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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  August 31, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am EDT

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day weekend, and it is tropical storm hermine. make sure you have your umbrella. friday's going to be a nice day, 81 degrees and sunny. temperatures dropping into the 70s with the wind direction and rain. but we get back into the 90s after labor day weekend. more updates through tomorrow. >> i'm jacquelyn london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thank you for join being us tonight. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. pplause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade, the kids from "stranger things", musical guest tove lo,
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 524! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! thank you! hi! thank you so much. welcome. looking good. looking hot. hot crowd tonight right here. [ cheers and applause ] new york city hot crowd. welcome to "the tonight show" everybody. this is it. you made it. you're here. [ cheers and applause ] so happy you're here. thank you. going to be a fun one tonight. first, here's what people are talking about.
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this is kind of crazy. today, donald trump made a a surprise trip to mexico for a a meeting with the country's president enrique peña nieto. or as trump put it, "nice to meet you, eric piñata." [ laughter and applause ] eric piñata? of course, trump's meeting today is his big chance to convince mexico that they should pay for his proposed border wall. i think he might have a tough time. i mean, check out what president peña nieto had to say about the wall. >> there is no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: doesn't sound too promising. but maybe trump should have met with mexico's ex-president, felipe calderón. >> mexican people, we are not going to pay any single cent for that stupid wall. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. all right. maybe trump should just stick with the ex-ex-president, vicente fox. >> i declare, i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, all right now. everybody calm down.
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when hillary saw that trump was in mexico, she said, "i'll pay for the wall." [ laughter ] >> steve: really? >> jimmy: quick. let's do it quick. i saw that a reporter went through hillary clinton's schedule while she was secretary of state and found that she and bill were often away from each other, sometimes even on different continents. when asked why they didn't try to coordinate their schedules, hillary said, "oh, we did." [ laughter ] some more political news. chris christie just vetoed a a proposal to boost new jersey's minimum wage to $15 an hour. then fast food workers said, "after all we've done for you?" [ laughter and applause ] did you see this? after his disappointing presidential run, former texas governor rick perry will compete on the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars." [ cheers ] which is why this season will be called "dancing with the stars and rick perry."
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[ laughter and applause ] >> steve: so, it's an appetizer. >> jimmy: yeah. of course, another reality show that we love here is "bachelor in paradise." and this week was another great episode full of crazy drama. but if you missed it, don't worry. because here to reenact a scene with actual lines from the show, it's questlove from the roots and david spade. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: guys, whenever you're ready. >> questlove: that's, jimmy. tonight, i'll be playing grant, a firefighter who doesn't want to fight. >> and i'll be playing lace, 25-year-old woman who feels totally unsure right now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: whenever -- whenever you're ready. ♪ >> questlove: honestly, lace acting the way she is right now is pissing me off. >> oh, really? [ light laughter ] >> questlove: um, i tried to
11:39 pm
hang out by you, but you know. >> yeah, whatever. [ light laughter ] >> questlove: can i talk to you for a little bit? >> what do you want to talk about? >> questlove: well, you started hitting on carl right in front of me. and then said, "good luck on getting a rose tomorrow." >> i don't even know what to think right now. have fun finding love with someone else. >> questlove: ugh -- [ crying ] [ light laughter ] i love you. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fantastic! fantastic! thank you, guys. questlove. questlove and david spade,
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everyone. that was unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] guys, let's get to some sports here. i saw that the u.s. open kicked off here in new york this week. [ cheers and applause ] that's right. that's right. two weeks of tennis balls going back and forth, or as my dog put it, "if you need me, i'm out with my friends." [ laughter ] good tickets. and finally, here's a local story. a water main break here in new york city recently caused the musical "cats" to cancel a a performance. or as every guy in line put it, "oh, no." [ laughter and applause ] we've got a great show! give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness! that's how you do it. that is harmonica master frédéric yonnet sitting in with the roots! oh, my gosh, that is awesome. his latest album, "reed my lips: the rough cut" is available now. thank you so much for being here. good to see you again. >> thank you for having me. good to see you again. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: last time we hung out was the "snl" 40th after party. >> oh, that's right. >> jimmy: he's the one that got prince to kind of get up and jam out with us. >> well, we did this together. >> jimmy: yeah, together. we worked as a team. thank you so much for being here. congrats on the record. guys, it's been a great week so far. there's more ahead. tomorrow night, emmy award-winner and host of the new daytime show "harry", harry connick, jr. will be here. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: we'll have fun with him. plus, he's the most decorated olympian of all time. michael phelps will be stopping by. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: michael and i are going to play a game of egg russian roulette. so be sure to tune in for that. and then on friday we have meg ryan. i'm psyched to have meg ryan on the show. [ cheers and applause ] nick kroll and john mulaney will be here. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they're super funny. they're going to broadway. and then my favorite magician dan white will be on the show. [ cheers and applause ] he's amazing. but first, we love this guy. he's so hilarious. and this should be fun, he's going to be the roast master for the labor day comedy central roast of rob lowe. david spade is on the show tonight! >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's always -- >> steve: always funny. >> jimmy: he's the funniest dude. i love him so much. plus, from the most-talked about show of the summer, the very talented kids from "stranger things" are joining us. >> steve: whoa! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they're so good. and they're so cute and so nice. i just love these kids so much. they're awesome.
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i mean, if you like kids. [ light laughter ] we have some fun stuff planned with them, including a a brand-new game called "stranger strings." >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: yeah. it's should be fun. and we have great, great, great music from tove lo, everybody, is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: tove lo. >> steve: tove lo. >> jimmy: yeah. guys, as i said, we're so excited to have the kids from "stranger things" here tonight. i can not wait for season two, they just announced it today. because, to be honest, there's still a few questions left to be answered. is the demogorgon still alive? what about eleven? >> steve: right. >> jimmy: and most importantly, what happened to everyone's favorite character, barb. [ light laughter ] they just kind of forgot about her. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. luckily we got our hands on a a deleted season from the season finale that seems to tie up some of these loose ends. take a look. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> a-ha! i vanquish you with my plus-five mythical warhammer. >> you can't do that. i block you with my orc shield. >> let's see if you hit. >> i got a one. crap. >> isn't this fun, eleven? >> well, well, well. [ cheers and applause ] what's up little dudes? what you guys playing? virgins and dragons? >> hey, steve. >> mouth breather. >> what do you want? >> i just want to wish you a a happy new year. i also got you a little present. you want to see it? come on down. ♪ [ light laughter ] >> hey guys. um, what the [ bleep ]?
11:45 pm
you forget about something? you forget about old barb? nancy's friend sittin' on the diving board? trapped in the [ bleep ] upside down for the past two months!? >> all right, barb -- >> no, no, no! let's review, shall we? there were two people down there. and you rescued one of 'em. [ laughter ] do the math ass[ bleep ]. >> you seemed like you could take care of yourself. >> oh, really? is that what it seemed like? 'cause the last time i checked, i was laying in a cocoon with a a [ bleep ] slug coming out of my mouth. >> i guess no one could find you. it was pretty dark down there. >> yeah, yeah. good point. i don't have a very distinctive look. i don't have bright red ronald mcdonald hair, old granny glasses and a a librarian -- >> all right, barb. now c'mon, all right? calm down. all right? >> screw you, steve harrington! and screw nancy too, by the way! she was supposed to be my bff. well i guess that "bff" stands for "big [ bleep ] fony!"
11:46 pm
[ light laughter ] >> phony starts with a "p." >> no one ever cared, there was nothing! no search party for barb! no fake corpse stuffed with cotton for barb! no -- [ coughing ] [ bleep ] >> that's been happening all day. hold this. >> gross. >> barb, hey, you're back here. that's what matters, right? >> wait -- wait a second. how did you get back any way? >> easy. i just made a trade with the demogorgon and i gave him your friend will, straight up. >> will's back in the upside down? >> that's messed up. >> yeah, it's messed up. isn't it will? [ laughter ] >> does this mean you'll be back for season two? >> no. 'cause barb's getting' her own netflix spin-off.
11:47 pm
"orange is the new bitch." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to the kids from "stranger things." we'll be right back with david spade, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ well she loves to say, "well, fantastic!" a lot.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is a a very talented, very funny comedian who created the popular trutv prank show "fameless," which has been renewed for a second season. and this labor day, monday, he will be the roast master for the comedy central roast of rob lowe. you can see it at 10:00 p.m. please welcome our good pal david spade! ♪ ♪
11:52 pm
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back! >> all right, guys. >> jimmy: welcome back, we love having you here. >> good one, quest. >> jimmy: yeah congratulations, by the way last time you were here, we were talking about "the do-over" you did with adam sandler, that movie. it's the most watched movie in the history of netflix. >> i heard that too, i don't know. i hope so. that was a great one. i loved "do-over." >> jimmy: no, yeah, yeah, no, i didn't make it up. that's real, yeah. >> thanks, guys, applause. >> jimmy: no, no. [ cheers and applause ] i was gonna say, that's exciting. >> it was great. that was the funnest movie i had done forever, obviously with adam. so fun to be put in that thing. how was the flight getting over here? cause last time it wasn't -- >> oh, horrible. [ light laughter ] no, it was all right. what happened was i took a a picture of it actually, for instagram. >> jimmy: this is -- >> the guy had his shoes off buzzing around the plane, which is a little gross. i took a poll. everyone thought it was gross. 100% of the voters. >> jimmy: yeah, you said -- 100% of the voters.
11:53 pm
>> yeah, they have -- he's got no shoes on. then he goes in the bathroom over and over. and i got this action shot of him coming out. >> jimmy: you got a picture of him. but i like the caption said, guy coming out of airplane crapper with bare feet, gross or super gross? [ light laughter ] call in now, lines are open. >> well, what happened was, he went in there and i was just in there. see, i know it's gross in there, 'cause i was in there. and i'm not really nailing it in there, you know what i'm talking about? like -- [ laughter ] no, but i'm pretty good at it, but i'm not in the olympics, you know what i mean? [ light laughter ] i got the idea, but that's just me. then there's everyone else in the first class. and by the way, it is first class so no one cares at all. they're peeing on the walls. they don't care. rich ass[ bleep ]. >> jimmy: that's true. >> so, i mean, it's a disaster. and i'm in there, and this guy's going 50 times. he's got a couple of problems going on. [ light laughter ] so he's doing that, and then he's like squishy feet coming out. you know? by the way, when i go in my shoes, i throw them away when i get home. [ laughter ] you know what i mean?
11:54 pm
>> jimmy: that's how dirty the airplane bathroom, yeah of course. >> it's filthy. so that guy, but you can get in trouble. i took his head off in the picture. >> jimmy: you did yes. you didn't get his face. >> i got yelled at once. i got sued-yelled at. um, i got sued -- >> jimmy: someone sued you? >> yes, because on stupid instagram, i took a, i was at a a concert and there was like a a 90-year-old woman near me. and everyone stood up, and i didn't even know why she was there, but she was sitting down so of course, i took a picture because i'm gross and thirsty. i said, hey, this girl's obviously shrooming out, she's freaking out. >> jimmy: a 90-year-old lady? >> she had a lawyer call me. yeah. my client, she's like, i have grandchildren. i don't want anyone to think i'm schrooming out. i'm like, no one thinks you're schrooming. you're on molly, obviously. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so that was nice of you to leave the face out of there. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: um, i want to talk about "fameless." >> "fameless?" yeah, right. >> jimmy: it's a prank reality
11:55 pm
show, kind of. >> right, it's sort of confusing. it's all these people go on these reality shows. they audition for them, and then when they make it they have to do a psyche evaluation, they have to do all these crazy things. and when they're ready to be on, we pick like the most pumped-up want to be famous ones, the craziest ones, and then we just make up a fake show. 'cause they don't even care what they were on. they just want to be famous. so we put them on like, "blind blind date." you know, we like make up that sounds like a real show. or "what's in my mouth," like a a cooking show. [ laughter ] and then we make it and it's a a total disaster. >> jimmy: "what's in my mouth." yeah, and they go, i'll play that. >> yeah, we keep tryin' to think of -- and then we have like a celebrity on now and then to make it seem real. i'm on it sometimes. it's pretty funny, but it is -- it is hard. i'm not a good pranker. i get too freaked out. it should be called cringe time. because the whole time i'm watching it i'm like, ah, i can't take it when they -- >> jimmy: but people love it. >> people love it. >> jimmy: and it picked up for season two. that's great. >> yeah, it keeps doing better, so we'll keep doing it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's great. >> see, they're getting better. at applauding. >> jimmy: but did you get -- now you're the roast master at "the comedy central roast of rob lowe." and i would assume 'cause you
11:56 pm
taped it already, but i would assume the roast master gets special treatment. >> that's what i assumed. i did not. [ light laughter ] first of all, i could never get roasted. i could never handle it. >> jimmy: you couldn't, no. >> no, and then -- >> jimmy: you're not a good sport about that stuff? or just -- >> yeah. i'm a bad sport. [ laughter ] whatever the term is. because last year was kevin hart was the roast master. i go, oh, this is a fun job. seth rogen's done it. i go, i'm sort of off limits. i was trying to get that word around. it did not work. >> jimmy: trying to get people to talking backstage -- >> machine gun. yeah, they go after everybody out there. and i remember pete davidson, i brought him out. and while i'm walking away, he goes, ah, macaulay culkin looks like shit now. and i'm like, oh -- [ laughter ] in the back like you know, in "platoon." i was william dafoe. like -- i'm like, let me just get to my chair.
11:57 pm
and then they come up to me in a commercial, 'cause i'm doing a lot of this. because they keep hitting me. and they go, you look like you're, uh, not happy. i go, i'm not happy. [ light laughter ] i'm unhappy, which is the opposite. i go, i don't like jokes about me. they go, you've got to kind of play along. and i go, but it's horrible. [ light laughter ] but some of the jokes are funny, like peyton manning goes, david spade is short and dumb. [ laughter ] sort of accurate. >> jimmy: it's peyton manning, too. >> and it's fun to have peyton manning there. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and ann coulter came. she got in the cross fire a a little bit. >> jimmy: and how was rob lowe? 'cause rob lowe is a funny guy, and we know him. >> yeah, love him. >> jimmy: you know him from "tommy boy." >> he was a good sport. yeah, he was in "tommy boy" with me. >> jimmy: but they hit rob lowe as well. >> yeah, they remember, you remember in that song. they hit rob lowe. yeah, but every joke is about how good looking he is and how many girls he slept with. i'm like folks, these are compliments. [ laughter ] i'm like trying to get -- to everyone i go, guys, we need new jokes. he's too good. that's why they start heading to me, because i'm a little bigger target.
11:58 pm
but, he wound up being really cool about it, and we had a a blast. >> jimmy: it's on labor day and it's the comedy central roast. did you get a chance for you personally to hit him with a a couple jokes? >> a few. well i think, when i walk out, i go, we're here to roast one of the biggest stars of 1987. [ laughter ] i go, rob's not a gay man, but he plays one every moment of his life. he has a skin care line out, you can buy it online. you won't, but you can. [ laughter ] and he had a sex tape -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> way back in the day when it could hurt your career. but he hurt his career the old fashioned way, with his acting. [ laughter ] anyway, the rest of it's too r-rated. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. what was the one you did, uh, meaningful roles? >> oh, yeah. he said -- rob said, it's so difficult to get meaningful roles when you're this good
11:59 pm
looking. i tried to ask brad pitt about that, but he was too busy acting in meaningful roles. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: dude, we love you. every time you come on, come back. we love you. >> thank you, buddy. >> jimmy: david spade, everybody! watch "the comedy central roast of rob lowe," this labor day, monday at 10:00 p.m. and watch "fameless" too. we'll be rate back with the kids from "stranger things." stick around, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ 98,352 what's that? the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model. nine. eight. three. five. two. you're not gonna round that up? you don't round up facts.
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he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guests are the incredibly talented young stars of the new netflix series "stranger things." ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to "the tonight show," millie bobby brown, finn wolfhard, caleb mclaughlin and gaten matarazzo!
12:04 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yes! i'm so happy that you guys are on the show. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thank you for doing the sketch with me, too, last night. i appreciate it. >> that was amazing. >> i'm surprised you guys even got a take. >> jimmy: really. >> like, we were laughing the whole time. >> jimmy: i know. [ light laughter ] i know, we couldn't stop laughing. i'm out here trying to do his face. yeah, he's like -- >> no. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i couldn't do it. gosh, you guys are so good. >> thank you. >> jimmy: congrats on the show. if people haven't seen it, you have to watch this. "stranger things" on netflix. who are the duffer brothers, are they real human beings? >> yes. >> they're real. >> big teenagers. >> jimmy: they are? >> socially awkward geeks. >> jimmy: yeah, socially awkward geeks, yeah. >> yeah, well, they're -- i don't know.
12:05 am
i guess they haven't made anything i guess that has gotten them to the green light. they made a movie called "hidden" a while back, but that's -- >> they worked on "wayward pines." >> yeah, they worked on "wayward pines." >> jimmy: i never heard of them before, and then i saw that it's so stylized -- >> they snuck up, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. and from the 80s, and i just -- >> they're geniuses. >> jimmy: yeah, they're brilliant. >> they really are. >> jimmy: and i knew winona ryder, obviously. we know that name. and matthew modine. so i was like, "oh, there's a a couple." but i didn't know you guys. you're kind of unknown to me. >> yeah, of course. >> why should you know us? >> we're no names. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, you're not -- no, i'm not saying you're no names. i'm just saying. [ applause ] >> no, seriously. it's true. >> we are. we really are. >> it's true. >> jimmy: it's not true! >> it is. it is. >> jimmy: you have names. >> but not -- >> but now we're on "jimmy fallon," so! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, well that -- thank you. all right. i want to know. i have a thousand questions. one is i heard -- because in the show -- i don't want to
12:06 am
embarrass you guys. but there is a scene where i think you have a kiss. there's a kiss. >> whoa! >> ooh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know it's -- [ laughter ] >> ohh! >> wait, what? >> jimmy: but millie it was your first kiss, is that right? >> yep. >> jimmy: it was. [ laughter ] no, not -- >> no, it was great. i'm not say -- i'm just -- yeah. >> jimmy: no, of course. >> yeah. great. >> when i found out about it -- >> we went through two packets -- well, finn went through two packets of tic tacs. >> i went up to millie before the take, and i was like, "hey, millie." i had two boxes of tic tacs. i was like, "catch." i was like -- >> thanks so much. [ laughter ] but sure, why not? we went two packets of tic tacs, though. we did. >> it was awesome. >> jimmy: but it was -- were you -- [ light laughter ] yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] finn -- he didn't have to do that many takes! >> why don't kiss the tic tacs? >> jimmy: yeah, right. no, he didn't kiss the tic tacs. but it -- >> we were keeping it young and juvenile, so we went through tic tacs. >> jimmy: well, you have to have fresh breath. >> exactly. >> jimmy: but were you nervous? >> the duffer brothers didn't help. >> jimmy: they didn't help. 'cause why? >> they were like, "ooh." they kept on sending us the emoji of -- [ kissing noise ] [ laughter ] >> me and me and gaten over
12:07 am
here were like, "are you guys gonna practice right now?" [ light laughter ] >> yeah, we watched the take. >> do it, do it! >> that was like our -- we did our last scene when they were doing the kissing scene. and it was time for us to wrap and it was time for us to go move on from the set. [ light laughter ] we didn't want to miss the kissing scene, and so -- >> of course they didn't. >> they were -- we watched it. and we were right off camera going -- [ laughter ] >> they did it. we're like, "yeah, great job, guys. do it again." >> the thing is, is the reaction to it was really funny. >> yeah! >> 'cause i got up and then i said, "kissing sucks!" and then gaten was like -- so it was like -- [ laughter ] >> i was like, "okay!" >> i was like, "sorry." >> just shush, finn. i -- this is horrible. >> no, but there -- yeah. there was a rehearsal. we didn't kiss on the rehearsal, but i had seen caleb and gaten's head popping up on the monitors going like this -- >> it's true. it aws very awkward 'cause like, everyone was there. >> all the crew. >> there's two -- like, my dads
12:08 am
were sitting there. i mean, it was like awful. [ laughter ] i was like, "you need to chill." >> not happy. caleb, you're from new york? you're a new yorker. >> yes. yes, i am. >> jimmy: you guys are local kids, man. i love ya. [ applause ] new jersey, new york. >> i'm local! >> jimmy: you're local. >> i'm so local. >> jimmy: [ in british accent ] you are so local, oh, my god. >> so local. she's from the bronx. >> yeah. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> jimmy: she's from the bronx. >> kidding! >> jimmy: no, we know you're kidding. >> i live seven hours away, so. really local. >> jimmy: but did you guys recognize -- did you see each other in auditions before? like, when -- because in the show, millie -- this is what millie looks like on the show. >> ooh! >> woo! >> jimmy: shaved head. >> bad -- as caleb says, bad butt. >> bad butt. i wouldn't say -- they say bad, the other word, but i say bad butt. >> the other word? >> say it, millie. you know what it is. >> badass. >> i say bad butt. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, there we go. oh, sorry, sorry. >> i say bad butt. >> jimmy: that's what you say, bad butt. [ talking over each other ] no i wasn't making the connection. i thought you were talking about -- >> i know it's confusing. everyone's looking at me like --
12:09 am
>> yeah, you must have been sick of it. >> jimmy: oh, you say bad ass, but we bad butt. so then i'm like, wait? bad -- bad what? oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i get it. >> jimmy: yeah. all right. sorry. >> yep. that's the 11 stare. >> jimmy: but so now -- when you had this, did you know that you were going to shave your hair off? >> when i was -- it was like, literally in the -- in the screen test. and we were sitting there and we were like so nervous. and finn looked like he was going to throw up. no joke. >> because i was. >> jimmy: why? >> i was so nervous -- >> i was like, "you need to chill." >> --that i almost dry heaved. >> jimmy: nervous for what? >> i don't know. >> everyone was. >> it was really close. and i was like -- [ breathing heavily ] [ light laughter ] >> anyways, so as we're doing that, ross, who's one of the duffer brothers, comes up to millie and just comes up like this, just goes -- [ imitating razor ] >> no, but he says, "are you ready?" and i was like -- >> are you ready? >> i don't know what you're talking about. he's like -- bzz. and i'm like, "you're horrible." the thing is, i did -- yes.
12:10 am
i kind of did know the idea prior to it, but then i thought it was going to be like a a negotiation thing. no. [ laughter ] that wasn't the case. >> jimmy: no negotiating at all. >> that wasn't the case, no. >> jimmy: well, you guys, i love the chemistry between you guys and just knowing you a a little bit from hanging out with you last night. you guys all get along and you guys are just super have your head on your shoulders. and i'm just so -- i want to say proud. i'm like, you're my kids. [ laughter ] i'm so proud. >> hi, dad. >> jimmy: i'm excited for you guys. i'm so psyched for you guys, and i want you to come back and we're going to play a fun game. but first i want to show a a clip. if you haven't seen "stranger things," you gotta get caught up on it. it's so much fun to watch. >> you guys gotta go watch it. >> jimmy: set in the '80s, these kids find something in the woods and someone goes missing. here's a clip. here's scene from season one of "stranger things," which is available now on netflix. take a look. >> guys, i really think we should turn back. >> seriously, dustin? you want to be a baby, then go home already. >> i'm just being realistic, lucas. >> no. you're just being a big sissy. >> you ever think will went
12:11 am
missing 'cause he ran into something bad? and we're going to the exact same spot where he was last seen and we have no weapons or anything? >> dustin, shut up. >> i'm just saying, does that seem smart to you? >> shut up. shut up. >> what? >> you guys hear that? ♪ >> look! ♪ >> jimmy: woo! [ cheers and applause ] congrats! spooky. guys, we're all playing a a brand-new game called "stranger strings" when we come back. stick around! it's great! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ t-mobile's coverage is unstoppable. we doubled our lte coverage. and, with extended range lte, it reaches farther than ever.
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12:16 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody! i am here with the kids from "stranger things," i'm talking
12:17 am
about millie bobby brown, caleb mclaughlin, gaten matarazzo and finn wolfhard. [ applause ] now, we are about to play a new game called "stranger strings." and here's how it works. before the show, we all wrote down a few facts about ourselves that no one else knows. i don't know you, we're kind of strangers. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. so these facts are written on these cards right here. okay? so also we have full cans of silly string. we are going to take turns reading a card then we count to three. remember, that's very important. >> okay. >> okay. >> jimmy: we count to three then everyone sprays silly string at the person they think wrote that card. >> all right. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: and it can't always be me, all right? [ light laughter ] oh, my gosh. >> look out, fallon. >> jimmy: all right then we're going to reveal who actually wrote it. now i will read the first card. here we go. >> i'm just thinking about how bad we're gonna beat you. i'm just gonna get it in your ear. >> jimmy: i wanna get to -- no.
12:18 am
i want to get to know you guys. someone here said, "i still sleep with a night light." wait. one, two, three! all right stop, stop, stop! you thought it was me? you got it all over the place. whose card was that? >> not mine. >> caleb's! >> jimmy: you still sleep with a night light? >> yeah. >> no one sprayed him. >> i did, i did. >> jimmy: you did? it didn't stick to him. >> i definitely did it. >> it kind of did. >> jimmy: okay, yeah. he got a little bit. all right, good. millie, you read this one. >> okay. >> i didn't get sprayed at all. >> i don't like it, i don't like it. >> somebody said that in third grade the fire alarm startled me and i cried in front of my class. who was that? >> jimmy: one, two, three. [ light laughter ]
12:19 am
you love this game. >> it was me, guys. >> jimmy: it was, yeah! and you cried? >> yes i did. i was really sleepy, it startled me. that's basically what happened. >> jimmy: here you go, buddy. caleb. >> it's so much fun, honestly. >> i once cut my chin open on a a desk by doing a cartwheel while dancing. >> that's definitely you. >> jimmy: what are you looking at me for? really? one, two, three. [ cheers and applause ] stop, stop, stop. it was not me! >> yes it was! >> it was finn wolfhard! >> jimmy: you're a good actor. you're the worst. thank you, my friend.
12:20 am
i really appreciate that. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> you're going to find this stuff in your ears. >> jimmy: all right. who's reading? whose turn? >> my turn. >> jimmy: all right. >> gaten matarazzo. >> that is my full name. all right, guys. >> jimmy: oh, you found the other bottle? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're the worst. >> i like to eat french fries on my hamburgers. >> that's so normal. >> that's jimmy! >> jimmy: no, that's normal. no, no, no! [ laughter ] all right big deal, stop, stop! that's not normal. that is abnormal. it's a crazy story. it's a crazy story. it's a crazy story. i can't believe someone would have did that. >> who was it, jimmy? >> jimmy: it was me. big deal. it was a big story. alright, come on. can you read? >> this is really cold. >> can i read? >> jimmy: yeah, can you? >> can you host? [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ]
12:21 am
>> jimmy: all right, go, buddy. >> just kidding. fire back. >> jimmy: all right, i got it, i got it. >> i can perfectly rap nikki minaj's verse from "monster." >> jimmy: one, two, three! >> millie! >> jimmy: millie! it's true, right? >> yep. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you can leave it on. can you, can you give us a a little taste of it? >> yeah sure, why not? oh my god, hold on. ♪ ♪ pull up in the monster automobile gangster with a bad that came from sri lanka ♪ ♪ yeah i'm in that tonka color of willy wonka you could be the king but watch the queen conquer ♪ ♪ first things first i'll eat your brains then i'mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs ♪ ♪ cause that's what a mother monster do hairdresser from milan that's the monster do ♪ ♪ monster giuseppe heel that's the monster shoe
12:22 am
young money is the roster and the monster crew ♪ >> jimmy: oh! ♪ and i'm all up all up all up in the bank with the funny face and if i'm fake i ain't ♪ ♪ notice cause my money ain't ♪ >> jimmy: oh! [ cheers and applause ] my thanks to millie bobby brown! caleb mclaughlin! gaten matarazzo, finn wolfhard! you guys, tove lo performs after the break. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ if i booked a hotel in advance i wouldn't need one at the last minute. sorry, captain obvious. don't be. i've got the app, which makes it simple to book a room for... $1,000. sorry. or $500. or $100. sorry. or $25, but it won't be here. you can stay with me. thanks. i've already lost enough today.
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12:26 am
ham and cheese. cops and robbers. yeah. nachos and karate. ahh. not that one so much. the rest were really good. socks and shoes. ok, ricky...
12:27 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a a grammy-nominated swedish musician who will release her new album "lady wood" on october 28th. performing her new single "cool girl," give it up for tove lo! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ you can run free i won't hold it against ya you do your thing never wanted a future ♪ ♪ -- if i knew how to put it romantic
12:28 am
speaking my truth there's no need to panic ♪ ♪ no let's not put a label on it let's keep it fun we don't put a label on it ♪ ♪ so we can run free yeah i wanna be free like you i'm a i'm a ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ rules you don't like but you're still gonna keep 'em ♪ ♪ said you want fines for whatever reason show we can chill try and keep it platonic ♪ ♪ now you can't tell if i'm really ironic no let's not put
12:29 am
a label on it ♪ ♪ let's keep it fun we don't put a label on it so we can run free ♪ ♪ yeah i wanna be free like you i'm a i'm a ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪
12:30 am
♪ i got fever highs i got boiling blood i'm that fire we could burn together ♪ ♪ i'm a ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a i'm a i'm a ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a i'm a i'm a ♪ ♪ i'm a cool girl i'm a i'm a cool girl
12:31 am
ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, give me a hug. oh, my gosh. thank you. tove lo, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] i'm a "cool girl." "lady wood" is out october 28th. we'll be right back, everybody! that was so fun. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:32 am
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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- hoda kotb, from "narcos", actor pedro pascal, author, tahereh mafi, featuring the 8g band with allison miller. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this is "late night," how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] all right. that's great to hear. let's get to the news. donald trump traveled to mexico today to meet with president enrique peña nieto, and said trump, wow, this place has more illegal immigrants than we do. [ laughter ] they're everywhere.


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