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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 23, 2016 12:00am-12:35am EST

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welcome back to nbc10's "eagles gameday final." this is the legendary bismarckee. he grew up in new york, but he's an eagles fan. take it. >> e-a-g les eagles. >> brandon graham coming off the field. >> was this about -- >> didn't want them to have a par party on our field. >> brandon, 0-6 decided by a -- [ inaudible ] >> it's all about pride, and
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it's going to show next year. >> welcome back. how about biz marquee. doug pederson is live at the podium. >> -- zdefensively doing enough. caleb, another big game actually. just all in all, it was it perfect or pretty? no, but just a great team effort and great team win. >> the challenge at the two-minute, that turned out to be pretty big. >> oh, yes. >> what did you see, or did somebody tell you? >> well, on the field i was kind of right there by the first down line. it appeared live that he was short, that he didn't get the first down. then i just wanted to make sure upstairs that we got the replays and everything, all the information. and the fact that it was actually before the two-minute
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warning obviously allowed me the opportunity to challenge that play. so it worked out great. >> malcolm made one of his interceptions. you guys gave up a couple [ inaudible ] did you ever think about keeping malcolm back there full-time? >> well, you know, back when ron brooks was healthy, obviously we could do that. malcolm has done a great job all year of coming down and playing in the slot. you know, some of jim's packages this season have been three-corner and keeping malcolm back at the safety position a little bit. he mixes it pretty well based on what the offense has given us. again, i thought that, you know, malcolm really stepped up and just a great performance obviously by him. you know, big -- couple big interceptions there for us. >> lane johnson's first game back, what did he show you? >> that a couple plays, you
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know, first play of the game. he kind of picked up where he left off. he did a great job on that first play and was out running. i thought his pass protection was good. of course we'll sit down and watch the tape tomorrow and evaluate it even further. but it was a great addition to get him back and, you know, just we got one more to go and get him ready against next week. >> doug, big runs on the first drive were. [ inaudible ] were you kind of trying to test and see what you had there [ inaudible ] >> we felt going in we could be a little more balanced left and right with the running game than in weeks prior. nothing against isaacs. i thought isaacs did a great job at baltimore and allen did a great job for us at right tackle. but a lot of times i call runs behind our pro bowl tackle, jason peters, and we also wants to find out where lane was at a
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little bit too, kind of get him into the flow of the game. it just so happened that a few went his way. >> the fourth down play call at the goal line, what didn't work there? >> just penetration. those are tough situations. of course, you know, a new quarterback, and cadence is a little different. it looked like -- it appeared, and i've got to again check the film, but we might have been a little bit late coming off the ball, anticipating the count with chase. but, you know, those situations are -- those are got to have it moments, and the giants did a good job of actually kind of stalemated our line and stopped us short of the goal line. >> doug, you said earlier that this was. [ inaudible ] you still want to -- >> in every game we play, that locker room, those guys have a lot of pride. we all have a lot of pride in our jobs and what we do. and every game is meaningful. even though, you know, we might
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be out of the playoffs or whatever division this and that, but for us it was a chance to win a division game, number one. and, you know, it raised sort of that negative feeling that we've had these last couple of weeks. and to do it in front of our crowd i thought was awesome. our crowd, again, was fabulous and very energetic. but, yeah, very meaningful for our guys to win this one. >> carson has had several moments over the last couple weeks where his natural athleticism has been able to express itself. >> jenkins two interceptions in this one, and then terrence brooks at the end. first of all, tell everybody out there how resourceful this defense was on the final drive and how you got terrence brooks involved for the first time playing dev snaps. >> we had jaden watkins go out with a concussion so that moved mills. i moved back to the safety. the way the game was going, that last drive, we knew we were
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going to go back on the field and we needed to stop odell beckham. we took mills and wanted to make sure he was man-to-man on him wherever he went. and we just played a cover two behind it with a three-man rush. that requires bringing in another safety. so, you know, we said terrence you're up. went out there and said stay deep. as soon as the ball left eli's hand, we saw terrence back and knew he was going to come up with a big play. >> his first snaps with you as a defense, who actually said, terrence, go in? >> they asked who do you want to put in. i said put terrence in. we got complete faith in these guys. they prepare every week. it was good to see him go out there and make a play for us. >> talk about your strategy a little bit tonight in the secondary. it looked a little different than your normal strategies. i know it had something to do with all of those receivers that eli has. >> we knew that, you know, they got guys all over the field. but we needed to stop odell, and that's easier said than done. we played a lot of split safety. we addressed it, especially in
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the second half, almost every drive, we tweaked what we were doing, our coverage. everything was based off where he was. you know, we moved around, didn't give him the same looks, made them run into what they thought was a two-man -- you know, double high safeties, which really was single high. so we disguised the entire game. it's one of those guys you got to do that with a quarterback like eli who reads the entire defense and a receiver like odell who is in every spot on the field. you've got to be very versatile, and i think jim schwartz had a good game plan. >> how important is it to have a day li guy like jalen mills? >> it's awesome. especially as a rookie, he wants the best receiver out there. when we came up with the defense, one guy had to be that guy to move, and schwartz wanted me to do it. i looked at jalen and said you want it? he said, yes, that's what i want. we put him down there with all the confidence he could do it. he's played a lot of snaps as a rookie. he's gotten better every week.
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>> malcolm, let's take a look at it. how did you bait eli manning into these interceptions? were you looking at his eyes? >> well, the first one, it's kind of a bracket coverage. my guy went to jordan hicks so that i become a free player. then i'm able to kind of slide right under this tight end. this is the second one actually. where devlin and odell, it looks like two high. i just kind of read his eyes and played the ball. like i said, the first one, i just kind of slid under because i was a free player and able to come up with the pick. >> magnificent job. malcolm jenkins has the most pick sixes for any active safety in the nfl, amongst many other things. thank you very much for joining us. finally pulled one of those close ones out. we'll be right back after this on "eagles gameday final." the birds win! stay tune ttuned, everybody. [ bell clangs ]
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be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. all right, everybody. take a look at the linc. wow, the eagles beat the giants
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24-19. this one was all about pride. it's interesting, mike. beating the giants, not allowing them to clinch a playoff spot. now the cowboys have clinched the number one seed in the division, so who do the eagles face next week real quick? >> everyone in dallas, they were cheering for the eagles tonight so they would get in this position. i don't know if they're going to play everyone next week, but their rookies. i think they should play them. >> no tony romos. >> this was a good night. stay tuned for nbc10 news coming up with jim and jackie. birds with a big win. stay tuned, everybody.
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long way home. a world war ii veteran just wanted to go to the store in delaware county. how he ended up in alabama instead. christie's haters. why new jersey's governor is blaming them for a big defeat. giants killers. what a finish. the eagles win a nail biter at the linc. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. who killed grace packer, a 14-year-old girl is dead and her mother is under arrest. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. sara packer is accused of misleading police after reporting her daughter missing this summer. police eventually found grace's body in the woods.
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her mother is considered a person of interest in her death. and tonight we've learned the mother spent time working in social services. nbc10's drew smith has the latest. >> reporter: this is a complicated case because the clues are scattered across at least four counties. we know other relatives last reported seeing young grace here in northern lehigh county for a picnic way back on the fourth of july. >> she used to get dropped off at the bus right here. >> reporter: it's been a while since neighbors in abington township have seen 14-year-old grace packer. >> she was like a happy little girl. >> reporter: now they're trying to recall every nertd action with the girl's adoptive mother, now charged with child endangerment. she's a person of interest in the death of grace, whose remains hunters found dismembered about 100 miles away in luzerne county. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: police first took a missing persons reports from sara packer july 11th, but then they say it's like she fell off the map, avoiding detectives. >> it was really weird from the
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beginning, you know, that they packed up and left and never said anything. >> reporter: we're told she moved here, near quakertown, upper bucks kiecounty. she enrolled her son in school but not grace. tonight there was nothing here but some furniture stacked on the front patio. >> the detectives were here back in november, and that's when we found out that there was a little bit more going on than she was missing. >> reporter: sources tell nbc10 the mother worked in social services in northampton county. we've reached out to administrators there. prosecutors say packer also collected disability money meant for her daughter and spent thousands of it after grace went missing. packer's bail was just reduced this week, and they fear she may be a flight risk. that's why prosecutors are putting so much urgency on this to try to get some new information as soon as possible. drew smith, nbc10 news. australian authorities say they have stopped a planned christmas day terror attack. police arrested seven suspects thursday. they were allegedly planning a
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series of bombings in melbourne on sunday. the makings of improvised explosive devices were found during a raid. the targets included a train station and a church. investigators say the men were inspired by the islamic state. tonight growing concerns that a new nuclear arms race between the u.s. and russia could be on the horizon. it comes after president-elect trump tweeted thursday saying, quote, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. a trump spokesman later said the tweet referred to improving nuclear deterrents. but just hours earlier, russian president vladimir putin told his generals that they need to enhance the combat capability of their nuclear force. putin did not give a reason for the decision. new jersey governor chris christie is blaming haters for killing a bill that would have let him profit from writing a book while he's in office. christie addressed the issue on his monthly ask the governor
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radio show thursday. >> obviously the haters out there made it personal about me, not only haters in the legislature but haters on this radio station. >> the bill would have also raised the salaries of new jersey judges, legislative staffers, and cabinet members. christie says he will write his book after his term ends in a year. ♪ manning just putting it up for grabs. and it's intercepted. coming underneath and taking it away, terrence brooks. >> the giants denied. what a finish as the eagles take down their nfc east rivals right here in philadelphia. >> nbc10's keith jones is live at the linc. keith, it was an early christmas present for eagles fans. >> no question about it. what a game as they blacked out the entire stadium here. they weren't playing for anything. their last game will be next week. but if you asked any fan here, even the giants fans didn't seem
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to care. >> let's go, birds. >> reporter: friends and fans fired up. >> it's been amazing. she had a great night. we've had a ton of nun. t >> reporter: a new experience for ryan's 8-year-old daughter charlie. >> have you been rooting on the eagles hard? no, you haven't it? >> oh, okay. a little. >> reporter: more than a little for everyone else no matter what age or what color jersey. >> i'll tell you what, the fans are passionate. they sure are. win or lose, they know how to throw a party. >> reporter: that's what they did, including kyle lloyd, who for consecutive weeks has won his tickets on twitter. >> this is number 13 right here. >> are you sure it's not 15? >> i'm not sure to be honest with you. >> reporter: he takes advantage of fan fridays, a contest where the eagles announce the location and lloyd gets their first. >> i got to keep the tradition going. i got family, friends. i just want everybody to have the experience. >> reporter: you just got to make sure you win next friday, right? >> that is correct. >> reporter: and the pressure is
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on him. so the eagles play spoiler, the giants of course can still get in if one of three teams loses. but you can't tell the eagle fans that. take a look here behind me. right up there plastered on the jumbotron, cowboys-eagles, new year's day. that is the ultimate spoiler right there, and some momentum of course for the eagles heading into next season. for now live at lincoln financial field. keith jones. >> sweet victory. up next, a world war ii vet was trying to go to the store in delaware county, but he ended up in alabama ininstead. what happened next, and why his family calls it a christmas miracle. and i'm tracking rain for a part of the holiday weekend. i'll tell you when to expect it in my nbc10 first alert neighborhood forecast.
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a delaware county man just trying to make a quick trip to the store accidentally ended up in alabama.
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>> 89-year-old jody tarbutton of boothwyn was trying to stop by a neighborhood store for some electrical supplies on saturday. the veteran somehow ended up driving to haleyville, alabama. he doesn't remember how. on monday he came up to officers at a restaurant in that town and asked them where he was. >> the man said i drove 900 miles. i don't remember it. >> officers ran his driver's license and realized he had been reported missing two days earlier. police found his son and daughter, who flew down to alabama to pick him up. his truck will be towed back home. the family calls it their christmas miracle that he was found and is safe. >> yeah, glad he's okay. all right. to glenn now and you're tracking some showers on christmas eve? >> yeah, it's going to be raining in the early part of the day. friday, though, is looking pretty good. it's not all that chilly right now. 39 in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. this time of night, this time of the year, that's pretty mild. remember just a couple days ago
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the high was 34. 45 yesterday. 53 on thursday. and above average temperatures all the way into next week. by the time you're getting up in the morning, getting the kids out to the bus, it's not that cold. 29, 30 degrees in some of the coldest spots. so we've got another mild day ahead and a lot of sunshine during the day. but this moisture in the middle of the country is headed this way, and it is going to be affecting us on saturday. there's no doubt about it. look at this. 6:00 a.m., a large area of rain moving in. it's not especially heavy, but it's hour after hour of it. there's 9:00 a.m. some of it at least on the moderate side. at least until noon in the philadelphia area. it's starting to taper off and end north and west already. by 3:00, it's out of here, and we're set up for some nice dry weather on sunday. that means christmas eve, once we get past that morning and
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midday rain, it's going to be drying out. temperatures above average. even at 10:00 we're above the freezing mark. and christmas day itself also a fairly mild day for this time of the year. temperatures in the 30s even first thing in the morning. by 3:00 in the afternoon, near 50 degrees. lots of sunshine. but things are going to change as we head toward the end of next week and new year's eve is looking cold. cold and dry. temperatures in the upper 20s for the midnight fireworks. so over the next several days, our average high is 43. we're way above that. we have the rain on saturday, some more showers possible tuesday morning. and then on thursday. and then here comes the cold air for new year's weekend. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place
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this chester county house all lit up with christmas lights to put a smile on one brave 3-year-old girl's face. >> charlie grace is battling a malignant brain tumor. she's been at chop for more than 100 days, and her parents, who have been staying with her, haven't had time to decorate this year. so people in their westchester neighborhood stepped up to make sure charlie's house got decked out with lights and decorations. santa even came by to deliver presents for kids at chop. charlie's mom couldn't have been more grateful.
12:29 am
>> thank you to everyone for standing by our side. we feel the love, and we've never, ever feel alone. so thank you to our family, friends, and the entire community. >> since charlie couldn't be there in person, her mom face timed her to show her all the festivities. such a good story. eagles wrap up next. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, i'm john clark with your sports right outside the eagles locker room. they end that five-game losing streak, and they finally pull out a close game. they were 0-6 in games decided by seven points or less, but they pulled one out against their division rivals. they didn't allow the giants to celebrate on their field. take a look at the birds. they got up 7-0 on a touchdown by sproles. then malcolm jenkins, another
12:32 am
pick six for him. the birds are up 14-0. malcolm with two interceptions in the game. now, 14-6 in the second quarter. carson wentz looking for nelson agholor. he atones for his drop. how about a 40-yard touchdown? the eagles are up by eight at the half. let's jump to the third quarter. scary moment. carson wentz goes down, tackled by olivier vernon. he was checked for a concussion, and he was cleared. he did return to action. now, it's a five-point eagles lead. under 15 seconds left. eli manning chucks it deep, but how about terrence brooks? only two snaps in the game. they put him in there on the final drive, and he gets the third interception of the game for the eagles. so the birds don't let the giants clinch a playoff spot here at the linc, and they beat a division opponent for the first time. 24-19. birds finally win. >> for us it was a chance to win
12:33 am
a division game, number one. and, you know, it raised sort of that negative feeling we've had these last couple of weeks. and to do it in front of our crowd, i thought, was awesome. our crowd, again, was fabulous and very energetic. but, yeah, very meaningful for our guys to win this one. >> yeah, he said it. and the flyers lost to the devils. they were shut out 4-0. i'm john clark with your sports. birds finally win. we're right back after this.
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