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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  July 28, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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>> yes. she is. although there were many lines directed against donald trump that i'm not sure the biography mentioned, the story that she told it many times with her mother that she was talking about fighting a bully. that story two years ago tonight when she clearly said that donald trump was essentially that bully. another thing that struck me quickly, she said i would be the president for democrats, republicans and independents. even if you don't vote for me, i'll be your vice president. she's trying hard as they have all week to reach out to republicans that are disappointed with donald trump. trying to find new voters for
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>> john dickerson, thank you. so the reason you're here, bob, is that you've been at every convention since 1968. you were in cleveland with us. we've seen the end of this one. how do you assess where we are? >> this is different than any of the others that attended. they're all different. this maybe is the most different of all. we didn't see the violence that we saw in 1968 in chic this one is coming down to, as you mentioned, scott, when you were talking about when bill clinton ran, people said it's the economy, stupid. the winning campaign usually has a simple phrase that you can sum it up. this one maybe the way they were telling it tonight, all you need to print on the bumper sticker is "donald trump, yes or no."
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do you want him or do you not want him? are you willing to trust him in the most powerful office in the country? >> bob schieffer, dean of american political reporters. bob, thanks very much. so post parties have their nominees in a titanic battle is going. >> it will last 102 days, the first of three presidential debates is september 26. >> and 25 weeks from clinton or donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. >> there's more convention coverage on your late local numbers or cbsn. >> for norah, charlie, gayle, bob, i'm scott pelley. good night from philadelphia. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
11:38 pm control" e-mail group. ? ( cheers and applause ) pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. in new hampshire, the innovation that creates jobs is a spark... igniting the imagination, illuminating a new idea. innovation starts by expanding opportunity. that's why we froze tuition at our state universities... lowered community college tuition... and created live free and start, an award-winning effort to help launch small businesses. i'm maggie hassan.
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to innovation and job creation, we need to spark something in washington, the way we have here in new hampshire. now at 11:00 p.m. hillary clinton making history. officially the first woman it accept a major party's nomination for president and then new video captures a driver stalking a woman moments before he attacks. what police found car. >> and an escaped prisoner on a crime spree trying to carjack two women. the major give away that landed him back behind bars. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 p.m. s tarts right now. >> tonight we reached a milestone in our nation's march towards a more perfect union,
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party has nominated a woman for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> her big moment. hillary clinton makes history. her goal of moving back to the white house got the biggest boost of all. >> and she did so while taking aim at her competitor. liam martin is live in philadelphia tonight. >> reporter: the balloons and the confetti are covering the floor of the wells fargo center clinton's turn to accept the nomination, saying she is the candidate to trust and she will work to solve the problems that our country faces. [ music playing ] >> reporter: an extraordinary moment in american history. >> every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was hanking in her life, she was always, always there
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praise on the brink of breaking down a barrier. >> our next president, hillary clinton. [ music playing ] >> i accept your nomination. [ cheers and applause ] >> for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton the first woman to accept the nomination for president from a major party. . >> bernie your campaign inspired millions of americans. particularly the who threw their hearts and souls in to our primary. >> the democratic nominee delivering the speech of a life time and making the case for herself. >> we will not build a wall. instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one. when there are no ceilings the sky the limit. [ cheers and applause ]
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determined enemies that must be defeated. so it is no wonder that people are anxious and looking for reassurance, looking for steady leadership. imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust nuclear weapons. [ cheers and applause ] >> build a better tomorrow for our children and our country and when we do america will be greater than ever. thank you and may god bless you and the united states of america. >> reporter: after that moment tonight the general election is now officially underway.
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to this moment tonight. what was the mood like there? >> reporter: some of the biggest cheers she got tonight were when she accepted the nomination and acknowledged that she made history that see first woman to be nominated by a major party, saying the sky the limit. that line drew a big applause. the majority of democrats in this room were cheering and holding signs that re stronger together. but there were pockets of protesters, many in the crowd where we were standing, they were loud, when they would start shotting, supporters would -- shouting, supporters would try drown them out. one person was escorted out. the bernie supporters not quit yet. hillary clinton and tim kaine hit the campaign trail
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thank you. jon keller now. we heard time and time again biggest speech of her life. how did she do? >> i think she got the job done and did a good job and this was an especially good night for the nominee. she hit the right note of party unity and her praise for bernie sanders. and the best line of the speech, a man you can beat with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons when she mocked's trump's claim that he alone could fix what is wrong with our country. if you were looking for something ground breaking from hillary clinton tonight, then for you, i am afraid this was a bad night. or a frustrating one. much of the speech was recycled from the campaign trail. and she never acknowledged her
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she talked about not trusting trump but never addressed the lack of trust voters have for her. if the mission was to create a momentable moment, mission -- memorable moment, mission not accomplished. we will see if she gets a bump the way trump did and now here we go with the campaign. >> they almost always get now. >> and the bumps tend to fade so check back with me in a week. >> check back with you before that. jon keller. today donald trump says a lot of lies are being told about him at the dnc. earlier in the day he clarified comments saying that he was being sarcastic when he suggested russia should find hillary clinton's deleted e- mails. the show down between donald trump and hillary clinton now
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election day, three months away on november 8. tonight we have our eye on the storm and a flash flood watch for massachusetts. heavy rain tomorrow will put a dent in the drought that we have had and end a heat wave. a live look at the city tonight. eric f for the latest -- eric fisher for the latest. >> rainfall off to the south and we are watching this area in here. the one that will spread across southern new the storms to the south act to rob us of the moisture trying to come up from the south. that may factor in to the forecast tomorrow. right now rain starting to work into the connecticut river valley and massachusetts and connecticut. other story humidity is up. soupy. one report said it was like walking through chowder. dew points in the 70s. humid tomorrow. tomorrow morning we will see areas of showers moving through
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morning and heaviest rain tomorrow is in south eastern massachusetts. especially the immediately south coast. more coming up. >> thank you. >> new tonight at 11:00 p.m. attacked on the way home. new video that investigators say shows a driver stalking a woman moments before he attacked her and it is what you don't see that is disturbing. he had a child in the car with him at the time of the attack. >> reporter: that's right. that man, the suspect is behind bars, i watched the video and you can see a car following a woman several times before she is attacked. >> the images captured shows a car driven by man who tried to
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alone, cut off by gray honda civic, honda civic, the man said do you want to go for a ride, she said no. >> reporter: what happens next is telling. she walks away. you can see the suspect driving around a bus to follow her. he spots her again, backs up on the side street and pulls into the parking lot. that is when he got and when she said no -- >> he punched her in the face. fractured her nose. and bruised and swell her face. -- swelled her face. >> sexually assaulting her with his daughter in the car. she was able to take down his license plate number. that with this surveillance video led them to arrest him at
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they caught him. for somebody that walks to work alone it is scary. >> he was predator. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: that suspect will be arraigned tomorrow. they fear there may be more effected. if you have any information you are asked to . new video shows crews taking evidence from the scene where more human remains were found. police discovered the bones there. they likely longed to the same woman whose skull was found. investigators are trying to identify the woman. the death is suspicious. tonight dueling rallies all over a black lives matter banner. one side says it should stay
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katie brace is live. we know it is still hanging there tonight. >> reporter: the rallies were about that banner right there. black lives matter. it is on city hall and the groups today took issue with that and also what it means to different groups within the community. the mayor says she moving for-- he is moving forward for an important conversation. >> reporter: they stood side side divided. rallies held in summerville over the fate of this black lives matter banner on city hall. >> begin murdering police officers in cold blood. >> the manner hung for a year but recently the police union asked the mayor to take it
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>> when people associated with the black lives matter -- black lives matter moment. >> when people associated with the black lives matter protesters chant what do we want, cops dead now. >> reporter: they held a rally at union square. >> i think we live in a racist society. >> reporter: they disagree with the police interpretation. >> we take the stance if black lives matter matter all lives creating a dialogue. >> if we refuse to be engaged in the conversation we will never be unified. >> reporter: and as a result the mayor says that sign will stay. reporting live, katie brace, wbz news. >> thank you. in foxboro, thousands of patriots fans rushing on to the
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another super bowl run. right to steve burton, everyone wanted to know what jimmy garoppolo would look like. >> absolutely right. bill belichick made it clear jimmy garoppolo would start the first four games games games and then brady in game number five. we didn't know how. that would effect how they would practice. jimmy garoppolo only seen te season. today he was asked how much more comfortable he is in his third year in the nfl. >> compared to rookie year, not even close. just comes with experience. three years in the same offense, same team, same organization. you get used to things. >> he did look good today. if it rains tomorrow the team will move inside and practice would be closed to the public.
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a daring escaped next at 11:00 p.m. an inmate runs free and tries to carjack two women. >> officers try to pull a robbery suspect from a burning car. the video and how this ends. >> and a teenager trying to record lightning gets hit by a bolt instead. the one thing he did that saved
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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. a daring escape leads to a station. an inmate breaks free from jail and then tries to carjack a woman who was parked that gas pump. you can see right here, caught on camera. there is the inmate still dressed in orange. julie loncich explains how one woman helped to get him back behind bars. >> reporter: crossed four lanes of busy traffic, shackled, trying to blend in. unfortunately for him he
11:56 pm
but do a double take as she pulled up to the gas pump. >> there was a man coming out of the woods. he tried to jump over the guard rail and tripped because he was wearing shackled and handcuffs and a orange jump suit. >> reporter: concerned she ran inside to get the attendant and help. >> when i came out this door was open and he was sitting inside. digging around looking for keys. yelling where are thys when she told him to get out he listened. >> i told him that he was in enough trouble and he should go back. he said don't be afraid. there was nothing wrong. >> reporter: police say he had escaped from the hillsborough county house of corrections across the street. he also tried to carjack another woman's car without much success.
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neighboring plaza where he was once again arrested. >> crazy. glad it is a once in a life time event. >> reporter: he will be arraigned friday morning. we reached out to the hillsborough county house of corrections and never heard back. julie loncich, wbz news. a rescue caught on camera. police in dallas rushed to a burning car where a wanted robber was trappedind. they pulled the man free just as fire engulfed the a teenager is on his bicycle, stops to take video in the storm and when lightning struck next to him. he could feel the ground vibrating. rescuers say if he wasn't holding his bike at the time he wouldn't have lived. maybe it is the rubber tires on the bicycle? all the rain tomorrow, we are not going to see anything
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lightning tomorrow, along the immediate south coast. these are rainfall deficits for the year. 8 inches. we will take anything we could get throughout the day tomorrow. warm outside. feelslike rain. 70s. humidity -- feels like rain. 70s. humidy up -- humidity up as well. this is the system. this is time storm. watching the storms in the mid- atlantic. they are robbing the moisture from the system. i don't think we will see widespread heavy rainfall totals but we will see rain. rain moving into the connecticut river valley, spreading east through the night tonight. and we will get heavier down pours tomorrow. looking at it hour by hour, by tomorrow morning light to
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heaviest down pours across rhode island, southeast massachusetts, the cape, the islands. this is the place to focus. mid-morning through the afternoon. thunder and lightning there. everything to the north will be lighter and scattered. there could be pop up showers and storms tomorrow afternoon after that main batch pushes off to the east. all the activity will be done as we wind up will get the lowest rain totals. and flash flood watch in effect across southeast mass for road flooding. when you have a lot of water heavy down pours could create pockets of flooding out there. otherwise temperatures held down, 75 to 80 degrees tomorrow. the heat wave is over. although humid during the day tomorrow. and then into the weekend, a great day to kick it off, high
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saturday, warm day, 80s. great to be outside. sunday increasing cloud cover. a chance of showers as well. mainly it will be a grayer day and a more comfortable day. you will be able to be outdoorsdoors and not sweat. sunday chance of showers, more clouds and temperatures will be held into the upper 70s. -- upper 70s. saturday night, we have cold play, 82 73 at 11:00 p.m. that night and the boston triathlon, looking at that sunday morning low 70s 70s. won't be too stressful on the body if you are participating. your 7 day, showers on monday. 70s again and next week the heat doesn't come back around till wednesday. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. the patriots back in action. and gronk is talking about why
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matter who is at quarterback.
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bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit us at
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date circled on their calendar. >> a big day. middle of the summer and talking football. >> we will take it. 12,393 fans on hand today in foxboro. all eyes on tom brady and jimmy garoppolo today. the two quarterbacks split represents. both looked sharp. bill belichick said the priority is to opener. >> great opportunity. just like you said. got to take advantage of it. you don't get many opportunities in this league. got to make the best of it. >> i have been preparing to be the starter since the first day. that is just the mind set. it is a good thing to have. >> not planning to have tom
12:05 am
opener. but teammates aren't worried who will be under center in arizona september 11. >> no. we will do everything we got to do. take it day by day. i am just worried about what i could do to get better and make sure i am on the field. >> yes or no about what they -- i don't know about what they do. we love the guys. >> there are a number of things that are out of our control. this is one ofm. we can control. >> we are confident in whoever is therein. that is what practice is for. >> jimmy garoppolo has one career touchdown pass in the nfl, that went to rob gronkowski. gronk had a great summer, he is pumped to get back to football. >> feels great.
12:06 am
yet but feels great. you want to get back on the field. you want to be competing. felt great to be with the team. get the chemistry going -- chemistry going. felt good. back to football. love it. >> we all love it. and we love this as well. left tackle back in practice with his son. his season ended last year in week 5. he chemotherapy for tumors in both kidneys. >> tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. on wbz go one-on-one with bill belichick and much more. red sox and angels. late start in anaheim. red sox 1-0. mookie betts sacrifice fly and the pga championship, jimmy walker has a one shot lead.
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thank you. stephen colbert's identity crisis. next at 11:00 p.m. why he is having a hard time
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late show host stephen colbert finding himself in legal trouble. he brought his back old character, an identity that he doesn't own the rights to. he is bringing on stephen
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>> is it an evil cousin? was heane coma and now he -- he in a coma and now he reappeared? >> up next one more look at the
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showers over night? >> showers and down pours tomorrow and tomorrow morning. i will say at doesn't look as wet as it did 18 hours ago. we will see how it pans out tomorrow and hopefully the weather gods are kind to us. [ talking at the same time ] >> come this way, rain. [ talking at the same time ] >> if the rains the patriots practice inside and it will be closed to the public. [ talking at the same time ] >> if this was snowstorm it
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talking at the same time ] have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hello citizens! (cheers and applause) welcome to the beginning of the final round of the 2016 "hungry for power games." (cheers and applause) yes. the conventions are complete, leaving behind a lot confetti, and even more regretti. america has settled on their final attributes -- hillary clinton vs. donald trump. two shall enter. we all might leave. andro, give me the scissors.
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and now with these slippery handled, very pointy, incredibly sharp scissors, i will now cut the ribbon to declare the final match of the 2016 "hungry for power games officially-- oh no! (screaming) he did it! >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight stephen welcomes abbi jacobson and ilana glazer, doris kearns goodwin e featuring jon batiste and "stay human." now live from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's time for the 2016 democratic national convention -- death, taxes, hillary! (cheers and applause)
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>> stephen: thanks! whoo! whoo! (cheers and applause) whoo! (audience chanting stephen) >> stephen: hey chris, tom, paul! what's going on, mark! (cheers and applause) hey! welcome to the "late show." (cheers and applause) thank you so much, everybody! thank you! thank you! that's nice. welcome to "the late show," everybody. i'm proud to be your host, stephen colbert, and we are live on night four of the democratic national convention, where moments ago hillary clinton became the first woman
12:18 am
nomination for president. (cheers and applause) incredible! however you feel about either of the candidates, i got chill bumps. you said, why hasn't this happened before? it's the biggest breakthrough for women since they won the right to bust ghosts. (laughter) (cheers and applause) too long i have to say -- did you guys watch the speech? (cheers and applause) it was a great speech. we'll get to that in a moment. of course, hillary wasn't the only one who made history at this convention. last night, her v.p. pick, tim kaine, accepted the nomination to become the 48th consecutive white male vice-president. and the streak continues! (cheers and applause) way to go! (cheers and applause) but there are some spoil sports who are determined to try and ruin this.
12:19 am
making this up-- scarfed down beans and went to the convention center as part of a "fart-in" protest. (laughter) now, some might question this tactic, but i remind you it is part of a long tradition of political activism. it was patrick henry who famously declared, "give me liberty... or pull my finger!" (laughter) (applause) now, the theme of the democratic national convention was "stronger together. and nancy pelosi thrilled the crowd by appealing to their shared values. >> we democrats believe that the future of america should be decided by the voices of the voters, not the pocketbooks of the powerful. a government of the many, not a government of the money. >> stephen: and that rousing
12:20 am
politics resounded throughout every corner of the wells-fargo arena, from the cnn grill to the comcast xfinity live complex! because it was the democrats, we heard from every conceivable fringiest minority group. >> i'm a republican. i knew ronald reagan. i worked for ronald reagan. donald trump, you are no ronald reagan. (cheers) >> stephen: whoo! whoo! (cheers and applause) whoo! whoo! we're democrats! why are we cheering ronald reagan? i don't care! whoo! chelsea clinton, this is touching, chelsea clinton came out and introduced her mom. first, they had a biographic
12:21 am
park ridge, illinois. >> stephen: you will notice that was narrated by god. (cheers and applause) hillary told the story of the first time she saw her future husband. >> i said, who is that? she said, that is bill clinton. he's from arkansas, and that is all he talks about. and then i heard him say, we grow the biggest watermelons in the world. >> stephen: thus began a lifetime of bill clinton saying things that would later sound really pervy. (laughter) (cheers and applause) really big watermelons! now, the video was very lovely, very moving. and it was full of personal
12:22 am
debbie's wedding. >> stephen: that's just a little sound bite from an incredibly beautiful and moving story. and it just proves what we've always known about hillary clinton. no matter who you are, she will attend your wedding. (laughter) (cheers and applause) a h then hillary made her big entrance looking every inch a president. or like an angel in a movie, who says you can go back to earth as the family dog. i'm not sure what movie that is but i would watch it. (laughter) then, she talked about america's core values. >> our country's motto is e pluribus unum. >> stephen: great, now
12:23 am
talk in spanish, is that how you say it? i'm not sure if i'm talking english right now. and then in a keeply moving moment, hillary clinton made history. >> and so it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: and remember, at that very moment, somewhere in that room, a supporter was trying to rip a fart. (laughter) (applause) really. really. really.
12:24 am
it. hillary drew a stark line between herself and donald trump. >> i believe in science. >> stephen: and you know she means it because she's wearing a whrab coat. and hillary, she had a stern warning for the big banks. >> wall street, corporations and the super rich are going to start paying their fair share of >> stephen: and i know they're good for it because they paid me tons when i spoke to them! (cheers and applause) it was a great speech, you have to give that to her. hillary clinton worked a life time to achieve this historic moment. so let's talk about donald trump. (laughter) he is still in hot water over
12:25 am
yesterday. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> stephen: it was a truly reaganesque moment. it reminds me of when the gipper said, "mr. gorbachev, release naked photos of walter mondale." (cheers and applause) that's how he won in 1984! (cheers and applause) true story. true story. a lot of people forget that part of the speech. now, encouraging a hostile foreign government to influence our elections is an unorthodox campaign strategy known in political circles as "treason." (laughter) (applause) so with criticism mounting, trump did something even crazier than making a plea to russian hackers-- he took it back.
12:26 am
issue now. the idea that you would have any american calling for a foreign power to commit espionage in the united states for the purposes of somehow changing an election, we're now in national security space. your reaction in >> you have to be kidding. and when i'm being sarcastic with something... >> are you being sarcastic? >> of course i'm being sarcastic. >> stephen: sarcasm! he was being sarcastic! of course! now everything he says makes sense! (cheers and applause) yeah, let me tell ya, yeah, i'm really going to build a wall on the border, and, yeah, mexico will pay for it." "i'm banning all muslims, that's really what i'm going to do. it's a good idea." "i'm going to make america great again."
12:27 am
so, if donald trump says he wasn't conspiring with a foreign government and he was just being sarcastic, i want him to know, i totally believe you! ? stick around, ladies and gentlemen! we'll be right back! ? (cheers and applause) i am sebastian artois. brewmaster. risktaker. i sold everything i had to own a brewery. you might have heard its name...
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? (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey! (cheers and applause) welcome back, everybody!
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(audience chanting stephen) oh, folks, thank you so much! thank you. folks, i can tell you're excited. i'm very excited. we're going to have the ladies from "broad city," abbi jacobson and ilana glazer out here later. stick around for that. but first, hillary clinton made history tonight by being the first female presidential candidate of a major party in the united states. it's a watershed moment for women's equality. i just wish the women who helped -- (cheers and applause) i just wish the women who helped build this country could be here to see it. well, my wish is my command. joining me live via satellite from july 4, 1776 are two female delegates from the second continental congress. please welcome, josephine hindley and abitha whitmore.
12:33 am
>> hello, stephen. >> hello, future americans! or british subjects, if this doesn't work out. (laughter) >> stephen: oh, do you want me to tell you how it turns out? >> no spoilers! we're going to wait till america's over, then binge-watch. >> stephen: okay, well, i know you guys are busy putting the finishing touches on the declaration of independence, so i'll make this quick. i just wanted you to know that it's 2016,nd >> well, butter my bonnet! that's incredible! that is incredible! i'm going to celebrate by making a meal for my husband, and then cleaning it up immediately! (cheers and applause) hear that, ben franklin? women are on top! and not just your french whores! (laughter) (applause)
12:34 am
year 1816, we finally have a female president! whoo! >> stephen: no, no, i'm sorry--i said 2016. >> get the butter out of the barn! are you telling me it takes us 240 years to get a female president? >> stephen: well, just a nominee. she hasn't been elected or anything. >> what the butter is wrong with you people?! why did it take so long? it's right there in the declaration of independence: >> "all men are created--" oooooh. >> you knew that was supposed to mean all people, right? >> stephen: we figured it out eventually.
12:35 am
but you ladies are there. you should just change that now. >> great idea. first thing tomorrow. >> stephen: why not now? >> come on, it's july 4 here. there are a bunch of parties tonight! come on. >> totally, everyone's going to do mercury shots, and abitha's got some dank hemp rope. it's going to be mother-butter-cray-zay! >> franklin, crank up that harpischord! ? ? ? >> stephen: from the year 1776, josephine hindley and abitha whitmore. we'll be right back with abbi jacobson, ilana glazer, and doris kearns goodwin. stick around! (cheers and applause) ? ? ? ? you can help prevent blindness
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