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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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weekend heading near and far for christmas festivities. >> primetime win. eagles won their first game in more than a month. 5:00 a.m. on the nose this friday morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today". i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachary. thanks for joining us. let's get to meteorologist bill henley because nbc 10 first alert weather. warmer weekend coming up? >> temperatures will be changing over the next couple of days. temperatures will climb into the 40s today. that's where they will be for most of the weekend. this morning right now got a little bit cooler in the lehigh valley. 26 degrees while the rest of the area is in the 30s. 29 at 8:00. sun will be up by then. temperatures are up into the upper 30s at 11:00 this morning. on track for 40s today from the lehigh valley to new jersey, the suburbs and philadelphia. at the shore, just 47 degrees this afternoon. not quite as warm as yesterday.
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shy of the 50 degree mark also in delaware today. i'll break these forecasts down hour by hour with the future cast. we have rain ahead for the weekend. i'll show you when to expect that. first, your first alert traffic. >> not all that bad. folks onto blue route, baltimore pike headed southbound towards 95 for the philadelphia international airport, folks you won't run into any issues or delays and northbound for the boulevard again travel speeds are in the 60s. so it's very light so far as of right now. nothing to really worry about. take a look at this. upper moreland an accident at center avenue and easton road. we'll be watching this accident as long as it hasn't cleared. also too another issue on 95, non-issue, southbound woodhaven to the vine, 60 is the travel speed. take you 13. we'll see issues on 95 during the heart of the russia hour.
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back to you. we have more information about the breaking news overseas. italian media is reporting a man killed in a shoot out with police in mylan is anis amri. the suspect in the christmas berlin attack. reports say the man pulled a gun from his backpack after being asked to show i.d. papers. a manhunt for amri has been under way since monday night when he allegedly crashed the truck into the crowd berlin market killing 12 people there. nbc news is network confirm the latest information we have and wild bring you updates on this breaking news as soon as we get it. australian authorities say they foiled a christmas day terror attack. police have five men in custody, two other people were questioned and released overnight. officials say the five men allegedly planned to use explosives, knives and a gun during attacks in melbourne. the targets included a train station and church.
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the men were inspired by isis. we're following breaking news fromtow pottstown, montgom county. >> a person was killed during a fire. matt delucia is there. matt, what do we know? >> reporter: several people escaped from this fire. not much has changed within the last 30 minutes when we saw you at 4:30. firefighters are still here at the scene. the fire happened in this building. you can see there's not much damage to the outside. a lot of that damage was to the inside, second and third floor. we're on east high street right by north franklin street in pottstown. this video is from earlier. started after 1:15 this morning. firefighters showed up and saw heavy fire here on the second floor. when the call came in there was a report of someone trapped inside. an adult was found dead inside. the others in the building did evacuate safely. the fire chief here did not have an updated count of how many
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people were inside at the time. again, another live look. several apartments in this building were damaged. this is an older building. made it tougher to fight. the fire south. red cross is helping the other residents who are here and now the investigation begins into what happened. i'm live in pottstown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. hatfield township say a mother and newborn child transparent victims of an armed invasion and this morning the search is on for the robbers. helen grant and steven gibson forced their way into the home on east broad street yesterday morning. the couple allegedly ran sacked the house and took money. police say grant and gibson both knew the mother. she and the baby were not hurt. 5:04. a camden neighborhood is turning to prayer to help deal with a pair of deadly shootings this week. loved ones released balloons at a memorial vigil last night
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for sean johnson shot and killed on tuesday. that killing came a day before a woman died of a gunshot wound to the head. police are investigating both cases. happening now, holiday travel. it is in full swing. expect to see long security lines at the airport this morning. this is what philadelphia international airport looked like yesterday afternoon. with more travellers than usual, things were running smoothly. now the weather should not affect travel in and out of philadelphia today but there is a winter storm brewing in the western part of the country that will be sweeping towards us, bringing rain this weekend. so it is still a good idea to give yourself an extra hour at least to find parking, get to security and those longer lines expected. today most of the big holiday travel rush, 90% of it will be by car. the pennsylvania turnpike commission expects some four and a half million vehicles to be onto toll road from today through new year's day.
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heavy traffic is expected on highways in new jersey and delaware. we have new details on the princeton university men's swim and diving team. the university cancelled the season after vulgar posts were found onto team's electronic mailing list. the university made that announcement yesterday afternoon. last week we told the team was suspended after school officials discovered racist comments made by the swimming team. >> he put it up for grabs. >> not this time, eli. he intercepted manning to steal the giants victory. the eagles win snapped a five game losing streak. >> sweet. it put a crimp in the playoff plans of their fierce division rival from north jersey. birds never trailed last night. they built a lead on big plays.
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quarterback carson wentz through a long touchdown pass on the way to finally winning a tight game. >> we've been in so many close games and to finally finish one like this we knew we could do it all along. we were struggling. to finally finish one it was a good taste in our mouths. >>. wentz briefly left the game for a concussion protocol but later returned. easily wrap up the season a week from sunday with another rivalry game this one against the dallas cowboys. kick-off is at 1:00. seven minutes after 5:00. getting colder outside, especially in the lehigh valley. a clear view of easton, pennsylvania. clouds yesterday. even saw a few snowflakes yesterday but not today. completely clear. with clear skies that's when you get your coldest temperatures especially when the winds are light. look at the lehigh valley now. 26 degrees.
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temperatures have come down to 32 degrees in delaware and now 20s in south jersey, 26 degrees, 26 in the lehigh valley. there are some colder numbers. a few spots just below freezing and in the 20s. hopewell at 29 degrees. not quite that cold at 34 and 33 in nazareth while evidenton is 34. there are some cold neighborhoods. we'll see sunshine. satellite and radar, we're clear for now. by this time tomorrow morning we'll be looking at rain coming in to the area but not today. need your sunglasses today. 33 degrees. bright sunshine at 8:00. few scattered clouds at lunch time and clouds increasing late this afternoon. that's 4:00 today. still in the 40s for philadelphia. for the suburbs from just below freezing at 8:00 into the 40s this afternoon. the clouds come in late in the day in the suburbs and lehigh valley. 28 at 8:00, by noon time 40 degrees and 41 degrees later
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this afternoon. then delaware, sunny skies, completely dry today but that changes overnight tonight first thing tomorrow morning. sunny skies in new jersey. low 40s this afternoon and at the shore the temperatures will start off a little bit warmer at 8:00, 34 degrees and then 40s as we go into the afternoon. late afternoon hours that's when we'll start to see clouds come in. here's your hour by hour forecast for this evening. 7:00 this evening, 39 degrees at philadelphia. see the clouds start moving in. they will take over during the evening hours and early tomorrow morning that's one of the morning, see some rain moving from the west. the rain continues into saturday morning. in fact steady rain during the morning hours that will continue into the afternoon. i'll show you when it moves out and what your christmas day will look like when i back with the ten day. >> it's about ten minutes after 5:00 a.m. a lot of people are hitting the road a few days early. >> we'll check vine street
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expressway. construction clears. francesca is watching the roads. >> early present for everyone. construction on the vine over in center city has cleared so we'll see traffic flow trickle in and then it get busy at the heart of rush hour. we'll watch schuylkill expressway very light traffic. travel speeds both in and out of center city are in the 60s. so it's going to be a short ride for the most part. checking in on route 202, any last minute holiday shopping for the premium outlets or the k of p mall no problems. it will take you ten minutes route 30 to 76. to the majors in new jersey, 295 and 42 free northbound for philadelphia you'll be okay. when i come back we'll look at 95 and any delays over there. back to you. ten after 5:00. a delaware county man quick trip to walmart ended up taking two
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days he was searching for electrical supplies but ended up on a wild ride. find out where his detour took him. your dreaming of a new set of wheels? why the next few days are the ideal time to buy your next car or truck. my guest list just tripled.
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it's 5:13. abington mother is a person of interest in the death of her teenage daughter. hunters found grace parkers's
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bodymemb dismembered. prosecutors, three district attorneys say the mother is a person of interest in the killing. and she misled detectives. >> detectives were here back in november and that's when we found out that there was a little bit more going on. >> investigators are urging anyone with information to come forward. a delaware county man is back home safe and sound today after took a quick trip to the store and accidentally ended up in alabama. we'll explain. 89-year-old man was trying to stop by a neighborhood store for some electrical supplies on saturday. the world war ii veteran somehow made a detour to alabama. on monday he approached two officers at a restaurant and asked them where he was. >> man said i drove 900 miles.
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i don't remember. >> officers ran his driver's license realized that he had been reported missing days earlier. police contacted his family. they flew down alabama to pick him up. his daughter said he's never been diagnosed with dementia. she attributes his trip to old age and forgetfulness. this morning some people are saying donald trump confirmed a new arms race through twitter responding to a speech by russian president vladimir putin. mr. trump's next tweet caused a huge defense contractor more than a billion dollars. edward lawrence explains. >> reporter: from a new arms race to corporate competition, president-elect donald trump used twitter to start a lot of people talking. mr. trump chimed in foreign policy, saying united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. >> all during the campaign donald trump has dealt with nuclear weapons very loosely, very cavalierly and this tweet
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may have started new arms race. >> reporter: put agrees. in a speech he says his objective in 2017 will be to strengthen his nuclear strategies. president-elect trump's language echos cold war rhetoric that nuclear missiles serve as a deterrent to keep the peace. the state department disagrees adding president obama views a reduction globally as a path towards peace. >> you need a credible deterrent for the united states. >> reporter: mr. called out lockheed martin on twitter and plans to build the f-35. because of the cost he asked boeing to price out a comparable you. lockheed may lose the new fighter jet contract. the company lost $1.2 billion in market value in after hours trading. later today donald trump will be playing golf with tiger woods.
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we'll see how many tweets he makes, if any. today in arkansas a funeral will be held who was shot and killed in a road rage incident. he was shot and killed while sitting in the back of the car. police arrested a suspect who says he honked his horn at a car in front of him. when the grandmother honked man the suspect walked up with a gun and opened fire. police arrested the suspect on murder charges. a chester county house is all lit up with christmas lights. >> this is for such a great cause. people in the neighborhood made it happen to put a smile on a little girl's face. this 3-year-old is battling a malignant brain tumor. she's been at children's hospital in philadelphia for more than 100 days. parent have been staying with her haven't had time to decorate the house so neighbors made sure her home got decked out with lights and decorations and santa
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stopped by last night. charlie's mom couldn't have been more grateful. >> thank you to everyone for standing by side. we feel the love and we never ever feel alone. thank you to our family, friends and entire community. >> since charlie could not be there in person, her mom face timed her to show her the festivities. 5:18. you might be getting up, getting ready to head out, maybe out the work, maybe what stores open at what time or maybe you're traveling. >> francesca ruscio is here with a look at 95 which will be pretty -- could be backed up later this morning. >> come on now. any last minute shopping or if you're running to head out and about to the philadelphia international airport, you won't run into any problems especially on 95. folks take a look. travel speeds in the 60s.
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95, don't jinx anything. good news i spoke with officials at upper moreland and they said this accident has cleared at 611 and center avenue. upper moreland area your won run into any problems because of that accident it's cleared from the road. now taking a look at the majors over in new jersey, 295, new jersey turnpike. 42 freeway, problem free as of right now so far. when i come back we'll take a look at the schuylkill and vine street expressway and blue route looks good as well. we need to turn to weather now. a lot of eyes on this weekend's forecast. >> very important, bill henley. walk through that. >> if you're traveling today things are fine. this is a live view from philadelphia international airport. lots of sunshine. wet weather waits tomorrow. for right now, we're seeing clear skies. temperatures are still coming down. a mix of 20s and 30s to start with this morning. sunshine will be here. by saturday we'll start to see rain in the area.
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today a warm up. from the 30s into the 40s this afternoon. 34 right now in philadelphia. delaware right at freezing and just above freezing in the suburbs. south jersey a mix of 20s and 30s, a few neighborhoods are in the 20s. 29 in mount laurel. turnersville, voorhees, all in the 30s. still time for these temperatures to come down a bit before the sun comes up after 7:00 this morning. but we'll see a of that sunshine. this is the radar and satellite. nothing here. not yet. not until later today. no wet weather. but what clouds you see in the ohio valley, those will start moving in late this afternoon. tomorrow morning we'll start with that. that snow and rain just be rain for area. it starts early in the morning. saturday 3:15 first thing tomorrow morning. light rain sweeping through the area that first batch just a hundred dreadth to .200 of an
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inch. rain continues through the morning into the afternoon, back by launch time close to half an inch. just over a quarter of an inch for pottstown. most of the rain will fall to the south of the lehigh valley, to the suburbs, philadelphia, delaware and south jersey. late in the afternoon and early in the evening that's when it will finally be. 6:00 in the evening. by then some neighborhoods will have more than half an inch of rain on the ground. by tomorrow, by christmas day sunshine returning and the temperatures will respond. colder start on sunday morning than what we'll see tomorrow. 30s to start with. with that bright sunday, warm up quickly. by afternoon the numbers will be near 50 degrees for your christmas day. 5:21. 34 degrees outside. in philadelphia a holiday toy drive is bringing smiles to the faces of girls and boys in need. yesterday septa employees stuffed a bus with thousands of toys that they collected.
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they later delivered the presents to charitable organizations throughout the region. is this 36th year septa had this toy drive. this is the season dedied to giving those less fortunate. but help is still need. ahead in our next half hour find out why the salvation army is sounding the alarm and how $20 can help an entire family. santa doesn't bring you a new car or truck and you want one, now is a great time to get one. coming up, hear advice from car buy experts for this holiday season.
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>> if you're looking to buy a new car you might want to do it over the holidays. purchasing a car at the end of the year givesers more buying power. dealers are working to move inventory. if you want to save big experts say take advantage of this year's crop of vehicles that recently returned from a lease. 33% more cars are being returned after a lease this year compared to last. buying an off lease car is a great idea if you don't mind having some mileage on it and cars are a lot better than they were ten ago. >> one woman said she was able to save $8,000 by buying a dodge challenger that was leased for only a year. amazon said you still have time if you need buy with
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christmas gifts and you can get a free latte. >> reporter: amazon says delay all you want. it has prime rush deliver service which is available in 30 u.s. cities. you have until 9:45 p.m. on christmas eve to assure delivery by midnight on christmas day. starbucks is handing out free espresso drinks but only if you're at the right place at the right time. select stores are hosting a pop up party where customers can enjoy a free tall hand crafted brew. the event will be held at 100 star buck stores. locations seen daily. see a list on starbucks page. walmart slides into the holiday weekend on a positive move.
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the dow is still on pace for its first seven week winning streak since tw2014. back to you. we'll some what happens. armed and dangerous. right now police need your help catching two people after a home invasion in kensington ends in gunfire. sls o also is one eagles player a game changer?
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breaking right now on "nbc 10 news today," deadly fire. a person is dead after flames burn through an apartment building in pottstown. ready to fly. expect philadelphia international airport to be packed today and tonight travellers get ready for this holiday weekend. slaying the giant. after weeks of disappointment eagles show die-hard fans they have plenty ever fight. we'll break down the win. 5:30. 32 degrees outside. friday morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today". i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachary. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with nbc 10 flirt neighbod


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