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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now at 5:00, pope francis getting ready to land in new york city as he continues making history with his first u.s. visit. this is a live look right now at the tarmac at jfk international airport where pope francis is
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about to arrive. he took off about 4:25 this evening. the flight's about an hour long. we're expecting him about 5:30-ish. we'll bring it live to you when it happens. and you saw it, a grand sendoff for the holy father from washington, d.c. he left about 40 minutes ago after a busy day in the capital. he offered a message of unity to a divided nation. he also today addressed a joint session of congress where he made history being the first pope to do that. >> he told lawmakers it's time to work together to solve the world's problems. now he's arriving in new york nipss is a live picture here of st. patrick's cathedral. this will be his very first stop in the big apple. he'll be part of the evening prayers at the cathedral. you can see the many people lining up. right now the road shut down. even if you look two blocks a y
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away, you see people gathering waiting for the pope to arrive. >> all right. here's another live look from jfk international airport where the crowd there is building in anticipation of pope francis. now, he was supposed to arrive at jfk at about 5:00. but that plane did not leave until 4:25 instead of 4:00. so we presume that he'll be arriving at about 5:25 tonight. now that anticipation and excitement is building out there. he's not planning to make any remarks as he touches down. but he will walk to a nearby chopper that you can't see in this screen shot. then he will make his way to downtown manhattan for a bit of a papal procession. the sheer excitement is building. though we can't see them, thousands right now are lining 5th avenue to catch a glimpse of pope francis. this is video from right outside of st. patrick's cathedral. and there are visitors here from all over the world.
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now, one little boy was laying down in the street to save his very own spot. and they came with candles. they had pins and needles for the opportunity to get anywhere close to the pontiff. now, once pope francis arrives by plane at jfk airport, a chopper awaits his holiness. it will take him a half hour to arrive in lower manhattan at the heliport. that's when he will come by means of the pope mobile to st. patrick's for a -- we met one woman that traveled many miles and without a ticket from argentina just to see him. >> translator: it's very emotional. it's a great event to be able to do this with a pope from argentina and to share him. >> and tomorrow morning the pope will address the united nations general say semibly.
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around lunchtime there's a service at the 9/11 memorial and museum. then he visits a school in east harlem followed by a procession through central park that ends with a mass at madison square garden. a live picture from jfk international airport. every time we turn our packs and turn back to this shot, there are more and more people there as we watch police handing out water bottles you see there in the forefront. the vatican city flag, the yellow and white flags. we also saw about five catholic school children in that shot to the left. with bishops awaiting pope francis' arrival. there's also two helicopters out of view. they appear to be marine 1 and 2. those helicopters that president obama is usually seen taking off in. we know bishop nicholas is there. wooil bring it to you as soon as we see -- you know what? i speak too soon.
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divine intervention right there. there is the pope's plane. we can presume the american airlines boeing 77 in the air above new york city. it looks to be preparing to land as we speak. >> now, the pope has made his way ever since about 4:25. been in the air for almost a full hour. we expect him to touch down any time now to a crowd of catholic school families, students that are waiting to greet him and also we understand there are about 45 students who will be waiting on the tarmac to play "new york new york" for him to give him the wonderful greeting that only they expect to give pope francis. but he is in the air right now making his way to jfk international red i do have a couple of services -- one service tonight at 6:30, an even prayer service. and then tomorrow he's going to have a full day of activities. >> it's doiflt tell in this
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picture just how far away this plane is at the moment. it could be some time before it lands. we see that it's leveling off as we speak. you can hear in the background -- if we could pull up the sound from this live picture, you can hear all those people out there. we can merely compare that to what we saw when the pope landed in washington, d.c. setting foot on u.s. soil for the very first time. we saw a lot of people out there on the ground. this shot i can tell you, seems like there's a lot more people. at least they seem to be closer to the tarmac. and they seem to be right up against the hangar too. we'll show you them as soon as we can. of course the focal point up to this point is going to be the boeing 777 carrying pope francis and other dignitaries. countless security agents from vatican city who are of course ensuring his security here in the united states. and we're watching this live with you right now. jfk international airport is where this is.
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the pope landing as we speak. >> you know, new york is getting ready. they are set to roll out the red carpet for the pontiff. about 200 people are waiting on the ground as he has just landed and is now taxiing. it took actually less than an hour for him to get here from washington, d.c. but pope francis as he arrives here at jfk, he is kicking off his new york city leg of his east coast trip. then of course he will be with us in philadelphia. we have cardinal dolan, bishop dimarzio and two other people waiting there at jfk international, waiting at the airport for him to actually come to a stop, for those doors to open, and for that full greeting from this great crowd to welcome him to new york city. >> as we pan to the left, hopefully they will continue to pan. i think the plane is out of the shot right now. ut of view of the cameras there right now. what you won't see are those two helicopte
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helicopters. it looks like marine 1 and 2, the high-tech helicopters president obama would normally be seen in. it looks like two helicopters that resemble that. and that will take him, then, the 13 miles or so to lower manhattan which is where st. patrick's cathedral will be. that's where pope francis will attend vespers. it's a 118-year-old cathedral. we'll show you that picture as soon as it's appropriate. but right now we're on the ground in new york city. there are countless catholic school children there. they will present the pontiff with a bouquet filled with prayers from the 80-plus catholic schools in brooklyn and queens. and this, of course, will be once he lands. you know, we talk so much, denise, about his tight schedule. 6:30 for instance he's got to go to st. patrick's cathedral. but every time we've seen a live picture of the pontiff, we've seen him break away from his
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security detailing with walk over to the count and shake hands. he'll be there kissing babies. we've seen him hug little girls in the past in d.c. so we might expect to see that here. >> the pope of the holy see! [ applause ] >> the pope hit issues near to his heart. to end weapons of war and courageous action on climate change. he also hit on the immigration debate here in the u.s. and the migrant crisis overseas. >> if we want life let us give life. if we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities. >> pope francis also spoke out against abortion, the death penalty, and the arms trade. he said the response to violence in e the world today must be hope, healing, peace, and justice.
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and after he spoke, pope francis was greeted by tens of thousands of onlookers at the capitol. you see them all there. he pope spoke in his native spanish asking people in the crowd to pray for him. it's a plea he traditionally makes. >> translator: and if there are among you any who do not believe or cannot pray, i ask you please to send good wishes my way. >> the pope then traveled from the capitol to st. patrick's church in downtown washington. nbc 10's rosemary connors is in washington. >> that's right. rosemary, i believe the pope attracts a diverse crowd.
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>> reporter: that's right. there were catholics, non-catholics, and plenty of activists. people promoting various causes out on the national mall. their hope this week has been that the pope will influence others to pay attention to their message and their efforts. >> $8, that's my special. >> reporter: the pope's address to congress attracted everyone b. from street vendors to protesters. >> when was the last time that you trembled at the word of god? >> reporter: to activists eager to align their causes with the pope's mission. >> there are a lot of people here that care about our world today. >> reporter: tiara decided to spend the morning on the national mall grateful fa the holy father didn't leave washington without raising the issue of climate change. >> great opportunity to come down here and spread the cause especially with such a huge force behind it in the pope.
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>> he's incredible how he doesn't alienate anyone. >> reporter: immigration was also a big talker. 20-year-old jose montez is a student in los angeles. he's also an undocumented immigrant with deferred action status. >> i was brought over to the states when i was 5. without inspection through the border. i've been here ever since. >> reporter: some of jose's fellow activists for immigration reform will be in philadelphia where they hope francis will continue to shine a light on what's become their life's work. >> any steps that move us forward is a great step. >> reporter: it may have been a diverse crowd, but everybody gathered there peacefully and clapped and cheered in unison when the pope came out especially when he was out on the balcony telling them "god bless america." live in washington, i'm rosemary
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connors. >> thank you. we're continuing to watch the pope as he lands at jfk airport. he'll soon board a helicopter to lower manhattan. and our coverage of the pope will continue in just a few minutes. but first, new at 5:00, police in wilmington opened fire on a man in a wheelchair. he is dead and now police are answering questions about why they had to shoot him. nbc 10's mitch blocker just heard from police. >> reporter: this video shows one view of what happened as wilmington police responded to a call for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> he pulled out a gun. he was trying to shoot himself. >> reporter: shawn owens told us he saw what happened before the video started rolling. >> i think he might have shot himself. probably one or twice. but shot about three in the air. >> reporter: the video picks up after officers arrive. >> show me your hands! drop the gun! >> reporter: what it does show
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is graphic. we've blurred the suspect's face and will freeze the video to be sensitive of what happens. but you hear what happens. [ gunshots ] mayor dennis williams says the officers involved are on leave. that was before he was bumped off by a grieving mother. >> i need answers. >> reporter: do you know is there any other video of this incident? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: police and family tell us the man in the wheelchair is jeremy mcdowell. his sister called him bam. >> it seemed like the pain hurt a little more today than it did yesterday. >> reporter: a memorial is already up, candles burning, as are questions about the deadly use of force. >> why y'all couldn't use rubber bullets to get him out of the wheelchair? >> reporter: why did you have to use deadly force in this situation? >> the officers perceived what was a threat and they responded to it and engaged.
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philadelphia is preparing to welcome the pope saturday morning. and city officials say they're on track to have everything ready when he arrives. nbc 10's george spencer has more. >> reporter: off the ben franklin parkway this afternoon, we watched a motorcade along the pope's parade route. and around the convention center, 17,000 attendees are already in town. it's the local who is may be staying away from spots like reading terminal market. >> i would definitely tell philadelphians to come out to the reading terminal market. we're not as crazy packed as they think we are. >> there's still plenty of time to make your own personal plans to participate -- >> reporter: even as the mayor encouraged last-minute attendees, the city is still preparing for the crowd of 1 million to 1.5 million on the parkway. if tr the philly police department, working without days off to cover the papal events and patrol city neighborhoods, the biggest wild card already seems to be falling our way with
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forecasts for temperatures in the 70s. >> i don't have a lot of worry. the biggest one i had prior to getting the weather reports was a 90-degree day or 95-degree day. >> reporter: the commissioner said again today there are still no credible threats against philly's papal events. early estimates put the economic benefit of all this at more than $400 million. a total that may need to be revisited and possibly revised next week. either way the crowds will be significant and the city on display. >> people will see a city that's rich in history and rich in the future. >> and that was george spencer reporting. nbc 10 is going all out this weekend to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of pope francis' visit of philadelphia starting saturday morning. our team of reporters will be out in philadelphia, the suburbs, and south jersey to bring you all the action live on air and on our nbc 10 news app. coming up later at 5:00, one woman's vow 30 years ago is
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turning into a pilgrimage for dozens from the jersey shore. see how immigrants plan to march on the pope's philadelphia visit with a message for the pontiff. plus the high school band playing for the pope as he leaves the city. we're following a developing story in seattle. four people were killed when a charter bus crashed with a duck boat about a few hours ago. dozens of people are hurt. 50 were evaluated by medics after the cash which also involved two cars. seattle fire officials say the four people killed were on board the charter bus. as we get more information, we will pass it along to you. back to our coverage of pope francis. we are watching live as he moves from washington, d.c. to jfk international airport. that's where this live picture is from right there. that's the american airlines plane he just flew in on. he has arrived on the tarmac. he'll soon board a helicopteico
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out of the screen. bishop dimarzio is there cardinal dolan is there. you see the vatican city yellow and white flags, countless people are there including a lot of catholic school students awaiting the pope. we heard him earlier say some prayers. and from here the pope will take the helicopters to st. patrick's cathedral tonight. catholics were able to see the remains of st. maria ggoretti. it's the first time the remains have traveled outside italy to the united states. for many catholics, st. maria is a powerful symbol of forgiveness as she forgave the man who killed her. >> she is the patriot saint of the youth, patriot saint of rape victims.
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so there's so many different people in any walk of life that can associate with maria. >> and st. maria will also be on display tomorrow. a south philadelphia high school was named after her. and saturday st. maria will continue her tour through the united states by traveling to new york. a 7-year-old boy is being called a hero after a fire broke out in his family's cape may county home. bradley saw flames outside his bedroom window early tuesday morning. the fire was spreading through the house on meadow creek drive and dennis township. the second grader immediately screamed "fire" to wake up his mother and they were both able to escape unhurt. >> the night before i went to bed and just somehow i woke up, i got lucky because i prayed. >> i think it's amazing. he's a hero. if it wasn't for him, i don't know what would have happened. >> what a brave little guy. the house was badly damaged by the fire. it's unclear what started that
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fire. an online fund raising page to help the family has already raised more than $6,000. you saw that plane land in new york. got some ideal weather in many parts of the east. not in the southeastern portion of the country, but in the northeast it's great. we've got cooler winds on the way. the winds coming in off the ocean. going to stay that way for awhile. that's going to lead to some coastal flooding. and we'll have the latest forecast for the papal weekend. sunshine out there, the flag is blowing, the wind is coming in off of the ocean. it's 80 degrees. the relative humidity very low. below 40%. and look at that wind. east at 13 miles an hour. now, that's going to keep these temperatures on the moderate side. got up to over 80 degrees today. not likely to do that for quite a while.
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73, atlantic city international. even with sunny skies because the wind is coming in off of that 70-degree ocean. and so these temperatures at the shore, if anything, they're going to go down as well. and the wind is going to increase. plus we get the times of high tide, that's when we're likely to see some of the coastal flooding along the delaware beaches, portions of delaware bay, cape may county. right on the ocean as well. that's from 5:00 p.m. friday to midnight. just some high clouds around now. that'll just help make it a more beautiful sunset. you can see the swirl in the radar echoes. you can see it's swirling right in the same place. and these echoes are moving straight east to west. not coming up the coast. so the computer models that have been suggesting that, don't appear that they are working out. and the models that have kept the rain to the south continue
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to do so. here we are friday into saturday. yeah, the rain's getting a little closer. it's on the delaware. but still not coming up all the way up to the philadelphia area. so let's go back to denise right now. >> all right, glenn, thank you. we wanted to interrupt you because we wanted to show you pope francis deplaning after landing at jfk international. there he is greeted by a bishop and a cardinal. he has students waiting for him there as he deplanes the american airlines boeing 777. he just landed after being in the air for less than an hour. this is a more intimate crowd that has gathered to greet him. some 200 people here on the tarmac compared to about 1500 just outside washington. but he is here and the crowd is jubilant and happy to see him.
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>> there's some perspective here. this isåz a 78-year-old guy whon the past four or five days has taken countless plane trips first from cuba to d.c. and now from d.c. to new york city. and then saturday morning he'll arrive in philadelphia. and you could see he still has that smile that people have grown to love in the places he's been so far along his u.s. tour. he's greeting those catholic school students right now. this is what they must be doing. they're presenting him with a bouquet. on that bouquet is a list of great things they've been able to accomplish as well as prayers from the 80-plus catholic schools in queens and brooklyn there's three children there, though, looks like three girls. we have seen this countless times so far. him greet the children. they're brought to him on the parade route. you see the picture being taken on a cell phone. or they're actually brought up to him just like this on a tarmac.
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>> so quite the presentation from catholic school students there to present some gifts, some flowers. and as keith had mentioned, a list of prayers and good works they have done. we have some other students also in the crowd prepared to perform for him as well. and as he arrives here in new york, he is -- and as he's handing, you know, just his graces and shaking hands, he has a full day ahead of him. he has a long day, full day tomorrow. but he will now board a helicopter that will make its way to the wall street heliport on 5th street and one of the first items on his itinerary once he is settled down, once that helicopter then lands as he's making his way through jfk here is going to be a short procession on 5th street via motorcade we're so used to seeing. most likely he will be in that fiat that he had traveled in in
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previous -- i should say most previous visit in washington. but there had he is saying hello, greeting all those folks that have come here on the tarmac waiting for him at jfk international. >> i saw this picture about an hour ago and these people were really excited then. i can't imagine what they must be feeling right now as pope francis engages them, reaching over the barrier. you see countless security personnel as well as the bishops, the cardinals there. those vatican city flags, the yellow and white flags. we're going to try to get a good shot of this. over his right shoulder you saw bishop dimarzio. he is the leader of the archdiocese in brooklyn and queens. we're going to work to get you a better picture. just off screen there are those two helicopters as denise was just talking about, to bring him into lower manhattan where he'll be greeted by thousands more people lining madison avenue leading up to st. patrick's
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cathedral. >> and once he's at the cathedral, he'll be welcomed by mayor de blasio, governor cuomo, and more people there at the cathedral. i'm sure along the way there will be people lining the streets to just feel the pope's presence. and we will continue to bring you coverage of pope francis' visit here to new york. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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and we continue to follow pope francis' historic trip here on u.s. soil. there's a better live shot right now from jfk national airport in new york city. you see the pontiff greeting people there on the right side. one thing that just became known, there is a microphone available for him there on the tarmac. it's unclear, though, whether he's expected to deliver a message. what you see, however, is him greeting students that are there, the people that have gathered there for at least the last hour or two as he makes his way closer and closer to the news channel camera that we're using here on the tarmac. >> you know, there were no plans for him to speak as he got off the plane onto the tarmac. but with pope francis, you never know what you're going to find and get. because he kind of goes off the script and does his own thing. here he's greeting folks. >> look at that.
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you know what? on the world meeting of families website, they have all the merchandise you can buy. that's one of them there. i did a story a month ago of the things they were selling. one was a stuffed doll of pope francis. it's funny to see him interact with that. >> he's probably tickled by that fact. now he's made his way away from e the crowd. it looks like he's flanked by secret service heading over to the chopper he's going to be taking to the wall street helipad and the short procession down 5th street where more people lining the streets will be able to see him and be in his presence and actually be there to welcome him to new york. >> for all those people, it's worthwhile for them to be waiting this long. because as we've seen in washington, d.c. in his early stay so far in new york city, he's already spent half his time greeting people face-to-face, one-on-one, approaching them right at the barriers as we see him right here boarding what might be marine 1 and 2. the same helicopters that
5:32 pm
president obama might use. at least the same type. as he turns them to the crowd to give that wave right there. the people's pope. you know, living up to his name. greeting people face-to-face and being very personable with them. so it's worth the wait. >> we should also mention he's running about a half hour behind schedule. but it doesn't matter. because he needs to stop and interact with the crowd. they've waited for him. he knows that. he appreciates that. and he has to give his thanks. he has to make his way through the crowd. being greeted by the catholic school students first who wanted to present him with gifts. and then make his way to the crowd waiting behind the barriers so he can say hello. and he can see the papal doll that was handed to him and he got to handle. and now he's in the chopper getting ready to take off once again after just landing about ten minutes ago in that american airlines plane. but now a different mode of transportation. one that's not necessarily so humble, but still will take him to where he needs to be in a
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good amount of time. >> it's not the fiat 500 of the sky. i can promise you that just by the looks of it. the pope is going to travel here about 13 miles away. that's where he'll land and then make the short trip. we're going to show you that as soon as they begin to take off here on the tarmac. to st. patrick's cathedral in midtown manhattan. that's where he'll attend vespers. we've seen in the live pictures there's about 500 people wait for him. for several blocks. we await takeoff in new york city. as the rotors get going. >> he'll be heading just a short distance away to get to his next destination which will be the wall street helipad in lower manhattan.
5:34 pm
from there he will then get into this motorcade as he so often does. and he will proceed down 5th street to greet all the folks that have waited for him. i'm sure the window wlb down, his hands out waving. >> there's no question. we constantly want to prepare for him making up time on this schedule right now. but with him going out on these processio processions, these motorcades, of course they're going to be to backed up a bit. the next commitment he has is at 6:30 or 6:45. we expect that to be a little bit later as the rotors there are kicking into gear as they prepare to whisk him away to lower manhattan. i checked google maps. it's about a 55 minute ride. we're not certainly going to have that long of a wait to see him on the ground in the streets of manhattan. we talked to cydney long before who's at 30 rockefeller plaza a block or two away from where he's going to be. she's got the perfect vantage
5:35 pm
point we're going the show you. she was giving us a glimpse as to how bad traffic is inman tat han right now. but we're going to check in with her during thistp#! newscast an then also nbc 10 news at 6:00. we are committed here to show you every leg of pope francis' historic trip on u.s. soil for the very first time. >> you know, you talk about the traffic in new york city. we know it's bad just on an average evening for this rush hour at 5:30. but even more so as hundreds of people have gathered outside of st. patrick's cathedral. they have hundreds flanking waiting for the pope's arrival. that's not until 6:45. an hour from now. we know it's probably going to be a little more time before he actually gets there because he still has that procession down 5th street. then he'll make iz way to the cathedral for the evening prayers. we've got local officials that are waiting there for him.
5:36 pm
they'll be in attendance. and then he's got to be resting up after that evening prayer service for a full day of activities in new york. that's going to be the last thing on his agenda. as you can see, he has been traveling from place to place on his itinerary. and just landing not too long ago at jfk by plane and then now getting onto a helicopter after greeting the folks that waiting there on the tarmac for him. >> when he landed in washington, d.c. about two days ago, president obama, first lady michelle obama, also sascha and malia, they were there to greet the pope as he landed. other dignitaries vice president joe biden were out there too. two people missing here you might note mayor de blasio of new york city, governor cuomo. they are expected to be at st. patrick's cathedral. right on cue there it is. about 500 people flank either side of the cathedral.
5:37 pm
you can't miss it. it's a breathtaking sight in new york city. it's on the right side there. you see countless people there. but if you look up the street, you can see all those people packing the streets. those roads are closed. the people wearing black down that street. they include secret service detail, police, nypd and then of course security detail from vatican city, i'm sure, securing that area. that's the route right there that the pope will take on his way to vespers there at st. patrick's cathedral. we're going to make sure to bring you that as soon as it happens, as soon as the pope lands and begins his trek there through new york city. >> the pope of the holy see! [ applause ] a. >> tonight's cathedral visit wraps after his speech in the
5:38 pm
capitol. he spoke to a joint meeting of congress. and when a jersey shore woman visits, it will be the culmination of a vow she made over three decades ago. nbc 10's ted greenburg has that story from long beach island. >> i tear up just the anticipation of being there. >> reporter: cheryl gets goose bumps. >> my gosh. >> reporter: knowing she will be in the presence of pope francis in just three days. >> i wanted to see him and i thought the best way to do it was to rent a bus, not drive. >> reporter: in this case, two buss that will bring the resident and 200 others to philadelphia on sunday for the afternoon papal mass on sunday. >> it's been a tremendous amount of work. >> reporter: a member of st. francis church began organizing the trip months ago. it's been a mission to fulfill a
5:39 pm
promise she made to herself in 1979. living then in bucs county, she was only able to watch pope john paul ii's visit on television. >> i said i will never let this happen again. if a pope comes to philadelphia, i'm going to be there. >> i'm grateful to cheryl for organizing this trip. otherwise i probably would not have gone in. it seemed like an impossible task. >> reporter: people as far away as ohio and even mexico are coming here to get on the buses. we're told five others are on a waiting list. >> some people said they're going to come sunday morning, maybe somebody's not going to show up. >> reporter: for cheryl, it's a pilgrimage of love and support that she's waited 36 years to make. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. more than a hundred latino immigrants from our region are
5:40 pm
planning a march on saturday to hear the pope. nbc 10 spoke with the executive director of a non-profit that fights for the rights of immigrants. 140 people will walk from south philadelphia to independence mall saturday to listen to pope francis speak. they hope his message on immigration is heard loud and clear by american politicians. >> and in this moment right now in this country with people like donald trump who are attacking our community from not a place of love but a place of hate, our hope is that the pope's visit will change hearts and minds. >> 140 people are expected to participate in saturday's vigil and walk which begins at 5:00 a.m. babies and new moms are the focus of a big change in a local hospital. why you may soon not have to go as far to deliver in the lehigh valley. that's next. and it may be time to buy that boat you've been dreaming about if you live in one state
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in our area. the change that could add up to a big break for you.
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all right. the chop ever now lifting off with pope francis inside. it is on the move lifting off from jfk international on its way to lower manhattan. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to bring live pictures and as the pope is on the move. now, with a million people expected to pack center city for this weekend's papal events, having a plan heading into the action will be key. >> that's right. nbc 10 has a new feature that will help you map your way through the masses. vince lattanzio is here now with that. >> we partnered with every block to map out information like where security checks are, where to get free water, transit updates, and where to find the nearest bathrooms to where you are. it's right now on website and our app.
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i have the bathroom information here. you can zoom in. stay if you're at 18th and the benjamin franklin parkway, it will tell you where the closest porta potties are. how many are accessible and also regular porta potties. accessible for people who have disabilities. you can scroll around saying i need to go over here, over there. this is just one part of this feature. we also have schedule information. you can find out what's happening at the festival grounds. and you can also find out what's going on all across the area. now, this is one of the great features we have for you right now on our special papal visit section on the nbc 10 app. you can check out many more through there on that website featured for the historic visit. and you can also find an hour-by-hour guide to when security measures are going into effect. >> thank you very much. moving to this now. the lehigh valley project is on
5:45 pm
the way. to deliver babies for the first time in its 54-year history. today leaders and officials broke ground donning blue hard hats and pink shovels. they will allow the hospital to deliver 2,000 babies a year. it's scheduled to be finished by july 2017. you dream about buying a boat. we'll tell you why now may be e the time to make that dream come true. the change that could have you sailing away. next. and i'm going to be watching falling temperatures and how the weather's shaping up for the papal weekend. are you going to need your rain gear? don't miss my forecast next.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
>> pennsylvania's house of representatives is debating a short-term spending bill.
5:48 pm
it's one vowed to veto. the $11 million plan amounts to four months of funding retroactive to july 1st. republicans say the measure would release $24 billion in federal funds. well, voters in the market for a new vessel in new jersey could get a hefty tax break. the state senate is expected to vote on a bill today that would slash the state's 7% tax on boats by half. lawmakers propose the legislation because marinas and other boat retailers along the coast are suffering because of hurricane sandy and competition from other states where lower taxes. yeah. this weekend could be a rough one for boating or for anybody out at the shore. the rip current risk is going to be high and the wind is going to be pretty high as well with the seas. cooler winds coming in from that
5:49 pm
ocean. and that's going to lead to some coastal flooding during the periods of high tide. and we'll see if it's going to affect the papal weekend forecast at all. we have high, thin clouds out there now. all it's going to do is make for a more spectacular sunset. 80 degrees right now. the relative humidity is pretty low. the temperatures are above average. the average high is 75 for this time of the year. we've been above 80 for the last two days. but that is going to end with enough of the east wind. it will stay cool. it also will cause the coastal flooding from 5:00 p.m. to midnight on friday we may have the same story on saturday and sunday during the high tide periods. for those of you headed to the shore with all the action happening in philadelphia, you got to be careful not only in the boat but also swimming because there aren't any life guards out there. you can see the clouds right now.
5:50 pm
the big moisture is down to the south. you can see it's spinning right around the same old spot. it's not making much progress up to the north. some of the computer models that were suggesting it could come up as early as friday, even those are backing off. so the good old european model we were showing you last friday, keeping all the precipitations to the south, looks like it may win out again. now the wind is definitely coming off the ocean. definitely going to be breezy. a lot of clouds around. but that's as close as the european brings the rain. right near extreme southern portion of delaware. it does not bring it up to the philadelphia area. keeps the low itself way to the south. and so we could potentially get through the weekend without any rain. so just talking about mostly cloudy skies, breezy conditions for both days. so we'll go for mostly cloudy to cloudy at times. the rain most likely to stay south of our area.
5:51 pm
and that of course includes where the eagles are playing on sunday. it's going to be at least partly sunny and temperatures into the upper 60s. kind of cool, but then it's good football weather for that. mostly clear and cool tonight. 60 in philadelphia. 54 north and west. tomorrow, mix of sun and some more clouds. a cooler breeze coming in off the ocean. a little bit stronger wind. knocking the temperature down a little. and we'll knock it down some more as we go into saturday and sunday. and then as we go into next week, it starts getting warmer with temperatures going back into the 80s. >> thank you very much. i'll tell you what. it'll be a performance to remember for some local high school band members. ♪ >> up next, meet the young musicians practicing to play for the pope.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
the pope's visit means a special visit by our own papal expert. >> terry ruggles covered the papal visit in 1979. >> terry came out of retirement to help us look at that visit and compare it to what's happening this weekend. >> and there are some interesting comparisons. yes, indeed. because 36 years ago when pope john paul flew into
5:55 pm
philadelphia, that was actually his first stop here in the delaware valley. ironically when pope francis leaves, he will leave through philadelphia international airport. so we've got paul coming in, francis leaving. and in both cases students from the high school in delaware county have been and are very involved. ♪ >> reporter: the o'hara band has been practicing for months. that's senior caroline dimico conducting. the student conductor and drum major showed me part of what she'll wear when the band says good-bye to pope francis at the airport. >> i'm so excited. it's such an honor and it's something that's really one of a kind. >> reporter: one of a kind in 2015, but in 1979, scott sanford was the drum major when o'hara's band welcomed pope john paul
5:56 pm
ii's visit. sanford says it was a once in a life time opportunity. >> i was excited the whole time. you're talking about a young man of 17. >> reporter: scott and his band from o'hara and a band from cardinal dockerty entertained the thousands who crowded the tarmac to see the holy father. scott presented pope john paul ii with flowers. >> i got to kiss the pope's ring. he gave us both a papal blessing. >> reporter: the pope gave scott a rosary that scott still cherishes today. it happened so quickly. >> interaction was probably 30 seconds to 45 seconds. >> reporter: the meeting lasted less than a minute but it's been a valuable part of scott's life for 36 years. caroline is hoping she meets pope francis, but even if she doesn't, she knows what the o'hara band is doing is very important. >> i think it's a really great opportunity that we get to be the last thing that he's going to remember from america.
5:57 pm
>> just how close caroline will be to the pope this weekend is still to be determined. eight years after scott sanford met the pope in philadelphia, he was a helicopter pilot in the navy and part of the crew who flew president reagan to the vatican to meet pope john paul ii. >> so two memorable occasions for him. >> what are the chances of that? >> i hope caroline meets him. >> me too. not more than she does, of course. >> we'll be right back. terry is giving us great perspective on now and then. take another look at all of the stories by tapping the nbc 10 news app. you can find that and much more information on the pope's visit on the app. it is a free download. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next.
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5:59 pm
♪ right now at 6:00 from our nation's capital to the big apple, pope francis just minutes away from his next public event. this morning the pontiff delivered an historic speech to congress. he urged action on hot button issues from immigration to the death penalty to abortion. >> god bless america.
6:00 pm
>> his presence filled the streets of washington with those just wanting a glimpse. and he wowed them again as he shook hands and waved to the crowd. good evening, again, everyone. looking at live pictures from lower manhattan from the heliport on wall street. he is still in the helicopter. but there's a fiat waiting for him once again as he's going to make his way by motorcade from lower manhattan to midtown manhattan where we understand he will switch to the pope mobile and then make his way down to st. patrick's cathedral to take part in evening vespers. >> this appears to be his favorite mode of transportation, the fiat. it seems to be at every stop waiting for him. he has a few hours of activities left for him before he rests for the night. yes, he


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