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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news at 6:00, a death investigation after a body found in milton overnight, live with the latest. >> more breaking news overnight, air france diverted after a threat. and developing news, a local chipotle restaurant shut down after dozens of students get sick. plus, how this adorable puppy is helping first responders heal after the paris terror attacks. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz "this morning". >> good morning to you, it is 6:00 a.m., i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, thanks for being with us, it's tuesday, december 8, going to feel more like early december. >> yes, no more 50s, 40s for
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like normal and actually already in the 40s from plymouth down to the cape, coming down a couple degrees, 38 in boston, buddington, vermont sitting at 23, keene new hampshire 25, 30s elsewhere, advancing through the vineyard in nantucket, about to make their way from chatham and some of these showers may reach up oto-south shore, pockets of live rain, edgarton and nantucket, the planner goes this way, sunrise, 7:00 a.m., mostly cloudy skies today, clouds in place with cape rain through lunch time, couple of showers on the south shore, temperatures in the lower 40s and just an isolated shower left over for the ride home, temperatures right around 40, tracking a warming trend, on the roads, traffic and weather together, high, robi. hi, an accident north of boston, pop up on the map, in andover, 495 the scene now
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southbound, off of 495, that's a busy stretch and that could cause problems, also on 93 south, it's bumper to bumper between commerce way and montphaliat and lowell connector, the expressway you're going to hang out adams street, 24 stop and go between harrison boulevard and 139, southbound crawls between logan express and the split. breaking news this morning, in milton. >> let's get right to nicole jacobs, on the scene for us all morning long, what's the newest information? >> we're live on the milton matapan line, but it's confirmed this is a milton and state police investigation. the body we're told was found just over that wall that you see here behind me, under a bridge there, but i want to get you right to some video from just a short time ago, when
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the scene, of course, again, state police, milton police, and the fire marshal, we're told this is a death investigation and there are reports it was a burned body discovered. we did see that body removed here from the scene a short time ago, but again, an ongoing investigation. back here live, i can tell you we've put in several calls to state police as well as milton police, hopefully we can get more information and when we do, we'll certainly bring that to you. live in milton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". >> nicole, it thank you very much. breaking overnight, an anonymous threat forces an air france flight to make an emergency landing. the flight took off from san francisco last night, it was on its way to paris, it was diverted and safely it landed in montreal, right now, police are
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also, breaking overnight, south african para-olympian pistorius on bail, after overturning his manslaughter charges, pistorius was charged with killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013, he faces a minimum 15 year jail sentence. 6:04 and now a developing story, a local chipotle restaurant shut down after dozens of students get sick, could be lirchblged -- linked to a nationwide e. coli outbreak, and lots of bc students got sick. >> reporter: yeah, 30 of them, in fact, and as you know, this is a staple on college campuses, that's why so many students did get sick, they go to this chipotle regularly, and many students say once this reopens, they're apprehensive about ever going back after watching so many get sick over the past weekend.
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including members of the men's basketball team suffered some serious stomach issues this past weekend. >> i guess what they found in common they all came to chipotle. >> reporter: a chipotle they ate at is now temporarily closed. >> i think it's really disappointing for everyone because it's kind of our main place to go eat. >> not good, like a lot of bc students go there. >> reporter: most knew about the sickness going around before chipotle addressed it personalitily. >> in the irn firmly with the concussion, one said there was just everybody throwing up. >> reporter: linked to e. coli outbreaks affecting more man 50 people, testing needs to be confirmed to see if this happened here, chipotle issued this statement: the safety and well-being of our customers always our top priority, we don't have any evidence to suggest it's related to the
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students say this scares them. now seeing a campus staple as an unsafe place. now, if this does turn out to be an e. coli outbreak, that's something that can be spread from person to person. so if you or someone you know did get sick after eating at this chipotle, be mindful of that and wash your hands frequently, live in cleveland circle, susie steimle, wbz "this morning". controversial remarks about muslims from donald trump, the gop front runner announced last night he wants to ban muslims from entering the country. trump told a crowd in south carolina the u.s. can't trust them. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what the [ bleep ]
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>> they chanted usa after he made that declaration, several protesters had to be removed from the campaign event. 6:06, disturbing new details this morning about the san bernardino shooters. the fbi now says the couple had been radicalized for some time and went to target practice, in the days before that attack. bree sison is here with the latest developments, good morning. >> good morning, chris, this picture showed syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik at the chicago airport when they arrived as a newly engaged couple in july, 2014. within 17 months, investigator say they would gun down innocent people in a terrorist plot they planned for weeks. >> reporter: authorities say syed farook practiced shooting an ar 15 rifle at this riverside gun range just days before the massacre last week. workers there remember him but never guessed his plans. >> it's devastating to people, to know this is where he might have prepared for those last days. >> reporter: authorities have
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investigators say the rifles used in the attack were purchased legally by farook's childhood friend, marquez. he began treatment at a mental health hospital right after the attack, sources tell cbs news he's not under arrest and is talking to the fbi. chaz harrison worked with farook at the san bernardino county health department. he says farook made comments that were critical of america. >> syed did want to be in the united states but he told me campaign taxes was helping the united states support basically the war on islam. >> reporter: family members went to court in an attempt to gain custody of the couple's 6-month-old baby, that little girl left with her grandmother just before the shooting rampage and is currently in the care of child protective services. chris, back to you. >> bree, thank you very much. the obama administration will soon announce a new terror alert system, the homeland security says the new alert system will better inform the
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united states, it will include an intermediate terror threat category, meaning intelligence experts believe a threat exists even if it's not specific to a place, plot, or individual. a very emotional moment in paris, u2 welcomed a surprise guest back to the stage, take a look. >> they were robbed of their stage three week ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight. [ cheers and applause ] would you welcome the eagles of death metal? >> the american band was in the middle of a show when gunman stormed the bataclan theater last month, this was their first performance since that deadly attack. russia is giving the paris police department a new puppy, take a look! this is to replace the one lost following the paris terror attacks. 2-month-old drubidia printed in moscow, 2-year-old diesel died
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the suspects in last month's attack. 6:09 right now, the parking dispute that will shock you and could land a man in bars. and the deflate-gate saga. and no more singing the blues after this weekend's loss, instead, trying out karaoke, singing their praises, good morning danielle. a lot of clouds around and tracking a little bit of rain, no more 50s in the forecast either, you notice in the hour by hour we can come in the 40s today with slight chance, slight risk of shower in the city of boston around midday, another warming -- trend though, we'll talk about it outside the mass
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all you other slim shadies are just imitating, won't the real slim shady please stand up? >> patrick chung's annual karaoke charity. >> from slim shady to taylor swift covers, chung and other patriots all got in on the karaoke fun. >> that's not an easy rap to do, a lot of words. >> i want to know who was shooting that for us, they were
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yeah, it was good, i like that. [ laughter ] added something. >> added to the karaoke vibe. when it comes to karaoke, sell it. >> kathryn, ave gaet voice, i feel like you're really great at >> yeah! you're trying to hold back, you're like, yeah. [ laughter ] >> stop! make it stop! >> what's your go-to karaoke song, i'm going to give you the weather to think about it, we have to touch more on that. barry had a chance to visit the fifth graders last week, want to introduce you to these kid from andover, these are the fifth graders from the high plain almost elementary school, they met in the great room, their theme, let's make it happen, they're fundraising for the aspca and neighbors in need, fantastic stuff going on there and having a winter concert this week too, so, hello to the fifth graders, barry had a great time with you guys last week, do not need the umbrella as you're heading to school this morning,
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the south coast, south shore, may want to have the rain coat or umbrella on stand by, temperatures koomer -- cooler, temperatures are cold as well, north and west of boston, we're in the 20s from concord to keene, new hampshire, 35 nashua, 34 worcester, 38 city of boston, and taunton cape and island, advancing along the south coast, you notice the green showing up, down the vineyard, temperatures 47 there and a little bit of sprinkle activity showing up here in bristol county, along and south of 495 right now. where do we go from here? some of this rain will advance or the cape and islands, bristol county, the coastal storm going to past south and east of morning. so notice in the hour by hour late morning, couple of showers may sneak up in the city of
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until early afternoon, otherwise we stay cloudy examine -- and cooler, leftover sprinkle for the evening drive, no weather related issues, temperatures won't be as mild, 40 to 45 degrees for most of us, we're in the 40s in the cape and we'll pretty much stay there from start to finish today and overnight, partly cloudy will be kind of chilly, 32 in boston, and 20s in a lot of the suburbs, burks we -- but we rebound with some sunshine, there will be stubborn clouds around, get some breaks here and there, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for our wednesday, high pressure sliding to the east as well and behind it, we've got a weak cold front going to come in for the end of the week, key word there, weak, not a lot of moisture but i do anticipate a kiple of showers, wednesday night, maybe a passing shower late wednesday in to friday morning, not a significant amount of rainfall, temperatures ahead of the front, we're going to be coming in to the 50s, in fact. so 40s the next couple days, 50s
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degrees this weekend, with more clouds but it does look mostly dry, 58 degrees on monday and it looks like that's our next chance of at least more significant rainfall on monday afternoon, traffic and weather together, robi is getting busy out there now? yeah. right about that time. not many accidents but we've got plenty of slow downs north and south of the city, let's check the south first danielle, 128 southbound, bumper to bumper between logan express and the split the expressway north crawl from adam to champion road, 24 near sluggish brokton and 128, rult three northbound hangs between union street and the split, 95 heavy on pontage up to 128, the north map, nothing going on, 93 southbound on the [ indiscernible ] stretch, route 3, hitting the connector and 129.
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officials say one in five kids have at least one diagnosable psychiatric condition. >> it impacts their siblings, one local group trying to bring awareness to the hidden casualty of mental illness in children, good morning, bree. healthcare is focused on the patient and for very good reason, we know when there's an illness in the family, it impacts every member of the family in the case of kids admitted for psychiatric care, their brothers and sisters can be flat out traumatized by the experience. >> good morning, want some coffee? >> sure. >> reporter: routines are not always auz -- easy in the cummings home, some mornings don't turn out as planned. >> when mom would go to the hospital, i would make my dib dinner and felt like i was living by myself. >> reporter: marsy cummings often felt lonely when her older
6:17 am
hospitalized in massachusetts for mental health concerns. her mom rebecca turned to crisis mode. >> you're exhausted, and then kind of the last thing you think about is your other children. >> reporter: then they learned of a lace place they could work to be a family again. >> this is one of the rooms we hold the psychoeducational group. >> reporter: emily ruben founded a sibling support program five years ago and works with cambridge health alliance to help families meet the needs of all their kids. >> the goals to build resiliency and decrease trauma, primarily among siblings but also all family members, also parental competency and confidence. >> reporter: the cummingses learned from other families in similar situation and learned how to communicate. >> wednesday night became our night to go together to the hospital. and that was the start of a new relationship for us. a very close relationship. we are, we were bonded, kind of,
6:18 am
know, we had to sort of reinvent things. >> reporter: the sibling support program is the brain child of emily ruben and is offered by u mass medical school through cambridge health alliance, actively working to expand to other hospitals that treat mental health in kids, great program to keep in mind if your family is working on emotional well-being, find a link on my twitter page, kathryn back to you. >> thank you for that. shelter that burned to the ground and killed cats and dogs failed an inspection three days before, sweet pea animal shelter found kennels too small and animals not separated, the town now suspended the license, the current owners can appeal, they say they bought the shelter just days before the fire, they raised more than $130,000 to rebuild. it is 6:20 on your tuesday morning, still ahead, presidential hopeful hillary
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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welcome back, 6:24 right now a new jab at roger goodell in the deflate-gate battle, brady responding to the appeal, the commissioner was making quote a sweeping grab for power when he suspended brady for four games, a judge of course overturned that four game suspension, the appeal heads back to court in the weeks after the super bowl. >> every time we do the story we're still talking about it, i can't believe it. >> well, we'll be talking about it until at least february. >> i know! well, the celtics and bruins both in action last night. >> plus the pats moving past their loss to the eagles and heading back to houston, steve burton has more in sports.
6:22 am
hurting after losing to an eagles team embarrassed with previous games, in houston, it can't come soon enough. >> you want to get back out there, we have a great challenge in front of us and like i said, take it one week at a time and we're, we want to go out there and have a good game on saturday. >> we've got to move on, um, you know, we've got a lot of football left, we've got a lot of good teams on our schedule starting this week. so we have to be able to move on and put our save behind us. >> and move on their will, celtics taking on the pelicans in new orleans, the third half quarter, bradley nails the three, got fouled, got it for a four point play, and then thomas was the man for the green, hits from downtown, high place, celtics win it, win it big, 111-93. bruins hosting the predators at the guard, for the foul play
6:23 am
the 2nd and then with about five minutes left in the 3rd, [ indiscernible ] only had 17 shots on goal, all night. and that, will do it for sports, i'm steve burton, guys over to you. >> all right, lots more coming up in our next half hour and update for you in breaking news. a body was found overnight, the disturbing reports we're hearing this morning. this is jon keller, donald trump says he wants to keep all mis-- muslims from entering the u.s., his critics say he's gone too far. my take coming up on wbz "this morning". and as we head to break, four things you might want to know as you head out the door today. you're the cream in my coffee you're the salt in my stew
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breaking news right now, 6:30, reports of a burned body found in milton, we're live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. and dozens of college students get sick after eating at a local chipotle, the new moves right now to protect
6:25 am
and a police alert about the elf on the shelf. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . >> it is 6:30 on your tuesday morning, welcome back i'm chris mckinnon >> and i'm kathryn hauser great to have you with us, a check of your weather, how things are moving along, a weird forecast. >> yeah, depends on where you are, the cape and islands, the steady rain, showers elsewhere, no more 50s in the forecast. >> yeah, but seven day. >> i know, not too bad! another warming trend on the way, 45 to 50 from plymouth to the cape, not kuw -- coming up that much, maybe a degree, boston low 40s this morning, colder readings well north and west of town, 25 degrees in keene right now clouds are in place and you might want to grab
6:26 am
coast and cape, grabbing rain, generally light for the most part, bedford, new bristol county, edgarton, nantucket, break with sprinkle in chatham. between now and mid to late morning, some showers may sneak up towards central is bristol and plymouth county, in the city itself, noon time we may get a stray shower, temperatures running in the 40s through the afternoon, left over showers in the cape by mid afternoon and then just an isolated sprinkle for your ride home, talk more about that warming trend coming up, traffic and weather together, robi? danielle, an all too familiar trouble, a truck driver ignoring signs, a too tall truck where it should not be, stalled drive inbound at the longfellow bridge, total traffic network tells me the state police are attempting to back that truck up now, no doubt they are yelling at said truck driver at this moment.
6:27 am
south, 24 northbound getting messy, from brockton up to 128, southbound, stop and go between logan express jammed columbia road back to furnace brook and check the north 93 southbound bumper to bumper from andover down to woburn and heavy from medford in to boston, route three sluggish from the lowell connector. we begin with breaking news this morning, reports of a burned body found in milton. >> let's get right to nicole jacobs live on the scene, nicole what can you tell us? >> reporter: some new information for you at this hour, chris, i can tell you that according to the norfolk d.a., the office we know a death investigation is going on and an autopsy, it might take some time for an exact cause of death to be determined but i want to get you right to some video this morning of authorities here on the scene, the fire marshal's office was here and of course,
6:28 am
the body was burned, discovered under a bridge here right on the milton madipan line i can tell you according to detectives here on scene, this is a milton police and state police investigation. so, again, very early on in the stages of investigation here, but back here live, if i can show you here, it's just over that cement wall there, down below is where this investigation is taking place, where that body was discovered, we did see them take the body away just a short time ago. so, as we learn more information, we'll certainly pass that along to you. but that is the very latest from milton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". also breaking overnight an anonymous threat forces an air france flight to make an emergency landing, the flight took off from san francisco last night, on its way to paris. it was diverted and safely landed in montreal. right now, police are inspecting the plane. now to a developing story this morning, a local chipotle
6:29 am
dozens of boston college students get sick, there's growing concern this morning that this could be linked to a nationwide e. coli outbreak at the chain, susie steimle in cleveland circle, good morning susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris as you might imagine some of the boston college students that we've talked to about this chipotle incident are very disappointed in the chain. this is a staple on this college campus and on many boston colleges not far from here. and that tells -- that's how so many students got sick and the closed. boston students claimed of stomach issues after eating here over the weekend, eight of those were on the men's basketball team and this of course comes as you mentioned, chris, as chipotles across the country are dealing with e. coli outbreaks, it's unclear if that's what happened here, but we know in nine other states, at least 50
6:30 am
eating at chipotles and gotten some sort of an e. coli outbreak from eating at those restaurants. students here say they're disappointed that it took this many people getting sick for the company to say something publicly here. >> my friend tht infirmary, just buckets. >> not good, a lot of bc students go there. >> reporter: now chipotle released the statement saying customer safety is the most important thing but at this point they don't have any proof that this sickness that happened to the boston college students here has anything to do with the other e. coli related incidents. live in cleveland circle, susie steimle wbz "this morning ". >> susie, thank you so much. 6:35 right now, fire officials trying to figure out what sparked this late night fire in stirbridge, firefighters from four towns responded,
6:31 am
the fire was in a barn on river road we're told there was landscaping equipment inside, luckily no one was hurt. today, in the philip chism murder trial, two witnesses expected to take the spand for the investigation, yesterday richard dudley testified, a psychiatrist who says chism was mental illness since he was 10, chism hears an imaginary male voice in his head commanding him to do things, dr. dudley says. >> there was much more of a sense of, of having had an illness that had not been treated and had that been treated, he wouldn't have caused the difficulties that he's caused. >> caused the difficulties that >> yeah, to his family. >> the case could go to the jury by the end of this week.
6:32 am
the beach could land a cape cod han bars. 56-year-old don savage and his wife wanted to park at the waves. a guard game thif 10 minutes to park in the spot that they didn't have a permit for. when they came back 30 minutes later, the federal ranger asked >> your driver's license. >> oh! ground. do not move! >> the man is now charged with assaulting a federal officer, he bit the hand out of survival, he says, the national seashore and the u.s. attorney's office not commenting, the case heads to court in february. controversial remarks about muslims from donald trump, the gop front runner announced he wants to ban muslims from the entire country, trump told the crowd the united states can't trust them. >> donald j. trump calling for a total and complete shutdown of
6:33 am
states until our country's representatives can figure out what the [ bleep ] is going on. >> the crowd chanted usa after trump made that declaration, several protesters had to be removed from the campaign event. and trump's comments stirring up a lot of controversy this morning. jon keller gives us his take and explains why trump has gone too far. >> good morning. yesterday was pearl harbor day, the 74th anniversary of the deadly japanese military attack on a u.s. naval base that widened the scope before world war ii. it was a date that will live in infamy in the famous words of president franklin delano roosevelt. december 7, 2015 may well live in infamy too, if enough of us let our legitimate concerns about terrorism override our common sense and decency, that's what has to happen to let donald trump's vulgar, irresponsible
6:34 am
complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. tough luck, i guess, for the thousands of patriotic american muslims serving their country on active military duty who won't be able to spend their leave at home. for the many u.s. businesses run by muslim executives and the scores of prominent muslim doctors who won't be able to use their passports like other citizens. too bad, also, for the many businesses that rely on the spending of muslim tourists, one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry. but the stupidity and illegality of trump's mindness proposal are the least of its problems. its reactionary ugliness, reminiscent of what president roosevelt did three months after the pearl harbor attacks, aproffering -- approving the incarceration of more than 100,000 japanese, along with american citizens, along with thousands of germans and italian
6:35 am
we knew they posed no threat. jeb bush immediately called trump unhinged and that's an understatement. i think another adjective fits well also: un-american. talk back to me at or via twitter @kelleratlarge. 6:40 on your tuesday morning, endorsements pouring in for hillary clinton, more than 200 grassroots leaders leaders are supporting her ks the state's democrats except for senator elizabeth warren, healy and state treasurer, clinton won the primary in massachusetts in 2008. ben carson is going to africa, visiting three african countries later this month, he hasn't named the countries or how long the trip will last. carson has said he traced his ancestry back to african slaves brought to the united states. it is 6:40 right now, still ahead on wbz "this morning".
6:36 am
decorations at the white house, a closer look next. plus, the yale professor resigning after what she told students to do for halloween. good morning, danielle. good morning, chris, everybody, weather watchers and temperatures running in the 30s for the most part, a bit of a cool start, couple 20s on the map, belmont, new hampshire, 26, 33 in hudson, new hampshire and the 40s actually in the southeast part of the state, 44 hanover says jon, thank you to all our weather watchers for your daily reports, love to have you join us as well, over to the website to sign up and the rain out there right now and bring you through the hour by hour forecast, that's next. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. 6:44 right now, this year's christmas decorations at the white house not only stunning but record breaking as well. >> 62 christmas trees, 70,000 trinkets and lights and maybe the most spectacular a 500 pound ginger bread house and this is the best part, coated in dark chocolate, the icing alone no big deal. >> so nice! dinner. [ laughter ] >> we finally put our tree up and totally underestimated the
6:39 am
when you're outside, and picking your tree, it's hard to tell. >> your tree is like christmas vacation. put it up, whoa! >> yeah, the furniture had to go, like, remember, danielle, we were going to have you and chris over -- oh, we can't fit you anymore. >> i see how it is! [ laughter ] >> your tree looks nice, yeah. >> you just have to look at it from a distance, and not sit down. it's all good. >> and it's going to be across the room, there's that tree! getting that first sight. yeah, you guys, this morning, temperatures running in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. temperatures cold as well north of boston, 35 nashua, same in lawrence, 40s in the cape and islands, not going up that much, live doppler radar shows a couple showers here in southern bristol county, shrivelling, dry air, northern extent of this rain in between middle town, rhode island and bedford, couple
6:40 am
storm, graze us and past south and east of nantucket, there's a little bit of rain going to lift over the cape, there may be a couple showers that come up to the south shore or even the city of boston with the sprinkle here through late morning or midday, otherwise cloudy and cooler with some pockets of rain lingering in the outer cape through mid afternoon, notice by 4:30, trace sprinkle or light shower left over but no weather related issues for your evening commute, temperatures, no more 50s, 40s for a high today, 10 or more degrees cooler than yesterday, about 44 in boston, this is right around where we should be for this time of year, a little cooler than average in spots, either side of 40 from [ indiscernible ] to keene to p pittsburgh, wind from the northeast, gusty out there, occasionally 20 miles per hour, notice the temperatures, upper 40s we're already there pretty much in a lot of spots from plymouth down to the cape,
6:41 am
33 downtown, but mid 20s and the coldest suburbs tomorrow, a dry dare temperatures in the mid 40s with the light wind coming in from the south, notice high pressure sliding east, maybe a couple showers on thursday, notice moisture, one or two come in, not a big deal, isolated to widely scattered and it's a weak front that comes in, ahead of it we're dwg to see -- going to see temperatures come in the 50s, accuweather, mostly dry weekend, unseasonably mild, lots of clouds around, next chance for any significant rain comes in on monday with the next front that will come in. robi? danielle, the slowest rides out there on the commute, heavy between route nine 30, bumper to bumper from the south, express way northbound, 128 stop and go from logan to the split, and 93
6:42 am
andover, route one southbound crawl between walnut street and route 99. it is 6:48 just about now, breaking news stories for you, a body found in milton overnight. >> reports say the body was on fire, state and milton police launching a death investigation, a heavy police presence and fire presence overnight on blue hill avenue, just near the matipan line, found in an overpass. and air france flight to make an emergency landing in montreal, that took off from san francisco last night and was on its way to paris when the crews evacuated everyone on board while police searched the jet. >> south african para-olympian pistorius out on bail, back for a court hearing, after an appeals court found him guilty of murder, overturning his murder conviction in the death of his girlfriend. the chipotle in cleveland circle shut down this morning, 30 people including some of
6:43 am
basketball team got sick after eating at the restaurant over the weekend, officials are investigating whether this could be linked to a nationwide e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants in nine states. >> new this morning, a yale professor is resigning over a controversial e-mail she sent to students during halloween, erika christakis said she could push the boundaries of halloween tomb -- costumes even if they're offensive, saying it's a time to grow up, yale saying she's valued and welcome back any time. still ahead, the fugitive your children could help police find. plus, the surprise under the christmas tree that has people morning!
6:44 am
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6:52, i'm for our daily talker, kids often find surprises under the christmas tree but this tops them all. >> and has a lot of people talking, forget the baby dolls, three sisters if texas got the real thing, here's robi to tell us about it. >> chris, courtney and steve solstad are going to have a tough time topping this christmas present to their girs, the couple prosecute dallas says they didn't tell their daughters they were going through the
6:47 am
it was finalized then put baby nathan under the tree. of course they were rolling on it when the new sisters got the surprise of their young lives. >> oh! >> that's your new baby brother! >> yes, don't wet your pants, but we can't blame you if you did. not sure why the family didn't show baby nathan in the video, but there he is, a photo posted on their facebook page, the sign reads my christmas wish list for my mom and dad, to have the baby they desired. now the video went viral, has been viewed more than 60,000 times, perhaps the family was a little overwhelmed though by all the attention because the video's now been removed from social media and the family changed their privacy settings on their previously opened facebook page. so we asked, what was your best christmas surprise ever? a lot of people sharing that with us on our social media
6:48 am
the best is a train set and i got it by winning a school fundraiser. amanda says is my son was born on the 22nd of the month, my doctor rushed our paperwork and got us home minutes after midnight, christmas morning. rushing the paperwork is now called normal at hospitals. a number of ways to comment, our facebook, website or twitter, comment all day long. >> thank you, robi. 6:54, a closer look at 7:00 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell, good morning. >> good morning, chris and kathryn ahead on cbs this morning, new reaction to donald trump's call to ban muslims from entering the u.s., we'll speak to jon dickerson about his impact. and the founder of lulumlemon about the controversial comments he made. and your kids will love him,
6:49 am
["the first noel" plays] from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy hanukkah.
6:50 am
bourne police have an addition to its most wanted list, elf on a shelf. >> police posted this on their facebook paing, page, saying he's a specialist in covert
6:51 am
spread christmas cheer. nice mugshot. [ laughter ] elf on a shelf. magical elf. >> yeah, he is! we were talking, the whole white christmas potential. >> dwindling? >> but here's the thing, there's always hope. >> there is. >> but the next one to two weeks it does look like a pretty above normal pattern, and that's kind of what we're talking about, look at these temperatures, cool the next couple days, some showers in the cape today, 50s near 60 for the weekend. >> sound good, thank you very much, danielle, cbs this morning is up next, wbz for an update in 25 minutes.
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