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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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degrees cooler in atlantic city. let's look at the numbers. some spots are cool, especially farther south. we're freezing at atlantic city, 36 wilmington and coatesville freezing at 32 degrees. we're seeing the temperatures trip. and it does mean that the afternoon we will not be tracking temperatures that peak in the 60s. it will be more like the 40s. some clouds moving in. we'll talk about your conditions hour by hour coming up. right now a look at tlask with jessica boyington urchlts you can s. >> you can see that the traffic is moving along. no slippery spots the morning. we're watching an earlier apartment fire in out in fishtown. no major road closures because of that on the intersection but you want to watch when traveling through the area for now. now there was a water main break
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last week. it is under control but now we only have the left lane going by for the repairs on columbus boulevard headed southbound between 95 and washington avenue. it's 5:01. we're following breaking news. we just got new information. a fire we've been following is now fatal and plus two philadelphia firefighters are hurt. >> let's get to matt delucia who is live in fishtown to fill us in on the developments. >> reporter: the fire is out. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see. we're on the 1200 block here. you wouldn't know there was a fire by looking at the outside of the house. no smoke lingering in the air. the two firefighters and the man inside the house were injured. and we just learned that the man inside the house did die. he was in the third floor bedroom of the home here.
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the man inside, 50 years old. fire officials tell us that he was found in the bedroom unconscious. he had cardiac arrest and was receiving cpr at the time when we was taken to the hospital. the two firefighters who have mild injuries were taken in for treatment. frankford avenue is shut down at the intersection. the fire marshal is also on the scene. we'll get an update from the deputy fire chief in just a few minutes. we'll have an update in the next half-hour. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man inside of this home. officers were called to the house on west atlantic street around 10:00 last night. they found the victim unconscious on his front porch. the man later died at the hospital. digging for clues. that's how crime scene investigators in delaware county spent their night. they were digging up a cement floor in a home in coming deal.
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police dogs picked up the scent of the body. they found fresh cement in the basement but after digging they came up emptied. melissa rodriguez lived here in 2013 when she went missing. the red cross is helping families forced out of their homes by this high-rise fire in the overbrook section of philadelphia. >> sky force 10 was over the liberty tow rer apartments last night. the building was evacuated. no one was hurt. still unclear what started that fire. philadelphia police sources tell nbc 10 they've uncovered a clue they hope will help them solve an execution style murder. >> they're looking for a woman who shot a man to death on tuesday. here's what we know. the 33-year-old man was driving on walnut lane when he was shot in the ear. the victim crashed his suv into
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another car. the driver of the car did not appear to be injured. one man described to us the chaotic scene that unfolded. >> coming across walnut lane bridge here around the circle when i noticed the expedition flying across the intersection over the island and taking out the stop sign and plowing into the subaru. >> they recovered a bloody jacket from underneath the walnut bridge. an autopsy is scheduled for a mother and infant son found dead at their home. investigators say that the mother posted a message on facebook before shooting herself and suffocating her son. police discovered the bodies of sherry shir mire at their home in glen rock. hours earlier the woman posted a note to the father saying you don't deserve to have our son.
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a fight is brewing over casino host fees. >> the change is set to take effect next month. the north hampton district is calling on the sands casino to continue paying a $10 million host fee despite the court's ruling. they sent a letter to the ceo of the casino urging him to sign an agreement to voluntarily pay the county at the same rate it has for years. it may be difficult for his office to continue to use resources including law enforcement to help the casino. in the meantime, the valley forge casino signed a voluntary agreement to make payments to montgomery county. president-elect donald trump will continue meetings at his florida state. yesterday he appointed thomas boser. he is a president of a risk management consulting firm and was deputy asis tent to the president for homeland security
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under president george bush. green blat as worked for the trump organization for more than two decades. it was a bag of toys that caused the security scare at trump tower yesterday. police ushered people out of the building after a suspicious panel was discovered in the lobby. it was determined that the bag was safe. well if you got a big ticket item for the holidays, police have a warning for you. >> be very careful what you do with the box that it came in. police are telling homeowners to watch what they put out with the garbage this time of the year. boxes and packages for televisions and game systems are going to attract thieves to steal those gifts. police chief tell us they see a spike in crime around the holidays. >> be sure that you discreetly dispose of the packaging, put it at the bottom of the recycling bin, not on top.
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>> police recommend not posting what you got on social media either and don't write posts that could tip off thieves about when you'll be out of the house. the temple owls lost to wake forest in the military bowl. less than four minutes remaining, the owls were down by eight. temple had to settle for a field goal. final score 34-26. >> it pains me wieth n s me ri. it's only going to get worse. once it sinks in on how close we came to being the best temple team ever, i think it's going to hurt worse than it does now. and back to weather here's a look right now philadelphia live shot of the city line here. nice and dark shot outside. notice that if you can just tell barely, no rain on the camera.
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we aren't tracking showers like yesterday. instead, this is a dry forecast today. your wednesday dry, wednesday also not quite as windy as yesterday. instead of seeing the gusts around 30 miles an hour, we're looking at sustained winds around 10 miles an hour. the winds are come in from the northwest. so that's going to be the case for today. as for your temperatures, those are picking up wu not like they did yesterday. 40 right now. the time is 5:08 this morning. we'll stay around that temperature throughout the mornings. lunchtime the low 40s and we should make it to the mid-40s in the afternoon. we'll see clouds mixing in with the sunshine. n the nice blend that we sometimes see. a little more coverage in the lehigh valley. here are your temperatures.
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right now at 40. those should dip a little in the next couple of hours and then keep us in the upper 30s to low 40s the rest of the day. into delaware, same deal, not seeing the warmup that we saw yesterday. instead we keep anytime the 40s. right now at 36 degrees. we'll tick it up to the 40s, 42 degrees at noon, in the mid-40s in your afternoon. notice the winds, like i mentioned, really aren't going to be terribly strong across the area. just around 10 to 15 miles an hour. we're now looking up to new year's eve, we go through wednesday, cooler air is sitting in place and the cooler air is going to continue to filter in through friday. that will be the cooler day over the next week or so. but the cool temperatures will linger keeping us average new year's eve into new year's day forecast. here's a look at the next five days comparing philadelphia to the suburbs. today dry in the low, mid-40s.
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tomorrow temperatures don't change much but notice the conditions do. rain for your thursday in philadelphia, possibly a rain/snow mix especially for the upper portions of the pa suburbs. drying out for new year's eve stay in the 40s. 10 after 5:00 right now. let's get you to work if you're working today. >> jessica boyington has a look at the cameras for us. >> watching 95 we look great so far. still a little early before we see any major pileups. right now around girard avenue, this is the southbound side, drive time 12 minutes. speeds in the 60s. checking in with mass transit, septa and bus and trolleys are running on a modified schedule through friday just for the difference in commuters throughout this entire week. all other service is running on a regular weekday schedule. no big changes there.
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we'll end on 422. drive times here, no problems or delays. we have an 8 minute drive eastbound where we typically see the delays but not yet. average speed right now are still into the 60s. well now that the holidays are over, some parents are getting headaches on the hatchimals. >> what does it want me to do? >> next, they called up to complain so we took their concerns right to the company. also, many many happy returns while shoppers head straight to the malls, one delivery service is bracing for the one day every year it seems that everyone decides to ship back their gifts.
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secretary of state john kerry will give a speech at the state department today on the obama administration's vision for resolving the israeli palestinian conflict. the speech will come nearly a week after the u.s. abstained on a united nations security council vote to condemn israeli settlement on the west bank. that move allowed the resolution to pass. he's going to take a broader approach in addressing a path toward middle east peace. japan's prime minister made history in hawaii. shinzo abe yesterday became the first japanese prime minister to
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citizen pearl harbor. president obama joined the prime minister as the pair paid their respects together for those who fought and died. >> i offer my insere and ever lasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here, swell the spirits of the brain men and women whose lives were taken. >> tuesday's visit came seven months after mr. ooh bama's historic visit to hiroshima, japan. look at this video showing a giant sinkhole that's threatening to swallow up two dozen homes. the mayor has the area under a state of emergency. officials believe a sewer pipe buried 45 feet below ground may
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have burst causing the sinkhole the size of a football field to form. >> it started separating at the front of the house. if it swallows his house, it might take ours with it. broadway's holiday attendance is dipping this year despite mild weather and huge hits like "hamilton." broadway shows 246,000 tickets, down from 300,000 the year before. throe shows continue to lead in sales, hamilton, wicked and the lion king. if numbers for january could be gloomier with several shows including jersey boys that are closing it was one of the toughe ee gift to get this season, the hatchimals. >> but it's turned out to be a headache for dozens of parents in our area. some parents belief it sounds like their toy is cursing. other parts say the hatch malwon't break out of its shell. they called the company saying they waited hours and then got
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disconnected. >> i understand technology there's glitches. they should doing? to fix it. >> spin master issued a statement that says in part, unfortunately with toys that incorporate a high level of technology, there are some cases where the product may not perform as expected. we're committed to doing everything possible to resolve these issues. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads for us. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway, no mayor problems or delays so far. you can see the ur traffic moving along fine. if you're moving toward centerty, that's typically where with see the delay. moving over the bridge into new jersey, route 130 north, the right lane is closed there for construction until 6:00 this morning. but otherwise no major delays
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because of that right now. everything else in jersey, all of the jersey roads are looking okay. back over to the pa side to the pa turnpike. drive times here. westbound to eastbound to vol lay forge is 23 minutes and average speeds are into the 60s. i'll be back around the 5:30 mark and i'll have more of your drive times in the philadelphia area. now let's talk about the cooler temperatures. knock li nothing like yesterday morning. >> we've got 30s and 40s out there. we can't see the 50s and 60s anywhere. we wound it making it to the 60s in quite a few places yesterday. now we're back down to the 30s. in fact we're dropping in a lot of areas still this morning. take a look at newark, 35 degrees, will hinmington at 37. kent county and into sussex
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county, we're looking at mostly 30s. lincoln right now at 40 degrees for the current temperature. over to new jersey, same deal, even cooler sports. leesburg at 3 the degrees, 38 for voorhees. we track a little farther north and about the same pemberton at 34. it's chilly again. you do need the coat today. temperatures into the afternoon are not going to warm nearly as much. yesterday we made it to the mid 60s in philadelphia. today only 44 for center city, 42 in somerton, some 30 to low 40s in the lehigh valley, 45 for association city a ocean city and that's the same for rehoboth beach. now we're skipping over your wednesday because it's going to be clouds and dry conditions. thursday, 5:00 a.m., we're
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tracking a system coming in and that's going to clip us with a little rain/snow mix for parts of burkes, lehigh valley. most of us get the rain. it starts and 7:00 a.m. lasts through your morning commute. now it's pulling out of chester county and entirely moves out as we go through the early to mid afternoon counties. here's a look at your new year's eve forecast. 6:00 p.m. for the first fireworks show. by midnight down to 37 degrees. most of us dropping to the 30s by midnight. we'll be chilly. this is seasonal for the end of the year. in south jersey 42 degrees dropping to 35 and 40 for the 6:00 hour in delaware if you're getting an early start to your celebration. so a lot of those packages that were delivered during the holidays will make a return trip. u.p.s. expects to take more than
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a million packages back to retailers on january 5th. the delivery service jokingly calls the 5th national return day. the surge in online sales could make next year's return day their busiest ever. are you happy with what you got for christmas or hanukkah? next we'll tell you why the retailers are happier than they've been in a while. plus this -- ♪ >> taylor swift sing along. she puts on a show for perhaps her oldest fan.
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if you have a lot of the empty amazon boxes just laying around from all of the gifts you ordered and received. you could put them to good use. amazon partnered with good will. fill the boxes with items to donate and amazon will pick up the shipping cost. you can print a shipping label at give back we put that on our app. one tech giant is helping people keep their new year's resolutions. landon county dow duty is here dowdy is here with that.
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sales at brick and mar tar stores rose 6% last. mastercard says that strong demand for furniture, home furnishing as and men's apparel pushed the holiday sales of 4% slightly above forecast. apple is encouraging you to keep your new year's resolution rolling out an update to their apple watch this year. it's aimed at getting user to close all three of the watches rings for a full week, monitoring your mouvement and whether you're standing or sitting. over at wall street could start on a positive note. stocking posting small gains yesterday with the nasdaq hitting a new record high. consumer confidence rose to a 15-year high this month. and donald trump taking credit for that increase in a tweet posted last night. we get a report today on
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impending home sales. the nasdaq up 24 to 5487. back over to you. and coming up in your first alert forecast, we'll take a closer look at the hour by hour forecast for your wednesday and a potential for a rain/snow mix in some areas for tomorrow. here's a live look outside at cape may where things are nice and dry. >> we're watching the boulevard and the rest of your roads. no major problems or delays. the traffic is flowing smoothly. we'll have updates the rest of the morning. next on nbc 10 news today, mall fights, chaos breaks out in philadelphia mills mall. next at 5:30 hear how social media played a role. and there's this -- rezdy, set, strut.
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we'll take you to the pennsylvania convention center where finishing touches are being made to this year's mummer's fest.
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two philadelphia firefighters are hurt after fighting a house fire in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. deigs for new clues.
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police search a new location for a missing mom from delaware county. we'll explain why it took three years to get inside this house. ♪ one last dry run. the fancy brigades are running thu their routine ahead of new year's and the start of today's indoor mummers fest. git is 5:30 on the nose. get morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rose mary cop nors. we're starting our wednesday a little chilly. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> definitely cooler than it was yesterday. we had mid 50s yesterday. we're looking a at a lot of the areas holding on to 40s. 39 in new jersey, we're at 40 in


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