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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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freezing and go above. first, katy zachry is watching the first alert traffic. good morning. taking a live look outside at 9 and girard area. we're seeing lighter traffic compared to southbound. we have a lot of commuters even at 5:30 heading into center city philadelphia. your drive time between wood haven and the vine street expressway, a 16 to 17-minute drive. u montgomery county, we have a stalled vehicle. also a minor vehicle car crash in lameric township. and then a check of the area bridges. everything is looking clear. the ben, the betsy, no reports there. when i see you in a bit with we'll look at delaware drive times. new this morning, this rain boot is part of the evidence philadelphia police are gather
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in a shooting in kensington. here's the story. a woman flagged down officers around 3:30 this morning after she found another woman shot in the head on north 3rd street. the victim went to the hospital for surgery. police tell us she had bruises on her body. the area she found is fairly secluded but police are asking businesses a block away for surveillance video. now to the breaking news we've been following overseas. investigators in germany are calling a truck crash that killed 12 people at a christmas market a possible terror attack >> monique is in the news center with breaking news. >> good morning to you both. moments ago we learned that the president has offered his full support and expressed his condolences to german chancellor merkel. we're also learning that in germany the flags are flying at half-staff at all of the federal buildings. the president-elect donald trump is weighing in on the violence. he's blaming the islamic
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terrorism for the deadly violence in turkey saying their networks must be eradicated from the earth. but he also provides no evidence to back up his claims. we've been gathering video from the scene of the devastation in berlin. a growing memorial of flowers placed where one dozen people died and 48 others were injured. german police have searched a large shelter for asylum seekers in berlin in response to the fatal attack on the christmas market. german news agencies say that hundreds of officers have been co combing over the area overnight. and in manchester, they're increasing patrols at many popular christmas markets. security has been sfend up at ten markets so far. usually crowded with shoppers leading up to the days before christmas. one official says it is in line with britain's national response though there's no intelligence suggesting an attack in greater manchester is eminent. and the bbc is reporting that it's increasing patrols at the
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met for christmas as well as new year's eve. we're going to continue to monitor the developments in berlin and try to reach out to an official here in philadelphia to find out if any enhanced security measures are in place. live for now in the dij nal operations center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. 21 degrees outside. we have new details from overnight on the seized u.s. navy drone. pentagon confirms that china has given it back. government officials say that china plucked the drone from the international waters last week. chinese officials say they returned the drone yesterday following friendly talks with the u.s. back here in our area, the so-called soda tax in philadelphia will take effect next month after the judge threw out a lawsuit trying to block it. >> the beverage industry filed the suit and will appeal the ruling. under the soda tax beverage
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distributors will pay an extra 1.5 cent per oubs starting new year's day. going to fund universal pre-k and other programs. the aha believes that the tax has the potential to positively impact public health by retusing consumption of unhealthy sugary beverages in addition to raising revenue for education and health programs. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. yesterday the electoral college gave him the votes needed to claim the whout despite protests around the country. >> deny donald trump the presidency. >> some of those demonstrations happened in pennsylvania. in harrisburg protesters tried to make their voices heard but the state's electors voted unanimously for plump. some want to change the concept of the electoral college.
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>> i don't like the system. i would be much more willing to accept the popular vote. >> i think it's important because it really gives the rural people in america a vote and suburban people a vote. >> some electors say they received thousands of e-mails, letters and phone calls urging them to vote for someone else besides mr. trump. in their final push to get some work done before the holidays, new jersey lawmakers voted on a number of bills yesterday. >> one punishes a billionaire investor were closing the trump taj mahal casino. five-year suspension for anyone shutting down a casino in 2016. at this point it only applies to karl icon. icon says the bill is controversial. the matter still needs approval from governor chris christie. lawmakers gave the green light to uber and l.i.f.t. and if approved, the law would alaw
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the state attorney general to decide what kind of background checks are needed for the drivers. >> two pieces of legislation are on hold until after the holidays. one would allow governor chris christie to get money from a book deal. the other removes a requirement that state and local governments post legal notices in newspapers. we have new details this morning at a shooting at a philadelphia grocery store that happened yesterday morning. a woman who accidentally shot a zurt guard will not be charged and the woman's son is speaking only with nbc 10. >> this started yesterday morning at 6:00. the woman was trying to go into a save a lot. she told police she opened fire when a man attacked her at the entrance and one of the bullets ricocheted off of the ground and hit a store security guard in the leg. the woman's son says he's not surprised that his mom tried to defend herself. >> you defend yourself by all means necessary.
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if you have a family, that gives you more reason to protect yourself with. >> police found the support, brian prater, a short time later with the woman's pers. the woman had a license to carry and will not be charged. we now know the names of the two people who died after a school bus crash on sunday night. ramone rodriguez and romaine rivera were in their 30s. their car smashed into the back of a bus on roosevelt boulevard and they died at the scene. no children were on the bus. this morning we're working to get you more information an how a lehigh valley police officer is doing after being hit by a car last night. he was directing traffic on route 155 near center street. the driver did stop. right now a south jersey man accused of killing his estranged wife is on the run. >> and state police are asking you to be on the lookout. take a good look at this
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picture. this is who the police are trying to track down, jeremiah monel. state police found monel's estranged wife dead yesterday morning. he was last seen driving a 1994 blue chevrolet s-10 pick check up with the new jersey license plate x 91 gjv. in montgomery county, the orthodox church in hatfield held a prayer vigil in honor of a church attack in egypt. suicide bombing at a church in cairo earlier this month. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. one man is dead after being hit by a car on the new jersey turnpike in burlington county. sky force 10 flew over the scene last night around 10:00. the car hit a person standing behind a disabled tractor
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trailer. the person was killed. the driver of the car suffered serious injuries. 21 minutes before 6:00. it is cold. cold all around. but especially cold in the mountains this morning. camelback they're making snow. the temperatures are in the single digits. not exactly warm for the rest of the area. low 20s right now in philadelphia, wilmington, and dover. 14 in allentown while trenton is 17 degrees. in the pocono mountains, 4 degrees right now. it's a cold morning. and it will likely get a little cold are before we start to see sunshine to warm things up. 21 right now in philadelphia. it's down a degree in the last hour. we're not looking for much colder temperatures but it's cold enough as it is. a slow warmup. 10:00 we've got sunshine but
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still below freezing. lunchtime we hit the freezing mark. the suburbs, right now 16 degrees. still in the teens at 8:00 this morning. and then still below freezing at lunchtime and just before this afternoon. sunny skies and 33 degrees. thankfully the wind will be light at 3 miles an hour at 2:00. clear in the pocono mountains and the lehigh valley. 14 degrees currently in the lehigh valley. but look at that. a bit colder, that's at 8:00 this morning. the sun is so low in the sky at this time of the year that we are going to still be losing more heat at that hour than we're getting from the sun. by 10:00 we're making progress, 23 degrees, upper 20s by lunchtime and just above freezing this afternoon. mostly sunny skies but no sign of wet weather. new jersey, plenty of sunshine too, teens right now through the
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teens into 20s and then 30s this afternoon. the winds will be calm for much of the afternoon in new jersey. and at the shore 20s to start the morning, middle 30s this afternoon with nothing but sunshine at the shore and plenty of sunshine for a decent warmup in delaware. you have to bundle up right now be up to 35 degrees this afternoon. there's warmer weather to come with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:41. let's get you to work first with a look at the roads in the lehigh valley. >> what are you saying out there? >> we're focused on ruth 22 right at 4th street. light volume in that part of the lehigh valley. 309 is looking good. allentown looking good as well. your major down in the philadelphia area, schuylkill expressway, you can see the traffic in both directions is running smoothly. no issues to report there. a quick look at the mass transit, everything is in the
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green. but septa, the thorn dale line, you may find it's running a little late, 1502. well, better late than never. a woman returns a library book she checked out in 1959. we'll tell you why she finally decided to return it and why the book won't be back on the shelves. take a look at this falling faca facade. part of this bidding crumbling and nearly hitting a man in philadelphia. next what the nbc 10 investigators dug up around the property. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget.
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oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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a photo at the center of a romance mystery. take a look at this picture. it's important. here's why. it's a couple apparently getting engaged on sunday night. clair gibson is a dog walker who was walking a client's pet shen she saw the proposal and she took the picture. and now she wants to get it to the couple. >> sorry if you were waiting until christmas announcements to your family. hopefully we'll get in touch and hopefully you guys love the picture. >> it is a beautiful picture. so if this is you in the photo or if you know this person, search claire gibson philadelphia on facebook or reach out to our nbc 10 page and we'll gladly help make that
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connection. at the jersey shore the iconic boardwalk in ocean city is getting a may jr. facelift in time for the new year. construction crews are replacing the boards between 8th and 10th street. the latest phase of the multiyear project. new decking is down in front of the ocean city pier, a focal point of the new year's eve celebration. the gas at the boardwalk will be gone giving people easier access to the pier for the big event. >> crews are under orders to open up the section in front of the music pier in time for the night. >> work on the ocean city boardwalk is expected to be wrapped up by late march. take a look at this close call in south philadelphia. you see a worker running to safety as bricks from the building the city deemed unsafe tumble to the ground. the home surveillance video caught the scaffolding collapse. problems began in turn when the facade of the build came down
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during a thunderstorms. licenses and inspections led to declaring the property unsafe but emphasizes that the owner is responsible for the maintenance. and we spoke to a neighbor whose camera caught the problems last week. >> that was totally avoidable. i think it was a little sir responsible to let it go this long. i mean two and a half years of being in that condition is just not right. >> nbc 10 contacted the property owner who said final repairs are now under way. meantime the city says it's trying to get the case into court this week. today in philadelphia crews at independence mall will be putting up the world's largest hanukkah minora. the minora is 40 feet high. monday will be the end point of the annual hanukkah parades for center city. well this holiday season help us share stories of people you know who are sharing kindness. >> nbc 10 and the "today" show
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are looking for people to share in the second annual share kindness campaign. the goal is for one million acts of kindness through the holiday season. tell us about someone you know sharing kindness. use facebook or instagram or twitter and use the #sharekindness. here we've also been asking for your holiday pictures and video. >> here is one of them. this is going to be a little tough to beeat. you're looking at a cubicle decorating contest. melissa decided to turn her workspace into a custom made log cabin. festive but it also helps keep people out. use the #nbc10holiday and share you photos with us. you can also send them to us through the nbc 10 app.
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we'll if be posting some of them online and posting them on nbc 10. >> they could sell that along with the real homes. >> you're right. i bet you people would buy that. if you're planning to leave the house in the next few minutes, get ready for a cold morning. this is the last morning of autumn. less than 25 hours before winter begins. cold temperatures. the temperatures are falling right now. beautiful view from penn la landing. lots of sunshine, bright sunshine this afternoon. a warmup above freezing. the wind will stay light. very little wind right now and much of the day is going to be calm. not as cold as what we're experiencing this morning. do have to bundle up right now. the wind just at 3 miles an hour in wilmington, now up to 5 in
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coatesville. everybody below 10 miles an hour. that's where it should stay today. windchill not a factor today. nothing to show you here except that the skies are clear. the clouds that came in yesterday are already moved offshore. no sign of any precipitation for us, not for the next few days. the chances are going to stay minimal. you can see now to the north. we won't get the snow but the cold, yeah, we're experiencing that today. temperatures in the 30s for center city this afternoon. forecast is 36 in summerton, west chester up to 35 degrees, warmer in allentown today. new jersey you'll see plenty of sunshine with winds light, 37 in ham monton and upper 30s for ocean city and atlantic city just shy of the 40 degrees mark. upper 30s with plenty of sunshine for delaware, rehoboth
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beech up to 38 degrees this afternoon. but not warm enough for you? you only have to wait one more day for the beginning of with winter, wednesday afternoon 48. back be the upper 40s for thursday. there will be clouds coming through. if there's any chance of showers coming in in the next seven, it's going to happen thursday. but the chance is so minimal, the air is dry, it's unlikely for most spots. friday, 48 degrees after a morning low lof 32 degrees. saturday 52 degrees, sunday, christmas day, sunshine, a chance of rain showers coming through and look at monday, up to 60 degrees for a high temperature. then we get back to normal for tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the 40s, just a little warmer on thursday but the chance of showers returns during the day on thursday. 5:51 right now on tuesday.
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we know people are getting up and out the door, getting ready to start this holiday vacations. first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has you covered with the roads and mass transit. >> that's right. if you road septa yesterday you realized what a mess you had to go through. today it's looking a little better. actually a lot better. there were major issues yesterday. minor delays on the thorndale line. all of you other mass transit agencies, no one reporting issues at this hour. a crash was cleared along north lewis road. taking a live look outside, route 63 at academy road, moving without a problem. if you're going 95 north or south, you're looking good as well. more than a game. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 we'll show you big surprise for a notre dame basketball player after his team's big win and how
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it happened at just the right time. decades later back where it belongs. we'll explain why the copy of "gone with wind" took 57 years to be returned to the library.
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four minutes before 6:00 right now. better late than never. >> that's a story of a book that finally made its way back to a line ray. barbara was a teenager in 1959 when she checked out a copy of gone with the wind. she recently thumbed through it and realized that the signout card was from the eisenhower era. the library in brooklyn decided to waive the late fees. they were 5 cents a day at the time open doing the matt it would have cost her at least $1,000. a south jersey teenager is spreading holiday cheer. >> for the past five years 14-year-old alexis has been developing toys to children hospitalized during the holidays. he will never forget his baby bother emanuel who died in 2006. >> he definitely had his own
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personality. >> adorable. it's rough being a kid with someone you love in the hospital. i want to make sure they have christmas so that the kids are not forgot. >> it's great that he's helping and giving back to the community. >> i think that emanuel is looking down knowing that his big brother is till taking care of him. >> i bet you he is. good job d.j. 100 children were giving gifts yesterday. this problem with the rv would have cost him $2,000 to fix no one would honor his warranty. >> we'll show you how the nbc 10 team helped him solve his problem. breaking news overseas in the aftermath of the christmas market in berlin. we'll hear how world leaders are reacting. you're watching nbc 10 news today three minutes before 6:00. 21 degrees outside. >> if you're heading out the
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door, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app, your one-stop shop for breaking news and weather all day.
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christmas market massacre. 12 people dead after a truck plows through a crowd in pberli. >> the clock is ticking. we'll tell you about today's mailing deadlines. stocking up, a throwback gaming console has people waiting in line for hours as a new shipment hits store shelves this morning. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'mconnors. let's get the latest from meteorologist bill henley with the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> the warmup will come once winter starts. today is the last day


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