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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 16, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a courthouse beating
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streets of baltimore.----------- ----------------------------- the eadly disaster caused by a striig of tornadoes.---------- a hot day with highs near 90. -- the cool-off coming.. and our next chance for ain in my skywatch forecast. .------------ ------------------------------- 3 his own magic kingdom. the wwrld reknowned ssowman... wowing people in baltimore. we were the first stttion to bring the video to you... and it's hocking every time you see it... it...a.../ tourist .../ kkocked down... / robbed... and stripped naked .../ on... the streets of baltimore..../áábailáá for... thh man.../ who... threw the punch .../ ááwasáá set... at.../ the weekend. aaron parsons was abbe to get that amount cut in half.......but crime and justice reporter joy lepola spoke with hii attorney.. attorney......and tells us why he sayy the nee amount... is still way too higg....first on fox onight. tonight.
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((pkg)) ii's video thaa even aaron parsons' own attorney descrrbes assanimalistic. a vissttr attacked while cclebrating saint patriccs day in baltimore. the man is punched, hits the ground and is knocked unconscious, he is later stripped, robbed and peaten. the entire ordeaa recorded on a cellphone. 12:05 when i saw thattvideooit was shocking really shocking. i really couldn't believe that i was into something such as that. aaron parsons and his attroney sat downnwith fox 45 just prior to thee20 year old turning himself in to police &ppaologize for the acc and the video everything. you know? i didn't mean to dd it. i wasn't trring, my intention that or anything. i'm not event hat type of person. it's othing it's no racial thing you know i'm really really sorry. over the weekend, parsons
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remained here at central booking. his bail set a million dollars. 10:08: will become the face of aall this and even speaking with the state'' attorney office they seee to think that he is the ead he's the oint man in regard to this and he's not :02 duuing his bail review, attorney warren brown asked that paasons' bail be set at 25 thousand. he explained how despite parsons' actions on saint patricks day... he had never been arrested until now. ssand up 10:47:43 the sttte argued this waa a heinous crime committed against a visitor to baltimore. in weighing both sides the judge decided to sett bail for parsons at at half a million dollars. :55 10:01:47 p thinkkit's still too high this young man has no record whatsosever. the first time he ever had handcuufs on him at the age of 20 was when we turned im in on friday and it should bbeunderscored that we did turn him in 10:02:00 while parsons attempts toomake baal.... 8:09 we were all
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playing aa it all of a sudden got oot of hand. police continue to search for threee other individuals believed to have also layed a role n committing a crime that's llft balttmore with a bbttered lepola fox 45 news at 5:00 and ten. 3 parsons ... faces... eight charges... including assault,... robbery... and reckless endangerment....// police say wo kids are responsibll for setting thatt churchhfire in ddndalk last week. 2--boys, a 12-year-old, and a 13-year-old, are facing a string of charges, including secood degree arson.last week's ire at the pleasan zion baptist church caused about 400 thousand dollars damage.police say theeboys went in to an unlocked shhd behind the church.... where thh found gasoline and a of the boys poured the asoline.../ , and... tte other.../ used the lighter.../ to... set it... on fire. there is nothing in this that there is a racial motive. the boos face a string of &pcharres, including second degree arson....second degree burglary, destruction of endangerment. carroll county reeiddnts need
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pour help fighting back after a ash of burglaries. the past two weeks... in the sually quiet county... there have been seven break-ins. the burglars are getting in through unlocked doors and opened far the thieves have stolen 40-thousand dollars woott of cash... (("we're trusting people up peree we can leave our doors unlocked our carssunlocked, not everyone thinks twice about it but now they wwll")) will"))deputies believeethe daytime crimes are connected.. fox45 has teamed up ith the mmst popular crime mapping &pwebsite on the internet. "spotccime" tracks criminal activiit in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crimes happen.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore doo ccm...and click on "spotcrimm" in the "hot topics" section at the top of a... gruesome discovery ...this morning... in hampden..../ áátheáá skeletal remains... of a female.../ were found near....41st-street....// rreder... is live and.../ the woods.../ say... - surprised.this is at least the -
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thiiddbody found down here by the woods... in the last couple's somehat secluded. but we're not exactly off the beaten path... innfaat... the 41-st street overpass looks right down onto these trees. 3 3 07:22 "i ddn't really know what's downnthere, but anywhere where there's a lot of trees... you've got those crazy people ut there that can bury things."in the woods... righh off 41-st street in hampddn.... police detectives examine the skeletal remains of a woman. hee body... has cleerly been here for some ime. and that kind of decomposition makes the investigation difficultt 06:57 "well hope they find who it is."police sent the bones to the medical examiner... in the hhpes of answering some questions -- like what happened to her? and who is she?carol cook: out here are wondering... or never showed back up."09:58 "it could be anyone from the nearly plastics company... - were told it was a utility the woods... while clearing
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surprised to find remains here.... it's happened before... grant jenkins: :10 -22 " i came out and put trash in the ddmpster and looked layign over there underneath theebridge." grann jenkins found a body abouu four months ago.and a couple years back,... a homeless man was foundddead "this is an area where a lot of homeless people will come and stay."untii the investigation is complete... it's unclear if the woman died naturally in the woods... or was perhaps dumped here.09:11 "it's kind of olting in some ways, yoo know."neighbors beeieve anntting is possible... they just can't believe it took so long to find her.02:40 "plenty of traffic. we get trucks in here all day long, but you're not gonna see what's happening in police could not say if there were any obvious signs of trauma. but once ttey get more information from the medical examiner... they'll try to figure out her identity.... tracking missing persons reports, if necessary. roeder... fox 45 ews at ten.
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three peopleewere killed over the weekend... pushing the city's murder count past 50. f those crimes under investigation...happpnee saturday night on the steps of a home on etting street. 34-year-old hilip scctt was talking to his friend when the suspect approached them. scott tried to walk away when he was shht several times, and killed.the suspect then starteddfiring n the other friend who was able to get innide the hhuse, and wasn't hurt. a.../ sentencing date.../ s... set for... george hugueey. huguely.a.../ virginiaajudge .../ the fate... of... georgg huguely.../ will be... decided.../ august 30th..../// ááhhguely'sáá the... ormer... university of virginia.../ lacrosse player.../ convicted... innthe beeting death.../ oo... , áácockeesvilleáá native... yardly love...//. ááhuguelyáá &pbehind ars....//ááhuguely'sá lawyers...// alrrady... asked a judge.../ foo... a hearing ...on a mmtion .../ p o... retry.../ the case.../.. the anneearundel county police department hassnever given up on finding jamesscolehe's a
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disappeared 18 yyars ago. janice park tells us a search in the woodd today, may have lead to some new clues. janicc? panice?cadaver dogs nd search and rescue picked up some items today that will now be sent to the medicial examiners office.tonight, the parents of james cole say they're elated by this renewed nterest to find theer soo. son. james cole went missinn in april of 1994.not far from where he went missing, today dozens of people prepaae for a search along the b and a trail. sense of hope:s, and a renewed hope:"well it's beennvery ddfficult you just raise a son for 21 years then have him out of your life"cole had been restaurant at the park plaza shopping center in severna again:"and this shopping gin: center that cole disppeared from looks vvry different than it did nearly 20 yyars ago. the restaurant he wws last seen at the shangri-la restaurant doesn't even exist a" anymore""someonn ho's gone for 18 yearss you almost have to onder what the circumstances are, my heart tells me it maa have been foul play"cole's parents, who now liveein texas, agree. they don't believe their son is, delmaavaasearch
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and rescue along wwth cadaverr dogs searched a wooded area that had never been searched the 90's searches were onll dooe in areas where ccle had been seen: " a lot of parents lose children in the war and knoo what happenee tt them...we would love to have answers"ron and dorothy cole say they've been baffled for the past 18 tt their son's disppearance are in these woods. woods."i'm thankful for what them to know it"d i want ,3 33
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james cole was dopted, and reeently police found his biological mother to get a dna now any remains thht were found ttday, cannbe testeddjanice park...fox45 news attten. the city.../ iss.. sspposed to be... less than.../ 5 months away.../ from the next... baltimore grand prii... prix......but according to the charge of downforce raccng may - leave.dale dillon is apparently at odds witt 2 local business partnerss downforce racing took over the baltimore grand prix...after the previous group raaked up bills it couldn't pay. you've.../ been warned../ and... now'sshere...... áápartsáá of... the j-f-x... are... shut down../ down..../..........and tonight, it could mean highway headaches for commuters. keith ddnielss live long the j-f-x where repairs must be madee. keith. there's pipe damage . below the exxressway.. and the repairs.. aasinkhole could
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look beeind me..... this is many days and nights ahead... congestion. 3 at president and fayette entrance to the j-f-x.... - jump-off point to what coold noo be a long driie for days.. fueled by commuuer ccmplaints. (woman) "it'ssmiserable, it's miserable.. and the fact that this is goong to be for months, s terrible...." .........dreaded expectations on the firss weekday commute with new ane closures on the busy jfx.. whicc handles 6- thousand vehicles an hour during ppak reduced, city officials say, by at least a hird. capacity will not accomodate e tte numberrof motorists we havv travelling on the jfx message to please use alternate routts is so exxremely important."
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...........the left lane in each direction of the jfx... down.... ooange barrels on the spot while crews make emergency repairs to clogged and collapsed rainage pipess city transportation officials say the work, which dollars, could take from a few weeks to a more than a month... the severity of the pipe problem is unknown. (barres) "so, there won't be any coostruction occuring for at least a couple of weeks while we're doing some thorough inspections. and then we're looking aa closure that.."..........a dire fter fooecast... for connerned commuters, like ricardo home from a day of work, lots of workk very ttred and you got to deal with thisswhen all relax. so, it is pretty eand frustrating."(woman) "i'm a social workee.. o, i'm ok with the frrstration. i've had worse, so, it's ok."(man) "i just put tte radio on, listen to sports aad that's it. phat's the way to get through it."" tonight, city
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officials say there may be times when crees will have to close additional lanes to make &pso, bottom line, they say, if you rely on the jfx for your commute... again, think about alternaae routee.. live along the j-f-x... keith pere's... our question of the day.arr you worried... about the jfx closures... affecting your ride? ride?here's a look at our facebook page...a mixxd who commute during rush hour hate this...sooe of you work other hours...and others are takiig the light rail...join the discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore. mouth>>the man with the magic in rosedale...his iicredible ppst...// and... his.../
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our ccver story tonight if my brother-in-law hadn't called we'd probably be dead because there's aal kiid of debris piled on our bed where we weee sleeping. some of the othee ways people surviied this weekend's deadly storrs...coming up on the tax átimebommá... that may be slowing down the economy..why some compannes may not beehiring...after the break
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 maryland... sttte
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police... reach a settlemenn.../ with... nine... pro-life... their....illegal arrest.../. ááthisáá... after... a feddral lawsuit... is filed...//. áákathleenáá cairns .../ with moree... on... what this means...
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3 on reisterstown road in pikesville monday: (olga)"ive been spit on twice." it's hard ánotá to notice olga fairfax: (olga)"they spit give us tte finger.. some beep orn or thumbs up" but olga hopes it rings attention to her cause.. the defend life movement. (car beeps.. thank you thank you")the defend life activist is here as a show of pemonstrators who just wwn a 385-thousaad dollar settlement against the maryland state police.(angela swagler)"thhy just arrested us wwthout any real explanation"(audio recording)"ok lets arrest them... ad lib"in 2208 a dozen demonstratorsswere arrested in bel air.... including angela swaglee... (angela swagler)"oh it was just such an unreal eeperience.. i was in complete shock.."the settlement has ánothingááto do with the groups campaign ... ames-plaintiff n case. ) "itt not only legal for defend pro life group or anyyother er -
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activist group within thee staae of md"(cairns)"the md state police is not the only law nforceeent agency that has had to pay out in the aftermath f this incident. the harford coosher. dept also reeched aasettleeent but the terms of that settleeent are being kept onnidential." (olga)"itt ttken us four yyars.. but thank god..weee put all police in md on notice ya cant do it because of the message."demonstrators say it is a victory for rights protected by the constitution. (nats)in pikksville.. kc foo 45 news at 10 the seetlement... alss requires... all... undergo ... more training.../ in... first... andd.. forth amendment rights.,... a sombee day at virginii tech as the victims of a deadly shooting on the --nats of music--rr remembered.- music-- it has been five- years since a gunman went on a 3 shooting rampage at the school. this morning...students
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gathered on campus to honor the lives lost. governor bob mcdonnell named today virginna tech remembrance day. and read a roclamation honoring the 33 victims. the gunman, seung-hui cho, killed hhmself during the shooting spree. fighting... drug addiction... in baltimore.../ is... obviously... difficult...// ááresidentsáá say.../ áá rugáá treatmenntcennees.../ which... help.../ in... neighbrohoods .../ where... drug abuse... s rampant.../ can... also be .../ a nuisance,.../ ááoneáá... southwest... baltmore neighboohood.../ is.... against... a center...// áájustáá as... the city.../ is... orderrd... to make it easier... for clinics... to ope, open., 14:21:53"people start arriving for the programs at 6 in the morning"in this south west baltimore eighborhood near a new methadon clinic, the foot traffic starts early22:17 "thhre's major trafficking that goes on herr"additcs seeking treatment descend on this block to visit the clinic neighborhood community leeders say alreaay has too many.14:33 "i'm am nnt against any of treatment centers in our communityyfor years, and never
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fought against ttem it is the clustering, it is the constant clustering"but in city where drug addiction remains a tsubbnorn problem , officals say their hands are tied. 03:05"you can ddbate until the cows come home if we have more than our fair share, but we abuse issue and a significant population of substance &paausers."not only does baltimore haae more addicts, but now hhs to make ii eesier for smaller clincis to open up. that's because a federal judge has ordered the city to losen zoninn laws after several clincis sued arguingg burdensomne.. a change to be introduced at tonight's ccty council meetinggthat will make it easier for smaller 0 treatmeet centers to win approval06:07"we hopeful this is the first important step in resolving the entire lliigation"but to residents of this southwest baltimore neighborhood, the people who pive withhthe cliiics24:19"we have drug treatment centers for years"have too little say
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24:41"it's alwaas the same people who don't have it their neighborhood or theii backyard, that always want to talk about nimby" the... new law ...would allow... drug treatment centers ... with... less than....17 patients.../ to open... withoot... special approval. the investigation into the secret service scandal may be widening... before the presiient arrrved service agents were accused of drinking heavily and bringing severaa prostitutes toothhs agenttgot in a dispute with a prostitute over 47 dollars. she caused colombian police arrived -- and fox news has learned diplomats wwre ddagged in as well.officials insist the presiient was never in any jeopardy. kessler says: "the ssandard should not be there was not an assassinntion, the standard should be there should never be a scandal like this which is the worst in the history of the sscret service." service."the questions about that may have been involved... tonight on the late edition at 11 congressional...
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hearings .../ areeunderway .../ over the.../ ácrazyá... spending .../ at.. .the... general services aaministr/ administration....// ááaáá lavish conference... costttaxpayers ...more than ...800-thousand dollars... / ááitáá featured exxersiies, .../ skits,... clowns .../ even... mind readers...//. ááoneáá g-s-a... exec.../ was..// subppenaeddto... appear..../ ááandáá... his... constitutional &pprivilege... / áátheáá woman ...who rrcently... resigned.../ as.../ g-s-a administrator, ...//// ááwhoáá was... accused of sitting...// on.../ an... inspector general's... report.../// on.../ thh conference.../// foo... 11 months, ...//// áágaveáá... this explanation...// of... the johnson says: "the western region's conffrenceeand economicalltraining eent in the late 1990s had evolved into a raucous, exttavagant, arrogant, self-congratulatory event, that ultimately belittled federal wookers. leaders apparently competed ii entertainment rather than building perfoomance capability" capability."the... inspector general.../ is... looking into allegaaions .../ of... bribery and kick-baccs... in the agency. joinn.. our waste watch. ááifáá... you sse government wwsse../ áácalláá... our hotliie..
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ááoráá... gg to fox-baltimore dot com. your taxes are due in a little more than 244hours. pours.under the tax code... filing deadlines can't fall on saturdays, sundays or holidays. today is emmancipation day--- a legal holiday in d-c.that's why tax day falls on april 17th tiisyear... instead of preparing for the big day er - tomorrow. "i'll be at the post office at 6 am in ths morning, its unbelievable to see the peeple of maryland come out, but its just make sure you get it in tuessay the 17th" 17th" the i-r-s says it has already received a majority of the tax rreurns it expects to get. ii you till havee't filed
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probably because you dread it. for usiness day couud oon get a lot worse..a massive tax increasseis sst to hit in 2011.some people are . (ntsnd pizza mixer wide with workers)ntsnd :02-:05trt=:02 (cc of pizza mixer)ntsnd 3:18-3:23trt=02)(brick oven with pizza tray slaaming)ntsnd :06-:08trt=:02(ssttbeckner interview)sot in :48 "king of pizza, we are pretty close to it.. :50trt=:02pizza is ike beckner's life. (ntsnd)trt=:02 but for beckner, running a small business is more of gamble today than when he first oppned -- almost 20 years ago.(sottin beckner)sot in 4:27 "with the summertime aaother four or five people pnd at the moment, it doesn't look this way way.""4:33trt=:06 beside not hiring more employees, eckner has put off buying new refrigeration for his restaurant. similar decisions are weighing on small and large business owners across the country. phat has simply bbcome knnwn as "taxmaggedon" -- a financial tsunami of tax increases -- will hit businesses starting next jjnuary -- eight months away. nearly 500 billion dollars in new combination of bush era tax
10:26 pm
cuus topped withuniversial healthhcare costs related too the new law. the perfect financial storm -- if congress fails to act.(sot in beckner interview)sot in 2:077 "empowerment zones could affect us." 2:09trt=:02 if inceettve for beckker toohire people llving in distressed areas that need evvtalizaaion -- is phased out beckner says it will cost him eleven thousand dollars. he''l make it up out of his own pocket because beckner says his customers don't have the stomach or the money to payy receipt)ttt=:02beckner remaais pptimissic congress will do somethingg-- even if its in bussnnss wners like becknnr l could easily finddthemselves on the outside loooing in. 3beckner's bop pizza restaurann has been recognized as one of enjoy a slice of pizza. -s to winter felt like spring...and
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this spring day, it felt more like summer. summer.our cameras were rolling attdruid hill park phis wws out playing disc can see the sun hine and they look like they're having a greatttimee time. it was a spring-like winter.. now.../ this... pring day feels more like summer summer here's chief meteorlogist vytas reid with the skywatch fot ffrecast 3 3 3more ttan 100 tornadoes...
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tear apart 3 one person rode out the storm... 10 mmnutes on fox45 news at ten
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mm, these artisan bagels are so tasty. what do you think "artisan" means? i believe art is latin for "well-crafted" and isan is greek for "one who cares." so, well-crafted by one who cares, huh?
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either that, or it just means "really, really, really good bagels." i think you left out a "really." dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today. discover the authentic taste of dunkin's new artisan bagels. america runs on dunkin'. retail... it seems -
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the chain stores are the used toobe the ma and pa whaa stores on main street street but.../ in... rosedale,.../ ááyouáá../ can... still find.../ a... very unique shop.../ with... a.../ pleasantly...// eccentric.../ man...// áádabbllngáá in... -a bussness...// áádennyáá haney... is a purveyor .../ of... everything maaic...// ááhere'sááá tonite's... bewitching.../ cover stooy..././ &p"the.../ wiiard of r" roseeale" rosedale, you'll find his bland-looking complex... but peek inside one of it'' shops, and presto... presto... 11:10:48-- this is
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the main shop... this is where appeared in the mad-cap world y of denny haney... haney... 11:44:06-- by the way... thats callee the russian shuffle... its not from russia... ts just thatt one card n rrssian after the o. other.... denny's 66 years oldd.. but there's a 10-year old boy under those gray locks offhair... hair... 11:44:06-- theee are the jokes folks... i'll bee here all week./.. he's the owner of denny and lee magic studio... a purveyor of everything magic... wands... books... cards... laborate props... all here ii this exotic venue... froo the ccentrc eccentric11:37:30 everyday is xmas in thhs place... everyday to the outlandish
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woman into this box... cut her &p-pieces haneyydoesn' just peddle agicaa wares... in the small fraternty of magicians orld- wide... he'' now a god... 11:45:21--i nevee have top buy a card you see... caase whenever i want morr... i just reach back here and get more... thats aal i have to do...11:45:50-- sometimes, i'lllose cards (vvmiting cards) 3 he was perfecting his boyhood dream of magic-making in of all placess.. vietnam ... where he did 3 tours of duty... and met luminaries like maggcian johnny aladdin... who was entertaining troops on the cambodian border... booder... 10:57:20-- he his hands... when he was lm of - done... the guys were afraid to shaae hands with himi met johnny afterrthe show... then... he offered me a job w/ his entertainment company after i got out of vietnam..." http://www.dennyma point on... haney travelled everywhere... bewitching audiences wwrldwide... for 35-y. for the past 20 years, he's called this outlaadish shop home.. but he doesn't live pere lonn... 10:52 shes sleeping... listen... listen realcllse.... she's snoring... she's leeping" sleeping" baby's an 18-yr old vietnamese pot-bellied pig... she slowly appears from her sleepy hoolow for bathroom breaks and eals... slothhng her way thru his magistic labyrinth... 3 11:53:111- thats my girl... ive been w her longer than i was w/my wife wife to denny... every magic... and to denny's gic.- select clientele, this surreal haven ... is a refreshing pdiosynchratic retreat... // //first take 2:04:30--12:04:48 12:04:48rod schlegel11:59:59 skillful... anytime you have a question... about anythiig phone... and he's an amazing resoorce"
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3 denny... was recently warded.../
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the... "milbourne massers award.../// ááanááá.. award.../ in which... your ápeersá... honor... you... for being among... the best in the world... in the ancieet art of magic... magic... ad-lib... you saw him do those card tricks, did you see how he diddit? 3 the thing people see that makes áchin implantsá... more popular than breast implants... &pin 10 minutes on fox45 news a ten
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more than 100 tornadoos... tear apartt3 stttes...the damaae left behinn...when we come back 3
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today's.../ heat...//
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had.. .a... major impact,,, on the bostonnmaratho. maratton.the,,,. mens and womens winners,,,. plowest times... since 19- 85...//.áálastáá years winner... had to drop out ...because oo cramps....// áátemperaturesáá rose....into the mid--80s...///ááwhicháá sent... dozens of runners the hospital...//.áááoreáá runners.../ decided... to... skip the race.../// of... the heat...///áábutáá our... executive producer.../ john crosset.../ ran... tte marathon...///. ááheáá finished.../ in... a... little... more than.../ 4 hours. deadly tornados../ struuk ...the... great plain... killingg.. sixxpeople in oklahoma. as many as 75 tornadoes touched down in several states.....including kansas.... onn tornado that struck the southeast side of wichhta -- had aa preliminary rrting of ef-3.
10:41 pm
hundred homes were damaged in a wichita mobile homm park... mos 22says: "scary, cause i rode it out in my closet, in my mmbile hhme, and there's it." no serious injuries reported there in wichita. 3 3 3
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some ssudents can rack up hundreds of thousands f dollars... in colleee loans... the ways you cannmake paying them back a little easier... in 10 minutes on fox45 news at the thinn on the áinternetá ...that makes áchin implantsá... more popular than &pbreast implaats...after the break -3
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the number of people getting chin implants in the u-s is on there were more than 13-thousand chin surgeries peefomed last year.......that outnumbers all the breast implants, botox injections,, and liposuctton combbned.a surgeon's group says people's during video chats may be part of the recent surge,and medical experts say the chin and jaw line are the first areas to show ssgns of aging. 3 a new york-based companyyis bringing broadcast tv to the
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it. much longer they can do 3 in... toniggts ...word on áácarrieáá peirce... at.../ what may -- / or... may ánotá... be --/ 3 3 3 an internet start-up is offering broadcast tv online..... and while the pictuue on the ssreen mayy &pcrystal clear, the llggliiy o the service isn't. 33 aereo ffers broadcast tv without a cable. chee kanojia: theeconsumer can basically sigg up online -- no boxes, no cords, no complicated equipment to buy -- and forr $12 a month, get all the off-air broadcast channels, which are roughly about 22, just over 20 channels. it does this with a tiny antenna... the size of a dime.... thht picks up the over-the-air signals of broadcasters. it also lets you record live tv.... sort of like a dvr.chet kanojia: much like a standard dvr, you can set up your recorddngs. you can set up a season pass to record multiple episodes of a season. you can set up your sttndard rules. however, a bbg question looms over the service. is it actually legal? immediately
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&pafter launching, aereo was sued by number of he broadcast networks. jane ginsberg: what aereo is doing, according to the various television stations who are suing it, is retransmitting their over-the-air signals, and under the copyright law, one can't retransmit broadcast signals without a liccnne. that the "watch noo" feature works by recording a show when prompted, then sending that recording to the user, making 3t a unique private copy. a court dateehas been set for the end of may.... until then aereo continues to offer its serrice. i'm carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. 3& the average college loan...25 áthousandá dollarsthe loans that could give you more time... and power your payments...after the break
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0xx@p after taking two out of three
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from toronto over the weekend, the orioles found themselves league east..tied with the yankees, actually,..but it's a start...tonight in chicago, they opened a four game set with the shite sox.. sox.. 3jaae arrieta with hhs 3rd &pstart of the year....bottom o &pthe score...aj pierssnski changes that... crushes it high down the right field liie...his 3rd homer of the year...white sox up 1-0.... o's having problems with nick markakis...slow roller to first...ends tte inning... no back in the 4th...mark hat run -
10:53 pm
reynolds serves it to the gap...adam jones tied at one....but later in the inning...bases full of birds...endy chavez goes tto far on the check swing...phil humber escapes any more nick johnson watches strike three with unners on the corners...11 left on base y the o's...they trail the white sox 4-2 in the 8th... alex vechkin... nick backstrom and the caps hosting the bruins in gamee3 of the eastern conference semifinals....3rd period... caps ttaii 3-2...brooks laich with a breakaway chance... beats im thomas for the equalizer...ties it at 3.... regulatton...zdeno charaawinds and fires...deflected in or the game winning goal...bruins take game 3... 4-3...they lead the series 2 games to 4 is thurday at verizon center... ray rice skips off-season conditioning...and the ravens have an interest in a former steelers quarterrack..comiig up at 11-30 on the late edition... millions of studeets .../
10:54 pm
graduaaing frrm colleee... this year.../ will have... a shadow .../ hanging ver.../ their... heads. an estimated two-thirds are burdened with student loans... 25-thousand dollars on averaae. and graduate school can push debt much higher. as... mmgan gilliland explains.../ ááconsumeráá aavice.../ on... the various... loan options. options. ((meg on cam))when ittcomes to college... fulfilling a dream... can sometimes leave yoo drowninggin debt.(v/o) palen royce nagel will graduate from medical school this year - fulfilling her longtime dream offbecoming a doctor. but that dream cooes at a very heavy cost.(sot: palen royce nagel)"i am officially 300-thousand calculates she'll have toopay two-thousand ollars a month for the neet 30 years. with interest she'll end up paying 600-thousand dollars for her education.(sott"student loans are different from other types of loans - they can't be erased if you declare bankruutcy. and lenders can take money from your wages,
10:55 pm
(v/o)consumer reports advises -3 taking out federal loans ssch as perkins or stafford with fixed rrtes, rather than private loans ffom banks with variable rates. and with federal loans you get more flexible repayment options. (sot: greg daugherty) "generally, with a feeeral loan you don't have to start repaying until six months after you graduate or if you drop below half-time at school. at that time you may qualify for any number of payment plans."(v/oofor instance, federal loans may offer - a standard repaayent of at least 50 dollars a month for 10 years or extended &prepayment that gives you up t 25 years to repay or graduatedd payments, which start small anddget bbgger when you're likely earnnng more. there are also income-based payments, loan after 25 years.(sot: greg - daugherty) "you'll save money and get ouu of debt the quickest if you make the largesttpaaments you can each month, and apply ann extra to the principal..(v/o)gaaen
10:56 pm
hopes her doctor's salary nd a frugal lifestyle will get her out from under her another advantage with federal loans... if you are having troubll making your payments, the govvrnment will usually work with you to negotiate a deferment or a new repayment plan. no matter what kind of loan you have hough, consumer reports says taak to the lender ii youucan't keep up to try and protect your credit rrting.megan gilliland, fox45 news at ten. coming up next... ...a man with energg... aad a drram... to be a denver broncos cheerleader.finddout if hh made the cut ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late eddtion... edition... a brazen crime caught on camera .... what this suspect stole from a charity. "i missed a lot of school for that..running her to cancer tre, &ptreatments,missing class to care for his sick mother.... why this teen was told he couldn't walk at graduation.
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one man ... with dreams... of... becoming n-f-l cheerleaderr.. got his chance wwekend.-cheering nats-- nats--sacha heppell tried out for the denver broncos oo more than 2-hunedhe wassone -


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