had to prove the owner knew the dog was dangerous. now if you can prove the dog is payable or part pit bull, that is sufficient to file a lawsuit. >> we feel bad about the case and we feel like the owners to be held accountable. they went a step too far in changing common law in america. >> they feel the ruling is unfair. >> it does not make communities any safer. when you let that dog is based on appearance, that is not a predictor of aggressive behavior. you have to look at the full picture. >> the impact could be quite devastating. all orders could give up a family pet or face eviction. animal shelters are anticipating a surge of dog abandonment. this will impact pets and people throughout the state.
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>> opponents are advocating for a breed as neutral law, but supporters want to lead the world the way it is. >> i think there have been enough incidences' that involve pitbulls that we need to do something about it. >> the spca here on falls road said they planned to accept, train, and neuter pit bull dogs. >> maryland's attorney general says he is assessing the procedure in which his office will petition the u.s. supreme court after a maryland court of appeals declared it unconstitutional to collect dna from criminal suspects. the court ruled by collecting dna sample from someone arrested, but not collected -- but not convicted, violates the fourth amendment. the attorney general disagrees. >> the reason it matters so much is because since the inception of this law a few years ago, we have been able to
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identify, arrest, and convict over 30 rapists and other very violent criminals. those are people who prey upon people's privacy lights. >> gov. martin o'malley in the baltimore mayor are urging the matter to go to the supreme court. the celebration after tonight of the st. louis cardinals game that became tragic after storms raked through. -- raced through. >> hundreds gathered at a bar near st. louis's busch stadium when a celebration turned into a nightmare. strong winds from a powerful system barreled through the area. the storm destroyed an outdoor tent where some cardinals fans barely escaped. >> the storm hit and the wind took the tent. >> one man died, although it is
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not clear if he was stopped by debris or -- struck by debris or suffered a heart attack. the winds gusted up to 50 miles per hour, sending metal poles, chairs, and riggings flying. about 100 people were reportedly heard. some seriously. >> people were laying on the ground bleeding, heads were broken open, people were giving cpr. it was crazy. >> a city official confirmed the tent and had a permit and passed inspection, but st. louis' fire chiefs say these kind of outdoor tense concern emergency workers. >> we do not like this kind of building. it gives us nightmares. as you can see, it cost one. >> leaving destruction and this belief behind. >> horrible.
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there are some scary moments for sure. what is in store for us? let's go to john roberts. >> we are getting rain here. it is part of the same system out there. i will show you that on the radar as we take a look at that. the thing is to mop our air is too cool and to stable. we cannot generate strong storms like that. the whole thing is related. you can see the rain over maryland. over in st. louis on the left side of the screen, you can see the storms of the mississippi river. that is the storm activity that caused those strong winds. >> this time of year, that is what happens. fire investigators are searching before what might have sparked a house fire this evening war -- north of westminster in carroll county. flames started in the basement of a home around 6:30 p.m. 60-80 firefighters were on the scene there.
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>> the first arriving unit out a two-story house blown out. the requested a second alarm as well as a tanker task force. >> at the three people inside the home were safely evacuated. johns hopkins hospital is preparing to move into its new building this weekend. tomorrow, patients at the old facility will move into the $1.10 billion clinical towers, which features advanced technology, new rooms, and surgical suites. starting tomorrow morning at 7:00, the new emergency room and to his will be on orleans street. the hospital opens to the public on tuesday. changes all around -- a new edition standing tall at camden park. a statue of baltimore oriole frank robinson. >> the orioles will celebrate their sixth holiday work this season with bronze statues in the center filled courtyard. they begin the evening with the
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most intense oriel of all time, frank robinson. the unveiling drew many of his former teammates and lots of fans. a tremendous likeness of a 1966 american league mvp also in attendance. perring hank aaron. now, old friends. >> you guys won a lot of ball games before frank got here. but when frank got to this ball club, the next year the kind of glued all the pieces together. he did a tremendous job. >> this is an organization where this ballclub in this organization and i came together and we became recognized over the country. everybody knew who baltimore was after the 1966 season. >> that is for sure. >> next month, robinson will have his day.
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robinson not feeling well today. after the game, they say they may frank proud indeed. >> thank you. still to come, try to save a dolphin coat -- trapped off the coast of california. raising money for tornado victims. on my journey across america, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. (laughter) hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds
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>> a body found when at the swat team broke open a border in washington state. the man has been identified as peter keller. the died of a self-inflicted shotgun win. the murder his wife and daughter last week and said their home on fire. he spent eight years of building this border into the side of rattlesnake ridge. hua life experts are struggling to save a were dolphin. the 7 ft. dolphin is stuck in a narrow channel in huntington beach.
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experts believe it chased some fish into the channel and got lost. they are hoping high tide will up the dolphin find its way out or they will have to resort to pulling the dolphin towards the ocean by a harness. writing 300 miles on his bicycle, but jackson has raised half a million dollars for tornadoes in his home state. he was joined by lance armstrong and ken griffey jr. and one of the 40 other cyclist to finish the tour today. jackson and bark on the arrived -- embark on the right to remind about the victims of the disaster. >> not only to recognize my own mistake, but to make sure the country is aware of the devastating these storms are. >> each of the bicycles will be auctioned. the goal is to raise $1 million for tornado relief. we've been talking about the weather in st. louis tonight, the damage that potts, and the
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people suffering. >> seems like we are in a more spring-like pattern. good weather yesterday, rain today. better weather tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up.
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>> red carpet out tonight for a star-studded event in washington. the annual white house correspondents' dinner. those in attendance include kevin spacey, and kris jenner. the nerd prom raises money for scholarships. >> this evening we have had on- again, off-again rain showers. not enough to interfere with the orioles performance the night. tomorrow we should do better weather wise. on the radar, baltimore -- is it -- it is a little hard to read the map. rain showers on the eastern
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shore. what of the bay, a pretty good area of rain shower activity. not particularly heavy. it is a band moving through. you might see another band moved through tonight. the rain chance could continue until daybreak tomorrow. we should do a recovery for sunday and have better weather conditions. let's take a look at what happened today. clouds all day. it was chilly. rain kicked in in the project in the afternoon. 55 at the airport. inner harbor, 58 for the high. a couple hundreds of an inch of rain. a trace downtown. three hundreds of an inch at tv hill. the rain numbers have not been all that impressive. the kind of through the day off a little bit. cambridge, 47. temperatures down in oakland already down to 36 degrees. a wider view of the
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temperatures. milder temperatures to the south. we never get any of the warm air. it will take a couple of days to get here. we are locked into the blue. tomorrow with sun coming into the picture, we should have things to warm up a little bit. here are the larger scale pictures of the storm with the rain shower activity over us, storms in west virginia. leftover thunderstorms over st. louis are now over southern indiana. everything is lined up along this warm air-cooled air boundary. that boundary will be sinking to the south and eventually take the storm with it. there we see what is going on. the war front has stalled out in the carolinas. cool air reaching out to the carolinas. we should be able to straighten things out for a day or two before the next door comes in. rainshowers continue till at least a break. seasonably chile. 40's 4 lows. north wind 5-10 miles per hour.
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eventually we will get some sun. 64-69 for a high. northwest wind 7 to 10 miles per hour. i-10 knots on the open water of the bay. there is the train. by daybreak tomorrow, some clouds and, but most of it moves to the south. when dry out during the day sunday. monday, a few scattered clouds, but the rain states to the west. tuesday, another system comes in with another chance for some rain. the heavier amounts of rain will be south of us with this system. the forecast -- 66 tomorrow. 65 on monday. we dry out in the morning. on sunday, monday let dry. thunderstorms in the middle of next week. we warm up to near 80. >> craft lovers and home decorators added to the maryland state fair grounds for the
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sugarloaf craft festival. more than two with a 50 artist showing their handmade items -- 250 artist showing their handmade items. you can still go to the festival tomorrow from 10:00-5:00. some people showed off their talent tonight. the night included performances about the experience, dreams, and concerns of today's youth. organizers say youth have an interesting perspective. i bet that was a great event. you have a lot going on today. >> there are five new ravens. in absolute classic between loyal and hopkins. a celebration. how long will it last?
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>> day 3 of the nfl draft is where you create doubt and look for steals. the ravens down some late round
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gems. the ravens grabbed delaware guard gino. they said they knew something few others did. christian thompson and asa jackson. in these sectors around, tommy streeter. finally, from georgia, deangelo tyson. the selections from friday courtney upshaw, kelechi osemele and bernard pierce. they are pretty excited. >> i am happy about the situation i landed in. it is an honor to be on a team like this. they are very physical.
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it is the way i'd like to play. >> after going home at night, i was hoping to talk to my agent and my family. baltimore picked me up. once i got the call, i was very excited. >> ravens fans should be, too. impressive to get courtney upshaw. johns hopkins and top right loyola after their annual men's lacrosse game going in opposite directions. some habits are hard to break. the 50th meeting in the series of -- 46 of the first 49 went to hopkins. coppersmith with the rocket shot. hawkins took a 5-0 lead. down 9-8 in the second. tied at 9-9. overtime. final seconds. the feed.
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it went in. hopkins snapped loyola at 12- game winning streak. we showed you the perfect tribute to frank robinson -- a bronze statue north of center field. it is a tremendous weight to the map -- commemorate camden yards. frank throughout the first pitch. the fans enjoyed the bird's best performance of the season but in the fourth, a shot up the middle. we do not recommend this. still, he made the play. it stayed in the game and went seven innings, one-run allowed. adam jones blosil all night long. one of his three hits. his fourth home run of the season. the orioles win 10-1.
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capitols-rangers game one at madison square garden. 4 seconds left in the second. it looks like the battle of the playoffs. tied at 1-1 going into the third. the rangers -- how good is that young man? a rocket shot. the rangers win the game 3-1 and take a 1-0 series lead. derrick rose of the chicago bulls, torn acl, will miss the remainder of the playoffs.
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>> pete was saying how cold it was. >> sought my breath. -- saw my breath. >> we should have better weather for the game tomorrow. we expect some sunshine in the picture. it is looking pretty good. our forecast is a good one tomorrow. we may have a morning shower first thing, but it will straighten out. monday looked good, but a little unsettled tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow at 5:00. the year 2014 is a time of turmoil for america. comfortably serving his second term, president barack obama no longer hides his socialist agenda. the unemployment rate sky rockets and foreign armies gather their forces for an attack. chaos reigns. but from thear


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