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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 5, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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stri and you you became your strongest that's water priests thatit at the high altar of god complishes for us it's lled rest it's called biden been ace of mind knowing you have this contact direct to the ving god seen into yoand assisting you in helping you of the last two verses so had strengthened you thrgh h word inthe power that iin find tharest y'll always find happiness there all right leure heartsisten a mont n't you please genesis 146 word the world that was did
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beforehis one single world different age creation itself all races created separately particular typ how w the siin the garden will be diusd in this sees also bible scholar for if youo not dersnd how it was in i think you will find this series very rewarding and certaiy will ansr questionat nodoubt you've always wondered about genesis 146 80 i know you're going to
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enjoy therwe a back again wit the 800 number 1-8x0-643-4645 that numbers good order )icothroughout the us alaskahawaiind al& over cana if the spirit moves you got questionhare want do that please never ask a question abouá a particular reverent or denonatiog we will not judge people why have a jge he does not need ourhelp you do ha the )ight for spiritual discerent ner fail to use it those that listen byhoráwave ramah wor&d always a pleasur anunceat the end of the hour will give you t mailing address again aways a pleasure got aer request you don't neeb the number or address wdy god seesnto you he kno what your thoughts are glad that you have find his grace and rcy having his love a for circund find
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his arrest #ather arou the globe we come whiskey ad yahsa ious thing thank nd you father amen okay question time go with rick kaas rick ys i've en to&d all my @ life i never learned a áhing now i'm older trying to len the biruggling please te me where can read to learand undetand better you kgow ricone of the greate since a parent can do tell a child they can't learn anything god catedan where he can learn even ndicapd people are very sharp in their fields eir chosen thought thathey can be very successful i don't @
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re who it is they're able to arn the point being from t of your mind i d some very diffict article of reang r is not thsimplicity in which christ teaches you what mes the bible so ea tonberstand d aches by method of lethat that has been thegain thas wdy he @ says in@ecc&esiastes there's nothing w unr the sun that that has been will be again and so forth why you can lrg from that hasn't happenehere to hpen that way in the end times thatives y an
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absolute copy simplicity to understand the word o# god wh did this he would h you certn from his wor the power of his wk don't care what somebody might have told you that you could not can't get to ike that t of yr mind wre you mig think things areomplicated let the simplici in which chsteaches come into your heart anmi and g that's all it takes ask him to michigan where bible doesn't speak of not wishing bad on thosthat teacd. there i can'tthk any place in
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the bible that says not wish d on tse that teh falsely just the office if they're teaching falsely there noood i'm going to give you re a home assignment want you ezekiel chapter 13 versus one througout 15 see what d tdinks aut soge false teachers to find out god said there's a lot of people i sent em didn't it not good at they're false d hate se pretension somebody being tending eir something or not harold tennessee love your church teaching agk you @@
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christ's church ally keep teaching chapter by chapter and verse by verse about across the road of my li i don't kgow which way to where what i readin áhe bible for guidance you know a ible teacher of the work i likell of it turallywhat reay appliesoftenhisp)hecy which mes e book of dael the book of revelati the minor prophe t bible is just full of prophecies major propts minor hrophets when you begin study and don't sáudy th confusi find rest find that one bo go thugh it chapter by chahter verse by verse find out what god s to say not some man and aorbed the and nof you need help
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starting t sdy with those because of how we teacteach by chaptery chapter verse by rse whereby it's god's word thatomes #orth brings many blessings g/lda micdigan like gberish to me can yous please explain this thank you simhlicity thachrist teaches at's said about the pentecostal tongue they can no ask verse six and seven wihat say this is the tongue thespoke was not in the know just opposite whateverountydialect you were born and when thespoke
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you heard it in that language their home languagenothing unknown about the pentecosl speaks thattime as it's osl holy spiritthat speaks throughyou twice called clov tongue goes out every language bemand cannot be that but god can ere is another place that tom the words used has a different ang it is were the word july the rd just as you were bo in mean glish we can place does t mean your english language it means a language thayou st acquire other than your
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tural nguage so wdy the ideapread the word of d if you are glish the rson y want to go to mexico city u must be ableo speak anish or take a ans&ator with you as they will not even know when to saamen conveone that's just mmon sse you gg find noá in first corinthians 14 always don't er speak where yohave to have two translatoronefolling the other that doesn't stop there becae thatets a little bit drawn out r people and c cause th to lose interes always u commonsee into @
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to god's word craig arkansas is tre anywhere in th# bib that speakof whether or it iay to ke prescriptionain mecaon that's addict%ve i'm struggling with this if it is doctor you have a coition th requires certain luke the writer of pa)t of the new stament descri most of paul's bk he was a medical doct he was position god l has nothing against positis pecially christian positions that why he gives us unfortunately sometimewe
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don't take time to explain that most ditions come fr roots come f)om common things áhat wenow by other namesevenetimeshat's willing to let's say if you have a mental problem you need a certain medication to help you ke things balanced that's vy good pray really sure thas fine wheyou ne the mecation it's much bettertay on it d be bessed thant is to unfortunatelycause othe people trouble uninttionally dad to theea why did god @ desty first earth age why was he angry his %n that in the fur# tt satan and hi
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anlsere cast dowto earth yeah but they' been here before have yoread joe one in an audienceefore almighty gogot saysere begin i en lkg to and fro on h at e time bore christ told hito g bedigd them worse @ christ is at the g satan is theheld by chael and his angels they ll ae rown from deaven yet theyilcome destroyed thefit earth age because peop disoaeyeb him satan beme pridel he tri toake gos children away from him god wld got torate iso rather than
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he destroyedhe age and sa,an ought in the a of salvation joseph georgia w do some christians say they are borngain bible says to be boragain is to be born from above wcheansorn whats the proper way to sa how did they ever ce about th people would confuse tdis tnslation diffe)ent people translate denitely me from above any scholar knows that bornfrom ove why the fallen aels reseto be bo fm abe tdat was their death said that sweatshirt and 7000 ll die in t 11th chapr of the great book of revelation why
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of woman that was god's plan n to be done inthat sense mou have to born from aboven other words you came from god fromvetainly áhe's no shortcu to that very bag of ws asuong from john chapter 3 as it goes been contted out thefill aut serpent handng in mark 16 wheriá saysthey sha take up serpents how youeel about that you know there is a committemet her forc figures ofecin the bible i like the airay explanation r at mark 16 which is
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quite goob docr website is idioms he brings forth the pick up serpents meaning satan is the spent he can't harg you beuse you have christ in you chst gives you power over satan it means your chacter can stand whever satan mit@ing against it it's a figureof speech also drinking poison that meanso people can speak evil of you but your character will withstand whatever they may say in g's md to protect his hers and see planters
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they go out does nean picking up a leral rattlesnake or some viper any type oviper ey havnot read the scripture will bite yosoon or later so tt's notwhat is talking about power over satan cynthia noá su worse and gives from wherand revetion doesn't talk about animals going to velation boenot book of necessarily talk about animals going to heaven it describes multi headed anils that's political organizations not flh channelst does in isaiahhapter 11 it speaks considerably about various animals being in the
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millennium age and being in spiritual bodies you can read it for youelf isaiah chapter betty mississippi question t devil cannot read our minds why would the number 6b insider minds how would henow if someone h the mark in their mind what is66 me and the boorrevelation @ specically six io six t)ompe bio what happ%ns in the sixt sea& si, trompe in the sixth bio satan appears as into chs( does not matter when you e re fused worship him not th him so it is having
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intelligenin youmind to be a sible market it out of tellect to be wiser than t serpent and not be had by him mark oklahoma how willhe peop were spirits on áhe wrong side othgulf in the millennium wing at the needo know before they go before god on judgnt day @ will reavetion chapter chapter 20 ver our teach god is not aodf hate00 ye he is a god of lovethere's ny people that have not had the opportunity to learn
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re truth in gos word because of one rean or áhe other ckf teachers lack of mily tiningwhatever th# case may be before god conbemns someoneo help he going ake sure tlearn and have a chance to look here tde church many m%ghy are you t ver never there's no such thing as a sond ance wiáh what is being taught in the r&d toy a lot o# heople don't have a hrayer chance at can be deceived by the falsechrist is there not taught he's coming first they will be&ieve he is the lord jesus christ magy will not me dging em áhat just the factt'writtediane florida i would likeo ow
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rebout fi)st earth age what study merials do you have on this quilt iave a tape titled the three were companion bible i would highly recommend appendi, 146 146 lls you is that word undation katabole which the noug thatoverthrew the first earth age it will helh y rst considably mike carnia if angels do not reprodu and are not of genr how can i come downagd se the women which age are you lking about the second earth age they can do thatte hanly because they havgender would've gotay about creati adam let's creaan
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looked ayourself so do á gels look that way ts at angels but i'llustain a ush body in this earth age not necessarily they bo t s
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the on begotten the lord jesus christ which is called emmanuellehich is to say god with us certainl was quite come to th dimension whereby we hake reports of people havingeen touched by him as he walked this earthhowing us h to get it done at the @ same time heaid thep)ice as
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we learnedebrews cha 2 dyigg oghe cross wherebme stroyed that which is toay the devil ultimately won the kansas if there waonly 7000 fallen agls hows it one third of those angels were the ones site took with them no t's only 7003rd oere 21 m god's anls followehimand the first search page they did in this one at a áime heyi lo youecause you enj sáudng tir fathers were most of all goloves you for eny e letthe rest in hen you m we are brought to u by your tithes and offerings if @ keeh coming you what you do bless god he'll always
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bless you most important though youtay in his word everydn his word is good that you know trouble u ow thling word hearing god's s work with understanding will change your life we hope you have eoyedtudying god's chapel family bible studho youu&like to ceive more informationconcerning e shephes chapelou may requt our free introductory offer our introdtory offe) @ containshe mark of the bea auotape our monthly he bea newsletter with a written bible studtake catalog and a list of written reference works availae through shepherds chapel to quest a free introductory offer buyer @@ to ruest a fe introductoryffer buyer telephone call 1-800-643645
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hours a day you may ao requestour dr. fer by writing shherds chape& po po box 416, gravette, ar 72736 one to ainhat one to ain that@shepherds chap po box 416, gravette, ar 736 weinvi y to joig for text in-depth bibl% study each weekday at the same time thank you for watchg today's program and god bless
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i cannot live by bread alone ♪ but from every word that proceeded from the mouth of god ♪ we need food for the soul
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♪ food for the soul ♪ we need food for the soul ♪ will come the word ♪ thereby which you can grow ♪ study to show yourself approved unto god ♪ ♪ let the people know ♪ not by bread alone ♪ not by bread alone ♪ men cannot live by bread alone ♪ but from every word ♪ word ♪ that proceeded from the mouth of god ♪ ♪ mouth of god ♪ we need food for the soul ♪ food


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