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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  December 28, 2015 2:33am-3:02am EST

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this scary dream come true. >> we're going to snorkel, we're going to swim with the stingray. >> yes. >> what are we doing with sharks? this is crazy. i'm swimming with stingrays. this is amazing. and of course the food as fresh as you'd imagine. talk about lunch in paradise, this is the tahitian way. what are the dishes? >> rice, tuna. >> this with coconut. nice. >> after here we have terra root. >> welcome to paradise, welcome to tahiti. >> coming up on extra's mansions and millionaires world's best destinations, the big city hotel stay that comes with red carpet. >> we did the world wide premier for star trek. >> where to find this celebrity filled spot. then from the city to the beach. >> there's only three five star hotels in the entire state of hawaii. we happen to be one of those. >> where to find the essential
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island paradise, next.
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welcome back to extra's mansions and millionaires, world's best destinations. i'm coming to you from the stunning four seasons resort, bora bora. now, another tropical paradise. >> this is no casual hawaiian escape. understated elegance meets the ultimate luxurious experience. >> there's only three five star hotels in the state of hawaii. we happen to be one of those. >> built on 53 acres of coastal charm, the ritz carlton boasts 460 newly renovated rooms. >> more two bedroom suites than any other resort in hawaii. >> starting at 1,000 a night, these spacious suites are luxury apartments inside. but the real appeal, the most amazing view of the pacific. >> families can come in and just relax and have enough space.
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>> upgrade anyone? >> 2600 square feet, $10,000 a night. it is a big hit. tremendous amount of space to spread out and relax. >> huge open dining area. heavenly bedrooms and a balcony large enough to host a luau. a 10,000 square foot tri level pool, cascading waterfalls and cabanas at every turn. if you want to get a little closer to the ocean -- >> we have the beach looking at one of the best surf breaks in the state of hawaii. just a fantastic spot. >> just steps away from the resort, a golfing paradise. kapalua course sits right on the water. and the world renowned plantation course gives you gorgeous panoramic views of the island and one of the toughest rounds you'll ever play. >> we host the honda tournament
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of champions. finish the day at the ritz's signature restaurant the banyan tree. so when should you book? >> may and june is a great time to come to the resort. >> now, if you're looking to add a little desert sun, look at this hot spot in arizona. >> we're here at the resort here in scottsdale, arizona. >> a paradise in the desert complemented by its sister canyon suites. >> basically a resort within a resort. 60 rooms, 40 of which are suites. it's a much more exclusive, intimate experience. >> those presidential suites, 2400 feet of pure indulgence,
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baby grand pianos and more proof that it's fit for a president. >> president obama stayed with us. we've had every single president back to and including president reagan. we offer a canine room service menu. with fresh dog food prepared in-house by our award winning chef. >> also an army of pools, the largest tennis complex in the southwest and 27 holes of championship golf. >> we have three nines. each nine holes gets you a different experience. >> amazing views, challenging shots and remote controlled pool carts. after a long day of relaxing, there's only one way to complete the experience. >> we have over seven restaurants and lounges here on the property. >> the steak house, at the top of the list. >> a steakhouse with a french twist and a touch of asian.
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>> the perfect center of your one stop vacation. >> when you're looking for luxury but enhanced and more exclusive intimate and with an incredible attention to personalization, this is the place you want to stay. >> now it's time to head across the pond to a hotel in london that is quickly becoming an a-list destination. all call this place home when they're in the u.k. >> we needed the cherry to go on top. >> it's an elegant victorian hotel with a 21st century twist. >> we have the largest bedrooms in london at over 450 square feet. the wifi speed is what i call almost nasa speed. >> it's often what attracted the hollywood clientele. >> we did the world wide premier for star trek. also mr. johnny depp and some of the stars are coming back to stay with us just purely on
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leisure time. >> they have seven unique signature penthouses. >> all of them are set over two floors. when you come into a penthouse here, you're feeling as though you're coming into a residence rather than a hotel room or suite. >> the royal penthouse will run you nearly 13 grand a night. but you can enjoy a chic double guest room for just 650. when you want some extra tlc, head to the spa. >> the spa is set over four floors. it's not just the pampering, the well-being, it's also about the wellness. >> you can feast at one of the superb restaurants. >> it's all about the food. >> any hotel in london that's worth its salt must have this tradition. afternoon tea. whether you're a star or just want to feel like one, it's the most luxurious address across the pond.
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coming up, the cliffside island frequented by leo and brad and angie. and the must stay place when you go there. >> a private outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the sea view. >> then -- thank you. introducing the changing face of travel. >> they change in flight to the tahitian dress. >> all the details coming up on extra's mansions and millionaires world's best destinations.
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the island of santorini and a resort group of hotels that is unparalleled.
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located cliff side, the resort is simply a world class getaway. >> we offer privacy and outstanding service. also easy access to the town. >> leo frequents the hot spot. who can blame him? >> it's one of the top four destinations. >> here are five great reasons why. number one, the picture perfect five star hotel. breathtaking one of a kind views complemented by endless whitewashed walls with stunning architecture. the resort hosts two private restaurants catering to guests not only want to enjoy delicious hometown cuisine but also embrace the beautiful blue waters. >> it's a private unique location which is convenient. >> every room features a sea view with a master suite offering complete five star luxury. >> it's a very big room. it has a private outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the sea view.
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also a huge outdoor seating area and a loft. it is fantastic. >> it's one in a collection of five sister hotels. all unique, but with one common denominator, splendor. the spa perfectly blends history and hospitality. they're a spa promoting relaxation and rejuvination. the villa offers two bedrooms and three bathrooms with magnificent views. with only seven villas this is the most intimate and private destination. and sunbathe poolside at its lavish pool whole soaking up the views. and finally the sun rocks
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boutique, a prominent couples only hotel perfect for weddings and honeymoons. five more great reasons to visit, as if you really need them. you know, the best part of coming here to tahiti is that our vacation started on the plane. and i was off to paradise. thank you. air tahiti nui carrying me off to the white sands and the clear blue sea. the best thing about flying air tahiti nui is that your vacation starts the minute you get on board. before escaping to the real life utopia, air tahiti extolling the virtues of this one of a kind airline. >> our polynesian spirit will put them at rest, at ease and in vacation mode the moment they're on board our aircraft. >> i remember if you're taken you put it on this side over your heart.
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and if you're single you put it here, right? >> that's right. >> okay. i'm ready. once in flight, luxury at every turn of my eight-hour journey from l.a. on the modern a-340. >> comfort for our passengers with two by two seating so couples are always seated together. >> the attendants slip into something a little more comfortable. >> they change in flight to the tahitian dress, the parota, which actually in the tahitian language means pretty woman. >> the perfect start to a once in a lifetime get away.
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that's it for "extra's" mansions and millionaires world's best destinations. i'm michael corbett. i want to thank you all for coming along on our amazing global journey. also we want to thank our hosts. thank you to the four seasons, tahiti tourism and air tahiti nui. and of course, hey, mario thank you. we'll see you back at universal. >> thank you. i'm definitely putting that place on the bucket list, man. right now we're going to leave you with a new look at another pretty amazing place, gotham.
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here's a look at batman and superman, the dawn of justice. >> what's your position on the bat vigilante in gotham. >> he thinks he's above the law. >> the daily planet criticizing those who think they're above the law, hypocritical, wouldn't you say? >> the world doesn't share your opinion. >> maybe it's the gotham city in me. we just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns. ♪ >> boys, bruce wayne meets clark kent. i love it. i love bringing people together. how are we? lex, it is a -- wow.
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that is a good grip. you should not pick a fight with this person. ♪ >> you know the oldest line in america, senator? power can ascent. >> you're going to go to war. >> that [ bleep ] brought the war to us. >> you know you can't win this. it's suicide. >> the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. >> sun of krypton versus bat of gotham. >> you're psychotic. >> that is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds. >> it's time you learned what it means to be a mind. if i wanted it, you'd be dead already. >> if man won't kill god, the devil will do it!
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>> what have you done? [ roaring ] >> [ bleep ]. >> is she with you? >> i thought she was with you. ♪
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>> and the prosecution has not given you any explanation why they were there because there is no other explanation other than that they had some connection with the death of dar foley.
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ladies and gentleman of the jury, i submit to you there's more than reasonable doubt. i respectfully ask you to find tom foley "not guilty." >> reporter: then came prosecutor terri norris' turn, and she started by attacking the credibiity of those witnesses who say they saw the cars. >> if you were to believe that all of these vehicles were there, there was a party at the foley home that day with a -- with a bunch of white cars and a black suv. that makes no sense whatsoever, none. >> reporter: terri norris wanted this jury thinking only one thing. >> who had the motive? it's tom foley. whose fingerprints were on the bag of shells in the basement? tom foley. >> tom foley is "guilty" and i'm asking you to bring back that verdict. >> reporter: the outcome of tom's second trial was far from certain. >> what worried you the most? >> just that he was such a nice guy that you would have never guessed that he would've done something like this. >> he didn't seem like a murderer. >> right. >> reporter: and then at the
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fabled eleventh hour, it was time. the jury filed in. were they looking at you? the jurors? >> no, they weren't. i took a couple of deep breaths. and i just -- >> your honor, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> the waiting had -- it had paid off. >> as to count two, not guilty. >> the reaction of tom at the time of the verdict. absolutely incredible. he collapsed to the floor and wept for twenty minutes. unbelievable. >> he got away with murder, but he almost didn't. >> we had it. we had him convicted and to actually have to go back and talk with that family and give them some consoling, how do you do that? >> you're just angry, and you're angry at the jurors, the judge, and there's nothing you can do about it. >> i was more concerned about
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heath at that point, because i knew that he knew his father killed his mother, and i couldn't imagine having to go back and live with the man that killed your mother. >> yeah, get it. >> reporter: tom has regained custody of heath. and he treads very carefully when discussing that tragic day with his boy. >> from him i at least want to know, 'why do you think i did this?' i deserve that answer. and all he could say is, "i don't know who else it could have been." >> reporter: tom says he will never forget dar. >> i still think she's beside me. i'm going to continue to raise our son the way that we wanted him to be raised. >> do you harbor any grudge because of this? >> all i can say is they made a mistake, and that's all i am
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asking is that they search and search and search until they find dee dee's killer. >> reporter: according to prosecutor norris, there would be no point to that search. you're not investigating anymore? >> there's no one to investigate. and there's been no new evidence of anybody else ever having committed this crime. >> reporter: this boyhood hero wrote a whole new set of headlines as an adult, and coldwater may never be the same. as for those who remain convinced of tom's guilt, they cling to the memory of the one they lost and loved so much. >> are you ready? >> reporter: they gathered to release balloons in dar's honor. >> she loved to be the center of attention. so, this is her center of attention. >> two, one. >> they rise closer to where she is at, and hopefully she sees that we're thinking about her. >> we love you, dar.
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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. this sunday, donald trump is still leaping ahead and nothing he says seems to slow him down. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. >> will 2016 will the year the plitolitical establishment gets toppled? i'll be joined by bernie sanders, another outsider who upset the old political order. also, the commander-in-chief test. with america facing challenges on a scale not seen since 9/11, which candidate is best qualified to keep us safe at home and abroad. and film director spike lee on america's gun culture. >> why are we okay with that 88 americans die everyday from gun violence? why are we okay with


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