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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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health and politics. medical information on hillary clinton and donald trump take center stage in the race for the white house. murder by numbers. recent violence in phil has the homicide rate on the rise. and posttraumatic stress relief. governor christie signs off on letting ptsd sufferers use medical marijuana. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. 6:00 a.m. good morning, you're watching "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we expect it to be a nice late summer day. hey, bill. >> nowhere near as warm as yesterday. there's a nice breeze blowing. you can see the flag blog in media, pennsylvania. it's live on state street.
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this is the corner of jackson and straiate street. you'll be seeing sunshine today but the wind is blowing clouds through the area. it is not completely dry, we've got a few scattered clouds in the area. it's going to be minimizing as the day goes on. you see the clouds, light shower is activity there, moving offshore. the clouds will clear up. we've got a sunny nice day ahead. right now in the lehigh valley, 56 degrees. sunshine will warm temperatures into the 70s there. for philadelphia, 68 degrees. we see some scattered clouds in the suburbs. 62 right now. still cooling down a little bit before we make our way into the upper 70s. nowhere near the 90s yesterday. 78 degrees, that's the normal high temperature for this time of year. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour in a few minutes but first jessica boyington with
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the "first alert" traffic update. >> we're watching an accident scene in new jersey turnpike right now, headed southbound. and we're watching two tractor trailers that have crashed. one has been removed from the scene. another vehicle involved there as well. most of this mess, that looks really mangled, actually, you can see they're actually trying to flip over one of the trucks right now. but it is over in the grassy area off of the new jersey turnpike headed southbound. so, some cleanup sundaunder way. if you want to avoid it altogether, take 295 as your alternate. vai and tracy. do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> donald trump takes a swipe at hillary clinton's health.and both candidates release more
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information about the medical history. matt, clinton is back on the campaign trail and donald trump is talking about his health. tell us more. >> right. that seems to be the big topic of the week, tracy. hillary clinton and now donald trump have released more medical information about them as we get closer to the election here. clinton's doctor said that she is recovering from noncontagious bacterial pneumonia and is taking a ten-day course of anti-boanti anti-antibiotics. >> and trump taped a tv show with dr. oz. >> from a colonoscopy, you had a c calu scan for the heart. >> i feel as good as i did when i was 30. >> trump released no other
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details on his health, other than the summary that will be revealed on today's dr. oz show. and dr. oz will be talking about that interview with donald trump. he'll be on the "today" show coming up here. and hillary clinton will be at a rally in greensboro, north carolina. clinton campaign also released a letter from vice presidential nominee tim kaine doctors declaring him to be, quote, in excellent health. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." 68 degrees right now. in atlantic county, police continue to investigate the death of a man and a woman. officers found their bodies at a house near north oxford avenue and monmouth avenue when they went to check on them. they apparently died of gunshot wounds. following a rash of stabbings, nbc10 has uncovered a new murder rate in philadelphia. the murder rate is up from last
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year. nbc10 discovered as of december 13th, there have been 2,003 homicides this year. that's the highest number since 2012. >> not setting a records, but it's frustrating because we're talking about human beings. >> richard roth said while murders climb, other violent crimes are down. bucks county community college is reaching out to students impacted by the sudden closure of itt tech campuses. today and next week, you can get information about how to enroll. bucks county community college offers 80 programs. tuition is $120 a credit if you live in bucks county. there are campuses in levitttown, philadelphia and plymouth meeting. and patients can now treat their posttraumatic stress
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disorder in new jersey. governor christie signed into in effect a law making new jersey the 18th state to allowing patients to use marijuana for ptsd. they're asking the state of new jersey for a reprieve on meeting the terms of its $73 million state loan. the mayor said the city will violate the terms when it misses the deadline for the municipal utilities authority. mayor don garden argues keeping nua intact is better for the city's financial health. if you use martin luther king drive you may have to find another route. as a result, mlk westbound will close between 9:30 and 3:30 today and tomorrow between spring garden and sweet briar
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drive. happening today in lehigh valley, tons of dirt will be loaded into the ppl center. the dirt will set the stage for the bull riding event. the best bull riders in the world will compete friday and saturday night. 7 minutes after 6:00. we're about half hour away from sunrise. look at this beautiful view from easton, pennsylvania. the skies are clear. easton, lehigh valley running cooler than the rest of the area. still some clouds over south jersey. the jersey shore and philadelphia. although the clouds will be clearing. it is the lehigh valley that has seen the clearing happening already. the temperatures are in the 50s. kutztown, 58 degrees. 57 degrees nazareth. and a nice pleasant fall-like morning to start with. the humidity has come down. i am still tracking just a few
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showers in the area. a cold front has come through the area. if you see the showers through the south, they're moving through eastern maryland. into delaware and south jersey. but they're not going to last much longer. the showers will move out of the way with clearing skies. we're in for a sunny day today. the next chance of rain comes through the weekend. hour by hour, 67 degrees at 9:00. philadelphia into the middle 70s, early this afternoon. 75 degrees, upper 70s. that's as warm as it's going to get in philadelphia today. nowhere near the record temperatures we had yesterday. pennsylvania suburbs. 65 degrees at 9:00. 73 degrees, really comfortable at 1:00. and the humidity will stay lower. in fact go even lower at 5:00 at this afternoon. and just a few scattered clouds. first thing in the lehigh valley. mostly sunshine. 72 degrees at 1:00. 75 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. and the dry air is also flooding into delaware and new jersey. some scattered clouds. 75 degrees at 1:00 for delaware.
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new jersey will see the temperatures cool down a little more before they start their climb into the middle 70s this afternoon. at the shore, it's a sea breeze. a few scattered fair weather clouds. still plenty of sunshine, low 70s through the day today at the shore. it has been abnormally dry for the area. we do have scattered showers most of the afternoon. most of the area is dry. and really has no impact on the dry weather. what's coming this weekend may improve the situation dramatically. a look at that with the weekend forecast when i'm back in just a few minutes. >> bill, a little bit ago, jessica gave us a look at that accident. >> in cherry hill. let's get updated, jess. >> earlier this morning, we had two tractor trailers involved and an additional vehicle as well. one vehicle has been pulled away from the scene. you can see it's on the turnpike and it's over into, of course, the grassy area and blocking the next lane over and the
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right-hand shoulder of the subject side of the turnpike. approaching route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey. you can see we have one lane getting by and it's slow. and we'll start to see delays as rush hour is on its way here. at the turnpike, route 70, we're seeing a little bit of a backup approaching 70. for now, your best bet, you can still take 295. the lane is still open on the turnpike. that's an option for you, you'll get by. but 295 is looking a bit better. watching the vine street expressway, the cameras on 24th street are back open after following earlier this morning's construction. and westbound on the schuylkill, having no problems. looking much better. vai and tracy. a tough break for some marathon runners who took part in a lehigh valley race. >> we'll tell you how a midmarathon train crossing is hurting the chances of runners. and a step in football in
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mortality. we'll tell you about the former eagle selected as first-time nominee for the pro football hall of fame.
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6:14. good morning, delaware county. here's a live look from media. meteorologist bill henley is checking conditions where you live. he'll be back some 15 minutes with your "first alert" forecast. a slow moving train in lehigh valley has officially derailed the dreams of several runners who hope to compete in the next boston marathon. >> yeah, bad time. the train crossed the race course during a marathon stopping runners for minutes. unfortunately, boston organizers say they cannot accept the adjusted time. they can only accept the official running time to determine whether runners
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qualify for the boston marathon. swap iping bats. and they will see michael delgado throw out the first pitch against the pittsburgh pirates. brian dawkins and donovan mcnabb are among the nominees for the football hall of fame. the class of 2017 there be enshrined in the pro football hall of fame in canton, ohio, in august of next year. we'd love to know what you think about the six. you can tweet us. our partners at the philadelphia business journal reports cab drivers had 40% fewer rides in july compared to the month before uberx became available in 2014. the president of the taxi workers alliance of pennsylvania say full-time jobs are now
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part-time work. in pittsburgh, uber as launched a test driving program of ford fusion. there is a driver and uber engineer in every car just in case. it can see what the car sees. and if you're an uber taxi driver yourself you need to be aware of what's happening on the new jersey turnpike. >> jessica boyington has the update. >> starting to see a slowdown, earlier, we didn't have much traffic moving through the area. but now in cherry hill township we do have a live video of what's going on. earlier, two tractor trailers actually crashed with another vehicle. one of those tractor trailers is removed from the scene. you can see it a mangled mess. on the southbound side, around route 70 in cherry hill. so we're still losing that right shoulder. the next lane over. a lot of cleanup under way right here as you can see with the truck still pretty much mangled
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and over into the trees. one lane is getting by and they're squeezing by into the left shoulder. you can see they're moving very slowly, so all of that southbound traffic will actually snarl up just a bit. so if you're traveling in that direction, your alternate, it would be best to take 295 to get by. you can see, 295 headed southbound it looks great and in the green. i'll have an update when i come back in ten. >> announcer: now, your nbc to "first alert" weather. 17 minutes after 6:00. the wind is blowing. the humidity is coming down and the wind is pushing clouds out of here. the clouds will be clearing out. we'll see fewer and fewer clouds in philadelphia. also clear from wilmington which is a little cloudier this morning. this is where i'm tracking some showers. not in wilmington. but just in the south of wilmington in southern new castle county and into kent county. those are just passing north of dover. you might see a few sprinkles very light showers. and cape may county, we'll zoom
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into that. it's very light. on the verge of sprinkles but it's quickly moving offshore likely missing sea isle city. with clearing skies we're starting to see cooler temperatures north and west for lehigh valley. delaware, 68 degrees. south jersey, middle 60s for piney hollow and washington township. pemberton, you're at 64 degrees. that's to start with. princeton, typically cooler at 59 degrees will warm into the 70s this afternoon. it is back to normal for our area. our normal high temperatures this time of year are in the upper 70s. yesterday was 90 to tie the record but not today and tomorrow. over the weekend, it will be warming up. but that warmup will come with some weekend showers. and we certainly do need them. some areas could pick up more than an inch of rain for our area. for the showers, well, you have to do a little traveling. here you see the system well to
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the west, moving through nebraska and into south dakota. they will steadily move our way and give us a chance of showers for saturday and sunday. but not today and tomorrow. a few clouds and a few showers this morning. it will be out of here. during the day, sunny skies. low humidity. in fact, a little lower tonight. it cools down this evening. by tomorrow morning, we're looking at 58 degrees in the city. another high of 78 degrees tomorrow afternoon. sunshine, a bit warmer on saturday. partly sunny. the humidity will stay in check on saturday. here come the clouds and chance of showers, possibly thunderstorms on sunday. and the threat increases during the day on sunday and will continue into monday. fortunately, we will get some rainfall but then another dry stretch for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. with temperatures summerlike levels into the 80s. it's still summer until next thursday, when autumn arrives. it's going to feel like summer, right into the beginning of the autumn, tracy. 6:19.
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just in, we have an update on rutgers university in new brunswick. the university reports power is back on at the cook and douglas campuses after an outage in about 90 buildings and forced cancellations yesterday. close to 40 resident halls were without power last night. they moved students out of those dorms last night into temporary housing in gyms and other buildings. the three other campuses in new brunswick were not affected. well, it's back as a snapper for jon dorenbos. plus, we'll explain how the nfl is investing in the future health of its players. >> announcer: this portion of "nbc10 news" sponsored by lazy boy furniture galleries. live life comfortably.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the head of the nfl said the league is working to make it
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safer. roger goodell said the league is investing in making play safer. the nfl will invest in research and develop new technology to keep the players safe. meantime, on the ice, the national hockey league is also working to cut down on concussions. the nhl is adding more concussion spotters. they'll watch from a centralized location to check for symptoms of the players. the spotters will have the authority to remove players from the game. and the decision includes the acc title football game that was to be played in charlotte in december. this is just the latest protest against house bill 2 that requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to their birth certificates. the ncaa made a similar move on monday. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington, really quickly checking on a scene we
6:25 am
have that's active on the new jersey turnpike. this is around cherry hill new jersey. headed southbound and in between route 73 and route 70. so, we're seeing one lane getting by. i'll have details for you on this when i come back. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:25, a few scattered clouds but they are blowing out of town. the humidity, it's already approved. right now, we're looking at temperatures that are falling 68 degrees. less than half an hour away from sunrise. next up at 6:30, a healthy campaign. we'll break down the recent focus on the presidential candidates and their medical histories. plus, on the mend. we'll tell you what's next for an atlantic city police officer who was shot in the head, as he continues to get better.
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to low-cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. big concern, hillary
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clinton's doctors weigh in on her health, while donald trump is talking about his medical history. condition upgraded. an atlantic city police officer shot in the head could soon be leaving the hospital. magical run, jon dorenbos is getting back to the football field after a solid run on "america's got talent." it's just about 6:30. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his "first alert" neighborhood forecast. bill. >> humidity has come down. we're still getting a few clouds blowing through the area this morning. it's dry in the city, but there are a few scattered showers moving through delaware and southern new castle county and northern kent. this morning, you're getting a few sprinkles. light rainfall and clouds to start with and a few sprinkles but it's going to be clearing out. delaware right now, you see the
6:30 am
clouds over foley stadium. 68 degrees. we'll cool down at 8:00. sunshine, into the 70s this afternoon. suburbs, skies are brightening there, too. king of prussia, still scattered clouds. there were showers last night. 62 degrees right now. by 9:00, more sunshine and 66. 72 degrees and very low humidity at noon time. each of the locations will see lower humidity lower than yesterday. 78 degrees, the high temperature for philadelphia. upper 70s for most spots. just a little cooler at the shore. but you'll see sunshine there, a high of 75 degrees. i'll detail the forecast hour by hour when i come back in a few minutes. but first, let's get a check of traffic to see what's moving this morning. uh-oh. >> we are watching the new jersey turnpike, involving two tractor trailers and another vehicle is taking out the grassy area, the right shoulder. the next lane over. one lane getting by on the
6:31 am
southbound side of the new jersey turnpike, as you can see right here, moving slowly. this is a big cleanup that's under way, and going to be there for quite some time. as you can see, we're not seeing that this is anywhere close to being removed. and that southbound traffic is very slow moving by the scene. northbound traffic having no problems moving by the scene. again, it's in cherry hill, the southbound side of the turnpike right in between where route 73 is and route 70. with that delay, you can see on 295, we're not seeing a real increase in the drive time. and we're still in the green there. that's a good idea for your alternate. i'll update you on the turnpike when i come back. >> jessica. thank you. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after a bout with pneumonia. and donald trump is talking about his health condition. matt delucia is in the digital
6:32 am
operations center. >> the focus has been on the health this week. following hillary clinton's bout of pneumonia, clinton's doctor released a statement saying she was diagnosed friday with noncontagious bacterial pneumonia. and that clinton continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. meanwhile, republican nominee donald trump says that he has the stamina to be president. he spoke with dr. oz in an episode that will air are later today. that interview, trump will release his medical records. trump says he feels just as good as he did when he was younger. >> two letters, one is the report and one is from monta clara hospital. >> can i see them? >> yes, sir. >> these are all the tests just done. >> in a rally in ohio, trump said he wants clinton to get
6:33 am
better and get back on the campaign trail. dr. oz will be talking about that interview and he'll be on the "today" show coming up on nbc10. and clinton is starting to be back on the campaign trail with a rally in greensboro, north carolina. it's 6:33. 68 degrees outside. an atlantic city police officer shot in the head less than two weeks ago could get out. hospital as soon as today. the ac police department says officer josh vadell is in stable condition and will be transferred to a rehab facility when he's ready. vadell and his partner interrupted a burglary outside of caesar's over the weekend. trenton police have yet to charge anyone after more than two dozen packets of heroin were found inside of a kindergarten student's lunch box. a teacher at international academy of trenton charter elementary saw the 5-year-old boy playing with one packets
6:34 am
monday. 29 more were found in his lunch box. the child tested negative for drugs. the soda tax set to take effect in january, the soda tax duplicates the sales tax. the tax amounts to 18 cents on a 12-ounce can of soda. they will fund universal pre-k and parks and recs in philadelphia. the mayor's office is reviewing the lawsuit and is prepared to vigorously support the tax. a surcharge will pay for a plan to eliminate potentially cancerous chemicals from heir water supply. they'll see an increase of less than 27 cents per day. chemicaling leaking into the water system from two military bases. according to the newspaper, the
6:35 am
council voted unanimously to have the military pay for the project in full. that resolution will be mailed to the military today. today, penndot will meet with west conshohocken officials in the legal issues of shutdown of a road. the road is crumbling, but the area that is causing the problem is private property and the owner has died. so residents are complaining that frustrated drivers are taking detours and increasing traffic in neighborhoods nearby. it's 6:35. it's only september, but u.p.s. is preparing for a busy holiday shipping season. the company is hiring more than 1,000 people at the willow brook facility. applicants have to apply online. we have that link at eagle long snapper jon
6:36 am
dorenbos is number 6 but number one in our heart. he came in third on "america's got talent." >> dorenbos is back. he flew back from l.a. last night. 1:00 this morning, dorenbos tweeted out a big thank you to his thanes. nbc10's jacqueline london was there in l.a. she caught up with dorenbos right after the show. >> hopefully, i represented philly. hopefully, they're proud of it. i can't change anything. i'm going to leave here with my head high. i'm excited to beat the bears monday night. >> there's your winner right there, 12-year-old singer grace van der wal. she gets a $1 million prize and a chance to headline the show in vegas. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 6:36. heading out right now, there's a cooling breeze blowing.
6:37 am
it's blowing clouds through media county, delaware. you can see the flag blowing in the breeze. a really pleasant evening with a touch of autumn in the air as the temperatures drop to the 60s during the evening. we'll see plenty of sunshine. the humidity is already lower. you can thank the wind, northerly or northeasterly winds at 13 miles an hour in philadelphia. we see some stronger wind tess shore. dover is a 14-mile-per-hour wind. it is blowing through the area. a few showers but no sign of showers in media delaware county. they're going to be moving out of the area, along with the clouds with a few light clouds and falling apart in kent county and delaware. not much left of the showers in new jersey either. stand by for a beautiful day. a warm afternoon. that's typical for this time of year. 68 degrees right now.
6:38 am
clouds ke clouds clearing out. 69 by 10:00. suburbs, the humidity will be dropping as we warm into the 70s in the afternoon. and lehigh valley in the clear. 56 degrees countrily, to 64 degrees at 10:00, 75 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. look at the humidity, even lower at 4:00 this afternoon. new jersey, the clouds to start with will not last. by 10:00, we're looking at bright sunshine and sunny skies, 70s this afternoon. nowhere near the heat we had yesterday. at the shore, sea breeze, that's going keep the humidity a bit higher but the temperatures will be a bit lower. that sea breeze in low 70s. it's not going to change much. the wind's a bit stronger at the shore. delaware, the clouds will be moving out. cloudy and 68. 70 degrees at 10:00. middle 70s this afternoon.
6:39 am
but temperatures will be climbing this weekend and there's something else coming our way. we'll look at the weekend forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill. my favorite time of the day. it's gorgeous out there. >> it is pretty. wait till you see the pictures that jessica has in her live camera. >> with the light. yeah, we're seeing more of what's happening there on the turnpike. >> right. we're seeing the accident scene a little better. more and more people heading out the door and we're starting to see a delay approaching the scene. on the new jersey turnpike, the southbound side on cherry hill. you can see the left lane crawling by the scene. involving one vehicle and two tractor trailers in the scene but we're still in the process of cleaning up some of the mess from the other tractor trailer. you can see a lot of crew there on the scene. active work zone right now with everybody out and walking around. over into the center -- not the center median, though. side shoulder where the grassy
6:40 am
area is almost into the trees. we are losing that right-hand shoulder the next two lanes over and everybody is squeezing over to the left-hand side lanes. we're seeing a delay after that. after 73 and route 70. in between that, where we're seeing that. you can take 295 as your alternate right now. that would be your best bet in the green there. and watching an accident at kan candlewood way. a viewer said he was ready to take a company to court when he couldn't get a refund for a car part and called "nbc10 responds." >> we'll show you how the "nbc10 responds" got his money back after nearly a year of failed attempts. also a farewell to philadelphia. how a philly fan favorite is saying good-bye. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
6:41 am
6:42 am
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good morning, delaware county. to give you a live look from media. 55 degrees right there. meteorologist bill henley is tracking conditions where you live. he'll be back in just a few minutes. we'll get the "first alert" forecast. and in this morning's "nbc10 responds," a man who takes pride in working on cars could not get a refund on a part he returned nearly a year ago. >> after several calls to the company, he called the "nbc10 responds." >> reporter: john price is a car aficionado. >> i just like them. i like the way they sound. >> reporter: he likes fixing up his olds car selection. >> i've been doing it for 40 years. >> reporter: price paid $400 for a new exhaust system for this volkswagen last november. he got it from an online authorized distributor of megan racing. >> it makes it sound good. and i think it looks dynamite. >> reporter: but once it arrived, price realized he
6:45 am
ordered the wrong part. he called authorized distributor, it told him to return the part directly to megan racing. >> i said let me get a refund. they said, sure. >> reporter: price mailed back the part and waited for the refund. >> i called them again over and over. they said it's coming. >> reporter: but after several months, still no refund. >> all i had was some pictures, no money, no exhaust, no nothing. >> reporter: then he saw "nbc10 responds." >> i'm watching you on television, and you're getting people's amoney back. >> reporter: after price reached out to us, we contacted megan racing and it tells us the returned part arrived damaged and the company wouldn't accept it. a message price said he never received. but after "nbc10 responds" got involved, regan racing decides to accept the damaged item and refund the distributor. >> thanks, harry, for getting my money back.
6:46 am
>> reporter: harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> in this case, they got the refund from the authorized distributor. nothing keep in mind when parts are not ordered directly from the company. >> if you have a consumer problem on "nbc10 responds," and telemundo, you can reach out with the numbers on the screen. coming up is the "today" show. >> savannah guthrie joins us with a preview. >> hi. with dr. oz right here live. he gave us an exclusive look at what exactly donald trump restreer revealed to him. also concerns over airport security why are so many canines used by the tsa to sniff out critical explosives failing tests? and a dream realized what
6:47 am
happened when i got to serve as a guest on project runway, one of my favorite shows. when we get started on a thursday morning right here on "today." >> fun. >> yeah, very fun. i love it. >> thank you very much, savannah, we'll see you in about 12 minutes or so. >> see you in a bit. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> 13 minutes to be exact. 13 minutes before 7:00. it's nice and clear in easton. look at that. getting ready for a sunny, comfortable day with temperatures in the 70s. still seeing some clouds in the area for philadelphia, though. here comes the sun. sunrise happening right now. these clouds will clear out. it will take longer to clear from the shore. cape may is mostly cloudy right now. we have seen a few scattered showers in south jersey they're falling apart. with clear skies, temperatures could come down before we start marching into the 70s.
6:48 am
torresdale and bufferton at 70 degrees. and philadelphia international is 68 degrees. as far as the showers are concerned very little in south jersey. they have just fizzled. and the hoshowers are coming ton end. a few sprinkles in delaware. we should get some light showers, but today and tomorrow, we're back to normal temperaturewise which means upper 70s. with a record yesterday we tied the record with 78 degrees today and 78 degrees tomorrow. a little warmer with the humidity coming up on sunday. saturday stays dry but the clouds will be building on sunday with showers and thunderstorms later on sunday and possibly into monday as well. a few showers right now, that's going move out. and this is what moves in during the day on sunday and into monday. we've got nice weather ahead of that rainfall. we do need the rain. and the forecast rain totals show by first thing sunday
6:49 am
morning, we see a quarter inch of rain in philadelphia. more than half an inch in allentown. we need more than that. and we will be getting it by 10:00 monday morning. we could see more than an inch in philadelphia. and some nice rainfall for egg harbor township as well. and into delaware. so, we'll keep an eye on that for the weekend. for today and tomorrow, nothing but sunshine. we'll watch the clouds move out this morning. we'll see sunny skies. a little cooler. the humidity will be lower. another cooler day on saturday but a warm afternoon. dry on saturday. clouds increasing on sunday. showers and thunderstorms sunday. especially later sunday into monday. then another dry stretch starting tuesday that will carry us right through next saturday. >> bill, thank you. just about ten minutes before 7:00, let's get to you work on this thursday morning. >> jessica boyington, still looking at the situation on the new jersey turnpike? >> yes, so we are seeing a slow-go right near cherry hill
6:50 am
township headed southbound now. two tractor trailers have crashed and another vehicle was involved as well. it's over into the trees in the grassy area, but it's still blocking off the right-hand shoulder. and another one squeezing by on the southbound side to the left-hand shoulder. you can see the massive cleanup under way. with a slow go by the scene through cherry hill with the alternate, the best bet is 295. we're fought snot seeing any de 295. in the blue route around the germantown on-ramp, no problems or delays right now. we're still watching the disabled tractor trailer that's over in the right-hand shoulder. thorndale rain 516 for septa is running about 15 minutes late. nothing too major there. there's an accident on candlewood way and norwood way. in the green here, no problems with drive times, 23 minutes
6:51 am
westbound from route 1 to valley forge. and the parkway, police activity on the northbound side. it's moving right through the toll plaza. py great egg toll plaza. construction on the other side here and cop cars here. looks like they set up cones. we'll check in to see exactly why but no delays right now. 9 minutes before 7:00. a former philly player wants you to know how grateful he is. >> check out this billboard spotted near broad street. he was released thanks fans for his support during his time with the team. i loved philly you'll always be in my heart, kooch. and eagle games day kickoff join us for more eagles coverage
6:52 am
that later that night. coming up next, we'll run down the headlines and the stories we'll be following throughout the day. that explains protection for the atlantic ocean. we'll explain how president obama is watching out for areas underwater. there's still time to vote for the high school game of the week, parkland at easton, st. joe's prepare at archbishop wood. you can vote to the numbers on the screen. we'll have the results at 11:00. >> announcer: this portion of "nbc10 news" sponsored by cherry hill nissan.
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>> announcer: you're watching nbc10. for breaking news, weather alerts and live streaming, download the nbc10 app. here are the stories we'll
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be covering for you today. >> today, hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail after spending several days recovering from pneumonia. the democratic presidential nominee is scheduled to appear at a rally in north carolina. her doctor says she's healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. meantime, republican donald trump will appear on the dr. oz show which was taped yesterday where he'll release a one-page summary of his health. and happening today, president obama will create the first marine national monument in the atlantic ocean. it's designed to permanently protect under way canyons and mountains off the coast of cape cod. the area is about 2 1/2 times the size of the grand canyon national park. today, the men accused of killing the cousin of nba star dwyane wade are expected in court. the 32-year-old mother was shot and killed in chicago last month while she was walking to
6:57 am
register tour kids for school. the man who shot at officer josh vadell today. and tote atlantic city will make a deadline to dissolve the municipal authority. it's part of the terms of a $78 million loan from the state to help strapped cities. the mayer is asking for a reprieve. and the power is back on. class is in session at rutgers douglas and cook campuses. classes were cancelled yesterday. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington. still watching the roads, and we're still out on the new jersey turnpike, watching the removal of this tractor trailer that crashed into the trees and blocking part of the lanes on the turnpike headed southbound. there were two tractor trailers involved earlier this morning and another vehicle that had crashed. and now, we only have one left
6:58 am
shoulder getting by on the new jersey turnpike that's approaching route 70 on cherry hill, new jersey. you can see quite a mess there on the scene seeing a delay on the turnpike right now. your best bet is to take 295. you can see that is moving along the scene nicely. and we're watching of the boulevard, on the southbound side, you can see it here over into the left-hand lane. blocking that off. the lane is still getting by and moving kind of quickly. the southbound lane approaching the schuylkill expressway. we're seeing delays there as. we're also watching the garden state parkway. police activity here with cones. it's on the northbound side, maybe headed away. and the parkway 19 the toll plaza. you can see the construction around the wildwood area, a little bit of construction. and one lay getting by on the parkway and schuylkill expressway looks okay.
6:59 am
maybe you're heads southbound on frog street and the boulevard, you're seeing delays. eastbound from the blue route to the vine, we minute tes at the t if you're headed westbound. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> just a minute before 7:00, we're seeing more and more sunshine. still some clouds over philadelphia. 67 degrees right now but the clouds will thin out and be in the low 70s. low 70s at 11:00 this morning. nothing but sunshine right now in the lehigh valley. the skies cleared out first thing, so it's running a bit cooler to start with but will warm into the middle 70s by noon time. and nowhere near yesterday's levels. the high temperatures right on track for normal for this time of year. 78 degrees this afternoon. lingering clouds in new jersey. partly cloudy there. mostly cloudy skies at the shore. temperatures in the 70s for each part of the area today. >> we're sending an e-mail reminding us the national cheese
7:00 am
burger and linguine day. >> what are we going to do with that? >> yeah. get the nbc10 app for updates. back to his old ways? after days of taking the high road, donald trump takes a shot at hillary clinton's health. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> as clinton returns to the trail today and releases more of her medical records, trump brings his doctor's report to a tv medical show. >> your bmi is high. >> this morning, dr. oz joins us live. scandal grows. hackers releasing another batch of data, the private information from at least ten more american olympic athletes exposed. is there more to come? nbc news investigation. the canine teams the tsa relies on to sniff out explosives at some of the nation's busiest


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