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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 25, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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( laughing ) a bullied teee gets nominated por hhmecoming queen... as part of a cruel joke.but how she got the last laugh. om//aacc??==nnttrrggii
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ueeday, september 25..- p 3
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395 -map a man dies in city olice custody, and now the department is launching a
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his death. death. joel d. smith is live at police headquarters with the details, and mmre onnwhy some witnesses say... they are not surprised. good morning joel . good morning patrice died in police custody friday, family and friends have complained they weren't hearing the whole rrth. now police say the initial cause f deathhwas wrong. wrong. 3& police have not officially identified the man, but friends and family say this is hhm... 46 year old anthony anderson.. witnesses say he was near the &pcornnr of north montford aadd east biddle streees , visiting his mother friday.. when a plain clothes officer jumped from an unmarked car &pand confronted anderson, from behindd... thinking he may have been involved with drugs. wereeno drugs. they call it a trrgic case of police brutality. walking with a liip.. there's no way a person with a drug deal, doing a ruggdeal if that was the case, should be deadd which he wasn't. thatt
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either going tt his mother's house or gging to his car which was parked there and he's deaa today.." police ay annerson died from choking on drugs.. but tonight a preliminary aatopsy shows that's incorrect.. 3auseeof death. police are waiting on a commlete medical exaainer's report, including a toxicclogy anderson'' exact caase of death. live in east 45 news at ttn. 3&an afternoon shooting in southeast baltimorr remaiis underrinvestigation, this morni. mmrnnng.a man was hot near linwood avenue and urlee street aroond 3:40, monday afternoon.homicide detectives were called to the word on the condition of the victim or a motive. so far this year, there have been 13 policeeinvolved shootings...tte latest one
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happened eerly mooday mornnng... near potter and yale avenue.a robbery suspect pulled out a gun... during a fight with an officer.a back up officer... shottat least one roond... hitting the suspect.the officers involved weree't injured. 3youtube video has surfaccd off that chaotic night in towson, thattleft one person shot. happened a few hours after the tigers' homcoming gaae... just a few blocks from ccmpus. pooice got sevvral calls abouu fighting ... after several people were turned away from a theater.a fraternity rented the space forra fundraising eveet... but the theater holds about 600.... nd police say ore than 2 thhusand showed up..fficers say a man the theater... was shot in the hand while trying to leave. < "he wass alkiig bacc to his car. he had parked his car at town center... and someone n &pfired shots out the him.">officers arrested and
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asssult and disorderly cooducc. they're reviewing surveillance possible witnesses. they ay most of the people invvlved are not towson stuuents. woold leaders will againntake up a host of pressing humanitarian issues when the u- n general assembly debate officiallyyopenn this morningg topics incllde poverty, global warming and the prospect of rennwed cooflicts in sub &psaharan africa. but as mary ellen hopkins explains... violence in the mmddle easttand n 18-month civvl war raging in syria... are expected to remain center stage. 3 president obama's speech will be his fourth at the ggneral aasembly ppdium. and it comee on the heelssof a series of confrrntatiinaa statements by iran's president, who declared to rrporters and editors monday that israel had no roots in the middle east. president mahmoud ahmadinejad speaas to the general assembly on wednesday. he discussed a range of international issues in an interviewwon cnn's
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ppiers morgan tonightt ...incluuing a potentiaa striie y israel over iran's nuclear program. morgan: do you fear that war is immmnent; do yyu fear that there will be military conflict, perhaps before the end of this year, between your country and israel? ahmadinejad: offcourse the ziooists are very much, very adventuresome, very much seeking to fabriiate things ann i think they see themselles at the end of the that they seek to create new opportunities for themselves and their adventurous behaviors. on mmnday, chairs for israel's represeetatives were emppyyduring ahmadinedjad's speech at the higg-level u-n meeting on the rule of llw. according to the u-n, secretary--eneral ban ki- moon met with the iraniin prrsident over the weekend, warning him of the potentially harmful consequences of inflammatory rhetoric. i'm mary ellen hoppins reporting. 3&in additton to president
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obama... the presidents of france, afghanistan and pakistan are alsooscceduled to speakktoday. a new survey finds more than happy with theirrchoicessat the polls.only 54 percenttof american voters say thee are satisfied with their presidennial choiccs this election.democrats showed more satisfaction withhtheirr candidate than republiccns... &pbut independents were the peast happy with their oppions. the number of young aaults who abuse prescrippion drugs is report shhws a 14-perceet drop pn prescription drug abuse of than 2- million people in the u-s started abusing prescription drugs lass year... that's about 64-- hundred new addicts a day. a favorite childhood pasttime gets a thumms down from chhld safety xperts. american academy of pediatrics urges parents to keep their &pthose with netting or padding. accordinngto theereport, there weee 98-thousand trampolinn- related injuriis ii the u-s in 2009.they say trampolines
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shoulddbe used solely for sports like gymnastics, nd only nder adult supervision. rumored facebook bug... that's exposing some users' priiate messagee to the public.this... after users reported messages showing up on their timelines. facebook says there was no malfunction in their privacy setttngs.inntead... the messages in quession were actually old wall posts from before the facebook "timeline" iiterface was used. a controversial last second win for monday night football...aad ppople have been lighting up the social nntworring sites! got peoole talking..under five seconds left n the game.. seahawks... throws up the hail mmry ... and golden tate , also seahawks comes down with the ball butthe wasn't the only one you can see ... packer safety morgan burnett with a good grip as well. well..ake a good looks like the green bay defenner comes down with the
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ball..and wilssn just has his hand on itt but the referee comes back and signals that it áisá a t-d. ann the booth agrees... the seahawkk come from behind... with a 14 po 12 victory. a burglar...literally asleep a burglar... a burglar...literally asleep job!but it gets worse.the little surprise he was gging to leave behinn. behind. ((break 1))
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biologists have discovered ttee
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first recorded case of zoobie bees in washington. an amateur beekeeper captured this video... of bees acting strange, as f they were drunk. several of theebees &pwere dead... and he didn't know why. why. o he bagged some of them up... and ontacted the experts. soon... biologists came to their startlinn discovery. :52 hohn says: i've never met a zombie, but it's ery zombie-like. ha-ha-ha."-butt to-:59 hafernick says: " we've dead.." zombie bees, are actually honey bees... infected with a parasite, the colorful niccname was thrrat to the hooey bee pose a population. ((2-shoo ttss to weather)) ((2-shot toss to ((2-shot toss to weaaher)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter
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it out. oopsidasies. ll right, so i've selected my pard here and i justt..." i've selected my card here and i just ..." (cashier) "backwards, backwards." (laurie) "ohhh. no caads enabled. so now i'm enabling it. i just hold it against here. all right. thank ou very much."google wallet only works on sprint, virgin mobile devices and theenexus seven mornnng coffee. ad herr they use a serviceecalled levelupp 3& &pthat's gonna allow mm to pay with my smartphone.""so you put yoor phone right here, ann then levelup will scan the barcode.""so i just bought a the aavantage for us is that we get better transaction fees the mobile payyent space is projected to be a 171-billion-dollar businees this year and it's on the rise. so what does the future look like? we asked one of the major players. "if you're paying with your name, well your wallet at all, you an
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i should be able to pay using square just by telling you my name, right?"(cashier) "yeah." (laurie) okay, so i'd like to get a scone please, aad my name is laurie." (cashier) "all right, yoor namm is (laurie) "so my picture just . shows up?" (cashier) "you're all set."i learned ahead of time that you have to have a tab aaready pen on the square app. so it's not totally phone-free tech justtyet. the &plast stop of the day, home depot. the store recently launched a partnershhp with all i need is my mobile phone &pnumber. i don't actually need my physical phone to pay for thhs ppant."((ashier) "all right you're gonna be paying this with yur paypal?" (laurie) "yeah. this is a pin i set p beforehand."(cashierr "it's been accepted."(laurre) ""o that worked. that was preety quick." "a long day of trying to replace my wallet with my smartphonn, but here's what i learned. google wallet &phave to have a ceetain phone wwrked pretty quickly. quarr, very interesting -- you can walk in and say your name. but you had to know how to set it up before. the same goes for
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paypal and its integratton at home depot. is your smartphone going to replace your wallee any time soon? probably not. but if you are using your smartphonn ffr your wallet, i would just say, don't loose your phone!" sooe of these apps you may not have hhard of ... yet..ake levelup for inntance, it's already accepted in almost four-thousand locations across the u-s. toy r us... gears up tt hire thousaads of seasonal workers. workers.and if those jobs coull lead to a permenant posits &ppositionsand later...a-t-m how long it's bben on a steady trend. ((breek 3))
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use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back. chase freedom. -reporter pkg-as follows --your income often where you to go to school.but it can also dictate how likely you areeto vote.the census bureau says that during the 2008 presidential election -- 80% of adults from households
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earning at least $100k a year exercised their right to vote. households earning less thann $20k turned up at a polling what's keeping lower income ameriians awaa? education is a big factorr expeets say lower income people tend to be less &peducated nn not as politically active as their wealthier counterpartt. hose with higher incomes are often better connected to onors ann politicians who can persuade them to vote.wealthier ameeicaas may also feel they have more of a stake in voting, because oo taxes, services, and other benefits. on the other hand - peeple from llwer incomms may be disillusioned and feel their vote doee not matter. but advocates say lower income groups hould be encouraggd to most help from the government. tte other side argues these groups aren't politically infoomed enough to take on that resppnsibility. one thing is obvioos -- both income groups' political choices are polarrzed in thii election. a recent gallup poll shows the rrchest voters
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are supporting republiian nominee mitt romneyy while households earning lees than $48k are suuporting president where the election willlbe - won-- which is why both andiddtes are trying so hard to appeal to that section of america.i'm alison kosik n new york. -----end----- cnn.sccipt----- gift...he wanted to leave behind behind anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland.
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vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. teaching kids science and
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technology.the huge bbost the city school system is getting. tonight on fox 45 nees at 3ive. 3 3 3


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