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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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again, want this man in the custody for the abduction and sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman in fishtown. reporting live outside the special victims unit, nbc 10 news. also this evening, a father and his 2-year-old daughter were the victims of road rage in bucks county. state police say he was afraid someone fired a shot at their car. happened last night along the southbound lanes along i-95 near exit 40 in bristol township. george spencer live in evening in bristol township. how did this all unfold? >> jim, we're just piecing that together, really with the criminal complaint we just got from district court. the victim says it all began when he accidentally cut off another driver as he was driving this entrance ramp to i-95 last night. and his little daughter was right there in the car with him. that victim had apparently just picked up the young girl from her sitter and was headed home to philly. after accidentally cutting off that other driver the victim says that driver pulled up right next to his car pointed a gun,
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and then fired a shot. leaving the man terrified that he or his daughter had actually been hit. when he realized that they were both okay though he followed the driver and helped police pull him over. in that car, we're told police found a starter pistol meaning that the shot was likely a loud sound from a realistic looking gun, but that there was likely no projectile. once police actually pulled over that driver, they say the driver admitted to it. and they arrested the young man, 18-year-old william henderson, also of philly, right now, he's facing charges of assault, reckless endangerment and harassment. live tonight in bristol township, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, george and now to your chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking showers. >> we could use this rain glenn. >> yeah, we could use it but not many going to get it in the next couple of hours.
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the flags continue to show the wind coming. 85 degrees again today, but really, not much in the way of showers right now. we have a couple coming across parts of maryland into northern delaware at the moment. middletown, delaware looks like it's going to get hit. now, washington, d.c., they're getting pounded by some thunderstorms. reports of houses just rattling with the thunder. and then some more showers back to the north and west. and we'll watch for later on this evening. now, you can see the future cast here as we go through the night at least some of the computer models suggesting that something starts to organize here late this evening and possibly bring some decent rains to the area by midnight. and if we do get rain by midnight, that will mean that we're not going to be two weeks in a row without any. we'll see what other chances of rain we have and how long that summer-like weather's going to last with the 7-day in a few minutes. also tonight, protecting the
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pope. tonight, nbc 10 has exclusive details of how police plan to keep philadelphia secure during pope francis' visit. >> this will give you an idea of the challenge police are facing when the pope is here in late september. the population of philadelphia could more than double. >> 2 million visitors are expected to flood the city. and nbc 10's rosemary connors spoke to charles ramsey about how philadelphia's getting ready for this monumental task. rosemary? >> renee and jim, it's going to be philadelphia police the fbi and secret service all working together in an effort to make sure that everybody is safe. the parkway here in front of the art museum steps is going to be jammed with as many as 2 million people. and so the commissioner tells me he's drawing on his personal experience. his previous experience as the head of police in washington, d.c. to make sure that everybody here is safe and secure come september. >> presidential inaugurations,
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major protests. we obviously had heads of state coming in on a regular basis to visit the president. >> it's that experience that philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is counting on to help shape the department's plans for the pope's visit. members of the police homeland security unit who kept last week's protest peaceful and the blue cross broad street run safe will coordinate crowd control. >> even when we have the concerts here making sure if there's a medical emergency, can we get to people? get in and out. is there an evacuation plan? should there be a need for that sort of thing? >> francis has become a fast favorite among the faithful. a down to earth and progressive pope who wants to be close to the people. the commissioner expects his police will be part of the pope's security detail when he greets his followers. >> we'll have a role. and it'll be escorting. and you have to anticipate there'll be other dignitaries coming to philadelphia for that, as well. >> while preparations for the pope are ongoing, the commissioner tells me he knows
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there will be a lot of last-minute moving parts. >> a plan is only good on paper. once it takes place, you have to have flexibility to make whatever adjustment you need to make depending on the circumstances. >> on a final note, those members of the homeland security unit, some of them among other police personnel will be heading to the vatican in the near future to meet with the pope staff to coordinate the rest of the plan. reporting live from center city i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> before his visit to philadelphia, the pope will welcome a famous visitor to the vatican late this afternoon. the vatican confirmed cuban president raul castro will meet with pope francis this sunday. castro's already thanked the pope for helping to mend the relationship between cuba and the united states. the pope will also pay a visit to cuba during his travels in september. he'll stop there first before heading to washington, d.c., new york, and then philadelphia. we have new information tonight on a fire that killed three family members in chester
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county. investigators have now figured out what sparked those flames. nbc 10's deanna durante live tonight. deanna? >> police say it was the disposal of smoking materials, they say the lit cigarette or cigar thrown near a pile of trash made that building go up very quickly. >> and that thing was long gone before the fire companies got here. >> it was more police fire and ems than they'd ever seen. >> i saw the smoke, fire engines coming up. excuse me, and police and everything. they had the road blocked off. i couldn't get up there. >> the fire started when smoking materials were discarded near trash and recycle bins. the plastic bins dry brush and trash caught fire fast and officials say a fuel tank also near the deck where the group gathered exploded. the two men managed to rescue two juveniles. but the three women, 52-year-old sally rimmel and her sister were trapped. a family member said the women
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were unable to escape through the same area the men crawled through. police say the women died before firefighters arrived. >> reporter: and the west caln township manager told me the fire department got on scene about three minutes a of the call came in. the first responding fire company honeybrook from down the road. he says when they got there, the building was completely engulfed in flames. reporting live deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> investigators are trying to figure out if a local lawmaker was under the influence when he crashed his motorcycle over the weekend. state senator pat browne wrecked his harley davidson saturday afternoon. pennsylvania state police say when they got to the scene, they suspected it may be a dui case. investigators took blood samples from brown. he's still hospitalized at this hour with a punctured lung and other injuries. police say the fact that brown is a state lawmaker does not mean preferential treatment. >> does not factor in at all. we try and treat everyone at the scene of any sort of public
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safety incident exactly the same as we'd treat another. >> brown's driver's license was suspended after drunk driving crashes in 1995 in new jersey and in 1999 in north hampton county. he pleaded guilty and served a 30-day sentence for the 1999 incident. it is a judgment call. knowing when it's necessary to pull the trigger. camden county police got an added layer of training today and a new partnership with the u.s. marshals. it's 1 of only 4 virtual police shooting simulators in the country. and nbc 10's cydney long along for the ride. it's called the virtual simulator developed four years ago after u.s. marshals suffered the bloodiest year. more than a dozen law enforcement officers were killed that year on the job. >> this is as real as it gets without actually taking the rounds. putting somebody's life in danger. >> so far, 65 of camden's police officers have taken the
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training. it's also used for the military. >> from our jersey shore bureau now. all sides involved in that stalled deal to transform a former casino into a college campus are set to meet friday to try to resolve the impasse. stockton university bought the show boat from caesar's in december for $18 million. but trump entertainment is invoking a legal covenant prohibiting show boat from being used as anything other than a casino. new at 6:00 from our partners a the the philadelphia business journal, there could soon be a lot more places to shop on north broad street in philadelphia. a development company plans to add 35,000 square feet of new retail space on north broad. it will come with the redevelopment of the divine lorain hotel. this is an artist rendering of what the area could look like once the project is finished. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. a family desperate for answers. their loved one left to die after a hit-and-run. now police are trying a new
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tactic to solve this case. if you park too long in philadelphia, you know you're going to get a ticket. coming up the new tool that could help drivers avoid overstaying their welcome.
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aisle so upset, i miss him a lot. i just want them to find who did this to him. >> a family in camden county wants to find the driver who hit their loved one and left him to die. it's been almost a month since the deadly crash in audobon, and police have made no arrests. but this family is not the only one waiting for answers. >> police are hoping to prevent more tragedies like this. nbc 10's drew smith live from audobon. >> and this latest case began in early april when christopher dean was found on top of this storm drain. police returned to this neighborhood today with these flyers. they were talking to drivers and neighbors while a family prays for answers. >> the feeling of loss is overwhelming for the family of christopher dean. >> i have so many things going through my mind. >> chris was a very very good-hearted person. >> police have little evidence to go off of. one neighbor said he heard kids screaming. >> he heard a car door slam with
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a thud. but that was pretty much all we got. >> now officers are stopping cars and knocking on doors. >> we're hoping that someone sees this and says you know what, i remember that night. >> as the weather warms up we're hearing more about people leaving accident scenes. you may remember a 4-year-old and 2-year-old recently died from separate hit-and-run crashes on the same night in philadelphia. still, no arrests in either of those. detectives say it's not smart for drivers to think they can get away with this. somebody makes a mistake, it takes a little bit. they'll figure it out. >> numbers from the prosecutor's office shows crashes involving serious injury or death rose slightly in 2013 to 89 last year. charges filed in many of the case. christopher dean's family is worried less about charges, instead, asking for an apology. >> we're asking you to tell us you're sorry this happened. >> and it won't be long before school is let out for summer. there will be people playing out in the streets. police urge people to be
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careful. and if you do think you hit something or someone, you really need to pull over and stop. live in audobon tonight, nbc 10 news. and this just in, delaware's house of representatives has passed legislation that would ban smoking electronic cigarettes indoors. well the bill prohibits smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants bars and other public places. the measure heads to state senate for a vote. new jersey also bans smoking e-cigarettes indoors. >> drivers in philadelphia could soon start paying for street parking with their smartphones as soon as this fall as long as city hall approves. the app would allow users to make mobile payments. drivers would also receive text message reminders when their time starts running out. but members of the nutter administration fear the app could hurt the school district which benefits financially from parking tiktss. tickets. well, if we don't get any rain by midnight that'll make
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it exactly two weeks without any measurable rain in philadelphia. we're tracking some showers, but not a whole lot on radar right now. it will be cooler on wednesday throughout the area. and then the dry and warm weather returns as we head toward mother's day. and when the phillies come back to town, it's going to be warm. baseball weather. 83 degrees right now, the winds 10 miles an hour. humidity up a little bit from yesterday and the wind down so we don't have the same fire danger. the pollen, yeah, that's been a story. a lot of allergy sufferers are looking for some rain too, to get that pollen out of the air and off of their cars. now, it may go down tomorrow. that's the prediction based on some rain falling tonight. but even if rain falls, it's going to go back up. if rain doesn't fall, these numbers will probably be higher. and the pollen's going to get even worse over the weekend. so we're in the upper 70s to the low 80s right now.
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the average high's only 71. so we are way above that for just about the entire area except right at the beaches. only 63 in avalon, 65 degrees in beach haven with the wind coming in off of that cooler ocean. and we're going to get that wind off the ocean tomorrow too. it's going to be cool at the shore. not much on the radar. we had a couple of showers earlier. now just a couple going into parts of new castle county around middletown about to get a little bit of a shower. washington, d.c. area getting hit pretty hard. some of this activity could increase later on this evening. this is increasing. this is a huge area of moisture off the florida east coast. and it's starting to get a little more circular. this could potentially develop into a tropical storm. now, it's early in the season hurricane season doesn't officially start until june 1st but there are no barriers in the atmosphere. if it wants to develop, it's
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going to develop. the ocean temperature is marginal just warm enough right along the gulf stream for this to potentially become a tropical storm if it does go over the gulf stream. and the name would be anna. but it's not going to be moving up the coast. certainly not through the weekend. it's not going to be moving much at all. that could be problems down there. now, here's what our future cast is showing for the next several hours. the redevelopment of some showers, at least according to this one model drop in the temperature, but also by around midnight bringing some pretty heavy showers, maybe a thunderstorm through the area. then, the wind starts turning into the east. we're going to be seeing a lot of clouds tomorrow. possibly a shower or two, but not very impressive here other than the cool-down. and then as the wind shifts back into the south, we're going to warm back up by later in the week. so that warm air on top of us
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now. it retreats a little bit tomorrow. especially with the east wind. but by friday and saturday, you can see it's coming back. these orange colors are indicating the warmest of all. and certainly warmer than what we've seen even earlier this week. a few evening showers around, a chance of a thunderstorm toward midnight, 64 degrees in philly 56 north and west. then tomorrow it's much cooler than today. 85 today. that's still a little bit above average for this time of the year. mostly cloudy and a chance of showers, the wind coming in off the ocean. and then as the wind shifts back, the temperature starts going up. 78 on thursday 82 and dry friday looks like a dry weekend. and unseasonably warm all the way into next week. >> thank you, glenn. philadelphia eagles and verizon wireless are raising awareness about domestic violence. nbc 10 at the grand opening at the newest verizon wireless
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store in delaware county. that's where both organizations presented $20,000 raised during their pass along hope campaign. the money goes to local antidomestic violence organizations. >> it's a huge issue and, you know, we've said it before it affects a lot of people and affects those directly and indirectly. and you know what verizon and the eagles have done for over a decade creating awareness and donating the phones. it's awesome. >> over the month of april, verizon donated $1 to the cause for every used cell phone a customer turned in. and coming up in sports we'll hear from new eagle alonzo. could it be longer? that's next.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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i'm john clark, phillies trying for the first three-win winning streak. ryan samberg is giving him a mental break and may sit him tomorrow night, as well to give him three days off. chase is 0 for his last 15. he's hitting just .103 now, the lowest in all of baseball. over the last 11 months he's hitting just .215. chase has been on a decline. but today on w.i.p. ruben says it's not as bad as it seems. >> i don't think i've ever seen anything like it. the run of horrendous luck. and i mean, he's hitting the ball hard, literally is just the unluckiest person on the planet. any time a guy is so deeply below where he typically is after a month of the season, it's astonishing.
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>> chad billingsley is going to make his phillies debut tonight it'll be his first start in the majors in over two years. he had tommy john surgery and tore a tendon during rehab. this is a long road back and hopes to continue his success on the road against national league teams. here is ryan samberg. >> for him to keep the emotions and the excitement in check will be key for him. he's been built up to 99 pitches. we'll keep an eye on him, but yes, he's very excited for the opportunity and to get back out there. >> on to the eagles' new linebacker alonzo missed last season with a torn acl. hopes to be a big playmaker. and he should be ready to go in camp. >> as of now, i'm doing everything. you know, just talking about -- i play the defense before. so it's kind of nice. you know obviously getting used
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to the nouveauew vocabulary. but having played in the system it's nice to not learn a completely new defense. >> how about this? a class action lawsuit has been filed by some las vegas residents against manny pacquiao and his promotors for concealing his injury before saturday night's historic fight against floyd mayweather. pacquiao needs surgery for a torn rotator cuff. he'll be out up to a year. but he said he was not injured going into the fight. the promotors expect to make over $300 million off pay per view revenues. you may want your $100 back. the real fight may be in court. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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rain's coming in. i'm not going to complain because we need it right? >> yeah but not enough rain. >> now you're complaining. >> right. okay. there could be some showers and thunderstorms toward midnight tonight. otherwise, not much of prospects of rain all the way through the weekend. >> you're going to start wearing
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the bow tie. >> yeah right. don't count on it. for all of us here -- >> we'll see you at 11:00. on this tuesday night, isis in america? for the first time isis claims responsibility for an attack on u.s. soil praising the two american gunmen and warning of more attacks to come. bank outrage. troubling allegations against one of the largest banks in the country, accused of opening accounts that customers never asked for and sticking them with fees they never authorized. what's in your food? why certain ingredients are quickly disappearing from menus all across the country. and streaming live any time anywhere it's how so many watch the richest fight in history for free. is someone watching you? nightly news begins right now.


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