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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. >> nbc newser, exclusive, u.s. officials believe vladimir putin is personally involved in hacking our presidential i lex. but donald trump is focused on job creation after an unprecedented meeting with the titans o tech. california's governor promises to go rogue. >> and turns off the satellite, california will launch its own dam satellite. we're going to check that data. good news for you parents seek hatchimal, the must have christmas gift of 2016. bundle up, the siberian express has areserved.
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"early today" begins right now. good morning, i'm frances rivera. russian president vladimir putin is headed to japan, where he will hold a press conference with the prime minister. we have a reporting that putin was personally involved in its country's alleged covert campaign to interfere in the u.s. presidential election. we have learned new details of what officials believe motivated the plot. cynthia mcfadden has the report. >> reporter: nbc news can report vladimir putin was personally involved in the russian attempt to disrupt the u.s. election. two senior intelligence officials with direct access to all the information tell nbc news, the new intelligence is dereserved from diplomatic sources and others, including spice working for america's allies. specifically arc high level intelligence official tells nbc
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news, putin's role was hacking the material. his objectives were multi-facetted. what began as a vendetta against hillary clinton was to split off key american allies by creating the image that other countries couldn't depend on the u.s. to be a global leader anymore. >> he has had a vendetta against hillary clinton. that has been known for a long time. he wants to discredit american democracy and make us weaker in terms of leading the liberal democratic order and most certainly, he likes president-elect trump's views on russia. now it sounds like we have evidence to support those piaa thoth cease. >> that was nbc's cynthia mcfadden. the white house has yet to comment what retaliation it would have against putin. u.s. intelligence dug into putin's personal empire ap concluded the network controlled the staggering $85 billion assets in russia.
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the "new york times" the out with a new report that says president obama deliberated for months on whether to publicly blame russia for the hacking but ultimately delayed his decision so it didn't like like he was meddling in the election. data confirms more than 1 billion accounts may have been stolen, that scandal dates back to 2013, making matters worse, a separate incident. another massive breach announced a few months ago t. internet giant released a statement saying we have taken steps to secure those accounts. exposed information includes private fames, e-mail address, telephone number, dates of birth and encrypted security questions and answer, yahoo is urging people to change all their passwords now. jurors were shown chilling
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video of dylann roof having target practice and played the 911 video of that shooting that left nine church members dead. >> reporter: after jurors saw these chilling videos of dylann roof taking target practice. >> there's so many people dead, i think. oh my god. >> reporter: they we heard the horrifying 911 call from up with of the church massacre's three survivors, 72-year-old polly shepppard. when the gunfire started, shvedova under a table, she testified that roof asked, did i shoot you? no, she responded and he said, i'm going to leave you here to tell the story. >> he's still in there. >> reporter: then came more gunshots. >> what's going on, miss polly? >> reporter:wardings, they asked him about the bomb? >>
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. >> reporter: but versions say there is a long story, that roof carefully planned out his racist rampage. >> those who died that night simply died because they were there and they were black. >> reporter: malcolm graham is the brother of cynthia herd. one of the charleston nine shot at least seven times. roof's lawyer did not cross examination polly shepppard, telling her, i am so sorry. >> back here in the united states, democratic california governor jerry brown had some tough word for the incoming administration, he voiced his report for climbing change, while vowing to fight washington tooth and nail in the name of science. >> we have the law, we have the thools of enforcement. we have the political will. we will set the stage. we'll set the example that whatever washington thinks they are doing california is the future. and if trump turnsz off the satellites, california will
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launch it's own dam satellite. we will check that data. >> a firm in california, tech titan, disseminated on the trump tower. they met with politic trump and also incoming mike pence and trump's adult children. it was a clash of the powerful and some of the biggest names in silicon valley meant to make amends against a president many worked hard against. >> this is a truly amazing group of people. i won't tell you the hundreds of calls we've had asking to come to this meeting. >> but one company was noticeably absent, twitter, trump's favorite tool was not se sum. trump clashed and however transition officials tells nbc, there is only so much room at the table t. key items discussed, jobs, privacy concerns, the building and tech products and also immigration. if you want to get your
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hands on a great piece of rock 'n' roll history, browse springsteen's car is up for grabs. it's selling on ebay. it stands at a little over $120,000. springsteen bought the famous ride back in 1975 and it is there where he wrote the hit classics, "born to run," "thunder road," and "back street" in a few exweeks that convertible be find a home. right now, meteorologist bill karins is here along with the extreme cold and coast-to-coast snow. bill, i've already laid out my kids' layers. there is a whole lot of them. >> are you not alone. we have 44 million people under advisories from the area to new england. we are watching half of people under winter warnings. they're, pecking up to possibly negative 40 into portions of new england late tonight into tomorrow t. arctic part paid it to pittsburgh. it's threw buffalo, to new york state.
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we are still brutal all the way back from the dakotas, to green bay. look at chicago, even indianapolis has a wind chill of negative 10. we do improve things a little bit. as we go throughout tonight and tomorrow morning the core is from boston to burrellingtop, all way up through northern new england. it looks like we will avoid those negative numbers. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now, here's a closer look to your day ahead. >> that arctic front will only be in the teens, falling throughout the day t. good news for much of the southeast, it's cool and chilly, but the core of the arctic area definitely misses you to the north. so, frances, we have this cold outbreak. we have the snowstorm behind it. >> we will wait for it, bill, thank you very much. she may look incident, this woman is one of the most infamous jewel thieves. she was just arrested. plus, amazon is now using
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drones to deliver packages. we will bring those details in two minutes. zplmplts
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zplmplts. >> new today, dolly parton's smokey mountain rise raised close to 9ple dollars so far t. dollywood foundation plans to provide $1,000 a month for families who lost their homes. more than 1,300 families were displaced by the deadly november fires. leading the news, can human kind be wiped out? actually it's about china. they have installed a new weapon system in the south chine sea. they were claim by several countries. the area is intersectioned by important international trade routes. the united states think tanks that analyze these satellite photos says despite their denials a, they have installed giant anti-aircraft guns in a clear seen they are prepping for
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a future conflict. leading the news that story we were talking about, can human kind be wiped out? because earth is due for an extension level. that's according to a social staffer a. civilization killing asteroids, like the ones believed to be responsible for don't sawyer extension happen 50 to 60 million years apart. the nasa scientist warns the planet isn't prepared for such an event. he recommends building an interceptor rocket for potentially dangerous asteroids. a jewel stheef at it once again. doris payne has been allegedly trying to steal a necklace. she hid it in her back pock as she attempted to leave the store. she was chron called in a do you meanary. now her friend says she let
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boredom get the best of her. >> she knows it's not good. i think it's the -- >> we'll find out what's next for the accused serial stealer after tomorrow's bond hearing. breaking now, it appears an evacuation of alone po is beginning after a cease-fire deal failed. >> reporter: thanks, frances the evacuation of aleppo has just begun just this morning. we are getting word from the british based organization for human rights the very first bus versus actually left and are evacuating civilians heading from aleppo to the further northern province. it's relatively peaceful compared to the carnage in aleppo. remember, this has been a stop and start deal from the very beginning. there was a deal reached very late on tuesday fight and then that deal was scuttled, over issues with the iranian the
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iranians wanted several villages that had been sieged by anti-government force, containing pro government civilians to be evacuated at the same time. so, frances, this very complicated scenario is playing out. we are starting to see what is really the beginning of the ends, we are hoping. of the civilian evacuation of aleppo. this is the beginning of the ends of the battle for aleppo. this has been a four-year fight. there are some 50,000 civilians still left. already u.s. and foreign diplomats are drawing comparisons between the fighting for aleppo and the humanitarian atrocities going on there with some in recent memory, rwanda, this fight won't be forgotten. >> certainly not. hopefully, this will be that turning point that those 50,000 civilians need. matt. thank you. just ahead, a state is officially legalizing recreational marijuana. more of the hottest toys
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. 10,000 calculations by hand. it let women do things at nasa, it's not because we are discouraged, because we wear glasses. >> the actors from "hidden figures" and kevin kozner will
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be at the white house for a west wing screening of the flick t. movie focus on the brilliant african-american women at nasa that helped launch john glenn into orbit. today, recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in massachusetts after an initiative was passed in the bay state. some 1.8 million voted despite top politician, doctors, and ultra religious groups. number fine is set to roll at time's square. today marks 17 days until we ring in the new year with the famous ball drop. well, as expected, fed head janet yellin raised interest rates. what caught traders off guard was the number of future rate hikes coming for the same year. the increases are based on president-elect donald trump's expected send theing plan. joining me to make sense of it all is cnbc's karen tso.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the market quickly got on board the rate hike. three more the prospect for 2017, but three more in 2018 and three nor again in 2019 as one investors are now contending with. watch out for the strength in dollar t. sense is you might get a market that keeps dictating to you, wherein investors sell some of the interest rates of bond proxies. elsewhere, uber's plan to get rid of one of its huge cost bases, drivers hit a road block, it's been traveling, driverless cars around san francisco. it has been told to stop by the california department of motor vehicles, which says, basically, go and seek a testing permit or we will seek legal action. what is under the tree on the 25th of this month him some parents a little later tried to get ahold of the hottest tools this season, hatchimals. it comes at a cost of $20 more
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your house for dinner? for one washington, d.c. woman the guest list is nearly 400. nbc's pete williams picks up the story from there. >> welcome to my house. >> reporter: shirley gibson is serving an early christmas dinner. opening her home to honor washington, d.c. police officers. she and her husband harrison do it in tribute to her son. brian was killed in 1997. an ambush shooting as he sat in a patrol car at a traffic light. after his funeral, she tried to get through the holidays. her solution is cook her son's fate dishes and invite fellow officers. >> it makes it great, it starts holidays for us. >> reporter: she cooks three days in advance him she decided at age 70, this year's dinner will be the last. >> oh my goodness! oh! >> reporter: when she arrived to start shopping for the final time, a big surprise, dozens of
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police officers met her, forming an honor court at the store entrance. inside, washington's mayor, murial bowser with an early christmas gift. impossible to get tickets to the city's hottest attraction. >> we want to provide you and your family with this team ticket to go to the african-american museum of history and culture. god bless you. >> thank you so much! >> we just have to thank her for all the good piece and all the love and fellowship that she has provided to all the officers. >> all of these officers come into my house and hugging miss gibson and you feel his service representative on the side. when they hug me, it feels like my brian. >> reporter: 40 years of honoring her son's memory and serving comfort and love. pete williams, nbc news washington. per roll
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it's going to be a good day with the flyers win. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. and i'm vai sikahema. we're under a first alert this
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morning. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. you said snow showers? >> yeah, it's not all that cold yet. it will get colder during the day. we've had a dusting. an inch in parts of new jersey. these showers have fallen apart. this is not the end of it, we'll see a few more during the day today. 34 degrees. it's still above freezing in philadelphia. but not for long. it just dropped below freezing in the suburbs. new jersey. look at the lehigh valley at 28 degrees. delaware is at 35. but those numbers will be falling as the day goes on. 28 degrees at 6:00. down to 24 at 9:00. look for winds increasing, 26-mile-an-hour winds at 9:00 this morning. those winds will be gusting to near 40 miles an hour this afternoon. as the day goes on, the temperatures come down. starting off in the 30s. 20s this afternoon. 25 might not be so bad if it
4:30 am
wasn't for the wind but that bitter cold wind will be blowing, making it feel like the lower teens for much of the afternoon. i'm break these down hour by hour in the next ten minutes. but first jessica boyington watching the "first alert" traffic. >> thank you, bill. we're starting off on the 59 street expressway. our cameras, east and westbound in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. this is the closest spot to the schuylkill expressway. we have activity back there. blocked off in both directions. typically picks up around the 5:00 hour. another hour or so. watch for the accident northbound, 5th street. taking out some of the outer lanes. also moving into new jersey. now, an earlier water main break out in brooklawn took out some lanes. route 47, the left lane will be closed there for repairsil


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