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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 16, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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delay. >> all right. colbert is up next, have a great weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs >> we've got a great show tonight. harry connick jr. will be here. stick around. >> hey, big b t hoagie. introducing the late show celebrity chat line. where the hottest stars are ready to talk to you. >> well, most people know me from this thing. but i was also in another thing that you've seen. yes, that's right. i was in that thing, too. >> a third "sister act" movie. would you like that?
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celebs want to make it happen. >> hey, there, i'm tony. do you want to know what i do? i play a masculine character. >> he's a great, great actor, and i would love to work with him again. >> she's sexy talk show guests are standing by to fulfill your most forbidden, behind-the-scenes fantasies. >> what am i i'm wearing a designer suit. my publicist picked it out, and it's much nicer than the other things i wear in my daily life. >> what are you waiting for. our operators are standing by with banter, stories from knowing stephen back in chicago, and details about their spiciest projects. >> well, it's mostly a comedy, but there's a lot of heart in it, too. it's definitely something that
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>> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes john slattery oliver stone and comedian jon fisch featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! thank you very much! what's up? yeah! hey! thank you, joe. thank you, jon. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. what's up? good to see you. you can tell there's no crowd. >> jon: there's no crowd.
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everybody. welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. there is mow mistaking a friday crowd. that's a friday crowd right there. are you all ready for the weekend? ( cheers ) me, too, me, too. you know what, this election is so exciting. you know, anything could happen. we don't know what we're going to learn on a day-to-day basis. and throughout this election, one big question has been looming campaign: whaaa? ( laughter ) whaaa? also, will he release his tax returns? every major party candidate has done it. that's how we know abraham lincoln claimed his beard as a dependent. but donald trump says he won't release them because he's in the
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i'm not a murderer, and i'll prove it as soon as i fill in this shallow grave." but there's another reason trump won't release his returns. and yesterday, his son donald trump jr. took a short break from hunting the last living black rhino to explain. >> because he's got a 12,000-page tax return that would create-- that would create, probably, 300 million independent financial auditors out of every person in the country, asking questions that main message. >> stephen: yes, it would distract from his main message: nobody look at my tax returns! now, in tech news, this week, the company uber launched a fleet of self-driving cars. this is a huge leap forward in how little uber can pay their drivers. right now, the cars are only in
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pittsburgh, they will eventually go somewhere else. but here's the thing-- it's a lovely town. that joke was written by one of my writers who lives in pittsburgh. but here's the thing: these self-driving ubers have a person who sits behind the wheel in case they need to take over. so now instead of a person driving or a robot driving, you're in the hands a person fighting a robot. what else? oh, there's other tech news out there. i don't even this applies to any of you guys out but i have a special message for anyone watching tonight's show on their samsung galaxy note 7-- run for your lives. because, yesterday, the u.s. consumer product safety commission officially recalled the samsung galaxy note 7, telling consumers to "immediately stop using and power down" their phones. to which americans replied, what? excuse me. i'm on the phone.
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now, when it was launched last month, the galaxy note 7 was hailed as perhaps the best smartphone of all time, with great features like wraparound glass, an iris scanner for unlocking the phone with your eyes, and something called a headphone jack? i hope i'm reading that correctly. they don't have that on the new iphone 7. do you have one yet? guys? what's that? i love you, too. but there was one unexpected feature samsung didn't advertise: >> the governmha cellphone-- the samsung galaxy note 7. the consumer product safety commission says anyone who has one should stop using it immediately because it could explode. >> stephen: that really gives new meaning to, "my phone is blowing up." but it's literally a burner phone. but here's why the government had to act: even though it's been well-publicized that the galaxy note 7 catches on fire, everyone is still using it.
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call 911 when your galaxy 7 explodes. just what kind of person still uses a phone when they've been told it's dangerous? here to tell us, please welcome live via satellite, samsung customer, dan carter. dan, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, stephen! the galaxy 7 is working great! i love the curved glass. >> stephen: thank you, mr. carter. ( applause ) he's fine! he's fine! >> jon >> stephen: oh, he's fine. >> jon: he's okay? man, that's dangerous. here's exciting news. there is a bright orange abomination taking the story-- the punch line is not donald trump. let me just say that. ( laughter ) the punch line is not donald trump. keep going. it's that burger king is covering chicken fries in cheetos dust.
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that is insane. and why didn't we get any? they're not for me. i'm asking for my mouth. now, as delicious as this sounds, i'm sure you're asking yourself, "can't we do something more to a chicken?" thankfully, someone is. it's the good folks at dooksberry farms. >> why eatr cheeto dust when there's a natural alternative. dooksberry's cheeto-fed chickens. my family has been feeding cheetos to chickens for over 40 years. and all our chickens are free range so they can warned around the farm whenever they please. not that they move around much. can't decide between white meet matte and dark meat? with my cheeto-fed chicken it's
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? dooksberry's cheetos-fed chicken why not eat like you'd just give it up ? >> jon: so good! so good! >> stephen: delicious. we have a great show, everybody. john slattery is here, and proclamations from the big furry
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause )
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welcome back. welcome back to the continuing adventures of tonight's show. very excited, very excited. great show tonight. john slattery is going to be out here in just a little while. ( cheers and applause ). >> jon: yeah! >> stephen: saw him backstage. i saw him backstage. he's a really great guy. he seems mad about something. i can't wait to find out what it is. as great as please join us next week because we will have first lady michelle obama, and, and, and mr. bruce springsteen will be joining us next week. bruce! i am going to try to get her to sing "thunder road" and i'm going to ask him to tend my organic garden. it's going to be a great week. and i can do that. i can do that.
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do stuff like that because as the host of a late night talk show, i'm immensely powerful, ladies and gentlemen. and yet there are those even more powerful than i. history's most ferocious despots, like genghis khan, kim jong-il and rihanna. ( laughter ) oh, yes. they say whenever she snaps her fingers... drake appears. now, all of us have two things in common: the ability to get the whole club bumpin' and a big furry hat! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: now that this hat is
11:51 pm
proclamations i make while thusly hatified are now and forever law. let us begin. ( cheers and applause ) let the word go forth! anyone who shoots cell phone video vertically, shall be fed into a woodchipper horizontally. ( laughter ) ( applause ) from this day forward, anyone with a service dog that i'm not allowed to pet must also provide a second dog solely for petting purposes. ( cheers and applause ) henceforth, all glass-fronted vending machines must provide a sledgehammer for when your candy gets stuck. ( laughter )
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prizes again-- and i mean good ones. anyone who passes off temporary tattoos as a prize shall have the word "boring" permanently tattooed on their forehead. ( applause ) all sinks shall now have three knobs: hot, cold, and marinara. ( laughter ) ( applause ) any girls who wouldn't go out with me in high school must be sent this framed picture of me making the president of the united states laugh. ( cheers and applause ) from now on, any cop who pulls me over for speeding must also give himself a speeding ticket for driving fast enough to catch me. ( laughter )
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drinking beer must make me feel as happy as the people in beer commercials instead of lonely and bloated. ( laughter ) ( applause ) from now on, at green bay packers games, for every cheesehead, there must be a cracker neck. ( applause ) anyone in front of me at the d.m.v. must suddenly remember the hat has spoken! ( cheers and applause ) we'll be right back with john
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>> stephen: give it up for jon batiste and stay human, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) my first guest tonight played roger sterling on "mad men." he'll soon be starring on broadway with nathan lane in "the front page." please welcome john slattery! ( applause ) john slattery. hey, nice to see you. >> yeah, good, good to see you. >> stephen: yeah. ( laughter ) enjoy your water. please, enjoy your water.
11:59 pm
well, actually, now that you bring it up. i have something to get off my chest. >> stephen: okay. >> is that all right? >> stephen: sure, it's fine. you're the guest, whatever you want to talk about is fine. we could talk about the play. >> well, in a minute. ( laughter ) this goes back, about 20, 25 years ago, in new york i was a young actor trying to get my career off the ground, and it wasn't going very well. i didn't have anything-- anything going at all. i had a lo i had a lousy apartment. i had a string of crappy jobs. i had a weird roommate. and somehow i get my hand on this script with a great fa part for me in it, great part, funny, dark comedy, kind of a crazy character, arrogant, workaholic, in crappy relationships. and i worked my ass off on this thing. and i go in to audition, and i make lousy auditioner. i get flop sweat. i get nervous.
12:00 am
didn't have any jobs. but i go in and i kill. i mean, the t producer comes out and he goes, "that was unbelievable. that was the best audition, like, by a mile. we haven't seen anybody half that good." i go to the the next step, which is the producers of the show. and that's-- and again, i crush this audition. and i come out, and the guy is like, "this is unbelievable. i think we found our guy." i go to the next step, which is the network, whic know what that's like, it's its own kind of hell. >> stephen: a lot of pressure. >> yeah, a lot of pressure. again, very nervous, and i really want this job. >> stephen: how long ago is this? >> about 20, 25 years ago. 20-- i don't know. i've tried to block it out. ( laughter ) but, here i am. i go into the network. there's a bunch of suit, a bunch of network executives. the head of the network is there. i'm extremely nervous. i marshal my nerves.
12:01 am
when i'm finished, they stand up and applaud. i got a standing ovation at this audition. >> stephen: from the head of the new york. what network was this? >> this is, i forget, cbs? >> stephen: it's a good new york. go ahead. that's a safe bet tonight. go ahead. >> the guy comes out and he goes, "that's unbelievable. i mean it was incredible. you couldn't have done better." i walk out thinking i got the job. and i go home. i'm wonde going to change. my career's going to take off. i wait for the phone call. the next day the phone rings. it's the producer. i'm waiting for him to tell me i got the job. he said, "i have bad news for you. you're not going to get the job." i said what do you mean? yeah, yeah. you're not going to get the job. i said, "what do you mean? you said i was the best guy." he said, "you were, head and shoulders but we met someone
12:02 am
workaholic, a string of crazy relationships." and i said, "what do you mean? who the the hell is this guy?" he said this guy, stephen colbert. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: okay. what-- what is this? ( cheers and applause ) i got a part that you were up for? >> you got a part that i was up for. >> stephen: what's the part? >> stephen: i don't remember the part. do you remember part. >> stephen: who was the producer. >> stephen: yes! he was casting mean did "newsroom" in canada. you were auditions for the part-- >> of ken finkelman. but he cast you for himself. after telling me i was the best him he could find. >> stephen: he told me i was the best him he could find i was. but no matter how good the him
12:03 am
>> stephen: i through up to toronto-- toronto-- to do it, and i shot it up there, and i thought it was great. and they said, "no, we don't want that. go home." >> that makes me feel better. >> stephen: i was very unemployed. i got unemployed, too, with kid and everything. thank you for bumming me out. >> i feel better. >> stephen: well, i apologize. >> i feel better that the show didn't go. >> stephen: i could never be a better john slattery than john slattery is. you're a fantastic actor. you're a real actor. i played at acting, but youe >> well, thank you, but i came here to tell you to go ( bleep ) yourself after 25 years. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you. it's an honor. >> now i feel better. >> stephen: it's an honor. it's an honor. it's an honor to be told, you know, that thing that i can't say because i'm the the host of the cbs show by the silver fox himself. the anderson cooper of not being in the news. >> yeah. >> stephen: you are so distinguished, i looked this up.
12:04 am
next to distinguished. it's just a little drawing of you. ( laughter ) ( applause ) right there. how do you-- how do you age so gracefully? how do you work it so well? because i need a few tips. >> i'll tell you, you want a tip? >> stephen: yeah, what do you do? >> you do not-- here's how you stay young looking. never play dwight eisenhower. >> stephen: really. that's why you have this here. i've been told you're playing eisenhower. there you are. what is this that's a movie called "churchill" that is coming out at some point in the future, and that's a good way not-- if you want to look young, don't do that. >> stephen: how did you-- how long-- >> look at that big lump on my head there. that's actually my hair under eye shouldn't give that secret away. >> stephen: really, that's why you have hair on your head to hide the lump? >> if you put all your hair back and put a wig on, you have a
12:05 am
transformation? >> it took a while. >> stephen: we have one of the stages in between. >> that's me halfway through. ( laughter ) ( applause ) that's good. >> stephen: i'd buy it. i'd totally buy it. >> we should just stop there. it would have been a very convincing mr. burns. >> stephen: well, when they do the live action version, which somebody eventually will. >> the musical. >> stephen: eventually, it will be on broadway, you realize. >> that's right, back on broadway as mr. burns. >> stephen: well you' broadway in "the front page." >> opposite nathan lane who plays walter burns. >> stephen: we should end the interview right now. >> there you go. i gotta go. i told you to ( bleep ). >> stephen: there's more time before commercial starts. you played-- in that, it's about a newspaperman. >> it takes place in 1928. it's a great play. it's a great comedy. it takes place in 1928, the golden age of journalism in chicago where there were seven
12:06 am
evening edition, if you can imagine. >> stephen: do you still read a physical newspaper? >> i do, i do. i read the "new york times" every day, along with-- well, it used to be everybody else in my building, and now it's just me. there's one little sad newspaper on the floor of the elevator. >> stephen: really? >> yeah. >> stephen: they just leave it on the elevator? >> i go get it, yeah. >> stephen: seems like that's a fire hazard. don't put your galaxy note 7 on top of that newspaper. >> yeah, i still eye mean, you know, i scrollad >> stephen: yeah, but people don't generally read articles anymore. >> no they just look at who's ahead in the election and, you know, who took ( bleep ) today. >> stephen: again. >> things like that. >> stephen: something i can't say on cbs. thank you very much. >> no, you can. >> stephen: you know what john slattery? ( bleep ) you. ( applause ) sadly, "mad men" is mow longer. do you miss it at all?
12:07 am
>> stephen: nice threads, though, man. especially if you're a nice thin guy like you, thinitize. >> super tie i don't miss them upon. they smell by the end. 10 years in the same suit. >> stephen: don't they wash them? >> you can only wash them so many times. >> stephen: i guess you can't wash a suit. "honey, where's my suit?" "it's in the dryer." >> i miss the people. >> stephen: robert morse is in this. >> robert morse is in the play. john goodman, the great john goodman and nathan lane. >> stephen: what's it like to be on the stage with nathan lane. he seems like a force of nature? >> did you ever see the film of the guy who tries to read the newspaper on top of mount everest. and the paper gets blown away and half his clothes and you try to hold on and look like you're still on the same planet.
12:08 am
>> he's both. he's incredible. he's a broadway star. he's sort of the -- >> so are you, john slattery. you're on broadway. you're a star. you're a broadway star! ( cheers and applause ) nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> stephen: and so sorry about the ken finkeled man thing. "the front page" opens october 20 at the broadhurst theatre. john slattery, everybody! we'll be right back with oliver stone. ? ? ? se ) it's time for some straight talk. most wireless companies offer no-contract plans, but getting a new phone... usually means getting locked into a contract. there's a better way! with new straight talk plus, get a samsung galaxy s7 for as low as thirty-one dollars a month, no contract. cancel any time, no penalties. it's time to ask yourself... ...why haven't i switched? add our unlimited plan... ...on america's largest,
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(foot steps) ? (crickets chirping) ? (jet engine) ? (heart beat) ? (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road)
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees,
12:12 am
d both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. everybody. my next guest is the academy award-winning director of "platoon", "born on the forth of july", and "j.f.k." his new film is "snowden." >> how is this all possible?
12:13 am
"attack, take out, bush." think of it as a google search, except instead of searching people make public we're looking at things they don't, e-mail, chats, sms, whatever. >> which people? >> the whole kingdom, snow white. >> stephen: please welcome oliver stone. ( cheers and applause ) ? ? ? hey! good seeing you. come on >> your theater's gotten larger since the last time. >> stephen: isn't it lovely? we're lucky to be here. now, besides being a masterful filmmaker, you have a
12:14 am
stories that involve secrets and conspiracies. this-- this movie, "snowden" might be the first one that is factually verifiable. because the government is not necessarily denying what snowden said happened. they're just saying he was wrong to tell us. does that change the story for you, that you can actually say, "no, no, i'm clearly not making any of this up?" ( laughter ) >> step i you are, but i've been doing a lot of research all my life, and all my movies i've stood behind and fought over the details on. >> stephen: you've been attacked fair lot like "j.f.k.", you know, people visually attacked you in saying that, "you're not a journalist. you're making this stuff up. it's composite characters." >> i'm not a journalist and i'm not a historian. i'm a dawmivity. and i tell the story. and sometimes you shape things
12:15 am
in the snowden case there are about 120, 130 programs the n.s.a. has. we only show you two or three in the the story. what is verifiable, you're correct, is our government has developed and deployed the most massive global surveillance system ever seen in the history of mankind, and did so without democratic consent. and it's one person, one person, mr. snowden, has had the courage to reveal it out of sinceritiy,u conviction that it was illegal and unconstitutional. >> stephen: what he did was illegal to tell us about it. >> yes, it was. >> stephen: a lot of people say he-- excuse me, a what? >> there's a higher law here. a higher law of conscience -- >> but if everybody just follows their conscience, we have perhaps good, ethical people, but then you end up having an arctic system.
12:16 am
crimes? >> i think he would, and-- i know he would. i wish he could, because they've charged him with the espionage act. with the espionage act you cannot present a public interest defense. you cannot raise what he did-- you can't talk about national-- quote-- national security because they can always say this is a question of national security. there is no defense. they will send him to jail for as long as they choose. this is not-- it is not a fair trial. >> stephen: do you think we're >> well, they have the potential to go back. we're in a-- in a-- we're on a disk, a series of disks all over. they can go back -- >> the assistant attorney general of the united states yesterday said put a piece of tape over the camera on your computer. >> yeah. >> stephen: that's, you know, the system-- this is the head of the justice department. >> absolutely. >> stephen: do you think we are being watched on a daily basis, there are people sort of peeping in on the cameras? >> they're recording everything
12:17 am
they can go back and look in the database-- what they're doing is data mining on a mass scale, bigger than google or any of that stuff. but google is part of that, too. you know, google collaborated with the government until snowden's revelations. now they've gone into an encryption, and encryption has resulted, much more so, more varied, and all these companies have been-- to keep their customers, have provided encryption, not because they want to but because they lose their customers other security services if they didn't. >> stephen: as an artist what is it about secrets and conspiracies that interests you? because, you know, the emotionality being the heart of creating a story and moving an audience with a sympathetic response to your hero. what the is the emotion you're trying to elicit from us by peeling back a curtain, real or fabricated, by oliver stone. what do you upon to make--
12:18 am
want to get into it. >> stephen: no, philosophically let's get into it. >> all right. every day in our culture, we get the surface of things. it's sanitized. we live in a disney world. and i, as a dramatist-- not as a journalist but as a dramatist, am fascinated by getting beneath the story and digging. these stories reveal more, people in power, men in power, have lied to the american public over many years over many things >> what's the original lie for you? >> the original lie-- i could start with the bible. >> stephen: sure. >> the national security agency itself began in 1952. it was the result of hiking the fear. truman brought this in, n.s.a., in 1947, the national security act. but it's grown. the acceleration of the national security state today is enormous. 2001 was another acceleration
12:19 am
ethics of what america used to be when i grew up. i thought it was. but we changed after world war ii. but after bush, it got out of hand and when obama came in, in 2008, we thought there would be reform-- many of us did. and i think edward snowden, one of his motivations was he was hopeful and he waited for five years-- he was working that whole time in intelligence roundtable community-- and he saw by 2013 that there was no doubling down on the bush administration. >> stephen: do you spend any time with snowden for this? >> i did. i went nine times to moscow. and he helped us. he cooperated with us. he gave us a lot of detail -- >> has he seen final product? >> yes, he has. he is very pleased with it and said it was as realistic on policy as it could be given that it's a movie. he understands the nature of a two-hour movie versus a documentary.
12:20 am
we haven't made up anything outrageous, but we used dramatic vice devices to make it a thriller. i wanted to make "bourne identity" but i don't have any guns. there is a beautiful sexy female lead in it, shailene woodley. i think you'll like her. >> stephen: is there sexy time in it? they're trying to sell some tickets, man. is there sexy time in this? >> it's sexy time but it's surveyed time. >> stephen: so the government is watching the sexy time? you just friend. >> i'm sorry, the pornographic habits of our audience, was-- is always being watched because you don't-- i don't want to go into all the stories, but there are a lot of muslims in america, and they made a specialty of watching their pornographic habits because they were looking for ways to discredit them. >> stephen: two days ago we had joseph gordon-levitt on the show. >> yes. >> and he said that one of the-- one the of the things that you
12:21 am
together. legally, i have to ask you, are you high right now? ( laughter ). >> uh, i've enjoyed my life. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you very much. thank you very much. snowden is out in theatres now. oliver stone, everybody! we'll be right back with comedian jon fisch. ? ? ? ( applause ) ? ? ? one smart choice leads to the next. ? the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice.
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12:29 am
it's a weird yin-yang thing if you come tow new york and you come to my apartment you're impressed. but if you're not, you're like, "are you okay? are you aware your mattress touches three of the walls in your bedroom?" ( laughter ) i'm starting to think i go to the sushi restaurant in my neighborhood too much, because when i got these new glasses, they were the first ones to notice. ( laughter ) i usually go by myself, but i threw them off one day. i can come in, they're like "table for one?" i'm like, "no, i'm meeting a friend." and i swear to god the guy goes, "he has friends!" to the whole restaurant. then i had to wait five minutes
12:30 am
emergency imaginary friend." other weird stuff has happened to me at this place. last christmas, they gave me a present. i'm sitting there eating, they brought me a wrapped bottle of sake and they're like, "merry christmas, from everybody at watawa." i thought, i don't know what is sadder, that a restaurant just gave me my only christmas gift or that these people, who i guess are my best friend, keep forgetting that i am jewish. ( cheers and applause ) i have a brother. he is also jewish. ( laughter ) he married an italian catholic lady.
12:31 am
to raise them both jewish-- totally ignoring my suggestion of raising one of them jewis ( laughter ) and the other one catholic, and then we'd get to see who wins. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i love my nieces. they are adorable. my older niece is 11, she's very funny. she is alrea somehow. she came up to me out of nowhere one day and said, "so, where's your family?" i'm like, "well, you're my family." she goes, no, you're real family. i said, "don't you think if i had kids, i would introduce you to them at some point?" she goes, "i don't know, "and just walked away. "i don't know.
12:32 am
just wanted you to think about your life for a little while. we're all not impressed." ( laughter ) my life is weird to her. i get that. i'm 43, i've never been married. i kind of thought i'd be divorced by now. ( laughter ) i've been dating divorced women lately, which happens in my age bracket. and there's that saying: "ahe good news, everybody-- they'll be back. ( cheers and applause ) ( laughter ) even my buddies are getting divorced. which is weird. it's like we're living the same lives again all of a sudden. but we got there so differently. ( laughter )
12:33 am
sitting in first class. meanwhile they've been on a greyhound bus for 12 years, just stopping at every cracker barrel. ( laughter ) but i have learned a lot over the years. here's something for you. from now on, when a girl tells me that she is a mess and an alcoholic, i'm going to take her word for it. you guys cheered me up. i'm at a weird place in my life. i told you, notice girlfriend, no wife. all my family lives in massachusetts. i live here. i realized recently just how alone i am, because my emergency contact is going to be surprised. ( laughter )
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12:34 am
my person is gonna be like, "watawa sushi, can i help you?" ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: his album is "he has friends." jon fisch, everybody. we'll be right back. vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for
12:35 am
olay total effects vitamin enriched to revive skin and fight 7 signs of aging your skin never will
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
12:37 am
>> stephen: hey! that's it for the "late show," everybody! tune in next week when i have first lady michelle obama, chris pratt, and mr. bruce springsteen. james corden is next. have a great weekend! good night! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ? are you ready, y'all to have some fun ? feel the love tonight don't you worry ? where you think you come from it'll be like spaghetti ? it's the late, late show! >> reggie: ladies and gentlemen, all the way from tulsa,


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