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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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announcer: nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. the storm is here. rain is changing over to snow across the area this morning. a live look outside. this picture in the poconos where it's snowing now, light snow falling right now. this is just the beginning of what will be the biggest snow season so far. the worst comes tonight and tomorrow morning. we have you covered. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today on this monday. i'm chris cato. it is a first alert weather day as we face a 36-hour winter storm here. roughly 100 schools are dismissing early today. the list of those are scrolling
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on the bottom of your screen. philadelphia schools dismiss at noon. septa is planning regular train and trolley services and they will monitor to let you know what is happening tomorrow. of course, many townships across the area have declared snow emergencies, some of those already in effect. you will find that information scrolling across the bottom of your screen. we will get you prepared. we have nbc 10 team coverage to help you stay safe and plan for the storm ahead. let's start with meteorologist bill henley. bill the snow is already falling out there. we are not seeing the heavy stuff yet. >> we don't expect to throughout the day. this is going to be a slow starter. the heaviest tonight and tomorrow. during the day today, we are getting snow right now. that will continue during the day. the temperatures are cold enough
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for snow and we'll be seeing snow. you will see rain. eventually, you will get snow. inland areas, first alert weather day has been issued. today, light snow will accumulate one to three inches. heavy snow overnight tonight and into tuesday. we get blowing, drifting snow. we'll see very imprezzive snow totals over the next 36 hours. this is a live look at the radar, which shows snow in areas north and west in lehigh and montgomery. some of the heaviest snow right now is in central bucks county heading toward new jersey. the temperatures 30 degrees in philadelphia. cold north and west. look at the 20s for allentown, pottstown and redding. still warmer in parts of delaware and south jersey. that's where it starts as rain before becoming snow.
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expect light snowfall at 7:00 and 9:00 and at lunchtime. it will be slowly accumulating as the day goes on. we'll go through it hour-by-hour with future weather. let's check in with traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, bill. no serious accidents on the highway, but it is messy. this is route 100 at route 30. this gives you an idea of what is going on. you can see at the center of the intersection, tire marks. that's what you have to watch out for. slippery conditions this morning. we are dealing with one accident on the shoulder but it's out there, 422 westbound at limrick. >> nbc 10 photographers are spread out to give you a full picture of what is happening. we spotted drivers filling up their tank overnight in bucks county. it was coming down well at that time. bill henley will give us
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specific snowfall totals forecasted amounts in a moment. parts of new jersey are set to see the highest amounts. jesse gary is live in trenton. what are things like there now? >> caller: chris, we are seeing light snow showers on and off, on right now. a definite wind blowing. the county deployed 30 crews to clear the snow and the streets. one is stationed by the transit center here. as for the city the mayor met with his cabinet before deploying his crews. the city had salt and brine on hand. the mayor is confident they will weather the storm. he is asking residents to move their vehicles from snow emergency routes to allow plow operators to clear curb-to-curb. we are live in trenton, jesse gary nbc 10 news.
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>> we go from new jersey to pennsylvania. katie zachary is live following the impact of this morning's snow and preparation for what's ahead, it's going to be a dicey next 36 hours or so. >> it will be. when you walk out the door chris, you will be struck by how cold it is. the temperatures are below freezing here in montgomery county. there's a light coating on the sidewalks and roadways. this road was treated, but you can see there's a light coating of snow. i was walking in it. it's a crunchy snow on the pavement, keep that in mind. it's not that light snow. there is moisture in it. over here in this parking lot, i want to show you the difference between areas that have been traveled over well. this parking lot is under an overhang, under lights and there have been many cars and trucks
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fueling up. you can see the pavement difference. there's no significant coating of snow like on this road. we are seeing a number of salt trucks, a lot of plows. basically a lot of trucks that added plows to their front end so they can be makeshift plows during the next 36 hours. we are going to stand by and show you the conditions throughout the area. we'll be here in montgomery county. >> we'll see you in a few minutes, thanks. we go to delaware where the trucks are loaded with salt. the loaders are getting them ready there. they are getting ready to tackle whatever comes their way. plows and trucks will be out in full force on major roads throughout the area the next couple days. >> be patient and, if you can stay home obviously, that would be the best thing. >> del-dot is asking you to stay
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a distance away from the trucks. if you have to be on the roads, be patient. this storm is expected to cripple flights. united airlines is cancelling all flights tomorrow out of philadelphia. if you have a flight scheduled or expecting someone to come to town, keep this number 800-phl-gate. amtrak is not changing any schedules at this point. right now, amtrak is planning for a normal schedule today. that could change depending on the storm. we certainly will let you know when and if that does change. count on nbc 10 for coverage as the snowstorm continues to evolve evolve. throughout the storm, updates every ten minutes. ahead at 4:15 a live report from matt as he checks road
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conditions on storm force 10 and how power companies are preparing. at 4:45 we ask septa and new jersey transit what to expect over the next few days. following this news in philadelphia, someone stabbed a pregnant woman in the stomach during the robbery. she shot at the attackers. officers are looking for two men. one is between four and five months pregnant and licensed to carry a gun. there's no word on her condition. also overnight in philadelphia investigators believe fumes from a faulty heater cause zed six people to get six. it happened at midnight. fir officials say the six people were sent to the hospital for observation. they should be okay. we are tracking a major winter storm heading into the
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area over the next 36 hours. heavy snowfall is a possibility. not during the day today. most of the day, light snowfall. it really fires up tonight and into tomorrow. that's when we will see heavy, accumulating snow. very strong gusty winds, blowing and drifting snow is likely. snow started, just like snow in redding. 24 degrees. it's going to be all snow for redding. philadelphia has seen some snow. right now, just cloudy skies. we will see breaks in the snow like we are getting in philadelphia. light snow 26 degrees in trenton. temperatures going to go nowhere today. it's going to stay cold through the day. you can see clearly across delaware. good visibility means light snowfall. the visibility comes down when the snow gets heavy. we will see that tonight and into tomorrow. radar shows snow across pennsylvania and into new jersey and the south. it's still warmer.
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there's rain. some of that is headed into delaware and south jersey. right now, lightly accumulating snow. bucks county montgomery county morristown is seeing light snow. a patch of steadier snow in new jersey. the snow will intensify tonight. it will start during the day today as rain. in fact you can see it in maryland, in parts of delaware and south jersey. not to worry, you will get snow out of this storm as well. the hour-by-hour weather shows on and off snowfall for the i-95 corridor and areas north and west. as temperatures get colder you see the rain/snow line further south and east. the snow is falling at 10:00 this morning in millville. there's rain in store across the coastline. some snow developing across the jersey shore during the late afternoon and evening hours. look at 7:00 this evening. that's accumulating snow coming down steadier by 7:00.
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during the evening hours, we are looking at lighter snow with the coming storm. it does intensify overnight tonight. have a look at the potential snowfall amounts when i'm back in ten minutes. bill 11 minutes after 4:00. let's get a check of the roads again. katie and jesse were showing conditions in mercer. what are you seeing jillian mele? >> this is bucks county at bristol road. the snow is blanketing the roads. slick conditions out there. slow down and take your time. watch for speed restrictions. we have an accident in upper pot pottsgrove. an accident at 422 and limrick.
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>> our coverage continues in two minutes. we found out what power companies are doing to make sure your lights and heat stay on during the storm. part of the nbc 10 team escaped the snow and cold trading them for super weather. that's keith jones moving through the airport there. he's live in arizona as we countdown to super bowl xlix. stay tuned.
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limerick pots grove
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we are getting you prepared for a major winter storm. we are seeing light snow that's moved through the area and rain to the south. it will be changing to snow as things turn colder during the day. right now, 29 degrees at 4:14.
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as we brace for the snowstorm, philadelphia and archdiocese schools will dismiss at noon today. you can see other cancellations scrolling through the bottom of your screen. septa is planning regular bus, train and tolley service today. we will let you know of changes. new jersey transit offering full cross-honoring through wednesday. many towns declared snow emergencies, some already in effect. you will see that information scrolling across the bottom of the screen. there are already tricky spots out there for drivers. storm force 10 has you covered on the road this morning and will be checking on conditions in various neighborhoods. matt joins us live now. where are you guys? >> chris, right now, we are about to go over the bridge. things are looking good. we will give you a look where
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you can see we are heading out there over the bridge. right now, the speed limit is at 45 miles per hour. so that is the usual speed limit that we see out here on the roadways. coming from 76 was dry for the moment. we did see several plows and pen-dot roads. warning drivers to be careful this morning. on the weather station here on storm force 10 it's indicating 29 degrees where we are. of course it is below freezing. any snow that begins falling certainly would stick to the ground. we had a few flakes earlier in the city but no snow is falling right now. traffic on the bridge as we head into camden. a lot of the roads have been pre-treated. we are going to head to new jersey, check out the conditions and back in a few minutes.
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chris? >> we'll see you in a few. the national weather service issued a blizzard warning for new york and boston starting tonight. new york city mayor, bill de blasio said this could be the biggest storm in new york history. snowfall could be measured in feet instead of inches. power companies are gearing up. peco says their fleet is ready. pse & g says crews are ready to work. ppl trimmed trees and put up stronger poles. in atlantic city atlantic city electric says crews are prepared to restore outages. if your power does go out, nbc 10 teamed up with comcast. you can charge your devices at some comcast xfinity locations.
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search power up on the nbc 10 news app. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10 and tele-mundo 62. >> 4:18 and yes, we are less than a week away from super bowl xlix here on nbc 10. today, the new england patriots leave ahead of the approaching storm, bound for different weather in sunny, arizona. the seattle seahawks arrived yesterday and our team arrived. keith jones joins us live from phoenix for the super bowl xlix coverage. let's get the painful part out of the way, first. what is the weather like there in arizona? >> reporter: chris, a 55 degree morning so far. it's 2:00 a.m. expected to climb into the 70s. enough about that. we are at the epicenter of super bowl central in phoenix, arizona. i'm going to step out of the
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way. you can zoom in to the giant roman numerals. 1 million people are expected to be here. this is a football themed campus a 12-block prem tererimeter. people are scheduled to play. you can see at this hour plenty of crews out here. construction workers making sure everything is going to be set up for this week's festivities. on the other side of this the grand canyon experience. a 20-foot water fall. 20 people at one time can climb this gigantic rock wall to the left of the giant roman numerals in the back super bowl xlix. plenty of things for families to do if you are interested. we are going to be your eyes and ears here in phoenix, arizona. our crew is going to make sure you get a behind-the-scenes look at everything. tweet these questions to me.
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look me up on facebook keith jones@nbc 10. coming up you talked about the weather here. i'm going to talk to a philly travel agency in terms of how to get here what the prices look like. expect to pay in the thousands of dollars, close to four five grand. reporting live in phoenix, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> a price many are willing to pay if they could get out of this storm. keith jones is live in arizona. super bowl sunday kicks off at noon. kick off at 6:30. you can catch the action here on nbc 10. snow has started falling in the area just like snow in the pocono mountains.
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look at the cold 14 degrees. trenton, 26 degrees. the temperatures are going to hold steady throughout the day. wilmington, 31 cold enough for snow. clouds over center city. it is not falling right now. it's going to be on and off during the day today. right now, it is off for delaware and south jersey. rain to start with before it changes to snow. this is north. very light snow is falling at this time. the heavy snow really won't start until tonight, overnight tonight and into tomorrow. this thing has not fired up. we are waiting for the storm system to fire up offshore. that's when we will see the heavier snow. during the day, you could be able to get around and get stuff done. it will be snow and it will be accumulating. this is 11:00 this morning, mt. holly, millville, wilmington sees snow north and west. it will be accumulating during
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the day. daytime accumulations, one to three inches in spots. that's 1:00 this afternoon. snow in pocono mountains, pottstown and south jersey. the temperature will be falling. in parts of new jersey and delaware, it will change over to snow as it gets colder during the day. that's 4:00 this afternoon. again, light snow coming down and still spots where we'll get breaks at times. as we go into the evening hours, the snow will be intensifying and that's when we are going to see the bigger accumulation. getting around during the day is okay. overnight tonight, not so good. the major snowstorm, blizzard conditions to the northeast. we'll still get our share of very heavy snowfall. snowfall totals are looking impressive. not as heavy to the south and east. you will get snow accumulating in delaware and south jersey eight to 12 inches in
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philadelphia. farther to the north and east the snow totals will be more impressive. as new information comes in we will update through the day. as of now, this is how it looks. you can expect that to change and expect to hear about it here chris, first. >> we are updating road conditions throughout the morning for you with the snow falling this morning. let's see if we have trouble for drivers. jillian mele is watching that. >> the road that is have been treated are looking wet right now. this is what it looked like at the blue route. we are dealing with wet conditions there. on some of the untreated surfaces on some of your neighborhood streets, expect to see slippery conditions this morning. wherever you are going, slow down and take your time. we are dealing with an accident in upper pottstown. we have one at 422 at limerick. more first alert weather
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coverage as we look at beach avenue in cape maine. how people at the shore are getting ready for the biggest storm they have seen in awhile here.
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4:26. a live look from the camera from the la fayette hotel in cape may. you can't see the snowfall on beach avenue. it will be coming down later this morning along the shore. they are expecting several inches as the storm intensifies overnight and will get deeper tomorrow morning further north up the shore. yesterday, we caught up with an operator of an ocean city hotel preparing for the storm. >> going down there today to make sure my staff is ready for
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the snow make sure we are lined up for the plows and people that are going to clear the sidewalks to the hotel. >> for other people getting ready for the storm meant taking a stroll on the board walk and trip to the beach in atlantic city before it's covered in snow. that's always a sight. the first alert radar tracking the storm. you can see why the snow isn't falling along cape may at this time. atlantic county issued a winter storm warning, crews were salting the roads yesterday. they are prepared to send out the plows once the snow begins to pile up there. tracking light snow in areas north and west of the city in montgomery and bucks county and lehigh valley as well. plenty of snow is coming. during the day today, light snow. jillian mele in the traffic center, people have to get out and about, the earlier the better today. >> we are not reporting too many
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serious accidents right now. this is a live look at 95. it looks average this morning. bucks county and chester county slippery conditions. i'll take you there in a few minutes.
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announcer: nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> get ready, the storm has begun and it will be here for awhile. rain changed over to snow across the area this morning. a live look outside where it is snowing in the poconos. of course some of the areas now seeing snow. that will change throughout the day. all of us seeing the snow later today. >> the first alert radar is tracking what will be the biggest snowstorm of the season so far.


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