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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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high winds and heavy rain. hermine's strong wind and choppy surf is cutting the holiday weekend short for many. preparing for hermine could cause major beach erosion. >> nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> i'm rosemary connors. let's start with bill henley who has more on the timing. if. >> right now it is pulling further away from the coastline. the rain is way off to the south. the entire area is dry this morning and will be dry for much of the day. there are changes ahead for her mine, now pulling ahead within it will take it further away from the east coast. that is good. what we are expecting is to see the winds. possibly hurricane strength, and to make it come inland as well. not only damage from the wind, but the flood threat will be increasing over the next couple days. this is where it is right now, you can see a little turn in the
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bath by 2:00 this afternoon. we'll see more of that tonight and into tomorrow morning. that continues into monday in will take it close enough to the coastline that we'll likely see stronger wind and tropical storm strength wind. it could bring down trees, it will also increase the water level along the coast lean. so flooding is likely. and look at how this storm lingers into tuesday and wednesday. we'll still be doing with it but it will be weakening by wednesday. it will start pulling away and weakening as we go into the workweek. 65 miles per hour winds. they be a factor for the next
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several days. they will be increasing along the coastline once the shift stakes place. that is expected to change tonight and tomorrow and into the next few days when we're still dealing with coastal flooding. heavy rain and stronger winds at the shore as well. there are times when flooding can occur. crystal is is standing by in the first alert weather center. >> yes, we could see big issues, particularly as we hit the high tide. here is a live look outside of atlantic city right now. you see rough waters and this is something that could continue. the focus be moving into tond
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and tomorrow morning. the push of high winds from the storm, it may allow us to see the coastal flooding more serious in some locations. about 10:00 this morning, all the way to 10:00 tonight. monday looking closer to tomorrow. so at that time we were really concerned about the push for coastal flooding. we'll see high winds from the storm system, and you will see the push of the sealevel increasing and rolling out on to the beach. let's talk about the flood threat marly as we get to monday morning. it will be a minor threat. we may see some elevation, rather elevated water as we move into monday morning. a moderate to major threat.
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and more on that major threat time line. so we will be actively watching this, it all depends on hermine. jersey shore towns are preparing for hermine seeing rough winds like this that we expect to get worse tonight and tomorrow morning. i imagine this is the calm before the storm. >> yeah, it is pretty quiet right now. as we have been saying all morning long, it is about what is what is expected to happen tomorrow. i want to show you if you're familiar, if you have been down to the beaches, you know the lifeguard stands, they are been
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removed, their on the boardwalk in anticipation for whatever comes in. i can also tell you that some of the interests to the beaches are taking measures. >> we'll see you then at 6:30, thank you for that, pam. sussex county is under a warning as the rest of hermine moves closer. the wind was whipping last night. the limited state of emergency allows first responders to prepare for any problems. everybody who is still at the beach there says they plan to
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ride the storm out. >> so we were expecting sun and we got a storm. >> beach erosion is expected to be significant along the coastline. >> and it is dangerous to be on the water right now. one crew had to rescue a kite surfer that got away from the coastline yesterday. the storm is really churning up the ocean which could be a problem for surfers and boaters. take nbc with you this weekend so you can track hermine with us. you'll get timing and flood threats to your neighborhood. you'll see where the flood is and where it is heading all on the free nbc 10 app. 6:07 on this sunday morning. sheer a hive look over the ben franklin parkway where it will
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be day two of the made in america concert. it is expected to stay nice, all things considered, for the show this evening. crowds danced into the crowd last night. there was an incident when a crowd of hundreds decided to rush a side stage. witnesses tell us that a performer told them to climb up and dance. but authorities quickly shut it down. coldplay is the headliner tonight. this morning we continue to plus this -- president obama continues his visit in why in a, he scored a victory on climate change, but he is running into trouble on another stormy issue. that is still ahead.
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things are cry -- quiet right now on the shore. rip currents still an issue today. overnight, pushing further off shore, but this is a temporary situation. look how far away the rain shield is. the wind speeds will be increasing during the day today. right now the winds coming out of the north for our area, an increasing inland and at the shore early this afternoon. winds of 20 miles per hour but they will really ramp up today as the storm is forecasted to come closer to the shore in the next 24 hours. the stronger winds will feel them right along the coast until we could see needing around our
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time of high tide around 10:00 tonight. the winds likely for tomorrow, a flood threat into tomorrow morning. 10:00 to 111:00 in the morning. through it all, we'll be watching those stronger winds, you see the hour by hour winds, even into tuesday morning on the increase and it will be an issue. the rip current threat right through the holiday weekend and beyond for our area. seven day forecast, areas in for nice weather and warmer weather ahead. temperatures past hermine will be taking off. a look beyond the seven-day forecast. >> thank you for that. 12 minutes past 6:00 on this sunday morning. the path to state hood complete. we'll take you to the vatican
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just after 6:00 now. this is a look at the first alert radar, you see hermine is a little off of the coast right now, but don't be fooled. it will make a turn toward us later today. flooding is a real concern. here is a look at the pier. all is calm at the moment. now is the time to leave, get off of the barrier islands. bill henley will have a updated forecast in a minute. hermine has already killed two people and left a path of
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destruction. people have been battling the winds, storm surges, and poweroutages. now the target is our area, and the communities that are not fully recovered from super storm sandy. >> we are have been preparing since wednesday. >> we wanted to get out before it got really bad here. >> that family decided to leave ocean city, maryland. others are staying put and riding out the storm. we'll have more on your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> president obama and china's president have come to an
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agreement on a climate control measure. >> this is a big victory for president obama. climate change has been one of his biggest objectives while in office. and now a global agreement to lower greenhouse gases. chooi noo na's president made the same agreement ratifying it here. so they're on the same page, and it is at a time when their arguing soobt many other issues from trade, cyber security. president obama warned that temperatures that are warming are threatenning mankind. >> they are fwreeing on what is
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causing the temperatures to climb, and president obama using his executive authority to seen it rather than working with congress where he would have been deneated on this. >> that is ron allen reporting. president obama is continuing his meetings at the g20 number is china today. right now, u.s. and russian negotiators are trying to straight a deal to reduce violence in syria but in the president's words "we're not there yet." mother teresa is now saint teresa of calcutta. thousands came to watch. she is credited with two miracles and a lifetime of serving the poor. and a massive thanksgiving will be held to celebrate.
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rosemary, we're still tracking hermine, it is pulling further from the coast, but it is still on the coast for now. the storm is still a powerful one. and there is a good opportunity that it will be pulling closer to the east coast. we'll start to see that turn tomorrow. take a turn, and move closer to the east coast. and also increase in strength, 70 miles per hour, it's a motion that will continue into late monday. this is really going to increase the winds along the coastline. it will cause some heavywinds
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and potential for flooding. the strongest wins are offshore. the winds will expand. we'll see tropical storm force winds at the coastline. this is a future projected wind gust that shows late this evening, 10:00 or 11:00 this evening. you see it in the delaware beaches as well and they're pushing the water into the east coast, and that's going to increase the flood threat. tropical storm warning, wind gusts of 50 miles per hour in the next 36 hours. dangerous rip currents and rough seas are still an issue.
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it might look nice outside we'll likely see that situation continue through monday. coming late tonight and tomorrow, from there could be moderate to major flooding as the winds push those waters onshore. and there is still a chance of heavy rainfall. looking less likely now. 1-3 inches. >> fred: are possible. it ends on how strong that storm comes. that being said, as bads that situation is at the shore, there will be nice weather around during the day today and you will feel it tomorrow, too. crystal cline is tracking
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crystal cl -- klei is tracking it neighborhood by neighborhood. you see a very nice shot out there currently. what we're going to see is similar temperatures today. yesterday we saw breaks of sun. the potential will pop up again. right now here are your temperatures. we're at 64 in philadelphia, 60 in trenton. these temperatures feel a little cooler this morning. if you step out you may want a little more coverage as you get that morning walk in. 55 in allentown. moving through the upper 70s throughout the afternoon. clouds with some sun breaks in philadelphia. same for the pennsylvania suburbs. in the lehigh valley much of the same as well.
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take a look at delaware, new jersey, and the shore. a cloud mix, new jersey, likely to be drier. by late day, a potential for some rain. here is a look at your forecast today, tomorrow, possibly light rain as we move into your monday. right now is looking like it is pulling further to the east. we continue the forecast. low to mid 90s. friday into saturday as well. we're heating back up once hermine is no longer holding a track over the region. >> first responders are watching which areas get hit the hardest. what you need to stay safe.
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nbc 10 first alert radar shows hermine off of the coast. it will be closer to us later on. here is a live look at cape may. the conditions could get treacherous, especially during the high tide. there is a limited state of emergency in sussex county later this morning. that mean that's state resources can be used immediately to help local communities overwhelmed by
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the storm. we continue to keep a close watch on our regions coastal areas as hermine approaches. pamela osborn is lye in atlantic city this morning. >> rosemary, we're keeping an eye on that storm, we'll join you for a live report and updates on conditions when we come back. >> they will be increasing. the ripcurrents, but much of the area is getting a break. >> just a few scattered clouds over philadelphia and a school start this morning. look at this view from the melon bank building. we're going to see sunshine and it looks like it will stay dry, at least in the city. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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right now we're tracking
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hermine. we show you the size of the storm as it approaches. >> and the delaware beaches are already feeling the effects. the jersey shore will also bear the brunt of this. we're there is a live look at conditions now and what people can do to prepare. >>. >> good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. our focus is hermine and making sure you're safe. we have the timing and the path of the storm, george spencer is in delaware, pamela osborn at the jersey shore. we start with meteorologist bill henley. where do we stand at the moment. >> hermine has pulled further
6:31 am
away from the east coast. the nearest rain is so the south, and the heaviest stuff is well off shore. it would be great if this continues. unfortunately a change in the next 12 hours is expected to happen and that will increase the winds at the shore and bring the potential for heavy rain back into the area. winds at 65 miles per hour right now for hermine. right now it is moving away from the east coast at 12 miles per hour. it is not moving as fast as it did other the last few days. the steering currents are weaker and that is the big problem with this storm system, it is meandering offshore for days. and there is a light current that will likely bring it closer to the coast, and allow the storm to strengthen as well. 70 miles per hour winds. we could see hurricane strength winds into early tuesday
6:32 am
morning. for now, the heaviest winds are off shore. and the heavier winds are likely to come inland and hit the shore and the beaches impacting from damaging winds and the flood threat that is on the increase for our area later tonight and tomorrow. this morning, tropical storm strength winds. they're likely to be on the increase for the next 24 hours. that too is likely to change. lingers off shore and closer to the shore for late today, monday into tuesday. that will likely cause coastal flooding, moderate to major for the beaches and i can't rule out
6:33 am
flooding along the delaware though it is less likely. wind and rain issues, the wind is most likely, but still a potential for heavy downpours as well. things are looking pretty good. crystal? >> that is what i thought when i looked out the door. we are not seeing rain this morning, but it looks nice out to start with temperatures. this is a live look outside of atlantic city. you see the rough waters, but the shot itself looks very pretty. the sun is starting to peek out. here are your temperatures, currently 55 in the lehigh valley. mostly just clear sky conditions
6:34 am
as you move inland. we're at 63 in the jersey shore. let's talk about some of the temperatures that we're looking at more closely. 6 5 4 degrees in atlantic city right now. the cape may courthouse, the temperatures bumping up, not a tun in the afternoon, but turning in, we'll push back in the cloud cover. so here are your sunday expectations. philadelphia to pennsylvania, partly cloudy and some sun. new jersey, high wind with some rain onshore. in delaware, the same situation, beaches more active then as you move further inland. >> the delaware beaches are feeling hermine's power. the surface you see is very strong and the waves are big. families that hoped for a sunny
6:35 am
and mild wookd will fete a frontrow seat to mother nature. what is happening there right now and what we expect early on. >> really intense winds, we're at the end of the boardwalk here, and i can tell you that the public beaches have been closed since yesterday. you see the lifeguards close to the beaches. but the real much will be the sir much and the possibility of the coastal flooding brought by the intense winds associated with this storm. and of course also it's projected turn towards land in the coming hours. as you see a strong rough surf here. some out here are capturing
6:36 am
forecasts. the big watch and see moments are the high tides here in rehoboth. a lot of wait and see going on here in rehoboth at this point. strong winds and we will be watching it. >> thank you for that. >> there was a few inches of water in the streets. chris christie has declared a state of emergency in cape may, ocean, and atlantic counties. it gives authorities more power to help with rescue and clean up operations as needed. along the jersey shore, we could get heavy rain and beach erosion.
6:37 am
pamela osborn is live in atlantic city. people are being advised to stay out of the water today? >> that is right, it is pretty quiet out here this morning if you're waking up and wondering where the storm is. that is what is to come here. take a look at the leaves this morning as well. rough here as they are in rehoboth beach. here in atlantic city, high tide at 10:17 this morning. moderate flooding. major to moderate flooding this afternoon. so we're monitoring conditions right now. same thing again in delaware as we're seeing people walk down to the beaches. right now people are trying to get a look at the storm. the impressive size of these
6:38 am
waves before the actual storm comes. track hermine with us. you will get the latest timing of the storm. it is all free on the nbc 10 app. >> a look at the flood threat throughout the region when we come back.
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the sun up, we're getting a better look at some of the scattered clouds in the area. it is a possibility later today while hermine will be inching closer to us. usually the coolest time of day is right after sunrise. a really pleasant start this morning and a good warm up during the day. the main focus is the path that it will be taking. so a major threat of flooding tonight and tomorrow along the coastline and for the jersey shore. that is much less likely than at the shore. moderate to major flooding is a possibility for atlantic city, cape may, tonight and tomorrow,
6:42 am
and major flooding for lewis and rehoboth beach. it will be tropical storm like for us tonight and tomorrow. 60s to start in philadelphia. 77 degrees. winds picking up some in philadelphia. less so for the north and west suburbs. right now a cool start, 61 in the suburbs, and the sunshine will be bright in the lehigh valley. clouds on the increase in new jersey, rain free during the day. 77 this afternoon. the strongest winds at the shore, ramping up tonight. mostly cloudy skies at the shore. for delaware, sunshine and a warm up. into the 70s this afternoon with a chance of showers, especially
6:43 am
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on this sunday it is 64 degrees outside. the beaches in delaware are some of the most vulnerable areas. it looks perfect for a morning stroll right now. but wrap it up, back up and head
6:46 am
home if you're in the danger areas. a shootout left an atlantic city police officer critically injured in the hospital, and another suspect dead. police released this surveillance video of the moments before the shooting. prosecutors witnessed three men robbed. when the officers got out of their car to investigation, bullets started flying. one officer was shot in the head. his partner returned fire and struck one of the gunman who has been identified as jerome damen. yesterday officers arrested two more men without incident.
6:47 am
we are at 6:46 today. hermine is still a powerful tropical storm. if you want to just knock that off and hit play once again, we'll see if we can get it to work. there we go. here is the radar, the satellite, the data will be populating momentarily. a nice dry start for our area. a few sprinkles on the radar. that is portions of delaware and western salem county. even more likely this afternoon at the shore as hermine is lingering off shore if is still pulling away from the shore that sounds great, but the forecast is go take a turn a strengthen. very close to the shore, but it doesn't have to because the tropical storm force winds
6:48 am
extend to star frso far from th. it will bring damage to the delaware shore and beaches. even upper delaware, a possibility that we'll see it heavy downforce. a storm with 65 miles per hour winds that will increase over the next 36 hours. the movement will now shift for now, taking it away from the east coast and that happens later today. lingering then off shore, monday through wednesday, the worst of it at the shore and the delaware beaches for later today, tonight, and tomorrow. then we will see incremental improvement along the coastline. the major threat will be flooding. the winds pushing on shore, and we'll see the flooding likely along the coast lean for the jersey shore and the delaware
6:49 am
beaches. still a potential for heavy rain, that threat doesn't look as likely as it did a couple days ago. damaging wind at 50 plus miles per hour for hermine. a rough ride tonight and into tomorrow. a closer look at the rest of the labor day weekend. krystal is standing by. >> let's take a live look outside right now. the conditions, as they currently are this morning. the numbers don't look bad, it is just that as everything moves forward, we're still looking at areas with potential for rain. this is a live look outside right now looking over the art museum where the made in america concert is going on yesterday. pretty nice out there for folks. as we saw maybe isolated showers today, but more likely it will
6:50 am
be a sun/cloud mix in areas like philadelphia, suburbs, and the lehigh valley. the clouds are the result of hermine, but the rain is less likely. that is more hilikely as we mov through south jersey. drier as you move further inland. more blanket of cloud cover. upper 70s for philadelphia, upper 70s and low 80s for the lehigh valley. we will be seeing gusty winds in the photograph forecast as well. as we move along into those shore points, and then those winds still in the breezy to windy category if you move further inland. we'll be looking at projected wind speeds. we'll also talk more about the
6:51 am
ten-day forecast. things heat back up, and we're not entirely rid of the 90s on that forecast coming up. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark from csn. sam bradford is an ex-eagle after just one season. the eagles will get a first round pick next year and at least a fourth round pick the next season. sam bradford was caught off guard. here is what he said. >> i met some great people. for everyone that supported me through good types and bad, thank you for your support. >> they would not say if carson wentz would start week one, if his ribs are healed he could be
6:52 am
the starter. >> if we didn't have the confidence in how our team was playing, how with we were structured, we would not do this. but when you put all of this together, we felt like in balancing today and the future it was the right move for us. >> the eagles made 20 plus cuts to get down to the 53-man roster. he lead the nfl in receptions, and you see him returning a punt for a touchdown. look at this, on a kick off, this is a kicker. the kicker tackles him like that. he is 270 pounds. and a pair of touchdown
6:53 am
passes. this one to mic, the nittany and visiting the pitt panthers. coming back for the first time in a year. that sets up penn state and pitt next week. the phillies having trouble holding leads this weekend. in the fifth, a double, three doubles on the night faceboor f. in the sixth. velasquez gives it up here. and the braves would tie it on a ground out. then in the 10th, ryan howard has some trouble. goes home but he is too late.
6:54 am
i'm john clark, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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6:56 am
6:56 right now on this sunday. hermine may not be right over our area yet, but just wait, she
6:57 am
is coming. the storm will turn toward our coast and get closer later today and tonight. in atlanta city, already rough surf and dangerous rip currents in storm will linger and be at it's worst during high tide. you still have time to prepare. it may look like a great day to go outside, but bring everything indoors and leave the shore s t sooner rather than later. george spencer is live this morning in rehoboth beach. >> so far, a dry but very windy morning here in rehoboth beach. coming up, a look at how her mihermine is making her presence felt here. >> the winds that are blowing, the rough seas at the shore will be increasing. that is the view from atlantic
6:58 am
city this morning. stronger winds and tropical storm strength winds are still in the forecast. your neighborhood weather just ahead.
6:59 am
tracking hermine.
7:00 am
our team of first alert meteorologists keeping you updated on the timing and preparing you for the impact. states of emergency. shore towns getting ready for the wind and the severe flooding. it may look like a nice beach day, but don't go in the water. good morning, it is 7:00 on this sunday. we're here to inform you so you're not caught off guard when the worst of this storm rolls in. we have live coverage this morning, live at the delaware beaches. first alert meteorologists are teaming up to track the storm and bring you the latest on her path. let's start with bill who is


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