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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tracking showers, a live look now at the first alert radar as rain moves through delaware into the philadelphia suburbs. an a live look right now in delaware where you see the roads are wet. right now, there's a flood warning in kent county. and our coverage on the deadly nj transit train crash continues this morning. we'll tell you what's happening with the investigation today. plus, where is the safest place to sit on a train? >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> 6:00 a.m. this friday morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. if you're waking up with us in philadelphia in the philadelphia area, new jersey or delaware, you're under a first alert. take a look at this video from bethany beach. 5s of rain has already fallen,
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floodingç roads like this one. in other parts of the state, more than a foot of rain has fallen. let's get a look at forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we've seen heavy rainfall within much like yesterday. that's how we started the day yesterday, then we got breaks in the rainfall. philadelphia, financial new jer flash flood threat and coastal flooding is also an issue. even along delaware bay and into the delaware river, we'll be watching that. we're watching the rain steadily move through delaware and into the suburbs. not as heavy as what we saw yesterday. it's more widespread encompassing parts of new jersey as well. the heavier rainfall has moved into central new castle county, right in the middletown area. wilmington is getting a break from the heavy rain, there's more heavy rain on the way. look at the scattered showers into the lehigh valley. allentown right now, the rain is coming down at a pretty good
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clip. in the allentown area, that's moving to the north. it willing on and off during the day today. the wind will stay with us and the wind is going to make even light rain feel like it's much heavier this morning and this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s, like yesterday morning. 55 degrees in new jersey, delaware is at 58. dreary conditions for the suburbs. in the lehigh valley, we will see sunless conditions today. 64 degrees. the heavier rainfall will taper off. still scattered showers in store for this morning and this afternoon. this afternoon, 60s will be the warmest we get. normally this time of year we'd be into the 70s. there are 70s ahead once we get past the weekend. you can see that with the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. a closer look when i'm back in ten minutes. >> first, let's find out how the rain is impacting the traffic on a friday morning. francesca ruscio has the latest from the first alert traffic center. >> the roadways are wet, a busy morning on the schuylkill
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expressway on the westboundç se within the king of prussia area. originally i reported two lanes on the westbound side, approaching 202. we have traffic trying to crawl through on the one lane that's not restricted on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching 202. that has been in place for quite some time. watching this jam on route 422 right around trooper road. this is where a camera is showing the jam. it's right at route 23. this is eastbound traffic. we have a lane restriction from an earlier multivehicle accident. eastbound travel times are in the teens and 20s. traveling from route 29 towards the schuylkill, it's going to be delayed up to five minutes. that is what we have right now on 422. earlier accident that cleared up on 95. wood haven to the vine will take you 29 minutes. vai and tracy. >> it was horrific. an explosion of concrete, dust
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and wires. >> that remains as the investigators sift through looking for the cause of the deadly crash. and the crash claimed the life of this young mother. this morning, the only people inside are recovery teams and investigate ares trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. matt delucia is live in hoboken this morning. what can you tell us? >> the big question is morning is why. what caused the train to crash into this station behind me? that's what federal investigators are trying to figure out. as i step out of the way, you can see some of the spotlights in the background. investigators from the ntsb have been working all night. part of the problem is there's so much damage to the area where the train crashed only the locomotive is accessible right now. new jersey transit train 1614 was coming into the terminal at a much faster speed than the 10 mile per hour limit. the train slammed into andç ov
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the bumpers at the end of the track. one person was killed and more than 100 people on and off the train were injured, including the engineer who is said to be cooperating with the ntsb investigation. he's already talked to police, already been released from the hospital. was he using a cell phone, did he have a medical issue or were there problems with the train itself? >> our investigation will continue here on scene for seven to ten days. our mission is to not just understand what happened but to understand why it happened. so that we can preven it the from happening again. >> reporter: 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was standing on the platform. the hoboken resident and mom was killed by falling debris. the investigators want to review the on board video and black box. the station is shut down. some 15,000 people come through here each day but not on this
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one. the investigation still unfolds. we'll be keeping you posted throughout the morning and the day as we learn more. live in hoboken, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. positive train control, ptc is one way to make your trip safer. there are safety measures you can take. try to ride in the center of the the train so there's less impact from a collision. choose a rear-facing seat. that way if the train brakes suddenly you're pushed into the seat and not across the aisle. stay with nbc 10 news and the nbc 10 app for continuing coverage of the deadly new jersey transit train crash. two wilmington firefighters who died in the line of duty will be laid to rest. yesterday we saw a show of support from family,en froms and colleagues during a week for one of those fallen firefighters. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in wilmington with more on how these firefighters are being remembered. pam? >> vai, we're joining you now ç outside of one of the firehouses
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of one of those fallen firefighters. take a look. people have begun to leave a memorial here outside of engine 6. hundreds of firefighters across the region traveled here to pay their respect tos to firefighter jerry fickes. he and christopher leach were killed while fighting a fire on saturday. a public memorial was held for fickes. his fellow firefighters gathered on the same day they learned that the fire was arson. police say she was angry, drunk and on medication when she started that fatal fire in the basement of her father's home. we talked to the former battalion chief here in wilmington. he's known fickes since the early '90s. he describes yesterday's memorial as somber, especially in the light of the news yesterday. he says he and his colleagues
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are relying on each other now more than ever. >> he was an amazing young man. he was dynamic, would do just about anything you asked him. he was a family man. he loved his family, the fire department. an intentional fire makes things much more difficult. and private funerals will take place for both men today. i should also mention that there will be a public memorial for both of those fallen firefighters tomorrow morning. reporting live in wilmington, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. delaware authorities are warning about fraud lnt calls they say are exploiting the firefighters deaths. the delaware department of justice says scammers often try to use tragic current events to steal people's money. if you do want to help the fallen firefighters families, officials suggest you contact the wilmington fire department directly. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> weç have a flood threat thi
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morning. flood warnings are in effect for parts of delaware, central and southern delaware. that's where we've seen some very heavy rainfall this morning. it's not all heavy rainfall. but entire areas getting wind and dreary conditions. this is philadelphia international. look at this wet weather this morning. it's a live view from the airport. meantime at the shore, the temperatures are going to hold steady in the 60s this morning. and 60s this afternoon. look at the rain. it's been on and off, heavier at times. the won is still coming onshore. the rain is still coming through delaware, south jersey, philadelphia and into the suburbs. some of the steadiest, heaviest rain like yesterday morning has been in delaware. but it is moving now and starting to taper off a little bit in new castle county. this is the area that has seen 5 to 6 inches in kent county and over the last 24 hours, more than a foot in parts of sussex county, the south. flood warnings are still in effect for these areas. flash flood warning until 9:30
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for kent county and until 7:15 to the south for sussex county. our first alert continues for delaware, new jersey and philadelphia today. the threat through today of more heavy rainfall at times. it's not going to be all heavy rainfall. enough for a flash flood threat and coastal flooding. that's the other issue during the day today. at 8:30, scattered lighter showers for delaware and south jersey as we go into the noontime hour, this is 11:30 this morning. that's when we'll see heavier downpours in the suburbs and the trenton area and the lehigh valley. those showers coming onshore through new jersey while delaware is finally getting a break. that's at 1:00 this afternoon. there's still a chance you'll see more scattered showers during the afternoon hours and the wind that is so steady this morning, that will also be with us during the day. it's another dreary day today. watch out for flooding and temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. center city, 65 degrees. t&e wind will be blowing and the
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suburbs, occasional rain and the showers, doylestown, 62 degrees this afternoon. the steady rain in the lehigh valley will taper off. there will be showers later today. the wind blowing in new jersey, keeping temperatures in the 60s and at the shore, gusty winds, 70 degrees for ocean city. wilmington, 64 degrees with on and off showers during the day today. look at the weekend forecast and beyond. there are dry days ahead. got those with the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. >> the camera is trying to make up its mind. this is between academy road and cottman avenue. this camera is picking up a disabled vehicle as well. it's trying to make its way by but, again, this camera is pointed at pennypack street,
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between academy road and cottman avenue. travel speeds in the 40s. to an update with this accident, king of prussia, we're experience is road closures, originally two lanes were blocked on the westbound side. one lane is blocked approaching 202. it did create quite a bit of a backup. 5 to 10-minute delays. the schuylkill travel times, speaking of the schuylkill, because of this accident, traveling from the blue route to the vine, 15 minutes. because of that westbound delay, we are seeing travel speeds in the 40s. wi it will take you 14 minutes. cut off from casino cash. all new at 6:30, we'll tell you which bucks county township could cut police jobs or cut taxes because of it. >> all aboard. we'll tell you when septa is getting its regional rail trains back on track, making your commute easier. the nbc 10 first alert severe weather update is brought to you byç colonial generators never lose power again.
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6:16. good morning, delaware county. a live picture from upper darby. rain is coming down. expect another rainy, windy day. it's a first alert weather day for most of the area. first alert meteorologist bill henley is back with your neighborhood forecast in just a few minutes. happening today, an agreement that allows uber and lyft to operate legally in philadelphia will expire. they were given temporary authorization to operate in the days leading up to the democratic national convention. both companies say they will continue operating with or without state legislative approval. a $10 million state grant will help create the fashion outlets philadelphia.
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the former gallery shopping center will transform into the new outlets and open in 2018. the instant grant will pay to improve walking areas to make it easier to get to the outlets from city hall, independence mall and the convention center. the two-year construction project will create 2,100 jobs. back in ocean county, officials are hoping a reconstruction project in seaside heights will draw more tourists. >> it was devastating and it definitely hurt our town. we're coming back from that and hoping we can start fresh and new. >> the pier project is continue despite a legal challenge to a land swap that makes the expansion possible. 6:17. rainy, wet roads. we've been saying take it slow. we're having accident after accident, especially on 95. >> let's get a check of the roads with francesca ruscio. >> we're currently watching two accidents on 95 back to back.
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here's another accident that's taken place on the southbound side of 95 before academy road. our camera is showing the accident at pennypack street. it's blocking the shoulder. there is police on scene and traffic is crawling through right now on the southbound side of 95 right before academy road. here's another update with this accident on the westbound side of 76. now one lane is getting by and one lane remains close in the king of prussia area. travel times, 422, an earlier multivehicle accident. from route 29 to the schuylkill, that's usually a shorter travel time. look at this. 96 minutes. you are extremely delayed on the eastbound side of 422. we'll be watching those delays and also 295 when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. it looks a lot like it didç yesterday at this time. the wind is blowing. rain is coming down. this is a live view of
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philadelphia which has seen steady rainfall this morning. the wind hasn't budged. the wind at 14 miles an hour, stronger in wilmington and in south jersey, 20 mile-an-hour winds reported from millville and atlantic city at the airport. those northeasterly winds keep the clouds in place and keep the temperatures from warming up all that much. we won't see the 70s which we normally would warm to this time of year. 60s this afternoon, 50s this morning including wilmington which has seen heavier rainfall. that's a live view from frawley stadium. the heavier rain is sweeping up from the south and heading into the suburbs this morning. that's where we're seeing some of the heavier rain in the allentown area. berks conte, reading is getting a break right now. but it's a temporary break. it will be on and off showers. totals so far, impressive. the last 24 hours, more than an inch and a half on the ground in pottstown. an inch for philadelphia, closing in on two and vineland, more than 2 1/2 inches in
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wilmington. look to the south, the heaviest rain has been here. southwestern kent county and sussex county has seen some of the heaviest rain in the entire region. more than a foot on the ground which is why flood warnings in effect for these areas. there is a potential for flooding for most of the rest of the area. we've continued the first alert for the flood threat for delaware, new jersey and philadelphia through today. the heaviest rain will likely be this morning with the flash flood threat. coastal flooding threat will happen this morning into the noontime hour. rainy day today, 65 on and off showers this afternoon and tell a chance some of rain on saturday. that will keep us cooler, 64 in the morning, 67 in the afternoon. cooler than normal. but we're back above normal on sun. showers still a chance, especially in the morning. by afternoon we'll get breaks of sunshine and then plenty of sunshine for monday. look at the temperature, too, responding up to 76 degrees. tt day on tuesday. but there's a possibility we'll be looking at clouds once again
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wednesday and possibly some wind and rain for thursday. clearing out friday, saturday and sunday with beautiful fall weather next weekend. tracy? >> bill, thanks. make sure you're using the nbc 10 app to stay on top of the weather. you can get the forecast specific to your neighborhood and track the rain with the interactive radar. 6:21. we now know who will headline the super bowl halftime show. up next, we'll tell you who she is and how she revealed the big news to the world. back on track. we'll tell you when septa says all of its regional rail trains will return to normal service. approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely.
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priorities usa action is responsible does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban
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and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. 6:24. carson wentz keeps piling up the honors. the eagles rookie quarterback is your nfl offensive rookie of the month. the honor came yesterday a day after wentz received nfc offensiveç player of the week honors for his game again the steelers. the rookie has yet to throw an interception.
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amazing. steelers defense got love as well. fletcher cox was named defensive player of the month. he's been on fire. it's his first career player of the month award. one of the biggest stars in the nfl is out for the season this could impact your fantasy team. houston texans defensive enand four-time all-pro jj watt had surgery on his back and will return next year. he's out the rest of this year. it's not an illusion. lady gaga announced that she'll be the halftime show headlienor at super bowl li. ga-ga wrote it's a done deal. i can't wait to rock for you from houston. thank you music and football fans ♪ the rockets red glare
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>> her rendition of the national anthem earlier this year seemed to win over the nfl. now they asked her to be the headliner for halftime. francesca ruscio watching an accident on the southbound side of 95, a multivehicle accident. the shoulder is blocked. we have police on scene right before academy road. our cameras showing it at pennypack street. let's get a check on the lovely weather with our meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a rainy day to start with. look at cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette. wind and rain and a potential for flooding. right now, 57 degrees at 6:26. our coverage of the deadly ny transit train crash continues. plus we'll tell you about the technology that wasn't being used on this train that's designed to prevent crashes like this.ç then breaking from tradition, a major newspaper that's known not to ever endorse presidential candidates has a
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♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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an investigation continues a day after a deadly crash of a new jersey commuter train. we are live on the scene. parts of delaware are under water and some spots more than a foot of rain has already fallen. and the rain isn't finished falling yet. a live look at the first alert radar as storms are moving up from delaware to the suburbs right now. this is nbc 10 news. >> final day of september. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. if you're waking up in the philadelphia area, new jersey or delaware you are under a first alert. it will be another rainy, windy day. we have youç covered is what y need to know. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. >> so far it's looking like it
6:31 am
did yesterday. sunshine is on hold. heavy rainfall overnight and the first thing this morning. the flood threat for delaware, new jersey, philadelphia area through today and into tonight, not just heavy rainfall but that heavy rainfall bringing the threat of flash flooding, coastal flooding is also an issue for today. right now, wilmington getting some moderate showers. we've seen heavier showers move through delaware overnight and into the lehigh valley. right now the heaviest showers in new jersey are just to the west, southwest of atlantic city and moving towards vineland this morning. as far as the lehigh valley, yes, some heavy downpours, just northwest of allentown this morning. moving towards hazleton. another dreary day ahead. wind and rain, you can see the rain really coming down in the easton area this hour. 54 degrees now. warming into the 60s and the rain will taper off. it's not going to be heavy rain all day long. like yesterday, we'll see scattered showers, plenty of clouds and lots of wind, too.
6:32 am
the suburbs, 54 degrees right now. into the lower 50s, cooler at 9:00 and 55 degrees and scattered showers at noontime and for philadelphia, clouds are overhead, 57 degrees right now with winds at 17 miles an hour. a windy and wet day, 60s this afternoon, new jersey up to 65. really no different at the shore. an occasional rain shower in the lehigh valley and delaware as well. we'll go through this forecast hour by hour when i come back in just a few minutes. first, let's see how the rain is impacting the traffic on a friday morning. francesca ruscio has your first alert first alert traffic. >> accident after accident after accident is the trend this morning. i was watching two accidents on 95, one on the northbound side and this one on the southbound side. northbound traffic on 95 is delayed from that accident. it has clear. this accident is a multivehicle accident blocking the shoulder. police activity on scene and traffic is definitelyç a slow , heading toward center city philadelphia. the water reflecting the headlights on the roadway.
6:33 am
cheltenham, another accident along washington lane and west church road. no reported problems or delays. this just came in. we're still watching another accident in lansdale on east main street and north broad street. i'll have an update within i come back. this morning, federal investigators are sifting through the wreckage of a train crash in hoboken trying to figure out what exactly happened. >> the train barreled right into the station, killing a young mortgage and hurting more than 100 others. our coverage on the story continues with nbc 10's matt delucia, live in hoboken this morning. matt? >> tracy and vai, the investigation is just getting started. plenty of questions this morning. what caused the train, new jersey transit train 1614 to crash into the station hen me yesterday morning? as i step out of the way, you can see the spotlights in the background. ntsb investigators have access to the locomotive at this point. the severe damage to the station
6:34 am
has so far kept them out of the rest of the train. people were injured on and off the train, including the everyone n.e.a.r. who is said to be cooperating with the national transportation safety board. the train crashed near the terminal building yesterday and witnesses tell us the train never stopped, jumping over the bumpers at the end of the track. investigators will be looking at signals, track issues and what the engineer was doing among any other potential causes for this crash. here are some of the witnesses and passengers describing their experience here yesterday morning. >> huge bang ensue after that. but then there was just this deafening sideline for a few moments and then all these screams just sort of pouring out. >> i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we were going to get out. >> we heard people screaming in the first car, they were0 trapped, they couldn't get out. >> i see people running up the stairs towards me, on their hands and knees, running up the stairs. some people were covered in dust
6:35 am
and soot and things like that. 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was standing on the platform. the hoboken resident and mom was killed by falling debris. this station normally has around 15,000 people coming through every day. not on this day. it is shut down. only investigators inside right now, hopefully getting better access to all the rail cars and answer something more of the questions as to how this crash happened. live in hoboken this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. it just so happens a similar train crash happened at the same station in 2011. a path commuter train slammed into the bumper at the end of the tracks injuring more than 30 people. in that case, the engineer failed to slow down the train as it came to the station. the ntsb said it will be looking at whether positive train control could have prevented the deadly crash in hoboken.
6:36 am
ptc is fully active on amtrak's northeast corridor. new jersey transit's most recent filings show no locomotives and track segments equipped with ptc. it is designed to prevent accidents by automatically slowing or stopping trains that are coming in too fast. 6:36 and 57 degrees outside. the septa slowdown is almost over. regular weekday regional rail service will resume on monday. nearly three months after the slowdown began. the trouble started when septa pulled month are than 100 regional rail cars from service in july to fix a structural flaw. service can return to a regular schedule because enough of the cars are now back in operation. >> the mayor of bensalemç says his township would have to lay offpolice officers or increase taxes if it loses revenue from parks casino. a slot machine tax violates the
6:37 am
constitution because it has different rates for casinos depends on size. lawmakers have four months to come up with a solution. according to the bucks county courier times. the county and bensalem received nearly $90 million from the tax over the past five years. happening today in delaware, funeral services will be held for two fallen firefighters there. lieutenant christopher leach and firefighter jerry fickes were killed fighting a fire last saturday. a public memorial was held last night for fickes. his fellow firefighters gathered to remember him on the same day they learned the fire he died fighting was arson. two others are recovering from burns at crozer-chester medical center. speakman's family says he has a long road ahead of him. police made an arrest in a deadly hit and run that happened nearly two years ago. christopher cook was taken into custody, charging him with involuntary manslaughter. investigators say he was behind
6:38 am
the wheel of either a pickup truck or a tow truck that sped off after hitting and killing teresa pozzi. it happened while she was crossing state road in december of 2014. police say an anonymous tip led them to cook. happening now, hurricane matthew is now a category 2 storm. right now, you can see it is moving through the caribbean. forecasters say it will continue to strengthen throughout the day and could become a major hurricane by tonight. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> drenching rain in our area overnight tonight. it's still coming down. that's a live view of south philadelphia, the ballpark, the wind, you can see it shaking the camera during the day. wouldn't be an all-day rainfall. we will get breaks from the rain. this is a view from the studios here inç bala cynwyd. the sunshine not going to be happening today. that steady light rain in philadelphia, the heavier showers, there are some to the north. they've been pushing to the
6:39 am
north into the pocono mountains just past allentown. moderate showers there and to the south, atlantic city is getting heavier showers. some of the heaviest rainfall we've seen has been in delaware. not just overnight, over the last 24 to 36 hours, so much rainfall that flash flood warnings are in effect for both of these counties for kent and sussex county and kent county. just a few more minutes. it could be extended thanks to the heavy rain that happened overnight at 9:15 for sussex county which has seen more then a foot of rain in some areas. forecast calling for lots of clouds, on and off showers, temperatures barely into the 60s for philadelphia with steady winds. 17 miles an hour at noontime. not a lot different for the suburbs. 54 degrees right now. in the 50s for most of the day. with a break in some rain this afternoon, 60 degrees the high temperature. for the lehigh valley, we've seen the heavier rain right now. it will be scattered lighter showers for much of the day. but plenty of wind, 50s this
6:40 am
afternoon. new jersey, you're getting on and off rain this morning. there will be steadier showers at times this morning into early this afternoon. then mostly cloudy skies and 63 degrees at 2:00 today. the shore, those gusty winds continue and a coastal flood watch for today. the possibility of some minor flooding at the shore, gusty winds and 69 degrees at noontime. up to 70 degrees this afternoon. delaware, you've gotten heavy rain overnight, there is lighter rain in store after the morning commute. by 10:00, the rain lightens up. the wind will still be blowing, keeping clouds in place even with breaks in the precipitation, it will be a dreary afternoon. look at the weekend forecast and beyond. there are dry days ahead. i'll show you when to except those with the 10 day on 10 when i come back. >> billç will remind us, brighr days ahead. wet roads on 95 northbound. >> let's phone out what's happening right now with nbc 10
6:41 am
first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. >> 95 is very active both north and southbound side. right now, highlighting an accident, they're trying to make improvements. our camera zooming in on the activity at pennypack street. two police vehicles are on scene. this is off the shoulder. the traffic flow is trying to get by towards the vine street expressway. travel times from the wood haven to the vine. it is in the 20s. travel speeds in the 30s. but for the most part, traffic is slowly trickling by. yes, it's a controlled scene right now. off to the shoulder and it's not affecting traffic flow so much. you do see quite a bit of a delay. watching this accident, cheltenham right now at washington lane and west church road, no reported problems or delays but it's still in play at this time, at this hour. right now we're looking at these delay travel times, 422 from that earlier accident. good news it's clear. route 29 towards the schuylkill, it's not going to be pretty. 43 minutes and this is usually a shorter travel time. homeland security says there have been hacking attempts on
6:42 am
election systems in more than 20 states. >> we'll tell you which country the feds say is behind the hack, plus, which state leaders say is the most vulnerable. usually it's dry for show, putt for dough. this golf heckler ended up making money from the pros on a putt. we'll tell you why they plucked him out of the crowd in the first place.
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good morning, delaware county as we give you a look at 69th street station in upper darby. you might need an umbrella. that fellow has his hoodie up.
6:46 am
expect a rainy, windy friday. at least it's friday. you're under a first alert if you're waking up in philadelphia, delaware or new jersey. meteorologist bill henley will be back with your forecast in just a second. city officials in phoenix are demanding donald trump stop using a tv ad that seems to suggest police in the city support his campaign. >> it's really quick. the commercial shows trump meeting uniformed officers with what appears to be the word together written over the video. he says the police department does not support or endorse any candidate for president. nbc news cowl not reach trump's cam pane for comment on this story. meantime, an arizona newspaper says it received death threats and subscription cancellations since it endorsed hillary clinton. it was theç first time in the arizona republic's 126-year history that it has supported a democrat for president. another newspaper also making history by urging readers
6:47 am
to vote against donald trump. "usa today" published a critique of the republican nominee yesterday and the paper says in it's 36-year history it has not been compelled to make such a statement until now. according to the article, the editorial board was unanimous in saying that trump was unfit for the presidency. 6:47. election systems in at least 20 states have been attacked by hackers and security experts say pennsylvania is the most vulnerable state to this kind of attack. intelligence sources tell nbc news there's no doubt the russians are trying to influence the presidential election saying that there's a direct link between the country and the hacking activity. a security expert says pennsylvania's voting system would be a prime target for hackers because it uses mostly electronic voting machines and many don't have a paper trail. plus, it's a swing state. you can count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 as we count down to the general election. for updates from the campaign trail and interviews with the presidential candidates, just
6:48 am
tap the nbc 10 app. golf's ryder cup starts today in chaska, minnesota. >> yesterday, a practice round. the pros made one golf fan put up or shut up. here's what happened. golf fan david johnson heckled several european play he's offer a putt they just couldn't make. sweden's patrick stenson incited johnson out to the green to try for himself. he accepted the invitation. britain's justin rose put a 100 dollar bill. >> right in the hole. the crowd went wild. afterwards johnson couldn't believe it. >> i never really fully realized what just happened but çoveral that was a pretty cool experience. i'd go ahead and do that again. >> he got the shades on. >> so cool. you can watch the ryder cup on nbc this weekend.
6:49 am
now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> if you're heading out the door, you won't need the shades today but the umbrella, yes. rain has been steady overnight. we've seen heavy downpours and it's still coming down in philadelphia. that's a live view from citizens bank park which is going to see some breaks in the rain like yesterday. on and off rainfall. at the jersey shore, there have been periods of heavier rainfall. that's just dreary in cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the winds, they're steady and will stay with us during the day. it's a 14 mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia and 22 miles an hour at the shore. those northeasterly winds keep the clouds with us and keep temperatures cool even when we get breaks in the rainfall. not too much of a break yet for wilmington were for philadelphia but you can see spots in south jersey where the rain has temporarily taken a break. these showers are on the move today. they're moving to the north right on through delaware and into the lehigh valley. we've seen heavier showers in
6:50 am
allentown but the heaviest rainfall has come up to the suburbs from delaware where the rainfall totals are really impressive. pretty good amount of rain, almost two inches in pottstown, more than an inch in philadelphia. wilmington is just above 2 1/2 inches. look at middletown, delaware. south jersey, close to 2 inches in vineland. the heaviest rainfall by far has been to the south where flood warnings in effect for kent and sussex county. more than a foot of rain on the ground in the last 24 hours in sussex county in delaware. first alert continues for delaware, new jersey and philadelphia through today. the potential for heavy rainfall at times will give us a flood threat and coastal flooding will be an issue mainly this morning. improving conditions this weekend, not a lotç on saturda. we'll still be looking at rain showers and tours in the 60s but by sunday, a chance of morning showers and a good chance we'll see breaks -- some breaks of sunshine in the afternoon, just enough to move the temperatures
6:51 am
into the 70s. we still have to get through the rain and the wind and the cool temperatures today. tomorrow, 67 degrees. not looking good for the daytime phillies game tomorrow. on sunday, the rain starts things off in the morning and comes to an end with breaks of sunshine. we're in the 70s in the afternoon. and 70s for monday and tuesday. i've just updated this ten-day forecast. looks like we'll get sunshine for wednesday and thursday with the possibility of showers on friday. drying out just in time for next weekend. bill, drying out in time for next weekend. we'll get through. no worries. let's get you to work on this friday morning. we continue to focus on 95. >> let's see if there's good news from francesca ruscio. what are you seeing? >> right new, vai and tracy, 95, our cameras, the delay will take you back to indiana street. right now you can see the reflection of the taillights and headlights from the water that has collected on the roadways.
6:52 am
conditions are still wet. yes, it's creating quite a bit of backup for travel speeds in the 30s. watching an accident, lansdale on east main street and north broad street. so far no reported problems or delays and it's just still in play at this hour, at this time. watching the schuylkill expressway, westbound from that earlier accident out by king of prussia from the vine to the blue route, it will take you 26 minutes. eastbound travel times in the 20s. speeds in the 30s and 20s. vai and tracy. next, this morning's headlines and the stories we'll be following for you throughout the day. >> the deal between pennsylvania, uber and lyft is almost up. that what means for you. after another close vote, the winner of the high school( game of the week is st. joseph at pennsville which got 49% of the vote. watch nbc 10 news at 11:00 and again tomorrow for complete high school football highlights.
6:53 am
when pat toomey went to washington, he didn't stop...
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just about 7:00. here are some of the stories that we'll be following for you. funeral services will be held for two fallen firefighters, lieutenant christopher leach and firefighter jerry fickes were killed fighting a fire last saturday morning. the fire was ruled an arson and a 27-year-old woman was arrested in the firefighters' deaths. if you use uber or lyft, don't worry, both companies will continue operating in philadelphiaç with or without state legislative approval. new details about when the septa slowdown will end. regular weekday regional rail service will resume on monday nearly three months after the slowdown began.
6:57 am
the trouble started in july when 100 cars were pulled from service to fix a structural flaw. good morning, everyone. i'm francesca ruscio. we're watching an accident on the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway right around the blue route. this is towards exit 16 for conshohocken. right now it's causing quite a bit of a delay. you could see the water collecting on camera lens. we're working on wet conditions this morning for our morning drive. an accident out by lansdale, this is along east main street and north broad street. so far, no reported problems or delays in that area. cheltenham, we'll be watching these accidents all morning long plus the majors, when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> three minutes before 7:00. drenching rain overnight. drenching rain yesterday for much of the day. the flood threat continues. the first alert has been continued for delaware, new
6:58 am
jersey and the philadelphia area, right on through today. we had heavy rainfall overnight tonight. there's a flood threat and a coastal flood threat as well. minor flooding is possible along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. even along delaware bay and delaware river. look at the rain streaming to the north. it's being drawn up by a storm system that's been with us all week. that storm system producing some heavy downpours. now the heaviest rain in the region is in south jersey, moving through atlantic county, just to the east of buena vista, mays landing is seeing it taper off. the showers are on the move. they continue to move through the area for philadelphia, the suburbs and into the lehigh valley. right now it is the pocono mountains seeing some of the heavier rain at this time. it willing open and off rainfall but itç will be all-day dreary conditions. and the wind, too. already at 14 miles an hour in the lehigh valley. look at the clouds and the rain coming down in easton this morning. the temperatures will come up. the showers will lighten up and we'll get breaks in the rain.
6:59 am
that's noontime. 66 degrees. cloudy skies. there will be showers in the area, even into the afternoon hours. new jersey, 55 degrees with northeasterly wind right now at 17 miles an hour follow for philadelphia, we won't see the sunshine. we'll see umbrellas going up, along with the temperature just to 65 degrees this afternoon. in fact, you can count on 60s for each part of our area, even at the jersey shore today where occasional showers and gusty winds will be the order of the morning and into the afternoon. now, you can always get the forecast on the go. the first alert forecast on 101.1 more f.m. tap the app, too, for the latest conditions in your neighborhood. >> which is great. you can see when the heavy rain is moving into your neighborhood. >> you'll need it today. >> i told bill, rain is good sleeping weather. he said any weather is good sleeping weather. >> all works for me. local updates throughout the morning and get realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching this morning. the "today" show starts in just minutes. it's next, as a matter of fact. have a good day and a great
7:00 am
weekend. >> have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ good morning. was it avoidable? federal investigators combing through the wreckage of that deadly train crash in new jersey. the engineer released from the hospital overnight set to be interviewed today. was it human error or mechanical problem? we'll talk to the woman in charge of the investigation. doubling down. attacking hillary clinton for her support. a former ms. universe, alicia macha machado. a major american newspaper that's never taken sides before tells its readers, don't vote for trump. hurricane matthew strengthens. will it impact the u.s. next week? al is tracking it. and take


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