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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 29, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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attack... in downtown baltimore. baltimore. 1153 "of couuse i was praying. asking god to protect me." me." how he compares it to a similar case making he has for others. the warning 3 seven killed inna deadly car crash... how this van ended up in the bronx zoo ... 3 3 3 ---homeplate naas--- 3 and tackled by the umpire... the orioles fan who ushed the field uring friday's game .... and the serious charges he's facing. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.a baltimore man says he's the victim of another "" similar to the one that recently made headlines.there was outrage after a tourist was beatee by a group of
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on saint patrick's a local resident says he too was attacked.. and heewants to warn others... about downtown dangers. dangers.melinda roeder ii live toniiht from pollce headquarterr with a story you're seeing first on fox. melinda the baltimore man says he was walkkng to the bus stop after work nearly two weeks ago... when he was jumped by aagroup of teenn and young en... and bbaten to badly...he had to go to the hospital.nnw he wants other to beware. and he wants &ppolice to increase pattols. patrols. 01:533"of coorse, i was praying, asking god o protect me."he doesn't want to go on camera... because he says he's still scared. but he wants to share is he contacted fox 45... it all happened... he says... april 16-th. he was walking near the corner of calvvrt and baltimore... :21 "that's when i initially saw a bunch of young men.. bad vibe like somethiig was wrong behind me." asshe approached his us 3
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stop... the large group... cameecloser.:42 "one f them asked me what bus was i waiting for... "senssng prouble... he took off.... toward saratoga and saint they caught up to me and int - starting hitting me in the face... wound up fracturing my and i had a swollen jaw for a few days."eventually theyy stopped... stealing away with hissbackpack... he approached two valets atta nearby hotel... then was helped to mercy hospital. and reported it all to police.he showed us the officers' paperwork... and his ddscharge papers.the whole ordeal he says... reminds him of the recent case involving a tourist... the ccurthouse which made its rounds online... before police made four arrests.06:04 "and certainly i was distrrught...
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attackeddlike i was."his says his injuries are healing. but not the hurt or frustration over such random and vicious attacks...making him rethink his safety downtown.04:17 "and certainly with all the pncidents going on the past couple years or so, a lot of people don't feel comfortable going downtown, particularly at night." the viccim works security at noticed at least one security camera in the area where the aatackers first approached him. he was hoping police might be able to get some investigation. but he says - so far - pplice have not followed up wwth him other than taking that initial from police roeder... fox 45 news at ten. the search is on tonight for the suspects who stabbed three men, including a security happened about 1 o.
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o'clock this morning at an elks lodge on solomons island road. no word on hat prompted the attack, but police re &psearching for two victims were taken to shock truama. all three are expected to survive. d-c pollce search the home of man arrested in a serres of assaultt that left one man deaadand three others seriously injured. nineteen-year-old michael davis---- the brother f two nfl players---- is charged with aggravated assaalt.he was arrested after the most recent on her way home froo work. as - plain clothes offfcers heard her cries for help and arrested davis, who was hiding in a nearby alley with a hammer.police have not linked to davis to the other attacks, bbt say all occurred near his home off georgia avenue... "ww dont know et we dont have the lengths to say that this infact is the same person um. i can tell you i feel um. very very much more comfortable now that this erson is in custody" custody" davis is thh brrther of
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vernon davis with the ssn francisco 49ers, and vvntae davis, who plays for the miami dolphins. he does not have a criminal record. &pa former anne arundel county high school teacher is sennenced to seven years in ppison for his sexual involvement with three students. students. jeffrey sears taught english at glen burnie high school, where he's accused of sexually abusing students over a two-year period. the victims were 16 andd17 at the time. earlier this onth, sears entered an alford plea, acknowledging thhre's enough evidence for a cooviition. he apologized in courr. the patapsco flea marret has reopeeed one week after it was raided by federal agents looking for counterfeit goods. mmre than 1-hundred agents from "ice" and homeland security searched the market... last unday confiscating illegal merchandise.among the items found were bootleg c-d's and knock off handbags shipped from new york city.fivv people have been charged. a 20-year-old man from carney faces criminal charges
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tonight.... after hees tackled and cuffed at an orioles game. 3 nats---- there he is.. nats--- caught on cell phone video.. seen onnyoutube.. christopher &pfatkin ran on the field frida durrng he bottom of he seventh inning.. delaying the game by 5 minutes.after rounding third base, he slides face-first into home plate.... and then fatkin is tacklld to the ground by umpire jeff kellogg. fatkin says a friend dared him tt do it.. but his motivation was much more personal. 3&(fatkin) "i've always wanted to play baseball ever since i was a little kid. ever since i was like this tall, wanted to be a major league oriole baseball player. so, i was like, i'm going to rrn the bases and i'm going to slide into home plate." plate." police did arrest fatkin and charge him with tresspassing.after a series of spokesperson released this
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that they should be prosecuted to the ullest extent of the runners race to cross the finish-line today in an effort to help critically ill children.... and our very ownn candace dold ttok part in the e. event. "thank you so much for coming supporting believe in ttmorrow children's foundation." the 16th annual "port to fort" 6-k race was held today aa the baltimore museum of industry. proceeds from the race help critically ll children and their families with hospptal and housing programs. "iq: believe in tomorrow has provided..... oq: a child having leukimia puts you in." this years rrce arks the largest turnout evee...drawing more than 3-thousand participants. it's a complicated move that today hundreds of patients
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&ppere moved from the old johns hopkins hospital into a new state of the art building. janice park shows s how the move went foo some of hopkins inside the halls of johns hopkins hospital, staff are on high alert.they have to pull oof a complicated move. transporting hundreds of brooke hockley: shockley:"it feels llke a part offhissory, to it's pretty exciting"to a the brand new building.the charlotte r. bloombery children's center and sheikh zayed tower is one of the largest hospital conntruction projects ii u-s hi: history:"this is one of my favorite nurses, and she going to be apart of history too because she's going with me, she's going to help me"at 11...brooke is fighting bone &pcancer. here in theecommand center...a team watthes every a patient goes from the old tt the new. new." it's just ggtting logistics for a move as ccmplicated as this, the elevators working and staff
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move""doctors nurses and ove""- caregivers spent the day transpprting about 300 patients, they hope to transport the last one no later than 6 pm tomorrow" pptients can only take one family member along for their &pmove...brookk ccoses her mom tammy, "8 lucky number 8, 8 is my &pfavorite number too" too" "my moo s always by my side, thank god"inside her new state of the art rrom, something immediately catches brooke's ey: eye:"it's got n amazing view, it's so awesome"a new room, to make a tough journey, just a little easier. easier."i just think of being in a peaceful place, if i was having chemo, if i could look at ttis all daa, i wouldn't mind it as much because of how great it looossjanice parkk..fox45 news at ten. each patient room also has sleeping accomodations for
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family members...and the hospital features more than 500 works of art. a great day tooget out and was - walk the dog.... all for a good cause. cause. the maryland s-p-c-a's annnul "march for the annmals" fundraiser held a one-point-five mile walkathon to support the mission of helping pets and people.there for pet tricks, aad pet costumes, which i had fun juding.last years march raised more than 367-thousand- dollars... all going ttwwrds... sselter, food nd medication for animals. a beautiful day today... will this warm weather stick around? &paround? lets check in with meteerologist emily gracey for a look at the forecast. sickles says: "the injuries
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were quite horrific. in 30 years 'vv seen something like this nce or twice." twwce." family killed in a car crash..... how their van ended up insiie the bronx poo.... a maryland man reportedly touches off the entire secret serviie sex scandal. where he lives and why he's not talking to anyone tonight. and later.... a prisoner takes off whhle being transported.... his dramatic
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attempt to escape .... and the quick thinking by airline workers that got him caught.
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you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor.
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i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 4 locations in your area. in new york city -- four adults and three children are killed in aacrash escribed by emergency workers as "horrific."as anna kooiman of the van plunged off the roadway crashing into the 3
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3 three generations f a dominican faaily described as close-knit, wiped out in an instant.sickles says: "tte injuries were quite horrific. in 30 years i've seen twice."a s-u-v carrying seven people, plummeting off of a busy expresssay in new york city -- thh bronx river parkway -- crash-landing in a non-public area of the bronx the vehicle was traveling at a ooer the railing and a eled t distance of maybe 75-80 feet the grounn. it fell 100 feet from the overpass."all seven pictims, inside the vehicle -- pronounced dead attthe scene sunday afternoon.(fs) victims woman behind the wheel. a 39 year old wwman, an 84 year-old mmn, an 80 ear-old woman...and three girls - ages 10, 5 and 3 .the white honna pplot landing upside down...on its an overgrown area offtrees and bronx zoo visitors or animals have access to the area, a
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place where trams are stored. hours later, the vaa, coveeed by a rren tarp -- is hauled aaay by n-y-p-d investigators, who are hoping to get insight into this tragedy.weener says: "it affects all our units, it's something ww see daily and we get used to it and cam tag) a tough day for rescue workers, who were forced to cct the victims from their seatbelts.those victims died -- just blocks -- from their home, here in the bronx. the search continues in tucson, arizona for a missing believe surveillance video takennnear the girl's home mayy be ákeyá in theeinvestigation. 3isabel ceeis' parents say their daughter disappeaaed from their home after they put her to bed last friday night. so far one person has ccme forward who was seen n surveillance video, with four others early saturday morning. the video captured the group walking from a night club in a parking lot close to isabel's home. investigaaors are currently working 28 new leads, and asking for patience.
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this isn't csi tucson. where we are going to solve this in aahour. it is going to take us awhile. 3mexican law enforccment officials are also helping search for isabel. police are looking at the possibility that she was taken there because its so close to tucson. one of the secret service agents at the heart of thh coloobia prostitution candal has been identified. arthur huntington of severna &p who had a dispute in the hotel room with a prostitute over how much she'd get a separate incident, a -s government contractoo says before president obama's arrivaalto el salvador last year... a dozen secret service aggnts went to a strip club .... where agents drank vvi-p section where sexual or a favors were provided in return ffr cash. "throughout my career i have been on advance teams, i have supervised advance teams, and
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detail on two different occasions, and i have never wittessed anything of this magn" magnitude."huntington declined to comment...he has left the secret service...but its un- clear under what circumsttaces. wicked weather hits missouri.... the damage left behind.... and thh sport fans accident..... girl crossing a busy a little intersection... the quick thinking that aved her life when a truck came barrelling towards her.
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acrosssthe saint louis area this weekend. high winds toppled trees..... sending them crashing down on top of cars. oneewoman says a tree felllon her s-u-v just sister got out of it. large hail crashed through 30 double-paned wwndows at a mcdonald's, flooding the floor. the storm also lead to a deadly tent collapse at a saint louis sports bar, where cardinals baseball fans had gathered after a victory over was killed when 50 mile-an- hour winds lifted the tent. almost 100 others were treated for injuries at the scene -- mostly bumps and bruises. five were seriously hurt. investigators are trying figure out whether a manufacturing or installation
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failureeplayed a part. 3 we had a sunny day here in baltimore. much better than yesterday's rain.... here with the skywatch forecast.
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the collision appennd because you've got a 16-year-old who is being encouraged to catch a pickup ttucc a teen chases after another &pdriver ann crashes .... the surprising erson who police say encouraged the road rage. and a senator sinks a half court shot..... the pnbelievebale video... and the reason he may have had an advantage....
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thanks. i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's. road rage led to a serious
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crash in phoenx, arizona.and pollce say the mother of a teen driver, encouraged the peckless driving. you can see 16 year old as behind the .a - wheel.authorities say it started wwen a pickup truck was tailing tte car.and when the truck pulled up beside him, cops say the 16 year old driver gave tte ggy the finger. that's when the driver of the truck threw a bottle at the toyota.the truck drovv away...
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but mom... who was sitting in the passenger seat oo the car..... told her son to take off after thh guy.and that's when the kid lost control behind the wheel the mother said, the mother of the driver i guess, she said that somebody threw something at their back winnow and shh wanted o get the red truck. ote "bleep" in the the collision happened because youuve got a 116year-old who is being encouraged to caach a pickup truck to get a license plate because f road rage. that is why the accident .all four people in the car ended up hurt.the teen driver... his mom.... and the driver of the pickup... all face charges. a very close call for a little girl in intersection as the little and a big truck comes barreling through.and crashes disasterous for that little managed to duck out of the way... just in time.she
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survived, with just minor injuries. and an inmate escapes custody while being extraditeddfrom accompanied by two officerss.. assyou can see in this surveillance video. but elevator, the inmate broke - free and ran away. he found his way onto the tarmac where he was detained by u-s airwayy workers after he tried to steal a tug aircraft mover. &p he's facing felony charges tonighh. 3 the orioles didn't scooe in the firstt8 innings today... see the incredible finish at camden yards...coming up on sports unlimited....- a senator's got game.... and
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--- scott makes shot, kids chee- cheer----massachusetts senator scott brown made a half-court shot while visiting a youth center yesterday. brown was then mobbed by a crowd of third grade students from thee charter school next door. the republican politician played earned the nickname, "downtown scottie brown". 3 that's all for the news at 10... up next bruce cunningham and morgan adsit have a complete wrap up of the ravens draft in sports unlimited... bruce and oogan.... moogan.... 3 coming up tonight on sports unlimited...i talk with the ravens first pick in the draft courtney upshaw...find out what he thinks about comparisons tooterrell suggs... suggs... plus we'll hear frommravens g-m ozzie newsome and diiector of player personnelleric decosta as the purple and black have another solid draft..
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draft... 3 the o's wait until the 9th to score...the unlikely hero at &pcamden yards... yards... and i talk with ravens linebacker paul kruger...what he's doing to make sure he's the starter opposite uggs... pnd the life-changing moment he experienced when he was 13... &p plus our plays of the week.. game winning shots...tim thomas robbing the caps....and joel waad gets revenge...find out who's number one...sports unlimitee starts aftee this... welcome to
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 4 locations in your area


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