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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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colonial trading. >> when the suspect entered the store they had a quantity of jury. during the transaction, a suspect tased one of the employees. a second employee heard the noise and came over to assist. >>reporter: both employees were zip tie. one of them were brought to the hospital, but they are both okay. employees declined to comment. police say workers at neighboring businesses are alarmed. the same business was broken these are images of that crime, were thieves got away with up
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there is any connection. tonight, and instigators tell me those two these escaped with an unknown quality -- quantity of coins. tonight family and friends are absolutely heartbroken by the death of her mother and her baby boy in a terrible crash. >> she was a wonderful mother. we lost a beautiful baby. boy was taken off of life his mother was killed instantly to not jump to conclusions about what caused her to crap -- cross over the center line. >>reporter: state police spent
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understand this accident. this spot has a troubled history, some 30 wrecks since 2002. as state police finished their accident reconstruction and on's grief had no end in sight. >> it is horrible. i wouldn't want anyone to have to go through that. >>reporter: her niece was heading to work yesterday when their car veered across the centerline and was hit head-on by a cement truck. this man sought everything, the mangled chevy careened into his mercedes and he and his son got out to help. christine rustin was killed
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instantly. noah was taken off of life support today. >> they are together. >> 18 years ago we were victims of this highway. >>reporter: the tragedy brought this woman back to be stretch driver killed her husband and paralyzed her son some two the dot says that safety improvements are on the long- term drawing board. >> we need barriers now. >>reporter: at the same time, this ought knows that witnesses say it was the driver who veered into oncoming traffic and she asked that we not rush to judgment. family tells me the injured tyler could be released from the hospital in as little as a couple days. christina rustin also has an
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this happened. all new tonight, a big marijuana bust in fall river. police found hundreds of marijuana plants inside a warehouse. once inside, they found a gun and ammunition. no arrests have been made. a scare at a high school today, the school was put into lockdown after reports that a student was armed with a knife at a bus stop. the student was met by the school resource officer and it turned out he had martial arts equipment with him and there was no real danger. turning to the weather, we are in for some rain here. >> a lot of sunshine in temperatures well up into the
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50s. we are 51 degrees in the city and two point are down into the 30s. there are clouds starting to move in from the south. brain is lifting in our direction. tomorrow morning, we are dry but as we head into the afternoon we will see showers. some of those downpours could linger into thursday morning's commute. we are talking about strong winds. wind advisories out for eastern massachusetts from 7 o'clock tomorrow evening until 10 am on thursday. those gusts could be up to 55 those gusts could be up to 55 miles per hour .
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the federal judge who presided release new information tomorrow about the conditions inside the super maximum- security facility. the judge says that so far they enough arguments. a new argument against trafficking -- draftkings and fanduel violated federal law by claiming the fantasy league requires skill. are you ready for football? the patriots with a quick turnaround this week. sports director steve burton is live tonight with what tom brady had to say about getting ready in such a short week.
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doing this a long time. there is no secret about that. he can probably play tonight if he had to, but with no practice and little rest it makes for a tough week. here we go, are they ready? they will be. brady and his bunch was inside today wearing sweats and taking it easy. >> you do the best that you can. mentally, you have to work as hard as you can. physically you have to be tough enough to push through it. it is a fun week. i think the competition starts as soon as the last game ends. we have the same amount of time to prepare and hopefully we will make as good a use as we can. >>reporter: we will hear what tom brady has to say about facing the dolphins coming up at 6 pm.
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we have you covered as the patriots get ready for sunday's game. then, on thursday, our coverage starts at 5 o'clock, alibi patriots game day at 7 pm. right after the game, you can big news tonight, the race for the white house. or the very first time republicans have a new front runner for the nomination. take a look at a result from a new poll, doctor ben carson now leading donald trump in a nationwide poll. a lot can change, we thought we would get a little historical perspective. how important are these new numbers. --? >> there were a couple important points to keep in mind.
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first, it is hard to poll in a presidential primary state this far in advance. voter exposure has been uneven and people are just beginning candidate shopping. candidates can and do stumble unexpectedly. let's look at recent history, on this date four years ago, remember him, herman cain was on top of the gop field. and the end personal scandal was -- hit. even rick santorum had a turn on top of the polls in february, leading by as much is 15 points before romney took over for good. now, let's talk democrats. on this day in 2007 hillary clinton led then senator, barack obama, i 26 points.
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before obama would take the lead in any major poll. you may recall that battle dragged on well into the spring. now, on the republican side, in the wake cycle, willie giuliani held a 15 point lead over john mccain. it would be nearly 3 more months before john mccain will finish first in a poll. of course, he was the eventual nominee and mike huckabee was in first place as late as january 6. the moral of the story, forecasting the you jerk this early is by predicting the world series after three weeks of spring training. it is not a good idea. >> it almost seems like earlier on it is the washington outsider that seems to do very well. are you talking about people
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>> that tends to be a common occurrence. keep in mind, it has been more than 50 years since a nonmainstream establishment candidate won the nomination, that would've been barry goldwater in 1964. george w. bush was the only nominee since then who hadn't won for president before. outsiders generally don't make it in the republican universe. >> asked why it is so interesting. right now a deal to try to prevent a government shutdown is being pitched to congress. a budget agreement was agreed to today that prevents a spike in medicare part b, and lists the debt ceiling until 2017. that deal is expected to pass. no long lines, promotions, or door buster deals. up next, black friday.
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an elite harvard club. -- in an elite harvard club.
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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it's a familiar scene that we have come to expect in the early morning hours following thanksgiving dinner.
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it is the biggest shopping day of the year, but this year one big retailer is staying close. >> rei will not open their doors on black friday. >>reporter: they are telling shoppers to take a hike, quite literally. they started the # #optoutside in an effort to encourage customers to enjoy the outside. some stores have even began welcome being shoppers on thanksgiving night. but just last night rei's ceo sent a letter saying while the rest of the world is fighting it out, we will be spending our day a little differently. the company is closing all of their 143 stores on black friday and will even pay all of their 12,000 employees for the day.
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you won't even be able to shop on their online site, it will be taking over by an opt out door message. >> we came to the conclusion that for us, encouraging people to get outside was one of the most authentic things we could do. >>reporter: to reinforce the idea the company has started a website asking people to share how they will spend their black friday outdoors. the decision has been applauded move. will respond, as someone who worked in retail all through high school and college, thank you. the ceo does admit that the this year help them to be able to make this decision. getting trashed around in the aisles. thank you so much.
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pretty smart move. >> not only did they get the great press, but they probably do a lot of their sales on cyber monday as well. it is not like they are given their big sales season. >> the whole season has been stretched so much. great for them. a day off. imagine such a thing. this was the last day to really get outside for the entire day. >> inks going downhill for sure. very chilly out there. a little blue and then the sun slowly coming and warming of the. we are back in the 20s, down toward the cave and martha's vineyard down to 28 degrees.
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in some towns close to 60. tonight will not be as cold. we will fall back fairly quickly for the first few hours and then we will level off. most areas will warm a little by tomorrow morning. that is out ahead of this storm system, the remnants of what was once hurricane patricia. tomorrow morning we will be close to 40 degrees and milder towards the south coast and the cape. as we get into the afternoon a few showers will start to develop. the most concentrated rainfall what happened overnight. notice the temperatures going through the overnight, from the 50s in the afternoon to the 60s while you sleep. rain really starts to come down into thursday morning before it wraps up late thursday morning. now we are seeing towels into
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the 70s on thursday afternoon, and then another cold front moves through late in the day and brings a couple more scattered showers. how much rain are we talking? widespread, one to 2 inches. i think the wind will have an higher impact. as we head into the overnight, our strongest winds from midnight to the early morning on thursday. the strongest will be on cape cod and cape and -- ann. those winds will start to subside as we had through the day on thursday. wind advisories posted for all eastern massachusetts. that wind coming onshore are
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coastal flooding and splash over. coastal advisories out here. we will see more of the same overnight. in terms of impact on the commute, looks like the rain coming in late enough to slow us down. as we head toward the patriots game, slight chance of a shower in the evening. the temperatures way into the 60s, even at kickoff. a final note, halloween looks like we are going to be looking at a perfect day with sunshine during the daylight hours and all moonlight and temperatures falling back to the 40s. here is your full seven-day forecast, 70s on thursday, back in 50s on friday, saturday looks great, slight chance of a shower on sunday. and then we will be falling
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back one hour. the boston celtics all for a good car -- cause, to raise money to help kids in the. the first 50 fans to show up also got celtics tickets. still to come, a new drink coming out and the benefits may not be so sweet. plus, hoping to change lives
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he is a man with a unique mission, reuniting homeless people with family and friends. >> he records short videos and shares them on social media. >> when was the last time you saw your brother?
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>> 32 years ago. >> these are just two people that he met today. both of them recorded miracle messages, julia, to her son. >> please get in touch with me. i am begging you. >> and gregory to his brother. >> i miss you. i would love to see you. i love you, you are my brother. >> the direct hope is to reunite homeless people with their loved ones. i think we all respect each other and treat each other differently if we see someone as someone's father, mother, brother, or sister. >> he started the campaign in san francisco to honor his uncle. >> my uncle was homeless and suffered from schizophrenia.
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new england and sometimes his faith is rewarded. >> i love you all. i am still alive, i'm issue. >> johnny reconnected with his family and perry reunited with his kids. >> give me a hug. >> that is enormous gratification, to have a home was individual and their family sitting there together, otherwise have not been together in 30 years. >> on his current road trip his goal is to reunite 100 people with their loved ones. he is also looking for people to help expand the work. go to our website to find out how to connect. women are now accepted at one of harvard's long-standing men's only club. the foxglove is not officially affiliated with harvard, but it has been around harvard for 170 years. this year the club says they have joined -- invited several
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accepted. tonight, harbor releasing a statement saying, we are delighted that student leaders have taken this important step. they also say that while the foxglove isn't officially supported on staff -- campus. the fbi now investigating a disturbing thing in a south carolina school. and gone, but not forgotten. a quarter of a century later the family of a missing girl is asking for your help to try to
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