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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 8, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 3 brandon from dundalk 3 p,
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3 the sports world issmourning the loss of pro-football hall of famer... john ackey. mmckey. the former tight-end ever induuttd into 33 firrt presidenttof the n-f-l player's association. maakey died on thursday... after a 10-year battle with dementia. -3 (11:45:45) "we were shocked buttwe knew it was coming. john suffered forrten years and he had his famiiy him..." (13:28:04) "i say & a little prayer and said good luck. i hope we meet attthe - same place..." place..." 3 mackey leaves behind his wife, two chiidren and three grandchildren. plans for he was 69 yeaas old. &p3two thousand jobs could be on the chopping block if funding for the james webb telescope - ends.state
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senator barbara mikulski says tte vott by a house subcommitte to ssoo 3 stop scientific proggess.the & peppace the hubble, but money issues have stoppee it. 3 fundiig for the telescope. &p3 3 3 3 another night 3 of wicked weather leaves roofs ripped off, ann trres taken 3 live in dundalk to review the &pdamage.... good morning joel d. good morning megan, (aa lib) it wassa damaging nighh for some.... & loud night for ll. 33 3 &p... you coold hhar - hall in downtown baltimmrethe
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rain... coming down very hard for a part of the night. & thatts why we saw so much damage.... look at this huge - tree down southbound on the j-f-x... blocking eeii ... blockinn t entirely. 3 ... this storm also drooped haii on sooeeareas......some of the peelets were about the sizz of a tab on a soda can... this picture sent in by stephanne. 3 3 theestoom allo knocked downna - tree along merrit bbolevard in dundalk...picture...just as crewssfinished moviig the tree & 3 3 president obama is facing criticism from watchdog -&pgroups... for funding a new version of the activist group, acorn. acorn.congress banned funding - for the group... after this giving tax evasion advice to a conservattve filmmaker... - posiig as a pimp aad a prostitutt. the obama administration has the obama a pimp ann a filmmaker... ppsing to a 3 advice was aught giving baltimmre ffice group... after this funding for the & congress banned accrn. acorn.activist group, version of the grouus... for from watchdog is ffaing criticism 3 3 road. the tree off the finisheddmoving just as crews dundalk...tree along mmrrit tte storm also p3 p3 stephanie. 3 3 phe storm also knocked doon pdundalk...megan sent us ttis picturee..just as crews &ppicture....egan sent uu this dundalk...boulevard in tree along merrittknocked down a the ssorm also 3 &pp3stephanie.ssnt in by this picture on a ppellts were some of the sooe this stormmalso 3 3 pntirely. exit 7 ... blocking it the j---x... blocking on 3 road. the tree off the road.
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3 3 pressdent obama s acing - criticism from watchdog groupss.. for funding a nne version of the activvst group, acorr. for the group... after this baltimore office was caaght giving ax evasion advice to a conservvtive filmmaker... posing as a pimp and a prostituue. the obama administration has issued 80-thousand ddllarr ii grants to the "affordabbe housing centers of americc"... n accrn offshoot. the group denies they are elatee to - acorn... bbt has the same board oo diiectors and buildinn.
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p3 still.. no deal... after talks about raising the debt ceiling aa the white house yesterddy..- are at least being callld "constructive".. the the the possibility of deeper spendinggcuts... that could affect entitlement ppograms like meeicare and social security. there's also reports that republicanssmmy 3 loopholes in exchange for tax cuts elsewhere. 33& boehner ays: entitlemennt programs are importaat programs for 10s of millions of americans, but we also -3 know that if they not reformed thhy on't exiss in the future." & future..pelosi says: "we do not support cuts in benefits for social secuuity and - medicare." negotiators ill return to the white house on sunday for more 3 3 when flying.. t-s-a agents going throuuh your luggage is common... buu one agent took far!in florida, pplice arrested, 30- year old nelson employee with stealing
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&pcomputers and other plectronics from checked bags. authorities say not only didd he steal the items, but he -3 sold ttem nline!at oneepoint & santiagg pparently was seen 3 i-pad .. and stuffinggit down 3&pellctronics were his specialtt... 3 "he had this down to a scceece. he'd take an item, -3 he'dd hotograph it with his cell phone, post it on & craigslist, and most oftee it waa sold by thee ime his shift ended." ended."policeesay he schhme lasted for several months.he made about 50- thousand dollars selling it all. pantiago no longer works for the t-s-a.mmanwhile, detectives arr ttying o find victims, even hougg hey will post likeey neverrget their &ptolen property baak..- 3& quuck thinking.....saves the life of a four-year-old childd surveillance video from mall in can see the &pchild... riding on the áoutsideááof the he gets tt the topp... a store pmployee comes running to
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helpp...atching the bby as he drops....morr than 15-feet.... &pfrom the second story...that employee has been named a &&plocal hero.... thhechild,, meanwhile.. is just fine. 3 3 3 --any aae lininn up inn middle river.. ffr a chance to see if they can get a big break in the music orld. be from baltimorr?patrice harris is live at al acker ford ith ttose patiently 3
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33 3 coming up on the earry edition... pnd would raising the estaae tax ffx the budget... or kill pobs?wayy to fix the 3 our cover story.&pstory.
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3 ((ad lib meteoroolgist)) -3
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3 3 ((trafficcreporter ad libs)) mappjoel mappfiber map
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3 willens map 3 3 3 coomng up...
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3 coming up... 3 we're cootinuing our series on ways to fix the economy...we examine.. if the goverment can create jobs.. and what wouldd tax... hat's next in ourr - pover story. 3 ((bump out)) 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 fixing the econooy. you can't have a reeovery without
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jobs. this - morning... jennifer gglbert shhuld be in the business of -3 job creation... and he roadblocks facing ennerpreneures who are trying &pto put peoppe bbck to work. 3 3 sot -- president kennedy ays: "i beliiee that this nation should commit itself to achieving the oal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth." whhn president kenneeyys goal was reachhed eight ears later, it was reggaded as the grratest achievement of mankind. the government poured passive amountt of money into the moon prrgram... and the apolloomissions led to benefits in everyday life. among them, the remarkable -3 miniiturization of computers. --3 sccentists say this miniaturization called "mmore'' llww" is doubling 3& economiits say ittmight brrng baily says: ""f you look back t that time i don't think anyone predicted how -3 strongly the, the effect of moore's law and the cheapnnss -3& of computers and of
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telecoomunications, wwat that was ggnna do, since then e''e had a lot offthiigs like, like search ngiies, a lot of software stuff. these technologiee aae allooing us tt do amazing things." today, governmeet is expanding broadbanddcoverage, as it did with electrical ower n ruraa aaerica eventy-fiie years ago... or the 33 decades later. but rapid chaage eann many jobs lost in the recession will never come back. some nowwcall for a public-private paatnership to retrain wookers.sot - jensen sayss "yoo know, how -3 aae e gonna ake the 40-year-& old unemployyd erson who's been out of work for 12 or 18 months, gveethem skills that thee need to take a job thaa doesn't exist?" critics - say for every apollo program, there's another long-term that did not produce suchh iispiriig results. i mean, theegovernment, every single budget yet, the govvrnment -3 whether he is a republlcan or - he issa democraa, tells us how &pthey're investing in our ffture, and ittdoosn't seem to be paying off at all."(())
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any entreereneurs aaen't trying to accomplish massive projects...they're sot - ddnner says: "tte business ii your savings, it's it's-- in---in most cases, & it's everything you own."" aaddalllttat hard work.. business owwer dies.. the currenttfederal essate tax is hitting americans ard. heirs are often forced to ssll the business in order raise enoogh money to satisfy the tax bill. sot - danner says: "in a lot of cases, it eans thh business gets shut down to be able to pay the estate taxx which we think is a terrible thing." -3 because every time one oo those small businesses shuts work. currennly, the tax kicks n for an indiviiual estate at five-million dolllrs - at a rate of thirty-fiie percent.sot - logan says: -3 "there's strong evidenceeto &psuggest ttat higher estate put it bllnnly." for now --family-held small businessss say theyyre left to wonder whether lawmakers will once aaain reach an eleventh hour deal on esttte taxes - leaving them heeitant to expand or invest until they get ttat guiiance.sot - logan says: "it's part of comprehensive tax reform and that'sswhat weere hoping foo. ttat's what will alleviate that uncertainty that goes to smmll pusiness." 3 comiigguu next...
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coming up next... next...the oriolesswere at fenway park to take on he mighty red sox.could they pull of a victory? 3 ((break 3)) 3- 3 brucc cunningham - pas fox 45 morniig sports. spprts.
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