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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  January 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we will see sunshine today, but don't look for a big warmup. it's the "first alert" weather day here at nbc10. bitter cold to start the day. the temperatures well they're near record levels. the record for this morning is 2 degrees in philadelphia. and some areas are getting close to those numbers this morning. as as far as windchills 10 below this morning. 10 degrees this afternoon. right now, it feels like 4 below zero in philadelphia. 8, the temperature in trenton. wilmington is 9. both of those locations also feel like they're 4 below zero. windy at times. the cold will stay with us through the morning. 10:00 degrees at 9:00. 15 degrees at lunchtime. nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele is on duty watching a thursday morning commute. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. so far, we've been pretty quiet on the majors. we do have an accident on 76 westbound right as you approach conshohocken but it's on the
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shoulder. it's not blocking anything. all of that activity way on the shoulder. again, that's the westbound side of 76. in bristol, we have fire department activity right across the street near christine avenue. take route 13 if you want to avoid it. to the area bridges any minute now the burlington-bristol bridge is scheduled to open for a ship to pass through. keep that in mind. the rest of the bridges are really riot so far this morning. we haven't had had had any accidents and no delays. but we do have a disabled tractor trailer, 295 northbound. the route to 168, tracy. look at this video, it shows peco crews what they're dealing with power line problems in this frigid cold morning. this is in north philadelphia where arcing wires in germantown avenue started raining down sparks. peco said it will likely cause problems no one if the area has lost electricity. keeping lines clear is a big job
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for septa this thursday morning. you might be surprised to learn about the people who keep the system going no matter how cold it gets. our jesse gary is live in media, delaware county. jesse, tell us more. >> reporter: well tracy, you're talking about the crew that keeps the ice off the lines. the first train headed for center city at this station gets here in a few minutes. no passengers, though. i'll tell you when they do arrive this is going to be the most popular spot. this is the station and open and warm. i also checked in with septa. they say there's no delays. ice on the overhead lines, they'll end up in suburban station in center city. cold causes icicles to form above the lines. it only takes one to cause a delay along the system. >> if it touches the wire it actually blows the circuit, and
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that causes big delays because there's a chance it will break the conductor, and then we'll just lose power for the whole line. >> reporter: crews are using special insulated poles and gloves and protection on working on overhead lines that are not turned off while doing the work. coming up in the next 30 minutes, hopefully have passengers aboard the 5:35 train. we'll find out from them how we're coping. we're live in media, delaware county jesse gary "nbc10 news." we should also tell you that dozens of schools are delayed because of the cold. you can see the complete list scrolling across the bottom. you can also get an alert sent to your inbox or mobile device. all you do is sign up for the mobile app. we continue to follow breaking news out of the ogontz section of the philadelphia where a fire has claimed the life of a military veteran.
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the fire broke out shortly after 1:00 this morning. nbc10's monique braxton gives us the update. >> reporter: right now, the fire marshal is examining the debris here at the 1800 block of roslyn. trying to determine the cause of this blaze. firefighters discovered a 79-year-old man in the back of his home while fighting heavy fire in that area. the commissioner also tells us they fraptically worked to try and save the victim but he was pronounced at einstein medical center about 2:00 this morning. that was one hour after firefighters arrived here on roslyn street. >> he wasn't able to get out because it was around the door. so we want to remind everyone, if you do have a disability and you're in your home make sure you have that disability that you're able to get out. >> reporter: this is the first fire fatality of the year.
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in the next half hour we're looking to bring you information on the fire commissioner on the likely origin the location of where this began. live from olney, monique braxton, nbc10 news. 5:35 we're staying on top of breaking news out of france. nbc news is reporting there has been an explosion outside a mosque in paris. this is a live picture of the scene near that explosion. at this point, no injuries reported, but we're working to find out more about this explosion and how it may be related to what happened yesterday. also nbc news is reporting two police officers were shot in paris, just a few hours ago. the associated press is now reporting that one of those officers has died. again, two police officers shot in paris today, according to ap one of them is dead. and this all comes just one day after that terrorist attack at a magazine office that left a dozen people dead. the two officers wounded in today's shooting were in grave condition.
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again, ap reporting that one of them is dead. we don't know yet if this is connected to the massacre at the magazine office in paris. after that attack the french president has declared today a national day of mourning. police made several arrests overnight. two of the named suspects are on the run. they are brothers. french police are looking for those brothers who fled with a third man. the third man turned himself in just yesterday hours after the attack. you'll see surveillance of the heavily armed men believed to have killed 12 people. here are the two brother, algerian natives. soon you'll see surveillance of heavily armed men in black that killed 12 people at the charlie hebdo magazine office. americans gathered overnight in washington to pay their respects and rally in solidarity to those who were killed. now from the bitter cold to the breaking news. you can count on nbc to keep you
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updated. nbc10 will be in manayunk. friends and family gather to remember shane montgomery. he's the student whose body was found on saturday after a search that lasted weeks. his body was recovered. and his viewing will be today at st. john the baptist church. there will be another funeral service tomorrow. we'll confirm that howard smith iii was formally arraigned on embezzlement charges at 9:30 this morning. authorities say he stole $300,000 while treasurer there. he spent the money on personal purchases like trips and phillies tickets. and we'll let you know what happens at a public meeting tonight on proposed changes to wilmington's nuisance property law. city council considering beefing up that law to level hefty fines against people who allow things like fighting and other sources of loud noises to happen on their property. bulletproof glass and
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intruder alarms. lawmakers are considering new ways to keep students safe in one local state. a very cold start. 11 degrees here at nbc10. and most of the area is colder than that. right now it is a wind that is blowing. out of the west giving us windchills as low as 7 degrees below zero this morning. the time is 5:38.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. the cold air has come down a bit here at nbc10. windchills below zero 10 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's a degree colder than it was when we went on the air at 4:00. 4 below zero is what it feels like in the city. the wind for the entire area the factor this morning,
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14-mile-an-hour winds for wilmington trenton an 8-mile-an-hour wind. windchills 8 degrees below zero for atlantic city. we will see sunshine today. don't look for a big warmup those northwesterly winds will ensure that it stays cold today. a very cold day. a bitter breeze blowing. high temperatures in the teens to near 20 degrees. a cold weekend and wet weather. we've got the seven-day when i calm back in ten minutes. >> bill is a source of great news. let's get better news from the roads. >> nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. >> i have nothing major to report so that is good news. however, we are dealing with this accident on 76. it's on the shoulder right there. 76 westbound right as you approach conshohocken. let's see if this is impacting drive times on 76. we are seeing yellow out there meaning a little volume out there. drive time is average, 13
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minutes between the blue route and the vine. tracy. we continue to folic bralow breaking news out of france. two stories, two shootings and an explosion at a mosque. >> the other story we're following, the near record cold bitter. those who work out share their secrets for staying warm.
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5:45. can you imagine working outside on a day like this? these guys that we found in clemont, delaware they have to do that every day. one of them is from michigan. he told tim furlong, there's only one way to deal with this kind of weather. >> reporter: do you think we're sissies on the east coast when it gets this cold? >> no i wouldn't say that. i get cold sometimes, but usually if you wear enough layers, you'll be fine. >> we want to thank him for not calling us sissies. other workers said you don't want to forget your gloves and hat. >> we're following news around the world, vai sikahema is live. vai, you have an update on another shooting in paris. you've been monitoring that. >> yeah, tracy, two straitght
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days. the ap is reporting that one is dead. two police officers shot. and not clear right now, that there's any link to yesterday's deadly attack at a satirical magazine. police are searching for two gunmen in that shooting. one person turned himself in overnight. and there was an explosion at a mosque just outside of paris. no one was hurt in that attack. today veterans affairs secretary bob mcdonald he'll head to el paso in the wake of a va clinic shooting. a soldier shot and killed a psychologist tuesday before taking his own life. also president, president obama travels to arizona to talk about more help for homeowners. the president will be in phoenix to announce low-insurance premiums for government-backed mortgage. home buyers and those who refinanced to the federal housing administration will pay $900 less a year under that new plan. of course, we'll keep you
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updated with those stories and more throughout the day. live in the digital operations center. i'm vai sikahema. nbc10. family members who lost loved ones on 9/11 now have a new demand from president obama. they're calling on the federal government to release 29 classified pages. some believe it describes more involvement in the terror attack. people from pennsylvania and delaware were among the victims including terry strata's husband. >> personally they murdered my husband. i want to hold them accountable. >> several lawmakers want to push the president to make those pages public. new jersey governor chris christie is now backing tougher rules in safety requirements for gun dealers. state police imposed tighter restriction after a series of thefts. gun dealers would be ordered to report stolen guns within 24 hours.
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christie said in an interview that new jersey gun laws might be, quote, a little too strict. a new push for safety a new bill would require all public classroom doors to be lockable from both sides. the proposals also call for may have innovations to install intruder alarms and bulletproof glass at doors and windows. lawmakers introduced a similar bill last year but it never made it into law. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. a frigid start to the morning. temperature, in the single digits for much of the area. just enough wind to make it feel like it's below zero this morning. right now, 1 degree below zero. that's without the wind blowing in the pocono mountains. if feels like 20 below zero when you factor in the wind. 8 degrees in trenton and wilmington 9 degrees. you'll see sunshine from the
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cities to the shore, it will struggle to make it into the teen and get in the 20s this afternoon. numbers still coming down. wilmington is the 9 degrees. 8 degrees currently in roxborough. north philadelphia is 9 degrees. the numbers could come down a bit more. with the wind blowing at 6 miles an hour in the city it feels like 1 degree below zero. temperatures feel below zero at the shore. it will be below freezing today. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour that's about half as strong as yesterday, but it is going to be colder all day long. and the wind will be blowing friday. you could see snow showers north and west 32 degrees tomorrow. the wind will ring in colder air for saturday. a morning low of 14 degrees. and another cold starts sunday morning. clouds building sunday afternoon, just above freezing.
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and next week we got wet weather on the way. a potential for a wintry mix on monday. even more likely to see some wet weather from tuesday to wednesday. 5:50 we have a lot of schools on delay, so you may not see the bus traffic at the typical time that you do. >> let's head to the roads right now with nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. jillian. >> good morning, for the second morning in a row septa line no "a" or "b" service. still an accident on the shoulder, 76 westbound at conshohocken, not blocking anything. but it's been out there for 35 minutes. wanted to keep you updated there. we still have the fire department activity in bristol. radcliffe street. near christine avenue you can take route 13 if you want to avoid it. let's let our thoughts wander to the warm weather sports. happening today, tickets for the phillies spring training in
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clearwater go on sale at 9:00. if you downloaded the nbc10 news capp, we set up a link there. pitchers and catchers report february 19th. well they could end up being presidential rivals in 2016 new jersey governor chris christie and wisconsin's scott walker will be togethers this weekend. milwaukee said christie should stick by jerry jones and should not stick with the packers fans. last week we saw christie celebrating with jones in his box. many people are giving christie heat for not backing teams like i don't know the philadelphia eagles. and now federal investigators may be looking into christie's relationship with jerry jones. after it turns out yesterday that the port authority made to
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benefited jerry jones. the award to award the world trade center was announced two years ago, it went to a company that jones has big interest in. he wants to take a look at the deal. >> a road trip that one family never asked more. we ran into the back of a semi truck. and our car is embedded on a piece of it. >> that family called 9/11. dragged the family's van for miles. you'll find out how it ended. and fighting for other females. a former football player says all girls should be allowed to play.
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five minutes before 6:00 right now. skyforce 10 is live over breaking news out of bucks county that we've been following for you since 4:30 where a building silo has collapsed. fire crews on the scene. this is north radcliffe street in bristol. this is an industrial complex. we are learning no injuries are reported. firefighters are trying to make
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sure everyone is accounted for. we have a ground crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. one family's trip takes a frightening turn when their van got wedged underneath a tractor trailer. the family was driving behind a rig in michigan when he accidentally rear ended the big rigging. they were pulled along for 25 minutes. the family called 911. >> we ran into the back of a semi truck and our car is embedded underneath of it. >> he apparently didn't know we were there. before we knew it he ended up dragging us 16 miles. >> police arrived and helped bring both vehicles to a stop. fortunately, the family escaped only with minor injuries. police shot and killed a man a man during a traffic stop. that includes cumberland county where last night protesters came together for a demonstration.
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this is in bridgeton. protesters held a vigil in march after the death of jerame reid. last week, two ever 0s opened fire on reid. he was a passenger in a vehicle that had been pulled over. prosecutors still haven't given the public the reason for the stop. police told us they found a gun at the scene. but they have not said if reid had the weapon or threatening to use it. both officers are in paid leave. in new castle county, delaware, a new ruling on that deadly shooting inside the courthouse nearly two years ago. the attorney general's office said a police officer was justified when he shot thomas matuszma mateususiewicz matusiewicz. matusiewicz then took his own life. in chester county new court dates for two school officials facing felony theft charges. richard cuomo and former director of athletic and
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activities jim donato were both involved in that racist scandal back in 2013. they were arrested. preliminary hearings were supposed to take place yesterday, but those are continued and pushed back to february 6th. in bucks county, a teenager is back on the football field, fighting for girl's rights carolina place of doylestown petitioned archbishop chaput to allow girls to play in the league. chaput eventually agreed. but then they ruled that they could not have girls in contact sports. now looking to change that rule. and maybe billy joel got it all wrong after all. officials have given approval for the largest private development in the city's history. it's at five city center.
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an apartment complex expected to have 170 units. it's expected to open by 2015. >> i can't help think that monique braxton helped influence that. nbc10 breaking news. if you are just waking up we have several breaking news stories we're following for you. first, two police officers are shot in paris. we just got word about half hour ago that one of them has died. we're also following the latest on a bombing on a mosque in france. and breaking back here at home. an overnight fire kills a man in philadelphia's ogontz neighborhood. we're live on the scene where investigators are trying to figure out the cause of that fire. and temperatures dropped to dangerous levels outside. it feels like it's below zero right now.
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and not going to get much warmer as we head into the day. just about 6:00. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. at the end of my street there were a dozen or more cars there with kids inside. good parents. tough for the ones who aren't in cars. dozens of schools in the area open late. you can see the complete list scrolling on the bottom of the screen. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> hey, vai, you'll have to do what you need to do to stay warm. layer up and stay indoors as long as possible. the temperatures coldest of the season and the wind making it feel even colder. it's a "first alert" weather day here at nbc10. bitter cold temperatures still falling at this hour. and near record temperatures. the record is 2 degrees in philadelphia. not going to reach that today. but it's going to feel colder than that, thanks to the wind as low as 10 degrees below zero


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