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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  January 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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may. it's chillier and it feels below zero in a lot of places. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. we've issued an nbc10 "first alert" to help you prepare for the danger cold and the list of school delays running along the bottom of your screen. let's find out more about the cold with meteorologist bill henley in the "first alert" weather center. bill. >> tracy, it's about 10 degrees colder than it was yesterday this time. and the wind that was so strong yesterday is still with us this morning. look at the flag atop the aramark building in center city. it's 11 degrees, but much of the area is in the single digits. and bitter winds blowing near record cold temperatures this morning. the record is 2 degrees in philadelphia. and we're on our way in the single digits. but factor in the wind it will feel as cold as 10 below this morning, to 10 degrees this afternoon. right now, the number is 10 degrees. it just dropped a degree in philadelphia. but the windchill is 4 below
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zero. wilmington 9 degrees, feels like 4 below zero. mt. holly, feels like 2 below zero this morning. it's a very cold morning. sunshine will be bright during the day. look at the temperatures, 7:00 8:00 degrees. 10 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, we'll number the middle teens and climbing. i'll have your hour-by-hour forecast when i'm back in ten. right now, "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele is watching our thursday morning. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. we've will be lucky so far this morning. still no accidents on the big highways. 76 at the blue route, the westbound side as you can see very quiet right now. the blue route also clear. drive times on the blue route, 16, 17 minutes on i-95. and bucks county. the fire department activity radcliffe street at christine avenue you can take route 13 to avoid it. the tractor trailer northbound the ramp to 168.
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chris. atlantic city is under a code blue until tomorrow morning. that means anyone who doesn't have a place to stay should head to the shelter. nbc10 was out shooting this video. a lot of people bundled up. had their faces covered against the cold ocean breeze. in delaware the cold weather designation code purple will be in effect at least through tomorrow. the valuesalvation army and other places are offering hot food and shelter. for a list you can logon to or the news app. this can affect the overhead lines that drive the septa trains. few people knew about that track that helps to keep the system moving until now. nbc10 coverage continues live in media, jesse, there's another danger beyond icing. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah chris, that's right. one of the crew members told me
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that a squirrel or a pigeon can shut down an entire regional rail line all by getting ton one of the overhead power lines. the deep cold and snowfall means the biggest threat to service this morning is ice. septa ice removal crews started their way in media and working their way east. they're using constructed poles to reach overhead to the objects above the lines. >> this is a collapsable stick. stick it up and knock the icicles off of it. with 12 thousand,000 volts going through it it doesn't look like but there's a lot of power in these arms. >> reporter: they also wear insulated gloves as protected against the voltage that is not turned off while they work. the first train in center city leaves in just a bit. coming up we'll talk to some of the early morning commuters to
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see how they're coping with this deep, danger cold. we're live in media, jesse gary "nbc10 news." and there are delays for dozens of schools this morning because the schools want to protect kids from exposure to this cold. you can see the complete list scrolling at the bottom of your screen. you can get a list sent straight to your inbox or mobile device. all you have to do is sign up through the nbc10 mobile app. we're following breaking news out of bucks county, a building silo has collapsed in bristol. fire crews are on the scene at north radcliffe street. it's an industrial complex. we don't know if anyone was inside at the time. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we're also following breaking news of the oggon section. the flames claimed the life of a senior citizen who was a military veteran.
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nbc10's monique braxton brings us up to date. >> reporter: tracy, the fire marshal has arrived on the scene since i last talked to you. i can tell you from the past half hour we've been listening to tapes from the fire commissioner who was also here. he said a very tragic morning for a philadelphia family that is still being notified, given notice that their loved one has passed away. we're being fold he's 79 years old. he's a military veteran. he does have some disability but the fire commissioner did not elaborate on that. he told us that firefighters were called to the scene just after 1:00 this morning. they tried frantically to save this man but he was pronounced dead over at einstein medical center. he suffered 17 degree burns over 18% of his body. and the firefighters tell us that it appears the fire began in the rear of his home. right now, the fire marshal is looking to determine the exact cause. we did see firefighters bring out a trash can that appeared to
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have been on fire at some point. the house, the back of it is heavily damaged. heavily gutted. we're going to listen to more of the interview with the fire commissioner and find out exactly what they are looking at as this investigation continues. live for now from owegon monique braxton. we continue to follow breaking news out of paris. nbc news is reporting there's been explosion near a mosque outside of paris. at this point, there are no injuryies that we know of. this is a developing nation. also nbc news is reporting two police officers were shot just outside of paris. all of this comes one day after that terror attack at a magazine office that left a dozen people dead. several injured. the two police officers wounded in today's shooting we're told are both in grave condition. we don't know if that shooting is connected to the magazine
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office massacre of charlie hebdo. police made several arrests overnight. two suspects two brothers remain on the run. french police are looking for these two men. they fled with a third suspect. an 18-year-old who turned himself in yesterday after the yesterday. the heavily armed men you'll see them movinge ging along in black killed 12 people at the magazine of charlie hebdo. and thousands gathered to rally in solidarity. the paris attack targeted a group of cartoon artists. and cartoonists working here in philadelphia say they are outraged. they say this is clearly an attack on free speech and nothing will stop these artists from publishing editorials critical of government religion or politics. >> look at what they're drawing, nothing protects anyone from someone coming in with a machine
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gun and mowing them down. >> sydney wilkinson who you just saw us saying cartoonist around the world will be publishing pictures honoring the victims. we've seen cartoonists all over the world reacting to with pen and paper to what happened in paris. we're going to highlight the cartoons gripping a lot of people. this is from the famous cartoonist reuben oppenheimer. you can see how he likened what happened yesterday to the terror attack on the world trade center. the two pencils being symbolic of the world trade center with the plane. look at this from david pope in australia, the terrorist with the smoking gun, the body on the ground. the terrorist saying he drew first. a lot of thought provoking. and foreshadowing after we heard about the mosque explosion. terrorists firing into the magazine offices, the shots
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coming off the back knocking the crescent moon off the mosque there. indicating who may also be a victim in what happened yesterday. i love this from a french tv station, it means "why." the pencil the bomb the pen, a rifle. the eraser a grenade. finally i'll end with this from a chilean newspaper artist. he shaped it in the form of an assault rifle. a lot of reaction from cartoonists across the country. we continue to update you on the air throughout the morning in paris as we continue to hear developments there. you can get the latest information through the nbc news news app. a very cold day yesterday, but it is colder this morning. and temperatures have been dropping overnight. bitter cold will greet you as you head out the door.
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and wind too, giving windchills below zero this morning. and the weekend, that's looking cold as well. dry right now at 1 degree below zero at mount pocono. 8 degrees in trenton. wilmington 9 degrees. flags have been blowing across the area too. winds yesterday gusting to 40 miles an hour. they will not be as strong today but they'll be strong enough to bring us windchills that are much below zero at least to start with. 9 right now in wilmington northeast. philadelphia, has dropped down to the single digits. look at roxborough at 8 degrees currently. 10 degrees along the delaware river trail. 11 in warden. and 12 in spruce. cold all around this morning. factor in that light wind that's blowing feels like 4 degrees below zero right now in philadelphia. in the pocono mountains, 20 below zero. it will stay that way. nothing to show you on the radar until there's a chance of snow
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north and west. the chance of a warmup not looking good. at 10:00, your hour-by-hour forecast shows 3 degrees is what the windchill will be at that hour. it won't be much warmer at 1:00 the temperatures will feel like 9. bundle up layer up on a day like this to deal with the very cold air. winds at 20 miles an hour. windchills will be below 10 degrees for most of the day while the actual temperature struggles to get near 20. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 11 minutes after 5:00 let's hope that heater in the car is working well this morning. >> let's see if you have any problems to contend with on the road. nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. >> still no accidents. vine street expressway all clear. area bridges that's where we're seeing minor issues. the waltman is clear. the ben is clear, burlington bridge, and it opened at for a
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ship to pass through. if you're heading out in bristol, watch out radcliffe street is blocked off so take route 13 as your alternate. we still have a disabled tractor trailer partially blocking your ramp to 168, you can expect to see a lane blocked there. 12 minutes past 5:00. you may be cranking up the heat as temperatures plunge. nbc10's katy zachry is looking at ways to reduce your home heating costs, katy. >> reporter: experts tell me they have tips that are easy and effective. coming up we have tips for almost every room in your house.
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very cold morning. 9 degrees in pottstown. 6 in doylestown. the cold weather across delaware and south jersey. and the wind is blowing to make it feel even colder. well keeping your car running in this extreme car can be a challenge. aaa mid-atlantic said a few problems crop up. one is low tire pressure. you should make sure you keep your tires properly inflated. the bigger issue is the battery, if it's weak in this cold it will probably give out in this cold. and the frigid weather will not only take a toll on your car it can also cost you big bucks when it comes to heating your home. but there are ways to save. nbc10's katy zachry is live in
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ardmore county. what are the experts saying about cutting back on energy costs. >> reporter: tracy we asked that question they say it's ease and effective. the temperature here in ardmore has been fluctuating between 8 and 10 degrees. instead of running right to your thermostat as most of us are inclined to do and turning it up, try practicing easy tips that will keep your house warm without raising your heating bill. heather farber an energy expert said start by opening your window shades to naturally warm a room. then add insulation to your basement. and also your fireplace can be a problem area too. >> if you're not using it. you want to make sure that you shut the flue, otherwise, if you think about it chimney goes up and out of your house. hot air rises. that's going to go right out with it. >> reporter: here's a jarring statistic, according to farber
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for every degree over 68 degrees you set your thermostat that can raise your energy bill up to 5%. keep that in mind when you run your thermostat. reporting live in ardmore, khatty zachary, "nbc10 news." new from overnight, comedian bill cosby thanked his fans after forming a show in canada last night. there were protesters on the outside. but on the inside fans gave him a warm welcome. you're looking at him at bill cosby arrived in canada yesterday. more than a dozen women are claiming he sexually assaulted them decades ago. three more came forward. they sat down with gloria allred and shared their story. one on the show is defending him phylicia rashad said quote what you're seeing is a legacy and i think someone is trying to
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destroy him and i it's orchestrated. >> and not on 422, this is a live look at 422, eastbound side near route 29. a few drivers throughout. and your drive time is very average on 422. about seven minutes both ways between oaks and 202. radcliffe with fire activity. take route 13 as an alternate. still a disabled tractor trailer, 168 partially blocked in that area. the majors in new jersey free of big problems. that is good news to start the day. area bridges still in the clear. we are seeing a bridge opening, another reminder on the burlington bristol bridge. ships will be passing through and that means traffic will be stopped for just a few minutes. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> temperatures are steadily falling this morning. 10 degrees in philadelphia with the wind at 10 miles an hour makes it feel like 4 degrees below zero. very cold. the temperatures come down a bit more you see the wind in the nbc10 studios, it won't be as strong as yesterday, but it is a colder day including in the pocono mountains where it has seen windchills into the low 20s. 20 22 degrees below zero this morning, for the pocono mountains with stronger winds there. satellite shows clouds out of here with a few brief snow showers in the area yesterday. the wind you can see it in the clouds offshore. off to the north and west. the clouds will stay. we will see sunshine but don't look for a big warmup. your hour-by-hour future weather shows windchills will be plenty cold by 10:00 in the morning. they'll feel like zero in trenton. 1 degrees in wilmington as we go through the afternoon hours. still below the 10 degree mark for windchills. so bitter cold day.
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a bitter breeze blowing. high temperatures in the teens to 20 degrees. tomorrow, we'll start colder. not as cold as today. 19 in the morning. 32 degrees in the afternoon. could see some scattered snow showers north and west. pocono mountains are more likely to get them than the city. a cold day saturday with bright sunny skies. 19 in the morning, 24 for the afternoon. then sunday afternoon temperatures just above the freezing mark. but we've got a wintry mix on the way for monday. a chance of rain ice and snow for tuesday and wednesday. 5:20 right now. we're following breaking news into our newsroom from st. petersburg florida, where police say father threw his 5-year-old daughter off the skyway bridge. it happened just after midnight. the girl was pulled from the water and pronounced dead. the father is in custody. no charges were filed. police do not have a motive. 5:20 benefits for
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businesses next. and asking for all the information. coming up in the next half hour. family members who lost loved ones on 9/11 have a new demand for president obama.
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wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. 5:23. this brutal cold continues. and some people don't have a problem with that. it's brought brisk business to the hardware supply. that store has had a huge spike
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of shovels and other supplies. >> it will get pretty cold. today, it's in the hundreds. >> another business benefit, home heating companies are getting a big boost as people call for furnace repairs. >> the stock market is coming off a midweek rally but will it continue. landon dowdy is here with more and the cnbc business news. good morning. >> tracy, good morning to you. the markets could see more green arrows today after stocks rallied on wednesday. futures are pointing to a higher open on wall street. the s&p index snapping a five-day losing streak. investors reacted favorably to the last month's meeting. the fed signaled it could start raising interest rates even if inflation doesn't pick up. unemployment and consumer credit which tracks american's borrowing habits. nats dak is up 57 to 4650.
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tracy, back over to you. >> we'll see what happens today, landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a frigid start to the morning. temperatures in the single digits for much of the area. and the wind is still blowing though thought as chilly as yesterday. feels like 20 degrees below zero in the poconos. jillian mele in the "first alert" traffic center. >> good morning, bill. there's an accident at conshohocken, it was blocking the left lane. it's been moved over to the shoulder as you can see. more coming up in 15 minutes. and the coldest morning of the season so far, we've got you covered as you get ready to head out and face that element. >> nbc10's jesse gary is live in media where septa is taking extra steps to make sure the trains are running, jesse.
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>> reporter: that's right, if you work for septa or ride septa, all eyes looking up to the power lines we'll explain. supply and demand the rental renaissance happening in one city.
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we are following two separate breaking news stories this morning out of france. less than 24 hours after that terror attack on a french newspaper. we're also following this breaking news. a house fire that killed a man in philadelphia overnight. we just learned more about the victims. what may have prevented him from being able to get out of the house as investigators search for the cause. and near record cold. parts of our area are waking up to temperatures in the single digits this morning. this is just the start of a bitter cold day. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we're talking bitter cold. that's why we've issued an nbc10 "first alert" warning today. you can see that on the bottom of the screen. >> you can count on the weather team to help you prepare as you head out the door. meteorologist bill henley has been tracking the cold. >> yes. it's made it's way into the studio. the wind making it feel like it's below zero. dry view we will see sunshine
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today, but don't look for a big warmup. it's the "first alert" weather day here at nbc10. bitter cold to start the day. the temperatures well they're near record levels. the record for this morning is 2 degrees in philadelphia. and some areas are getting close to those numbers this morning. as as far as windchills 10 below this morning. 10 degrees this afternoon. right now, it feels like 4 below zero in philadelphia. 8, the temperature in trenton. wilmington is 9. both of those locations also feel like they're 4 below zero. windy at times. the cold will stay with us through the morning. 10:00 degrees at 9:00. 15 degrees at lunchtime. nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele is on duty watching a thursday morning commute. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. so far, we've been pretty quiet on the majors. we do have an accident on 76 westbound right as you approach


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