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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  September 4, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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our team of first alert meteorologists keeping you updated on the timing and preparing you for the impact. states of emergency. shore towns getting ready for the wind and the severe flooding. it may look like a nice beach day, but don't go in the water. good morning, it is 7:00 on this sunday. we're here to inform you so you're not caught off guard when the worst of this storm rolls in. we have live coverage this morning, live at the delaware beaches. first alert meteorologists are teaming up to track the storm and bring you the latest on her path. let's start with bill who is
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watching hermine's movement off of the coast right now. >> we're seeing scattered clouds in the area as a result of hermine, but they're just scattered. we have sunshine and as you mentioned, it's a nice start to the day which is deceiving. there is still a powerful storm off of the shore and it is moving away for now, but that will likely change. moving to the east northeast at 12 miles per hour. that motion is expected to change during the day today. we'll likely see this storm take a left turn bringing it closer to the coast nap is a problem in itself. it is also expected to strengthen. a stronger storm coming closer to the coast will make the conditions worse. it could bring tropical storm strength winds onshore. even with the center of the storm way out to sea, the winds
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will arrive at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. the flood threat and the damaging wind threat will be increasing. the worth of st of it coming th tonight and into tomorrow. heavier winds maekiking their w on shore. it will come close enough to bring the damaging winds inland. the tropical storm warnings are still in effect. increasing tonight and tomorrow to 40 miles per hour and the gusts could top 50 miles per hour. damaging winds and the threat of flooding more much of the area. a rough ride over the next 36 hours. also some nice weather ahead which is why we break it down neighborhood by neighborhood. >> you're right, depending on
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where you're at, a very different forecast in the next few days. this is a live look outside of center city where things are looking pretty good this morning. this is an area where we have more of a dry forecast for the next few days. closer to the coastline, that is when you have a better chance of rain. 78, a mix of clouds and sun. more cloud coverage on your monday. can you tell the difference once you start to see drier conditions inland. 87 by your tuesday. in the suburbs, temperatures in the 70s. very similar with a medical examiner of clo-- mix of clouds sunshine. here is the differences. jersey, particularly the shore, and delaware beaches we see those changes.
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better chances along the shoreline. only low to mid 70s. delaware also looking at a potential for some rain. the governors of new jersey and delaware declared dates of emergency in several counties. that means state resources can be deployed immediately. and the threat to those coastal communities will be tonight and tomorrow morning when high tide rolls in. our crews are fanned out to show you the conditions and help you prepare. let's check in with pamela osborn who is live in atlantic season. it seems like the perfect time to get on the expressway and get home. >> yeah, it certainly does right now. a beautiful quiet start to the
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day. the breeze is picking up a little bit, and the waves are crashing pretty hard right now. they're trying to just attack this in as they expect the storm to move inland. as beautiful as it is, the waves are incredibly choppy. high tide here in ac is about 10:17 this morning. we're expecting some moderate flooding as a result. by high tide tomorrow, moderate to major flooding. if you're still here in atlantic city, trying to go out before the height of the storm, now is a good time to go. as i mentioned, the waves are
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incredibly fierce right now. >> there is a real possible of severe flooding along the shoreline here. george spencer is live in rehoboth beach this morning. >> yes, deceptively pleasant. but the public beaches here have been closed to the public since yesterday. lifeguards keeping people off, but it did not stop a crowd of people coming by to take a look at the rough surf. the concern down here in the beaches, as in new jersey beaches, is the high tide that will be coming through the day today, especially late today and
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through the day tomorrow. the concern, the strength of the storm that is off of the coast here. it seems leek the crowds have been out here, it has been retively deceptive. the sun is out. the question is about what is to come with hermine and the possibility of what it could do in the back bay areas and the coastal areas. for now people are watching and waiting to see how the storm will proceed. that is the latest from rehoboth beach. >> thank you within george. we have been tracking hermine for you since last week. two people are dead in the wake of hermine. the wind, strong storms damaged biss and left hundreds of
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businesses without power down south. winds stoppled a camper, but fortunately the family inside made it out on time. the coastguard is stressing it is very dangerous right now. long island beaches are closed to simmers because of the strong current. >> we know you may be out and about today. tomorrow for people living in philadelphia, be sure to have the nbc 10 app with you so you can track hermine. you'll get the timing, the floodthreats, plus you can see our interactive radar all on the nbc 10 app. today, we're talking about a surprise trade.
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sam bradford out. who is expected to start as quarterback for the eagles one week from today. first, a live look at our radar. we have coverage from bill henley and krystal klei. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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a little after 7:00, all eyes on hermine even though it is way off shore. still a strong storm with tropical storm force winds. it is moving at 12 miles per hour. watch a number of computer models, look at how they curve it back to the coastline. they are strong enough to be closer to the coastline. and it is expected to strengthen. that means conditions are deteriorating later today along the jersey shore, the delaware beaches, and there is a little threat. and look at how it meanders for
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days. it will still be causing issues for our area well into the weak. tropical storm conditions later today along the new jersey coastline. the longest winds coming in tonight. 50 miles per hour or more along the coastline. we're watchle the buoy data this morning, showing it gusting to 27 miles per hour off of the coastline and long island. there are higher waves further off shore with the storm moving closer to the coastline. the threat for our area will be increasing. a threat for minor flooding in philadelphia. this is less likely than what we will see. moderate to major flooding tonight and into tomorrow.
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moderate flooding for louis beach and rehoboth beach. the stronger winds will be pushing inland. the high tide times are key. minor flooding in atlantic city. late tonight and tomorrow for atlantic city and rehoboth beach. so it will be an issue for tonight. overnigh tonight, tomorrow morning, and through the day on monday. when the conditions will be much worse. otherwise just inland, it won't be a problem. beautiful weather and as you said earlier, it can be deceiving. it is still a major issue. >> you touched on it a moment ago, the fact that that the storm will linger for some time, that is where the storm will start -- >> we have a threat of flooding
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and a threat of damaging winds. so it is a two-fold event for the shore, the delaware beaches, and the back bays that are in for major flooding as well. >> stay safe, be prepared, but we do really need to drive home this point. >> things will be quite a bit different from tonight. coming up, the search it over. two other suspects wanted in the shooting of a police officer.
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17 minutes past 7:00 on this sunday. here is a live look down the shore at cape may. looks like a great beach day. there is a real threat for the back bay areas. the winds are whipping this morning and they will pick up significantly. mother teresa is now saint teresa. thousands came to watch. she is credited with two miracles as well as a lifetime of charity to what she calls the poorest of the poor in india. the diocese will be holding a thanksgiving today in celebration. now your first alert weather. we have sunshine to start with, doesn't look bad in
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philadelphia. a live view. a few scattered crowds. bright sunshine at crawley stadium. expect it to stay dry. much of the day at the shore it will also stay dry. things have improved since yesterday and the storm system has pulled further away from us and it is still lingering off shore. there is the heavy rain, way offshore. the threat of this rain coming inland will be increasing late tonight and tomorrow. for now, hermine with 65 miles per hour wind social security moving to the east/northeast. it will not attack a large change in it's track to bring the winds that are just offshore
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inland. expect that to happen later tonight and into tomorrow, the tropical storm force winds extend far from the center of this storm. that is the prop for the jersey shore, the delaware bay, and the beaches. this is the future projected wind gusts that show through monday, the strong winds will start late tonight and continue through the shore tomorrow. and the strong gusty winds ramp up in our area. the tropical storm warnings, still in effect, winds of 25-40 miles per hour for tonight and tomorrow gust beyond 15 miles per hour. just inland, the winds will be lighter and the weather not an issue, either. krystal klie is stopping by. let's start by taking a live
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look outside in center city. j gorgeous look outside right now. today it will be a mix of clouds and sun for philadelphia. temperatures will feel the effect, that means some relief for some of you. 78 in center city. we see mid to upper 70s as well with that cloud and sun mix. not likely to see much rain in these zones. the same for the lehigh valley. and we go to new jersey where we could see spotty showers in south jersey. winds picking up along the jersey shore, delaware beach is the same. rain likely around the jersey shore with that chance of showers as well. ocean city at 75 degrees. here is a look at your ten-day forecast. 78 today and monday at 77.
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check it out. we bump right back up, 87 on your tuesday and the warming really hits here. and the 90s continue all of the way to saturday before we start to see a cool down nap is when we have a next chance of storms starting to develop again in our forecast. >> thank you for that, crystal. coming up, sam bradford is out. is carson wentz ready to take the reigns?
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7:25 right now on this sunday. we're just a week away from the eagles home opener and it looks like carson wentz will be leading the pack.
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they traded sam bradford to minnesota. in return, they will get a first round pick in 2017 and a fourth round pick in 2018. wentz is still suffering from cracked ribs, but he will like i will be the starter for week one if he is healthy. >> we continue to track hermine and the storm's impact on our region. we got you covered with crews in delaware. and we're down the shore with pamela osborn in atlantic city. we'll get live updates in the next few moments. >> hermine a powerful storm likely to cause problems today and tomorrow. for now, rough seas and rip currents, but sunshine to get things done this morning.
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hermine is sitting on the coast, churning up the ocean, ready to make her move to us. the worst of it still on the way. the calm before the storm is what we're dealing with right now. a picture perfect morning here at rehoboth beach, but looks can be deceiving. and a update on breaking news we first told you about yesterday morning. two men charged in the shooting death of an atlantic city police officer. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. weather is our breaking news this morning. we want to make sure you have
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everything you need to be safe ahead of this storm. bill henley is helping us track it. >> it is just far enough away from us that we have a nice start to the day. the nearest rain is way to the south and offshore that is where the heavy rainfall is. on the move just barely if is forecast to change course and head closer to the east coast, and at the same time, it is expected to strengthen. the track takes it at 2:00 this afternoon a little further east. more pronounced by early tomorrow morning. look at the increase in wind speed, 70 miles per hour. that storm is expected to strengthen by early tuesday morning. at that time it will be closer
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to the coastline. right now the tropical storm force winds are just off shore. a little bit of movement will likely bring them off shore. by early wednesday morning, a powerful storm with powerful winds. barely creeping away from the area. it will push further away by thursday early in the morning in is the latest information i'm expecting a update within the next half hour. gusts of 50 miles per hour possible tonight and into torp. the ocean through the day today, even with a lighter wind during the day today, winds will be increasing, making those even more dangerous later today. and the flood threat for coastal
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new jersey, the back bays, we could see minor flooding this morning. high tide right around 9:00 this morning. and the heavy coastal rain looks less likely now. but still a possibility on monday of seeing heavier downpours depending on how close hermine comes to the coast. krystal klei is standing by. >> some areas are looking at a big threat for rain. as we look outside. we have a shot in south philly here, the areas are not likely that we will be seeing those storms really move into our area. if you move more so into new jersey, delaware, and the beaches, that is where we are looking at the expectation that
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with tidal flooding we could run into problems. here is a look at the high tide as we expect them. 10:00 a.m. in atlantic city. and rehoboth beach just slightly off set from that. late today and tomorrow, those high tides are the biggest warnings for us. and atlantic city, cape may, more of that moderate to major threat. and more of a major threat by your monday morning. these areas could see the worst coastal flooding. that is why the track is so important. if it goes a little further east, that threat will drop and we will have an eye on the updated track. >> our team coverage continues now with crews at the delaware
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beaches and the shore. let's begin with nbc 10th george spencer who is live at rehoboth beach. absolutely, rosemary. the calm winds and relatively rough surf, signs that the storm is still offshore, a storm that is expected to make that turn closer to the beaches. many of them are stopping to photograph or walk on the beach. they have technically been closed to the public, and the white caps a visual demonstration of the storm that is off shore. the focus here is the storm surge, the possible coastal flooding. more than the possibility of any
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rain off of this storm. what people will be watching, should be watching here in rehoboth and the delaware beaches, the high tide. those times are really the most concerning. at this point, it is really just wait and see mode. and for people out here making a morning walk along the beach, there is quite a lot to see. the rough surf if really telling the story. i'm george spencer. >> let's go now to the jersey shore where we're seeing the effects of hermine. the treats of west wildwood are starting to flood. governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency. the declaration gives the state
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and authorities more power to help with rescue and clean up operations as needed. pamela osborn is in atlantic city where the waves are choppy and they're warning boaters and surfers to stay away. >>. >> they certainly are. we saw a woman walking on the boardwalk with a surfboard. she says she experienced. she was headed out to test some of the waves. we had to change our position about three times because the waves keep pushing further and further onshore this morning. that surfer that i mentioned said she would not recommend anyone come out here. the one thing noticeably messing from the beach here this morning, a lifeguard. they're moving up on to the board walk this morning because
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conditions are not favorable for anyone wanting to get on the water. waves are high at this hour. the floating is a result of the storm out at sea right now. that is the very latest this morning. the best bet is don't get in the water today. >> okay, pamela osborn, live in atlantic city for us. >> homeowners are preparing for the worst. call it deja vu. they don't want to take any chances. residents have been filling up sandbags to protect their properties from the rising tides. bringing major flooding to the northbrook area yesterday. this is near the campus of
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norfolk state university. this area saw more rain and high winds with the storm not letting up. stake nbc with you throughout the weekend. on our app, you will get everything, the latest timing, flood threats, and our interactive radar. all on this free app. coming up, rushing the stage, why police got an emergency call to control the crowd at "made in america." and we'll tell you when you can expect the worst of the storm and when. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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7:41 right now on this sunday. here is a live look at atlantic city. you see the sun is up, but the clouds will move in and as hermine gets closer to the coast. we're worried about flooding during high tide.
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bi bi billhenley is constantly updated his forecast. it looks like a sunny sunday out there. it will be day two of the made in america concert. it is expected to stay relatively nice for the show tonight. >> the clouds enjoyed themselves last night as performers took the stage. there was a small incident when a crowd of hundreds rushed the stage. the performer sold them to climb up and dance. the security guards could not make the crowd leave and they had to call police. co coldplay is the heldliner tonight. and atlantic city police officer was left injured and in
7:43 am
the hospital, and another suspect dead. they say that they say the man outside of the parking garage. when political got out to fefgt, the bullets started flying. one officer was shot in the head and is still in critical condition. . >> that suspect was found about a block and a half away. he was collapsed and deceased. tracking hermine, off shore this morning, we have nice weather to start with, but things will be changing during the day as the 65 miles per hour
7:44 am
wind is likely to strengthen. sunshine in philadelphia. neighborhood forecast is just ahead.
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all eyes on the coastline. a live view from cape may. you see the rough surf, and the wins and the surf at rehoboth beach. this is where i expect to see some of the worst flooding in our beaches. increasing tonight and into tomorrow. right now we're in pretty good shape. a few scattered winds. inland the weather will be just fine. the nearest showers well to the south and offshore. expected to change later tomorrow. the currents are very light with
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the storm system within but just strong enough to bring it to the shore. it will linger offshore for days. yurt model into wednesday keep it off of our coastline. it will weaken over the coming days but not in the next 24 hours. flooding as a result, damaging winds, winds at 25 to 40 miles per hour. we're watching the buoys off shore. and waving are at 12 feet, well off here, and with the storm strengthenni in strengthening and getting closer, the monday high tides,
7:49 am
at that time in atlantic city, moderate to major flooding is possible. the worst of it is rehoboth beach. major flooding is likely there. tomorrow morning it is even more likely. tonight, that is when we will see more likely to see some flooding at the shore and for the delaware beaches as well. the high tides are what to watch at the shore. through it all, inland areas will be in for some very nice weather and not bad at the shore today. crystal cline keeping a look at your neighborhood weather. >> it really depends on how nice or bad of a day you might see. let's start by taking a live look outside right now. you have a hazy view we're looking at there. sun in philadelphia, cloud
7:50 am
coverage. here is a look at your temperatures outside this morning been a crisp start to our sunday. look at mount pocono. then as we move closer to the shoreline, you see more 60s. so here is your labor day weekend. the rest of it, today, and your monday. we're looking at 78 today in philadelphia. similar on monday, more cloud coverage. not looking at great chance of rain. maybe sprinkles into monday. a better chance in south jersey. also we're going to see those very gusty winds. in the next five days, your forecast, you see notable changes into your workweek.
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we'll look at a warm up in areas like philadelphia, sunny wednesday and 92. now to our decision 2016 coverage, trump has narrowed the gap with hillary clinton. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> what do you make of the new national polling numbers? will he get the bump where it counts? >> let's see, i mean we're going to delve into this deeply when it comes to what we have been seeing in the polls. if you look closely at them, it's not that trump is rising and clinton is falling, it's just that clinton is falling. her bounce from the democratic convention, that has been wiped away. the votes disappearing from clinton are not automatically going to trump. where is it all going? some of it is going to third
7:52 am
party candidates, some of it is going to clinton, some for trump. if voters say i'm not for vote, they're just vas collating whether or not i want to vote, hold my nose and go for clinton. go for third party. >> trump has been attacking clinton when it comes to the clinton foundation and the e-mail server scandal. the notes from the interview with her is more ammo. what does that do to this line of attack? >> i think that is a question i had for mike pence. wouldn't you have more high ground if you wanted to go after the clintons on accountability and transparency. and he said he would be
7:53 am
releasing tax returns this week. he said trump would too. if you think about it, all of the clinton controversies are controversy because we got all of the information. it's been made public record. sometimes forcibly so. sop of it because they have disclosed. we have none of that from trump world, and some people may feel his attacks on her ring hollow. . >> as always, chuck, thank you for your insights. we'll see you later. "meet the press" coming your way at 10:30. he has exclusive interviews with mike pence and with bernie sanders. we're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back.
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7:56 right now. rough surf to say the least in atlantic city this morning. if you're visiting the shore. a little vacation, not the day to spend at the beach. what you can see is dangerous and it is time to pack up and go home. people have time to prepare. >> yes, today is just fine for most of the day. we're looking at the worst of this storm system tonight and overnight tonight and into tomorrow.
7:57 am
you see the rough surf? that is a live view, temperatures are not bad, sunshine, too, but that is a dangerous ocean. just a few scattered clouds in the area, the rain is way off shore. even though it has been moving off shore, that is expected to change. the currents are not strong, but they may be just stront enough to push hermine to the coast. and for now, they're offshore and they will be becoming onshore. we're looking at the potential for power outages, and the float thread will really increase tonight and tomorrow. tropical storm warnings in effect. winds gusting to 15 miles per hour. inland, things are looking
7:58 am
nicer. >> we'll be back here at 9:00, see you then.
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. this is life threatening. >> discuss payment of the wall? >> more than a photo op. ♪ ♪ good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this labor day weekend i'm willie geist. we're watching wild weather and in the latest in a wild week in the presidential campaign. he grew from tv jim halport to one of hollywood's living


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