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tv   NBC10 Issue  NBC  September 11, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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a new eagle season kicks off in just 90 minutes. today local sports writer icon joins us to discuss why it's more than a game to the city that bleeds green. defeating disease, we hear from a local musician who amazes doctors, bby turning the tables on multiple scler row sis. boys dying to be thin. a mother who lost her son. getting treatment became a part of the battle. >> good morning and welcome to nbc 10 at issue. football is something i know a little bit about, having played for the eagle. i know in this town, our town, football is more than just a game. it's money for small businesses.
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jobs for the community, and, of course, bragging rights. with me now is someone else who knows a little about the game. football hall of fame writer and wip radio commentator, ray, also does work at comcast sports net. pleasure to have you here, ray. before we get to business of football, let's talk about the new rookie quarterback, carson wens, do you think he's ready? >> no, but he's going out to play. you've been in the league. you know how this works. i understood why they made the trade. if minnesota vikings are willing to give you a first round pick and a fourth round pick, given where the eagles are right now. >> fourth round pick is conditional. could bump up to a three or a two. if that deal is on the table, you've got take it. >> the other thing about that pick too and about that trade, you can't host the draft in philadelphia and not have a number one pick, right? >> right. >> you got to have a number one
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pick. >> i thought when they talked about bringing the draft to philadelphia, that's a wonder. thing. it's not going be great for the fans if they're sitting on their hands on day one. >> well, now they're not. ultimately this brings us to carson wens. the young quarterback you drafted now instead of the distant future, it's the here and now. >> we were talking about this before we started. just small talk here. how i was concerned just watching him in the play which he got hurt. i don't think he fully appreciated how quickly a line backer can close the gap. that was a line backer that's was going to play in the nfl. he is gone. he's not even playing in the league. he's got to adjust to that. >> he's got to adjust to that. that's the thing you keep hearing over and over again. i don't know if they fully appreciate it. i wonder if wens even fully appreciates it. when you talk about you can learn some stuff in practice. you can learn a lot of stuff at the black board. you can learn some stuff watching tape, but the speed of the game in the national
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football league, that's the biggest difference. it's a jump coming from kids to major football. much less a kid coming from that level of football. it's accelerated that much more. he's going to have to have. does he have the physical fall entity. he does. does he have the work ethic, certainly he does. what he's going to have to do is learn to play at the speed of the nfl game. frankly, i know the fans are very excited. they're all going to be out there today in their number 11 jerseys, but the fact you're going to have to be patient with them. there's going to be interceptions. ugly moments, but that's all part of the growth process. >> we don't have a particularly great history with rocky quarter bax. >> haven't been that many asked to play. this, in fact, carson is the first rookie quarterback to start the open erp since davie o'brien in 1939. a rookie quarterback has not
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started for the eagles since 1939. >> game one. >> don van started and randal started, but not game one. this is the first time that a rookie quarterback has started on opening day since davie o'brien in 1939. >> explain what we're talking about when weapon swe say the eagles mean more to the fans than just football. the eagles mean more to the fans here than say the cardinals do in either st. louis or phoenix, you name it. >> way more. way more. it's not even close. you can certainly speak to that, having played for the cardinals and both of the cities. you also had the experience of playing in green bay where the packers are the only game in town. i think green bay and the green bay fan base is a little bit of an ano, ma'am long island, but for a city that has all sports. i don't think there's any fan base or city that is as locked
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in on football as philadelphia is. i just think it's just part of the fabric of this city. people always talked about with well it's a blue collar town. people work hard here. they're tough people. like a tough game. that's part of it. it's not built on a whole lot of winning. this team hasn't won a world championship since 19d 60. people love football and identify and rally around football in a way that's unique. chicago is a great football town and pittsburgh is a great football town. nothing like philadelphia. the affection and the attachment that philadelphia fans have for the eagles is very unique. >> i remember in green bay the affection was the same in green bay, however, they weren't critical in green bay. in this city, they loved their team, but they're also willing to criticize everybody. >> let's be uefa mystic and say there's accountability demanded
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here if you're going to play in that town. i will say this about green bay. they can be tough. they did throw eggs at dan design's house. they can be tough too. the philadelphia fans, they're tough for sure. the thing is they're loyal. they show up year after year. look at the tv ratings. enormous here. look at the amount of merchandise. eagles merchandise that sold. they're always near the top. people just keep coming back. good seasons, bad seasons. season ticket base never changes. >> you bring up the merchandise. i want to get to that. i want to get to the business of the eagles. when the team wins, who profits the most? is that the organization because of the jerseys that sell, is it the players with endorsements or local businesses who seem to do extremely well when the eagles are here or in town. >> there's a ripple effect that goes throughout. the team and the players, they are rewarded immediately, but
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everybody does. the whole city does t city government, transportation does. if there are playoff games, hotels and restaurants do. there is a real carry over affect. just the mere simple -- i don't know how you would measure this. just the mere feeling in this city on a monday after the eagles win, everybody is happier. everybody is smiling. everybody is in a good mood. have to assume more business is being done that day. >> football is still powerful in this will country and, certainly, in this city, but there are some key indicators that appear troubling, for instance, oracle high school has completely done away with football because there weren't enough kids who came to try out. the cte issue. a lot of mothers out there who don't want their kids playing football. maybe fathers as well, but mostly mothers. what do you make of that. >> it's a real thing. that's not alarmist. that's reality. if you look arnold, pound, foot
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down. nfl is doing what it can to try with the play 60 campaign, some of the educational processes out there to try and convince parent asks kids we're trying to make this game safer and it's a great game to play. i believe it's a great game. we're doing what we can to make this a better game fernando rodney for your kids to play. i know the league is concerned, but the steps are taking in terms of concussion protocol and in terms of trying to make -- even though the rules are getting confusing, they're doing everything they can to make the game as safe as it can be. i don't think football is going away. some people think the game is in jeopardy. i don't think it is. it's too big and popular and too good. >> make football work for you. don't work for football. make football work for you. for me, it worked out because i wouldn't be sitting in this chair and talking to you if it
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weren't for football. >> i still like the eagles this weekend. >> i do too. i don't know that hi pick them against a whole lot of different teams, but i'll pick them against the cleveland browns. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. next up on nbc ten. issue a local musician coming up with own treatment against mental cruelty approximately sclor sis. surprising his doctors when systems disappear. >> it's a remarkable story. .
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imagine learning you have a disease that could leave you blind and unable to use your hands. that's half of it. as a cellist, getting the difficult diagnosis of multiple sclerosis could have meant giving up a career he so loved.
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decided to conquer illness in a way that even surprised his doctor. nbc has his story. >> reporter: anything is possible if you believe it. and if you're willing to put in the time and effort. bob is on a journey. most recently that journey begins with a bike ride. often from his home to the center for the performing arts, where he plays cello for the philadelphia orchestra. ♪ ♪ >> they say the instrument is an extension of your hands and some say it's an extension of your body, but to me it's not. it's an extension of my soul. >> reporter: for 30 years, his love of the cello has filled the
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streets of philadelphia. that is until one day the music stopped. >> i started getting numbness in my right leg. strange numbness and two months later, areas of vision started disappearing from view. first doctor told me i had multiple sclerosis. i was like do not tell me that. i do not want to hear this. >> reporter: his mri scan showed how serious it was. >> i had over 50 lesions in my brain. my whole brain looked like street lights. >> reporter: those lesions took their toll fast. >> i couldn't line up four fingers on one string. i had no control over my muscles. i could hardly walk. at that point, i just decided this is not happening. >> reporter: for the next two years, he set out to find answers that neurology and medicine had overlooked. >> i started drinking half my
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body weight in ounces of water a day. >> reporter: he changed his diet. >> vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds, fruits. >> reporter: adopted a rigorous exercise routine. >> i start every morning with a yoga session. and then i lift weights. i do chinups and i do hand stands. >> reporter: it took constant determination, discipline, and fighting, but eventually, bob heard from doctors what can only be described as music to his ears. >> he said, you did the impossible. >> reporter: bob's lesions have disappeared. >> there is some theory out there that what we did had some effect on his i mun function. not a controlled clinical trial, but it's encouraging. i've used his example on four patients, because we have many
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patients unfortunately who aren't doing well. >> reporter: there's no cure for ms. bob is living symptom free. >> the answers and powers within we are not capable. >> reporter: in philadelphia, nbc news. >> so inspiring. with me now, bob to share more about what he accomplished. thank you for being here. let me play a part of the interview and see how he describes your symptoms. >> he also had lesions in his spinal cord. he couldn't read well. he was off balance, unsteady. he was affected visually as well as neurologically. >> pretty amazing. your doctor refers to you as overcoming ms. bob, how would you describe your
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transformation. >> well, he was the doctor that told me i would be on permanent disability and at that point, i just decided i was going to find my own way out. and i'm a musician. i'm not a doctor. i'm not a chemist. there were answers out there i was determined to find them. >> you must have done some research. you created a diet of exercise and something you called achieving the placebo affect. tell us what that is. >> if you look at any clinical trial, you will get a group of people that will improve. multiple sclerosis has a higher rate of success. to me, that was just not some anomaly that's been written off by science and medicine. there were answers there and if you look at the rogaine clinical trial study, you had a very large number of men in the
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placebo group that started growing hair where they did not have it. >> as you were working through your treatment, you were telling me watching the previous interview that you went to nfl films contracted the to play music for them. tell our viewers what happened. >> this was my first experience. after i saw the doctor in august of 1999, i told him that i was going back to work in six weeks when the orchestra season started. he couldn't believe it. i was in able to move my hands. could hardly see could hardly walk. i went back and was faking it with the philadelphia orchestra and a month later i got called to do my first nfl films recording in the studio in mount laurel. and i went there, here i was. i could hardly control my hands and i was hoping people around me woruldn't notice. apparently i pulled it off. >> they didn't. thank you very much, bob. what a great pleasure to meet
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you. you're a true inspiration. >> not ready to call bob cured of the disease. said symptoms could return. never begin a program like bob's without talking to your doctor first. up next, dieing to be thin. we'll hear from parents who lost their son to anorexia. the warning signs you should look for. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
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could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies.
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mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is nbc 10. not just women and girls who are dying to be thin. suffering from eating disorders like anorexia. 25% of those cases happen to be men. with me now, diana and gordon spear. their son died in 2014 from an eating disorder. raised in delaware just 26 years of age. we're going to show some pict e pictures here. show the changes he went
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through, typical size young man to dangerously underweight. what were the signs? what were the first signs you folks recognized that joey had a problem? >> well, joe had lost some weight after high school. he was also diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. so growing up, he was on different medication for attention deficit. what happens with a lot of the medication is someone who has to take them does not have an appetite all day long and joey was always underweight when he was young. so what would happen is 12 doctors would say after the medicine wore off, let him eat what he wanteds because he has to make up for the meals. looking back, that taught him bing eating. eating large quantities of food. when he got into high school, he gained some weight.
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and he -- we switched his medicine and so then he was able to eat during the day and he continued to bing eat. i think looking back, that was -- this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> we're back with an update about hillary clinton who left the 9/11 memorial service early after her campaign becoming overheated. she went to her daughter's apartment and has just left in front of the cameras. kristen welker is there. how does she look? >> reporter: well, lester, she left chelsea's apartment. looked like she was feeling fine. asked her how she's feeling. she said she's feeling better. we did get the first glimpse of her after this incident in which she left the memorial early. >> are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you very much.
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thanks, everybody. >> reporter: here's the official word from the campaign, lester, in a statement says, quote, attended the september 11 ceremony for just an hour and 30 minutes. gre during the ceremony she felt overheated so departed to her daughter's apartment and is feeling much better. we also shouted questions at her and asked her what happened. she didn't respond to though questions. instead she said it's a beautiful day in new york. she even took a few moments to talk to a small child who was here. she did leave. no word on where she's heading right now. little bit of broader context here. as you know lester we've been reporting republicans have been trying to argue that secretary clinton is not in good health. some conspiracy theories swirling about that. the campaign has pushed back against that. that is not the case. she is in fine health. we have seen her at times have a few coughing fits. she says that's just seasonal allergies and her position says
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nothing more than that. there are no doubt that the timing of this is unwelcomed fromspective of the campaign. again, secretary clinton left daughter chelsea's apartment moments ago. feeling much better after she left the 9/11 memorial. >> kristen welker in new york. more tonight on nbc nightly news. for now i'm lester holt in new york. good day, everyone. >> he was male. >> absolutely he was. once we detected it and discovered what was wrong with it, the other problem we have he was over the age 18. any treatment he had to submit to it. that was a factor moving forward, but the local area was pretty much aimed towards females so we had to take him to the west coast to get treatment. >> we thank you both.
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it's tremendously cur raujs to come and share the story. thank you so much for coming. >> will take part in a national eating disorder association walk on saturday, september 24. the one-mile walk begins at the university with of delaware. the walk will be followed by speakers including an eating disorder expert. for more information go to website. we'll be right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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today of course is september 11. or simply 9/11 because of that horrific day in 2001. it is the 15th anniversary of the worst terror attack ever perpetrated on american soil. we pay homage to those who lost they're lives. let us never forget. that's it for this edition of nbc 10 at issue. thanks for joining us. ♪ the sun is coming out ♪ new adventure ♪ along with ♪e by my side ♪
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