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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 26, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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in philadelphia. though, it's going to be a pretty nice end to the holiday week and enjoy it because we are tracking wet weather for part of early next week. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today on this friday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm christine maddela. >> a nice weekend especially for out of town guests that are used to warmer conditions. we'll see temperatures well above average. our average for this time of year typically in the low 40s. today we'll head to the low 50s and by tomorrow, closer to 60 degrees. live look outside right now. closer look at boat house row. we're seeing calm conditions. light wind speeds out of the west, southwest at nine miles per hour. our temperatures 35 degrees, but it feels like 28. 32 in wilmington and mid-30s in dover and a chilly 29 in millville. clear skies for us, which will give way to plenty of sunshine heading into the rest of today.
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our wake-up temperatures show by 7:00 a.m., 38 degrees as we head into the afternoon. we will push to 50 degrees by 4:00 p.m. 46 in allentown and mid-40s in reading and 49 degrees in trenton. sunny and calm conditions in store for us. as we head into the rest of the evening, maybe heading out for dinner, temperatures drop back down into the 40s. grab your jacket before you head out. although tomorrow looks pretty nice. go over all your weekend forecast coming up, comecluding tracking a chance of showers on sunday and check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachary. >> pretty good forecast on the books for friday, right? things are looking great on the road right now. i am seeing a little bit more volume pick up just as we hit the 5:00 hour, but that is very typical. live look in new jersey at route 42 and route 41. this is just south of where 42 hits the 55 merge. the tacony palmyra bridge. all lanes reopened after the arms went up for a ship to pass
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through. the burlington bristol bridge will have an opening around 5:30. 95 northbound. the ramp to route 896 northbound. that is the main drag that goes into newark, that is closed through january of 2016. christine? new from overnight, three people made it safely out of this house fire in north philadelphia. officials tell us the fire started on the second floor of the house at eighth and jefferson streets around 2:30 this morning. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. funeral services will be held today for a chester county high school student who apparently died from complications of the flu. nbc 10 jesse gary is live in downing town chester county where the news has many parents concerned this morning, right, jesse? >> that's right, christine. the cdc says that the flu bug contributes to tens of thousands of deaths each year, but so far this flu season there have been 11 flu deaths nationally, although that number may change
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because of the andrew specht case. his parents say the 17-year-old collapsed a week ago during working at his part-time job. his family said he died from complications of the flu bug. they're doing testing to confirm virus was present in his body at the time of death. the influenza virus infect the nose, throat and lungs. chester county health director says getting a flu shot is the best way to protect against getting the virus and washing your hands regularly can help prevent transmission. coming up in the next 30 minutes, what the cdc is saying about the presence of the flu in the delaware valley. live in chester county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. 5:03 now. viewing services began today for one with of the two new york city police officers that was killed in that ambush in brooklyn last week. a wake will be held for nnñrafa
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ramos. his funeral is saturday. vice president joe biden is expected to attend. services for ramos' partner, lui have not been finalized. listen to this, jetblue is offering free flights for two officers from any department in america to fly free of charge to new york to pay their respect. meantime, new york police arrested a marn who was allegedly overheard making a threat against police. talking about killing cops and having weapons inside his home. the man was identified as 38-year-old and he was arrested and police say they found two guns, bulletproof vests and brass knuckles and a holster in his home in missouri. tengs stensions remain hig. a christmas protest outside the town of berkeley ended peacefully last night.
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demonstrators were upset over the shooting death. video appears to show the suspect pointing a gun at the officer. a different scenario than the michael brown shooting in ferguson. happening today, two state lawmakers from philadelphia will be in court to face corruption charges. representatives ron waters and vanessa larry brown are set for preliminary hears on bribery and conspiracy charges. authorities say they were among five lawmakers caught in an undercover sting. philadelphia d.a. seth williams got a grand jury indictment after kathleen kane said the case was racially targeted and could not be prosecuted. happening today in delaware, a balloon release ceremony will be held in wilmington to remember the victims of an unsolved murder that happened ten years ago today. a robber shot and killed matthew macerato and jessica watson on this day ten years ago. it happened in wilmington.
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a friend of macerato who organized tonight's vigil hope a decade of guilt will lead someone to come forward in the case. ending a 60-day deployment. the crew has been on patrol to the caribbean straits. they intercepted drug smugglers confiscating nearly $1 million worth of cocaine. and thanks to some local families and the american red cross, coast guard recruits at the jersey shore are feeling more at home for the holidays. families hosted more than 300 recruits for christmas sell brashzs yesterday. the recruits are going through boot camp in cape may. we were there when joshua rodriguez, the recruit from florida found out some pretty exciting news. >> you're having a baby, dude. >> that's so exciting. >> it blew me away. what a christmas present. >> he's going to be a father. this is the 33rd year for the red cross' recruits with families program.
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president obama took time out on christmas to speak to troops stationed in hawaii. the president and first lady thanked the service men and women for their hard work and their sacrifices. president obama also talked about u.s. combat troops coming home from afghanistan at the end of the year. the first family is vacationing in hawaii for the holidays. remembering the neglected children and the poor. that was the christmas message pope francis delivered to tens of thousands of people in st. peter's square yesterday. the pontiff spoke about children who suffered violence including the recent terrorist attacks on a school in pakistan. pope francis spoke out against ancient christian communities in iraq and syria. ♪ >> and in philadelphia, hundreds of christians marked christmas at the cathedral basilica in center city. worshippers gathered to celebrate mass several times during the day.
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the philadelphia archdiocese is busy preparing for pope francis' visit next september. will celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway. his visit is expected to draw more than 1 million people to philadelphia. organizers say they've raised about half of the $45 million necessary to pay for it. eight minutes after 5:00 on the day after this krs. last night, two septa police officers got a call about a woman in labor on the market frankford line in center city. the officers rushed to the scene and helped the woman deliver a baby boy, even removing its umbilical cord from around its neck. spoke with those officers about the delivery. >> i got to ask, were you nervous? >> inside i was praying for the medices to come in and take over. >> the baby the the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. if the baby is breathing, get the cord away from the neck. we did that and the mother wanted to hold the baby. the father offered the shirt off
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his back to warm the baby up. >> pretty amazing. the officers helped get mom and baby to the hospital and both are doing just fine. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it's a cold start on this friday as you're recovering from christmas. if you head out early, make sure you bundle up. only 33 in pottstown and 35 degrees in philadelphia and 32 in wilmington. clear conditions right now. we'll see high pressure staying in control throughout today. but changes on the way as we head into saturday night and a chance of showers moves in by sunday. here's how today is going to go. plenty of sunshine and a few passing clouds into saturday and then we'll see a lot more clouds move in saturday night into sunday morning. those showers pass by and your late morning hours and we'll continue to see cloudy conditions heading into your monday. as far as today is concerned, we will see temperatures warmer than usual, our high for this time of year is typically at 42
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go degrees and range between 52 and 55 degrees. a bit cooler than what we saw yesterday. a pretty warm day. sunny and mild. less wind for us and then see wind speeds out of the west at five to ten miles per hour instead of the breezy and windy conditions we saw yesterday. coming up, i'll have your seven-day forecast when i see you again. it is 5:10 on this friday morning. and we want to check on the roads to see if there's any activity out there. >> we'll give you a heads up to see if there is anything to slow you down. katy zachary is watching all of her cameras and all her feeds from various transit agencies. katy, anything problematic out there? >> not really. for those drivers crossing over the burlington bristol bridge, it is scheduled for a bridge opening. this is a live look in the lehigh valley. route 78, 309 look great, as well, if you're headed in that direction. in bucks county, middletown
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township closed between old lincoln highway and bristol road as part of a long-term construction project. taking a look at your 42 freeway drive times between 55 and the walt whitman bridge. about five minutes in both directions. there was an accident on the 42 freeway southbound right near route 130. but it was reported and then in just a matter of two or three minutes later, it was cleared. so, again, the burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to open around 5:30. christine? today marks the start of kwanzaa. a week-long celebration of african heritage. the kwanzaa holiday dates back to the 1960s. each day of the seven-day celebration carries a core princip principle. unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility and cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. the holiday is capped off with the feast and gift giving. a home for the holidays. >> you spent last christmas
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alone. >> i did. yeah. >> all by yourself? >> but not this year. the new program in part of our area giving veterans a place to stay and not just during the holidays. and the controversial movie makes christmas day debut. this morning, the reviews of "the interview" are in.
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5:14 a.m. well, it may not win any oscars but the movie "the interview" is
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seen by americans determined for free speech. sony pictures initially pulled the film after hackers threatened the hollywood studio and movie theaters showing it. but no security1 kykya/q proble reported at any of the theaters that premiered "the interview "yesterday. every showing of the movie sold out at penn cinema in wilmington. nbc 10 spoke with several people who watched it. they came out to make a statement against north korea, who the u.s. blames for the threats. >> i want to wish kim jung-un-u merry christmas. >> penn cinema will show the film again today. a number of local theaters are showing "the interview." you can check out our nbc 10 mobile app to find out where it's playing. former president george h.w.
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bush spent christmas day in the hospital still recovering from shortness of breath. he was admitted on tuesday. last night bush's office released this statement saying, "president bush had another terrific day and is in great spirits. he asked that his sincere wishes for a very merry christmas be extended to one and all." mccain is overseas in afghanistan where he met with day before the withdrawals of most troops. the u.s. military has been in afghanistan for 13 years now. mccain said despite that withdrawal, the u.s. will provide support. one veteran is happier and healthier thanks to a family who opened their doors and their hearts to him. bentley is part of the wilmington v.a. medical foster home program. it's an alternative to extensive nursing home care for needy vets. pam daves and her husband were among the first to sign up. bentley joined them just a few weeks ago. >> we all have something to
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offer. it's one hand helping ca2çanoth. we all have something to offer. >> becoming a medical foster home care giver is a significant commitment and similar to being a foster parent. caregivers are required to have a license. 5:17 now. christmas day brought the commemoration of a famous day in american history and this time around, the weather was much better than it was the first time. it was dry and fairly mild as reenactors portrayed george washington and his troops crossing the delaware river in bucks county yesterday. washington and the troops faced snow and freezing conditions during their journey more than 200 years ago. >> i have been wanting to come out here for years and years and years. and we decided that today was going to be the day and it's a beautiful day for the crossing. >> now, the original crossing in 1776 brought 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 18 canons across the
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delaware. >> very cool. 5:17 a.m. let's see if there are a lot of cars crossing our area5ñ roadwa. >> may have as much chance of fighting a boat crossing the roadway as a car. pretty light traffic out there on this day after christmas. katy? >> i grew up in washington crossing and that reenactment, looked like they had great weather for it yesterday. looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. looking at traffic, 76 at montgomery drive and not seeing any issues on the expanse of 76 between the blue route and the vine, take you 14, 15 minutes in both directs. if you need to get somewhere, the store where you're0nx going return some of those unwanted christmas gifts open at 6:30 a.m. we have a reporter on that story. now is a good time to get out there. taking a look right now at the overview of interstates in pennsylvania. 476 and 95, as well. free and clear of any issues. as are the majors in new jersey and in delaware and then, finally, taking a look at mass transit. everything is running on time or
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close to schedule. most are operating on a holiday schedule. so, be sure to check your carrier. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> morning. a cold start on this friday. temperatures mainly freezing or even below freezing for parts of our area. mild conditions as we head into the rest of today, even into tomorrow. but, a cold blast will hit us pushing into next week for the new year. look outside right now, clear skies and plenty of sunshine heading into the rest of today. 35 degrees and wind speeds out of the west, southwest at 9 miles per hour. 36 degrees in reading and temperatures in atlantic city at 31 and still in the mid-30s for philadelphia and temperatures today staying above average or average for this time of year. 42 degrees. right at freezing in the poconos and 28 in coatesville and 36 degrees in trenton and 37 in
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mount holly and temperatures along the shore, close to 31 in ablawn and 29 degrees in millville. 24-hour temperature change map shows we're down almost 20 degrees in trenton and 20 degrees cooler in philadelphia. same thing in pottstown here. down 21 in wilmington and 24 degrees colder in millville from this time yesterday. bundle up if you have to head out early. big difference from what you saw on christmas day. clear skies, high pressure is in control. we'll continue to see dry conditions for today. even for the start of tomorrow. but by saturday night, heading into sunday, we are going to track another round of light rainfall. so, by 7:00 a.m., that's when we'll start to see some of the scattered showers throughout our region and then by noon looks like all the moisture is off shore. we're just stuck with mostly cloudy skies and slightly cooler temperatures as we head into monday. the big drop won't be as we head into the middle part of your workweek next week. average for this time of year,
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42. well above that and even more so by saturday. up to 58 degrees in your seven-day forecast shows that we'll see temperatures dropping down into the 30s for our daytime highs as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we do track a chance of showers sunday. it will still be relatively mild at 54 degrees. > it's a popular christmas tradition. the comcast holiday spectacular. the company displays an animated show. this year's spectacular includes a new carol of the bells animation featuring a 64-piece orchestra. the show runs through new year's day. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. ready for your returns. the experts at cnbc explain what retailers are doing this year to make it easier than ever to exchange or return a christmas gift that wasn't quite right. and it's a newd ú plan to c
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crime and save money in one part of the area. coming up in our next half hour. why officials say brighter is better.
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5:24 a.m. by now the presents are all open and now you might be thinking about returning a few things and stores are trying to make that process easier for you. hampton pearson is here with
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cnbc business news. >> that's right. christmas may have come and gone but that doesn't mean the holiday shopping season is over. the national retail federation says consumers return an average of about four gifts, although some 60%, don't return anything. many stores, such as best buy, have extended their returns deadline giving people far more than the usual 15 days to swap out their items. at sears, believe it or not, curbside pickup for purchased items is so popular that now customers can return stuff without even getting out of their cars. meanwhile, sony's online playstation store and microsoft's x-box site suffered disruptions on thursday in a possible cyberattack. both companies say they're aware some users were having trouble signing on. an obscure hacker group posted on twitter that it was responsible for the trouble. back to you, have a great day. >> thank you very much.
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i have to give some credit as far as hackers go, lizard square. thanks for joining us. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. a cold start to the day, but temperatures will warm into the 50s. so, mild for us on this friday. plenty of sunshine and nice wind speeds and a nice day on tap and gets even nicer heading into tomorrow and tracking a chance of showers over your weekend and i'll let you know when in my first alert forecast. no accidents on any of our majors and a live look at route 1 in bucks county right near the pennsylvania turnpike and a bridge opening in bucks county to tell you about. details coming up. a chester county community will remember a teen who died after getting the flu. >> jesse gary is live in downing town this morning. jesse? >> yeah, the cdc reporting widespread flu activity in the delaware valley.
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i'll tell you which state specifically, coming up, right after the break.
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this is nbc 10 news. a chester county teen will be laid to rest today. he died after coming down with the flu. we're live with the details on how this local death and the latest information from the cdc on this year's flu season.
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and christmas may be over, but the shopping season still going strong. we'll tell you what you need to know today as the focus shifts from buying to returning. and a much colder start as we take a live look outside this morning, but not as windy. you see the flags are barely blowing there. we are starting out 20 degrees lower than this time yesterday and drier, as well. the first alert weather team is tracking wet weather for the weekend. good morning, happy friday, welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm christine maddela. >> a nice weekend to get out there and test out the new mikes and other things. meteorologist brits meteorologist brittney shipp is standing by with our forecast. >> mild conditions, but a cold start to the morning. but before you head out the door, grab your coat and take it with with you. temperatures pushing into the 50s and clear skies there are on our city skylines. right now conditions looking at boat house row. 55 degr


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