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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  April 2, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> our best hope in these investigationsis that we find her alive. >> the search for a missing baltimore county woman, what led police to this park. >> i think he did a coveragis thing, came -- courageous thing. >> the trial for the man suspected for shooting a 5-year-old. what he said when he took the stand. >> a beautiful weekend but clouds will move in. what that means for easter sunday in my weekend forecast. >> hello, yes is off tonight. there is a new lead in the february disappearance of a
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woman. search teams fanned out looking for any sign of 24-year-old cherice ragins. >> we need to get to the fence. >> the detectives met with him this morning. gave them a list of the things that they should keep their eyes open for. >> our best in any of these that we find her alive. time has not been on our side. nobody has heard or seen from her, extremely unusual circumstances. >> cherice ragins has been sincing since february 21. the last time she was seen by anyone was around this wood lawn neighborhood with her boyfriend who lives here. >> 40 police cadets are comping the neighborhood but other areas near powers lane off route 40. >> jacqueline taylor says she knows the bedroom and met her. >> she's a cutie, you know. he said thank you, miss jake a i said please treat her right, he said, yes, ma'am.
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now that she's heard about the search, taler is praying the results is the right one. >> it's very unfortunate. i hope nothing terrible has happened. >> i spoke with her aunt this morning and she says the family is having trouble with this. they're having torn. in a way, they don't want the folks folks to find anything. on the other hand, they wanted to know what happened to her. they want closure. >> they don't want to hear what the demise could be of their daughter. of their family member. at the same time we want to find her and give them justice. >> and i feel for her family, especially her mother. >> joel d. smith action fox 45 news at 5:30. >> a woman is dead after a stabbing in annapolis. it happened around 2:30. police arrived and took the woman to the medical center where she was pronounced dead. this is the first homicide of the year in anindianapolis. police are investigating with a shopping that happened around
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1:30 along north point road. investigators say 2 men were walking down the street when one man shot the other. the victim was taken to hopkins bayview. no word on his condition. police are still searching for the suspect. testimony continues in the attempted murder trial of lamont davis. accused of shooting 2 people in july. the most seriously injured, a 5-year-old girl shot in the head. the other victims took the stand. >> the 17-year-old who was struck is in custody at that juvenile facility out of state. he was shot in the warm. today he was brought from pittsburgh to take the stand here in baltimore. he watched footage captured by a blue light camera of the ordeal. wheel he told jurors he saw the person who shot him, he never idea resident arsis the gunman. we -- lamont davis as the gunman. we talked with the team's
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lawyer. >> are there safety concerns regarding your client and testimony. >> it's always a dangerous situation to be in. he's being called to testimony against the person that the state believes did the shooting. and he has to go back and live in that neighborhood. there is always a concern about that. >> one state witness did identify lamont davis as the person who shot the 17-year-old and walls 5-year-old raven wyatt. a stray bullet struck her in the head as she was walking home from the store. in open court, the juvenile witness reluctantly pointed to lamont davis. when the prosecutor asked if she shah the shooter in court. fox 45 news, 5:30. >> thank you. one person is taken to an another hospital after being stabbed at the mall. it happened last night around 9:30. 2 people are under arrest in connection with the incident. the person stabbed is expected to be okay. and a major drug ring bust in
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har pardon county. police arrested antonio boston, they say he was the ring leader of a huge pot ring that orangenated in mexico. the arrest comes after a 6 month investigation. officers found more than 250 pounds of marijuana and $400,000. >> we are able to target a whole sale organization which is rare for us. there is a tightly knit -- lot of known each other for many years or have family ties. for us to be able to infiltrate an organization like, that it created a huge impact. >> 12 other people were arrested in this bust. they are all from baltimore, hartford, and see cecil counts. >> at least one baltimore city council is demanding an audit of the recreation and parks department. it comes an the city prepares to cut the budget by a third and
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shut down several centers. karl stoke is questioning the agency's use of capital funds demanding an audit. >> we already know money is been -- we want it out, taking care of our pools, our wreck centers, and most importantly, we want it taking care of our young people. >> the mayor's transition reported cited a lack of transparency at the department. a spokesman said the mayor is addressing the issue. it's our duty to hold elected officials accountable. you can join our fox 45 waste watch. if you have a story, call our hot line. you can log on to our website, and click on waste watch. a popular skating rink in baltimore county could be closed down. state works opened -- skate
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works opened more than a year ago as a place to give things something positive to do. they've seen a sharp increase in calls to the area. now they want to shut it down. >> we very rarely call to the police department. if it was something, it happened somewhere else and they blamed it on scale skate works. >> a hearing has been set on april 7. that is when a board will decide whether to keep the rink open or put on the brakes. it's the beginning of the easter weekend so how are the roads looking tonight? lauren cook has our traffic edge reported. >> hello. well. we are dealing with several incidences. let's king and take a look at our speeds. we are looking at 63 miles an hour on the west side of the belt way. 57 traveling through the fort mchenry tunal. 61 on the northbound into baltimore county. we have a crash out of west baltimore. an 8-year-old has been hit by a
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car and we have a road low pressurer to tell you about in downtown baltimore. a chemical spill shut down green street between baltimore street and lump barred street. stick with martin luther king boulevard as your alternate route. the harbor tunnel is going to be pretty packed. unfortunately that congestion will continue traveling along the east bound lanes of 70 as you approach the belt way involvement problems on the west side -- no problems on the west side tomorrow. route 50, you can see a few cars on the road. it should be nice and easy if you're traveling down to the eastern shore for this beautiful holiday weekend. that is a look at your evening travels. >> thanks. absolutely beautiful day outside. perfect for running around. and hunting for easter eggs. welcome to the annual bunny bonanza. it includes an easting egg hunt, crafts, games, and lots of
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candy. >> you have to look around and try and find a lot of 5 easter eggs. >> we expect to have 5,000 people here today w the weather forecast, we're predicting some pretty big crowds. >> these events will run all weekend long and are free with the price of admission. >> some baltimore residents say they're fed up with one busy road. where it is and what's happening coming up. and a perfect end to the week to the easter holiday weekend. meteorologist jessica star will tell us if the warm weather and sunshine will stick around coming up in the sky watch forecast. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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>>esidents in one city neighborhood say they are fed up with reckless drivers along their road. miranda stevens is live with more on their traffic trouble. >> karen, that's right. the speed limit here along
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mcclain boulevard is 30 miles an hour. drivers are going way faster than that. they say that's also causing a lot of problems for one and makes it hard and dangerous to cross the street. but it also makes it hard just to park their car. they say that that's because as you can see this car up here on the left-hand side of me, this black car here, you can see that's partially parked along the sidewalk because there is that small heel, what's happening is drivers say the residents say the drivers can't see the parked cars and what's happening is they're hitting those cars and then driving away. >> in 6 years, i've seen at least 4 cars totaled on the side streets. >> there is no place to park without being afraid of people running into the cars. >> now, one resident is taking action to try to resolve this problem. we will hear from him later on tonight at 10:00.
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live in northeast baltimore. fox 45 news at 5:30. >> maryland's budget will be balanced nexium, but republicans say -- next year, but republicans say lawmakers have not resolved the long term fiscal problems. they gave final approval to the $13 billion operating budget. it calls for no new taxes but eliminates around 500 state jobs. most of them are vacant. it includes more than $600 million to be add to the rainy day reserve fund. >> we will have a trouble a bond rating. we will continue to have the -- triple a bond rating. continue to have the best public schools and this budget will make it so. ifth puts us on course for a imager tax increase.
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>> the work out differences between the 2 chambers there will be a meeting next week. lots of people had a long weekend for the easter holiday. they got perfect weather for. meteorologist jessica star is here with your first look at your sky watch forecast. >> we're 3 for 3 headed into the holiday weekend. beautiful weather to start the weekend. clear skies and a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures and winds are a little bit strong out there from the southeast bringing in some cooler air actually off the atlantic and the chest peek. you can see a little bit of a temperature gradient. inland just a little bit. look how the temperature rises. 80 degrees in argues town, 78 in winchester. a beautiful day. overnight temperatures will drop back into the 40s. it will be chilly with clear skies. a perfect evening and temperatures are going to continue to climb for the weekend. how warm it will be coming up in
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a few minutes. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. irader is available at fox you can use interactive tools to track cominger stores. go to >> the u.s. labor department says employers a ad162,000 jobs last month. that's the largeless number of jobs created since the recession began 3 years ago. many of those jobs are temporary census positions. president obama's approval rating takes another hit. cbs news poll says the overall job approval, all time low of 44%. down 5 points from late march just before the healthcare reform bill passed. that brings us to our question of the day. do you approve of the job president obama is doing? you can go to and tell us what you think.
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you can also sound off through facebook. send as you tweet at fox baltimore. in our fox 45a for yes, b for no. your response might air tonight on the news at 10:00. >> a camping 1980s adventure gets a high tech running.
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>> cistians around the world mark the death of jesus christ. today is good friday. it commemorates the da day jesus was crucified, the day they believe he rose from the dead is on sunday. easter sunday. >> one remake, one sequel, one new direction for a disney starlet. candice sorts them all out in the low down. >> sam worthingten continues cashing big time paychecks for his role in avatar. now is wallset getting bigger as he takes on another major fanscy world the "class of the titans" you can see the film in 3d. >> i believe any hero is the
5:51 pm
person who can stand up. >> he leads a band of warriors to take on the god of the under world. the director is used to working with intimidating pg monsters. also directed the incredible hulk. the good one, with ed norton. class of the titans is rated pg13. men aren't getting along with the gods. >> created man, don't know much about us. >> and aren't necessarily getting along with their women, either. >> there is women and then there is angelo. >> in why did i get married, the scene characters from the first film get together in the bahamas for awarn week reunion. unexpected arrivals, trust issues and raising a family take their toll on the 4 couples. >> if your man goes to work all day long and comes home smelling like a fresh bar of soap, something is up.
5:52 pm
you can find more family issues in miley sires' new film, the last song. she falls in love with the local boy. look for her to begin her journey into more adult material with this one as the film is based on the latest work from novelist nicholas sparks. >> my breakout moment away from what people know me as, hona montanta. more the cutie stuff. this is more edgy. "the lost song" is rated pg13. >> that's your lowdown. >> played in front of a national audience. could they show up the world's champs? coming up next in sports.
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>>elcome back. the orioles headed north about an hour from their home today to face the new york yankees in front of a full stadium and national audience as camp begins to wind down this weekend. alfredo, simon, how ever you like, facing rodriguez. single into right center. yankees, 1-0. later, 2-0 yanks. simon off speed pitch. reaches the top of the bleachers for a second homer of the spring. new york on top, 4-0. top of the 7th, games hide at 4. bases juices for ra boat and deano. grounds it between short and third. matt scores and the os lead 6-4. win at the plate with 2 on, singled to the left. ties the game at 6. after the inning, both managers decided not to go extra.
5:57 pm
so the game ends in a 6-6 tie. alfredo simoan will start the year in aaa. recent acquisition, 0-2 strikeout. navy host georgetown in la crosse. jimmy turns down st. john's, 1 on 1 with adam jones all coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited. >> we could not ask for a better start to the weekend. here is meteorologist jessica star with hopefully continued good news. >> beautiful day outside today. ample amount of sunshine. low humidity, temperatures in the low 70s. 71 right now. inner harbor pretty backed right now. winds light and variable, 7 miles an hour. the humanity is down. comfortable air mass. not done with the muggy conditions just yet.
5:58 pm
temperatures across the northeast. colder toward the coast line along i-95. 73 in baltimore, 74 in harrisburg. 63 new york. look at charleston, west virginia. 91 degrees so a little bit further inland, the warmer air malls along the water, cooler. bringing in a sea breeze. sky watch hd regional radar, dry across most of the state 569 maryland. toward the midwest there is a line of showers and embedded thunderstorms with a cold front that will be inching in our direction throughout the weekend. it will lose most of the mountains over the -- moisture over the mountains. warm temperatures throughout the day, saturday, then sunday but here comes the cold front and by the time it reaches our area at sunday morning, we'll see a couple more clouds around. maybe an isolated sprinkle or
5:59 pm
light rain shower. otherwise we'll continue with the fabulous weather, high pressure moves back in behind it. out on the bay, fort mchenry, sunny, warm, 71 degrees. winds out of the south at 5-10. the next 7 days looks very nice. 74 saturday. 75 sunday. a slight chance, 20% chance for an isolated rain shower in the region. monday and tuesday, look at that. stick with the upper 70s. wednesday, thursday, a stronger cold front drops the temperatures back down, 61 by friday. not too bad. >> great weather for easter egg hunt. wouldn't you agree? >> i sat outside for lunch. lick i have to innoolike i have to enjoy this beautiful whether. glad it's going to stick around. >> thanks a lot. >> that's all for fox 45 news. make sure you join us again for


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