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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the search is on. police in philadelphia are trying to track down the hit-and-run driver who they say killed a motorcyclist. and heading south of the border. republican nominee donald trump is about to take an unexpected trip hours before a big speech. and heat wave, day six. is relief in sight anytime soon? good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the search continues for a driver who took off after a deadly motorcycle accident. a gmc yukon collided with a motorcycle at the intersection of whitaker and loudoun avenues in juniata park. police fold a trail of motor oil and antifreeze and found the
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yukon abandoned with the plates removed. they're tracking down the owner right now. the 58-year-old victim lived a few blocks from the scene. and an overturned tractor-trailer is causing problems on a delaware road. this is exclusive video of rescue efforts shortly after the wreck happened. police say the big rig was coming off of i-295 at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control. the truck crossed several southbound lanes of i-95 before crashing and rolling on to its side near the basin road exit. driver who is saw the crash called 911 and then helped the truck driver and his passenger get out safely. we talked to the driver of the other car hit during the crash. >> the truck tried coming between the lanes. he tried to cut over, knowing he was all the way in the far lane. he tried to cut into my lane. so he hit my car, left my car whole up. >> the basin road exit is still closed for the cleanup and the investigation. and new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a man
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dead next to some tennis courts in germantown. the victim was found just after 6:00 this morning on west abbottsford avenue. he had four bullet wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. there are no arrests. and philadelphia police are looking for two gunmen who shot and wounded three people leaving a corner store. one of the victims is a 12-year-old girl. the shooting happened on west clearfield street around 6:30 last night. the 12-year-old was at the glass door when the shots went off, hitting her in the right thigh. police say she and a man who were hit in the ankle are both listed in stable condition but another man hit in the neck is in critical condition. police recovered two guns. republican presidential nominee donald trump will travel to mexico today. he'll meet with mexico's president. both men confirmed the last-minute trip last night via twitter. the meeting will happen just hours before trump delivers a major speech on immigration. that's scheduled tonight in
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arizona. trump has made illegal immigration and the centerpiece of his campaign, pushing for a wall along the u.s. border with mexico and saying mexico would pay for it. mexico's president invited both trump and hillary clinton to meet with him. a senior clinton campaign official told nbc news that she is looking forward to talking with the mexican president at the appropriate time. meanwhile, here in philadelphia today, you can register to vote at the city hall courtyard. the voter registration event runs from noon to 4:00 p.m. and you must register by october 11th in order to vote on november 8th. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will campaign in bethlehem today. that follows this appearance in lancaster last night. mccain is on his first solo swing through pennsylvania and hitting trump hard for not releasing his tax returns. take a listen. >> richard nixon released his tax returns. if you can't come up to the ethical standard of richard nixon, you should not be within
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ten time zones of being commander in chief. >> kaine also said voters have a right to know more about trump's business dealings and his health. he made last night's pitch in a county that traditionally votes republican. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, the heat continues, as we give you a live look right now at boathouse row, where our heat wave will enter its sixth day, as we come to the end of the hottest august ever recorded in our area. but the end of that heat wave is near. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. hey, glenn. >> hey, vai. but it's not going to be the last heat wave of entire season. we've got another one coming next week, i think. we've got a lot of sunshine out there right now, and that's going to allow the temperature to get up above 90 degrees again. we hit 93 monday, 90 yesterday, and looks like around 92 today. but not tomorrow. down to 85 degrees, closer to
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the average of 83. we're already at 83 degrees in philadelphia. low 80s, just about everywhere else. 85 atlantic city international, but it feels like it's 88 there. it feels like 93 in dover. so the humidity is up and we also have the threat of some showers and thunderstorms coming in tonight. let's take a look at the forecast here, as we go through the day, temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. not expecting any kind of showers or storms for the afternoon rush. philadelphia, p.a. suburbs, there it is. 10:00, lehigh valley could come even a little earlier than that, 8:00, 9:00. but that's the idea. and then the philadelphia threat is generally after 10:00. you can see the temperatures well above average, all the way through the area, the jersey shore, though, getting a nice sea breeze. we've got some problems at the
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shore related to three tropical systems. we'll get into that a little later. >> all right. we'll see you then, glenn. two strangers jumped into action to save a baby left in a car on a hot summer day. >> i said, oh, my gosh, there's a baby in the car, we need to get help. >> reporter: two people passing by a car in monmouth county parking lot yesterday heard a 4-month-old baby crying. one of the people used a sledgehammer he got from his own car to knock out the passenger side window and get the baby out. >> her head looked like a tomato. her head, fingers, and toes were all red. >> i took the onesie and soaked it with water and cooled down her feet and her neck and her head and she started to really perk up. >> police say the baby's mother left the child in the backseat of a minivan while she went shopping in kohl's. when the baby's mother returned, she was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. good common sense. don't leave your children in the car.
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>> time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. what are you seeing out there? >> and i want to add, don't leave your pets in the car either, vai. we'll start with an accident scene right now out in lower marion. schuylkill expressway along waiverly road. it is causing some delays. when we take a look at our schuylkill cameras around belmont avenue. the westbound side at a slow grow. that's approaching the scene, but some lanes lock there had. and eastbound doing a bit better, but that westbound drive time, 30 minutes right now. westbound from center city, at the vine street expressway, to the blue route, speeds are in the 20s. you'll see some delays there. out in cheltenham, there's an accident right around glenside avenue. and from earlier monday morning, from that church fire, good shepherd presbyterian church, we have some closures in place. lansdowne avenue between marlin and 52nd street. watch for crews cleaning up. happening now, delaware's governor is signing a bill that will increase the penalties for
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distracted drive. governor jack markell is in wilmington to sign the bill that will double the initial sign for texting and handheld cell phone use while driving. first offense fined will go up from $50 to $100 and fines for later events will increase from $200 to $300. happening today, a south philadelphia community will take up the fight over parking spaces. we're talking about parking in the median along broad street. it's already legal, but rarely it's ever enforced. well, that may soon change. a group called taking our south philadelphia streets back will meet tonight at 6:00 p.m. at broad street to get more signatures and a petition to keep the parking. happening now at this hour, the delaware county council is marking international overdose awareness day. the use of the antidote narcan has saved people from overdoses. today the focus is helping on overdose survivors and addicts recover from drug abuse. members of the county's recovery specialist program, which launched in april, will talk
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about connecting overdose survivors with treatment programs. also new this morning, philadelphia city leaders lay out the plans for this year's million-father march. councilman curtis jones jr. and community organizers were joined by schoolchildren who have signed a non-violence pledge. the million-father march takes place on the first day of school, with dads taking their kids to school. it's the beginning of a year-long commitment of black men to their children's educational success. >> we're going to encourage more men to come out. please encourage more men to be involved in the education and keeping safe of our children. >> this is the ninth year that philadelphia will be one of some 800 cities taking part in the march. >> well, there will soon be two new members of the f. eagles' hall of fame. the eagles announced last night that jeremiah trotter will be
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inducted into the team's hall of fame this season. he's been with the eagles for eight seasons and a part of the nfc championship team in 2004. and going in with trot will be meryl reece. meryl has been calling eagles games for some 40 years now, since 1977. the pair will be inducted on monday, november 28th, at the link, when the eagles play host of green bay packers. nbc 10 is the official station of eagles. don't miss the bird's final preseason game right here tomorrow night at 7:00, when they play the jets at the link. join us before and after the game for exclusive interviews and coverage you just won't see anywhere else. happening today, in less than an hour, philadelphia will celebrate its soul. fans, players, and owners of the philadelphia soul arena football team will hold a rally at noon to honor the arena bull champions. team executive ron dworski will be there. the soul beat the arizona rattlers last friday night to
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claim their second arena football league world championship in their 11-season existence. at 2:00 p.m., the team will then move to chicky's and pete's in south philly, where the party will really get started. an explosive situation at one gas station. a driver knocks over a pump and ignites a fire with children nearby. find out what happened next. a standoff and an arrest. we have the details on what led to singer chris brown's latest legal troubles. glenn? >> and we're tracking three tropical systems out in the atlantic. they're affecting the oceans, and i'll show you which days are going to be more dangerous at our shore because of that, ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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take a look at this. a driver in connecticut backed up into a gas pump by accident and it sparked this fire. and the whole thing was caught on tape. the pump tipped on to a second car with two children inside of that car. and you can see this video. the driver was able to pull the kids from the car before it went up in flames. also, the store clerk hit the emergency shutoff for the gas, and police say that helped avert a major tragedy. and a close call for people at an rv park near reno, nevada. a small plane crashed and burst into flames there yesterday. no one on the ground was hurt. authorities are not commenting about who was in the plane. one witness said that it sounded as if the plane's engine had stalled. the investigation into the cause continues. five chicago police officers
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are being fired in the fatal shooting of teenager laquan mcdonald in 2014. mcdonald, who was black, was shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke. other officers said that mcdonald had lunged at police before he was shot. but dash cam footage of the incident contradicted their testimony. van dyke faces murder charges. the other four are being fired or accused of giving false testimony. the chicago police board must still approve the firings. [ screaming ] georgia police officers recovering after this confrontation during a traffic stop. the officer stopped the woman for speeding saturday. she refused to cooperate and then sped off, dragging the officer with her. he was treated for a concussion and a leg injury. the driver surrendered to police yesterday. and singer chris brown is out of jail this morning on $250,000 bail. los angeles police arrested him yesterday after an hours-long standoff outside of his mansion. according to investigators, a
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woman claimed the 27-year-old threatened her with a gun at his house. the lapd responded, but brown refused to come out. and instead took to social media. >> have you seen my house?! i'm going to barricade myself in the palace. i'm not coming out! >> it took hours for police to convince him to come out of his home. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon and could face prison time. brown has been in trouble before. in 2009, he was convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend, rihanna. protests are now planned in anticipation of brock turner's release from jail this friday. he's a former stanford university athlete, convicted of sexually assaulting a woman on campus. more on this story from nbc's goti schwartz. >> reporter: it was the conviction and lenient sentence that stirred a national uproar. former stanford swimmer, brock turner, set to be released friday from santa clarita county jail, after serving just 90 days, following three felony
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convictions for sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious female. the victim's letter of outrage to turner going viral, viewed nearly 18 million times. in it, she said, you cannot give me back the life i had before that night. vice president joe biden also weighing in with an emotional letter to the young woman, writing, "a lot of people failed you. i believe you. it's not your fault." all of this igniting a firestorm against santa clarita superior court judge, aaron persky, who presided over the case. nearly 1.8 million people signed a petition for him to be removed from the bench. last week, persky voluntarily stepped down from criminal court and now will only preside over civil court trials. california state legislators also made some changes recently passing a bill to the governor, closing a loophole that loud for such short sentences. under the new law, if brock turner's case was tried today, he would serve a minimum three years behind bars. turner has been banned from ever setting foot on campus again,
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but has left an indelible mark on stanford university. >> this entire case just shows that if you commit sexual assault to an unconscious woman on the stanford campus, in california, that you spend a summer internship in jail. >> that was goddy schwartz reporting. turner will be required to register on the sex offender's list for life. and we will have three years' probation which means performing drug tests and can't be in possession or consume alcohol. the first commercial flight from the u.s. to cuba should be landing any minute now. the flight took off from ft. lauderdale this morning. the last time there was a regular air service to cuba was before the cold war started. this jetblue flight opens a new era of air travel. some 300 flights a week will connect the u.s. with cuba. and people on hawaii's big island are getting ready for what could be the first hurricane to make landfall in hawaii in years. hurricane madeleine could arrive
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within the next 36 hours. crews have started to board up buildings and stack sandbags on highways prone to flooding. madeleine has weakened to a category 1 storm. meanwhile, down the shore, swimmers should be careful today. there are knee-deep to waist-deep restrictions still in place today. in ocean city, the rip current risk signs are posted all along the beach. also, boogie boards and floats are not allowed in the water because of these dangerous rip currents along that shore. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. and those waves are caused by storms thousands of miles away. this is gaston and it's a major hurricane and it's just spinning way, way out in the atlantic. and those waves are coming all the way across. day after day after day. we have a tropical depression not that far from us. that will be moving out. we've got another tropical
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depression in the gulf of mexico. that could be leading to some surf problems, as we go into the weekend. this is that new system, and it's small, and a lot of thunderstorms with it. and it's obviously tracking to the northeast. so that's not going to be a direct affect. it's just going to churn up the waves some more. this one does look like it's about to become a tropical storm. you can see tremendous amounts of thunderstorms there, but we're still trying to find the organized center and a hurricane hunter plane will go out there, probably by the end of the day. this will be a tropical storm. and part of the problem with this, multiple problems, the first one is, that it's going to strengthen and head right toward the florida panhandle. hurricane watch in effect. then it goes back into the atlantic, right near the north carolina coast, according to many of the computer models, pretty much agreeing on this. and that's friday.
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that'll churn up the water some more. and then, as we go into the labor day weekend, the computer models start to diverge. some of them taking it right out to sea, and others do get it a little bit closer to the coast. of course, the closer it is, the more problems there are going to be. so today, we've got moderate rip currents at the shore. that is going to diminish the next two days. we've got lower currents thursday and friday. but because of that next storm coming up, we may have dangerous rip currents, even more dangerous than today for saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures in the 80s now, even at the shore. very light sea breeze, ocean temperature, 77 degrees. and the temperatures, look at this, after today's 92, nice and comfortable as we head through the weekend, but next week, it's really going to start to heat up. we do expect some showers to be
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developing. this is more likely this evening and overnight some of these could be thunderstorms moving through, and by the bulk of the morning rush tomorrow, it will already be gone and the less-humid air will be coming in. so we really have some nice, comfortable weather, if we could just get away from the problems at the beaches. look at these forecasts here for all of the area of the jersey shore. a beautiful weekend, the way it looks. but we'll have to keep an eye on the tropics. >> all right. thank you, glenn. concerns about the zika virus are prompting disney east florida theme parks to take action. find out the steps they're taking to protect their guests from the virus. we'll have that, coming up. and another benefit of breast milk. a study finds one more way to protect the health of newborns.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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disney world and over florida theme parks are adding free mosquito repellant to their guest services. it's in response to the spread of the zika virus in florida. starting sunday, walt disney world will provide free bug spray. universal, sea world, bush gardens and adventure island will also have spray available at guest service locations. there have been more than 40 locally transmitted cases of the zika virus in florida. and more proof that breast is best, when it comes to feeding your baby. a new study finds that a type of
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sugar found in breast milk could protect babies from one kind of life-threatening infection. strep "b" is the most common cause of meningitis and sepsis in a newborn's first week of life. researchers found unique sugars found in a mother's breast milk can kill that bacteria. and there's been a lot of controversy lately over the cost of potentially life-saving epipens, but it turns out the cost depends on where you live. we'll show you where people are able to find them for a much lower price. we'll have that, coming up. and it's video police want you to see. clues captured on camera that could help catch the men behind a robber ay and a shooting.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. checking out our nbc 10 headlines, philadelphia police are looking for the driver of a gmc yukon involved in a deadly
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hit-and-run crash in juniata park. the yukon hit and killed a motorcyclist and then left the scene. the police found a track of oil and antifreeze and found the yukon abandoned with the plate removed. and philadelphia police are looking for two gunmen who shot and wounded three people leaving a corner store. one of the victims is a 12-year-old girl. she's going to be okay. another man is in critical condition. and trouble today for drivers in new castle county. the exit ramp from i-95 south on basin road in newport, delaware, is still closed this afternoon, after a traffic trailer crashed overnight. only nbc 10 cameras were there as fellow drivers helped a man out from behind the wheel of this flipped over big rig. and now to decision 2016. the day of twists and turns for donald trump. he is meeting the mexican president in about an hour in mexico. >> in a campaign full of twists, this among the most surprising.
11:31 am
donald trump and mexican president enrique penito confirm overnight that they'll meet today in mexico. the mexican president saying, "i believe in dialogue to promote mexican interests around the world, and mainly to protect mexicans wherever they may be." the face to face with the potential for a face-off after trump insulted mexicans last june. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good people. >> reporter: his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, previewing trump's trip with matt and savannah earlier this morning. >> the president of mexico invites us, we accept his invitation. i think they'll have a productive conversation today, savannah, about illegal immigration, but also trade policy and drugs. >> reporter: also along, trump's made mexico a central part of his immigration plan, by promising he'll convince the country to pay for his border wall. >> we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for
11:32 am
the wall. >> reporter: penieto saying this spring, there is no scenario in which that would happen. one of his predecessors putting it more bluntly. >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. >> the surprise sit-down taking place just hours before trump's speech on immigration. his team promising more details about what trump plans to do with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living here. >> that was hallie jackson reporting for nbc. the mexican president invited hillary clinton to meet also. a senior campaign official commented that clinton looks forward seeing him at an appropriate time. clinton's vice presidential nominee, tim kaine, meanwhile,  is campaigning in bethlehem today. and that follows this appearance in lancaster last night. kaine is on his first solo swing through pennsylvania. well, the heat continues as we are entering the sixth day of this heat wave.
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flowers remain in bloom at city hall, but those fellows will need some rain. will it arrive soon? nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the answers. glenn? >> reporter: yeah, vai. we have a decent chance of getting at least some rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. and if we don't get it, like at your house, you may not get it for another week or more. so, we need this rain. temperatures are now in the 80s, already. the humidity is higher than it has been. and it's going to be another day near 90 degrees. already 82 in reading. 83 in hopewell. 82 in allentown. 83 degrees in bethlehem and 85 in easton. nothing but sunshine so far, except for some clouds up to the lehigh valley. we have some showers up in northern pennsylvania, and a tropical system offshore. that's gone out to sea. and an even bigger tropical
11:34 am
system that may become a storm later today could at least indirectly affect our weather, as we head toward the labor day weekend. but as we go through the day today, it's looking pretty good, although, it is pretty hot, again. temperatures near or little bit above 90 degrees. best chance of any thunderstorms by this evening is in the lehigh valley, and that chance extends to much of the rest of the area overnight. as you can see, at the jersey shore, temperatures not nearly as warm. we'll get into the weekend forecast and all that stuff going on in the tropics in just a few minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then, glenn. new video this morning of a suspect in a robber in west philadelphia. police atsay two armed men approached the victim as he parked his vehicle sunday. the victim ran away and heard gunfire. he dropped to the ground and the men stole his keys. they took the vehicle, but it was recovered a little while later. pennsylvania's new attorney general gets to work this morning. the state senate unanimously
11:35 am
confirmed bruce beamer as the state's top prosecutor. he was sworn in privately yesterday, in governor tom wolf's offices. beamer replaced convicted felon kathleen kane as aj. he tells lawmakers, he hopes to restore a sense of honor and integrity to the office. beemer will serve the last five months of kane's term. in delaware, help is on the way for a family that has had numerous cars crash on to their property. danny and terra radcliffe have been fighting with deldot to get a barrier installed in front of their property. five cars have hit their home in belvedere neighborhood in recent years. the cars go straight rather than turning at the end of the route 141 overpass. last week, a car destroyed the above-ground pool the family could have been swimming in. >> i don't think there would
11:36 am
have been one fatality, it would have be have probably been a few. i hope this is the answer. >> deldot argued for years that installing ing ing a barrier wo the drivers that hit their home. it's a big day for students at a north philadelphia school. ♪ they're being drafted for work study jobs by some of the city's leading businesses. more than 400 students from crystal ray philadelphia high school took part in an nfl-style draft. students will work one day a week and mentor entry-level positions in professional settings. and companies like independence blue cross, the mayor's office, and the federal reserve bank all take part in the program. well, we've heard a lot this week about the cost of the luf-saving epipen.
11:37 am
its maker upped the price recently, and now it's been discovered that the drug can be bought for a third of the price in canada. >> reporter: it was a short, money-saving drive to canada. >> where do you live? >> buffalo. >> where are you going? >> garrison road. nothing in. thank you. >> reporter: less than a mile later, arrival. off to the pharmaplus drug mart to get an epipen. they sell for $300 in the u.s. much cheaper north of the border. in no time, i was back out of the store, epipen in hand. the very same mylan epipen sold in the u.s. the entire time inside the store, three minutes to buy one of these. didn't require a prescription and the total cost, a little over $101. >> reporter: again, the same potentially life-saving device for people with severe allergic reactions for one third the u.s. price. mylan announced in the coming
11:38 am
weeks, it would offer a generic version of its epipen at $150 a piece. but buying in canada, still about 50 bucks cheaper than that. so why so much less expensive in canada? medication prices are regulated here, and canadian pharmacist, sam bashta, says that strikes him as fairer. >> i'm always concerned about the price of the medication. because it's not fair for people to -- for wealthy people to stay healthy and happy and people who cannot afford the medication should die. >> reporter: on our return drive, we had no problem getting back into the u.s. with our purchase. >> u.s. >> where's home? >> buffalo. >> what were you doing in canada? >> buying one of these for my son, epipen. >> what's it cost in canada? >> 100. >> a lot of that, huh? >> i think you'll see more. >> terrific. thank you. >> to ensure you that we're not pulling a fast one, there's this statement from u.s. customs and border patrol.
11:39 am
"a person who has purchased a personal quantity of epipens outside of the united states may travel across the border into the u.s. with them." >> that was steve brown reporting. well, eagles fans know how special he is. and last night, a national audience got to see just how impressive eagles magic man djo dorenbos can be, both on and off the field. see what he did on "america's got talent." well, we're tracking possible thunderstorms for part of our area tonight. i'll show you the timing, ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty,
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and i approve this message. . this week's wednesday's child is a young man who was able to touch hearts, even though he communicates in a different way. allow me to introduce you to james. there we go. what you'll first notice about james is his determination, and of course, he's nonverbal. but that doesn't mean he doesn't communicate. james knows exactly what he wants and he shows me. no one knows james better than his physical therapist, kia johnson, who has worked four years with him. >> james is a joy to have. he is very active. he is loving in every way possible. he -- his smile is just radiant. >> james lives in a group home,
11:43 am
but like any child, he yearns for the love and tenderness a forever family can offer. >> the ideal family i would be looking for for james is a family that is very loving, that's open to the possibilities that he holds, that won't look at him and think that he's limited. but that it may just take longer for him to do whatever it is that he needs to do. >> reporter: james loves simple activities that he'll do over and over again, because he thrives on repetition. it may get old for others, but for james, it's challenging and soothing. his ideal family would be a two-parent home with other children. but he would also enjoy the attention of being an old child. >> james brings just pure joy to the home. he's just such a pleasant person to be around. >> reporter: for those who work and live with james, he's had a profound impact on their lives. >> he's just such a great kid who just deserves a wonderful
11:44 am
family. i can't have been describe it. it warms my heart. >> reporter: james is this week's wednesday's child. >> here we go. look. >> and to make james' dream and the dream of any wednesday's child come true, call the number on your screen at 1-866-do-adopt. well, google may be moving in on uber's turf. reports say the plans to expand a pilot program involving its waze app, allowing commuters connect with fellow commuters. if it's successful, it could be expanded elsewhere. waze aims to make fares low enough, at most, 54 cents a mile, to discourage drivers from operating as taxis like they would with uber or lift. jon dorenbos may not be the most prominent eagle on the field, but he's certainly becoming well known for his magic act off the field. the birds' long snapper performed again on america's got
11:45 am
tlent last night. dorenbos showing off his long snapping prowess in front of the judges and had to explain what it is, exactly, that he does. and once again, he wowed them with his magic. dorenbos got rave reviews from all four judges, but we'll find out tonight if he did enough to push himself through to the finals. as for his eagles teammates, they watched the show as they attended the first annual taking flight for autism event if his performance not only wowed the judges, but also brought smiles to the faces of the players and his coaches. >> it's pretty impressive. you know, obviously, he's got a great talent and the guy -- he does that kind of stuff for the guys all the time. and i'm just so happy that he represents us and looking forward to trying to figure out his next trick. >> dorenbos is expected back on the field for the birds tomorrow. a live look now at lincoln financial field from our
11:46 am
exclusive eagles nest camera. the eagles will take the field there tomorrow night, as they wrap up the 2016 preseason. nbc 10, of course, is your official eagles station and as we look forward to the start of another eagles season, fans can take a look back at the team's storied past with the help of a new book. the book is called, the big 50. philadelphia eagles, the men and the moments that made the eagles -- that made the philadelphia eagles. the author is longtime eagles beat writer, mark eckel, that good friend of mine. covered me for a long time. >> yeah, we worked a little bit. first of all, you and csn's ruben frank collaborated on another book. we were just talking about it. the top 50 place -- the same publisher. so, what's the twist on this book? >> well, the last one was the greatest plays in eagles history, which you had one. >> yeah, i made the top 50 of your last book. i think i was number 30. >> okay. in fact, i don't think i know.
11:47 am
>> well, this is just 50 stories. some plays are in there. they gave me the freedom to write whatever i wanted. 50 chapters. some are individuals. reggie white has his own chapter. brian dawkins, steve van buren, going back to the '48/'49 teams. >> i want to talk about the first thing you start out, with fans and booing i. it was the booing of donovan mcnabb and how that shaped the psychology of the player specifically when he was here. >> and i'm really happy with the way the book came out and i'm haep because i got really good interviews from a lot of guys that opened up and donovan was one, talking about how that day kind of scarred him -- >> the day he was drafted? >> yeah, when he was drafted and got booed, but it kind of scarred him a little bit to the end. and he never felt appreciated here in philadelphia. and he thinks everything he did and the playoff wins and not winning the super bowl, obviously, but donovan's chapter
11:48 am
is very interesting. he said some very interesting things to me. >> well, if you've been around the eagles as long as you and i have, there's chapters in here, because it included some of the guys i've played, jerome brown was an interesting, fascinating a look at him, reggie white and some others. was there anything here, having covered the eagles as long as you have, that surprised you? >> a couple of things. some of the things i didn't know about. i got a great story about steve van buren. i don't want to give too much away, but steve van buren retires and he's supposed to have a fight with joe lewis, the boxing champ. >> wow! >> he's going to fight and they're going to pay steve like $20,000 to do this fight. steve only made like $15,000 when he played. so, that's a pretty good payday for him, right? well, steve drives up to hershey, that's where joe's sparring and training. he sees him working out and he yells to him, joe, let's talk about this fight. so they meet, they talk about the fight, and steve said to joe, joe, when i get in the ring with you, you're not going to hurt me, right?
11:49 am
joe looks at him and says, steve, i don't know, we're going to be in a ring. i might hurt you. >> any other top 50 books in the works? because i've got some ideas. >> okay, we'll talk. >> top 50 players that blew out their knees at the vet. top 50 fights happen in the stands. >> there you go. >> you and i better collaborate on some of this stuff here. >> we'll talk later. >> listen, i haven't read the whole thing, but i've glanced through it and it is a fascinated read, for eagles fans especially right now. >> and it's available everywhere right now. >> by the way, the eagles are back on nbc 10. thank you very much, mark, appreciate you dropping by. you can watch the birds final pre-season game at 7:00, play the jets at the linc. join us after the game for exclusive interviews and coverage you won't see anywhere else. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, the hottest august ever recorded in philadelphia, about to come to an end. another day getting into the
11:50 am
90s. already, 88 degrees in glasgow. 89 degrees at marshalton. 81 at middletown. and as we head farther to the south, you can see temperatures in the 70s at the beaches, a little bit of an easterly flow. and it's that wind that's going to help pile up the surf and make for some dangerous conditions in the water. we're also tracking some of these showers and thunderstorms in northwestern pennsylvania, and see if some of those affect us tonight. we're 93 monday. 90 yesterday, near 90 today. 85 tomorrow. so, that's going to be the end of at least this heat wave. we're dry right now across the area. and as we go through the afternoon, we're dry. afternoon rush, we're dry. early evening, we're dry. but then, some showers and storms start coming in. this is later tonight, 10:00, toward midnight, and a little
11:51 am
after. but as this moves through, there is, 4:00 a.m., the very earliest part of the morning rush could be affected by that. and the rest of the rush looks like it's not, because it's all going to be moving out. and that's going to lead us to the more comfortable weather. tropics, very active. strong hurricane way out to sea. small tropical depression and big tropic depression about to become a tropicical storm. this is the one we're going to have to watch probably become hermine later on today. it's definitely headed towards florida. this one headed out to sea. but all of them are churning up the water. and this will be churning up the water in our part of the world over the holiday weekend. here's the latest computer model track, taking it right into florida, no doubt about it. taking it up, close to the north carolina coast. no doubt about that, either.
11:52 am
but after that, some of the models take it straight out. others come a little bit closer, to the east coast. of course, the closer it comes, the stronger it is, the more impact we're going to have at the coast. if it comes close enough, we get clouds out of it. maybe even some rain. but right now, we're going for the drier air at the shore, but, again, rough, rough, dangerous surf saturday and sunday. temperatures only in the 70s. and in the 80s in the philadelphia area. and as we go through the next ten days, look at those comfortable temperatures. look at those lows at night. even monday and tuesday, we're talking about temperatures in the 80s. but there come the 90s. wednesday, thursday, friday, maybe near record levels. so we're not done with summer heat, yet. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
11:55 am
well, the wells fargo center in south philadelphia turns 20 today. do you believe that, glenn? here's a live look at the arena in south philly. it opened in 1976. it's the home to the flyers and the sixers. and coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00, it's ellen with canway we wawaw.
11:56 am
today, taking one headache out of traveling. at 4:00, the new plan to keep your bags from getting lost at the airport. always a headache there. all right. checking in with glenn now, who just reminded me to check my electricity bill. i don't think look forward to that. with this heat wave. >> and it's huge. you don't get the hottest august ever recorded without getting a correspondingly high electric bill. if you haven't gotten yours yet, get ready for it. and this particular heat wave ends today with temperatures at or slightly above 90. we're nowhere near that until the middle of next week, when we might start another heat wave. in the meantime, the only real chance for showers and storms late tonight into early thursday morning, if you don't get that, then we're not going to get anything next week, unless, unless that tropical depression in the gulf of mexico
11:57 am
strengthens and then eventually comes close enough to bring some rain early next week. >> weekend looks great, though. thanks for watching.
11:58 am
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