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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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court this morning, he had no idea if he would leave a freeman. he emerged with a little bit of freedom left. >> we respect the court's decision. >> reporter: he has 43 days to turn himself in to begin his sentence. >> we want to thank all the witnesses who stepped forward. i want to thank the over 200 people who wrote letters to the court on my behalf. >> reporter: in and out of court, friends, family, and former staffers said he should be judged on his best moments, not on his worst. >> yes, we recognize that there were some problems here in this situation. but we demand that the full measure of the man's character be taken into account. >> reporter: fattah's supporters asked the judge to consider the good he had done in a political career stretching three decades. before handing down the sentence, the judge warned those in high places. >> unlike the state system, ten years means ten years.
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>> reporter: prosecutors intended to send a message to those politicians simply here to support a friend. >> at this moment i'm not dealing with issues of blame. i'm dealing with his family and dealing with him and trying to pick up the pieces to go forward in terms of the work that has to be done. >> reporter: since 2009, there have been eight members of congress who have been contradicted and sentenced for crimes. this is the longest prison term any of them have faced. the judge today said he was trying to send a message. fattah will appeal the decision. we're live in old city tonight, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> walk us through that timeline for the appeal process. could it happen before he has to report to prison? >> reporter: so the appeal process for the sentence, he has just 14 days to file an appeal. that will happen with some urgency. as far as the conviction itself, that could lead to more hearings. and it's very unlikely that that will be done before chaka fattah has to report to prison on
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january 25th. >> mitch blacher in center city, thank you. chaka fattah has been a part of philadelphia politics since the '80s. he started out in the pennsylvania statehouse and spent more than 20 years in congress. in 2007, fattah unsuccessfully ran for philadelphia mayor. read more about fattah's history in philadelphia and get reaction to today's sentencing by tapping on the nbc 10 app. now, to a deadly confrontation on a philadelphia street. federal marshals shot and killed a suspect while serving a warrant, leaving a neighborhood in shock around 10:00 this morning behind a house on hellerman street in the city's oxford circle neighborhood. nbc 10's tim furlong spent the afternoon in that neighborhood speaking to a family member of the man shot. tim? >> reporter: scary couple of hours here, jacqueline. u.s. marshals were waiting for the guy to come out. when they finally saw him come out, they tried to take him in peacefully but he took off into
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the alley over here. marshals say he pointed a gun at them and that's why they had to shoot him. >> he had the biggest heart ever. >> reporter: shirley says her son was a good guy but she isn't surprised the 28-year-old's guy ended the way it did today, shot and killed by a u.s. marshal. on the run since shooting a man in late july, alex robledo was afraid to have contact with his family members. >> the last thing i heard from him, after he did what he did, he said he didn't want to live anymore, he was tired of living. i said, please don't talk like that. he hung up the phone. that was the last i heard from him. >> reporter: u.s. marshals tracked robledo to this house and had been staking it out. when he came out with his girlfriend, they tried to bring him in peacefully but he pulled out a gun. >> he pointed at the direction of officers, refused their command to put the weapon down. >> reporter: that's when an agent took him down. >> we saw the guy laying down.
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>> it's shocking. you know, so close to home. >> reporter: shirley obviously sad to hear her son is gone, but again, saw something like this coming. >> he's not real like bright. like he has mental problems. so he's like a loose cannon. it didn't surprise me. >> reporter: back live, a spokesperson for the marshals laid this out as a pretty clear case. they're still checking to see if he fired first. the marshals believe their actions were justifiable. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. turning to our weather now, after a wet start, people in our area enjoyed a milder and dry day out there. cold changes are coming. >> it will be welcome news to snow makers in the poconos. camelback mountain resort saw about an inch of snow fall overnight. we also have a small chance for another wintry mix in part of our area tomorrow. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is
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here with a first look at your neighborhood forecast. >> we'll start with the very small chance of a wintry mix through only parts of the area tomorrow. that's going to be followed by a lot of cold later in the week. by that, i mean the feels-like temperature, the windchill below zero degrees for part of the area. so that's going to be the coldest air we've seen yet. locally, though, we're still kind of mild compared to the colder temperatures we saw this morning. things really warmed up. we're nice and dry. all the rain and any wintry mix, that's long gone from the area. for tonight, the clouds will break up like they're doing now. and we will start to get colder. by tomorrow morning, temperatures dropping into the upper 20s for the lehigh valley for your morning commute. 31, philadelphia. 27 degrees, allentown. trenton, 31 degrees tomorrow morning. dry, but it will be a cold start to the day. future weather, as we go through tomorrow. you'll notice cloud increasing across the area. then we have a small weather system approaching. i think most of the area is just going to be in this dry slot with rain to our south.
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some snow showers up to our north. if you're in south jersey or delaware, i think we'll see a late day shower, rain shower. to the north, we'll have some late day scattered snow showers, possibly you can see that. then that's the area we're talking about. the coldest so far this season. it will get here thursday. you'll notice it. coming up, who can expect those windchills below zero. now to the transition to trump. the president-elect's apparent pick for secretary of state has met with criticism even before the move has been officially announced. sources close to the transition team have confirmed to nbc news that exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson will get the nod. tillerson is known for his close relationship with russian president vladimir putin. and today several lawmakers suggested that tillerson's close ties to moscow will make it difficult for him to be confirmed, especially in light of reports by the cia that russia interfered with last month's presidential election. today mr. trump cast doubts about possible russian hacking.
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he tweeted, quote, unless you catch hackers in the act, it's very hard to determine who was doing the hacking. why wouldn't this brought up before the election? some republicans disagree, even the senate republican leader says he supports an investigation into possible russian hacking. >> obviously any foreign breach of our cyber security measures is disturbing. i strongly condemn any such efforts. >> also this week, mr. trump will hold his first news conference since being elected. he's expected to detail how he will manage his business dealings. a federal judge says there's no evidence that pennsylvania's vote was hacked so today the judge rejected a chance to recount paper ballots in pennsylvania. michigan's recount is also stopped. wisconsin's recount showed few changes in vote totals. the children of a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty two years ago have filed suit against the makers of her safety equipment. joyce craig died after becoming
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trapped as she worked to put out a house fire in west oak lane. today her estate filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen companies linked to the protective gear she was wearing. craig left behind two young sons. new at 6:00, the opening of a new $400 million prison in montgomery county is delayed again. the state prison was scheduled to open next month. but a spokesperson tells t"the philadelphia inquirier" that's not going to happen. it was supposed to open in november, and then in october. now there's no scheduled opening date. a boost today for the first state. with the cut of that ribbon, factory berlin officially opened in wilmington. state and local officials were on hand for the opening of the german-based technology company.
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the governor says it's a state that's seeing more foreign startups moving to the u.s. >> they will not fall through the cracks. >> he sealed the deal with factory berlin during a trade mission to germany last year. a victory for historians fighting to save part of a revolutionary war battlefield from being developed. the civil war trust says it will pay $4 million for nearly 15 acres of land across from princeton's battlefield state park. historians believe that site was important in the battle of princeton in 1777. an academic institute is building housing on the land it's keeping. the deal still needs to be approved. we have a first alert traffic update. penndot started upgrading traffic signals along route 1 today. the right lanes will be shut down northbound and southbound between lancaster avenue and 64th street. the closures will be in effect through friday, 9:00 a.m. to
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3:00 p.m. the crews will use that time to install curb ramps and fix traffic lights. final farewell. officers from around the region and across the country come out to remember a new jersey state trooper killed in a car crash last week. holiday helper. we're there as the philadelphia eagles deliver an off the field surprise for a philadelphia family. how he's lending a hand to families in need. and we're talking about the coldest air so far. and by that i mean windchills below zero degrees as we go into part of your thursday and friday. i'll show you how cold it will get, coming up.
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a young new jersey state trooper was laid to rest today a week after he died in a violent car crash. >> fellow members of law enforcement joined friends and loved ones paying respects to trooper frankie williams. nbc 10's jersey shore reporter ted greenberg was there. >> reporter: they came to remember a fallen brother. atlantic city's boardwalk lined with a sea of blue, in honor of new jersey state trooper frankie williams. >> he was just very unique.
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i think that's why he touched so many people's lives. >> reporter: more than a thousand members of law enforcement from across the nation came to boardwalk hall to pay respects to the rookie trooper. the 31-year-old newlywed died a week ago when he crashed into another car in cumberland county. the other driver was also killed. williams' death coming 11 months after he joined the state police. >> to see somebody cut down really in the most productive, wonderful time of their life, after being married just two months, is horrible. >> reporter: the pain is all too familiar. williams was the fourth member of the new jersey state police to die in a car accident in the past 18 months. >> this is always very difficult. unfortunately there's been too much of this. >> he was one of those kind of guys that his smile just takes your breath away. >> reporter: sarah snelling
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worked with williams at lowe's in egg harbor township before he launched his career in law enforcement. >> he was the type of person that left a lasting impression on you. you know, you couldn't help not like frankie. >> we went out how he lived his life, with an explosion, with admiration, with love. that's who he was and how he lived. >> reporter: some of the words used to describe frankie williams here today, fearless, passionate, humble, reliable, confident. now his comrades say he is their guardian angel. in atlantic city, i'm ted betweenbe greenberg, nbc 10 news. free vouchers are available for military service members who want to see temple play in this year's military bowl. if you sign up, you can get up to six of the vouchers. they can be redeemed for free tickets on game day. this year's military bowl is on december 27th. temple university will take on
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wake forest in annapolis, maryland. oh, my goodness. so exciting. >> malcolm jenkins is helping spread holiday cheer in philadelphia. the eagles safety is providing holiday meal baskets is providing meal baskets with his foundation. he and several teammates delivered the baskets earlier today. >> at this time of year, you're trying to provide gifts and food and everything that comes with the holiday season, it's a tough time for some people, an opportunity for us to get back out there and spread a little cheer. >> acme markets donated the food and the holiday baskets. the event was sponsored by the philadelphia police department and fraternal order of police. ♪ students at the chester arthur school in south philly had their dancing shoes on today in a big way. talented middle schoolers in a handful of philadelphia schools
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took part in a dance-off semifinal. the program promotes teamwork and gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we're talking about the cold that's going to be the big story this week. and then we go into the weekend. and we have our next weather system proposing. the bitter cold is coming tonight, with the clouds breaking clear. a look out at center city. temperatures will be dropping to near freezing by tomorrow morning. currently temperatures are in the mid-40s for philadelphia, mt. holly, trenton, wilmington. vineland is now down to 35 degrees. a little bit of fog also being reported through those lower elevations, parts of cumberland county. mt. pocono, 33 degrees. coatesville coming in at 41. locally we're dry. the moisture from this morning is long gone. we won't see another round until possibly tomorrow, a small chance and only for a little bit of the area. clouds will increase during the
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day. 3:00 p.m., you notice that snow to our west. this isn't one weather system moving in. not a lot of moisture with it. i don't think everyone has a good chance of seeing anything from it. if you're in the poconos or lehigh valley by tomorrow night, don't be surprised if you see scattered snow showers. if you're in south jersey and delaware, you could see a couple of rain showers move through. the rest of the area could be in a pretty good dry slot through the day. we'll be watching that closely. we clear out for wednesday. then we go into thursday. a big area of high pressure sets up. our winds start to pull that arctic air down. we have a lot of it that's going to be setting up to our north. it's going to be moving in along with some bitter winds. by that i mean winds gusting near 45 miles an hour. actual temperatures in the teens. so the feels-like temperature will be below zero for part of the area. here is what's going to happen with our weather pattern. today we got to 50 degrees, normally high is 46. tomorrow and wednesday, low 40s.
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thursday, big drop down to 27 for a high temperature in the afternoon. it's not going to feel that warm, though. it will feel in the teens. friday, high temperature 25 degrees. it's going to be very cold to end out the week. now we're looking at the feels-like temperature, because i mentioned it is going to be very windy. 6:30 wednesday, watch these numbers drop on down. we go into thursday morning, thursday afternoon. now friday morning. this will be our coldest point this week, early friday morning. you'll definitely notice it through the day thursday. we could feel like five below zero in doylestown, seven below zero allentown. could feel like one degree below zero in philadelphia. south jersey and delaware mostly feeling like single digits or close to zero degrees. so we have a first alert out for the bitter cold. basically everybody will be feeling this. that's mostly for thursday night into friday morning when we get to our coldest. winds near 45 degrees with the feeling below zero. that's what we're doing the first alert for. then into the week, high on friday, upper mid-20s mostly.
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by saturday, we start that warm up a bit. our next weather system rolls in, rain and snow, changing to rain as we go into sunday for your weekend. >> thanks, sheena. i'm john clark. we'll tell you all the eagles who could be lost for the season and one eagle who gave up a key play in the loss yesterday. he was playing injured. we'll tell you who, that's next.
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i'm john clark from csn. eagles have been ravaged by injury. john dorenbos had wrist surgery.
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wendell smallwood, matt tobin, could be lost for the season as well. darren sprultz got knocked out, he has a concussion and we're not sure if he'll be able to play. his teammates got angry and went on the field, jason peters wanted to go after everett but desean jackson calmed him down. >> i knew if i get thrown out, who will play left tackle? i calmed myself done and walked away. >> and the eagles drove down the field to set up a possible game winning touchdown. on the final play, matt tobin sprained his knee on the play before. he was playing on one leg there. doug pederson wishes he would have known he was hurt. >> we're always looking for, you know, those situations and for
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those things. i mean, you know, obviously we didn't catch it, you know, and as coaches we have to be more in tune to that. if we see it, we can either substitute or help him. on the to the flyers. jake voracek has the most points on the flyers, the hottest team in pro sports right now. they have won nine straight games. here they won their ninth straight last night in detroit. it's the flyers' longest winning streak in 22 season. in fact in their history they only have three longer winning streaks. their longest is 13 games. now only three times in the nhl have more points than the flyers. what has been the key? >> i don't know, i would love to tell you, but we're playing some good hockey right now, we're playing as a team, we're sticking with it, not changing our game plan, even though whatever happens on the nice,
6:26 pm
we've got everybody going right now. we'll keep it going. >> it is special to see what the flyers are doing right now, hopefully they'll keep it up. i'm john clark. back to you guys. >> it is fun to watch, all right, john. if you've ever taken a drug test to get a job, you want to listen to this. >> tens of thousands of people had their accounts hacked. how it happened and what you need to know, the story tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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it's really going to get cold. >> that's going to be the big story of the week. tomorrow, maybe an isolated snow shower to the north, rain shower to the south, not a big deal. thursday from friday, high temperatures in the 20s, lows in the teens. friday morning will be the coldest. we expect windchills, the feels-like temperature, below zero degrees. overnight thursday and into early friday, depending on where you are. it could be dangerous cold too. into the weekend, another weather system. it will start to warm up again on sunday.
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>> all right. >> roller coaster. thanks for watching here at 6:00. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. see you back at 11:00. >>


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