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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and falling temperatures. and that's not all. good evening, i'm erin coleman. >> i'm jim rosenfield. there's a chance snow could be falling this weekend. >> let's get the details. first alert emotional erika martin has your forecast. >> we're tracking a change in the forecast we've been seeing temperatures top out in the 60s for the past two days. however, by tomorrow, we will see a major drop in those temperatures. also tracking a system moving in that will be bringing us light snow. we get the hour by hour started at 5:00 p.m. we start to see the approach of an system from the southwest to the northeast. by early tomorrow morning we start to see the introduction of light snow into newcastle and kent county and keep this moving hour by hour. 11:00 a.m., chester county, delaware county, philly county as well starting to see light snow. this is going to be a coating at most. this will certainly not be a whiteout because lot of this is not organized. all of this clearing by
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8:00 p.m. here is a look at the snow potential by tomorrow 9:00 p.m. we're seeing less than an inch for the entire region. westchester under an inch, philly under .50 inch. voorhies seeing a light amount of snowfall total, along with allentown. this is light snow moving through. a sign that it is, winter. temperatures will be seasonal. mid to upper 30s but we'll be warming up by sunday into monday. coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about what to expect by the second half of the weekend into mlk day. back to you. all right. also this evening, thousands of patients in delaware victims of a data breach. >> their medical records are at risk. police are worried people don't know their information has been compromised. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains why. new at 5:00. >> reporter: jennifer is one of 19,000 delaware workers who got the letter she's probably one of the few that actually read it. >> like y didn't know it had
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anything to do with insurance companies. >> reporter: it's from a company called summit. a recent data breach has potentially jeopardized jennifer's personal information and lots of the diocese college. employees during that time period, and even newcastle county itself are also part of the breach. >> i know personally because i received the letter. >> delaware's insurance commissioner got the letter. >> read that, they think it's a scam. >> reporter: summit is doing the right thing sending the letter but said it needed to be more specific and give details. most of it focused on the free credit check they're offering. >> the way it was written, it appears as if it's either, a, an ad or b, a scam. >> reporter: if you threw away the letter or you're not sure you got the letter in the first place. ask around with your co-workers, if it turns out your company is part of the data breach you might want to check your credit
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and keep an eye out. >> that's my first thought that someone could steal my identity knowing my information is out there. >> reporter: highmark tells me they're no working with summit but are cooperate ing with the insurance commissioner. nbc 10 news. summit got back with us in just the past five minutes. the company said there is no evidence any personal information has been used improperly. security breaches are becoming a big issue in the healthcare industry. according to a patient privacy monitoring system, there was at least one health data breach per day is in the u.s. last year. and it affected 27 million patient records. experts encourage you to avoid giving out your social security number to hospitals or doctors offices. right now, rescuers are searching for a missing fisherman at the jersey shore. chris hugg's clam boat was found empty this morning. near an island in tuckerton bay. but the fisherman remains missing this afternoon. coming up at 5:30, hear from the last person to go him before he
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disappeared. ted greenberg will have that coming up. crews are working to clear a crash that's backed up traffic on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. we're over the scene between the quakertown and landsdale exits. about an hour ago a van rear ended a tractor trailer in the southbound lanes and it was bumper to bumper for miles. crews took one person involved in that crash to the hospital. not clear how seriously that person was hurt. an unusual homework assignment has led to concerns and also complaints at a bucks county school. >> the math work sheet included questions about sexual assault and prostitution. new at 5:00, nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us. what did you hear from parents and students? >> reporter: most people got wind of this when photos of those test questions were posted online. as you mentioned some of them about sexual abuse. we should provide some context. they were based on the
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autobiography of maya anglow el. she died recently. some of the students who got that test say her story should not be censored. at penn ridge high school the work sheet is the talk of campus, a math assignment focusing on the life poet maya . one asks about her teen pregnancy. >> questions about sexual abuse and her roles early on as like a pimp and prostitute. >> reporter: most questions were benign biographical details. >> the other questions were just like, she was born in this place, she was this many years old, she wrote this. >> reporter: she was in that math class, she said the questions might be uncomfortable, but shouldn't be censored. >> we have a lot of sad stuff in our curriculum. it's not a big deal to me because we've read so much about it. >> reporter: other parents are outraged, complaining on social
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media the school district today issued an apology, saying more context should have been given to students. a her biography is required reading here. many schools have try today ban it for its graphic details. >> it depends on the content. >> reporter: some parents we spoke with say students need to learn about the real world. >> people get too politically correct, that's what i think. and kids have to know what's going on out there today. >> there's worse things said in school. kids deserve to know what's happening. >> reporter: i'm told those questions are not part of the official curriculum. the school says the math teacher downloaded them from a website where teachers share course material with other teachers. they tell us it will not happen again. live in bucks county, randy gyllenhaal. we have new details in the investigation of the deaths of a prominent new jersey couple. the medical examiner has changed
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the death certificate of john sheridan to list his manner of death as undetermined. it was listed as suicide. prosecutors originally said the ceo killed himself and his wife. they were found after a fire inside a somerset county home in 2014. the sheridan family petitioned to have the suicide ruling changed. continuing coverage now at 5:00, the highest ranking catholic church official convicted in the sexual abuse scandal was back in court today trying to get charges thrown out. today, lawyers for william lynn accused prosecutors of hiding information about the victim in the case. prosecutors say they turned over all documents. lynn was convicted of endangerment charged in 2012. the judge will make a decision in march. chaotic morning on roosevelt boulevard today. started with a car crash, and a police chase and then a suspect who got away in handcuffs. sky force 10 overhead as a man in cuffs was led into northeast detectives. he's believed to be one of three
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suspects involved in a crash with a police cruiser. a cadillac drove away crashed into that oft duty trooper's personal car. police say the suspects assaulted the trooper and then ran away. one man was caught. handcuffed, and then escaped the back of a patrol car. he was arrested again a short time later. >> that's amazing he was able to kick himself out of a police car and take off on them like that. that's a little wild. >> two more suspects, though, are still on the run. this morning atlantic city police evacuated a building and shut down roads because of a suspicious package. someone found an unattended suitcase on atlantic avenue near the county building. the bomb squad checked it out. 90 minutes later gave the all clear. new details tonight on a controversial community lodge in delaware. we've learned it is now closed after years of outrage from neighbors. people who live on kirkwood street have complained about gun shots, sex in neighbor's yards
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and bullet holes in homes. all thingatize they blamed on the international elks lodge. the club has denied their members and guest were the problem. this week, the city pulled its license. the founder of one of the jersey shore's main attractions died today. bill murray and his brother had the idea of creating an amusement park in the 1950s. the brothers opened the land mark in 1969 and continues to be a family run business. this is a picture on his wedding day 65 years ago. he was 87 years old. questioning the need of development of a new seven mile trail among the swamp creek corridor. the trail would connect the historic site called sunrise mill to the cross county trail. but some residents say they'd rather see it become a preserved greenway. two more public hearings are scheduled. new developments in the
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battle over obamacare, how congress took another step to repeal the president's signature law. plus, she's never known her real family and now a newborn stolen from the hospital has learned her true identity. 18 years later.
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right now at 5:00, a step forward, a new report says the
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philadelphia police department is making progress after concerns about its use of force. nbc 10's deanna durante shows us how the department has changed. >> we'll speak about police reform positively and the benefits of it. just like any task or undertaking that you may be involved in, if you believe in it which is what we do, it makes it far easier. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner richard ross is continuing plans set in place under the former commissioner. ramsey was concerned about the number of police shootings and use of force and called in a special department of justice unit. last year, nbc 10 news showed you what was being labelled a scathing report. one filled with criticisms of the department. and that outlined 91 different ways police needed to reform in order to bring use of force numbers down. some of it was retraipning, others included bringing in an
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outside agency. a new unit will be a separate group of police. especially trained and tasked with investigating their own. >> the group that is not engaged in the day-to-day interactions with their peers so we don't do a case together and tuesday i'm investigating your shooting. >> reporter: please say new rules will allow for quicker interviews of officers. a step prior to this could take months. >> we believe a lot of this will help us to stream line the investigations. >> reporter: of the 91 recommendati recommendations, almost are complete and they will work with community police programs to enhance the relationship between the police and people they serve. >> we will never get comfortable, whether that be crime fighting strategies or police reform. >> reporter: the police advisory commission says the work completed so far is good. there is still more work to be done like on the aspects of police and body cameras in which city council is set to hold hearings on later on this year. in center city, deanna durante.
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the house has approved a measure that will make it easier to dismantle president obama's healthcare law. it's considered the first step toward doing away with obamacare. it will allow congressional republicans to repeal the law with a simple majority. pennsylvania state senator vincent hughes is among those trying to save obamacare. he held a news conference outside philadelphia city hall along with other healthcare advocates by his side. he says the affordable care act has reduced the number of uninsured people in pennsylvania by 4% in four years. senator tom carper was in sussex county, delaware, making a pitch to keep the affordable care act alive as well. carper was joined by patients, doctors and healthcare leaders. he says repealing obamacare without a replacement would hurt patients' health as well as delaware's economy. president obama spoke about the future of the affordable care act in a conversation with
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nbc's lester holt. you can see the dateline special, barack obama the reality of hope, tonight at 10:00 only on nbc 10. be sure to join us for nbc 10 news at 11:00. inauguration day is exactly a week away now. president elect donald trump spoke briefly with reporters today after a meeting with talk show host and comedian steve harvey at trump tower. president elect said he's not concerned some of his cabinet picks contradicted him at their confirmation hearings. he told them be yourself. he spoke about repealing the affordable care act. >> you have to step in before things get worse. this is nothing short of a rescue mission. >> that was speaker ryan there, of course. congress will start hearings to write new healthcare laws so the new president can sign them in the first 100 days. nbc 10 has you covered around the clock for the
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inauguration, we're sending a team of reporters. and our live coverage begins next wednesday at 4:00 p.m. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. a live look outside at 4:59 p.m. that was the officially observed sunset today. temperatures above normal for this time of the year. weather headlines include tracking colder temperatures by saturday. closer to normal. tracking snowshowers, a mix and some rain in the forecast. at least for the first half of the weekend. sunday it will be warmer and milder. mlk day, above normal temperatures. al here is your temperature trend for the past couple of days, 67 on thursday. 61 was the high today. 37 that's what we expect for tomorrow. by sunday and monday we're seeing mid to upper 40s.
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be sure you get ready to bundle up for tonight and tomorrow. current temperatures, 46 in philadelphia. normal high is 40. the high for today in fact was reached at 12:50 a.m. that was 61 degrees. a record high, 70 degrees set in 1942. mount holly, 44. vineland 46 and 48 for allentown, your neighborhood forecast in and around philadelphia seeing mainly 40s. doris seeing low 40s. fox chase 45 and bustleton along with parkwood currently at 44. jersey also seeing really mild conditions. but keep in mind, these temperatures will continue to decline into tonight and tomorrow. 46 degrees oswego lake, coil fields 47. lumberton 45. florence 43. hopewell township at 42 and princeton, your current temperature 40. current wind profile.
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north westerly, calmer right now. philadelphia 14 miles per hour wind speed. trenton 6, allentown, 8. so not that much an issue right now. so the story for tomorrow includes snow moving into the region. hour by hour forecast starting at 5:00 p.m., we can see those clouds developing from the southwest towards the northeast. and notice by early tomorrow morning, we start to see the introduction of that light snow. moving into the region first for newcastle and kent counties. tomorrow morning, we can see it includes chester, delaware counties, parts of philly county as well. montgomery, you can see it's not very organized. i don't expect much here, just a light coating at best. and then everything improves by later tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. finally the system will be off shore. as for temperatures tomorrow, seeing lots of 30s for the most part. bethlehem 34, lehigh valley seeing mainly 30s. new town 34. phoenixville 35. mount airy a little cooler at 34
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degrees. we are seeing some light snow in haddenfield. gal oway seeing 35. your ten day on 10 brings us cooler temperatures for tomorrow. 37 that's the expected high temperature. lots shoicunshine on sunday. tracking showers tuesday into wednesday. look at this, it looks like 60s make a comeback by wednesday. then we trend pretty much in the 50s, be sure you follow us on social media at nbcphiladelphia for more updates. thank you. the pennsylvania state police recognized amber alert awareness day in harrisburg. the amber alert system has played a direct role in the safe recovery of 96 abducted children in the past 15 years. police say if you see one, take
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it seriously. >> the amber alert requestred highly vetted. and we do not put the information out as an alert unless it's verified and for real. >> police also stress the importance of teaching children about abduction safety. a top national honor for the new design for the 30th street station district plan selected for more than 500 designs from around the world. the american institute of architects picks the best regional and urban design. the 30th street district plan was revealed last summer in the renderings to give you a glimpse of what it will look like in 30 years. 40 new acres of open space, and a lot of space for new developments. should philadelphia be a sanctuary city? see why this debate over illegal immigration has two top leaders at odds. plus, cover up controversy. why the porta potties have caused a stir at the site of next week's inauguration.
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who can forgot the amazing magic acts on nbc's america's got talent? now the show is looking for the next great talent. if you think you have what it takes, erin, you have a chance to prove it tomorrow.
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america's got talent hosting an open audition for season 12 tomorrow. bring your best talent to the pennsylvania convention center. you'll find more about the process on our website. time is running out to check out the pennsylvania farm show in harrisburg tomorrow is the last day for the event. when you can see everything from horse competitions to a lumberjack demonstration. the farm showe is the largest i the country. maybe this is more your style. hundreds of people going to dig out their bathing suits and take an icy dip in the atlantic tomorrow. the special olympics new jersey will host the annual polar bear plunge in wildwood. this is video from last year's event. money raised will support 25,000 special olympic athletes in the state. >> oh, boy. >> you can do it. >> no. >> no. >> all right. the great porta potty cover up for president elect trump's inauguration. >> someone is covering up the name of the company that has
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long supplied portable restrooms for out door events. the company's name is don john. but it's covered up with blue tape on the toilets installed near the capital for ininauguration. the ceo of the company tells nbc news he has no idea who is doing it and he is asking the works to take the tape down. >> sounds like someone wanted to avoid some social media pictures. >> absolutely. >> all right. to the stuff of dreams, someone showing up at your door with a big check. >> that is exactly what we did today. coming up all new at 5:00, the deserving group who received a big boost to its mission. crews have been searching for hours after a boating went missing at the jersey shore. we're live as friends and family hope for a miracle. coming up at 6:00, cooking up change. a new beaistro is opening up wi
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crowd funding support. how they're promising to give back.
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right now at 5:00, be on the lookout, the nbc 10 radar shows snow moving in. it could start falling in your neighborhood this weekend. >> first alert weather team is tracking those flurries tonight. let's check in with meteorologist erika martin. >> that's right. we're seeing cooler temperature and a system moving in that will bring light snow on saturday.
5:30 pm
the deal is we have to time this out for you hour by hour so you can expect and you can know when the snow will be in your neighborhood. if you look at the bottom of your screen you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. let's get this started for you. 8:30 p.m., we start to see the introduction of light snow and rain, just at the bottom corner there. we can see the clouds developing quickly through the overnight hours. by early tomorrow morning, we see the introduction of light snow. this will be a light coating, unorganized at best. notice how everything starts to clear i'd say after 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. and we're seeing mostly sunny to sunny skies for the second half of your weekend. here is your quick three day out look. temperatures will dip into the 30s on saturday. we have some snow in the forecast for philadelphia. like wise for the pa suburbs. the story is that we're going from 60s, in fact yesterday's high was 67 degrees.
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today's high was 61. tomorrow, we're going to dip a lot into the 30s. i do have more information coming up about that cooldown and of course that snow, erin, back to you. to a developing story at the jersey shore. a search for a missing boater. now in its ninth hour. >> no one's heard from the boater since last night in fact and his empty boat was spotted this morning in tuckerton. ted greenberg has been following the search all day. he's joining us live from the scene. what's the latest, ted? >> reporter: guys, the coast guard is actively searching for that missing boater right now. you can see a coast guard helicopter off there in the distance. it aappears to be hovering over the water. the man went out on the water yesterday because the weather was so warm. tonight as temperatures drop, fears are rising. >> i watched him cruise out the creek and that's the last thing i heard from him. >> reporter: glen miller can't
5:32 pm
stop worrying about his missing longtime friend identified by relatives as chris hugg. >> hard to believe. hard to believe. i hope they find him alive. >> reporter: miller says he was with hugg right before he took his boat out yesterday to go clamming on tuckerton bay. he called a family member around 7:30 last night to say the boat ran aground but he did not need help. this morning the boat was found drifting near an island in the bay with no sign of hugg. the discovery triggering a massive search from the air and on the water by new jersey state police, the coast guard and local authorities. >> they're looking this long, i'm pretty nervous. >> reporter: other clamors fear the missing man got into trouble while trying to get his boat back in the chilly water. >> it gets kind of hairy. it goes from being ankle deep water then to the left of you could be 12 feet. the drop off is pretty steep. >> reporter: his relatives did not want to speak with us on camera. they told us they are still
5:33 pm
hopeful he'll be found alive. live tonight in tuckerton, i'm ted greenberg nbc 10 news. here are some of the other top stories we're following on nbc 10 news at 5:00. a security breach may have put the personal information of thousands of people who worked in delaware in jeopardy. the breach involved two subcontractors of highmark blue cross blue shield of delaware. the company is offering a free credit check for anyone affected. we were overhead as philadelphia officers captured a man they say broke out of a police car while in handcuffs. authorities say the man was cuffed after crushing into a police cruiser this morning. he then ran a state trooper's car and assaulted the trooper. police are looking for two other men who were with him. the department of justice says the philadelphia police department is doing a satisfactory job. a new rereport released today is a follow up from one in 2015.
5:34 pm
policies and practices and community involvement. today's report says the department could be doing a better job with community involvement. a 22-year-old man and a teenage boy are under arrest for killing a clerk at a wilmington market. devontae dorset and a 14-year-old are charge would first degree murder and robbery. they killed a 64-year-old man during a struggle. security cameras could soon be put up along the river trail. just this morning, a couple says they were robbed of their wallets and cell phones by two men with guns. the river trail watch group keeps an eye on the area, but not at 1:00 in the morning when the robbery happened. today a councilman said there's funding to repair the lighting that out near the art museum. it will be turned back on once construction is completed. good news for runners and bikers in delaware. officials cut the ribbon today on a new trails along the c and
5:35 pm
d canal in newcastle county. it marks the completion of a continuous trail which runs more than 14 miles from delaware city to chesapeake city maryland. hikers can view historic and natural treasures along the trail. ♪ celebration of korean american culture today in center city. the korean flag raised outside city hall in honor of korean american day. january 13th marks the anniversary of the first korean immigrants arrival to the united states back in 1903. want to spruce up your home in the new year? you might want to head to the pennsylvania convention center this weekend. the philadelphia home show is officially open. and we got a preview before the crowds got there. exhibits feature the latest in home provement, design and intellige technology. your bank branch could be at
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risk of shutting down. next at 5:00, the company that's closing hundreds of locations. plus, it took 18 years to learn her true identity. now a child stolen from the hospital has finally found her real family. dear fellow citizen,
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wells fargo is reportedly planning to close more than 400 bank branches by the end of 2018. the announcement comes on the same day the company reported fourth quarter earnings. wells fargo saw a profit of $0.96 a share. the company is coming off one of its most difficult years in history. regulators fined the company in 2016 for creating false accounts for some two million customers. today toccatacata admits it deceived consumers by changing
5:39 pm
data for the past 15 years. the autosuppliers' air bags caused the largest auto recall ever. automakers estimate roughly one in six vehicles on the road could have potentially defective takata air bags that can explode. more people are dying in crash and the government says traffic deaths are in an alarming upward spiral. a new report says traffic deaths surged 8% in the first nine months of last year. part of the reason is that more people are on the roads driving. and walmart and sam's club are offering free health screenings tomorrow. you can check your blood sugar vision and body mass index tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it's part of walmart wellness day. this next story may not help your health screening at all, but a special time of year has arrived. the start of girl scout cookie season. that's next at 5:00.
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i'm tracking light snow moving into the region, also tracking much cooler temperatures. we've been seeing 60s, but now return to winter, 30s for for saturday. for saturday. for saturday. for saturday. or saturday.
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5:42 pm
tears of joy in jacksonville, florida tonight after a woman stolen at birth 18 years ago got to talk to her birth family for the first time. >> amazing. she finally learned her real birth name. kamiyah mobley, a woman posing as a hospital nurse told her mother the child had a fever that needed to be checked out. this was back in 18 years ago. she left the hospital with the child. recently police started getting tips that the girl kidnapped all those years ago, was living in
5:43 pm
south carolina. today police announced she in fact was. >> further investigation revealed fraudulent documents had been used to establish that young woman's identity. in interviews, supported the responsibility this woman could be kamiyah mobley. senator pat toomey is reigniting his fight against sanctuary cities like philadelphia. today he reduced his stop sanctuary city bill. some say it will make us less safe by discouraging victims from coming forward. my legislation would create a special exemption that allows a jurisdiction to refuse to cooperate for victim and witnesses. his fight to cut funding has led to protests in cities.
5:44 pm
sanctuary cities limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities. philadelphia mayor jim kenny once again today stressed the importance of keeping philadelphia a sanctuary city. he says taking that away will make the city less safe. >> we will do what we have to do and protect ourselves whatever way we can. i'm not going to turn my back on people who decided they want to live in philadelphia. >> president elect trump said he would pull all federal funding from sanctuary cities. the mayor is waiting to see if mr. trump stands by that promise. a proposed bill would require all massage parlors to be licensed and subject to inspections. lawmakers hope it will help prevent prostitution and human trafficking they say goes on in some establishments. hundreds of liquor stores
5:45 pm
will be open on state holidays. fine wine and good spirit stores will be open. your resolution to eat healthy this year is about to face serious temptation. girl scout cookies season kicks off next week. this weekend, truck loads of cookies will arrive in delaware county e. eastern pennsylvania's girl scout season runs till march 12th. it marks the 100th anniversary of girl scouts selling cookies. >> love those thin mints. do you know what else is coming? some snow moving in for the weekend. let's get your forecast. >> i prefer the thin mints. we have light snow on the way. a live look outside. you can still see it's breezy right now. not as windy and as gusty as we saw earlier. in fact, top wind speeds, 24
5:46 pm
miles per hour. and top wind gusts 30 miles per hour. if you can look at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. notice current winds right now, still northwesterly. calmer in allentown at 8. breezy in wilmington, 16. philadelphia, 14 for you and ten for millville and atlantic city. the winds will continue to subside through the overnight hours. but we do have much colder temperatures. so i will be tracking colder temperatures for saturday and tracking some light snow, a little bit of a mix, and some rain. otherwise, on sunday we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds, certainly going to be warmer and mild. and mlk day, it looks like a mix of sun and clouds and it's going to be a little bit warmer. seeing temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. so something to look forward to. today's high temperature in philadelphia, 61 degrees. that was at 12:50 a.m. the record high, 70 set in 1932. and the normal high in
5:47 pm
philadelphia, 40. right now we're seeing 46 in philadelphia. 42 in trenton. coatesville, 39. and allentown, currently at 38 degrees. let's take a look at your current neighborhood temperatures lehigh valley, 37. lees port 39. westernerville at 36. bath 34 and white hall currently at 38 degrees. it looks like we're also seeing lots of 30s and 40s for the pa suburbs. chester heights, 42. davis at 42. warrenton 49. be new hope and new townclara at 4. marshall 44. wilmington, 45. 47 in lincoln. allen dale 46. and reading currently in the upper 40s. notice the northwesterly flow.
5:48 pm
hour by hour forecast, this is what we're tracking on saturday. notice the development of those clouds from the southwest towards the northeast. we start to see some snow moving into the region by early tomorrow. certainly not going to be a lot going on, just a light coating. in fact less than half an inch at host. and notice it's not very organized. even by 3:30 p.m. everything clears by 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., off shore. the good news is we make way for a really nice sunday in the forecast. the ten day on 10 brings us cooler temperatures on saturday. seeing mainly 30s with those light snowshowers in the works on sunday. sunny skies 44 degrees. 46 for mlk day. on tuesday, we're trending warmer, 54 with the chance of some rain showers on tuesday. and wednesday. 60s make a comeback on wednesday and we trend in the 50s for thursday, friday, and saturday. possibly tracking some showers. but that's not until way later next week.
5:49 pm
sunday. of course, you can follow us on social media @nbcphiladelphia for more updates on what to expect for the light snow for tomorrow. back to you. the country's newest coin has been unveiled. for the first time ever lady liberty is depicted as a woman of color. it celebrates the 225th anniversary of the u.s. mint. the mint says the nation continues to evolleybave. the new coin is set to be released in april. 43 presidents are looking for a new home. well, these wax figures are. they're being auctioned off tomorrow. they're from gettysburg hall of presidents. the hall closed in november after 60 years in business. tomorrow's action begins at 10:00 a.m. you can see the entire gallery up for action right now on the nbc 10 -- can we name some of those? i know that's ford and nixon. >> there you go.
5:50 pm
>> jfk, jimmy carter. clinton. obama. there you go. >> okay. >> thanks for letting it roll, there, guys. there were a couple i have no idea who they were. coming up they support women trying to get their lives back on track. >> tonight, we are showing some support for a local non-profit. don't miss our special surprise next, all new at 5:00. coming up at 6:00, a new bakery in trenton is hoping to do more than serve up sweet treats. their plan to help their neighborhood rise along with all the dough they are needing now. i'm rosemary connors, for nbc 10 at issue. join me sunday morning when we discuss the transition to a trump presidentancy. when will our area fill the impact? having a republican president that has an interest in urban areas, can really help us dig ourselves in the mess we've been in for the last 50 years. donald trump doesn't know what he talks about when he talks about the city of philadelphia. he should spend time with the people here. >> coming up sunday morning at
5:51 pm
11:30 following meet the press only on nbc 10.
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welcome back. lester holt joining us from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> ahead for us what the feds say is a pattern of excessive force and racial bias.
5:54 pm
unjustified shootings, all in the nation's second biggest police force. and what they want done about it. we're tracking a potentially crippling ice storm that will affect a thousand mile swath of the country. the incredible story of a baby stolen from a hospital 18 years ago, found safe and sound. what we've learned about her ordeal when we see you back here for nbc nightly news. >> thank you we'll see you at 6:30. to a big surprise now. >> interim house in mount airy is the latest recipient of the champion's in action award. it's an award that packs a powerful punch. >> i don't think you'll ever forget this staff meeting. >> reporter: workers at philadelphia's interim house were stunned when nbc 10 burst into their conference room with a surprise announcement. you are the recipients of a check for $35,000. i see tears coming from your eye. >> i'm so overwhelmed. >> reporter: the champion's in action award is a partnership
5:55 pm
among citizen's bank, nbc 10 and telemundo 62. along with the inquirer, daily news and >> we love shining a light on great things going on in the community. you're doing great things in the community. congratulations. >> reporter: interim house provides support to women struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. offering residential treatment and helping women maintain their sobriety. >> and working in job training, it's about rehabilitation and also what's the opportunity going forward. they deal with the issue holistically. >> reporter: the champions in action award comes with executive is mentoring along with promotional and volunteer support. it's a wind fall that the director says will be put to good use. >> money is so needed, especially now in the midst of this opioid epidemic. we know 17 women who have died of overdose in the past year. >> jacqueline london.
5:56 pm
to learn more about interim house go to our nbc 10 news app. once there you'll find information about how your non-profit can apply to become the next champion in action. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, standing up to sitting in written house square. the new press to keep people from lounging on the square's walls. next, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00. a new bakery bistro in trenton is pledging a community that crowd funded to get them in business. plus, seemingly salacious a math assignment at a bucks county school references sexual assault. we're live with an explanation. i'm tracking snow for some neighborhoods. how could impact your saturday plans, next on my first alert neighborhood forecast.
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5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, sexual abuse math questions? social media outrage tonight after bucks count way students asked to solve a sexual equation. tracking snow, the system heading our way could hit in the middle of your saturday plans. plus, escape in handcuffs. a man in custody for allegedly crashing into a police car and salting an officer gets away. we begin at 6:00 with the return of winter weather.
5:59 pm
after a warm week, wind chills will have it feeling like the 20s tonight. it's a live look at the flags on the aramark building. we're also tracking snow for your saturday. >> you can see that system moving in on first alert radar. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. what can we expect the timing of the system? >> this is mainly during the afternoon hours tomorrow. we're seeing some of the first radar returns in parts of west virginia. but the main area is still well back to the west in kentucky and the lehigh valley. we're going to go through the night and into tomorrow morning dry. the clouds will be advancing, there's saturday morning 6:00 a.m. it's dry. that would be the time that any snow would have a good chance of sticking. so the longer it holds off, the better chance it has of melting as it arrives. here we go late morning and into the afternoon. starting to see some of that snow. but it doesn't last very long.
6:00 pm
it's not very heavy. most of it is happening in the middle of the day. so here we are, by 6:00, when it's getting dark and cold enough to stick again, it's already over with. right now, it's plenty mild, 44. at least for snow. 46 in allentown, but the colder air is coming in. more on the timing and what neighborhoods are most likely to see the snow coming in a few minutes. crews have been getting the roads ready for the snow tomorrow. workers were out today brining the roads, the bridges and the ramps. al make sure you track that snow and any winter storm that heads our way with the nbc 10 app. use yo tonight, social media outrage over homework given out at one bucks county school. this math assignment asks students to solve an


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