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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the pope in america, an historic morning at the white house. dignitaries and the devoted showered plenty of praise upon pope francis on this, his first full day in the u.s.holy father sends a strong message about our planet. and here's the look at the papal parade route. plenty of people lining the streets. nbc news will have a special report when that happens and we will bring that to you.
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good morning. before that, the pope spent part of the morning at the white house. this ceremony on the south lawn was reserved for visitors but clouds were lined up leading to the white house. the pope gets a version of the ceremony in every country he visits. frin s the pope was greeted by president obama and the first lady. then the leader of the catholic church walked to the podium. the president officially welcomed the pope who addressed 2 crowd in english, one of the few times he will do so during this trip to the u.s. >> your holiness, your words and dee deeds, you set a profound moral example and in these gentle but firm reminders of our obligations to god and to one another, you are shaking us out of our complacency.
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>> american catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive to safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities and to reject every form of injustice and discrimination. [ applause ] >> pope francis also said addressing climate change can no longer be left to a future generation. this afternoon, the pontiff will celebrate a mass to canonize 18th century missionary junipero serra at the shrine of the immaculate conception. this video is just in to nbc 10 of pope francis and president obama meeting inside the white house. you can see the two talking and smiling before the dozens of
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photographers and members of the press gathered around them. nbc 10's matt delucia is in washington, d.c. this morning. he talked to a few people from our area who are there to see the pope. >> reporter: a lot of the focus of attention is in this area here by the national mall a couple miles from the capital is the catholic university of america. next that is the basilica of the national shrine. that is where a mass will be held later this afternoon in front of 25,000 people. those are the sights and sounds from last work as the work was being done to get everything ready for the big mass. a few folks from our area are here for that. giovanna coya is a senior at catholic new jersey and she's from new jersey. >> a once in a lifetime chance. i feel so fortunate as well as everyone else who goes here. it's amazing. >> reporter: you can't forget family members, janet schultz
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drove yesterday just to be here with her daughter. >> this is a pope who exemplifies unity for our catholic faith. this is a pope who wants to draw everyone together. this is a pope who exemplifies love of everyone. it's fantastic. it's something everyone needs to be a part of. >> interestingly, a lot of pilgrims are staying here and going to philadelphia for the weekend. they're following pope francis pretty much everywhere he goes. we're at the capitol building right now. we're going to try to go inside and give you a look because pope francis will be here tomorrow. we'll try to get a sneak peek for you in the next three minutes. for now, i'm in washington, d.c., matt delucia, nbc 10 news. today is the second day of the world meeting of families at the pennsylvania convention center and nbc 10's monique braxton is live in center city. monique, you've been following the events all morning long. >> that's right, denice, you can see that there are a few people here outside the convention center. now, the morning mass has just
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concluded. thousands were inside for the daily mass and communion. i was moved by the reverenced of the church and display of family values evident throughout. a humble serenity swept the room, a quietness of like minds and souls. our camera was also rolling outside when a group of pilgrims arrived from georgia led by a nun from philadelphia. >> i'm very happy to be able to have the friends from the diocese of savannah, georgia, meet some of my friends from philadelphia, the priests and sisters i have that ministered with through the years so this is like coming home for me and a gathering of family. >> coming up at 11:30, we'll look at an issue that is divisive among women. should women be ordained priests? that's coming your way in about
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30 minutes. live in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. we found a lot of activity on lancaster avenue in wynnewood montgomery county as crews installed barriers around st. charles borromeo seminary where pope francis will stay when he's in philadelphia. i'm first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. the parking restrictions and road closures are in full effect. we have a map plotted in the center city area in blue right here. we'll give you an idea of what you're looking at. this is stretching down the ben franklin parkway to the art museum and around city hall. everything in blue right here is already the no parking zone. so outside of these areas as you can see there are little blue lines. these lines are emergency routes. so garden street is a main one, we have lombard street, stretching from center city all the way to parts of university city and 34th street.
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for the full list, map, and detashlgs you can go to and the nbc 10 app has everything you need to get ready for the papal visit. you'll find pictures and videos from the pope's arrival in washington, d.c. and you'll also find a list of no-parking areas, road closures and mass transit changes. tonight at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10, be sure to watch "pope in america." it's a detailed look at everything that happens today in washington as well as what's ahead for the rest of the papal weekend. today the first day of fall and it's a warm start to the season as we take a live look now at center city, philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. brittney, nice start to fall. >> really nice start. it was a cooler start to the morning but as we push into the afternoon we'll see above average temperatures. so if you're not ready for the cool weather, we'll get another round of warm conditions.
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71 already for philadelphia, 64 in chester springs, 65, close to 70 degrees in quakertown and allentown, 68 in coatesville. along the shoreline we're pushing into the 70s here. 71 in millville, we'll see lots of sunshine today, a few passing clouds into your 1:00 hour, 74 degrees, by 4:00 p.m. 78, tonight 75 degrees by 7:00 p.m. for today our highs around the region in the low 70s in the poconos. 79 in allentown. 78 in quakertown. close to 80 degrees in norristown and in trenton. we're right along the shore. we'll be in the mid-70s as we push into the afternoon. then for today for philadelphia, a high of 80 degrees. five degrees above our average. so here are your headlines. i am tracking a warm start to our fall season. cooler weather as we approach the weekend. then i'll take a closer look at your papal weather forecast in just a bet.
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police are trying to figure out who opened fire on a crowded basketball court in the strawberry mansion section. bullets hit two men around 8:00 last night at 27 and clearfield street. both are expected to survive. police are still working on what led to the shooting. the clock is kicking for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane. the supreme court notified cane yesterday the suspension of her law license will take effect october 21. even though she'll lose her ability to practice law, she can make administrative decisions and last month's authorities charged kane with leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. also yesterday, kane's office indicated she will release thousands of pornographic e-mails she says were exchanged by people in government. she says two former prosecutors cooked up the criminal case against her because she was threatening to reveal them if the pornography information. remembering one of
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baseball's greate eest catchersd characters. a look back at the life, the wit, and the wisdom of baseball hall of famer yogi berra. and taking a live look from washington, d.c. as we continue our coverage of pope francis's visit to america. . warm today and tomorrow but cooler weather as we get closer to the weekend. i'll let you know what's in store. that's coming up. to see him before making a short drive to the white house. that drive was a bit delayed. he got to the white house about 15 minutes after he was supposed to get here.
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there he was welcomed by the president and 11,000 invited guests and some 4 or 5,000 others who simply waited throughout most of the night to be allowed onto the grounds of the white house. maria shriver nbc special anchor is with me here at the white house along with george weigle, our vatican senior analyst. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> what we're going to see now is a different event. this is an event where the pope is going to get into a popemobile. kind of a new version of what we've seen over the years. he's going to be driven around the ellipse. this is the moment, george clancy, head of the secret service has been staying up nights worrying about here in washington for a long time. >> there's been a real tug-of-war between the vatican and secret service over this entire trip. it really has to do with the new popemobile. had pope francis agreed to use that pububble top his predecess
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used, things could have been done different. they could have traveled the streets like he did. but he's determined to use the fiat, jeep wrangler and that from the secret service point of view puts a whole new dimension of concern on this. you have these enclosed drive arons, the ellipse and central park. >> it is a tug-of-war, maria, because on the one hand you have to do everything humanly possible to protect this pope while he's on this tour of the ellipse. on the other hand, this is the best chance for the majority of the people in this area to get a glimpse of the pope. some are hoping to reach out and touch him. >> we've seen a glimpse where people have given him a pizza, gone up to the popemobile, touched him or put their baby up there. i think they are hoping it will be much less security focused and they will have an opportunity to touch him, to have him bless them, to have him kiss their baby.
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kind of human encounte people are waiting if for only chance in washington if you don't a ticket to see pope francis. this one young woman said to me a short time ago just being here i feel like i'm in heaven. so many families, certainly families bringing all sorts of items they'd like to have blessed by the pope. one family came with their 18-year-old son. they said they woke him up way too early, well before any normal family would do it but on
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a day like this they wanted to bring his baptismal cross to bring their young man troy in hopes that he would have a chance to be a part of this historic moment, recognize that this distance he'll travel is less than a mile. just four fifths of a mile in total. they say it's like a mini inauguration. the atmosphere has been remarkable. i've been struck by how many people are not just from the u.s., many of them spanish speakers from around latin america, argentina represented, venezuela, costa rica, el salvador. there are young children, there are the elderly, many people in wheelchairs lining the route as well. they were wheeled in earlier this morning, matt, in hopes of being able to hear a blessing from pope francis. >> you talk about it being less than a mile route and like we've come to see in inaugural parades, peerkts i wouparade parades, peter, i would imagine they say if the holy father is going to get out of the popemobile and be spontaneous, there are probably places that
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are better than others to do that. that would be reasonable? >> let's give you a sense around, aaron behind the camera, let's pan this. this is 15th. we are on the east side of the white house here. here only one side has a crowd on it. the other side is empty. you don't have to watch both sides quite as -- i don't know, without as much urgency as if you were this direction over here as we show you down constitution again. they are literally 20 people deep on both sides matt, to be clear, we've spoken to law enforcement officers, federal officials saying this is the biggest operation they've been a part of. they have counterterrorism officials, agents in these crowds right now. for all the people you see in their uniforms, there are other people not keeping a close eye on this crowd not just for the pope's safety but for the safety of so many people here. >> joseph clancey, the head of the secret service said this operation, this security operation is in place today and
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while the pope is in this country the secret service takes the lead in this. they'll be aided by many other law enforcement agencies as well. let's look at the vehicle he will be traveling in. this new popemobile. this has been retrofitted just for this trip. it's likely, george, people will be throwing gifts at this vehicle as it passes by their location and you know of course he uses a ford focus in rome. >> this trip is a challenge for vatican security people. the vatican security remembers may 13, 1981 when pope francis was shot he had just handed a
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small child back to his mother. so there's nervousness to that free wheeling papacy. but both of those men insisted upon it. that's part of the risk of the job. >> you talked earlier, george, you said he seems to be so open, so willing to reach out and touch people and you said that's nothing something that's just come about in the two and a half years of his papacy, it's been part of the vatican and popes for the last 30 years. >> it's the transformation of this office over the past three and a half decades. >> we're starting to see some of the security vehicles now leaving the white house grounds and in any -- i guess at any moment we should get our first glimpse of what we call the popemobile. there it is behind that police officer on a bicycle. you can see the pope in that jeep wrangler that's benefitted for this occasion. he will make a turn in just a second and come into full view not only of our cameras but soon
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after of hundreds of thousands of people gathered along the ellipse. this is a moment people will never forget. >> or that he will never forget. this is his first trip to the united states. never been to washington, d.c. before so he'll get a sense of what america looks like and what it feels like and he'll see perhaps some of the monuments, some of the history of washington, d.c. and he'll get a glimpse of who we are and he has talked about wanting to meet the american people, see the american people, listen to the american people. and learn from them. >> here comes the popemobile and pope francis on a glorious day. you talk about seeing monuments, washington, d.c. is such a beautiful and picturesque city as he leaves the gates of the white house right now. he's going to get just a small taste than that in a less than one-mile route but he is seeing it on the best possible day.
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we don't have audio, obviously, that we can eavesdrop on what is happening now. now we have more of the sound of what is happening as the people see the pope for the first time. >> people in buenos aires a few years ago would have been utterly astonished by this. this was the man who road the bus to work, who was not a large-scale public personality, who lived on his own, cooked on his own. and here is this dynamic public personality. this is something utterly unexpected by his closest friends back in his native city and i think we talked about this a bit earlier. it's the sense that he's a pastor and the people want a pastor, need a pastor, whether they know it or not. whether they would even put in the those terms or not they want someone to affirm their striving
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to be noble human beings. >> here we have someone bringing a small child out to the pope. he kissed that child. again, a dream come true for that person, whoever he or she may be who brought that child. with who waited hours. >> and encouraging other families to do the same. >> you notice the agent run up to block any more of that. >> they are nervous. these people have gone through secret service screening points since about 4:00 this morning so this isn't like the popemobile traveling through the streets of any city. this is a much more controlled environment. >> this pope, matt, has talked a lot about suffering, about struggle and about everyday people and i think that's why you have these kinds of crowds. >> pete williams, our justice correspondent, is joining us this morning as well and, pete, we spoke just a second ago before you joined us about just what a logistical nightmare this
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is for law enforcement and security, what went into the planning of this? >> well, everything about this is planned, matt, right down to the speed of the popemobile and the motorcade. but it's all a compromise because it's not exactly the way the secret service would want it to unfold. they have to accommodate the pope's wishes, stopping to bring a small child up to the pope and hoping that the security people give the child back to the right parent. that's the kind of ad-libbing that they have to do. the secret service sent people to rome. they watched videos of how the pope has interacted with crowds in the past. they wanted to learn more about how the pope wants things to unfold. they wanted the vatican to learn more about how they want to control security. but they're well aware of all the lingering threats that are out there, terrorists t, the ma,
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white supremacists, anti-christian activists. there have been threats against this pope since the beginning of his papacy. they have looked at the threats that emerged. they've checked people out in the last few days, they've been running down leads. all of them they say have washed out so far but this is among the most difficult of the scenarios because it's open to the public. they have to be screened. and many of the other events, that's a ticketed event so there's more control over the crowds but it's a compromise. it's also very thoroughly planne planned. >> pete, you talk about it being a compromise between the vatican and u.s. security and the secret service, was there anything either side put out as a deal breaker? >> well, what they basically -- there were no deal breakers, no, because ultimately the pope will do what the pope wants to do.
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there was -- as far as i know there was nothing that the vatican said "we want to do" that the u.s. said "absolutely not." but having said that there still very various accommodations made on both sides along the way such as i mentioned, the speed of the motorcade, how often it will stop, that kind of thing. >> keep in mind that the work of the secret service is not done when this parade ends or when the pope's visit to washington ends, george, because he will head from here to new york city where he'll speak to the u.n. general assembly. at that time more than 100 world leaders will be in new york, including the president, including the pope and that is something that takes this and multiplies it by 10. >> and then we go to philadelphia where they're expecting there may be as million m as a million and a half, two million, perhaps even three million people for the closing mass of the world meeting of families on sunday. a lot of challenges from the
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security people. let's give credit as well to the people who have taken the time and trouble to come, waited a long time. their patience is admirable. >> so we now know that the pope mow well into in sight of our peter alexander who we joined a second ago. pete kerr we see him? >> matt, we do see him and more importantly thousands of people in this crowd are seeing him for the first time. it's striking how meaningful this moment is for so many people. 70 million american catholics, of course, in this city washington, d.c. not known for its spirituality and for reflection. there are so many people of faith who have come here on this day. we met one young man a short time ago who's a college freshman at george washington here in washington, d.c. who said he made the decision to come to d.c. for college because of this moment. because of this one day and as we see the pope coming in our direction, this is the moment he
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will certainly not soon forget. it's the flickering light. this is a pope who prefers simplicity over pageantry and pomp but for the individuals here, just any element of this as they get to be a part of is worth celebrating. >> keep in mind as we're watching these images of children being brought to the pope, they're being brought to the pope by representatives either of the vatican or some other group. these aren't being brought by their parents. nobody is allowed to leave the barricades and simply approach the popemobile so these would appear, maria, to be somewhat planned encounters. >> okay, well i don't know about that. i'm trusting your opinion on that that they're not just people who are coming out of the crowd, running up with their child. i might try to do something like that if i were on that. i don't have a child that small but if i did i might try it. that's a moment in any parents life. >> you were talking of that
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compromise. >> i want to remember, matt, today is yom kippur, day of atonement when people of the jewish faith and i've talked to a lot of people who said they think it's appropriate that he come on this day. i think there was some dispute about that but the words he talked about, love, compassion, forgiveness, atonement, reconciliation, these are the words that he puts in his speech that he talks about which are so lacking, i think, in so many public speeches that we hear. >> so many firsts. we have the first pope of the americas, we have the first time pope francis has visited the united states and a little later, today, george, another first, the first canonization to take place on american soil as junipero serra is made a saint. what's the significance of that? >> i think junipero serra represents for pope francis what
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he hopes the catholic church will ever more become. serra was an intellectual, approach, lived a rather comfortable life and went 6,000 miles away from home giving up all of that in order to be a missionary in what later became california. the pope uses the phrase "go out to the periphery." serra went out to the peripheries of his time and that's why i think the pope wanted to lift him up here. canonizations are almost always in rome. he's calling the church and the united states to go out and be an evangelist. >> even as history looks back onner is, a it's not without some sense of controversy. >> no saint ever is. maria said earlier -- it's a wonderful line -- there's no saint without a pass and no sinner without a future. who said that? >> i don't know who said it. i said. >> it take credit for it.
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>> i said it. from now on i said it. >> it was not alexis detoqueville. >> no, it wasn't. >> but there was controversy. >> yes, there was and there's always going to be. there was controversy around john paul ii. >> i spoke to rich regard ruhr, a very famous franciscan, serra was a franciscan, he said "i think we make a mistake to judge him with 21st century eyes." and also st. francis of assisi, the pope's namesake was a person of wealth and power and gave it up to go out and work for the poor and i think that's what the president was mentioning, urging us out of our comfort zone, making us a little bit uncomfortable with how we live our lives. >> we continue to watch pope francis making his way in the popemobile around the ellipse. we continue to hear the sleeks and the screams from the people gathered by the side of the road.
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estimate of about 200,000 or more. people have come from washington and far away places betting this would be their very best chance to get a view of the pope while he's in the united states if not only in washington, d.c. any idea, any estimate as to how many people will actually have some sort of visual contact with this pope over the next five or six days? >> two thoughts on this, matt. one, when i spoke to pope francis in rome last december. i had the sense he was nervous about this. how is he going to be received. i think he's got the answer to that this morning. he's going to be received with overwhelming good will and affection. the other thing that strikes me is what a polish coal miner said about john paul ii in 1979. there were a million people in this vast field listening to john paul ii and one of the coal
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miner's buddies started talking to him. and the miner said "shut up, can't you hear the pope is talking to me?" francis has that ability to connect even in a vast crowd with individuals. >> so you're saying half these people are going to go home and tell their friends "he looked right in my eyes." >> we waved to me, he bless med. >> people think they're coming here to meet him. i told my daughter i was going to work and she said "i told people you were going to interview pope francis." i said "i'm not interviewing pope francis!" everybody wants to meet pope francis, everybody wants to touch him. >> he generates a sense of warmth that's often missing in the world today and i think that's what people understand. >> peter alexander, let's go back to you on the parade route. >> matt, the pope is a mail mhay pass away from us. as he has moved through this
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crowd, the crowd has followed. many people holding their positions along the fence. but those in the back have literally chased him over the course of this nearly mile-long ellipse. they're running around screaming, trying to get an opportunity to take a photo, to capture any moment. something to remember this day and as you talk about how many americans will really get to put their eyes on pope francis, how many americans will put their eyes on pope francis through social media, literally every single arm in this crowd is holding up a phone or a camera tweeting, using facebook so this is a photo, an imimagine the could be catapulted around this country and around the globe. we had a cardinal here in washington say he received a call from a friend and that person told him "please take care of our pope." that caller wasn't even
11:32 am
catholic. we met another non-catholic today who said "i'm here because this pope is different." he said "this pope speaks to all of us." >> we talked about images, peter. for the first 18 hours or so of this pope's visit beginning with the moment he landed at joint base andrews we had an image that served as a powerful commercial for fiat and now we have switched to an imimagine the is serving as a powerful commercial for jeep company. these two vehicles simple in nature carrying this pope simple in nature. he's taken a vow of poverty through the streets of washington, d.c. >> but the best advertisement of all is the human being and the way he lives his life and how he speaks and how he kind of operates in this job across the world. >> and his own self-honesty. in the first interview he gave when asked how to describe himself he said "i'm a sinner.
11:33 am
i'm a person who's imperfect, who fwheeds tneeds the grace of lead the life i want to lead." that's what he communicates. >> you hear that in churches now. my pastor, my monsignor, "i'm sinner." that's a leveling field because aren't we all? >> yes, we are. >> apparently i've lost our view from our camera positions of where the pope is exactly now. to recap what will happen after this, he continue this is parade and he'll go off for a prayer service. >> with the bishops of the united states at st. matthew's cathedral. then this afternoon is the canonization of junipero sara on the campus of catholic university. >> and apparently he'll be exiting the popemobile to go to the cathedral for that prayer service so we'll see that popemobile only in little moments throughout his trip here in the united states, choosing other vehicles for easier access to some of the roadways here, especially when he gets to new york. there's the schedule of events
11:34 am
for this day. we've already had the white house visit, now we're having the sprayed. then there's the midday prayer service that george mentioned with the u.s. bishops and the canonization at 4:15 this afternoon. so already a busy day for this pope. you mentioned when you saw him he looked tired which could be expected, long trip for a man in his 70s. >> yeah. i thought he did. much has been made about his sciatic, he had only one lung. this is a heavy-duty travel schedule. he prays for several hours. he looked fatigue to me but i'm sure the white house experience made him feel awesome. oh, and we're hearing it.
11:35 am
come on! >> we are right through the bushes that you see on your screen. >> maria's taking out her cell phone any moment here. >> lift me up, have him kiss me! >> we'll let maria compose herself and i thank you so much for joining us. george, always great to have you with us. we appreciate it. we'll have coverage throughout the day on msnbc and lester holt will have a full wrapup on "nbc nightly news." we'll return some of you to local programming. others will have more of "today." i'm matt lauer at the white house. this has been a nbc news special report.
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as you have just watched, the pope has already had a busy morning in washington, d.c. and this is a live look at st. matthew's cathedral where the pontiff is scheduled to have a prayer service with the bishops of the united states at noon. this is actually a shot of the parade route where the motorcade is now moving through. and just within the past half hour, francis's envoy paraded along the ellipse and the national mall. crowds of thousands stood along the route to get a glimpse of the pontiff and at one point the
11:39 am
popemobile stopped so he could bless a baby. the pope visited the white house earlier this morning. this ceremony was reserved for visitors but crowds were lined up along the street. the pope gets a version of this ceremony in every country he visits. he was viz she was visited by t first lady and president obama. then the president officially welcomed the pope who addressed the crowd in english, one of the few times he will do so during this trip. nbc 10's matt delucia is in washington with a preview of the pope's plans for tomorrow. >> reporter: we were able to get access to a restricted area of the u.s. capitol building where pope francis will be delivering remarks to congress tomorrow. he'll come out right at those doors and he'll make his address
11:40 am
to the members who will be seated out here in these chairs. these chairs will be filled with members of congress. and then members of the public can be out here on the lawn watching as well. they also have the jumbotrons out here set up so people can see pope francis and i spoke with several local members of congress and senators over the past 24 hours. they tell me this is needed. if anyone can bring harmony to the discord going on in politics right now here in washington, d.c. it would be pope francis. whether that can happen, that remains to be seen. it's a tall order but all eyes will be on pope francis at the capitol tomorrow. in washington, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. this weekend the pope arrives in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. nbc 10's monique braxton has been following event there is this morning. monique? >> right now the pilgrims inside the constitution center are listening to messages of love.
11:41 am
loving one another, respecting creation and the environment. those are the themes of the day. while thousands are united on a multitude of topics, women ordained as priest divides many. we saw women on a mission, holding a banner designed to draw attention to their goal of increasing the number of female priests. they told us there are 288 female priests worldwide, five in the delaware valley. we found not all want that elevation. >> as are religious sister i do pastoral work in my parish and i know i have that a particular talent and gift for that. and i work closely with our priests. i respect them highly but i do not want to be a priest. >> they don't have a woman's view point. the church is seeing with one eye, hearing with one ear, working with one arm, walking with one leg. it's hobbled and when you bring women to the table to talk then you have a whole other
11:42 am
perspective on life and the family. >> tomorrow the faith willful discuss struggles and blessings of disabilities on friday the joy of the gospel of life with pastor rick warren and cardinal sean patrick o'malley of boston. our coverage here on nbc 10 continues on air online and on the nbc 10 news app. live in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, monique. the nbc 10 news app has everything you need to get ready. you'll find pictures and video from the pope's arrival in d.c. you'll find a list of no-parking areas, road closures and mass transit changes. we'll be right back.
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a man who gave souse many great quote, baseball hall of
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famer yogi berra, passed away overnight. he won 10 world series during his career with the yankees. he also served in world war ii but he may be most remembered for his famous sayings known as yogiisms such as "it ain't over till it's over" and "if you get to the fork in the road, take it" and "you should always go to other people's funerals otherwise they won't come to yours." yogi berra was 90 years old. this week's wednesday's child is a bright artistic and athletic girl who knows the true meaning of love. she would be a terrific addition to any family. nbc 10's tracy davidson introduces us to akeisha. >> you're welcome to paint any pottery piece you like. >> akeisha is a bright and sweet young girl. she has a kind and thoughtful personality and loves to express her creative side so she headed to busy bees to make a birthday gift for a friend. >> the best part about art, if you make a mistake it's not a mistake. >> that's right. >> reporter: she got right down
11:47 am
to work and had a blast painting her cookie jar. >> akeisha is a playful, energetic young lady who loves to laugh. she loves arts and crafts. >> reporter: besides art, this 10-year-old has several other passions. >> she is amazing at sports as well as academics. she's great in math and reading but she really, really, loves sports. >> reporter: the fifth grader loves school and knows why it's so important. >> well what i like about school is that you can learn and when you learn an education you get older and you can learn how to take care of yourself. >> reporter: akeisha is looking for the love and support that comes from a forever family. >> she would do best with a two-parent home who has one child or no other children so she can get the attention that children at her age need. >> reporter: akeisha has a big heart that she's ready to share. >> what love looks like to me is someone that cares for another person and it's like meant to be. love looks like something that's
11:48 am
meant to be for one another. >> reporter: akeisha is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to help make akeisha's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, come to you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. governor romneod morning, t warming into the 80s. cooler conditions expected as we push closer to the weekend. plus we'll take a closer look at the papal forecast. a closer look outside right now, not a cloud many the sky. a big improvement from what we saw yesterday, those gray skies and also below average temperatures. 71 in philadelphia. our wind speeds are out of the northeast northeast at 10 miles per hour. our humidity is comfortable at
11:49 am
53% so it's enjoyable late morning early afternoon. across the rest of the region, allentown 68 can philadelphia mostly sunny skies like i showed you on the camera. a live look outside -- i should say a closer look at our current temperatures, 68 in allentown, 69 in dover and 710-in wild wood. a closer look at our 24 hour temperature change map shows we are up almost 9 degrees in the poconos. today will be warmer than what we saw yesterday. we're four degrees warmer in philadelphia, three in potstown, five in allentown and our average for this time of year is 76 so we ended summer on a cooler note. now we'll start fall on a warmer note and see our temperatures dropping down as we head into friday a few clouds along cape
11:50 am
may. we have a weather disturbance that is off the carolina coast and as we continue to go through today and tomorrow we'll watch how far north this system goes and this will determine if we see showers models are suggesting the rain stays to the south of us which is great so saturday and sunday, especially sunday when a million people come out to the parkway, saturday 74, breezy and cool, 74 with our chance of showers staying to the south. so we do expect to be dry as of right now. everyday we'll update you on our chance of showers so a closer look at our highs, 08 for philadelphia, 77 in wilmington, 78 in pottstown. mostly sunny and warmer for us, warmer than what we saw yesterday, warmer than our average, seven-day forecast shows we start to drop down as we head into saturday 74 degrees. back to you, denice.
11:51 am
>> taking a live look as we continue our coverage of pope francis in washington, d.c. this is a live look at where pope francis has just made his way inside the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle. you see about 300 u.s. bishops gathered inside to greet pope francis. stay with us as we continue our coverage on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
11:52 am
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>> a live look at the cathedral of st. matthew where pope francis has arrived just a day into what is already a busy schedule here in washington, d.c. hundreds of u.s. bishops have gathered at the cathedral, you can hear, music takes place at the cathedral. the service is set to begin at noontime but the schedule has been running a bit delays so it might take place a few minutes after but there will be a moment of silence after each of the readings. a busy day again for the pontiff after the papal parade in washington. well, the pope's arrival co-insides with one of the holiest days on the jewish calendar. nbc 10 attend add yom kippur service in north philadelphia this morning. yom kippur is known as the jewish day of atonement. it ends a 10-day period of
11:55 am
reflection and repentance that started with rosh hashanah. do you worry about how your coffee habit might be affecting your heart? a new study found no evidence that drinking coffee caused atrial fibrillation, an irregular and normally fast heart rate. the findings held true in people who drank lots of coffee. experts say coffee may still trigger other types of irregular heart beat but more studies are needed. not all vegetables are helpful when it comes to losing weight. scientists look at how specific fruits and vegetables affected weight changes in both men and women. they found each extra service of fruits and non-starchy vegetables was linked to weight loss but starchy vegetables like peas and corn were associated with gaining weight. another look now and all you can see is a roomful of bishops at the cathedral of st. matthew and
11:56 am
pope francis has just entered into the cathedral. you can see him getting ready for the service in washington. you saw him go through the procession on the parade route greeting hundreds of people waiting there for him. now it's time for the midday service before historic events taking place throughout the day today and his meeting with congress tomorrow. but here he is getting ready to speak to u.s. bishops, give his message there at st. matthew cathedral in d.c. one last check of the forecast with brittney shipp and a great start to fall. >> and we were watching live pictures coming out of d.c., beautiful conditions there as well. temperatures in both locations expected to reach 80 degrees. mostly sunny and warmer than what we saw yesterday. beautiful conditions today and tomorrow but maybe this is too warm for you. it will cool things down friday, saturday, sunday in the mid-70s
11:57 am
heading into the week zbend it may be nice for the pope's visit. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for brittney and all of us here, i'm denice nakano, have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> nicole: oh, i should have known. i should have seen right through that sneaky little-- no wonder theresa didn't tell me who her partner was, because she knew exactly how i'd react. >> kate: or maybe she wanted to wait until you were fully vested in the idea of the partnership, and realized that the players aren't as important as the game itself. >> nicole: what theresa and you should have known, if you didn't have your heads so far up your-- what you should have known is there's no way in hell i would have signed off on you being part of basic black. >> justin: yeah, those. >> adrienne: okay. >> justin: so glad you suggested this. allow me. >> adrienne: oh, thank you. so glad you agreed. >> justin: after we signed the divorce papers, i thought there was no going back for us.


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