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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  January 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a new health threat this morning after a recent scare expands. now five local business. s are warning patrons they may have been exposed to hepatitis a. waiting to be charged, the suspect accused of raping a woman in a parking garage will be arraigned later this morning. we're waking up to clear and cold morning. here's a look at the radar. get ready for changes over the next few days. we could see rain snow and then the 60s. go figure. good morning i'm tracy
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davidson. >> and i'm christine maddela. let's see where we'll rank on that roller coaster with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're going. to see lots of sunshine today. skies are already clear, but that's8m42ç led to some cold temperature this is morning and more snow making in the mountains since mother nature is not helping out today. clouds are in delaware and south jersey, but it's clear in philadelphia and areas north and west. that's where you're going to find colder temperatures this morning. 20s in allentown. below freezing for pottstown. 34 degrees in dover. moon is setting. skies nice and rns5iclear, 31 degrees right now. up to 37 at 9:00 and then 43 degrees by lunchtime today. your hour by hour future weather, when i'm back in 30 minutes. right now, traffic with katy zachry. >> good news no accidents to report in pennsylvania new jersey or delaware. taking a look at 95 light
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volume at this early hour. this is at the betsy ross bridge where things are moving pretty well in both directions. for new jersey drivers, north and southbound your drive times between 55 and wallet whitman bridge about 55 minutes. the walt looks good everything is clear of any issues and construction this morning. finally, if you're going to the airport wondering about delays now is a good time to fly out. no delays reported. 4:32 right now. health officials are on alert in mercer county after two more people tested positive for hepatitis a. experts now fear the disease could spread. both of those people recently ate at rosa's restaurant in hamilton township. last month a food handler there tested positive for the disease. monique braxton is live and officials are urging people to protect themselves. >> reporter: we came to this it location at the y in hamilton
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township because one of two women recovering work here's. health officials say hundreds of people could have been exposed to hep a if not vaccinated. right now a warning message is posted on the y's website. overnight we put together this map to show you the three locations the patient works. township health officials says she teaches classes at the y, the same fitness struckinstructor works at the new jersey athletic club on quaker bridge. road in lawrenceville. and she's an employee of the mercer county board of social services in trenton. any one of these three locations between december 5th and 29th is at risk of hep a. check the map out. health officials tell us another person who is recovering works at the hair post salon. this morning a warning for anyone who visited the hair salon between december 4th and new year's eve may be at risk of developing hep a if not
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vaccinated. both ladies had eaten at rosa's restaurant. the symptoms are early signs are mild fever, loss of appetite nausea vomiting or diarrhea dark urine or jaundice as well as pain in the upper right side of the abdomen under the rib cage. in the next half hour we'll be talking about what health officials are doing this afternoon to make sure everyone is informed who visited any of the places involved. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. right now, you can read more about hepatitis a and the cases on our website at new from overnight, police took a man who is being held for a parking garage rape will be arraigned later today. steven woodson is from
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pittsburgh. jesse gary is live at police headquarters. you have been talking to police this morning. what have you learned? >> reporter: i have learned a preliminary hearing date will be set. that's the next step for woodson. once he hears the charges against him. first he has the arraignment inside police headquarters. the detectives say those charges will include rape attempted murder, assault and other crimes. overnight woodson was taken by this police van from the special victims unit to go before the judge. investigators say they used fingerprints and other evidence recovered at the scene to tie woodson to the crime. around 11:00 thursday morning, he raped a woman on the second level of the spring garden parking garage. the crime has shocked residents living and working near the crime scene. >> i have live edd here about six weeks. i walk in and out of this garage all the time. >> by yourself? >> i do but i won't. >> reporter: the vicktim in this case is in stable condition at the hospital. this is not woodson's first time
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on the wrong side of the the law. coming up, i'll explain more. about that. live jesse gary nbc 10 news. family and friends will gather today for funeral services for a 10-year-old boy who was hit and killed by a police cruiser. he died sunday after franklin township police car hit him. mourners attending a vigil last night released flaming lanterns into the sky. they will gather for a funeral mass today in williamstown. the prosecutor's office is investigating. it happened while the officer was on his way to a call. the officer now is on paid administrative leave. trial is scheduled to begin monday for the man accused of bilking people out of $300,000 through a charity-related scam. the former sportscaster sold tickets and travel packages to sporting events with the promise the money would go to charity, but pocketed the cash instead.
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he withdrew a guilty plea last month and said he would represent himself at the trial. in pike county the man accused of killing one state trooper and injuring another in an ambush is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on monday. eric frein is accused in the death of a police officer in september. he was then on the run for about seven weeks before being captured. the cost of the morning commute is about to go up for some drivers. >> the road that's raising rates this weekend. plus beating the cold and flu. the medicine that will bestzsc9x attack those nasty symptoms that are making you suffer. clear skies and wind above building level blowing our camera around. but the wind is fairly light at the surface. right now just cold outside. 29 degrees here at nbc 10.
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tolls on the pennsylvania turnpike are about to increase. the 5% hike will take effect just after midnight on sunday.
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here's how it translates. ez paz customers had will see a 5% increase. users who use cash will jump 10 cents cents. it's part of law enacted in 2007. leaders will scheduled for later this month. the new justice center is the most expensive construction project in its history. officials will also hold an open house in the coming weeks so the public can get a good look at the facility."ó clear skies this morning and it is cold outside. the temperatures are still dropping.
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snow north and west and then it's going to be rain as temperatures warm up. they will warm up today. afternoon temperatures into the middle 40s in philadelphia. 46 degrees and fairly mild this evening as clouds start to show signs they will be increasing. mainly clear during the late evening hours. then the clouds and the wet weather start moving in tomorrow. clear skies to start with. first thing in the morning, 8:00 in the morning, rain moving into. delaware. it may be cold enough for some areas to see a mix of rain and snow farther north and west. the temperatures will be climbing and as the day progresses, any snow will later become just rain. it will happen saturday afternoon and the rain will continue into sunday. the full seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. at 4:41 this morning, let's check in on the roads. it's been pretty quiet so far. people may take this friday off.
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let's check the roads. katy zachry is watching that. >> sounds like a great idea, right? we can tell you about the lack of issues on the roadways this morning. so really the only thing i'm seeing this is a look at 476. you can see southbound there's a truck over on the shoulder, but it's not tying anything up. it's just been moved over to the shoulder. some light volume on 476 at the juncture of 76. taking a look at the drive times, between route 29 and 76 pretty good time to go. it will take you 8 minutes in both directions. long-term closures in bucks county and middletown township, the maple avenue bridge is closed between old lincoln highway and bristol road. and 95 southbound the off ramp to 202 is closed. >> thank you. 4:42 right now. recall problems are following general motors into the new year. >> the latest issue that affects
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thousands of trucks and suvs. plus the numbers show many of us won't keep the new year's resolutions. next, the best way to make your resolution stick. decades after a bad crash, a metal detector finds a shocking surprise inside the driver's arm.
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gm is recalling more than 92,000 full-size trucks and suvs because of a defect to cause safety problems in hot conditions. the recall covers certain models from 2007 through 2014 that were repaired with defective parts. this morning the two men behind a huge data center that was supposed to partner with the university of delaware are at odds. he's suing his former partner. he says kern kept him out of the loop when it came to major business affairs and forced the company into. debt debt. that's according to delaware
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online. he say he's not yet seen the lawsuit. 2014 was a big year for philadelphia hotels. the hotel business in the city had its best numbers in decades. as the new year's eve, occupation more than 11,000 hotel rooms hit 76% which is the highest since 1949. the city has become a major destination for vacations. pope francis wants an end to war for 2015. he spoke to tens of thousands in st. peter's square on new year's day. yesterday marked the annual world day of peace in the roman catholic church. pope francis said his wish for the new year is there will never be more wars. during his speech, he said peace is always possible. we must search for it. like a lot of americans, you probably made a new year's resolution. i made a couple of them. try to give something up or try something new.
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>> a new poll shows most resolutions are broken by year's end. >> shocker. >> first month's end. tracie potts looks at the best way to make your resolution stick. >> reporter: here comes 2015 and the new year's resolutions. >> i'm going to run 1,000 miles this year. >> stop doing this. >> save more. just because i just graduated so i need to hunker down a little bit. >> wake up and do a good job in school. >> reporter: a recent poll found 4 out of 10 will make resolutions this year. >> i guess i'll recycle more and i'll make my bed every morning hopefully. >> reporter: but last year 4 in 10 did not keep those promises. >> so often we fall in the trap of we want to change major things and we have the expectation that it's going to change very quickly. and it just doesn't happen that way and we set ourselves up and
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didn't happen. >> reporter: weight loss is the top goal for this year according to the poll and for good reason. >> good news in america is we are liveing longer. the bad news, we're living longer sicker. >> reporter: in fact more than a third of our resolutions are about being healthy, eating better, going to the gym. but it's tough. >> work inging so late sometimes, don't have the time. you go to sleep. >> reporter: the experts say take small steps and write it down. you're much more likely to keep it. no matter what your resolution is guess what there's an app for that. there are lots of apps that will help you track this year whether you're trying to lose weight exercise more or save money. tracie potts nbc news washington. apparently we're not alone when it comes to dealing with cold temperatures that are kicking off the new year. a deep freeze continues along the west coast. even people in las vegas felt the chill as temperatures dropped to near freeze inging.
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that cold front is expected to continue this morning in parts of southern california. it's even hitting the arizona desert. look at that. that's near tucson after 5 inches of snow this week.>
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where they have been making snow in the cold temperatures. look at doylestown. some spots in new jersey have found the 20s. harrison township is 24 degrees. in the lower to middle 30s for turnersville and washington township. starting off cold,54é÷ but we'll see sunshine. we'll be back in the 40s this afternoon, which is what we had yesterday. though there will be clouds in south jersey to start with nothing is falling from those clouds. this is the system that is going to make for a damp weekend. as brilliant as the sunshine will be, today is going to be a rainy day for saturday and sunday. as this moves in tomorrow morning, we could see colder temperatures north and west possibly a little bit of light snow before it changes over to rain. the rain takes over in the afternoon. then it's only going to be rain as temperatures will be well into the 40s tomorrow as they will be today. but today we get to enjoy
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sunshine. sunny, breezy 40s this afternoon with winds at 18 miles an hour. rain arrives first thing in the morning. could be a wintery mix north and west. then changing to all rain. look at the afternoon temperatures, 47 degrees on saturday. sunday, a rainy day. 66 degrees and it won't last. monday, 42 we're back into the cold for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. maybe some snow showers on tuesday. >> that 66 sticks out like a sore thumb. >> i like sore thumbs like that. don't forget you can track it all on our free weather app. just head to clear skies, let's check if the roads are clear this morning. they have been so far. >> let's check in with katy zachry. >> other than that vehicle that was on the shoulder on 76 southbound, we haven't seen any issues on any of the majors. this is near the pennsylvania turnpike. free and clear of any problems. if you're headed to the poconos,
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if you want to extend your holiday for the weekend, it's looking good in the poconos. the turnpike your drive timejh between route 1 and the exit from valley forge 23 minutes in both directions. no issues to report on the turnpike. then taking a look overview of new jersey of your interstates in new jersey. 295, the turnpike in 42 all free and clear of any accidents. you'll find some construction that's part of a long-term construction on 295 and 42. happening this weekend, a fitness fundraiser will come up with money to help a burlington catholic school stay open. people in the area will get together for a zumba session tomorrow. the goal is to add to the fundraising efforts already in place for the facility. the school is slated to close unless the community raises $250,000 by january 15th. you can recycle your christmas tree in philadelphia starting next week. the city's tree recycling program kicks off on monday. you can bring your own tree to
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one of four sanitation department sites between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. monday through saturday until january 17th. or you can take your tree to one of 23 drop sites on either saturday january 10th or saturday january 17th. now the city encourages tree recycling to decrease waste and disposal costs. a group of water skiers in montgomery county started the new year with quite a splash and a night no outfit. the ski club held its 35th annual ski freeze in norris town. brave souls hop on water skis and try to not end up in the water. the event raised about $2,500. the money will go to camp rainbow in montgomery county. 4:53 this morning. bad news from bono. why the rocker says his career might be over. plus get rid of the aches,
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chills coughs and sneezes. a breakdown of the best kinds of medicine you should use to treat different cold and flu symptoms.
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new this morning long time rocker bono says he may never rock again. the u2 front man released a message overnight thatwhwg has to do with a bike accident back in november. he says his arm was so badly broken a bone came through his skin and tore his leather jacket. he says now he's not able to move around very well and may never play the guitar again. all his public appearances are cancelled for the first half of the year. now to the flu outbreak in our area. the cdc says flu levels are on the rise in the pennsylvania suburbs. most of the cases are in montgomery and lehigh counties. they are seeing high levels of
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flu activity. it's expected to continue to spread for several more weeks. the flu is widespread in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. delaware is seeing 9 times as many cases of the flu this year as last. there have been 632 confirmed cases so far this season. that compares to 70 cases this time last year. there have been four deaths from the flu in delaware. all were older adults with other medical issues. hospitals are now taking extra precaution to protect patients from the flu. some are limiting visiting hours for the time being. also some facilities will not allow children under a certain age to visit patients. it is cold and flu season and that's sending many of us in relief for the coughing sneezing and other symptoms we're experiencing. while there's no cure, rest is the best treatment for cold and flu. tylenol can help reduce fever and ibuprofen can help with body aches. hot water with lemon can help
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sore throats and loosen mucus. and buying over the counter medicines, choose the one that treats the symptoms that bother you most like for sore throats try antçó histamines. >> it's usually a relief that's causing the sore throat. >> it might sound like a no-brainer but the cough drops often help and may be the best solution. an illinois man is recovering after a surgery that was the result of an injury more than a half century ago. >> his name is art lampant. he's had a piece of metal in his arm until this week. 15 years ago he found a piece of a turn signal from his car was lodged in his arm. he says it never bothered him. last month it became a problem and doctors removed the 7-inch rod. >> i thought i was going to try to make a key chain out of it.
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as awful as it looks, i don't know. >> he's got a humor about it. doctors say he had so many injuries from the crash the medical workers didn't even notice the rod stuck in his arm. seven inches of metal. >> i didn't notice. >> you're watching nbc 10 news. our news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. two new patients and four more businesses exposed. we're live as hepatitis a concerns spread through a community. police transfer the man accused in a new year's day rape. we're live with new information in the on charges he will face and what's next in the investigation. plus wet and warmer, you won't notice a difference today, but the first alert weather team is tracking big changes for the weekend. good morning, happy friday and happy new year. thanks for joining us i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm tracy davidson.
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let's find out about the changes in the weather with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> we're getting a clear, cold start for much of the area. philadelphia is below freezing as is much of the area. we are tracking some clouds. so far it's clear in center city. that's a clear view looking across the delaware. you see the clouds that have been increasing at delaware and south jersey. no sign of any wet weather this morning. in fact we won't get anything falling from the sky until tomorrow morning. we're watching the temperatures. 34 degrees in philadelphia, that's up 4 degrees in the last hour. a little bit of a breeze moving the temperatures around to start with. that wind will be picking up as the day goes on. 31 degrees at 7:00. and then it's into the 40s this afternoon. enjoy the sunshine today because changes ahead for tomorrow. the hour by hour future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. right now katy zachry is looking at a friday morning. >> it is really quiet on


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