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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  January 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we have learned both victims of today's shooting are police officers. this happened one day after that terror attack that killed 12 people at a french newspaper. and we're following more breaking news back here at home where a fire overnight has claimed a man's life. we're live on the scene there as firefighters look for the cause. and this comes on a day with near record cold as you take a look outside. it feels like it's below zero in most places. it's 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. that windchill outside is no joke. we're help you to get prepared. it's a tough morning for kids who ride the bus. 28 schools are opening late to help protect the kids from the cold. >> you can see a complete list on the bottom of the screen and the nbc news app of the schools opening late because of that. now to bill henley. >> tracy, it's cold for the season, the temperatures have dropped into single digits for
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much of the area. it's 11 degrees here at nbc10. the wind is blowing and makes it feel like below zero. 10 in northeast philly. trenton is 8, 9 degrees in wilmington. pottstown, feels like 6 below zero. 3 below zero in philadelphia. and 2 below zero in wilmington. a very cold blustery morning. we will see sunshine today, but for the warmup it's not going to be too pretty. 10 degrees at 9:00. just 15 degrees at lunchtime. we will struggle to get into the 20s this afternoon. your hour-by-hour future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, let's see how the frozen ground is affecting traffic on a thursday morning. to "first alert" reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. the roads are clear and a good start. this is a look at the vine street expressway 76 both clear there. that is good news to start the day. at tacony-palmyra bridge is
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scheduled to open for a ship to pass through any minute now. and when that happens, that means traffic will be stopped for just a few minutes so you might want to wait if you're heading out the door there. 76, the blue route, all clear of any incidents right now. and also 202 looks good. so does 422. if you're waking up and traveling in chester county you can see drive times pretty average. no accident or delays on route 100, route 30 or 202 as i mentioned, chris. look at this peco crews were dealing with a power line problem this morning in the frigid weather. this is video from north philadelphia where arcing wires on germantown avenue were raining down sparks there. peco said wind likely caused this problem. the good news though no one in that area lost electricity. that wind is something out there. keeping power lines charged is also a big job for septa in this bone-chilling weather. >> you'll be surprised to know that the people who keep that system going no matter how icy
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and cold it gets out. our nbc10 jesse gary is live in media. tell us more on the power lines. >> reporter: that's right, tracy, a little bit of ice can cause a big problem, particularly if it touches those overhead lines. members of the ice removal crew started their shift here at the moreland roads valley septa regional rail station. the lines above supply 12,000 volts of electricity but all of that power can be shorted out by this dangerously cold weather. >> well it gets cold like this the lines get very very tight. they actually break because there's too much tension on them. we also have a problem with ice. and what happens when the ice forms, it can actually short out the circuit. >> reporter: and all you need is one icicle to form and extend down from, say, a bridge or a
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branch that will touch the line and short it out. there's another problem, small but also can cause a big problem on the regional rails if left unchecked. we'll talk nab 30 minutes. live in media, jesse gary. meantime atlantic city is under a cold blue chill. nbc10 was on the boardwalk last night where we saw some people trying to protect themselves from that wicked wind. in delaware the code designation purple will be in effect until at least tomorrow. the salvation area and other government agency offering short-term shelter and hot meals to the homeless. you can find a list of code purple locations and services in delaware using the nbc10 app or logon to and keep the app handy during this stretch of weather. you can get updates, traffic alerts. weather-related news anytime you it wasn't. if you don't have it download the new app from iphone or
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android, treat app store. we have new information on the breaking news we're following out of paris. this is all happening just within the last two hours. we now know that both victims of a shooting in paris are police officers. both are in grave condition. we don't know yet if this is connected to the charlie hebdo massacre yesterday. as for that attack the french president declared today a national day of mourning. here are the two brothers they are looking for. they fled with a third suspect. an 18-year-old who turned himself in yesterday hours after the attack. here are the brothers they're still looking for, though. the heavily armed men killed 12 people at the newspaper office in paris. wounded 11. americans gathered overnight in washington to pay their respects in a rally in solidarity to those killed in the attacks. it's left a lot of people wondering if something like that could happen here. >> many of these fighters with
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passports get on a plane to the united states without having to go through a visa interview at a u.s. embassy in europe. that's a big problem. >> now, france has raised its terror alert to the highest level. and the country has placed 800 extra soldiers to guard media offices, places of worship and transportation facilities. we'll don't update you on this situation throughout the morning throughout the morning online on and the mobile app. it is 4:36 we continue to follow break news in philadelphia. a fire turns deadly on roslyn street. it broke out shortly before 1:30 this morning. crews pulled a 79-year-old man from the house. we have learned he's a military veteran. he was taken to einstein military center where he died. again, the victim was a military victim who was partially paralyzed during the fire. he suffered secondary burns over
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18% of this body. firefighters are looking for the cause. a former philadelphia principal will face charges in a cheating scandal. yesterday, police arrested lolamarie davis-o'rourke. she's the third person charged in the scandal. investigators say she encouraged students and teachers to change incorrect answers on standardized tests to boost scores. >> happening today in chester county the former treasurer of a fire company there will be formally arraigned in an alleged embezzlement scheme. howard smith iii is accused of living high on the stolen donations. authorities say he skimmed $300,000 from the westfield volunteer fire department in valley township. he said he spent the money on fancy purchases including trips and phillies tickets. investigators say a credit card charge during an extravagant
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vacation in hawaii blew his cover. friends will gather at a wake for shane montgomery. the meeting will be held at st. john the baptist church. a second viewing will be heard tomorrow morning. divers found shane's body the body of the westchester university student in the schuylkill river on saturday after a six-week search. it appears that montgomery died accidental accidentally toxicology tests are pending. a family of four has an unusual story. >> the trip took a clark griswold turn. this one wasn't funny at all. >> how many miles this family was dragged down the interstate trapped under a semi. cold air is in place, and the temperatures are still falling. right now, it's 11 degrees at 4:38.
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we're following breaking news this morning at 4:41 out of bucks county. police tell us a warehouse storage silo has collapsed in bristol. right now it was an industrial-part type area. police don't know if anyone was inside. we have a crew on the scene. and now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. dangerously cold especially when you factor in the wind. the temperatures have drop to the single digits to 11 degrees right now in philadelphia but with a 12-mile-per-hour wind it feels like 3 below zero. you'll have to layer up and limit anytime outside as you can. 6 degrees in pottstown. wilmington is 9. wrightstown, new jersey 8 degrees. 7 degrees in lafayette hill and
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willow grove at 7:00. 5 in eagleville cold. pottstown reporting 6 degrees right now. a very cold morning and it's going to be a blustery day, but we will see lots of sunshine. satellite is nice and clear. but the wind you can see it in the clouds that are blowing offshore. that northwesterly wind bringing in the cold air. the hour-by-hour forecast, the temperatures come up but not by much. by 10:00 this morning, we'll be at 16 degrees. after 20 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. and not much warmer later on. winds not as strong as yesterday. they'll be up to 15 miles an hour, however. and the temperatures limited to the teens and very low 20s. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. at 4:42 we continue to watch the roads for any signs of ice. we haven't had any break information the temperatures that may have things thaw out as we saw a few weeks ago. >> and there will be fewer people's babies on the roads
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because the temperatures have delayed the schools starting. a couple degrees. >> any degree would help at this point. >> let's check road and see what's happening. jillian mele has that. >> new jersey route 73 at the ramp to 295. 73 is clear, 295 is also clear at this hour. bristol, we're following the fire department activity at radcliffe and christine avenue. we're not reporting any accidents out there and your drive times on most of the majors looking pretty good. 12 to 13 minutes for the blue route and the vine. tracy. a new effort to make flying safer. >> we'll tell you what the faa is doing to make sure your flights go as planned. plus a late christmas gift for patco riders. we'll tell when you the brand-new trees will be zipping up along the rails. and if you have a chimney, what experts say you should do
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it's a frigid morning. single digits and below zero windchills. feels like -- it feels like it is well below zero in philadelphia. and the temperature's actually 11 degrees right now. 5 in doylestown. and 9 in wilmington and toms river. a very cold river. >> imagine having a job where you work outdoors on days like this. we found these guys in clemont, delaware they're hauling off christmas trees there. one of the men from michigan told us it's all really a matter of how we deal with the cold. >> do you think we're all sissies here on the east coast when it gets this cold? >> no i wouldn't say that i get cold sometimes. usually if you wear enough layers you'll be fine. >> of course he and his comrades reminded us you want to remember the hat and gloves. if you forget those, turn around
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and go back to the house. investigators believe a chimney problem could be behind the massive fire that destroyed a home in new britain. the family there managed to escape the flames. authorities are looking at the exact cause. again, they're looking at the chimney. many people are firing up the chimney because of the recent frigid weather. we checked with an expert on what you can do to make sure your chimney is safe. make sure you check for structural damage and most importantly, get it inspected by a certified professional. >> the fireplace is the main safety barrier between a fire and your home. it has to be in tip-top condition. >> and pelican says it's important to get rid of your ashes. never put them in a home trash can, no matter how long the fire has been out. 4:47 happening today, the head of veterans affairs will head to el paso texas, in the wake of that murder suicide.
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bob mcdonnell will visit ft. cliff. a former soldier shot and killed a va psychologist before taking his own life. the shooter served in the army from 2006 to 2009. this is from cumberland county where protesters marched to remember a man killed during a traffic stop in bridgeton. last week two officers opened fire on jerrain reed. prosecutors have not found a gun at the scene but they have not said if reed had a gun or threatening to use it. his wife talked to us about the community support. >> the love that they've shown my husband, it completely overwhelms me, because i didn't know that he was loved like this. >> both officers are on paid leave. the man accused in a deadly
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shooting in a township supervisor's meeting is now suing the jail he's staying because. food. rockne newell is ask that they provide him dietary food. he's accused of shooting three people at the ross township municipal build in 2013. first, they found the tail section, but divers can't get to it because of monsoon rains. these pictures show the tail section partially buried. this is an important find because the tail should contain the black box voice and data recorders which would help investigators to figure out why the plane crashed. this morning, we have new information on the story we first told you about on monday about the mysterious blasts in lancaster county. police say exploding ton targets are behind the loud blasts.
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people living in martic and conestoga township have scared kids and shook some homes. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. cold temperatures. the temperatures are dropping right now. the coldest air of the season is what we have to deal with this morning. bitter cold. especially with the wind. though, it's not as strong as yesterday, we'll have windchills that are below zero this morning. we're on track for a cold weekend as well. 8 degrees right now in reading. philadelphia is at 11 and 9 degrees in atlantic city. and the wind not terribly strong but just enough to make it feel like it's below zero. even at the shore, the temperatures feel like they're below zero. it is colder by 10 degrees compared to yesterday at this time in philadelphia. mt. pocono wildwood 14 degrees colder this morning. so single digits for most of the area. right now, areas north and west seeing the worst of the cold.
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2 below in shenandoah five for quakertown and doylestown. plenty of cold air to south jersey to cape may harbor 14 degrees right now. and the wind that's been steady this morning it's a 13-mile-an-hour wind in atlantic city and for cape may. we won't see anything blowing across the sky today. we'll get lots of sunshine. it will be dry today. there's a chance of snowflakes in the area. chance of a warmup today. minimal warmup teens to low 20s this afternoon. winds gusting to 40 miles an hour like we saw yesterday. up to 20 miles an hour. north and west we might see a brief snow shower sunshine 32 after a morning low of 19 degrees. it gets a bit colder, saturday plenty of sunshine. just above freezing on sunday. here's the potential for wet weather, monday tuesday and wednesday. >> so another morning to warm up your car before you head out. nine minutes before 5:00.
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let's check the roads. >> let's hope the heating system warming up quickly. nbc10's jillian mele is looking at the highways. no problems throughout right, jillian? >> you know we still don't have big accidents on the majors which is good news. we do have fire department activity we're follow manage bristol, bucks county radcliffe street take christine avenue if you want to avoid that area. and i-295 northbound right 168, you can see one lane blocked in that area that ramp will be partially restricted but traffic is getting by. elsewhere for drivers in delaware very quiet. across the board. 95 route 1 a few drivers out there. the first of patco's refurbished train cars will roll out next month. they will start running on nights and weekends before february. patco will later shift those cars to morning service a month or two later. the faa is taking steps to
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make flying safer. officials announced new rules that require airlines to collect and analyze safety data. the goal is to spot potentially dangerous trends and help prevent accidents. according to the faa, the cause of more than 100 accidents over the past decade could have been identified beforehand if safety management systems had been in place. a gamble outside the casino. the steps that atlantic city is taking to turn the city around. and the family vacation that ended beneath the 18-wheeler. how long this minivan was dragged down the highway. we'll show you. wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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new this morning, the murder of a girl from gloucester county will be the focus of a television show. investigation web of lies will feature the autumn pasquale case. after two days missing her body turned up in the recycling bin at the home of two teenage
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brothers. prosecutors say they killed her because they wanted her bike. in western pennsylvania police are investigating this deadly pileup during whiteout conditions yesterday. three were killed dozens hurt. this is i-80 in clarion. nine tractor trailers were involved in that crash. well one family has quite the story to tell quite a frightening story to tell because their van got wedged underneath a tractor trailer. >> this is a crazy story. this family was driving in a highway in northern michigan returning from a family vague indication when they accidentally rear ended this big rig. they were caught underneath. the big rig dragged them down the highway. they called 911. >> we ran to the back of the suv, he's not stopping and my car is there. >> he apparently didn't know we were there, before we knew it
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he ended up dragging us for 16 miles. >> can you imagine the terror. police arrived and both safely stopped both families. and the they managed to escape from no injuries. atlantic city is going ahead with an economic recovery plan that will bring more job cuts to city council. city council voted to back the plan. this includes millions of budget cuts and layoffs for the city but just who will lose their jobs still remains the question. >> we'll have to see who's going what where. and make sure there's no dlup duplication of services. >> meantime one of those services will allow casinos to make payments instead of paying property taxes for 15 years.
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in allentown, developers are moving forward with a 140-building five-center center. this complex including a 15-story office tower which will be the second largest in the city. and 200 upscale apartments. those apartments are expected to be open by the end of 2015. the office will office the following year. philly fans are thinking spring. in clearwater tickets go on sale this morning at 9:00. if you download the nbc10 app, we've set up a link to get you those tickets. pitchers and catchers report february 19th. the u.s. committee board of directors will meet today in colorado they could decide which of four cities will represent the u.s. in a bid for the 2020 summer games. los angeles, san francisco, boston and washington, d.c. are the finalists. nbc will bring you all of the olympic coverage of course winter and summer through 2032.
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>> 2032 we're really looking way forward down the road there. >> we've got it locked in. you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 starts right now. nbc10 breaking news. follow two breaking news stories. a man is dead after a house fire. right now, we're working to learn more about the victim and what may have started that fire. we're also following breaking news out of paris, where just this morning two police officers have been shot. this coming less than 24 hours after that terror attack that killed 12 people at a french newspaper. and just the last few minutes, we got a report of an explosion at a mosque in france. here is what's going to affect you immediately. it's the coldest day of the season. 11 degrees on the screen. as we take a live look at beach avenue and cape may.
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it's chillier and it feels below zero in a lot of places. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. we've issued an nbc10 "first alert" to help you prepare for the danger cold and the list of school delays running along the bottom of your screen. let's find out more about the cold with meteorologist bill henley in the "first alert" weather center. bill. >> tracy, it's about 10 degrees colder than it was yesterday this time. and the wind that was so strong yesterday is still with us this morning. look at the flag atop the aramark building in center city. it's 11 degrees, but much of the area is in the single digits. and bitter winds blowing near record cold temperatures this morning. the record is 2 degrees in philadelphia. and we're on our way in the single digits. but factor in the wind it will feel as cold as 10 below this morning, to 10 degrees this afternoon. right now, the number is 10 degrees. it just dropped a degree in


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