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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  January 21, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> winter mix moving in tonight. when it is at its worst and when it moves out in the sky watch forecast. >> next thing i know coming out of the second floor window. >> fire takes the life of 4 people in baltimore. how it might have been avoided. >> i have 5 operating rooms running right now. >> saving lives in haiti. why the ship is now able to help even more people. >> good enough to say yes after that. >> split heard round the world. contestant from florida who will not be florida who will not be forgotten >> good evening. >> winter mix is coming our
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way. rain. possibly snow. >> vytas jones us to tell us when that storm will get here. >> it is knocking on the door to the south of us as we continue to see the precipitation building in on hd radar. see south of dc and virginia a little pit of precipitation coming in in the form of rain and some freezing rain. even a little bit of sleet mixed into the pick as well. in fact putting into motion here we can see how this is pro depressing to the north. this is one band here pink indicating freezing precip. and temperatures along the i-95 corridor in the 40's upper 30's and still too warm in the freezing precip. but nonetheless the temperatures drop tonight we 10 to see this actually freeze overnight and in the center of the storm still over southern indiana. area of low pressure and ahead of it we continue to see the moisture build in as well and giving us the precipitation. looking at winter weather advisory from frederick county into western portion of maryland where they get at more accumulation and
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access to whether our area gets and winter storm warnings south of that and i expect to see 1 inch or less over the i-95 corridor and carol county and frederick county maybe 2 to 4 inches as we see the freeze overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. show you when the storm will leave us coming up in date in just a bit. >> all right. talk to you later. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. high radar available at fox use the tools to track coming storms to your neighborhood. go to our web site. >> overnight fire in east baltimore kills 4 including a two-year-old. happened in the 1600 block of east oliver street in east baltimore. smis smith tells us surviving family members are trying to cope with their loss. >>reporter: tears flow easily while looking at pictures of the loved ones lost. 1624 east oliver street. shortly after 11:00 o'clock last night the call went out to firefighters and they say they
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were here 3 minutes later. >> as the unit began to advance lean and saw the dwelling and extinguish the fire we again to advertise cover that we had several bodies throughout the house. total of 4. >> tell me my mother and 3 nieces. >>reporter: she found out her mother phil is died in the fire along with the 14-year-old grand-daughter, another grand-daughter and the 2-year-old daughter t. >> all i can say is look out for your daughter. pishtion still under investigation but looks like it started on the first floor before spreading to other parts of the house. >> fire coming out of the second floor window. out the door. in the back. and smoke all over here. smoke. >>reporter: firefighters say the home had no smoke detecto detector. this says it could
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easily have been corrected. >> if you don't have a working smoke detector. call us and for free we'll install one to make sure it is working. >>reporter: this is news at 5:30. fire killed 9 members of that same family back in 1994. >> andarundle county police lieutenant faces child pornography charges tonight. court documents released today accuse 47-year-old james paul of receiving sexually explicit text message and photograph from a teenager girl. he's 27 year veteran of the police force. he's suspended tonight without pay. the parents called police when they became very suspicious he was having sex with at the time daughter. a jury will soon decide if several baltimore police officers should pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages after argue a 7-year-old boy. joy was in court for the closing argument and comes from us live from
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elegant city with the latest on the story. what can you tell us joy? >>reporter: well, i can tell that you this morning started very interestingly and that the judge presiding over this civil lawsuit ruled the arrest of the boy now a 9-year-old was actually a bad arrest. that that arrest was unlawful. a point the legal team pointed to repeatedly and brought up to jurors as they were trying to persuade jurors to rule in their favor. both the boy and his mother were in court during closing argument. closing argument lasted more than 3 and a half hours. attorneys arguing whether police should pay out more than 700,000 dollars in damages for the pain and suffering the boy and his mother say they have experienced since this ordeal happened back in 2007. >> they acted according to the law. to their training. to protocol and that the action
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that is were taken were the appropriate actions to take. >>reporter: the jury certainly has a great deal to comb over. the case just got to them at 3:00 o'clock. at this hour they are still deliberating. reporting live in howard couldn't, fox 45 news at 5:30. survivors of haiti devastating earthquake are lining up for aid. thousands waiting in port-au-prince. u.s. military is using the spot of the distribution center to hand out food and water. survivors are even pitching make shift tent to sleep nearby. haitian government estimates up to two million people are homeless. what to we do need really is supplies. supplies metal plate to help to put together so we try to do the best we can. >>reporter: workers busy digging and burying the dead
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in mass graves. so far estimated 200,000 people died in the disaster. and 2 andarundle county children amopping the victims in haiti. 11-year-old and 9-year-old children were visiting relatives just south of port-au-prince when the first earthquake hit last week. their bodies are still missing. >> i was digging every single concrete thing. yell. screaming. nobody answer. >>reporter: because resources are so thin, he hired a haitian rescue team to sift through the rubble hoping to find his children. medical teams aboard the ship began seeing the first patient from haiti tuesday. jeff tells us the work is ramped up tonight. >>reporter: in full capacity the comfort can handle 1,000 patients and the beds are rapidly filling. the navy hospital ship is now treating haiti most critically injured
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patients and by this weekend all of the ship 350 crew members are expected to be on board. that means the ship can treat 1,000 patients and open all 12 of its operating rooms. tonight no one is predicting how long the work will take. >> our chief told us we'll be here as long as it takes. >> i have 5 operating rooms running on patients getting wash-out. amputation and revision of the amputation. so it is picking up at a good clip. >>reporter: when the comfort hits full capacity the staff can treat more than 20 patients an hour. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. all right jeff thanks so much. fox helping raise moip for haiti. the telethon air this is friday night at 8:00 p.m. on fox 45. all proceeds benefit 5 relief organizations currently operating in haiti. learn about how you can help by logging on to our web site and click on the haiti disaster icon and the top left corner. >> how are the roads looking tonight? lauren has the traffic edge
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report. >>reporter: thank you jennifer. well we do have several incidents working but first let's take a look at the speeds. looking at 54 miles per hour in the northeast corridor of 95. much slower 35 miles per hour in the top side of the belt way. but we are looking at 43 miles per hour in the west side. we do have some delays to report at the tunnel and disabled vehicle earlier and this affects the northbound lanes of travel. watch out for accident in edge mere along the inner loop lanes of the belt way at north point boulevard. if you are using the belt way in the parkville area it's a very heavy ride up to townsend and as we take a live look at green spring avenue here on the belt way you are going to see it is a mess right here just traffic very heavy along both the inner outer loop liens. in the city watch out for an accident that is right at glen fork parkway and that's the evening travels. now back to you. thanks so much lauren. >> secret to long happy life revealed.
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>> the 7 steps you need to follow to live longer. >> speed camera at work zone. new support for a change to that law. and looking live at sky watch hd radar. rain and possibly some snow moving closer to our region. vytas is back in a minute with the is back in a minute with the full sky watch
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>> new legislation proposed by 2 maryland senators could prevent potential employers from looking into your credit history. the bill is being sponsored by baltimore city senator and montgomery county delegate. many job applicant being rejected because of poor credit history during a time when people are having trouble paying their bills because they are out of work. that brings us to our question of the day. should potential employers be allowed to check your credit history? go to our web site and let us know what you think. sound off through face book. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. you can text us at 45203. fox
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45 a for yes and b for no. ande response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> maryland cna database getting results. more than 100 arrest for serious crimes in baltimore city are credited to the dna database. they say it helped in 13 murder arrest and 68 rapes or sexual offense arrest. >> watch csi and other television shows and make it all look very easy. but it isn't that. dna analysis is very specialized science. i can ashur you there is no busier lab in the united states than the b pd lab. >> baltimore city the first jurisdiction in the state to reach 100 arrest with the help of the dna database. we all want to live a long healthy life, right. >> sounds good to me. >> american heart association is out with this 7 secret doing just that.
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>> first never smoke or quit smoking now. maintain a body mass index of less than 25. that's cut off point for being over weight. get at least 2 and a half hours of moderate exercise each and every week. keep the total cholesterol below 200. >> and keep the bloop below 120 over 80. report blood conclude coast level of less than 100 and maintain a healthy diet. the tricks give most 50-year-olds another 40 years free of stroke and heart disease. >> another 40 years. >> yes. >> long time. mix of rain and snow is coming our way. >> vytas joins us once again with the very latest on when we can expect it to start. >> yes. it is on its way to the south west of us by 45 miles to 50 miles. start to come down a little bit south of sterling, virginia and will continue to see the band only shower activity move up along i-95 over the course of the next couple hours we see rain
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drops and maybe some sleet and freezing rain mixed in there as the system pushes up. on hd radar to the west we can see where the core of the storm is. area of low pressure sitting over parts of kentucky and up to northern portions of nashville right in that area over tennessee. we see the circulation there and strong moisture up running into the colder air but overrunning a little warm air why we have the mixed bag of precipitation possible in the form of sleet, snow, freezing rain and rain. we have some winter weather advisory out there in western portions of maryland. frederick county until 6:00 p.m. on friday looking at washington and then also 6:00 p.m. on friday as they have potential for seeing agent more snow than what we may see as far as precipitation and winter storm warnings of virginia and west virginia. this is my forecast for now. looks like we see along the i-95 corridor including baltimore city down to annapolis or inch or less of sleet and snow by friday morning then melt off relatively quickly through the
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afternoon. once you get west of westminster to carol county 1 to 2 inches and closer over into frederick 2 to 4 or 4 inches as we see a little bit of precipitation try to gel in the overnight into tomorrow morning. here's what it looks like tonight. see the rain come down in the form of rain and change over to sleet and snow and then by tomorrow morning commute it could be dicey and slick out there so drive carefully. temperatures right at 30 degrees overnight. east wind at 5 to 10. i have closer look at the 7 day forecast and show you the entire weekend and actually a little warmer temperatures coming our way as well. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> update now on a story we aired earlier this week on speed camera in work zone. thousands of drivers already received speed camera ticket in work zone even when the crews aren't working. lawmakers want to limit speed camera ticket to hours when the work crew are visible. now triple a is supporting that idea. >> want to be sure that safety
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is of the utmost important and that revenue generation is not the behind the scene cause for why we see the automated enforcements. >> hearing on the measure is held some time next month. next on fox 45 news at 5:30. shocking admission from former north carolina senator john edwards. >> big wheel keeps on turning. proud mary keeps on burning. >> idol contestant sounds hi, anne.
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>> john edwards is finally coming clean about all aspects of his affair with a woman who worked on his campaign. former north carolina senator now admits he fathered a baby. with miss hunter. the child is about to turn 2. edwards wife elizabeth says she knew the child belonged to her husband last year. >> the leno and 0brian drama has apparently ended now. conan is leaving the tonight show and jay leno will take it back. conan last show is tomorrow. in the deal conan o'brien gets 33 million dollars to say goodbye. his staff gets 12 million in severance. no word if conan gets a new show. . >> "american idol"took the
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search for the next star to the sunshine state and appears as though one contestant took pants on the ground a little too late real and this hurts. >> yes. >> we are rolling. rolling. rolling on the river. my pants are gone. >> ouch is right. turns out the judges were not split on the decision about his singin singing. >> i don't want you to move. >> i am not moving. >> yes from me. >> yes or no. >> yes. >> 3 yes and i'm going to hollywood. >> he deserves it. next week it is off to dallas and l.a. to find the next big thing. >> idol returns next tuesday and wednesday night at 8:00 right here on fox 45. ravens next season as
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kicker once again? we get john harbaugh thoughts on that possibility coming up next in sports.
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>> welcome back. for 13 years ravens fans had total confidence in the team kicking situation with mr. accurate on the field. this year the ravens let stover go after the 2 sides couldn't agree on a contract and they signed steven house. well we all know how well that one played out. on tuesday press conference the coach harbaugh says he's open to the idea of bringing stover back who is currently kicking for the colts. stover has a career field goal percentage of 83.7 83.7%. >> we don't rule anything out. anything we can do to make our team better we want to do
5:57 pm
it. he's a great guy. good person. heck of a kicker. may work out but may not. so that's what we have to find out over the next couple months. do everything we can personnel wise to make our team as good as we possibly can. >>reporter: offensively the ravens set a bunch of records this season. 47th touch down in regular season play was a new franchise record. ray wright broke lewis record of total scrimmage and flacco for completion percentage and touch down passes. but john harbaugh says there is plenty of room for improvement especially when it comes to playing on the road. >> we offensively are trying to develop the kind of offense that can that can win in any environment. in any circumstances. against any defense. that's a challenge. you do that by kind of mesh the players you have at this time to the opponent facing that particular week and do the best job you can to score points. >>reporter: coming up tonight on sports unlimited i'll talk
5:58 pm
with ravens rookie tackle michael orr about the first season in the nfl and hobl switching possession -- positions. >> we have tricky weather the worry about. vytas has the very latest. >>reporter: looks like it could be a slippery go for rush hour commute tomorrow morning. clouds out there and looking at 37 degrees. winds out of the east northeast at 7. humidity levels at 60 percent and we will see the temperatures going on down as we get through the overnight but still sitting in the lower 40's upper 30's across the state. so a little mixed bag of precipitation working its way in over the temperatures and that precipitation will come in in the form of rain. there's the pink indicating a little bit of ice conditions behind that we have some more rain but that's not all. first wave. hyped that we see this area of low pressure kind of fill in and bring in some of fill in and bring in some moisture
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