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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. right now at 6:00 on this thursday morning, a stretch of i-95 south is shut down and traffic is backed up following a crash involving a fire truck and a tractor trailer in old city. five firefighters are hurt. so is the truck driver. a lot going on to let you know about. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we're following a tropical storm hermine barrels towards florida. we'll get how it impacts your labor day in just a minute. but first, to that breaking news in old city. >> here is a live look from right there on the scene. the southbound lanes have been closed in old city. this is right underneath the
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chestnut street overpass. one of our photojournalists actually witnessed the scene when it happened. let's get to live coverage, jessica boyington will let you know how to get around it. let's start with pamela osborne. she has a bird's-eye view of the scene. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, this all started as a minor accident. the firefighters who responded to that accident ended up in need of help themselves after a tractor trailer crashed into their truck. we're standing on a bridge right now, looking over towards chestnut. that's 95 down there. the truck has been removed from the underpass here. so the fire truck is now gone. all of the southbound lanes of 95 have been closed. but police are letting people come through now, this morning, a little bit at a time. we'll get to that in just a moment but this is a video that you'll see only on nbc10. that is because our photograpet
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watched this accident happen from his rear view main. there was a minor two-car accident they were responding to when a tractor available traveled across several lanes and hit into that fire truck injuring five firefighters. even still, my colleague tells us that that injured firefighter helped each other await for help to arrive. >> i heard a bang. i electrical in the mirror, i see is a tractor trailer going across the roadway taking up all three lanes of 95. and all of a sudden, a fire truck next to me, he came past me. i knew that bang i heard was the tractor trailer that hit the back of the fire truck. and i pulled over. the firemen got out. they looked a little dazed. the one in the backseat looked like he was more dazed than the other ones were. they took him out, they put him on the ground. and they walked back to the tractor trailer. i noticed another car on the
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left side of the road was now in the far right in front of the tractor trailer. the tractor trailer was up against the wall. i mean, it was chaotic out here. it was a really eerie feeling. >> reporter: and those injured firefighters were transported to hahnemann hospital this morning. i put in calls to see how they're doing right now. as soon as i get more information, i'll be sure to let you know. i do want to get to j.essica boyington. right now, the police are doing something on i-95 to relieve the congestion. >> right. thank you, pamela. we have a live shot in front of the accident scene, they are allowing some lanes through. this just began i would say five or six minutes ago. they're not seeing any relief in delays but at least people under the penn's landing tunnel, you can see are starting to move by
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the scene with one car trickling by at the time. of course, what they're doing, creating that left lane passageway so everybody can get by. additionally, they're allowing that callowhill exit to be opened. one lane or so is getting by at the time. right now, huge delay all the way backed up. i would get off the betsy ross bridge. it seems like the betsy ross area is right before where we see some of that backup. again, it's a parking lot-type of backup. it's not moving. right now, you see a few cars trickling through. if you want to get there, you can get to center city that way, hop on 95. and that's going to take you a while nay. the vine street expressway, we're starting to see delays there because that traffic is being diverted there. the schuylkill expressway, a
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great alternate. you can stack up and head to 95 also the schuylkill expressway eastbound 95 southbound, there's an accident that way as well. >> thanks for that, jess. appreciate that information. this is a breaking story that we've been staying on top of for you all morning long. stay with nbc10. check the nbc10 app. as soon as all of those lanes will reopen on i 95 south we'll let you know. this morning, we're also keeping a close eye on the weather. >> meteorologist bill henley will tell us of changes. >> yes, tropical storm hermine formed yesterday, finally after day of meandering through the gulf of mexico. and now at 60-mile-an-hour winds it's starting to move a bit faster. the winds are at 60-mile-an-hour and moving to the northeast at 12 miles an hour already spreading rain in the gulf coast of florida. expecting it to strengthen and make landfall this evening. that's a faster path than what
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had been earlier forecast. that will bring it our way potentially for the holiday weekend. this morning, we're getting rain, showers, we're seeing thunderstorms but this is not related to hermine. this is a cold front we've been tracking all week. from the suburbs, bucks, montgomery, chester county, that's where we're seeing steadier rainfall. it's coming down heavier in new kacast castle county and delaware. and showers streaming into south jersey and cape may, light rainfall right now. there you see the clouds over cape may in this is live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. it won't be an all-day rainfall but enough to keep temperatures cooler in the day. during the 70s right now, low 80s during the day with breaks of sunshine possible. you can give the sunglasses a break and grab your umbrella. a closer look at the holiday weekend and the potential impact on our area with hermine as i
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come back in a few minutes, rosemary. 6 minutes after 6:00 right now. today, septa will update us on the repairs to damaged train cars. the bucks conte company that's making replacement parts for the cars will join septa this morning at a news conference and let us now coach longer it will take to replace the cracked beams. you may remember that septa had to pull 120 of its railcars earlier this summer reducing service and causing delays. for now, they're going to bring ten cars a week back into service with the full supply in november. we're expecting an update on that later on this morning. make sure you have the nbc10 app and pass on information if you need to get it. also today, you'll see more road closures for this weekend's budweiser made in america festival.
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you can see the ben franklin parkway closes between now and the host of other closures you can find right now on the nbc10 app. switching gears, the 2017 nfl draft is coming to philadelphia. city leaders will make the official announcement later today at city hall. this will be the first major league sports draft in philadelphia since the nhl draft back in 2014. last year was a major year for philly in the draft. the eagles had the second pick overall selecting quarterback carson wentz. we caught up with former eagles quarterback rodney peete saying the nfl draft in philly is a winner, winner, chicken dinner. >> for these fans here, i don't think the draft or nfl or anybody knows about what's to happen in philly next year. >> that is rodney peete and his wife holly. very nice. we did research on the economic
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impact the nfl draft had in chicago in 2015. and for the chicago and chicago sports bureau, that draft had an $81 million economic impact that created 2,000 temporary jobs. and 800 permanent jobs for chicago. >> we have to see what happens here in philly. hey, speaking of football, the eagles will wrap up the preseason tonight against the jets. you can catch all of the action right here. our coverage starts at 6:30 with the eagles preseason kickoff. kickoff at 7:00. right after the game, get highlights and exclusive interviews on eagles. don't forget, nbc10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. 6:09. looks like movement there on i-95. >> yeah, a little bit of good news for drivers stuck for a couple hours now. jessica boyington has another update. >> this is when we typically start to see big huge delays on 95 as it is. we're also combining that with
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this accident scene that would make for a difficult commute. 95 southbound right around the penn's landing tunnel area closed off all morning because of an accident scene. this is a live shot what it looks like right now. they are finally allowing one car at a time pretty much to move through on the left-hand side. the tractor trailer hit a fire truck this morning. so is a lot of cleanup under way. there was injuries on the scene, accident investigation. and all of the lanes were shutoff for quite some time creating a massive backup. they're trying to help you out by letting that left lane go by. and also they're letting people off at the callowhill exit. again, it's an exit, one lane at a time going. you're not going to see major relief yet. get off around the betsy ross area if you want to move through center city that way. it's still going to take you a long time it's better than park lot-style traffic. you can head down front street.
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the vine street expressway is starting to see a little delay. if you can get to the vine street expressway westbound, that's a good route there. we're seeing delays with intersection with the schuylkill. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, hop back on 95 southbound in that direction. again, we're receiving a tiny bit of relief still big delays. we'll get to the philadelphia international airport. >> now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. there are showers in the area. we're seeing temperatures cool down and spots running warmer this morning even with the rain. rittenhouse, 74. northeast fillphiladelphia in t 70s. clouds around, temperatures warm into the low 80s and that's it. cloudy skies in philadelphia. showers off to the north and south. this is where the steadier rain is, heavier downpours moving into southern new castle county
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and central delaware. quick moving storms. we saw thunderstorms when we went on at air at 4:00 this morning. eastern maryland no thunder and lightning this morning, but that say possibility as a cold front pushes through the area. we see light rainfall. moderate rainfall lehigh valley and portions of upper montgomery, bucks and chester county getting instead yes rainfall as well. you'll need rain gear, umbrella at a minimum. you won't need sunglasses. it's going to be a mostly cloudy and cooler day. occasional showers, a thunderstorm late this afternoon and into the late afternoon hour, temperatures in the 70s for lehigh valley. delaware, cloudy skies. 77 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. there is a chance of showers, possibly a thunderstorm for delaware, new jersey and at the shore. 77 degrees at the jersey shore at 1:00 this afternoon. and clouds hanging in there, 78 degrees later today. that's today.
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this weekend, this is going to be impacting our area. this is tropical storm hermine. 60-mile-an-hour winds now moving north/northeast at 12 miles an hour. that's going to take it to the gulf coast of florida, by late tonight as possibly a minimal hurricane. a category 1. makes landfall. moves to the northeast, in fact, now expected hermine to move a bit quicker than it was looking just yesterday at this time. winds will be decreasing as it moves over land, but it's still a threat, especially for our area, as we head into the holiday weekend. it's forecast to stay offshore. but the impacts will be felt onshore with some heavy rainfall, especially along the coastline. and the rip current threat that we've been dealing with through the week and will again today, that's going to be with us right on through the holiday weekend. and becoming more dangerous saturday through sunday. the weekend forecast has changed dramatically in the last 24 hours. saturday, the clouds will be
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increasing. rain developing for new jersey, the shore and delaware. rainfall into sunday. gusty winds right along the coast. there say possibility we'll see it starting to pull away later on sunday. but things are expected to change as we go toward the holiday weekend. this is going to be updated constantly over the coming days. the full 10 day on 10 when we come back. about a quarter after 6:00, donald trump says he's building a wall but still unclear who will pay for it. >> coming up the aftermath with mexico's president. and last night's speech on immigration.
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6:17 right now on this thursday morning as we continue to follow breaking news that has been causing major traffic problems on i-95. five philadelphia firefighters
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are in the hospital. a tractor trailer hit their truck on 95 south in old city. firefighters are now being checked out at hahnemann hospital. the tractor trailer driver is at jefferson. all are expected to be okay. here is a live picture of the scene at the moment. you can see the tow trucks are there trying to remove that tractor trailer from this area of 95 south. this is just under the chestnut street. cruise a crews are allowing at least one lane of cars to get by. we'll continue to keep you posted. today, donald trump will be in ohio to host a rally at an american legion convention. >> that's after he defined his immigration policy during a major speech in arizona just hours after meeting with mexico's president. during his address in phoenix last night, the republican presidential nominee described his immigration pose as a newer, fairer system. he'll end catch and release for undocumented immigrants.
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he'll have zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants who have committed a crime. triple the number of deportation office. number one on his list is to build that wall. >> are you ready? we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> and trump said mexico will pay for that wall, but earlier in the day, after meeting with mexico's president, trump said the two did not talk about who would pay. here's how mexico's president responded on twitter. at the beginning of the conversation with donald trump, i made it clear that mexico will not pay for the wall. trump's opponent democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton tweeted this. trump just failed his first foreign test. diplomacy isn't as easy as it looks." >> clinton's running mate tim kaine will be live on the "today" show this morning to
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respond to donald trump's speech on immigration. that starts at 7:00 right here on nbc10. 6:20. let's get another check of i-95 southbound. >> yeah, jessica boyington has been keeping an eye on all of the traffic cameras to give you the latest information. jessica, what are you seeing? >> right. well, we're watching a live picture right now from the scene of this accident scene. earlier this morning, we had word of people being stuck for two hours right now. we had an accident scene involving a tractor trailer and a fire truck. on the scene here, lane is still blocked. at least by that scene at that point, they let all the cars move through. one car at the time moving through that area. just for the people backed up just behind the scene. now, there are still major backups that we're observing in our cameras right here, right around girard avenue that we're looking at right now. quite a ways away. you can see traffic still at a
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crawl and they're divesting off of that area as well. allows it through the scene at the time. if you have to catch a flight at the philadelphia international airport, you're going to see delays as well. callowhill exit is open. and the vine street expressway is another alternate. if you do get off around callowhill or get off around the betsy ross bridge exit, you can move through center city that way. get through the front street exit on 95 southbound and move that way. no delays there. vine street expressway headed westbound as we go the alternate. take the schuylkill eastbound. those are your best bets. i'll be back in ten with more. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 21 minutes after 6:00. it's cloudy and dreary morning. heading out, grab an umbrella. i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms. we will see scattered shower us
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and a chance of thunderstorms during the day even in the late afternoon hours today. this evening, looking good for the game. gradual, clearing skies drying out for beautiful weather for tomorrow. but this is what's going to greet you first thing this morning. for now, it is dry in philadelphia. look at the rain, south jersey, delaware, and areas northwest. you can see the rain moving through chester county, montgomery and bucks county. richmond, harvey, all getting rain right now. that steady right lane. heavier downpours tracking them through delaware. now moving into cumberland county and new jersey you can see some crossed the shore. on and off rainfall during the day today. this is all coming from a cold front, it's already drying out with a few scattered showers there. look how nice and clear it is in northwest pennsylvania. that's tomorrow's weather but this weekend's weather comes down to this. tropical storm hermine now with
6:23 am
60-mile-an-hour winds moving faster. already spreading rain to the gulf coast of florida. expecting the storms to strengthen and become a minimal hurricane to make landfall tonight at a faster track that's going come up the coast faster than earlier than expected. doing very well impacting the weekend weather. there are lots of computer models forecasting the storm system. they all agree taking it offshore of the area. potentially close enough to have an impact through the holiday weekend. possibly into tuesday. if it stalls offshore, like a number of models are suggesting. so we've made some changes to the weekend's forecast. rip current risk, that will stay with us through the day and increase over the weekend. avalon, margate, stone harbor, rehoboth beach, atlantic city, you'll see the rain arrive, heavy downpours on sunday.
6:24 am
monday eventually pulling away with temperatures in the 80s. the next few days depending on the path that hermine takes. for today, thunderstorms not related to the tropical storm will clear things out for tomorrow. look at the temperatures for tomorrow. then hermine later saturday, sunday, exiting the area on monday. on tuesday and wednesday, the heat is on and post-labor day, we could have a heat wave brewing for wednesday and thursday. the hottest friday. still the possibility with temperatures in the 90s on saturday. rosemary. >> thanks for that, bill. 6:24 on this thursday. this morning, we're learning more about a car accident involving major league baseball star and new jersey native mike troup. we'll tell you about the crash and update how he's doing.
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6:27, california angels star and cumberland county native mike trout was involved on a crash on the freeway but he wasn't hurt. authorities say one man was taken to the hospital following a multicar crash. trout was reported in one of the four cars involved in two connected collisions. police are looking into the caution of the crashes. the flyers will start their 50th anniversary season come october. and they have a special third jersey to commemorate the team. claude giroux helped model that jersey yesterday accented in gold to mark the 50 years. ed snyder actually approved the jersey before he passed away. giroux started skating earlier than expected last month. plus, we'll take you live to the scene of the fire truck crash in old city that is causing problems for drivers there this
6:29 am
morning. we'll hear how the situation unfolded. and we'll have an update on the firefighters who were hurt in this wreck.
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nbc10 breaking news. and this morning, we're following breaking news for you. right now, traffic is backed up along a stretch of i-95 southbound after a crash between a fire truck and tractor trailer in old city. five firefighters were hurt and so was the truck driver. here's a live look from the scene, nbc10 was there as it all unfolded. one of our photographers actually saw this crash happen. good morning, this is the-n "nbc 10." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm rosemary connors. we'll get to the breaking news in old city. we want to let you know we're also following another big story, the weather. >> yeah, tropical storm hermine
6:33 am
could make landfall in florida overnight. and could affect us on the labor day holiday. bill henley is tracking that and he'll be here in a couple minutes. >> but first, we do have information on clark in old city. jessica boyington has news with how to get around it. let's go to pamela osborne live at the scene. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, a lot of injuries as a result of this accident. five firefighters are in the hospital recovering there this morning. as is the tractor trailer driver who was involved in that crash. now, we're standing on an overpass, right near chestnut. so we can give you a better look at where all of this occurred. you can see police are still on the scene there. traffic again is not moving on the southbound lanes. and it hasn't really been except for a few cars here and there since this accident took place. take a look. this is exclusive video of the moment following that crash. the nbc10 photographer who shot it, watched it all happen from
6:34 am
his rear view mirror. here's what i can tell you. the firefighters are in the far left lane between 95 south between chestnut and dock street. they were there to assist people who got into a minor car accident but within seconds we were the ones that needed rescued. a tractor trailer hit the fire truck. what happened next is remarkable, and injured firefighters then checked on the driver of that tractor trailer. the tractor trailer was taken to jefferson with nonlife-threatening injuries. the firefighters themselves in need of hem were taken to hahnemann hospital. i have a call into the hospital to see how they're doing. i'll keep you posted as soon as i hear something back from there. but again, traffic is causing a huge issue. there's a backup because of this right now. i know that police are in the process of doing something to
6:35 am
relieve some of that congestion. jessica boyington joining me now live to give us a little bit more about how people are being rerouted because of this accident. jessica. >> that's right. so a lot of rerouting under way because of this. a lot of detours. a lot of major backups as well. this is what the scene looks like right now from our live shot at the scene. you can see the tractor trailer in place being prepared to get out of the way. the fire truck that was involved earlier. there's massive cleanup with accident investigation. you heard pamela talk about a few minutes ago, they were allowing some cars to go through trickling through one at a time. now, it's all stopped because of the cleanup. we're looking at the cameras right around girard avenue. i've been finding most of our cameras seeing big delays around the southbound side. this is again, right around girard avenue, approaching that accident scene at a crawl. you want to get off notify for
6:36 am
sure. before this point or any exit you that get to, headed southbound. and to area where is we're starting to see just the end of that trickling delay. there are also additionally allowing all people to get off on the callowhill exit as well. on the vine street expressway, we're seeing a delay headed westbound because a lot of that diverted traffic is heading that way now. hop on the schuylkill expressway and come down to 95 southbound that way. if you exit 95 up at the top, you can move through center city down there. jump back on to the front street. head on to the front street exit ramp to 95 southbound and move through that way. especially if you have a flight this morning getting to philadelphia international airport, heads-up, you'll need it. the next step as you heard jess and pamela say it's to clear the scene. as soon as all lanes reopen there on 95 south, we'll let you know on the air, on nbc10, and
6:37 am
the nbc10 app. another big story, the weather we're watching the next few days. >> yeah, meteorologist bill henley changes us with changes for the labor day weekend. bill, tell us about the change. >> big changes because of tropical storm hermine at 60-mile-an-hour winds and now moving faster, accelerated its path towards florida at 12 miles an hour. showers are already starting to appear right along the gulf coast to florida. the storm is offshore as a strong tropical storm but could very well strengthen to a minimal current category 1 hurricane by later today that makes landfall tonight. that has the potential of changing dramatically our weekend weather in the area. this morning, we're getting rain showers and we're seeing thunderstorms not related to hermine. this is a cold front that's producing heavier downpours. and south jersey, steady light rain for the suburbs. chester county, bucks county
6:38 am
starting to spread. the bowe of the battleship "new jersey" you'll need your rain gear this morning. we've got cloudy parts for each of the area. temperatures in the 70s and occasional showers. it's going to be cooler in the afternoon than what we saw yesterday. 83 degrees in philadelphia. at the shore, it will be topping out at 80 degrees. you might see a break or two of sunshine. mainly cloudy and a bit damp, too. a closer look at the impact hermine has on our weekend when i come back in just a few minutes. >> see you shortly, thanks, bill. today, septa will update us on their repairs to their damaged train cars and hopefully, we'll get more information about when service will be back to normal. the bucks county company that's been making the replacement parts for the cars will join septa this morning at a news conference to tell us how much longer it will take to replace the cracked beam s on those car. septa pulled 120 regional railcars to be serviced earlier this summer.
6:39 am
last month, septa told us they will be bringing 10 cars a week back into service with the full service resuming by november. we'll get an update on that and be sure to pass on the information on the nbc10 app. on both sides of the parking battle on south philly are taking to the streets. >> if you live on broad you know what this is about. one group is looking to save 200 spots. they're trying to gather up petitions for the parking authority to make median spots legal. the spots are technically illegal for the city. but they looked the other way for a long time. the group on the other side of the debate wants the city to crack down on the spaces. they cite safety issues like the cars poking out into the street. they hope to replace the spot with trees or perhaps a grassy median. today, a philadelphia man who went to prison 43 years ago will walk free. tyronne jones served his time after being convicted of a
6:40 am
murder in 1973. he was 16 years old when it happened. in july, he became one of the first of 300 juvenile lifers in philadelphia to be granted parole. this follows a supreme court ruling that retroactively banned mandatory life terms for minors. state corrections secretary john wetzel says he understands how hard this transition will be for jones and for others like them. >> they're going back to a world they know nothing about. you know, in cartoon parlance, they came in in the flintstones era, they're getting out in the jetsons' era. you know, that creates a lot of anxiety. >> jones will be released from a prison in schuylkill county this morning and eventually go to live with his sisters in north carolina. first, the pope and the democratic national convention, and then philadelphia will be able to brag about another national honor. the city will host the 2017 nfl
6:41 am
draft. today's announcement will happen at city hall. this will be the first major league sports draft in philly since the nhl in 2014. last year was a big year for philadelphia and the nfl draft. the eagles had the second overall pick which they used to choose carson wentz, the quarterback from north dakota state. in 2015, the draft brought in $80 million for chicago. happening now -- tropical storm hermine aexpected to get stronger as it moves through the gulf of mexico and makes landfall along florida's panhandle. that's supposed to happen tonight. as meteorologist bill henley has been telling us, hermine could impact our weather this weekend. now, in the meantime, the tropical depression in the atlantic is causing strong rip currents. life guards have been busy placing red flags on the beach to let swimmers know they need
6:42 am
to be careful and not to use boogie boards in the water. and the coast guard is reminding boaters to wear life jackets and to let someone know when you're going out, and when you plan to return home. well, the impact of that jackknifed tractor trailer set up traffic on 95. >> yeah if you're head to get airport, if you're heading to work it's going to be difficult. traffic reporter jessica boyington has been keeping an eye on the cameras and keeping us updated. jess. >> yes, i've had people contact us on twitter telling me they were completely sitting at a standstill earlier this morning until 3:45 until a couple of minutes ago. and that's still sitting at a standstill. but right now, we're see something movement. southbound side, approaching the accident scene around the pen's landing area. they're letting one car trickle
6:43 am
through at a time. again, we're not going to see too much relief because of that. you can see we're at least moving. the best bet is the betsy ross bridge. come down the betsy ross bridge exit ramp head down through krentsdz ci center city that way. hop back on 95 southbound. that's an good way there and callowhill exit ramp the same way i just told you about or the vine street expressway we're seeing delays there. if you head to the vine street expressway jump back on to the schuylkill, head eastbound and access 95 that way. that's another good alternate for you. if you're head to get philadelphia international airport, heads up, you're going to be stuck in some of this traffic. you may be late for your flight. i'll check in with drive times as well. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 6:43. it's a cloudy and a rainy start. cape may, new jersey. a few breaks in the cloyds, but
6:44 am
more showers on the way for cape may. wilmington has seen steadier rainfall. heavier downpours in delaware. much needed rain for grass across the area. light fog and light rain in the area. and temperatures in the 70s this morning. very uniform temperatures thanks to the clouds overhead. we're not going to see say huge warmup today but we should make it into the low 80s as it will not be an all-day rainfall. that being said, here comes the rain moving back into philadelphia. steadier rainfall and moderate showers in cumberland county, new jersey. you can see that south of dover as well. that's steadier rainfall that has swept into the area this morning for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. the rain today, tomorrow, we'll get a break with some sunshine. but for today, it's going to be on and off showers and cooler temperatures. for philadelphia, 70ss. the suburbs might see a break or two of sunshine. the clouds will be hanging in there this afternoon. and later today, there's a possibility of thunderstorms
6:45 am
popping up. and a possibility of more showers for the lehigh valley with mostly cloudy skies. 77 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. delaware will stay cloudy through the day. occasional showers and a chance of a thunderstorm even more likely in new jersey. and a possibilities of storms at the shore today. temperatures in upper 70s. then there is hermine. this will impact our weekend. hermine say stronger tropical storm with 60-mile-per-hour winds move to get north-northeast at 12 miles an hour. that's going to take it into florida. the panhandle this evening. you see that, that's a category 1 hurricane. it will move up the beach, suspected to move offshore. but it's going to be close enough to our area. spreading rain in the area, gusty winds. that rip current risk we've been dealing with to the last couple days will continue through the holiday weekend. look what's going on here. this is monday at 2:00. early tuesday, there's barely any movement. there's a potential this storm system will stall off the coast
6:46 am
which could impact our area beyond the weekend forecast. for now, looks like the clouds will move in on saturday with some showers possible in philadelphia. even more likely for south jersey. the jersey shore and the delaware beaches and inland delaware as well. but here comes the rain and stronger gusts of wind for sunday. it will dmieps the low 70s. by labor day monday, we should is see sunshine. but the stalled question mark for the storm offshore could keep showers into parts. area for monday. especially likely for south jersly, the shore and delaware. we'll look beyond the weekend, 10 day on 10 when i come back. 6:46. on this thursday, a viewer tells us the warranty on her car was practically worthless. and repairs would have cost her a pretty penny. >> coming up we'll show you out the "nbc10 responds" helped her
6:47 am
get back on the road with money in her pocket. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
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there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra.
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10 minutes before 7:00. on "nbc10 responds" a viewer told us she bought an extended warranty on her car when it needed repairs her claim was denied. >> yes, she decided to appeal to the "nbc10 responds" team and harry hairston. >> reporter: that's your baby, huh? >> that's my baby. >> reporter: the 2010 series bmw. she bought the extended warranty back in february and has been paying it off every month. in june, she needed the front strut in her car repaired. >> i thought i was covered. i thought i was covered. >> reporter: when she took her car to the dealership, claim denied. >> they won't cover it.
6:51 am
so i give them a call. they're trying to tell me it's preexisting, we won't pay for that. >> reporter: in the contract it says preexisting conditions are not covered. >> i was mad. i said i can't believe this, i'm paying them the money. >> reporter: she no longer wanted the warranty and tried to get back everything she paid. and endurance offered her a partial refund. she wanted a full respond so she called "nbc10 responds." we reached out to ensurance and immediately reached out to her. >> next thing i know, they wanted to refund my money. >> reporter: endurance tells nbc10 responds she was able to get back the warranty minus the $50 fee. he's happy to have her money back. >> thank you. >> harry is collecting money all
6:52 am
over time. if you have a consumer problem for "nbc10 responds" head to the website, fill out the complaint or give us a call. we'll respond. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> we're looking at cloudy skies right now. we're seeing showers and some thunderstorm activity as you look closely at this live view of cape may to see breaks in the clouds. those are going to be limited today. grab your umbrella. rain gear necessary. even though it's not raining right now at cape may, more showers on the way. you will see scattered showers during the day and a chance of thunderstorms. by this evening, gradual clearing skies. and the game tonight should be just fine. it's during the day that you'll need your umbrella. and first thing this among, windshield wipers are going in philadelphia and the suburbs. look at the steady rain from chester and bucks conte. harleysville all seeing light
6:53 am
rain. thunderstorms in eastern delaware, first thing this morning have died down a bit. first seeing rain in central declare. and this rain will be moving back in and a cold front comes into the area today. today it will sweep through the area. we'll get that clearing tonight and this nice clear area, that's the weather for tomorrow for one day. our attention turns to hermine. now a tropical storm with 60-mile-an-hour winds moving to the north-northeast, expected to make landfall in florida late this evening and head up the gulf coast. the computer models some show it offshore which would be great for us. heavy gusty winds at least at the delaware beach it's and possibly inland as well. check this out, this is the hour-by-hour forecast which brings the storm onshore by late this evening. that's 11:00 tonight. possibly a minimal hurricane category 1. it moves over orlando, there's
6:54 am
some weakening, there's a lot of moisture there and plenty of wind as well as it moves through the carolinas by tomorrow afternoon. it's over georgia but spreading heavy downpours into the carolinas. and it will continue moving into the northeast. so by saturday big saturday morning, those showers just to our south with clouds spreading into the area. clouds increasing during the day on saturday. and by saturday night, we could be looking at heavy downpours in delaware and starting to move into south jersey. and the threat of more rain will continue right on through the holiday weekend. so the shore cast has changed increasing clouds with rain saturday night that rain moves in. heavy downpours and strong gusty winds on sunday. and there's a chance that storm will be pulling away on monday. we'll be watching that closely because it could linger offshore. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms. more beautiful weather. here cummings the wet weather for philadelphia. late saturday is and into sunday.
6:55 am
by monday, we're clearing out. look at next week. we've got a heat wave, starting on wednesday and again on friday. we'll be right back.
6:56 am
iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:58 am
we continue to follow breaking news that's causing traffic problems on i-95. five phil firefighters are in the hospital. a tractor trailer hit a fire truck. parts of old city are shut down. some parts of traffic get big. jessica boyington has an update. >> it's only about one car at the time trickling by the scene and they stop it for removal. as this progresses through the rest of the morning, we're going to see that on and off. you can see that on the cameras,
6:59 am
traffic is pretty much at a standstill. you can see through the center city area, get through the 95 southbound that way. additionally, heading westbound starting to jam up with that overflow traffic. it's heading that direction. head that way or the schuylkill expressway eastbound and get back on 95 southbound that way. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> just before 7:00, we've got a rainy start this morning. tracking showers and we've seen thundershowers too. heavy downpours moving across vine. and temperatures holding steady in the 60s and low 70. warmth barely in the 80s this afternoon. not an all-day rainfall but keep the umbrella handy. occasional showers and thunderstorms during the day. it's going to be driving out for the eagles game tonight. >> thank you, bill. we'll have local updates for the
7:00 am
morning. you can get news, weather and traffic for the nbc10 app. >> and we'll have updates on that 95 crash. we'll definitely keep you posted. have a good one. good morning. state of emergency. florida braces for the worst with tropical storm hermine expected to become a hurricane as it bears down on the gulf coast. evacuations now under way there and then it's set to slam nearly the entire eastern seaboard. how will it affect your labor day plans? we're tracking it all live. who's telling the truth? donald trump meets with the president of mexico and then says this about that wall he wants to build. >> we did discuss payment of the wall. >> the mexican president says it not only came up, he told trump mexico isn't paying for any wall. back in the states, trump is back to his biggest applause line. >> mexico will pay for the wall. >> did trump's high risk venture to mexico pay off and what does


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