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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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many schools are closing early because of the heat. you can see the list running at the bottom of the screen. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley who has the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. bill? >> it's warmer this morning. we're in the low 80s this morning, running anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above yesterday's levels. a live view of boathouse row which is quiet and dry right new. we have seen a few light rain showers moving through this morning. they're come oug of the north and west. you can see the scattered showers moving into new jersey. just some light showers to start with. most of the day is dry. though there is a chance of a late day thunderstorm this afternoon. on our way into the 90s today. 94 degrees in new jersey. the lehigh valley could see scattered showers and thunderstorms later on, up to 93, steam heat at 93 degrees. enough humidity to make it feel like it's closer to is 00 this afternoon. delaware, partly sunny skies, hot and humid, 94. 95 would be a new record for
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philadelphia up by a degree over the old record and 95 in the suburbs. both philadelphia and the suburbs could see a late-day shower and thunderstorm. if you're looking for relief, at the shore, you're not going to find a lot today. the temperature won't be as high as the rest of the area. warmer than yesterday, 90 degrees and enough humidity to make the shore feel like it's near 100 degrees this afternoon. just like the rest of the locations. that shower and thunderstorm threat, i'll take a closer look at that when i'm back in a few minutes. first, let's get an update on the first alert traffic scene with jessica boyington. starting off on 95, cameras around naamans road picking up on this pretty serious accident scene. we're seeing lanes compromised in both directions, north and southbound on 95. the accident scene occurred on the southbound side so it's approaching delaware. heading into the delaware area, that's where you'll see this. police activity on the scene. just a few moments ago. we had two separate ambulances there. reports of injuries as well. one lane is trickling by.
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this is involving two overturned vehicles. a lot of crew onç the scene, trying to get the situation under control. it looks like we might see more lanes opening on the northbound side past the scene. we still have some lanes blocked there. looks like the overturned vehicle, one of them is involved here. a lot of people walking around the scene. a slow go in both directions. we'll have an update when i come back. happening today, schools all across our area will have half days and early dismissals because of the heat. that list is scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> matt delucia is live outside a philadelphia high school. a number of school districts will be letting students out early, right? mpl absolutery, tracy and vai. you're talking about the heat and humidity. it's quite humid and sticky and muggy here outside the 5:00 this morning here in the city. you wouldn't want to work in a hot office. most kids would tell you they'd rather not learn in a hot classroom. that's what they had to do yesterday with schools going the full day here in philadelphia.
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students yesterday left their classrooms warmer than they probably like. it was only day two of the school year here in philly. kids are getting used to their schedules and assignments only to deal with the heat on top of it. some schools and classrooms have air conditioning. plenty of others do not. there are fans blowing on high but that really only goes so far. >> if the teachers are doing their best to keep the children comfortable as much as they possibly can but when it gets to be this humid and hot out, you know, i think it's best for everybody as a whole to let the children out early, unfortunately it's a little inconvenient for working families. it's best to come and pick your children up, everybody go home and enjoy the rest of the day. >> there are several school districts around the area that are having early dismissals because of the heat and humidity. all afterschool programs and
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activities are closed today as well. three people, including two teenagers are in the hospital after they were shot in north philadelphia. >> nbc 10's deanna durante is live outside temple university hospital. walk us through what happened. >> that's what investigators are still trying to figure outp this they know the three people were riding bikes near 5th and erie about 1:30 this morning. they know a 44-year-old man was shot in the back. he was found on the roadway and then a little while later they got a second phone call, this bringing them to a house three blocks away. they say that's where they discovered two other shooting victims. youngest 17 years old. >> the 17 and 18-year-old were able to ride their bikes about three blocks to the 17-year-old's home in the 3,500 block of north 7th. that's where they notified police. we don't have a motive. we don't have a description of
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the shooter or shooters. we can't even find ballistic evidence at this point. hopefully the numerous cameras we found in the area recorded something that can help us with this triple shooting investigation. >> now, investigators know the 17-year-old and 18-year-old were out together around 1:30 this morning and the 44-year-old was also out on a bike. they say there is no connection really that they know of at this point between the two young men and that 44-year-old man. they say that the victims all told police they believe they heard shots coming from behind them, that they heard three shots fired and each victim was shot once. if you know anything about this case, you are asked to call philadelphia police. those victims all being tleeted hereç at temple hospital. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. bucks county, tyler state park will re-open to the public this morning. visitors are warned, crews will continue their search for a missing woman there. lindsay pacone was last seen sunday. her car was found inside the
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park. they have been using canine units to search for her. an atlantic city police officer shot in the line of duty over the weekend is sitting up and talking in his hospital bed. officer joshlee baddell had his ventilator removed yesterday. he was shot early saturday morning. he and his partner saw three men robbing another group and the suspects started firing at the officers. baddell's partner returned fire, killing one of the attempted robbers. two other suspects, dimitrius cross and martel chisolm were arraigned earlier this week. an atlantic city councilman says he will not resign or apologize after a controversial facebook post. just hours after officer baddell was shot on duty, councilman delgado warned them not to think, quote, police are relaxing and hands are off their weapons." the councilman says people are taking the comment out of context.
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now the president of the new jersey splamtate policeman's benevolent association. >> that particular post is no longer on the councilman's facebook page. 5:07. the chairman of the ursinus college resigned. he posted remarks that many consider insensitive. his twitter account has since been taken down. the vice chair is the interim board chair now. vai? bill cosby's lawyers are suggesting the sex assault case against him is racially motivated. cosby's team is targeting high-profile attorney gloria allred. she represents some of the cosby's accusers. allred is trying to sway public opinion with racial bias.
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allred says this is a desperate attempt by his lawyers ahead of his trial next summer. cosby has denied any wrongdoing. the pennsylvania health department is reporting its first sexually transmitted case of the zika virus. he or she transmitted the disease to their partner. nbc 10 spoke to a local infectious diseases doctor about what this means for you. >> acquiring it through sexual transmission as well as blood transfusion, there is a risk for people living in the philadelphia area who have not traveled. >> dr. sandling said the best course of protection is to use protection. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> eight minutes after 5:00. this time yesterday we were watching some rain move through cape may. that's not happening this morning. there are actually a few showers inland an a chance we'll see
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some thunderstorms during the day as the heat builds this afternoon. right now, warm and muggy outside. 80 degrees in the suburbs. low 80s for philadelphia and close to the 80 degrees mark for south jersey and the jersey shore. delaware, nice and muggy this morning. that steaminess will continue through this afternoon. some 70s, some low 80s.ç voorhees, turnersville both at 80 degrees. currently 80 in florence while lumberton and pemberton are close to the 80 degree mark, upper 70s. we have another day where the temperature will be much lower than the feels like temperature. it will feel like 100 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. 93 degrees would be just shy of the record high for today. but i think in between these observations it goes a little higher. we'll at least tie the record high of 94 and possibly break it later today. a few showers. you'll see them if you look closely. they're showing up on the radar
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over new jersey right now after moving through pennsylvania. these are on the sprinkley side. very light showers. thunderstorms, we could see that this afternoon as the temperatures heat up, the humidity is high and we've got showers moving in from the northwest. most likely to see these in the suburbs in the lehigh valley. less likely for philadelphia. 80s this morning at 8:00. noontime, 90 degrees and 93 degrees. that's at 4:00, flirting with the record high this afternoon. the suburbs, you'll see sunshine this morning. as we're drying out after the few showers overnight. then a chance of late-day thunderstorms with high temperatures peaking in the low have the this afternoon. that thunderstorm should bring the temperature down a little bit at 4:00 today. the lehigh valley, we'll see clouds and sunshine until late today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. a steamy day, into the low 90s this afternoon. it will feel like it's closer to 100 degrees in delawared it. for new jersey, 80 this morning. 89 degrees at noontime. less likely to see an afternoon shower in new jersey and at the
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shore. 70s warming into the mid to upper 80s within close to 90 degrees today. 10 day on 10 to show you when it will feel like fall when i'm back in just a few minutes. >> we can't wait to hear that. thank you, bill. 5:11 on this friday. compromise is the word i heard jessica use relating to both north and southbound sides on 95. >> i said is it a major accident? she said lanes are compromised. >> we're not closed down. i don't like to freak anybody out and say anything is too major if there are lines getting by. yesterday on 95 in delaware we had all lanes close for several hours. i would consider that a major accident scene. right here what we're looking at is a 95. this isn't the in delaware but it's near the delaware state line, over around chichester. there were two overturned vehicles involved. one of them here over into the center median. one lane is trickling by on the southbound side of the scene of the accident.
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one lane, possibly two that might be underneath the tree right here. we're seeing a delay approaching each side but right now, still open and they're actually getting better on the scene. earlier all lanes were block on the southbound side and several emergency vehicles there. they have left the scene right now. for the most part, we see improvements but still delays in both directions. especially the southbound side where the accident scene actually occurred. i'll have updates in the next ten minutes and for the rest of the morning as long as it's there. 82 degrees outside. sending a message of solidarity. see you, jess. on the nfl's opening night, a player takes a knee during the national anthem. we'll tell you about the latest gesture. plus, this -- >> we apologize for our stupidity and really hope you forgive us. >> employees at a mattress company are getting death threats after making this 20-second ad. hear why they're apologizing to the country afterç putting out
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this promotion.
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5:15. third party presidential candidate gary johnson is getting a lot of attention for asking a question. >> the question caused quite a stir on social media. listen to it. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about aleppo. and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria.
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>> johnson said he blanked when he was asked about the name of syria's largest city on msnbc's "morning joe" yesterday. soon after, aleppo became one of the top ten trends on twitter. donald trump is closing in on clinton in pennsylvania and other battleground states. according to a quinnipiac university poll, clinton is leading by just five points in pennsylvania, half the lead she had last month in the state. meantime, trump is leading by a point in ohio and he and clinton are tied in florida. you can count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage as we count down the weeks until the general election. for updates oí the campaign trail and our one-on-one interviews with presidential nominees, tap the nbc 10 app. happening today in washington, the house of representatives will remember the victims of the 9/11 attack. a ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary of the attack begins at 10:30 on the capitol steps. the flight 93 national
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memorial will hold a live distance learning program today. students from 6th grade to 12th grade can go online, take a tour in somerset county and learn how the passenger and cruise fought back against the hijackers. a commercial advertised a 9/11 twin tower sale. >> miracle mattress filmed this ad this week wanting to get the word out that they would be having a sale this weekend for the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. in the video you see men knocking over two towers of mattresses. the owner then says we'll never forget. many people immediately reakcte to the ad saying it's offensive. >> having a twin tower sale is the most tasteless thing i ever heard. >> it's a stupid idea that we sent out. we apologize for their stupidity. >> they will donate 30% of their
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sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. ♪ through the perilous fight >> denver broncos player brandon marshall did not stand during the national anthem. marshall says the move was in solidarity with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. they were teammates at the university of nevada reno. >> i would like to know what our viewers think about that. now to a developing story. the pen gone is calling north korea's nuclear test another flagrant violation of united nations resolutions and a serious provocation. overnight, north korea said it conducted a successful nuclear test. japan called north korea an outlaw nation. u.s. and international monitors measured a magnitude 5.3 quake at the area of the reported
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test. president obama has been briefed and has consulted with our pacific allies by phone. 5:19. we'll keep getting updays on 95 because so many people are using that road to get to school and work. >> especially after what happened yesterday morning. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the problem for you. jess? >> we can't seem to catch a break on 95. at least from yesterday morning and during the afternoon there was another major accident. now, of course, during the drive into work or school, naamans road, dealing with an accident scene. two vehicles were overturn. one of them is still there. the accident occurred on the southbound side over here. lanes are moving through. they're getting it a little bit under control where they have it over into the left-hand lane and shoulder in both directions. right now, both directions have lanes that are compromised. the northbound side over here, you can still see emergency crew there. two lanes or so squeezing by
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here. we have two squeezing by on the southbound side. one car or so at a time was trickling by. we have debris in the area of the center median as well. we'll have updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. "ayrñ minutes after 5:00. we are just over an hour away from sunrise, the beginning of the heating process that could have philadelphia in record heat this afternoon. 82 degrees right now. the suburbs we saw some 60s yesterday morning. not this morning. 78 degrees, west bradford township. unionville is 74. look at the upper 70s for north wales, elroy, new hope, 75 degrees. warrenton, close to 80 degrees this morning. a quick warmup. the temperatures back into the 90s. this other number is the feels like temperature. it will be in the upper 90s and near 100 for much of the area. there's a chance of a late-day shower or thunderstorm. not everybody will see that. at the shore near 90 degrees.
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will feel like it's 100 degrees at cape may and 96 in stone harbor. today will not be the end of the heat. the heat index projection, 102 in philadelphia, the century mark for west chester, wilmington, trenton, burlington, voorhees, even egg harbor township. fast forward into tomorrow, the temperatures cool down overnight but right back into the steam heat tomorrow afternoon. look what happens on sunday. a cooling breeze will bring the humidity way down. sunday afternoon, we get a break from the heat wave and from the high humidity, too. the heat wave breaks this weekend. 95 degrees for saturday. sunday, 86 degrees in the city and low 80s at the shore. 10 day on 10 when i'm back if a few minutes. a driver in custody, a car on two wheels an a police van used as a battering ram. that's how this police chase ended in philadelphia. what led to the pursuit and why
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police had to slam into this car. also, paying up. wells fargo center gets hit with a nine-figure fine for doing something without their customers' permission. we'll tell you what they did, involving millions of accounts. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book.
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"i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ the boss, bruce springsteen and the e-street band will be rocking citizens bank park again tonight. they set a record wednesday
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night at the stadium in south philadelphia, playing for four hours, three minutes and 23 seconds. someone had a stop watch there. the longest show yet, ever, in the states. he wraps up his 75-show tour later this month. just across the street from bruce -- ♪ from the other side >> adele will perform at the wells fargo center. if you're going to either, you know, go early. there will be a traffic nightmare. she's here for sellout shows tonight and tomorrow night. again it will be a busy night on the roads around south philly stadiums this evening. >> wells fargo center must pay $185 million in fines after sales staff opened millions of unauthorized accounts for customers. california and federal regulators say the employees did it to meet aggressive sales goals. wells fargo center will also make payments to affected customers. the company says it regrets and takes responsibility for what happened. 5:25.
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just a week after samsung halted sales of its galaxy note 7, federal authorities say don't use the phones on planes. >> good friday morning to you. the faa is warning passengers no the to turn on or to charge their samsung galaxy note 7 phones during flights or stow them in checked bags. that's due to concerns of batteries catching fire. this is unusual for the faa issuing a specific warning. there were reports of some samsung galaxy phones exploding while charging. >> thank you. near record heat this afternoon, possibly a new record. record is 94 degrees. the 10 day on 10 has up to 95 this afternoon. then again tomorrow. the heat wave breaks this
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weekend. look towards the end of next week. those are 70s in store for us thursday and friday. might even see a late-day shower today. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. bill, we're still watching major problems on 95. our camera is from naamans road, right around the delaware state line, we're seeing an accident scene that took out lanes in both directions north and southbound. updates on this when i'm back at 5:30. plus, demanding answers. outraged parents want to know how a child was left on the bus on his first day of school. also a story you'll see only on nbc 10. items recovered by police. we'll tell you why investigators want to hear from you.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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them." vo: just one.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," a triple shooting in north philadelphia and two of the victims are teenagers. school's out for summer temperatures. thousands of students in our area will only have a half day because of the heat wave hitting the region. >> no question about it. the answer enters basketball immortality today. we'll tell you all about allen iverson's big day. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning and almost to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy ds


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