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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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"nbc 10 news" starts now. right now at 11:00 we're finally seeing the sun this morning. the showers will be making a comeback for some of us a little bit later today. take a look outside at cape may, new jersey. people heading to the shore for the holiday weekend. guess what, you're going to like what's in store. "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is here with the forecast. >> vai, we're already seeing a change in the weather pattern. sunshine in parts of the area. temperatures up to 70 degrees already in parts of the region. lehigh valley was the warmest area yesterday. it's the warmest right now. whitehall, 72.
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easton, 73 degrees even at this hour. landon, 73. reading already at 70 degrees. there's nothing on the radar close by, but you want to keep the umbrellas with you because showers and thunderstorms may be developing later. even the showers in delaware have pretty much moved out, but there's another area of moisture off shore that's moving in our direction and that could potentially affect us later today. so we get up into the mid 70s, but showers and storms developing during the afternoon, maybe even into the evening hours. you can see in the northern western suburbs, showers and storms by later in the afternoon. we're talking about affecting the afternoon rush. lehigh valley as well, get into the mid 70s. maybe a lesser chance of heavy thunderstorms, but we're going to get it in delaware again. that's had rain day after day after day, clouds 72 degrees there. it will be cooler at the jersey
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shore with lower rain chances. you can see, 66 degrees at 2:00. we'll see just how much more we're going to warm up this week, and it's going to be a lot coming up in just a few minutes. >> glenn, we'll see you then. police in delaware county are working to identify the person who opened fire on a car killing one teen and wounding two others nearby. "nbc 10's" pamela osborne is live with an update. pam, what have you uncovered? >> reporter: vai, i did stop in to police headquarters here to get an update on that investigation. i was told the chief wasn't in yet so there weren't any updates available right now. what i can tell you is that investigators believe that the teen who was shot and killed was not the intended target. matt nichols was only 14 years old. this photo was taken two days before he and his cousin, also pictured here, were gunned down outside of a corner store on the city's west side. investigators believe the teens
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were not the intended targets. police recovered 30 shell casings from the corners of pine lane and tenth street. janine shipley is related to the teens. they were all together at the time of the shooting. she was also hit by one of those bullets. >> he knew that there was kids out there. there was kids out there. like no rewards, no nothing. they didn't care. >> reporter: police are offering a reward leading to the arrest while the family hopes and prays the shooter has a change of heart. >> i just want whoever did that to turn themselves in because i know my baby, he did not deserve that. he was a baby. he was a good boy. he was only 14 years old. my other nephew was only 16. please turn yourself in. >> reporter: over the past couple of hours i have made phone calls, i left messages, i've also e-mailed the city. so far we have not heard back yet. over the weekend the mayor's office did release a statement though saying in part that violence will not be tolerated.
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reporting live in chester, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." >> pam, thank you. police are -- we have breaking news right now that we want to share with you. the verdict is in in the trial of baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. a judge has just found officer edward nero not guilty on all counts. nero was one of six baltimore police officers facing charges in connection with gray's arrest and death last april. nero is from gloucester county. he graduated from washington township high school and served as a volunteer firefighter in that area. and here's a live look outside right now at the courthouse in baltimore. we will attempt to get reaction to the verdict, of course, and we'll bring it to you as we get it. meanwhile, police are looking for people behind a home invasion robbery in rocks borrow. investigators say three or four masked men entered a home on domino lane and they took money
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and a cell phone before taking off. no one was hurt. and a fire forced ten people out of their apartments in burlington county. now the red cross is assisting them. flames broke out just before midnight on edgewater park. more than 150 firefighters from surrounding communities helped put and get the situation under control and put the fire out. no one was hurt. one person is recovering this morning after a house fire in west philadelphia. take a look at the scene on north 55th street. this is last night. firefighters rescue one person from a room on the third floor of this home. another person escaped through a second story window. >> and that's when it was like fire right there. they say when you see smoke it's fire right there. i said, smoke, fire. i couldn't see to get on the floor. i thought the window was my best option. >> she said a pot left unattended on the stove may have started this fire. the official cause though is still under investigation.
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and a woman is in custody after a domestic dispute turned deadly montgomery county. police were called to a home on south sixth street in north wales just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. officers say they found a 67-year-old man shot to death in the garage. police arrested a woman in connection with the shooting. they're not saying what the relationship is between the suspect and the victim. and authorities are trying to figure out what caused a south central pennsylvania man to fall to his death from a balcony in ocean city, maryland. ocean city police say 29-year-old jordan hess of chambersburg died shortly after falling from the eighth floor of the stowaway grand hotel saturday night. officials say the incident is being investigated as an accident. from our south jersey bureau, grief counselors are assisting students after a student was killed by an alleged
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drunk driver. students arrived to class for the first time since the tragedy. teens we spoke with said they are deeply saddened by antoine's loss of a young man. they say it turned his life around. 17-year-old antoine timbers jr. was walking home with a friend after leaving wawa early sunday morning. investigators say the two were walking on be the south side of route 130 south near east federal street in burlington when timbers was hit. police arrested 42-year-old riccard patterson and charged him with dui and death resulting. >> did you find out why antoine got hit? yeah, we went to church and i started praying over him. >> took a good life away and i feel bad for his family and everything and his friends that's taking it hard. >> according to his dad antoine was in the rotc and had hoped to join the military.
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police hope surveillance video can help lead them to the men who punched and robbed a man near jim's stakes. he was walking near a sandwich shop when three men came up and attacked him. the men stole the man's iphone and a gold necklace. if you happen to recognize them, you're asked to call police. police arrested two people who they say were in the middle of carrying out a burglary in a camden county home. officers say they were called to the berlin borough house by a 15-year-old resident who hid in the basement after hearing breaking glass in the basement. james clerken was in the home while alexis diamond was sitting in the passenger's seat in a nearby home with the engine running. both are now facing charges. the time now for a check on the roads with "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica
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boying ton. this is right around vare avenue where there was a disabled vehicle over into the center lane. all of that delay has cleared out of the way within the last few moments. good to go on the schuylkill. an accident in abington. some construction also to watch for on broad street between 95 and oregon avenue. that will be there until 4:00 p.m. later on this afternoon. 295 in hamilton township around sloane avenue. not a lot of cars in the area. no problems getting to the new jersey train station over in trenton, new jersey, vai. jessica, thank you. positive train control is now up and running on accept at that's fox chase regional line. ptc is a safety feature that helps reduce the chance of human error by monitoring and controlling a train speed and even stopping a train if necessary. last week the ntsb released a report that said ptc could have prevented the dead liam track
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train derailment in fort richmond last year. in less than an hour doctors and nurses from across the philadelphia area will announce their support for mayor jim kenney's proposed tax on soda and other sugary drinks. the health professionals say the mayor's proposal is the best way to reduce the risk of diabetes and save hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in health costs throughout philadelphia. mayor kenny wants to add a 3 cent per ounce tax on drinks. beverage distributors say the plan would be bad for business. delaware governor jack markell has declared this zika awareness day. they're distributing zika awareness kits today. it shows 279 pregnant women in the u.s. and its territories have tested positive for zika. meantime, democratic lawmakers are calling on their republican
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counterparts to fund the fight against zika. >> the house of representatives ought to get with it and vote the money that's needed so we can stop zika from becoming a scourge this summer here in new york and in the rest of the country. >> house republicans say the obama administration has padded its request for zika money. three months ago the president asked for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to combat the virus. well, the verdict is in for a case that sparked protests and riots in baltimore. a baltimore police officer is found not guilty after he was charged in the death of freddie gray. our coverage of this breaking news story continues ahead. later, history making mission. the move president obama made during his trip to vietnam. glenn? you may need your umbrella again later today, but a big warmup is heading our way. let you know just how hot it's going to get and if that heat is going to last through the
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holiday weekend. that's just ahead.
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searchers continue to hunt for egyptair flight 804, its data and voice recorders in the mediterranean sea. their contents could shed light on why the plane with 66 people on board crashed while en route from paris to cairo. nbc's bill neely reports from cairo. >> reporter: on board a u.s.
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navy search plane and all eyes are on the sea for six hours, 11 crew members scan the water for any sign of life or the missing plane. >> we have a lot of windows throughout the aircraft. everybody's looking out windows. we have a camera on board and we're looking with our camera. >> reporter: but on this mission they see nothing that can help. the search for answers is intensifying. egyptian teams flying over the sea, a robot submarine searching under. >> we have been recovering wreckage, we have been recovering human remains and other parts of the plane. >> reporter: but there's no sign the life vests or clothing have helped investigators find the cause of the plane's disappearance. so the agony deepens for waiting families, for the parents of a young flight attendant, for the father of the pilot who called his son a hero. the pilot had been promoted four
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days before his voice calm as he talked to air traffic control two hours before the crash. >> thank you so much, good day. good night. >> reporter: egypt's president says the investigation could take a long time. the airline has told families that finding the bodies could take weeks or much longer. meanwhile, those critical black box flight recorders will keep sending out signals, pings, for another 3 1/2 weeks and then the batteries will die. so this is a race against time. back to you. >> nbc's bill neely reporting from cairo. meanwhile, dozens of women returning from a church retreat are recovering this morning after a crash on a california highway. their shuttle bus overturned in the san bernardino mountains yesterday. two of the victims are in critical condition. two dozen others were also hurt. police in michigan say a semitruck ran a stop sign at a railroad crossing and collided with this train. the truck driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. he was pulled from his truck after it caught fire.
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the railroad crossing does not have flashing lights or a gate. this morning firefighters in california are battling a brush fire roughly the size of fairmount park. the fire began yesterday afternoon in soledad which is about an hour south of san jose. crews are attacking the fast-moving flames in the ground and the air. so far no one is hurt and no homes have been burned. and a tornado touched down in northern texas sunday. video of the storm shows the power of the wind of the storm hitting the ground southeast of the town of spearman. so far there are no reports of damage or injuries. today's forecast calls for better weather in that area with cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 80s. and parts of west texas also dealt with severe weather yesterday. look at this, two tornadoes were reported near the community of big spring. the storms destroyed one home. the family that lived in that house escaped injury by taking
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shelter in the closet while the damage was widespread. no one was hurt. now your "nbc 10" first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> we've had quite a chilly weekend, but temperatures are already warmer than at any time over the weekend across most of the area. philadelphia up to 69 degrees. didn't even get that warm over the weekend. lehigh valley, warm spot with the sunniest weather at 71. some of the coolest weather of the weekend was in delaware, especially southern delaware, but today it's a different story. 70 degrees. claymont, 70 degrees. further south there have been more clouds. georgetown, 64. that's still warm compared to the weekend. still chilly at the beaches because of that northeast wind and that will continue. look how cool it was over the weekend. saturday only 62. sunday, 66 in philadelphia. the average high is 76, but,
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boy, are we getting warmer as we go through the week. today into the mid 70s. tomorrow near 80. wednesday 84. thursday near 90. going to be complaining about the heat before this week is over and take a look at the seven day forecast in your area. a lot of places getting close to 90 degrees later on during the week. this is the satellite picture to show any clouds in the white. delaware, south jersey still getting some but the dark colors indicating the clear skies from philadelphia northward across most of the area. we do have a lot of clouds out in the ocean. some of that headed in our direction. so we're not totally done with the moisture. could see a few showers coming across delaware bay near cape may and this area of low pressure, this upper air low, you can see the circulation, the showers moving this way and out in the ocean moving up this way moving towards us. and so as we go into the afternoon, more moisture is getting fed.
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we have very cold air high up in the atmosphere. some showers, maybe even thunderstorms are going to be breaking out. now not everybody is going to be seeing rain this afternoon, but some places could see at least briefly heavy rain. less likely at the jersey shore this afternoon as you can see, but we still have chances of showers later tonight and even into tomorrow. a little better chance at the jersey shore tomorrow than today but more areas will be seeing sunshine and temperatures are going to be going up as a result. so temperatures into the mid 70s today. bella vista 76. some sunshine. brief afternoon thunderstorms. 75 with the afternoon storms. allentown getting some storms as well. 77 degrees there. hat ton field, 75. dry, galloway, avalon, maybe even into atlantic city. over the next five days as we head towards the holiday it gets
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warmer and warmer. wednesday finally a dry, sunny day. at the shore it's not going to be as warm. the ocean is in the 50s and so the temperatures even on thursday when it's 90 inland, near 80 at the shore. friday, chance of thunderstorms, 78 at the shore while it's 88 in philadelphia. go through the rest of the ten day period coming up a little bit later. >> we'll see you then, glen. still ahead, caught red handed. i'll tell you why this video cadets marching at west point's graduation is getting so much attention this morning. we'll explain.
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next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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well, six of philadelphia's brightest high school students have earned a spot tow debate sacramento this weekend. it's quite an accomplishment. the group needs your help to make their dream come true. sarah morningstar is asap's debate manager and she's here with kia desilva who's an 11th grader. let's start with you, sarah. tell us what asap is all about and how this team qualified for this amazing tournament. >> sure. well, asap, after school activities partnership, we are a non-profit organization in philadelphia. we support chess, debate, drama, scrabble. i run the philadelphia school debate league for middle and
11:25 am
high school students across the city. we have 50 different schools participated. some of our really talented and committed debaters especially in high school go on to compete at the regional tournaments where they're able to qualify for nationals which is what kia did a few months ago. >> that's pretty amazing. kia, tell us how you got involved in this program. >> sure thing. well, i go to science leadership academy and we have a debate course as part of our school. and asap kind of coordinates that course and coordinates an after school league where we can go debate every week at central high school. i got involved in that weekly debate and got more committed and started doing regional tournaments, outside tournaments. i competed in the national tournament at penn. i've been debating for two years. through asap i've been able to prepare myself for the regional tournaments and qualify in february. >> you know, to debate, i wouldn't know because i've never debated, you've got to be well read and well versed in a range
11:26 am
of subjects and have to be quick on your feet. how do you develop all of those skills at the same time? >> it was really tough kind of at the beginning. we had a debate course which helped us prepare, but it's a lot of researching on our own. we have to write cases for the pro and concede every month for a new resolution. we're working on that for our national competition. we had help. sarah got us a former national champion to help us out writing our cases which was really fun. >> speaking of help, sarah, you're going to need some viewers help to get the kids to sacramento. >> yes. >> tell us what they need and how the viewers can help out. >> we're trying to raise $6,000 to get the kids across the country. plane tickets to sacramento are a little bit expensive. we are 40% of our way towards the goal. we have a website, there's a link you can click on to help support the wonderful high school students as they
11:27 am
make their way across the country. >> we'll provide that link as well. >> thank you. >> for more information and how you can help them get to california so they can win the national championship, you have to go to our website at there's a link there. you can contribute and help the kids get there. thank you very much, sarah and kia. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> you'll do very well. enjoy the sun while it lasts. the showers are returning for some parts of our area. here's a live look at the skyline at center city philadelphia. glen will let us know when we can ditch the umbrellas and pull out the sunglasses and shorts as well. we'll have that just ahead. plus, wentz out west. see why the eagles newest quarterback took the field so far away from south philadelphia.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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now your "nbc 10" first
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alert neighborhood weather. >> a pretty sunny start to the day for much of the area, but you might need your umbrella a little bit later on as you take a look at boathouse row. "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn? >> yeah, sunday was nicer than saturday and today nicer than sunday. tomorrow will be sunnier and even warmer than today. it's already up be to 69 degrees in philadelphia. partly sunny skies. we have other areas with more sunshine like the lehigh valley. a lot of sunshine already. up to 71 degrees. the showers that we've seen this morning moving down to the southwest, even south of washington, d.c., so there's not much around now, but some of this you see out in the ocean, that looks like it's headed in the general direction of new jersey. there is moisture headed this way. it's cold high up in the atmosphere. as it warms up this afternoon,
11:32 am
showers and even thunderstorms are even likely to break out. scattered around the area. not everybody gets it. philadelphia by 2:00, 70 degrees. 6:00, 68. with those showers and thunderstorms. things quiet down by later this evening and the pa suburbs, for example, there's a thunderstorm at 6:00. lehigh valley it's going to take a while before any showers develop. less likely than in the philadelphia area, for example. in new jersey very likely to see some showers and storms this afternoon as temperatures go down towards 6:00. the jersey shore less likely to see any kind of showers today. well, the temperatures today are up a little. they're going to be up a lot more as we head through the week and into the holiday weekend. give you those big numbers coming up. we'll see you then, glenn. police in delaware county are continuing to try to find the person who opened fire on the car over the weekend killing one teen and wounding two others. standing by "nbc 10's" pamela
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osborne is live for us in chester with another update. pam, you spoke to one of the victims? >> reporter: vai, we certainly did. i want to tell you about the investigation though. we've been working to get some more information from police about what's going on. i was told the chief wasn't in yet, but what i can tell you is that investigators say they believe the teen that was killed in that shooting was not the intended target. >> because i know my baby. he did not deserve that. he was a good boy. >> reporter: matt nichols was only 14 years ole. this photo was taken two days before he and his cousin, also pictured here, were gunned down outside of a corner store on the city's west side. investigators believe the teens were not the intended targets. police recovered 30 shell casings from the corners of pine lane and tenth streets. janine shipley is related to the teens. they were all together at the time of the shooting. she was also hit by one of those bullets. >> he knew that there was kids out there. there was kids out there.
11:34 am
like no rewards, no nothing. they didn't care. >> reporter: police are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest while the family hopes and prays the shooter has a change of heart. >> i just want whoever did that to turn theirselves in. >> reporter: and i put in calls, i e-mailed and left messages with the city. so far no word back from them. reporting live in chester, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." pamela, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news from baltimore where a judge acquitted a police officer of assault and other charges in the arrest of freddie gray. the judge also found officer edward nero not guilty of reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. gray died last april, a week after his neck was broken in the back of a police transport van while he was handcuffed and shackled but left unrestrained by a seat belt. nero was one of six officers charged in this case. grays death set off more than a week of protests followed by
11:35 am
looting and rioting in baltimore. officer william porter's manslaughter trial ended in a hung jury in december. the other officers are set to each have separate trials over the summer and into the fall. of course, stay with "nbc 10" and the "nbc 10" app for updates throughout the day on this breaking news. and this morning president obama announced the end to an arms embargo on vietnam that had been in place since the vietnam war. the president is making his first visit to the communist country. vietnam is seen as a crucial u.s. partner in that region of the world. activists and some lawmakers wanted more human rights reforms before the embargo was lifted, but the president is trying to shore up the country as it faces increasingly aggressive china. the president took some time out during his visit to hanoi's presidential palace to feed fish. the two presidents stopped to
11:36 am
toss in some food. obama the third u.s. president to visit vietnam since they restored ties in 1995. president obama talked about a taliban leader killed. the president said taking out mansour is a clear message to do whatever it takes to protect u.s. forces in afghanistan. now to decision 2016. the race is tightening according to polls from nbc news and "the wall street journal" when it comes to the general election, hillary clinton is now just three points ahead of donald trump. that's down from an 11-point lead she had last month. in a rematch -- in a match, rather, between trump and bernie sanders the vermont senator leads by 15 points but clinton has no doubt about who will win the democratic nomination. >> i am going to be the nominee, and i want to spend a lot of my time, as you've seen me do,
11:37 am
really taking on trump because i find what he says, the kind of candidacy he's presenting to pose a danger to our country. >> both clinton and trump are the most unpopular candidates in the history of the nbc news poll. more than 50% of all of those asked have negative opinions of both candidates. you can check out more poll results on the free "nbc 10" app. you can find updates on the lingering contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and what they expect at this year's democratic national convention here in philadelphia. well, opening statements are scheduled to begin today in the murder for hire trial of former illinois police officer drew peterson. peterson faces charges that he tried to hire someone to kill the prosecutor who won the case that sent peterson to prison in 2012. a jury found peterson guilty of murdering his third wife. peterson's attorneys are challenging wire tap evidence in the case which they say was
11:38 am
improperly obtained. and a west point cadet is receiving criticism for her behavior leading up to saturday's graduation ceremony. a facebook ceremony shows her looking at her smartphone as she marched to the ceremony. even though she was distracted she never missed a step. many critics said the cadet lacked discipline and respect. there's no word on the cadet's identity. new eagles quarterback carson wentz has gone hollywood. the birds first round pick was throwing passes on the field at the la coliseum in full uniform, helmet and pads, the whole thing. but it wasn't a game. wentz was one of 40 players taking part in a trading cards shoot. eagles fifth round pick wendel smallwood is also getting his picture taken. >> as a kid you collect all sorts of trading cards, you love trading them with your buddies and everything and now to see myself on a panini card, it's
11:39 am
really special. >> i've been collecting cards as a young guy, getting the guys i get to know, pick myself up and get to look at my own card. it's definitely a blessing. i was very excited when i got one. >> from the timy nice. in addition to poesing for trading cards, they got to learn football. how to secure endorsement deals and to promote product lines. well, it's going to be a first for philadelphia and "nbc 10" wants to take you there for free. we'll have details on the philly pops upcoming memorial salute and how you can get your hands on free tickets for the show. we'll have that up next. glenn? well, some of us are going to be seeing showers later today, but dry weather is in the future and so is the warm weather. maybe even call it hot. let you know how hot it's going to get just ahead.
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it's a first for the birth place of america. philadelphia is known for celebrating plenty of firsts, but philadelphia will host its first ever memorial day concert. the philly pops and the mann center for the performing arts whether perform. frank giodano is here to explain. it's quite interesting that philadelphia hasn't done a show like this ever. so tell us why the pops decided
11:43 am
to partner with the mann theater. >> well, that's why. i'm sitting in the office one day saying not everybody foes to the sea shore and, you know, we have a salute series and memorial day is part of that. why not do a free concert here in philadelphia for -- and be grateful we could co-host this with the mann. >> yeah. they're a great venue. tell us what's in store for the concert. tell us about the concert. >> the concert will be our conductor, the full 65 members of the philadelphia pops and we have two guest artists. we have allison blackwell, philadelphian who's been on broadway and "the lion king." and she was here with carol king. we have hugh panera, another philadelphian, who's famous for his role in "the "phantom of the opera."" >> you were telling me you're
11:44 am
also going to provide complimentary tickets to some people. tell us more about that. >> we provide complimentary tickets to military veterans and current military, first responders, police and firemen, all philadelphia school students, scouting, even to teachers. so we want to fill the place and we want this to be a great memorial day celebration. >> do you have any sense right now, frank, as to what the response will be? >> the response has been great so far. the police have been great. you know, the firemen and it's not just for them. it's to bring their families, as many tickets as they want. the mann's a large facility and that's why we chose the mann, but the gates open at 5:00 and you can come and piccinich. >> oh, fantastic. >> it will be great. the -- >> lay out a blanket? >> lay out a blanket, picnic, and concert is at 7:00.
11:45 am
>> the philly pops memorial salute is happening saturday at 7:00 at the mann center for the performing arts. firefighters, police officers, emergency responders can see the show free. all philadelphia possibublic sc students, teachers can see it for free. we're proud sponsors of the memorial salute. thank you so much for coming in. >> good to see you. ♪ ♪ well, the four remaining finalists on "the voice" will battle it out tonight on "nbc 10." the singers will have to win the votes of the audience to take home the title of "the voice." all of the coaches still have talent in the contest. tune in tonight for the first round of "the voice" finale starting at 8:00 p.m. here on "nbc 10." well, get ready for laughs
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as a brand-new show is coming to nbc. all new variety show starring two popular snl alums. "maya and marty" debuts. thank you both for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> tell me about the show. >> you've got music, celebrity guests. kind of goofy stuff, right? >> goofy stuff, yeah, which is kind of what we both like. we like the goofy stuff. we like it to be a fun, loose hang as marty would say, right? >> yeah. >> just a good time, good vibes. there are so many great people that we have been lucky enough to work with over the years. some friends and some just amazing guests that we've crossed paths with at "saturday night live" and over the years and hopefully it's just -- you know, it's just a revolving door
11:47 am
of all those great people. >> marty, you've joined maya on the 40th anniversary special and lauren michaels is the executive producer of this show as well. what's it like working with him again? >> well, lauren is -- there's no one smarter and there's no one smarter about show business, among other things. i've known loren all the way back to toronto back in the '70s. so -- and we did "three a me mi together. there's a shorthand. he's smart about what needs to be done and he's pro active. >> you did a variety show on nbc a few years ago, maya. tell me how this one is going to be different. >> this one has a guy in it as well and it's different in that it's the combination of the two of us and what that brings, which i think is just a
11:48 am
really -- i love -- >> ♪ we're in it together >> is what he wanted me to say. we really are. i have to say, you know, it's -- forget keeping me on my toes. marty makes me feel funny all the time. it's like when you have -- >> she is funny. >> -- like a beautiful best friend in high school. i'm pretty, too. >> i do believe that's very true. it's the same back at yeah. >> why don't you start it and i'll jump in. >> that's us. i can hear us. ♪ ♪ >> those promos are hilarious. they are just funny. >> great. >> we can't wait to see the show. you can catch the series with the premiere of maya and marty next tuesday, may 31st. rudolph and martin short. thank you both so much for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> best of luck on your show. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> i said that, too. >> what? >> thanks very much. >> i know. i was about to say -- this is true, that --
11:49 am
now your "nbc 10" first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> he was about to say how happy he is that the sun is finally out in new york. that's true there, it's true in philadelphia. washington, d.c., still kind of waiting a little bit. 69 degrees in philadelphia already with at least partly sunny skies. been a while since we've been able to say that. we've had sunshine in much of south jersey. even northern delaware getting sunshine. the showers have moved down even south of washington, but there's more moisture off shore and some of that could be moving our way and that will be changing things as we go into the rest of the day. now we see temperatures going up near 80 degrees tomorrow near reading. bethlehem 75.
11:50 am
easton, 78. it's going to be a little bit lower chance of any kind of showers tomorrow than what we're seeing today. phoenixville at 76 degrees and byberry at 79. fairmount, 80. closing in on the 80 degree mark. you can see your seven day on the bottom of the screen. glassboro, 78 degrees. at the jersey shore we're not likely to get to 80 degrees but we may get to the 70s. it's been in the 50s over the last several days. dover, 78 degrees tomorrow. may actually get a day without seeing any kind of showers around here. we're going to be seeing temperatures not only near 70 but, like i said, near 80 degrees later on during the day tomorrow. we have sunshine out there and the sun is going to be in and out during the afternoon down to the south more sunshine up to
11:51 am
the north and that will be the case today. you can see just a couple little showers left over in parts of delaware but it's very, very light at the moment. you see thunderstorms off shore so the atmosphere is primed to get some showers and storms and let's take a look at what the future cast is saying. 3:00 this afternoon you can see the potential area of showers and heavy thunderstorms across much of the philadelphia area. so not everybody is going to get rained on this afternoon, that's for sure, but there will be some showers and storms, could be some briefly heavy rain and gusty winds, maybe even a little bit of hail in some of these and then things quiet down as we get into tomorrow. then we're going to be seeing temperatures going into the 80 degree range. that is going to be nothing compared to what we see later on during the week.
11:52 am
sunshine on wednesday. near 90 degrees on thursday. friday, chance of showers and storms as we start the memorial day weekend, but at the very least it looks like it's going to be warm. it's going to be nothing like this past weekend has been. temperatures way above average. the average is 76, 77 degrees and we think we're going to be at least close to 80 if not into the 80s for much of the next ten days. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's an all new "ellen" with "the voice" star blake shelton who talks about his new romance with gwen stefani. help wanted at the jersey shore. a push to fill jobs ahead of memorial day weekend. "nbc 10" is there to find out what's available and why there are so many open positions this afternoon on "nbc 10 news" 4. now to an update on a breaking news story in baltimore where a judge acquitted a baltimore police officer with assault charges in the death of freddie gray. the judge found officer nero not guilty of misconduct. gray died a week after his neck was broken in the back of a police transport van while he was handcuffed and shackled
11:56 am
while left unrestrained by a seat belt. nero was one of six officers charged in the case. stay with "nbc 10" and the "nbc 10" app for updates on this breaking news. time now to turn to chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz for a quick look at the weather this afternoon. >> yeah, a whole lot better than what we saw over the weekend. it was only 62 degrees on saturday. 66 yesterday. we're going about 10 degrees above that today, but we will see at least some scattered showers and storms developing during the afternoon. you can follow them on your "nbc 10" app wherever you are. then tomorrow we're up near 80 degrees. by thursday we're up near 90 as we head into the memorial day weekend. i'm sure a lot of people were afraid of this cold, wet, cloudy weather that we've seen much of may was going to last into this weekend, but it looks like it isn't. >> memorial day is a key weekend. thank you, glenn. thanks for watching "nbc 10
11:57 am
news" at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema and all of us here at "nbc 10," have a great day. ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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