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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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but in the end, all the votes stayed the same. nbc 10's lauren mayk reports from harrisburg. >> reporter: these electors were lobbied here and at home. some told me they got thousands of e-mails. one told me someone even showed up to his house. ultimately, though, donald trump got pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. >> donald trump is the 48th vice president of the united states, mike pence. >> reporter: rob gleason led the proceedings. the state's republican party chair for 11 years, he's been waiting for this moment. >> i said, i can do this right away, i've been through two presidential, we lost, with mitt romney and mccain, i was determined this time. >> reporter: for the first time since 1988, pennsylvania goes red. it becomes official today with the votes of 20 electors, including andrew reilly from delaware county. did you think you were going to be here? >> it was unlikely. but as the campaign unfolded, you saw the momentum.
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>> reporter: donald trump achieved what other republican candidates did not. but in an election divisive right down to today. >> deny donald trump the presidency. >> reporter: protesters carried signs and a last hope into the capital to try to convince electors not to vote for trump. >> eject the president-elect? >> reporter: nancy says she thinks russian hacking led to a difference in the election. >> it's very unfair. hillary should be the president. it was stolen from her, in my opinion. >> reporter: some said they also hoped the attention would bring change to the concept of the electoral college. >> i don't like the system. i would be much more willing to accept the popular vote. >> reporter: today, though, the electoral votes count, and pennsylvania, 20 of them, including rob gleason. do you think we should do things this way? >> i think it's important, because it really gives the rural people in america a vote,
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suburban people a vote. it doesn't put all the power in the cities. >> reporter: he says he thinks the electoral college is here to say. one reason there was no big surprise today, this was a slate of republican electors. if hillary clinton had won pennsylvania, 20 different people would have been here to vote. in harrisburg, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. hillary clinton won new jersey and just a few hours ago, the garden state's delegate awarded 14 electoral votes to clinton. delaware's three democratic party electors cast their ballots for hillary clinton as well this morning. here is a look at the final electoral state by state map. donald trump will take 306 electoral votes once all the votes are tallied. mr. trump surpassed the 270 needed to formally win the presidency a short time ago. the electoral college system has been used to elect presidents since 1789. now to the transition to trump in the white house. today the president-elect chose
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a billionaire businessman and former army ranger as his new secretary of the army. vincent viola started several companies and is the current owner of the professional hockey franchise the florida panthers. he's a west point graduate and trained as an airborne infantry officer. to our first letter weather. it's going to be another bitter cold night out there but the people at the blue cross rink don't seem to mind. >> they're handling it better than i would. nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a look at how cold it will get tonight and tomorrow morning. >> it's probably the coldest night in the month of december. the flag is blowing nicely. remember, it's high up, the wind is not as strong at the ground as it is at the flag level. it's cold enough without the wind. temperatures are in the 20s across the area. parts of delaware already down
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to 25 degrees. nothing on the radar, so there's no threat of snow. the snow is up around the great lakes, and not coming this way. through the night tonight, temperatures dropping through the 20s in philadelphia itself. but into the teens throughout the suburbs. 17 degrees by morning in the lehigh valley with very little wind. so there's no windchill to speak of. and once again, these temperatures are probably not going to get any lower as we go through the rest of the week. the arctic air is leaving us. milder air returning. we'll tell you how much warmer it's going to get with the rest of the forecast, coming up. authorities in germany say the truck that rammed into a crowd in berlin was registered in poland. the owner said he feared the vehicle, which was driven by his cousin, may have been hijacked. at least nine people were killed, including a passenger in the truck and 50 others are
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injured. federal prosecutors who handle terrorism cases are taking over the investigation. we'll have much more about the crash and the investigation coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news" at 6:30. a woman on her way to the grocery store this morning fought back against a robber. she took out her gun and tired toward the bad guy. the problem, she hit the security guard. nbc 10's deanna durante joins us live from germantown at shelton avenue. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they're currently still investigating this incident. but they say they don't expect to file charges against the woman who had her gun legally registered and a conceal carry permit. saturday before 8:00, a man is found shot in southwest philadelphia. police say he was trying to rob a man in an auto repair job about the victim fired a gun, injuring the would-be robber. two hours later, a pizza deliver man shoots one of his suspected
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robbers, later arrested by police. and police say this man harassed a woman and stole the woman's purse, but not before she used her concealed weapon to fire one shot towards him. >> that's why you shouldn't go around trying to rob people. >> reporter: people here support the woman's right to defend herself. >> the robber could have killed her too. i think she did the right thing. >> reporter: police say the woman missed the intended target. >> the female complainant pulled out a firearm and shot at this male, missing him but striking the security guard that went to intervene. >> reporter: he is charged with robbery and theft. the woman, not publicly identified, is not expected to be charged. police say she was the legal owner of the gun and had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. that said, police are asking people to use caution. >> we don't want people to just get themselves in situations where they can avoid the escalation to the point where someone is shot. we would rather them take evasive action when they can to
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avoid this from happening. >> reporter: now, police say they did recover the woman's purse and her cellphone as well as make that arrest, not very far away from this germantown store. again, they are saying that if you are armed, use caution. reporting live in germantown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a big blow today for groups trying to stop philadelphia's so-called soda tax. a judge dismissed a lawsuit aimed at blocking it today. that means the new tax will go into effect on new year's day as planned. the benverage industry filed th tax, arguing the tax is a double whammy, duplicating the sales tax that is already applied to all sugary drinks sold in the city. organizers of last summer's democratic national convention are giving money to help educate children in philadelphia's public schools. the 2016 dnc host committee announced today it's donating $750,000 to the school district of philadelphia. the money will go to the school
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district's right books complain, which puts libraries in classrooms around the city. famous poker player phil ivey and a friend lost their cheating lawsuit against the borgata. a judge said ivey has to pay back $10 million that he won four years ago. the borgata says ivey cheated by having a dealer arrange for him to know what baccarat cards were coming up next. ivey says it was only his skill. a woman and her husband were walking on west godfrey in olney this morning after closing up their business. they're at the top of your screen, she's on the right side. four armed men followed them home. the robbers stole the couple's backpack that had $3,000 and a gun inside. bandits struck twice over the weekend. the police and fbi released these pictures of the robbers
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today. saturday morning one man robbed the bank on germantown avenue. nine minutes later, he brought an accomplice to rob the td bank. detectives arrested john fisher iii on child porn charges. he served prison time and was on probation. agents arrested him in his home for downloading pictures of teenaged girls. police revealed the names of those killed in a fiery crash on roosevelt boulevard. their car crashed into the back of a school bus last night on woodward street. the bus was stopped at a stoplight after the driver had just dropped off teenagers. the bus driver was not hurt. new at 6:00, get ready to hear construction equipment near city hall. a large office tower is now planned on the empty lot at 13th
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and market streets. a company says he has a deal to acquire the lot. he plans a tower that would have two outdoor roof terraces. it should be completed by early 2020. six hours left to register for health insurance under the affordable care act. the feds extended that deadline to midnight tonight. you can register by going to if you get insurance there, it will take effect january 1st. coming up, all new at 6:00, putting smiles on children's faces inside a hospital. it is a tough task. but very meaningful for one local teenager. that story of giving, next. the eagles looking to play the spoiler on thursday night right here on nbc 10. the team will get an added boost on offense. glenn? and on the forecast for that game, what's the weather going to be like for your last minute holiday shopping? plus a look at the chanukah and christmas day forecast.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. ♪ silent night >> celebrating the lights of love, nbc 10 at the philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine where a tree lighting ceremony
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was held this afternoon. students and employees made donations, represented by the lights on the tree. that money goes to the philadelphia ronald mcdonald hughes. a south philadelphia is spreading cheer with hundreds of gifts at the hospital. >> it's to honor his late baby brother. nbc 10 reporter cydney long caught up with this giving family in washington township. >> reporter: for 14-year-old d.j. alexis, it's a mission that's been close to his heart for five years now, that is, delivering wrapped toys to kids hospitalized during the holidays. >> it's rough being a kid, seeing someone you love in the hospital. i want to make sure these kids have a christmas so they're not forgotten. >> reporter: it's all because d.j. will never forget his baby brother emanuel. >> emanuel was awesome. he only lived for a few months but had his own personality. >> he was adorable. >> reporter: dj was just four
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years old in 2006 when his baby brother passed away here. now he's as tall as the doctors. at 14, his mother says he has a heart of gold. >> it's my big baby honoring my little baby. >> reporter: doctors marched the halls with d.j. and spread the cheer with a birthday cake honoring his brother and personalized christmas cards. >> he has his bowling alley league join us, his coaches. everybody is wrapping and donating. >> reporter: d.j. reached out to family, friends, and local businesses who pitched in toys and time to wrap. >> about 100 children will be receiving and impacted by this incredible interfeendeavor. we're very grateful. >> reporter: a brand-new fire truck brought a big smile. >> being here this time of year is awful but it's great he's helping and giving back to the community. >> i think emanuel is looking down knowing his big brother is still taking care of him. that's everything.
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>> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news, washington township. >> a beautiful time of year but also really difficult if you don't have the gifts which aren't always physical. >> a great big brother he continues to be. let's talk about the weather and how it's going to be cold for a while. >> it is, glenn. >> it got cold this morning. cold all day. cold all night tonight. didn't stop the people at the blue cross river rink, that's a live view, lots of people out there, of course they're bundled up properly. if you are, of course you can go outside, it's not dangerously cold like it was late last week, setting us up for that snow and ice saturday morning. but it's plenty cold. 24 25 in malvern. 26 in collegeville and chester heights. a lot of these places will be in the teens in the morning, no doubt about it. north wales, ft. washington,
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warrington, bedminster, all at 25 degrees. and the temperature trend has been kind of crazy, but then we were telling you this a week ago, that this was going to happen. bitter cold on friday. warmed up just enough to turn snow into ice on saturday morning. then it all melted with the 60 degrees sunday morning. and then today, we're back into the freezer. but it's going to warm up from here. it's going to be the coldest night of the rest of the week and probably the rest of the year. now, you can see dry air, and radar. the only snow we see is around the great lakes and up into northern montana. things have really quieted down in this country. we don't have any big storms to hamper travel this week. shopping, weather is going to be fine. it's cold in the morning, no doubt about it.
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reading at 17 to start off the day. robbinsville, new jersey at 17 degrees. egg harbor city at 20. and then we're up near 40 degrees for the high tomorrow. now, for thursday night, for the giants and eagles, just a slight chance of any kind of shower. i really took it out of the forecast, it seemed so light, not to mention it. we do expect the winds to be 10 miles per hour. you can see the temperatures probably abiliti little bit abo average for that time of the night. chanukah and christmas on the same weekend, which rarely, rarely happens. and for saturday night, mid-40s. above average temperatures for this time of the year. and light winds. and then on christmas itself, christmas day, very mild for this time of the year. temperatures in the 50s just about everybowhere except for t lehigh valley. a chance of a few showers. this is not a big system.
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it's possible i may yank the shower symbol out completely with new data coming in, because it's not very impressive today compared to yesterday. there's that 22 tomorrow morning. and what i want you to notice on the ten-day, you don't see anything else anywhere near this low. the afternoon temperatures go up. more clouds thursday. but again, i don't have any rain in the forecast. sunny day on friday. and look how mild it gets over the weekend. and then especially next monday, near 60 degrees, all right? remember the 22 degrees for tomorrow morning? do you see anything close to that? there's a low of 44 monday morning. so the bitter cold air, the arctic air, is going to be out of here, and it's not coming back in the next ten days. hi, the eagles are getting
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better for the week, coming up next in sports.
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there's some good news regarding the eagles. head coach doug peterson expects to have sprewell and johnson. yesterday in baltimore, the eagles found themselves down a touchdown late in the fourth quarter before carson wentz used his legs to get into the end
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zone. that would find the eagles down one. the pass fell incomplete and the eagles lost 27-26, which mathematically eliminated them from playoff contention. now on a very short week, it's a tough turnaround for the players. >> i think it can be better. i think teams that got thursday night games should at least play on saturday, play earlier in the week, just to have more days to get ready for the game. >> there is a fine line between what you can do on the field and making sure they're fresh and ready to go. you spend a lot of time in meetings, as little time as to keep these guys as fresh as possible. from this one as quick as we can and get ourselves ready to go. >> and we'll get you started with eagles game day. kickoff is at 7:00 thursday. then the birds against the giants at 8:25, and eagles game
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day following the game. the flyers's ten d-game winning streak was snapped on friday. on friday night, new land's noel was going off. >> i'm too busy to be playing eight minutes, that's crazy. that's crazy. that's crazy. got to figure that [ bleep ] out. >> right now he's the odd man out behind joel and bead and observi okufor. brian colonangelo addressed the situation. >> i don't think we've been in a position as an organization to actively pursue a trade of any of the centers given the fact uncertainty with respect to their health and their availability. we're stacked with talent.
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problem to have at that center position. >> college hoops, villanova is number one in the a.p. policy for a third straight week. the unbleatunbeaten 11-0 wildca host where they've run 43 straight games. jimmy rollins has reportedly signed a minor league contract with the giants. we'll be right back.
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it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. so if we can get through tonight's cold air -- >> we'll survive. >> not only the rest of the week, but the rest of the month. >> nice. >> we won't see a night this cold until 2017. i can't tell you what day in 2017, but i can tell you that much. very cold tonight. 22 in philadelphia. teens in the suburbs. gradually getting a little bit warmer as we head toward the weekend. then the weekend is very mild for this time of year. >> another 60 on that forecast. all right, glenn.
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thanks for watching. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. up next, "nbc nightly news." see you back here at 11:00. breaking news tonight. christmas market horror. scores killed and injured as a driver plows a massive truck through a packed holiday crowd in berlin. was it terrorism? tonight, stepped-up security at home. assassinated on camera. shocking images as russia's ambassador to turkey is gunned down by a killer cght lurking from behind. tonight what the gunman was screaming. how will putin respond? road rage manhunt. a toddler fatally shot in the car while out shopping with his grandmother. are women doctors better? provocative new research that will have you talking about patient care and the difference between life and death. and magic bag full of surprises, carried by a librarian on a mission.


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