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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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new at 6:00, a gang war spilling out into the streets of philadelphia. sources tell us they believe tensions between rival groups are to blame for at least three recent murders in the county. jim rosen field tonight, for the first time we're hear a call for help from one of those shootings. it comes as investigators work to put a stop to the violence. ted greenberg has the new details. >> they started shooting at each other. >> shooting? >> yes, they were shooting at each other. >> reporter: panic from innocent people as bullets flew around them. >> are you hit? >> no, it's okay, ma'am. is there anybody else in the car with you? >> yes, my aunt my 3-year-old son. >> that newly obtained 911 call
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highlights the fear prompted by an afternoon shoot-out on the atlantic city expressway in august. five people in two different vehicles involved were shot, one killed, several charged. now multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc10, investigators believe the expressway shoot-out is connected to at least two other atlantic county homicide cases involving guns, one outside hamilton mall early black friday morning, where one man was killed and his brother wounded, as well as wednesday night's murder of a man in a housing complex next to the mall. >> you can't go out and without having to worry about what's happening around you. >> reporter: sources say it's believed the shooting are related to rival gun gangs. the man killed outside the mall was also among those charged in connection with a shooting on the 47th floor of the now closed taj mahal casino earlier this
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year. >> is there a reason for the public to be concerned here about their safety? >> absolutely. >> reporter: retired police chief jose ruiz say -- no one has been arrested in the most recent shootings, sources tell nbc10 the atlantic county prosecutor's office is leading a huge multiagency task force, that also includes local and state authorities as well as the fbi. >> i reached out to the atlantic county prosecutor's office, but a spokesman told me the acting county officer is not available for an interview today and that they're not releasing information about particular cases. picking up the pieces. fire tears through row homes in allentown, leaving families trying to deal with the destruction today. the planes jumped from home to
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home, almost gutting an entire block. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal reports they're trying to figure out what to do next. >> reporter: the old row homes here on fulton street are gutted and nearly destroyed. the neighborhood was full of christmas decorations until last night's three alarm blaze put a halt to the holidays. myra managed to save a few christmas presents for her family. >> i savored some of them. >> reporter: the blaze torched six homes in total damaged by smoke and water. 23 people are now homeless, including wilfredo who said the fire started in his nine's kitchen. >> from the outside, i could see where the fire was still forming. it seemed is to just somehow engulf the whole thing and it was black smoke and then it just
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kacar carried on to the other houses. >> last night's heavy winds made the flames tough to knock down. and the old wood in the old row homes was just like kindling once the fire got started. >> the best thing is we made it out, nobody died, nobody got hurt, of course it hurts because we have a lot of personal belongings there. >> reporter: and back here live at the scene, the one thing we keep hear from neighbors who live here, is that despite the power of that blaze, nobody was injured or killed. investigators are still working to figure out how this fire started. live in allentown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. if you live in know you don
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your own gas, but that may change if the minimum wage is hiked up. the new rate could force companies to cut some hourly jobs like gas attendants and fast food workers. >> that would take a lot of jobs away from us. obviously we can pump our own gas, other state dos it. but i wouldn't my job taken away. >> the vote to raise the minimum wage is likely to be on the ballot next fall. in less than an hour, the switch will be flipped for the winter fest holiday tree lighting. you can see the festivities already under way with folks there on the ice. nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been live out there all afternoon. people need to see what you're wearing there, you need to
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bundle up, right? >> reporter: it's so cold, you want to dress in layers, you might need two bow ties since it's so cold outside, but behind me, there's a lot of people warming up, there's all sorts of entertainment going on u they're going around and skating on the nice cold ice that has changed in the last couple of days. a couple of days ago, it was in the 60s, and so humid you never could have had ice like this, so the conditions are good. it's cold, 45 degrees in philadelphia right now, and as temperatures go down through the 40s, it's going to feel like it's 35 degrees by 11:00. those clouds continue to break up as you come down with the northwest winds. the wind's still 15 to 25 miles an hour sustained in much of the area, making it feel even colder and as we go through tomorrow, you can see these temperatures pretty much holding in the 40s
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across the entire area, don't expect any kind of precipitation tomorrow or sunday. but that's going to change next week, and much, much colder air is also coming in next week. we'll get into that with the 10-day coming up a little bit. >> in just minutes, we'll give you a full preview of the holiday light iing festivities. plus they'll have a look at what's to come and don't forget to tune in to the nbc10 winterfest tree lighting festival beginning at 7:00. right now a recount is continuing in philadelphia, they're looking over ballots from the presidential election. erin coleman is live from our breaking news center. there's a push to stop this, right. >> on monday there will be a court hear whether a green party backed request can move forward. our cameras were there as election officials opened voting
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machines and reprinted the receipts with the tabulation results in wissahickon today. voters petitioned for a repeat after citing possible concerns with the equipment. >> these machines don't have any way for voters to make sure that the votes are being counted correctly. #. >> city commissioners tell us granting the request in no way legitimizes the claims. it could take days before we get the results of this recount. and in wisconsin, there's been a -- one of the states 72 counties has already finished with hillary clinton gains a single vote president-elect trump. she lost to mr. trump in wisconsin by about 22,000 votes. a third recount is expected to begin in michigan next week after the election board held a
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hear today. we will cover are story here from pennsylvania and bring you any updates. now to the transition to president-elect trump. a congressman may be next in line to join his cabinet. lou panetta is talking about the job of secretary of labor. the congress man is on the trum transition team. last night mr. trump made a surprise announcement when he revealed at a rally that he's going to name james mattis as secretary of defense. he's considered a hard liner when it comes to iran. the announced was originally planned on monday. to honor a third firefighter who died yesterday from injuries in a september fire.
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artie hope died after spending more than two months as croshere medical center, she was being treated there for burns from the fire. the fire commissioner shared that he was going to nursing school and planned to retire soon so she could become a full-time nurse. >> while she may be in a place and she may be smiling down upon us, now ready to watch over us, we will definitely always miss her. >> the ruiz is charged with that fire. investigators say she admitted setting the fire. special prosecutor will not look into a complaint against governor chris christie over the bridgegate scandal. the new jersey governor failed to order subordinates to reopen access lean lanes in december 2016. two former aids have been found
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guilty for their role in the lane closures. we're lighting up the holidays and just minutes away from the big tree lighting in penn's landing. >> reporter: families are packing in and skating on the ice and we're getting ready to light that big tree behind us. >> don't go anywhere, we'll be right back. plus drying out, the sixers returning to the according to for the first time since a slippery situation caused the game to be postponed. what players are saying tonight.
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here's a live look at the riverrink. vai sikahema is live at the festival. >> reporter: we're hear wonderful local groups, and it's so beautiful here, talk about getting everybody in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: we have got the tree lighting coming up at 7:00.
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it's about celebrating philadelphia as well during the christmas season and the holiday season. all thes w groups who are performing tonight are all local, and all your favorite food. >> and hot chocolate and fire pits are lit. and then coming up at 7:00 tonight, we have more performances live on nbc10 and then we flip that giant switch where we light up the christmas tree. >> reporter: i'm looking down here and the ice rink is packed right now. they want to be there firsthand. the tree is over my right shoulder, to your left. the tree is not lit up right now, but it will be impressive, i promise you. >> if you're watching on nbc10 at 7:00, you have the best seat in the house, because all day long our crews have been getting
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in place, the performers, the ice skaters, the trees and the fire works, we're all bundled up in layers. glenn said as soon as the sun goes down, it's going to get chilly. >> reporter: and the wind has been blowing pretty good. we're going to have wind again tomorrow with similar temperatures, if not a little bit cooler. so keep coats handy because we're going to be needing them for a while. right now we have mostly clear skies across the area, and we're going to see that during the night tonight. the clouds that were coming in from the great lakes, breaking up right now, just like they did yesterday. the rain building up in the gulf of mexico, and texas and louisiana. that's not going to be affecting us during the day tomorrow. and even into sunday, i think the clouds will be increasing, as we go through sunday, as you can see them coming up from the south.
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but even sunday should be a decent day. just not quite as sunny and saturday. and then maybe a little snow showers or snow flurries up in the poconos later tonight. the winds 15 to 20, gusting to 30 tomorrow. adding to the chill as temperatures struggle to get out of the 40s. they probably won't. even in fairmount, 49 degrees, langhorn 47. robbinsville 47, dover at 50, rehoboth beach 52, the weekend forecast showing temperatures again holding in the 40s for highs, which is about average for this time of the year, upper 40s, sunday the clouds increase in new jersey and delaware as you see there with those cloudier symbols and setting us up for some of that rain coming in during the day on monday. but the best chance of rain is on tuesday, we could get some
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fairly significant rain there, not as heavy as what we saw a couple of days ago. then some more rain on thursday, possibly changing briefly to snow showers as the arctic air comes in. the first really arctic air of the whole season, you're going to hear about it across a good bit of the country, and we're just going to kind of get to the edge of it. but by friday, and next weekend, it's going to be much, much colder than it was this weekend. >> and if you can't miake it ou tonight, you can watch the live tree lighting special that begins in about 40 minutes, you can also watch it on the nbc10 app. it will include holiday perfo performances and the moment the lights are switched off. more joel embiid tonight, something all sixers fans will
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love. we'll explain with all the details next in sports.
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hey, hey, danny pool mmmell with you again. they had to deal with some slippery conditions which forced a postponement against the sacramento kings. officials still don't know what caused the wet floor on wednesday. what should are happened wednesday are happening tonight.
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joel embiid's portion goes up from 24 to 28 minutes. we'll see him along with joel okafor on the floor tonight. >> i mean it's been so incredibly robotic and rigid subbing this team for the first 20 games, where you're just like staring at a clock and trying to figure out how do you save your money for the end of the game. so this thing here, when you got extra money to spend, you get a little bit of wiggle room. that's gut feel, there's no book that tells you how to do that. >> ryan matthews is out for cincinnati with a knee injury and also jordan matthews, the wide receiver is questionable with a knee injury. it's questionable with jordan matthews can play, and coach p. will have to play aguilar. but even if matthews plays,
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peterson is leaning towards playing aguilar. >> his mind has been great, his attitude has been really good, he's been working hard. so right now, nothing says not keeping him up, you know, keeping him out. everything's leaning towards keeping him active. >> reporter: on the baseball scene, say goodbye after four years on the team, cody ashby has been moved to make room. now the phillies have picked up david rollins from the texas rangers, a pitcher added to the row. that's it from the wells far ghoe center, the sixers and magic tip-off at 5:00. >> looking good there, thanks. let's take a look at what's coming up tonight on nbc10 news at 11:00. >> dozens of local children getting early holiday surprise right here in center city when they get brand-new rides, that's
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tonight at 11:00.
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celebrating 100 years of service. this is the urban league's luncheon marking 100 years of service in philadelphia. nbc10's erin coleman emceed the event and vice president of news andrew williams also spoke at the luncheon. santa traded in his reindeer sleigh for a jet ski. you can see his elves right here, going to help him get back to dry land. let's go back out live to the blue cross riverrink. nbc10 presents a holiday tree lighting. the morning team are going to be out there hosting the life half
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hour special and if you didn't make it out, remember to tune in starting at 7:00 tonight right here on nbc10 but before that, let's get a final look at the tree lighting weather out there. here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's not only kind of chilly, but it's still windy out there, as a matter of fact, if we look at the christmas tree that's going to be lit in just a little bit more than a half hour, it's blowing a little bit too. that's not the kind of tree that gets blown around easily. we still have 20 miles an hour sustained winds. tomorrow the winds will be gusting at 30. sunday the clouds increase late in the day, a chance of a little bit of light rain on monday, a better chance of more significant rain on tuesday, then the arctic blast comes in thursday night and into friday. some of the coldest air of the season and then thursday is going to be a bit colder than
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this weekend is going to be. >> that's our news at 6:00. "nightly news with lester holt" is up next. we'll see you again tonight at 11:00 and the tree lighting at 7:00. tonight, fatal encounter. a former nfl star shot to death in an apparent road rage confrontation. where police say the driver, who admits to pulling the trigger, has been set free without charges. high drama. in the trial of officer michael slager, seen on video shooting walter scott in the back, the jury tells the judge, it's deadlocked. trump's controversial calls. late word on the president-elect's phone conversations with foreign leaders, raising eyebrows around the world. hidden danger. one child nearly every month, killed by one of the top hazards so many people have inside their homes. a family sounding the alarm, hoping to save even one life. and the dancing principal. our friday "inspiring america" report. a school administrator who moves


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