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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," a chemical leak in philadelphia forces businesses to evacuate. hear why police are still on the scene in kensington. death toll rising. crews are still finding more bodies in italy after an earthquake devastated parts of the country. but now there are new çconcern. and ryan lochte still in hot water. hear why the olympic swimmer is still facing trouble in rio in the wake of his robbery investigation. nbc 10 news starts now. 5:30, 76 degrees outside. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm lauren mayk. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist bill henley with your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast on this friday. bill? >> lauren, it's a steamy one this morning. we have clouds and even a few showers. you can see a few sprinkles in delaware and south jersey. but the heaviest one was a thunderstorm. it's moving to the east. now thunder and lightning now.
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there is rain just exiting reading right now, moving out of berks county and into northern chester county and into montgomery county as well. the system is moving to the east at 30 miles an hour. so that's going to take it to our area first thing this morning. limerick about to get some of the heavier rainfall. it's moving right along 422. you'll see that quick downpour there. the heaviest rain will pass east -- north of east pikeland. those showers will be -- the beginning of an active day, collegeville, 5:48 and norristown just after 6:00. that rain, though, isolated to just a couple spots this morning. this afternoon, the temperatures take off. we're in the 70s right now. middle 70s. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. it is muggier as well. this afternoon, here come the 90s. that shower or thunderstorm first thing this morning and dry this afternoon. you'll see sunshine, hot and humid conditions for the suburbs and new jersey.
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92 degrees, those showers will be tapering off this morning and in the lehigh valley, warming into the 90s and even at the shore, topping out at 90 degrees this afternoon. a steamy day all around. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in just a couple minutes. first, let's check in on a friday morning with jessica boyington. >> starting off on the schuylkill expressway this morning, a check there. having no problems heading through center city right now. this is the schuylkill expressway around the vine street expressway on and off ramp. that intersection looking great. average speeds clocking into the 60s as well. we're not seeing major problems there. in hatfield township, a water main break on welsh road. cleanup under way there. 422 looks great. we're still in the green. where we typically see the delay, not yet. no big problems or delays and roads are dry. more updates when i'm back in
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ten. tracy? 5:32. right now in philadelphia, police and crews are monitoring a chemical leak in kensington that forced businesses to evacuate the area. >> nbc 10's pamela osborne is live on the scene in kensington. when we saw you about 30 minutes ago you told us about a strong odor in the neighborhood. what's happening out there now? >> yes, lauren, that odor is still pretty evident in the air here. this is g street. if you take a look down the road there, you can see where police have blocked this area off. the street is closed between erie and venango, several hours after a chemical began leaking from its tank in a commercial building here on g street. skyforce 10 was overhead yesterday evening as fire crews and hazmat teams rushed to the area the leaking chemical is divinylbenzene. initially, crews became very concerned because as the liquid chemical solidifies, the temperature rises, posing a risk of explosion. at this point, çthough, crews
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the scene tell us there is very little concern of that happening. as we mentioned last night, they did evacuate businesses in the area. this morning as we've seen as you probably saw in the beginning of our live shot here, we are seeing people going to and from work this morning, nearby where this leak took place. just up the street, there are firefighters standing by, they're keeping an eye on that situation. we know that they're monitoring it and they are hoping to get all of that cleaned up sometime today. reporting live in kensington this morning, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. a philly class sick on its way out at 30th street station. a live look there. amtrak plans to replace that ticking departures board with a digital model. amtrak says the ticking model is outdayed, making it difficult to find replacement parts. there's no timetable for when the board will be replaced. now to the nbc 10 south jersey bureau. an intense manhunt is under way for the person who shot an 8-year-old girl in the head.
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police increased patrols in camden while doctors at cooper university hospital are working to keep gabrielle hill carter alive. meantime, outside her home, balloons are tied to her front porch. that's where she was shot wednesday night. police say at least four men were shooting at each other and hill carter got caught up in the middle of it. the award has been increased to $6,000 for anyone who has information leading to an arrest. 5:35 and 75 degrees outside. we want to warn you about the video in this next story. it shows a car hitting a police officer and then taking off. the officer is recovering in the hospital this morning. here's the moment the car slammed into the sergeant, throwing him 15 feet into the air. investigators have identified him as joseph cain jr., a 26-year veteran from the department. the driver is in jail. you can see collin murphy sitting in the back of a squad car. he's accused of dui and leaving
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the scene of an accident. 5:35. overnight, the death toll from the earthquake in central italy has gone up again. the count is now at 267. crews are still sifting through the rubble right now. aftershocks are becoming a concern. one of the measured at 4.7. scientists have counted more than 470 aftershocks. there are about 400 people being treated at hospitals. it's now been a day and a half since someone was found alive. but crews say they are still considering this a rescue mission. if you have xfinity voice, comcast is providing free calls to italy. that will last through september 25th. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. well, for 20 minutes, crews in camden are going to be spraying mosquitos, if you live in cherry hill, camden county, evesham. you might see the white truck
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driving through your neighborhood. the spray will not harm your pets. the tornado that did this damage in indiana, the weather service says, packed winds of more than 150 miles an hour. this is from the town of kokomo. crews from throughout indiana are headed there to help restore power and clean up debris. indiana governor and republican vice presidential candidate mike pence got a firsthand look at the damage yesterday. at least 12 tornadoes touched down in indiana and ohio on wednesday. no one was seriously hurt. take a look at one of those tornadoes tearing through çohi. at one point you can see it blast an empty mobile home to bits. thousands of homes were damaged or left without power. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now a criminal defendant in brazil. the gold medalist is charged with filing a false robbery report. he apologized days after a drunken incident in rio, you remember, that he tried to pass off as an armed robbery.
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the swimmer is back in the u.s. nbc 10 asked criminal law experts who told us that lochte cannot be extradited to brazil but if he travels abroad, he could risk extradition. local defense attorney theodore simon told us even if lochte stays in the u.s., he may have to deal with this. >> he potentially could be exposed to other legal proceedings by way of a deposition or interrogation here. >> the most ironic thing about this entire case is, had he just told the exact truth of what happen, i think americans would have been sympathetic. >> one expert said lochte may face a similar fine to what a teammate in the case paid, which is $11,000. ryan lochte lost several responsers in wake of that rio controversy. >> last night he landed a new endorsement deal. he's a spokesman for pine brothers throat drops. the company's slogan proclaims its product is forgiving on your throat. pine brothers says people should give lochte a second chance.
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last night, lochte tweeted, thanks to all the folks at pine brothers for your confidence in me. i look forward to making you proud. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> heading out right now, i am tracking a few scattered showers this morning. these morning showers will not last into this afternoon. this afternoon will be a steamy one. hot, humid conditions. the humidity late this afternoon and this evening will be dropping. we're still looking at a warm evening with scattered clouds. by then, any showers completely out of the picture. in fact, these will end this morning. doppler radar showing one area, especially active this morning. that was a thunderstorm that moved through central pennsylvania. now it's producing pretty good rain coming through the pottstown area and those heavier downpours, just inside of roy yearsburg right now. the heavy downpour approaching north lewis road and main street. moving to the east at 30 miles an hour, you'll see it on west
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linfield road as well. we have a few more scattered light showers, isolated stuff in delaware. in dover right now, that is a heavy downpour there. it will be out of the picture as the morning progresses. we will see sunshine today and the temperatures will respond. 75 degrees this morning. it's starting off warmer. near 90 degrees at noontime and into the 90s this afternoon. suburbs, sunny skies, 75. any showers will be out of here later this morning. 82 degrees and then near 90 degrees this afternoon. elevated humidity this afternoon will make it feel like it's in the middle 90s in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. 90 degrees at 2:00 and 90 this afternoon. but look at the winds, they will shift during the day, become more northwesterly. so the humidity will start dropping during the day today. but you really won't feel it all that much until tonight and over the weekend. the lower humidity. today, steamy in new jersey, 88 degrees at lunch time and then into the 90s. so the 70s that we're in right
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now won't last long. it's 78 degrees at the shore. low 80s at 10:00. look at the temperatures responding there, too, with a westerly wind at 11 miles an hour. that's a land breeze. near 90 degrees this afternoon at the shore and çdelaware, sunshine after some clouds this morning. 74 degrees right now. add more than 10 to that by 10:00 this monrning and here coe the 90s. we need rainfall. take a look at what you can expect to see some of that with the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. jessica is keeping an eye on the blue route. >> where exactly, jess? >> ridge pike, no big problems or delays. a lot of cars starting to make their way out the door, lauren and tracy. southbound, the drive time from the pa turnpike to the schuylkill expressway, still a four-minute trip. southbound and northbound right on the blue route, no big problems or delays so far. you're good to go. in new castle, over in delaware, watch for construction headed southbound off of 295.
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coming off of the bridge area between route 9 and 95, a few lanes lost there. here's the white horse pike in collingswood circle. everything moving along. a couple cars out on the roads as well. most of the roads look like that, where there's a couple of cars and no big problems or delays. hatfield township, a water main break on welsh road and squirrel lane. mass transit looks great. everything running pretty much on time for septa, patco, d.a.r.t., new jersey transit and amtrak. lauren? >> thanks, jessica. several lawmakers being sued over a religious issue. hear why several organizations are filing suit and how prayers are involved. plus, a video you'll only see on nbc 10. a volunteer firefighter taken into custody in bucks county. we'll tell you what the 18-year-old is accused of doing.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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5:45. good morning, delaware conte. here's a live look this morning along lancaster avenue in wayne, in front of the wayne square shopping center. 72 degrees, bill henley has your forecast coming up. now to decision 2016. it's reaching a new level of attack with both major presidential candidates now trading charges of bigotry. >> trump is reinforcing harmful
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stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. it's a disturbing preview of what kind of president he'd be. >> in nevada yesterday, clinton said trump is peddling bigotry and paranoia. she also accused her rifle val allowing a radical african toth take over the republican party. >> when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist, they keep saying it, you're racist. >> trump told supporters in new hampshire the democrats consistently failed minority communities. he accused clinton of seeing african-american and hispanic allies as votes to be collected, then ignored. 5:46. the woman killed in a zip line accident in new castle county disconnected herself from a safety system before the deadly fall.
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that's according to the zip line operator at the state park in bear. tina werner of felton was standing on a platform about 35 feet in the air waiting to get on a zip line when she fell. werner's daughter says zip lining was on her mother's bucket list. state police investigate the case do not suspect foul play. the zip line company go ape says its crews inspected the entire course and the platform where wa werner fell and fond it was safe and nothing is broken. the course is currently closed out of respect for werner. police in bucks county arrested a former volunteer firefighter. eric ward is accused of taking videos and expolicive sexually pictures of three girls, one was only 14. he's charged with computer theft and invasion of privacy.
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they don't want to feel pressure to stand before prayer before sessions of the pennsylvania house of representatives. the policy of making people stand violates the first amendment by coercing people to participate in prayer. the house republican spokesman said the practice of pressuring people to stand during opening invocations has ended. well, delaware is getting set to clean up its coast. and the state wants your help. registration is now open for the annual delaware coastal çclean, september 17th at 53 river and shoreline sites up and down the state. last year, nearly 1,500 volunteers collected nearly 8 tons of trash. logon to to find out how you can register. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 12 minutes before 5:00. we're just about half an hour away from sunrise. we'll see sunshine. but you can see in this live view from sea isle city, there are clouds around this morning. those clouds not producing any
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showers at sea isle. these clouds will clear out and you'll see bright sunshine at the shore. there are sprinkles moving through the dover area, just heading into delaware bay. see an isolated shower in cumberland county. more impressive is the wet weather moving through chester and montgomery county. pottstown, phoenixville, you're about to get rainfall right now. that will be heading towards norristown. don't be surprised if you see wind shield wipers going first thing this morning. then we dry out for the rest of the day. those showers way to the west are going to skip us. the next round of showers not going to be coming into the area until after the weekend. steam heat today, you'll really feel it. the temperatures soar into the 90s this afternoon. it will feel like 100 degrees this afternoon. the feels like temperature, 98 degrees at 2:00. the actual temperature will be at 92 degrees at this hour. the temperatures climb back to
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near 90 degrees in philadelphia on saturday and again on sunday. you're looking for cooler weather, the shore, even cooler on sunday with a high of 81. the humidity a bit lower come sunday. the weekend is looking good. next chance of some showers and thunderstorms, well, for the shore doesn't look like that for the next five days. into next week, the temperatures in the low 80s. but for the philadelphia area, 90 degrees tuesday afternoon. and the chance of some showers and thunderstorms, well, that's a one-day affair. because of the 10 day on 10 shows them clearing out for wednesday, thursday and friday. look at the 90s. we're in for at least one more heat wave before we get a nice weekend next weekend. temperatures in the middle 80s. and this weekend will be nice, too. once we get past the day, conditions will be improving quite a bit for saturday and sunday. tracy, lauren? >> looks good. 10 day on 10, always good for making plans. ten minutes before 6:00. let's get you to work and check
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309. >> jessica boyington joining us for that. what are you seeing? >> this is what most of our majors look like right now. we're not seeing major volume yet. typically a friday and a monday in the summer. usually are lighter in terms of volume with a lot of traffic. because everybody is down the shore, they take longer weekends. route 309, the pa turnpike, looking the same. not a lot of cars there. there is construction, that will be an active scene until september 7th. here's the garden state parkway around the great egg toll plaza, summers point, heading down the shore early, a good time to go now. watch for construction work headed southbound. you can see flashing lights up in that direction right here. i'll have more updates for you, though, on your morning drive. we'll start to pick up on volume when i come back. lauren? >> thanks, jessica. 5:51. we'll see you in a century.
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ahead, we'll tell you the story behind this metal box. that's what we'll seeç in a century. good-bye, chooch. carlos ruiz is trading in the red and white pin streep stripe dodger blue. we'll tell you about his trade to l.a. the winner of the high school football game of the week, it was a close vote. with 49%, upper darby at bonner frie prendie pulled out the win.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington check on the road for you really quickly. we're watching over in the lehigh valley. here's 78 right around lehigh street. a couple cars on the roads there. no big problems or delays.ç you'll be good to go. we'll head out in new jersey on the garden state parkway and more areas in new jersey, some construction spots as well when i come back. well, as if you don't have enough to worry about, a new study says philadelphia will be the most wrinkle prone city in the country by 2040.
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roc skin care and sperling best places looked at this. so why did philly make the top spot on the list? high stress levels, pollution, long commutes and smoking rates. i hope they're wrong. philadelphia is celebrating the past century of our national parks by sending some of its present into the future. >> nbc 10 was at the founders day picnic on independence mall yesterday where this time capsule was bauerried. the silver box contains an old-fashion key to independence hall, a hundred dollar bill and items from the national park service. created exactly a century ago. officials hope the capsule will preserve the spirit of democracy. >> things are so different now than they were in 1916. we expect they'll be pretty different in 2116. >> the national parks time capsule is buried in the shadow of independence hall.
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carlos ruiz is no longer a philly. >> yesterday, the phils traded their veteran catcher to the los angeles dodgers. chooch is the third member of the 2008 world series champs to be traded to the dodgers. here's ruiz on what he'll remember most about his time in philadelphia. >> that night when i got a call, i made it to the big league. that was my goal when i was a little kid, and also, you know, the world series in '08. >> very nice. in return for ruiz and cash, the phillies got another veteran catcher, aj ellis. they'll receive tommy bergjans and a player to be named later. a chemical spill in a philadelphia neighborhood has
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police on alert. >> coming up next at 6:00, an update from the scene in kensington as crews face a potential problem when the sun comes up. we'll take you to central pennsylvania, home of the little league world series and we'll take a closer look at this camera shot.
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chemical spill concerns. right now police are keeping an eye on a leak at a kensington warehouse. soggy streets. crews are making repairs after water washes through west philadelphia. the future on the rails. vice president joe biden will visit our area today and is expected to announce a deal for high-speed trains. nbc 10 news starts now. >> it is 6:00 a.m. we've made it to friday. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm lauren mayk. it is going to be a hot one out there today. even though we are glad it's friday, we are going to be looking forward to maybe some


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