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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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traffic moving on the blue route. a stretch of 476 is now open following a night of backups because of a crash. >> person of interest, police are looking for this man, the boyfriend of a woman killed in a delaware county slashing. high alert, police officers at the shore are stepping up patrols after last weekend's bombing. nbc 10 news starts now. >> and happening now in charlotte, the curfew set by the governor is now lifting. the mandatory went into effect at midnight and lasted until right now, 6:00 a.m. a third night of protests happened relatively peacefully. demonstrators are angry that a
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police officer who is black shot an african-american man. they're demanding video of the shooting be released. >> good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're following all the news you need to know before you head out the door. first, let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood forecast. first full day of fall. >> first morning of autumn. the temperatures have cooled down. look at the lehigh valley. a few scattered clouds there. 52 degrees right now. 68 degrees with sunshine at 9:00 and up to 80ç degrees at lunch time. that's warmer than normal for this time of year. you'll see a similar warmup in wilmington. things are quiet. you can see the lights of the city in the background. 62 degrees with bright sunshine. we'll warm into the upper 70s at 11:00 in delaware. philadelphia is on track for a big warmup, too, from 66 degrees to 88 degrees this afternoon. upper 80s for most of the area. even the shore will be a little bit warmer today, into the upper 70s this afternoon. that's today. there are changes ahead.
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the weekend forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> listen up before you head out the door. a lot of big problems following an earlier closure on the blue route re-opened. now we're seeing more closures. northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road around thornton road. it's closed between thornton road and academy road. you can see all traffic not even being diverted around the scene. just at a complete standstill. you can see the flashing lights up ahead. there are reports of injuries on the scene as well. there may be an accident investigation that's under way. it may be quite some time. calmly road could be an alternate. my advice to you is avoid woodhaven road at this time. that may be out there for a little bit. route 42 around the atlantic city expressway area and on the northbound side, traffic is crawling by an accident scene right here, just a moment ago, 30 seconds to a minute ago. all lanes completely blocked off. that's the traffic that's approaching the deptford area or
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295 to head towards trenton or philadelphia. all of that volume from the atlantic city expressway merge. you can see different lanes and into a center medium. that's where the atlantic city expressway and the 42 expressway merge. one lane is still getting by. several police officers on the scene. more problems, this is in new jersey, hamilton township, an earlier accident. a fluid still closing the road near exit 3. let's give you another traffic note. traffic is once again moving on the blue route in delaware county following a crash overnight. this was the scene along 476. it re-opened less than an hour ago. drivers were stranded for hours along the highway. that was quite a backup. nbc 10's pam osborne is live in radnor. what can you tell us about the accident? >> well, we can tell you one person was injured. to give you an idea of how
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serious this accident was from 11:30 until about 5:10 this morning, this entire stretch of the northbound lanes of 476 were closed because of that crash. i want to get you to video now. here's the scene following the accident. you can see first responders looking beneath the front end of that big rig. that's because there was a car underneath of that tractor-trailer. one person was transported to penn presbyterian by medevac. there were five vehicles involved, including a second tractor-trailer. there was a huge backup as a result. eventually police are drivers back up one by one and go southbound in the northbound lanes to get off at exit 13 to clear the northbound lanes so they could do their investigation. i just checked in with state police. they're still wrapping up the information they have gathered from this scene here so far this morning. again, the good news, if you're
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headed out your door, 476 is open and clear and drivable. reporting live in morning,ç in montgomery county, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. happening now, crews are preparing to fix a six inch main that caused this water main break last night in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. the water isn't gushing but a portion of greenway avenue remains closed because the road buckled. the water department plans to shut off the water service at 9:00 this morning for about eight hours in order to repair that main. this morning, we have new video of the person of interest that police are looking for in connection with the deadly slashing in delaware county. the yeadon police say they want to talk to this man. they say mark epps is the estranged boyfriend of the victim, natasha gibson. her body was found outsood a home on bailey road early yesterday morning. gibson's family told detectives he was scared of epps. we'll have more of this investigation coming up at 6:00 in a live report from yeadon.
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a man whose rape and murder con vick was overturned after spning more than two decades in prison is suing the city of philadelphia and several police officers. anthony wright filed a federal lawsuit this week, accusing police of writing a false confessi confession. he was found not guilty in the retrail of the 1991 rape and murder of louise talley. a city spokesperson says officials are reviewing the lawsuit. >> this weekend, extra security will be patrolling the jersey shore after last weekend's explosion in seaside. a pipe bomb in a trash can went off along the route of a 5k charity race for marines. police departments will be dispatching double the officers to work some big events plan for tomorrow and sunday. north wildwood is having an irish festival. wildwood is hosting a car show. it's a busy weekend, there's an
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air show, a bike ride and a 5k. >> the message is live your life. when you decide not to do that, these terrorists and these people are accomplishing their goal. >> police say if you see anything that worries you or seems suspicious, don't hesitate to call 911. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 6:07. getting ready for a sunny, warm day today. we're getting a cool start. this is a live view of center city. just a few scattered clouds overhead. the clouds thin out during the day. the low 50s for the suburbs. delaware 67 degrees, clouds keeping the temperatures warmer in south jersey, too. that's 66 degrees in philadelphia. there are some cooler neighborhoods, andorra, parkside, both in the 50s along with chestnut hill penn's landin landing. the temperatures will not be in the 60s long.
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a quick warmup across the entire area including the shore. sunshine, cape may, atlantic city will be close to 80 degrees this afternoon. moving inland, sunny skies for wilmington, philadelphia, trenton. the lehigh valley and the suburbs will yarm into the upper 80s this afternoon. maybe the first day of autumn. it will feel like summer, at least for today. quick warmup, yes. 69 degrees at 9:00 in philadelphia. sunshine and 80s this afternoon and bright sunshine for the suburbs with low humidity. 84 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. and with sunny skies into the middle 80s for the lehigh valley. that's after a cool start this morning. look at 1:00 this afternoon, 83 degrees. normal highhtemperatures in delaware should be in the 70s but 1:00 this afternoon, 82 degrees and 83 at 5:00. new jersey will see a similar warmup after temperatures starting in the 60s this morning warm through the 70s and into the 80s early this afternoon. while the jersey shore, a few scattered clouds to start with and sunshine takes over 78 degrees at 1:00.
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staying in the upper 70s for this afternoon. if you like this heat, good, enjoy it today. there are big changes for the weekend when it comes to the temperatures. i've got the weekend forecast and beyond with the 10 day on 10 when i come back. >> all right, bill, see you then. 6:09. we came on the air about an hour and a half ago, we were fixated on the closure on the blue route, now we turn to woodhaven road. >> jessica boyington has details. >> out in northeast, woodhaven road still blocked but some good news up ahead. in between thornton road and academy road is where they've had this blocked off for at least the last half an hour or so. you can see the road flares and emergency crews as well. there are reports of injuries. a few moments ago, we had all traffic approaching the road on the eastbound side backed up. they let all of it trickle off to the right-hand side. good news there, at least for the vehicles trapped behind the scene. as we see another vehicle
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approaching, let's watch and make sure they are letting traffic through the area. you don't want to get stuck in these days. calmly road could be an alternate. it does look like they are allowing the car, even with brake lights. here's the 42 freeway in new jersey around the atlantic city expressway merge. the two lanes of northbound traffic just up ahead. they do have to merge together. we have lane restrictions there on the northbound side. looks like one lane merging together, pretty much and getting by. this is affecting traffic headed northbound towards the philadelphia area. and or possibly to 295 and trenton. more updates on the scenes when i come back. vai? >> thank you, jessica. movement in the case against a white police officer who shot and killed a black man in tulsa. >> we'll tell you about the charges filed against that officer. plus, neighborhood shootout. we'll tell you how this gun battle between two men in florida came to an end. approve this message.
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6:14. two florida men are fighting attempted murder charges but police have a key piece of evidence in this case. that's this video. it shows the moment the two men pulled guns out on each other and opened fire. one has an ar-15. the incident was caught on home surveillance system video that was released by the police. local leaders from bucks and montgomery county look for ans on capitol hill on what the feds are doing to clean up their water. >> senator bob casey was among those that met with federal officials yesterday. casey says he wants to open the lines of communication between the epa and people living in horsham, warrenton and warminster.
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casey tells us the ultimate goal is to put new infrastructure in place to keep the contaminated water problem from happening again. concern about the drinking water grew in may when the epa issued new guidelines showing elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals. that led to more well closures. the pentagon agreed to pay for filtration systems on public wells in the area. a pair of city leaders in reading have proposed decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. two city council members introduced an ordinance that would lessen the legal penalties. their intent to decriminalize smoking marijuana in public and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. fines would change from $57 to $100 and there would be no criminal record forç offenders comcast country is about to expand. nbc 10's parent company announced it reached a deal to purchase ed snider's 24% stake in comcast spectacor.
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comcast will now own the entire company which includes the wells fargo center and also spectra businesses. it means comcast would own 100% of the philadelphia flyers. the move needs to be approved still by the national hockey league which meets later today in new york. ed snider founded the flyers. he died in april after a long battle with cancer. it has been a busy morning on the roads. 6:16. let's get you to work. there are still closures, though. >> when we say busy, we're tacking about jessica boyington being real busy this morning. >> not any improvement. we're seeing a bunch of things pop up all over the place in northeast philadelphia, road closure in between thornton road and academy road. there's injuries on the scene as well. the eastbound side is blocked off. if you're coming off route 1 and headed toward 95, that's what
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you'll face here. they are now allowing cars to move through to squeeze on by to the right-hand side here. no delays behind the scene but it is still closed. we know that always could change. there's a vehicle fire reported in philadelphia on montgomery drive near the schuylkill expressway. possibly delays by that scene. they will of course not let vehicles move by another fire, at least until it's extinguished. watching the 42 freeway in new jersey, this is right around our cameras at the atlantic city expressway merge. you can see over into the center median here. that's right before they merge together headed northbound. traffic moving towards philadelphia and 295 to get to trenton, we'll see delays there. only one lane getting by this accident scene right now. also watching hamilton township, there's an earlier accident and fluid spill on the road. now we're seeing cleanup under way. 195 eastbound is closed around hamilton square at exit 3. they have the right lane moving by.
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they're watching big delays there. more updates when i'm back in about ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. a gentle breeze blowing. that's a live view from center city. clear skies in the city overnight and for much of the area. the temperatures are still cooling down right now, even though there are a few clouds that have moved into delaware and south jersey. during the day, sunshine and summer-like heat this afternoon. afternoon temperatures will be approaching the 90 degrees mark today. the humidity stays low. this evening, we'll start off clear. the clouds will be increasing during the evening hours. the clouds take over tonight. it won't be as cool tomorrow morning in some spots. lehigh valley, 52 degrees. 55 in the suburbs and here are your low 60s, thanks to the clouds. philadelphia, some scattered clouds and 66 degrees. south jersey, starting off in the low 60s will warm into the 80s this afternoon. medford, mt. laurel, lumberton at 62 degrees.
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50 in princeton, hopeful township, 57 degrees. clear skies in those areas. the clouds are keeping the temperatures warmer for new jersey. everybody will see the warmup today. the clouds will be out of here, bright sunshine for wilmington, philadelphia, new jersey, the suburbs and the lehigh valley. but there are clouds that will be moving in tonight. you can see a few showers into new york city, light stuff. the clouds wi?c& come through mainly dry for our area and it will usher in a much cooler weekend. in fact, the entire weekend will feel that cooldown. not just philadelphia in the middle 70s. look at the suburbs in the lehigh valley. low 70s at the shore and 76 degrees in delaware. it gets even chillier on sunday with temperatures in the 70s for interior new jersey and delaware. barely up to 74. 60s in the suburbs, the lehigh valley and the shore. before we get to the weekend, we've got one more unseasonably warm day and that is today. high of 88 degrees in
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philadelphia. bright sunshine today. those clouds come through tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll start with clouds but not to worry, the clouds will clear out. we'll see sunshine and just 75 in the afternoon. the real cool air arrives sunday morning, 50 degrees, high of 70 in the afternoon. down to 49 monday morning. talk about autumn weather. 73 the high temperature on monday. we'll need rainfall. our chance of rainfall will be increasing as we go into wednesday. the clouds increase on tuesday. tuesday night and into wednesday we could see showers. 75 degrees the high temperature on wednesday. we are drying out with fall weather continuing for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. two years ago, the ice bucket challenge took the internet by storm. now another kind of experience is hoping to gain ground and raise awareness for a different cause. we'll tell you about the how eye see it challenge. 20 minutes past 6:00. the government's star witness is getting ready to take the stand
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in the bridgegate style. we'll tell you what could happen later in the courtroom today. third president?
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6:24. you all probably remember the ice bucket challenge a few years ago. a new challenge is helping to raise awareness and money to fight blindness. nbc's peter alexander took that challenge. he sat down with his sister who is losing her sight. >> what does it feel like. >> my heart is beat a little bit. it makes you anxious and part of me is sad because i know he get to take the blindfold off and you never get to. >> his sister rebecca has usher's syndrome that's causing her to go blind and deaf. you can see more of peter alexander's story on the "today" show. the goal of the how eye see it challenge is to raise more than
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$2 million by world sight day on october 13th. would you take the challenge? what do you think the hardest part would be about losing your eyesight? tweet us at nbc 10 philadelphia to join that conversation. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you watching the roads. right now i'm watching 422. right around route 23. and on the eastbound side we have a fresh accident there. blocking the left lane. only one lane getting by. we'll check in with drive times for you there. the rest of these big accident scenes that i have for you when i'm back at 6:30. for now let's get a check on today's second day of fall with meteorologist bill henley. >> 66 degrees right now. there are scattered clouds in the distance, mainly clear and cooling down. the suburbs are in the 50s. a nice warmup during the day today and much cooler this weekend. i've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. next at 6:30, tracking a person of interest. the new evidence police want you
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to see to help them solve a deadly slashing case in delaware county. >> new video shows one of the planted bombs in last week's attack in new york and new jersey. we'll take a closer look at these images from a busy manhattan street. katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy, joey, ricky, eileen, me, and colleen... all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate -
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person of interest, police are looking for this man in connection with a deadly slashing in delaware county. third night of protest. demonstrators in charlotte hit the streets again as the governor issues a curfew. bridgegate in court. today a star government witness could take the stand. this is nbc 10 news. >> good morning. it is friday, september 23rd. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. judging from that picture, it looks like it will be a great day today. >> looks pretty good, doesn't
6:30 am
it? >> yes. >> 20 minutes before sunrise. you can see a few thin cloudsçn the distance. even though it is the first full day of autumn, it will feel like summer. 60 right now. the skies are starting to brighten. we can start to see the field a little bit at frawley stadium in wilmington. look at the warmup, 60s this morning, upper 70s. we'll warm into the 80s with no problem this afternoon. 55 degrees this afternoon. the suburbs seeing clear skies over king of prussia. 60s at 9:00 and then up to 80 degrees at lunch time. a quick warmup for philadelphia, too. 65 now with sunshine, 67 degrees at 8:00. near 80 degrees by 11:00 this morning. add ten to that for the high temperature this afternoon, 88 degrees. even warmer than yesterday. 80s also for delaware, the lehigh valley and new jersey. the exception will be the shore. 78 degrees. you can see some clouds in the distance now. those clouds should stay offshore. a nice day at the shore and all around today. but there are cooler temperatures ahead.
6:31 am
you'll feel them this weekend. i'll take a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> starting on 422 this morning, watching the clearing of an accident scene right now. at least they're moving into the shoulder. 422 eastbound around route 23. they're moving out of the way over here. what i'm guessing is they'll put them over into the shoulder up ahead. for a while we had the left lane blocked there headed eastbound by the scene. we're seeing this vicious drive time, 20 minutes. it's typically a 6 to 7-minute trip. you can see what we're adding on to there. we're already in the read. average speeds are down in the 20s. update out in new jersey, the 42 freeway around the atlantic city expressway, that accident scene cleared out of the way. you can see over here some of that over into the shoulder. we're not seeing any of the big lane restrictions or delays moving by the scene. no problem getting into philadelphia or to 295 except for typical morning volume. out in northeast philly, route 63. woodhaven road is still blocked
6:32 am
between thornton road and academy road. watching for some delays there. there's a vehicle fire reported on montgomery drive just around the schuylkill expressway. vai and tracy. >> thank you, jessie. new video of a man police are calling a person of interest in a deadly delaware county slashing. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live at yeadon borough police with new developments in the case. tell us more. >> yeadon police want to get video, surveillance video of this person of interest. they've been waiting for this man to turn himself in for questioning. that has not happened as of yet. take a look. this is the video that police released last night. police say this is mark epps, the estranged boyfriend of the murder victim, 32-year-old natasha gibson. police say this video was recorded shortly after gibson's throat was slashed. gibson's body was found outside a home on the 600 block of bailey road. that's just about a block away from the police station here. investigators followed a mile
6:33 am
and a half long blood trail from the scene into the city of philadelphia. police say that is most definitely the blood of whomever committed this murder. they also found a bloody steak knife in a storm drain. that's believed to be the murder weapon. yeadon's police chief says gibson's family told them she was scared of epps and his mom says any inclination he is responsible is ridiculous. >> he has not seen that girl for eight, nine months. he has not did this, no. >> there's threats of violence from him just recently in the last month.ç she was fearful for her safety because of this individual. >> mark epps, again, is a person of interest wanted for questioning. yeadon police want to talk with this man. as of right now, he has yet to turn himself in. we'll stay on top of this for any new developments. 6:33, 66 degrees outside. happening right now, crews are
6:34 am
getting ready to fix a six inch main that caused this water main break last night. this was in kingsessing. a portion of greenway avenue is still closed because the road buckled. the water department plans to shut off water service at 9:00 this morning for about eight hours while they make repairs. in charlotte, this came after a third night of protests in the streets which were mostly peaceful. demonstrators are angry over the deadly shooting of an african-american man by a black police officer. they're demanding transparency by police in their investigation. >> release the video. release the video. >> this is the first time since the civil rights movement that the national guard has been called in. >> police say scott had a gun when officers shot him. his family says he was carrying a book. lawyers for scott's family released a statement saying it is impossible to discern from
6:35 am
the videos what, if anything, mr. scott is holding in his hands when he was shot and killed. his hands were by his side and slowing walking backwards. the white police officer charged in the shooting death of an african-american man in tulsa, oklahoma is free on bail this morning. betty shelby was booked. if she's convicted, officer shelby would face a minimum of four years in prison. this is exclusive video this morning showing the suspected new york and new jersey bomber dumping luggage allegedly containing a bomb and right after people are fiddling with it, even kicking the explosive device over the next hour. a woman notices the object, turns around, goes back and calls police. she said it looked like a
6:36 am
child's science equipment that someone had thrown out with the garbage. the government's star witness who pleaded guilty in the new jersey bridgegate case could take the stand later today in the trial of two former al lies of governor chris christie. david wildstein is one of the next three witnesses. he's admitted orchestrating lane closures heading to the george washington bridge in 2013. baroni and kelly are accused of calling for the lane closures allegedly to punish ft. lee's mayor for not endorsing christie. lawyers for both defendants have attacked wildstein's credibility. yesterday, jurors heard a port authority official testify that he thought wildstein was corrupt and christie protected him. an aide is being investigated to the pennsylvania's district attorney. the ag's office is looking into weather jennifer jones made a straw purchase of a gun.
6:37 am
their office is aware of the incident and referred to the matter to the ag's office. jones has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. 6:37. decision 2016. donald trump is taking a break after a visit to delaware county. >> legendary basketball coach bobby knight introduced trump to a crowd in chester township last night. the republican presidential nominee promised to make america safe again, blaming the recent unrest in charlotte on critics of the police. >> we must work with our police, not against our police. our men and women in blue also need our support. our thanks and our gratitude. >> at the rally, nbc 10's lauren mayk asked trump's son eric about reports that his father's charitable foundation used $250,000 to settle business issues. he denied it saying the fourthization gives to many great charities.
6:38 am
take a look at the setting for monday night's first presidential debate. crews are preparing the hall at hofstra in new york. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt will moderate the debate, expected to be one of the biggest tv audiences in years. nbc will carry the debate monday night at 9:00. before that, join the decision 2016 team. be part of the live audience or be home watching it live on tv at 7:00 p.m. it's all about what you want to hear the candidates saying during the debate. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 22 minutes before 7:00. a cloudy view from cape may. this is a live view from the marina. the clouds to start with. we'll see sunshine as the clouds recede, some of those clouds into interior new jersey. it's in the clear for philadelphia right now. a few thin clouds at philadelphia international. 65 degrees. look at the warmup.
6:39 am
skies clear out, bright sunshine. 82 degrees at lunch time. we'll reach summer-like levels this afternoon. 87 degrees, the high temperature at 4:00 in philadelphia. and we may touch 88 degrees this afternoon. a little bit warmer. suburbs, sunshine, low humidity. it's clear right now. 57 degrees to start with. low 70s by later this morning and then low 80s as we head into the early afternoon. middle 80s at 4:00 this afternoon. the humidity stays low for the suburbs and for the lehigh valley. nothing more than a few scattered clouds in the lehigh valley now. this is one of the chillier spots at 52 degrees. 80 degrees at lunch time and the lehigh valley will also warm into the upper 80s this afternoon. clouds in south jersey will be thinning out. sunshine will warm temperatures through the 70s and up to 84 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. while at the shore, upper 70s, close to 80 degrees this afternoon. clouds to start with. those clouds will be thinning out as the morning progresses. by lunch time, it's sunshine, upper 70s with sunshine right on
6:40 am
through the 4:00 hour today. and delaware, a few scattered clouds right now. those, too, will thin out. 74 degrees at 10:00. low 80s at lunch time. the humidity stays low during the afternoon. there will be more clouds moving in as we head into the weekend. i'll take a look at what that means as we head through the weekend with the 10 day on 10 in just a couple minutes. first, the weekend forecast. 70s much cooler for saturday. sunday, even chillier with readings in the 60s for the lehigh valley and the suburbs and 68 degrees at the jersey shore. look at how long that lasts with the ten day when i come back. >> bill, 6:40. 20 minutes before 7:00. boy, it has been a busy friday morning. >> now let's focus on 422. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is doing that. >> we'reç still busy out there too. we have an accident scene that just was moved over into the right-hand shoulder around route 23. and on the eastbound side as well. all traffic moving towards the schuylkill expressway is going to face some big delays.
6:41 am
you can see we're still dealing with the residual delays and the accident scene up ahead into the shoulder. 28-minute drive time eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds are down into the teens now. it looks like 18 miles per hour clocking in there. out in northeast philly, still on woodhaven road, that's still blocked between thornton road and academy road. we're seeing the delays right there on and around the scene. they are allowing traffic to trickle through the area. those lanes are close generally to traffic. on the 42 freeway we're looking okay. updates, you can see an accident scene on the northbound side still over into the right-hand shoulder. it's not causing any major problems right now. that vehicle fire in montgomery drive around the schuylkill expressway. there will be volume off of the highway and also in hamilton township. good news here. that fluid spill has cleared out of the way. 195 eastbound is back open around hamilton square. residual delay approaching the scene. >> a lehigh valley casino is
6:42 am
looking to turn its good fortune into a major expansion we'll tell you what leaders of the sands are planning. plus, hillary clinton sits down for an appearance on a fake internet talk show. we'll tell you how the democrat handled the interview between two ferns.
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6:46 am
conference center. harrah's ranks as the second most successful casino in ac. the makeover is an effort to remain competitive. >> meantime, a casino in the lehigh valley is planning a major expansion. the sands casino in bethlehem recently submitted permit applications. nbc 10 reviewed the plans. they call for a two-story expansion with new slot machines, restaurants and a new poker room with at least 35 new tables. sands bethlehem opened in 2009 bringing people from across the region to the lehigh valley. >> pennsylvania has seen a lot of success with these. the sands is the most successful casino in pennsylvania. i think the success of the casino is what's spurring this talk of expansion. >> now, the sands is not commenting and the expansion has not yet been approved. meanwhile, the expansion of the sands casino is one of many happening across the state of pennsylvania. sugar house' in fishtown opened its $164 million expansion back in may. the casino added more games, restaurants and a parking
6:47 am
garage. in january, the parks casino in bensalem also added more games and a brand new lounge. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's 6:47. if you're heading out right now, the temperatures are still cooling down. we're three minutes away from sunrise on the first autumn morning. a cool start but it is going to be summer-like heat this afternoon. back into the upper 80s. a little bit warmer than yesterday. the good news is, the humidity stays low. it's this evening we'll see clouds returning to the area. clear to start with and clouds slowly increase as we go through the evening hours. the humidity will be increasing during the evening hours, too. 50s in the suburbs. the lehigh valley, clear skies down to 52 degrees. some clouds in delaware and moving into philadelphia, a few scattered clouds. the thicker clouds are in south jersey and especially at the shore. that's why temperatures are mot delaware. meantime, philadelphia, 65
6:48 am
degrees at philadelphia international. we're seeing 57 in chestnut hill. fox chase is down to 62 degrees. in center city, 67 to start with. but it's upper 80s this afternoon. it will feel like the middle of summer. not humiditywise. that is going to stay low. wilmington, philadelphia and trenton, in the clear this morning. the clouds will thin out at the shore. we'll see bright sunshine during the day today. look at the clouds moving in to north central pennsylvania an a few showers into new york state. those clouds are on track to move into our area tonight and that will bring a big cooldown for the weekend. but we have one more unseasonably warm day and that's today. into the upper 80s this afternoon. autumn weather is delayed but it arrives this weekend. look at the cooldown for saturday, sunday and monday. lower 70s sunday and monday and into the 70s tuesday and wednesday. and there's a chance we'll see showers but not this weekend. sunshine, nice and bright, 88 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow will be cooler. we'll get the clouds in the
6:49 am
morning, then it clears out in the afternoon and sunny skies on sunday. that's 70 degrees. that's the high temperature. look at sunday morning. 50 degrees the low. down to 49 on monday morning. then in the low 70s in the afternoon. here comes clouds later on tuesday. 74 degrees with a chance of showers on wednesday. the showers out of the picture for thursday, friday and next weekend. we have another duty with high temperatures in the 70s. >> fall's here. thanks, bill. just about ten minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work. we've had road closures, including woodhaven road. >> let's get to jessica boyington. what can you tell us. >> we are watching this closure between thornton road and academy road. the eastbound side, coming off of route 1, headed towards 95, that's what you'll face rig here. they are allowing traffic to move through, at least being detoured to the right and go around. that's good news there. we're not seeing big backups behind the scene. but it still is closed with an
6:50 am
accident investigation under way. mass transit, one train is running about 15 minutes behind. the accident scene over into the right-hand shoulder on the northbound side around the ac expressway. we're good to go there. the schuylkill expressway, just a little slow this morning. no major problems on it right now. there was an earlier disabled vehicle around south street. we're pretty much the same in both directions, east and westbound, 20 minutes and speeds into the 30s. vai and tracy. democratic nominee hillary clinton is showing her sense of humor. >> she is. she sat down with comedian zach galifianakis for "between two ferns." as you might expect, donald trump's name came up. >> when he's elected president and kid rock becomes secretary of state, are you going to move to canada or one of the arctics? >> i'll stay in the united states.
6:51 am
>> what would you try to -- >> i'll try to prevent him from destroying the use. >> you're going to lead the civil war? >> no, i wouldn't take up arms. i think that might be a little extreme. >> galifianakis mentioned clinton's e-mail scandal. clinton joked she regretted doing the interview. the funny or die clip has been buzzing across social media since yesterday. the full video is on and we also put it on the nbc 10 app. now toç decision 2016. donald trump stopped by geno's to pick up a bag of cheese steaks. he offered to buy them for the crowd as well and joked he'd be getting one for hillary clinton. an irish festival down the shore. we'll tell you why you may see extra security at the popular event. here's the winner of the high school blitz game of the week. it was a close one this week. bonn eer-prendie at cardinal
6:52 am
o'hara come out on top. highlights at 11:00 as well as highlights from games from all around the region.
6:53 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:54 am
male teacher: andthe the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low-cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast.
6:55 am
five minutes before 7:00 a.m. here are some of the stories we'll be following. happening today, john mccain will attend a rally for senator pat toomey. the two republicans will discuss national security. a group representing 2,500 black police officers in philadelphia are at odds with the fraternal order of police endorsing donald trump for president. the guardian civically will hold a news conference.
6:56 am
its president says she can't believe the fop's decision. today, president obama and the first lady will hold a reception to celebrate the new smithsonian museum of african-american culture. david wildstein admitted orchestrating lane closures heading into the george washington bridge in 2013. two former al lies of governor chris christie are accused of calling for those closures allegely to punish ft. lee's mayor for not endorsing him. the nhl is expected to discuss comcast's plans to own the flyers. nbc 10's parent company announced it reached a deal to purchase ed snider's stake in comcast spectacor. that means comcast will own the entire company which includes the wells fargo center and the flyers.
6:57 am
and the 76ers open their new training facility in camden. the philly free streets program will be back tomorrow. south street, east and west of brad street is one of the roads you can use from 8:00 until 1:00. for a complete list of the free streets, tap the nbc 10 app. the irish fall festival begins in north wildwood. the largest on the east coast. police departments along the jersey shore are increasing patrols after last weekend's bombings. today, crews will fix a six inch main that caused this water main break last night in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. people there have water now but the water department will shut off the water service at 9:00 this morning, in two hours, and it will stay closed for about eight hours so they can fix it. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. we're finally starting to see some improvements out there.
6:58 am
after a really busy morning. we're watching 422 right now around route 23. this accident scene is now over into the shoulder. we're starting to see decrease in these drive times. earlier we were about a 25-minute trip or so eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. you can still see the traffic is slow by the citizen right here. 17 minutes, not doing too bad. average speeds in the 30s as well. out in northeast philadelphia, still watching woodhaven road. that's closed between thornton road and academy road. they are diverting traffic around the scene. coming from route 1 eastbound towards 95. that's where you'll run into that accident scene. also checking in with mass transitç norristown high speed line is running with 15-minute delays due to equipment problems. the rest of mass transit, on or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> just before 7:00. we have a nice warm day ahead of us. even though it's the first day of autumn, it will feel like summer. there are cool spots, the
6:59 am
suburbs, 54 degrees. nice and clear in king of prussia with sunshine. it will warm up quickly to 80 degrees at lunch time. a few thin clouds over wilmington. that's the view from frawley stadium. 62 at 8:00. 78 degrees at 11:00 this afternoon. we are on target for 80s. upper 80s for philadelphia, exception will be the shore, close to 80 degrees at the shore. relighting festival for boathouse row, that happens on saturday. saturday evening starting at 5:00. it's not along kelly drive. it's mlk drive at the fish ladder. you have a great view and the first time ever they'll review a new light show at 7:30. there will be food, drinks. >> that's awesome. >> weather will be awesome. >> you had me at food. >> she's always hungry. >> local updates throughout the morning. get realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. "today" show starts right now. have a great weekend. we have to go feed her. >> breakfast time.
7:00 am
stay updated with her. she's always tweeting about road closures. >> have a good weekend. outrage and unrest. demonstrators take to the streets in charlotte for the third straight night. protesters ignoring a new curfew, demanding that footage of a deadly police shooting be made public. >> release the video! release the video! >> while in oklahoma, the officer involved in a fatal shooting there now charged with manslaughter and turns herself in overnight. set for the showdown? it's crunch time as hillary he clinton and donald trump prep for the highest stakes moment of the campaign yet -- the first debate just three days away. clinton holding mock sessions behind closed doors, as trump tries out his new attack lines on the trail. >> hillary clinton does not have to worry about the sirens and


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