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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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like this is a sad, sick situation. >> reporter: that hearing just wrapped up and kyle crosby is being held on $1.2 million bail. he said he will likely hire an attorney and does not want a public defender. colder air moves in today. you can see it whipping this sflag. that's making it feel even colder outside. taking a live look from our cape may camera right now, the first alert weather team is tracking a chance for snow tomorrow in parts of our areas. nbc10 first alert again "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the threat. >> and it could come during the morning commute. >> that's right, jacqueline. we have clouds there now, while we have more sunshine in the philadelphia area and especially areas north and west. it's certainly cold enough to
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snow. the temperatures around the mid-20s to 30s. windchills in the teens. now, we'll be on the edge of a fairly large storm system. some of the clouds coming in right now. you can see, we'll be on the edge of this. it will be a close call. here's the low pressure center. large pressure precipitation. again, most of it is far, far away from us. we'll be right on the edge and right during a portion at least of the morning rush where you can see a mix of some snow and sleet, especially in kent and sussex counties in delaware and cape may county in new jersey as with we go through the morning. atlantic county may get into this as well. so, what do we expect for the morning rush? the wintry mix develops. 28 to 31 degrees. again, that is south and east of the i-95 corridor.
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the i-95 corridor itself mostly cloudy, kind of cold but the clouds preventing the temperature from being even lower north and west where it will be mostly clear. it's really going to be cold. temperatures well down into the teens. we'll talk more about the hour by hour what to expect with this system with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> chosen by president obama to be the country's leader in community policing today philadelphia police commissioner ramsey led the first of his talks in washington, d.c. on what the nation needs to form better relationships with local police departments. mayor michael nutter joined commissioner ramsey to talk about the progress and challenges philadelphia police are still facing with its community. 20 minutes of nonstop continues with nbc10 tim furlong live from washington, d.c. >> you were the only reporter there for this important meeting. what are the challenges police leaders say they're facing right now? >> reporter: quite a long list of challenges. going to be a lot of work. we had the michael brown case in
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ferguson. we had the man choked to death by an officer in new york city. the new york city police officers assassinated apparently because they wore the uniform. public symptoms of a two-way problem they're trying to attack here in washington today. >> morning, everyone. it is an honor to be here. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey the president's hand-picked leader of a panel to fix police/community relations. many invited speakers will tell you the problems are bad. >> i see kids who are 6 years old, holding their hands up. like they saw what happen in ferguson. >> reporter: here's the museum in washington. you heard social activists call for more community programs that will let community members interact with officers. some said a major portion of the problem is in the way some officers speak to citizens. >> racial and ethic slurs, common vul gathertyerts and other
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forms of disrespect. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter addressed the panel as well. he knows their mistrust between law enforcement and some citizens around the country. he said a potential fix is look at the psychology of the officers and citizens breaking down why they sometimes feel the way they do about each other. >> what are they thinking as they're racing to that call? what are they thinking when they walk up to that individual? what does the citizen think as they're at times confronted by that police officer? >> reporter: and ahead of the national fop says rushing to judgment about different situations has led to more violence, more mistrust which leads to more anger and ultimately puts more citizens and police officers in danger. everyone agrees the system is broken and needs a complete overhaul. still trying to come up with a way to do that. the recommendations from the tax force will be on pennsylvania avenue. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." the scene of a crash in
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fairmont park in philadelphia that led to delays for many of you. three cars were involved in the accident that shut down kelly drive for several hours. police say one person was taken to the hospital. that person will be okay. this deadly crash in burkes county. a tractor/trailer and car collide in jefferson township. the car was trying to pass another vehicle when it lost control and hit the tractor-trailer. police have not released the victim's name. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with an all-out manhunt this afternoon for the suspects who shot a woman to death on a north philadelphia street. sky force 10 was over the scene as search dogs led police on the hunt to try to find their man. police say the woman was just waiting for her bus near the corner of 12th and jefferson. that's when the gunman ambushed her, shot her in the back of the head. nbc10's deanna durante is live at the scene in north philadelphia. >> police believe the man targeted this victim. >> reporter: the 56-year-old victim, the mother of two grown
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sons, killed just two blocks off broad street? a busy area near 12 sxth jefferson. right here at the bus stop waiting for the number 23 that took her into center city. >> she was a good person. college educated. the mother of two sons. and a hard worker. church-going girl. >> reporter: he says everyone in this north philadelphia neighborhood knew his aunt kim. she walks less than a block every day to this bus stop where she would take the 23 bus into work. a rooe routine police say was followed for years. >> what's troubling to me is the way this went down. it's troubling to me. >> caller: including the bus driver who stopped the bus just short of the corner 12th and jefferson, where jones was shot. police say she had her headphones jewelry, wallet and cell phone and say she wasn't robbed. >> it's frightening you can't go where you want to without being frightened or scared. you know, that lady, i guess she didn't know she wasn't going to
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come back home to her family. >> reporter: those who walked by the crime scene were stunned at the killing and saying this part of town two blocks from the edge of temple campus, this kind of thing doesn't happen here. back out live now looking at that bus stop you can see how busy this intersection is. one of the reasons philadelphia police asking for help. anyone that was in this neighborhood between 9:00 and 9:30 this morning, they may have seen something, may have seen that shooter getting away from the scene. philadelphia police to want hear from you. kim jones, a newlywed married just two weeks ago. reporting live in north philadelphia, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with new jersey governor chris christie's state of the state address. >> jersey is better off than last year. and it is certainly far better off than it was just five years ago. >> governor christie spoke about the positives from his administration despite taking heat in recent weeks in his love
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for dallas cowboys to an rsvp in the state of the state. live at the state house in trenton. >> governor christie also a presidential candidate next year, so what was the focus of his address today? >> reporter: today's state of the state address comes at a pivotal fim for governor christie. some experts believe this was the most important speech his political career so far. one crafted to be heard by a national audience. >> we need a new jersey renewal and we need an american renewal. >> reporter: in what could be his last major speech before announcing an expected run for the white house, governor christie talked about the anxiety he says is gripping the nation and the state. >> state legislature who can lower taxes further and make new jersey more proes per rouse nor our families. >> reporter: in his fifth state of the state address, christie taughted his record. >> governor chris christie has
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repeatedly taken measures that have failed new jersey. >> reporter: earlier, members of the working families alliance protested outside the state house to criticize christie's track record. >> going down consistently during the last year. >> reporter: daniel douglas, director of the william j. hughes says today's address was an opportunity for the governor to hit the reset button. >> he's got to show that he cares about new jersey. even though he has national aspirations. >> new jersey is better off than it was last year. and it is certainly far better off than it was just five years ago. >> reporter: despite all of the turmoil we've been talking about in atlantic city over the past year, the governor made no mention of the resorts' financial crises. de have plenty of positive things to say, though, about the city of camden. reporting that part of the story together for you for 5:00. live in trenton, i'm tetd
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greenberg, "nbc10 news." democratically quickly pounced on christie's comments. they said the governor was focused on the past not on new jersey's future. >> the state of the state is actually meant to present the future, the vision where we're going to go. not where we've been. new jersey is still in a lot of trouble. >> democrats said christie needed to talk more about jobs and growing the state's economy. they were also worried about the transportation trust fund. >> new jersey has made progress growing our economy, creating jobs, reforming our criminal justice system and improving some of our most challenged cities like the city of camden. >> governor christie says the city of camden is turning itself around. what do the people of camden have to say about its progress? nbc10 spoke with neighbors in the city about the state of camden. still ahead on "nbc10 news" at 5:30. can you watch governor christie christie's entire address on our
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website, president obama met with senate and white house leaders at the white house today. first time he and lawmakers got together for the first time since the new republican congress was seated last week. he says he's particularly focused on finding ways to keep economic progress growing. >> obviously, there are disagreements around the table on a whole range of issues. but there are also areas where we can agree. that's where we'll be focused. >> the president delivers his state of the union address a week from today. a guide answers counselor in montgomery county could lose her job after a threat on social media. administrators at central bucks west have recommended mary k. blankenberg be fired for a post she's accused of putting in facebook. in the post she said she would shoot people who were protesting outside the eagles/seahawks game last month. the bucks school board will take a vote tonight. new information about a water main break in wynnfield
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nabld. 57th street will be closed for several weeks so crews can repair the water main that broke this morning. people in the area could also experience low water pressure. the break caused a giant sinkhole to open up. the philadelphia water department sent us this picture of the hole last night. from our delaware bureau police are still looking for the suspects who killed two people in new castle county. both men were shot in newark around 7:00. police have not said what led to the crime. a man accused of shooting a caseworker to death at a delaware county hospital complex now says he wants to pleated guilty. he made this announcement appearing via video feed at a scheduled hearing, saying he has the right to plead guilty. the public defender in the case says he is working on a psychological evaluation that includes two decades of plott's
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medical history and a plea isn't likely. he's charged with murder and other offenses in the murder of theresa hunt at mercy fitzgerald hospital. it's no easy task to overcome -- >> it's the pope as we rarely hear him. pope francis speaking in english as he visited sri lanka today. it's the first stop on huz week-long trip to asia. pope francis ames to bring a message of interreligious and interharmony to the country still recovering from a civil war. back at home new individual yoef a man wanted for swiping copper piping and plumbing fixtures from a church in southwest philadelphia. police released this surveillance showing the man jump over a fence on elmwood avenue. he walked out with two large bags carrying $3500 worth of pipes and fixtures. police don't expect a crime was convicted in the death of a
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principle ton university student this afternoon. the student was found dead in her dorm room yesterday. she was from virginia and a junior at the school. police are still investigating what caused her death. a french newspaper refused to back down after terrorists attacked their office and killed 12 people. today charlie hebdo unveiled its new edition, featuring the cartoon of the prophet muhammad saying, all is forgiven. nbc news is not showing the cover. many muslims find any picture of the prophet offensive. the paper says it has the right to satirize religion. today the people of france paid tribute to the three police officers who died in last week's terrorist attacks. president francois hollande awarded all three theologic of honor. france's highest public distinction. police say an employee who died at an allentown arena
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appeared to have overdosed on drugs. the man was found in a restricted area of the ppl center following a disney on ice show sunday night. authorities pronounced 22-year-old christopher lyoc dead at the scene. the investigation continues right now. nbc10 has learned joe paterno may again be the winningest host in college history as ncaa and penn state are talking about restoreing more than 100 of the nittany lions' wins. we have the latest on the potentially loosened sanctions. >> those sanctions stem from the football program's 2012 sexual abuse scandal and the university's responsibility to that scandal. the ncaa stripped the football team of 112 wins 111 of them were paterno's. they are looking to bring wins back to 904 all time the most in college history.
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stripping penn state of the football wins were only part of the original sanctions. they included a $60 million fine a postseason ban through the 2015 season and losing 60 scholarships over three seasons. the most significant part of these talks could mean what it means for child protection in pennsylvania. "the philadelphia inquirer" is reporting $60 million in fine money would go toward child protection programs in the state. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, "nbc10 news." >> well we've had more than our share of cold weather. we haven't had much snow around this winter. re are tracking some snow for at least a portion of the area for tomorrow. the question is, how far north is that snow going to go toward the philadelphia area? the cold continues for the rest of the week though. we have a lot of sunshine. at least in a good bit of the
4:17 pm
area. only 30 degrees. feels like 20. and wind 13 miles an hour. it's 7 degrees koerld than it was at this time yesterday. temperatures are in the 20s mid to upper 20s. mostly clue the north and west. trenton, mt. holly still in the 20s. glassboro still in the 20s. closer to the freezing mark farther to the south. now, farther to the south, that's where the main threat is as we go into tomorrow. we'll have to watch those temperatures hour by hour. it will be another one of those close calls. these are the current temperatures. cape may airport, 30 degrees. cape may point at 32. north wildwood 32. ocean city is 30. oceanview, 32. can you see how close they are to the freezing mark right now. in atlantic county northfield at 30. the windchill, the way it fields on your exposed skin generally
4:18 pm
in the teens to the low 20s. so yeah it's pretty cold but not as bitter cold as it was last week. you see the clouds coming up through difficultelaware and south jersey. rain to the south. patchy in north carolina and southern virginia. the main action is offshore because that storm is offshore. it's a fairly large one. covers a large area and we'll be in the morning fringe of that right as we go into the morning rush. so could be a little light snow or even a mix with some sleet in southern delaware and extreme south jersey at that time. now we're at 8 a.m. there's the snow. these are the temperatures. so, could be cooler in the inland areas, like millville and dover. get a little bit of a slushy accumulation there as we go through the day. there's noon. we still have some snow. doesn't quite get up to the philadelphia area on this model. hardly any models that anything
4:19 pm
significant the i-95 corridor. this is mostly a southern issue. as you can see, the temperatures are kind of marginal. there's the mid-30s down across the coastal areas as we go into the afternoon. obviously, something we have to watch. we could have a slushy accumulation, on grassy surfaces especially central and southern delaware and extreme southern cape may county. tonight will be cold clouds increasing. clear north and west. so the temperature could drop more there. 12 degrees. 20 in philadelphia. during the day tomorrow wintry mix, especially south and east of philly could get again a little accumulation central and southern delaware extreme south jersey. highs in the mid-30s. the seven-day forecast it's still fairly cold for the rest of the week but not bitter cold. saturday, temperature goes up a little bit, into the 40s. sunday, we're getting closer to 50. there's some showers and another cold shot early next week.
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to the casino crisis in atlantic city and federal help on the way for unemployed casino workers there. the department of labor awarded the city a national emergency grant totaling more than $29 million. the money will be used to train work soares they can find jobs in new fields. four of atlantic city casinos closed last year putting 8,000 people out of work. in the wake of the casino crisis atlantic city is hoping to bring in more visitors by holding more sporting events. they have formed the atlantic sports commission. the mission is to attract sports of all sizes to the city. as they try to bring the city more attractions that have nothing to do with casinos and make it less rely antd on gambling revenue. facebook is a huge tool for police. >> now they're using it to keep your kids safe. how they are partnering with the popular social media website to find missing children in our area. and amtrak offering riders a
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big discount.
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more. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v from our delaware bureau people in wilmington will join proceed tegsers around the country to oppose a controversial oil pipeline. a protest will happen outside the federal building beginning at 6:00 tonight. demonstrators want president obama to reject a permit for the keystone xl pipeline. opponents believe it will add to carbon pollution and climate change. the senate is now debating the bill and could send it to the white house by the end of next week. public utility commission is open to safety review of the company's repair plan which could take 88 years. the mission chairman says
4:25 pm
they're worried about pipelines that account for two-thirds of their gas nans. a south jersey man charged with murdering his wife. the south jersey mother's body is still missing tonight but prosecutors say the evidence they found on the suspect led them to file murder charges. and as commissioner ramsey's task force gets to work in washington, nbc10 goes to the philadelphia neighborhood where body cameras are already in place. what neighbors have to say about the cameras and their relationship with officers. cold blast overnight. we could see the threat for snow tomorrow. tracking which neighborhoods could get it. during the morning commute yet in my exclusive "nbc10 news" firts first alert forecast. coming up tonight on "nbc10 news at 5," why the feds say the cause of this burkes county crash is part of a national problem that needs to be fixed now.
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the winds of change are blowing through our region again and they are making the already cold weather feel colder. now the first alert weather tracking a chance for snow tomorrow in parts of our area. "nbc10 news" first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the first alert forecast. >> who is most likely to see the threat for snow? >> i would say central and southern delaware and inland portion of south jersey away from the i-95 corridor. we have a fair amount of sunshine along the corridor now and clouds toward the show. temperatures are below freezing just about everywhere and colder north and west, even in the mid-20s. 32 degrees in georgetown
4:30 pm
delaware, one of the most likely places to see some snow or sleet in the morning. the windchill the way it feels on the skin in the teens across north and western suburbs. 20s elsewhere. the clouds especially to the south. the storm itself organizing very far to our south. tracking offshore. we don't have a potential for anything really big. it's more of a nuisance kind of thing. as we go into the morning rush the best chance for snowfall is in kent county cape may county in new jersey and as we go through that 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. period in the south and east area wintry mix, snow and a little sleet, phil yi-95 corridor generally just cloudy and cold and certainly no threat north and west. more on the hour-by-hour timing of this system in the seven-day in a few minutes. it might help here but it
4:31 pm
didn't happen. >> police body cameras getting mixed review in a philadelphia neighborhood where they are already in place. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey got his task force to work today in washington, d.c. >> here in philadelphia officers have already been working to build a better relationship with neighbors by using body cameras to hold officers accountable. christine went to the neighborhood where they are using the cameras. what did neighbors say? >> reporter: they had mixed reviews. they said if it's used properly it could be crucial in controversial cases. >> it will help. >> reporter: police-involved shootings in ferguson missouri and new york sparked demonstrations around the country, including in philadelphia. those cases also sparked the use of body cameras attached to 30 police officers volunteering for a six-month trial. so, we went to check out the
4:32 pm
program about a month into it. >> i think it definitely will help because it won't be a case of who -- one person's word against another person's. it will be right there on camera. >> the ferguson case, it would be good to have them. instead of having a he said/she said court thing, they would be able to pull up video evidence. >> reporter: most of the people we talked to said they think the cameras would help protect the community as well as police officers themselves. some were skeptical. >> it didn't happen. >> reporter: sydney brown doesn't agree with the grand jury decision not to indict the officer-involved death of eric gaern, but that doesn't mean she doesn't support law enforcement. >> i don't think it's anti-police. i think it's anti-police who take advantage of their -- their badge, basically. and police who think they're above the law, i think that's what we're anti.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the goal is to eventually outfit all officers with the philadelphia police department with those cameras. one officer i spoke to here at the 22nd district said since it's not mandatory, he's not volunteering to wear one. by the way, several police departments in our area are already using body cameras. philadelphia wilmington evesham township richland. here are some stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. the search is on for the person who killed a 46-year-old woman. she was waiting for the bus when she was shot. she was not robbed. for whatever reason police believe she was followed and tar it getted. kyle crosby appeared at a hearing by video today. his wipe erica crippen crosby is still missing. she was last seen on new year's
4:34 pm
eve. her family says he bottled drug addiction. governor christie says new jersey is better off than when he took office five years ago. christie delivered his state of the state address this afternoon. he talked about lowering taxes and overhauling the pension system. democrats say he focused too much on the past and did not offer any solutions for the future. a delaware county high school football coach was held for court today on dui charges. joseph gallagher was arrested back in november after his alleged vovrlment involvement in a hit and run accident. he's been a football coach for more than 0 years. school officials say he's taken a leave of absence from the team and due back in court next month. two men are on the loose after ransacking a cell phone story in north philadelphia. two men broke into cellular express and repairs and took off with cash and iphones. no one was hurt. leaders in a local school district rocked by a racist text
4:35 pm
message scandal are expected to sign an agreement tonight promising change. executive director of pennsylvania human relations commission and superintendent of coatesville school district will sign a plan to ensure equal education opportunities. you may remember the former superintendent and athletic director resigned last year after they were accused exchanging racist and sexist text messages on their district cell phones. a jersey shore man will no longer face charges after he refused to hand over his video from this crash scene. nbc10 first reported last week on the arrest of andrew flinchbaugh. he was taking over video when the officer asked him to hand over his cell phone. when he refused he was charged with obstructing the law. that charge is now in the process of being dismissed. amtrak offering riders a big discount in time for spring
4:36 pm
break. when you'll have to purchase tickets to get the discount next. first, here's what we're working on for you right now for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. new at 5:00, property taxes, unemployment rates. nbc10 has new information for residents from south jersey to the shore. how much the new year will cost them and if there's any savings on the books. missing for weeks. her husband now charged with murder. new at 5:00 "nbc10 news" is outside the south jersey courtroom as he faces a judge for the first time. count on "nbc10 news."
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italy are calm today but three years ago it was a much different story. today marks the anniversary of the kosta -- costa concordia tragedy. good news if you like to ride the rails. amtrak is having a big sale. can you travel from philadelphia to washington, d.c. for $27 each way. the lower priced tickets have to be purchased by thursday. have you to travel between february 17th and march 12th. and the offer is valid online only. a main line mansion sold after 2 1/2 years on and off the market. >> but there was a name tagged
4:40 pm
to this pricey piece of real estate. next, who purchased allen iverson's former property and why it was considered a deal. parts of our area could see another wet commute tomorrow and even a little slippery. i'm tracking who could see snow and a warm-up on the way. my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 the state of the city. camden has been plagued by violent crime and poverty, but the climate is changing. nbc10 checks in on how the city is on the road to recovery.
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4:44 pm
the 13,000 square foot estate in villanova sits on 13.5 acres, 9 bedroom, 10 baths, gourmet kitchen, home theater. >> gorgeous. he originally paid $5 million more than a decade ago. he sold it for $2.6 million in 2010 to the ceo of salad works. this time the home sold for about $2.2 million to the president of glass enterprises, a glass manufacturer. i've sop played for the 76ers from 1996 to 2006. again, during the 2009-2010 season. iverson officially announced his retirement from professional basketball in october of 2013. special prosecutors subpoenaed two reporters from "the philadelphia inquirer," in connection with attorney general kathleen kane. they wanted to know who recommended criminal charges against kane. she herself was under investigation for leaking secret material from a grand jury.
4:45 pm
today the enquirer released this statement. the pennsylvania shield law was designed to protect reporters from having to disclose their confidential sources. this is especially true for stories about public officials in their public duties. from our south jersey bureau, we have video of a fire that destroyed a cumberland county home in millville. it started around 11:00 last night at north third and "d" streets. firefighters say no one was hurt. we know what's next for pennsylvania's outgoing lieutenant governor. he will lead the united way of southern jersey and pennsylvania. he's expected to start his new job on february 9th. he and tom corbett lost the november election and set to leave office next tuesday. it was almost cold enough to
4:46 pm
snow yesterday. we had a lot of rain. now we have a weaker system. may just be cold enough for some snow coming in tomorrow. we're tracking that snow. mostly to the south. one of the questions is how far north is it going to get toward the i-95 area. and lots of sunshine today but gust y cold wind. 30 degrees. windchill at 20 degrees. been in the teens for the windchill most of the day, how it feels on your exposed skin. you can see the wind arrows straight out of the north. keeping that cold air in there. there it is generally 10 to 15 miles an hour sustained. it's not as strong as it was earlier today. and the temperatures in the 20s to the north and west. 30 in philadelphia. we barely got up to 32 during the day today. and the way it feels, more like the teens north and west.
4:47 pm
now, a lot of clouds down to the south. and there's going to be some ice and snow in parts of southern virginia. pretty far south out of this. the main storm well offshore twol our south. tracking far away. but it's a large system and we're going to be on the edge of it. this has been on the computer maps for a week. we've been talking about it for quite a while. the track generally is offshore but on the northern edge could be a little snow or sleet as we go into the morning rush. just cold enough as well in the dover area millville, 26 degrees. now, it may not be quite that cold, but maybe cold enough to stick on untreated surfaces. we're more marginal toward the coastline as we go through the morning rush and into the afternoon. inland a little bit is where we
4:48 pm
could see a little bit of again, the slippery roads, side roads, overpasses your driveway sidewalks. dover and millville, have you a better chance of seeing snow than philadelphia tomorrow. to the north and west, hey you don't have any real chance of seeing this snow. only near freezing as you get to 7:00 tomorrow night when it's just about over. slushy accumulation mostly on grassy surfaces. of course, we'll keep you updated. sheena will have a complete list of new computer data coming in for 11:00 tonight. you want to tune in for that. clouding up tonight, it's going to be cold. 20 for the low in philadelphia. 12, north and west. as we go through the day tomorrow, the wintry mix, mainly south and east of the itself i-95 corridor. a few flakes in the north philadelphia area. i don't think it will amount to much. not even a big accumulation. high temperatures in the mid-30s. it stays fairly cold through the
4:49 pm
rest of the week but not bitter cold. not tremendous winds until we get to friday. it will be windy then. saturday, not quite as cold although it's cold in the morning. sunday a little milder but we get showers, a pretty strong front comes through. that catches up for more cold weather early next week. every time we see a sign the atmosphere is trying to warm up it seems to cool back down again. that could be indicative of what may happen later on during the month. >> we get excited. we see the 48, it's going to warm up. >> you should see some computer forecasts. crazy for how much it might warm up. every time it backs off and doesn't really happen. >> our dreams are dashed. >> toying with our emotions glenn. >> i'm not. the computers are. >> i didn't say you are. the weather. >> thank you. if you have a complaint about your cable phone or internet service, the fc wants to hear from you. they have a new online consumer help center that offers information on common issues and
4:50 pm
ways to resolve them. it allows consumers to file complaints and get quicker responses. it allows to you check on the status of that complaint. >> usual social media to solve crimes. >> facebook has been a huge tool for police to get answers and make arrests. how local police will soon be posting on the popular social media website to help them find missing children.
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again? give them something special. gather around the world's best chicken and home-style sides for a dinner everyone will get excited about. kfc. this evening, no sign of a missing delmore. police say keshia hamilton disappeared on saturday along with her two children. police issued an amber alert and
4:54 pm
both children were found safe with their father in indiana. cortez hamilton is charged with assault but police won't say if that charge is connected to the disappearance of his wife. today hamilton waved extradition and police will now bring him back to delaware to face charges. amber alerts like the one this weekend appear on highway signs, the radio, television and smartphones. starting today, though they will also show up in people's facebook news feeds. >> the center for missing children, is launching a new partnership with the social network today. nbc's vince lattanzio is here to explain. >> the first four hours of a missing child is the most important. they can get the word out to potentially millions more people than ever before. here's what the alerts will actually look like when police issue an amber alert in a particular area a post like this will show up at the top of a face book user's news feed and
4:55 pm
it will include the photo of a missing child or children what they look like where they were abducted and other important information. the alerts will only be shown to users who were in the area where that alert is issued. for example, if the alert is issued in philadelphia and police think the abductor is going to new jersey police in philadelphia and new jersey would see it. facebook will not send alerts to your phone like you go get from nbc10 and cell phone companies. users can also search for alerts and share them with their friends as well. officials and advocates say the post can provide much more information than a short highway sign or the radio broadcast could. >> amber alert goes out parents will be sitting there, and law enforcement saying god, i hope everybody is looking for that child. i know facebook users will bring children home alive. >> since its inception in 1995 amber alerts have been accredited with helping to find nearly 780 children. walsh said 61 of those children were recovered through the help of facebook users.
4:56 pm
now, if you want to get the latest information on any kind of amber alert or any breaking news, make sure you "like" the nbc10 facebook page. vince lattanzio, "nbc10 news." next all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 10:00, after decades of crime and violence a new day dawning in the city of camden. >> but is the city on the rebound? we walk the streets with residents to see what's changed in the last year and why camden is looking to a big turn-around. we're also tracking a chance for snow maybe some mix across parts of the area for tomorrow morning. i'll show you the timing and who can expect it coming up. and preventing another tragedy like this crash in berks county. why the feds say it's a perfect example of a national epidemic next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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right now, 5:00 pretty quiet along the beaches of cape may. in hours, this could look different. the first alert weather team is tracking snow. nbc10 meteorologist sheena is here to tell us what to expect from tomorrow morning's storm. >> we have a big area of moisture mainly off the southeastern coast of the country. this will eventually organize much better than it looks right now. it will move up our coastline, mainly staying pretty well offshore, but it could be
5:00 pm
bringing a chance of a wintry mix as we get closer to the shore. as we go to tomorrow morning's rush, this is the time we expect any weather to move in. the best chance will be along the jersey shore and in delaware, so by the morning rush hour hour, when you're heading onto the road maybe between 5:00 and 9:00 in the morning, temperatures will be around the upper 20s to low 30s. that mix starts to develop. the snow, maybe a slushy mix in some areas. around the philadelphia area and i-95 corridor we don't expect too much by the morning rush. it will be cloudy and cold. temperatures in the low 20s. the question will be how far north does this system go? as of now, it looks to stay mainly in new jersey and dell. for areas north and west you will be in the teens by tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies but you will be staying dry. coming up i'll show you what we can expect in the morning and into your weekend, straight ahead. >> thank you sheena. be sure to watch "nbc10 news" at 1:00 for the


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