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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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long time going through security. it's been raining off and on. it's in the 40s. it's not particularly warm today. single person i have talked to said they had to be here today. i talked to families who came in from far and wide, one family, a grandmother, a mother and two daughters packed into a car from minnesota and came all across the country, they have never been to another inauguration and they felt strongly about seeing president trump. >> it's a slow moving procession, but that's great, so everybody gets a chance to see the president and extend their greetings as he comes by. >> really the parade gets started after it gets to his reviewing stand. >> this is more the procession and he will go in with the family from the viewing stand and watch. let's talk about the relationship between this
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president and the media, hugh huet is back with us, there's been a lot said about trump's relationship with the media, is that important? >> i thought it was the most trumpian thing of the day. a lot of one-on-ones with the new president, he can be quite charming, he can be quite gracious, it wasn't in the official speech, but he called for the audience to recognize former president obama and secretary of state clinton. by people who have been offered jobs, he's dominating the room and completely in command of this transition procession, which is completely different from the former donald. i think a little bit of speechwriter took over a little bit today. >> you're talking about thick
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skin, thin skinned, he tends to react to everything that is said as negative as unfair. does that by necessity change when you become the president and you take a lot of grief? >> i went to work for richard nixon and he never watched any coverage of himself. and i think the twitter age has made the incoming relentless 24/7, and much more than you would have gotten from the networks, you could hit pretty hard if you were sam donaldson, but all of us get hit on twitter. if you just sneak a peek, the incoming is awful. >> he knows, you continue to do this, you beat up maybe an individual member of the press and you keep doing it. and maybe that member of the press says maybe i don't want to say this today because i don't want to have a fight with him.
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he's done this for years, done this in the tabloids and all this sort of stuff, this is a strategy. this is one of his tactics and it has worked for him. >> i know the campaign was not particularly satisfied with his press coverage. >> he didn't win because he bullied katy tur at those rallies, he won despite those things. they at mire that he's combative with the media, because they think he's sticking up for himself. but i haven't met anybody that likes or approves of the personal harassment of individuals. if you are a home team and you single out female reporters, even if they voted for him. >> it's just the -- look, i have
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had this conversation with him, i was like bash us collectively, not individually. you're creating an environment that's unnecessary for that person, that ebash up selective he still gets his point across. even his supporters say they don't like the individual attacks, but it sends the collective message that i go back to what a trump supporter said in iowa right after the state fair. he said you know what? he's my middle finger to all of you. and so donald trump is willing to do that, so him getting mad at me, it's like hey, right on. he's ized for two years. >> i will tell you several years ago, i had an opportunity to moderate a panel discussion with walter cronkite. i remember him telling a story
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that a of staffer came in and said that linden johnson is on phone. >> but you brought up the exact president that when it comes to media obsession, lbj couldn't stop watching television, you said nixon never wanted to see it, he got the televisions ripped out, probably day one. guess who's probably getting them installed in that side office, and probably multiple tvs. >> what did nixon tell you in his final address? those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. then you destroy them. what nixon was saying i got in too many of these fights that i did not need to and were not in my interests. >> that's why a lot of people were frustrated with him.
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including many democrats, why get into a fight with john lewis, there were some democrats that weren't happy with what he said, but why elevate the fight? >> george w. bush would never have engaged in a war of words with -- >> wouldn't have done it because that's his way, also because he knew you engage and it probably multiplies the number of democrats that are not going to come to the inauguration. >> george w. bush never attacked, it was not in his style. >> the president has apparently reached a point where he's in sight of some of the protesters, what would he be seeing right now? >> reporter: we're seeing our first signs against president trump, one saying defeat fashionism, black lights matter, and another one that says trump, you ought to be ashamed of you.
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some people chanting trump, some people booing, this is what democracy sounds like along the parade route, the crowd has gotten about five deep right now. we're really in the thick of it now and you can hear them booing as we pass. so president trump is getting to the protesters, but as far as i can see, these are peaceful protesters that we knew was coming, and you have a whole group of people who are trying to drown them out by chanting usa, we're not too far away from the white house, but president trump again taking this historic route that the first president took, of course the first president took a very different path, he went to new york, he was sworn in in new york and
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this is a very different looking parade. but again, president trump, you can hear the crowd shouting as he passes and we're passing the national archives right now, lester. so you can hear the crowd getting a lot bigger and a lot more energized. >> very interesting as you spoke and we heard the crowd swell, we saw more secret service kind of rush up to the side of the vehicle, we don't know if this suggests he's going to come out. maybe not. but certainly the crowd is -- well, let's listen. >> ladies and gentlemen the vice president of the united states michael pence.
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[ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> a big barricade between spectators and the presidential motorcade procession, you can see lots of members of military police there and then the steel barricades and then folks, and you can see the various signs there, this is around the navy memorial, there are some signs and protests, but as you hear, there are a lot of people chanting, trump, trump. >> this is the sound of democracy. >> a lot of voices.
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>> the president gets into bubbles, they're expose to this, not every hour of every day, but prime. >> you can see some of the signs and see where people stand. >> that would be the naval memorial area they're passing by right now, should be coming up fairly shortly on the hotel. >> they are getting there, yeah. >> at some point, there will crowd size, they have varied
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anywhere from 1.1 million when barack obama was inaugurated. >> you may see a swell. >> in this town, in this region, we're not incredibly supportive. >> and you hear a lot of things about protests, i know in cleveland there was a lot of coverage about protests, and it was a lovely time in cleveland, very, very safe. but if you're afraid there are going to be protests and you've got kids. >> i flew into reagan last night, and the memorial bridge was closed and so we came downtown and you just don't want to deal with this anymore. >> i may have vented a bit. but when there's a lot of traffic. >> you were driving enraged. >> i was not moving. >> and you were stopped in
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traffic and there were updates at every intersection. >> i do think there's something to that, this post-9/11 security. we secure these events so much, it actually does, i think discourage people to go to big events. >> i think that's fair, we cover a lot of big events and even with the press credentials, the hassle factor is high. >> and we have quicker ways to get in. >> and i'm not seeing in this shot, port-a-potties. >> there were more on the mall that were visible than on this parade. >> it seems like the marine corps marathon was more heavily attended than this. you could park on the road, you could go anywhere. and the city's got it hard to navigate around. >> there we go. someone's getting out.
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or they think someone's getting out. or they're preparing. >> they're getting near the hotel. >> is that pence's? >> i'm not sure. >> the most important thing, is roker ready? >> i feel like we should have sweetened the pot for him. >> there's a suggestion here we may see the president. let's see what happens here. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's take in this moment, if we can. . [ cheers and applause ]
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. >> it's nice to see their smiles. they're taking it in. >> this is a president who was a candidate, he made it clear he loved big crowds. and they don't get much bigger than this, or they haven't gotten much bigger than this for him. his son barron. first lady melania trump. >> it's so impressive when the kids get in on it and seem to know what to do. >> he's been terrific today. i mean this is not easy for anybody, adolescence and all those things. >> kristen welker, are you seeing this from where you are? >> reporter: yes, i am, and this is the sight so many people in this crowd were waiting for and they got their moment.
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so we are just past trump hotel. so he got out just before the hotel. the crowd just erupted when the first family got out and started waving. as you point out, president donald trump loves these moments. you could feel how energized they were when they got out of the car. so amount of excitement. and as i just mentioned, we just passed protesters, and so we hear people cheering for the president. when he gets in office, he's going to be focused on things like trade, immigration and health care, as a part of the first actions he takes, we may see some of that unfold as early as monday, but right now, he's soaking up the energy of all these supporters that have come out to cheer him on, to help celebrate the fact that he's now
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the 45th president of the united states. >> it looks like he's going back to the car, but tamron hall is in the front of the hotel, were folks expected to being able to visit that hotel? >> reporter: we were sitting here and the president stopped for a second, he seemed to signal to the first lady that we were getting back in the car. and here's the thing here, we are right across the street from the hotel, there's a huge group of protesters combined with supporters and they have been very vocal and so we're not sure what's going on, we're not clear if this was the plan to get back in the car, if you look at the body language of the secret service around him, his employees at trump international hotel are also surprised, they had their signs, they started chanting usa, they were moving in a way they were ready to be greeted by the president.
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and there is a change of plans now, i believe. he's back in his vehicle, he even walked toward where the media satand is right now, givig a thumbs-up. it's not clear if the president had planned to walk a longer distance. we're about 50 yards away from where he originally got out of the vehicle, they walked a very short distance and then seemed to abruptly get back inside. so we may learn more about what the plan was or if it changed. but you see the vehicle here, the president now is passing, again, this sizable -- listen to the boos a little bit. so there's a large group of protesters he's passing right now, a number of signs that we have seen, familiar signs, dump
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trump, et cetera, but now he's past his hotel, and now he's going past this huge group of protesters that are assembled. >> they did seem to get back into their car after just a short time walking, but the crowd obviously taking in that moment and getting a good look at the president as he makes his way past -- >> they may have to get into h car where he gets around treasury. but that turn is still to come, and then he gets back out. >> a broker corner. >> you may call it pennsylvania avenue. we call it roker corner. >> he's not standing there for nothing. >> but it is quite a site. what an amazing day this has been, a new president taking the oath of office, his speech, the luncheon and now this parade. we know this is more of a
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procession than the parade, once they get to the white house, the first family will re-emerge in the viewing stand and then watch the actual parade go by and it is considerably shorter than some we have seen in past inaugurations, so hopefully before sunset it will be over. >> there's actually some activity going on at the white house, right? >> they are feverishly working. >> jackie said that the first couple of days that she and john were in the white house, they thought they were going to suffocate from the paint. >> and the staff is probably moving into their offices, the lights getting turned on, e-mail accounts getting activated. >> is it possible that you walk
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by and someone is still packing? >> i think they have got some good protocols in place so that the obama staff is out before the ceremony. the staff gets their blackberrys today. so the staff is -- when i worked for george w. bush, i didn't watch the parade, i was in the west wing working. >> and the permanent staff downstairs, the clerk, the west wing staff, they're permanently there, they are the ones that are actually shouldering the burden of this transition, not the political people who can't find the bathrooms yet. >> it's like that for a month. >> for a month. >> and even is active. >> this is a president who obviously adores his penthouse as trump tower in new york and
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has enjoyed the parade of visitors going up and down the elevator. >> i imagine he'll go back. a lot of people come here thinking, yeah, i'll go home a lot. >> president obama thought he would. >> he went once, realized what an ordeal he was causing all his neighbors and basically never, i don't think spent another night there. >> not overnight. >> do you expect them to be a camp david president, michael? >> i think you heard donald trump's quote on camp david, it's very nice but only for about 30 minutes. so my guess is this is a city guy who's not going is to be very happy. >> you might get mike pence. >> kristen welker, has the motorcade reached you? craig, craig melvin. well, craig is taking it in as
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well. we'll get back to him a little bit later. you see some more of the view, we have some stands along the side is thicker. >> the reason why all of this looks quite nice, back to the kennedys, when they were coming down pennsylvania avenue after john kennedy was sworn in in 1961, along a lot of pennsylvania avenue, you saw sleazy establishments and sioux near stores and it was quite ugly and both john and jacqueline said this is not really an avenue that's fit for a new president, so they worked very hard to begin the redevelopment that led to what you see here. >> a government entity took it over. >> sometimes governments works. >> all of downtown d.c., the transformation that has happened
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in the last 25 years to be honest, first it was just pennsylvania avenue that was fixed, but the whole surrounding area, it's been transformed when i think about the city i moved to in 1990 and what it looks like today. >> i believe that's the visitor center for the white house. >> i believe it is. >> now there's a turn that takes them on -- >> it will be 15th. >> they'll go by the treasury department. >> chief justice of the united states john g. roberts. the honorable justice anthony m. kennedy. >> we're hear the however. i assume it's for people sitting in the reviewing stand. >> yeah, i think that's the reviewing stand we're hearing. >> kristen welker can give us a little bit better view, she's in one of the flatbed vehicles
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right in front of the president's vehicle. kristen? >> reporter: lester, we're just about to pass the treasury building, and i can tell you that the crowds continue to cheer as we get much closer to the white house. we're almost there. one of the things that struck me when we continue to pass protesters, how many of them are holding signs about russia in particular, it's clear that this particular issue continues to resonate with people, there's allegations that russia tried to meddle in this election, you have president trump making what some say are very praise worthy comments about president putin. so this is something clearly he's going to be dealing with in the first days of his presidency, clearly going to be answering a lot of tough questions about, the protesters very much a part of this parade route, and as we're getting
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closer to the white house, we're seeing more of his supporters and the protesters fading off into the background. the crowd falling more silent as they listen to the announcer welcome them as we're just a few blocks away from the white house right now. >> and when they enter the white house, they will re-emerge, correct? >> reporter: the understanding is once they get to the white house, they may get out and walk those final steps, we'll see if they'll do that, but once he goes to the white house, he will likely walk through the white house, and then come out again, walk along the lawn there and then go to the reviewing stand and that is where he will watch the rest of the parade and the festivities this afternoon. it is one of the great traditions. four years ago, of course, president obama and the first family did the same thing and you'll recall, they're all of those memorable moments snapped
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between malia and sasha and now a new family with kids and grandkids will be witnessing all of that from the reviewing stand, lester. >> we continue to watch this motorcade, this procession and it will be followed by the parade, as we watch this, let's talk about the first order of business. we know the president on monday is going to sign some executive orders in his first few days. affordable care act, how quickly will he move on there? >> that's going to be more of a congressional act. but health care is sort of the immediate congressional challenge. it's on immigration, i think even a few potential trade things, that's where you're going to see the first, sort of actionable items that they do on
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day one. >> we showed you a protest that got a bit out of hand a few blocks away from this, but this is a limo that's been set on fire. police did have to use pepper spray to try to contain the crowd, they were using flash bang grenades, we showed some of that to you live, but this was some tape from a short while ago of the fire department responding to a vehicle fire, apparently related to some of the protests. up to 95 people, maybe more now, there were some police officers that may have received injuries. we can tell you the protests that we and our correspondents along this route have been vocal but mostly peaceful. and it looks like it will remain
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so as the motorcade gets closer to the first family's new home, the white house. >> we got some complaints about some of the empty bleachers, but they believe it's because the luncheon ran late and it caused some invited guests not to get there on time. there are a whole lot of reasons. >> it's not going to be a measure of the success of this president. >> the turn. >> there is the turn. that's treasury behind you there. on to pennsylvania. >> all right, does he get out one more time? because we are on roker corner. >> that's right. >> this is the standard place in modern times that presidents get out to walk. >> it's a little more secure here. >> and here we go. the car is -- >> and also al is there. >> with snickers. >> they slowed down a little bit.
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>> yeah. >> and there's al roker, waiting for his moment. hello, al. >> reporter: hey, guys. >> no pressure. >> reporter: by the way, i'm prepared. i'm ready. >> who could pass you? >> i think you got a good shot with pence, for sure. i think he's got a little chocolate addiction. here we go. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president's motorcade has made the turn on to pennsylvania avenue. >> crowd reacting.
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3 c3 estoy reaccionando >> ladies and gentlemen, the 45th of the united states, donald j. trump, and the first lady, melania trump. [ cheers and applause ] . [ cheers and applause ] >> there will be rare opportunities in the next four years for they as a family to take a stroll, without this kind of commotion. >> those days of strolling without commotion are over for this family. that's one thing you give up. >> the rest of the trump children now have joined, along with barron. >> should we lower the ball for
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roker and say if you can get any trump? i understand it's hard to get the president to come over. >> lower the degree of difficulty. >>. >> reporter: nice. >> i'm trying to help you out. >> reporter: nice, chuck, with friends like you -- >> i think any family member is a home run. >> trump! trump! trump! >> the kids are so impressed, they don't run for office. >> especially the little ones, the grandchildren and barron, they're just handling themselves so well. >> in back.
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>> i'm just noticing don jr. carrying his little girl. that's extra duty. >> done walking, man, that's it. >> i can't tell if they're going back to their vehicle or if they're going back to the crowd. >> is kristen still in front of them? >> kristen are you on that site? can you see what's happening? >> reporter: i can't see that far back, lester. but it seems as though they're still greeting the crowd, that's my sense of it. at this point it seems as though the cars have come to a complete stop and that they have paused. so by my count, al roker has a very good shot, my money's on al. it is worth noting, lester, there are a number of seats that
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are empty here and they are saying it's because of the luncheon, but certainly not the crowd that the president was hoping for, lester. >> i can't really see now on this shot whether they're back in the vehicle. i see some car doors opening. but i can't see the president. >> i thought they got back in, but i'm with you, it looked like they did go back in. >> al, i know they stopped short of where you are. >> reporter: we can't quite see it. we thought maybe they were going over to the crowd. but at this moment, i don't have eyes on the president or the first lady. but the vehicles are still stopped right where we are. they're starting to move now very slowly. but i can't tell whether they're inside or not. >> we're looking at, i believe that one was the one that was carrying the president. i'll know when i see the license plate. that's number one. so that's it.
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>> the president will now proceed to the presidential viewing stand. he's almost here, keep your eyes peeled. >> still got mike pence to come. so al's day is not done. >> used to be able to drive down that street. but how many years ago that they turned it into a -- >> they first closed it after the first year at christmas time, there were threats from libya. >> oh, no. >> i think he was pointing to you, al. >> reporter: i don't think so. i would love to think so, or he wanted the candy, i'm not sure, but no sighting. >> well, if he's not walking
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past you, you actually get a pass. he's come out of the vehicle twice for very brief we calks before getting back into the vehicle here, they will make their way into the white house, perhaps freshen up a bit. probably want to talk among themselves a little bit as a family. >> or walk into the oval office. at this point in 2001, this was when george w. bush and george h.w. bush first walked into the oval office together and the son was the president and he was in there. so that was between the inauguration and the parade viewing. so it's the first chance they get to check out their new bigs. >> and he gets the busts that he wants, and the portraits that he wants. >> he can put down any rug that he wants. >> will he keep the resolute desk? most presidents sticking with it. >> most have.
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and he said he will hang the letter from richard nixon saying that in the late 1980s, mrs. nixon predicting that donald trump would have a successful political career. >> and churchill is back, pretty quickly, the bust of churchill will be back. >> peter, what are you seeing from there? >> reporter: lester, we're looking right down at the president's vehicle right now, it's almost in front of the viewing stand, over the course of the last 30, 45 minutes, we have seen a lot of members of his cabinet arriving, as the doors open, the secret service surround the beast one more time, a chance to walk and to smile. we saw ben carson, tom price, the health and human services nominee arrive, and rick perry and so many others. these crowds have been waiting and we have been talking about how they have been getting sparse in places, but in the
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last half hour, it's been filling up. he's coming out to greet these individuals, waving for the first time, his son barron by his side. and as he looks to the left, he'll be looking at the viewing stand, where so many members of his own team are there to greet him and a smile out of him as well. lester, what's striking about this is as they're arriving back today they had six hours. when i have spoken to chief ushers in the past, when the president walks inside, he'll have snacks waiting for him,
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he'll have an opportunity to prepare with his family for the balls that take place later this afternoon and also see the residence for the first time as this process finally completes himself. last night he spent the night at the blair house, tonight he will sleep in the residence, there's been some mishaps, if you look at melania trump, when hillary clinton couldn't find her shoes for inauguration night. they found them at the last minute in chelsea's room. >> i can picture someone in the white house is, they're almost here, you have to hurry. >> they are pros, they are ready. [ cheers and applause ] >> he is not moving toward the crowd, but simply walking along and acknowledging people waving.
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this is by the reviewing stand, which is right outside the white house. it's a glassed in area, i think heated. and that's where the first family will join some of their cabinet picks, the military leadership and others to watch the parade, which will be getting under way shortly. it's quite a structure they put up every four years. >> and it's always interesting to watch when it starts going up somewhere around november. usually takes almost, sometimes it's march before it feels like everything is completely down and -- >> it's not that long. >> it seems like it. >> more than a couple weeks. >> and they used to be different sizes and shapes, 80 years ago today franklin roosevelt said i want my viewing stand to be
4:40 pm
built in hermitage, tennessee and so it was. >> they're all stopping here now, i guess they're waiting up at the reviewing stand itself. that's dr. ben carson. looks like they'll be driven
4:41 pm
into the white house itself. it's just a short drive. maybe we can put up a map and show you how they will enter the white house. they will have a little personal time before coming back to watch the parade itself. which will follow the same route they did. but a lot of folks braving kind of a bone-chilling, damp day here in washington, d.c. to witness this chapter of history, the next chapter for the united states. . the inauguration on a friday, so they have a nice weekend.
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>> think for someone like donald trump who's so eager to get going, it's nice to have the weekend, but he's probably eager to get started. >> i'm surprised he wants to take the weekend. i got to think you've got that anxiousne anxiousness. >> i think most people can relate to that. give me a weekend to -- >> the whole family's here, the whole family isn't moving down here, just ivanka and jared. >> they're coming in. >> that's right there at 17th and pennsylvania, so they're probably going behind -- they have built this giant, it looks more like a warehouse than a garage, where they now keep the beast. it's a giant structure, you don't see it until all of a
4:43 pm
sudden you're like, how did thigh hide that behind the who i is -- white house? >> they're going to loop around and come back behind the white house. >> the northwest gate must be blocked by -- >> they'll be entering the west wing. and make their way to the east wing. the residence -- >> and the scrum of grandchildren, i don't know how many grandchildren there are, but it looks like a half dozen or eight. h.w. brought quite a lot of grandchildren with him when he arrived. but it will be a lot of fun. >> and it's their house now. they will be totally welcome and invited to do as they please. >> there's the welcoming committee of service members there. >> and that wooden path has been built that way for decades, mainly in case it snows, but there's not been that much snow
4:44 pm
at inaugurals the last couple of decades. >> as we saw, many of the protesters are holding up signs as it relates to russia, and that will continue to hover over, like a cloud over this administration. so we have brought on ambassador michael mcphaul. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me here on this historic day. >> john lewis was the first notable person to suggest there was a legitimacy question with the election because of russia. a number of people of congress boycotted today because of it. how complicated are things going to be? the president obviously is concerned about questions about his legitimacy, but how complicated will the day to day business be with russia? >> you have two big dramas coming up. number one, there's an ongoing investigation, it's still
4:45 pm
ongoing, there's not going to be a new chief administration, there's going to be a new administration that's going to oversee it but you can't stop the investigation. and the second is about policy. there is a big set of disagreement between trump and some of the cabinet members have very different views of russia. like general mattis, he doesn't -- they're going to have to work out policy in addition to this scandal that is lingering. >> so anything that could be viewed in russia's favor that's going to be viewed with an eye of suspicion? >> there's still many people that still believe the conspiracy, and believe that the president is going to do favors for mr. putin. i actually believe in the interagency process, after they settle in their jobs, they sit
4:46 pm
down in the white house situation room, as we did. i joined the obama administration, the day after this day, after signing up, we did an interagency review process of russia and i suspect the outcome of that will not be as extreme in terms of mr. trump has said as a candidate and as president-elect. >> i'm going to read you a line from the inaugural speech. we will seek friendship with the nations of the world. but we must come to an understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their interests first. >> when you've got putin, and he's not alone, i think china feels this way too. we have our sphere of influence, you've got yours, you stay out of our business and we'll stay out of your business.
4:47 pm
>> if you added that paragraph to the speech, vladimir putin would like that. if he said you've got your sphere, i've got my sphere, that's what putin would want. >> the same implication you drew, i drew, which is a message to the world that if we stay out of each other's way, we'll be fine. but it doesn't play well with what was said about the south china sea and the asian built islands. >> you mean subsidizing foreign militaries, does that send a signal about nato. >> that's not going to go down well at nato or japan or korea. they see that there's burden sharing and that line is going to make them nervous. >> but he did say he wanted to strengthen some alliances. so if you're looking for comfort
4:48 pm
that he won't sort of scramble the nato alliance, you can grab on to that. if you're nervous about it, you grab on to the other line. >> if you watch general mattis and his confirmation hear, he was confirmed today. >> within a minute or two, he and john kelly will be confirmed. >> when do you think the rubber meets the road between general mattis and donald trump? >> very, very soon. general mattis is from stanford where i teach m we're losing him for a while, but i'm sure he'll come back. you have heard his testimony, his views are very different than what candidate and president-elect trump have been talking about. but i think it happens in that first nsc meeting, when they talk about what are we going to do, vis-a-vis russia.
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so far all the president has said is i want a good relationship with putin. you need to say to do what? what do we want out of this relationship? >> when asked about putin killing journalists, he says we're not all that great either. he's gone out of his way to be generous to putin. >> i hope that all will change when he sits down in the situation room with all those people. >> they were walking at least as early as 15th street, and now making their way toward the white house on foot. and maybe, just maybe in range of al roker. >> i was just going to say. >> i think he's got a shot. >> reporter: i can see him in the distance, he's in the middle of pennsylvania avenue right now, they're still walking. >> i'm going to text mark right
4:50 pm
now. >> he's walking. >> reporter: we have a lot of chocolate because i know the vice president likes chocolate so we're going with that. he's still out there. >> you can see the crowd swelling a little bit as he comes by. >> reporter: he ee's walking a r bit, so he may have worked up an appetite. >> all part of your plan. >> got to have a little energy. >> reporter: yeah. all right, he's getting close. yep. holding hands with mrs. pence, walking with their kids. >> there he is, we see him on your camera now.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: he's getting close. here he comes. >> let's hope he can appreciate inauguration -- >> reporter: mr. vice president! mr. vice president! vice president pence! mr. vice president! i got candy! i got a snack! >> he got him. he's looking. >> nothing, i guess i had the wrong candy. >> he paused, al. >> reporter: he didn't even break stride, a complete blow off. >> once again, they continue to
4:52 pm
buck tradition. >> reporter: give me a break. give me a break for a kitkat bar. >> thanks for trying, al. >> reporter: any time. >> it was a unique moment when paul ryan toasted mike pence. he was so warm and i think he'll be a significant player in the next four years. >> where do you see mike pence fitting in? >> everything that goes on that will be accomplished will be done on that railroad running between paul ryan's office -- the legislative agenda runs through the vice president's office. he's that well connected and much beloved. >> i think everywhere where a
4:53 pm
gentle nudge has been needed for donald trump to dig into something deeper and more substantive, he's the one that can go to him and get him to focus on a key appointment. i think the role is bigger. and i think it surprised even president trump from my understanding, that he was picked for some of the superficial reasons that were in the news at the time, that the family felt very comfortable with him. he looked the part. but i think they have developed a very genuine relationship i think he relies on him completely and trusts him entirely. >> we saw him in the vice approximat presidential debate, he defended trump, he was put in some difficult positions. >> that debate i believe came after some of the more inflammatory moments and difficult moments. and vice president cheney had
4:54 pm
that role, the vice president debate came after shelby bush had had a very challenging first debate against john kerry. in some cycles, the vice presidential candidate doesn't matter very much, but in this case, it mattered. >> he has become part of the sort of the new movement for the 21st century. paul ryan and mike pence pretty much you can argue grabbing the baton from mark kent. maybe more conservative than some of the evangelical. but he's going to be the keeper of that flame. if you're a social conservative activist, you're going through mike pence's office. now steve bannon is the keeper of the populist flame. there are different flame keepers sitting around the president. mr. pence will be a big one. >> we're also keeping an eye on
4:55 pm
what's going on in other parts of washington, protests and the like, let's go to miguel almaguer, he's in a different location. miguel, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're just a few blocks away from your location, i want to give you the scene here, it's been incredibly tense over the last couple of minutes, we were hit with pepper spray not a long time ago. my cameraman is actually dripping with pepper spray. we're back and forth with police, it seems to be picking up again here at this hour. here's what's going on. on one side here, we have hundreds and hundreds of protesters who have aggressively been trying to push up k street here and on the other side here, we have rows and rows of police officers, just beyond them a limousine was set on fire a short time ago, the tension seems to come and go here in spurts, we're seeing a calm in
4:56 pm
that confrontation between police here, we have seen some violence just beyond the police officers here, we have seen several bricks on the ground, those were lobbed at them a short time ago, we have seen bottles flying through the air, the police, we have seen them use pepper spray and some rubber bullets to back up the crowd here, some tense moments as this clash between protesters and police continues, lester. >> we'll keep a good eye there, we have seen earlier tear gas being lobbed and flash bang again tornadoegrenades. i don't know if the president has made his way into the white house, but this is the parade route. this is again considerably shorter in length, we're told
4:57 pm
than previous years. all though time wise, they seem to be running fairly late. we're approaching the 5:00 hour here in the east right now. >> to be honest, i'm hoping the parade -- we get this parade started because the sun is going down. this is a big moment for a lot of people around the country who are coming to this parade. we have decent lights on pennsylvania avenue these days, but i don't think we can light up like a stadium. >> while the weather, while it has been cool, it's. >> sun set is in about 18 minutes here in washington. >> oh, look at this. >> indianapolis. it's always worth noting at this and previous inaugurations, you have police from all over the country.
4:58 pm
i remember the obama inauguration, and there was chicago pd directing traffic in the streets. >> and they want to come. >> i think it's an honor. >> every affiliate i talked to today, they were leading in with and our own police officers will be helping. >> this is an incredible court operation. >> they all sort of flew in. >> the secret service has the responsibility of protecting the princip principals, but these front lines and just the traffic control is some undertaking. >> a lot of them are probably working tomorrow too, a big event. >> the police here are going to be really taxed, i don't know what the estimates are, but the women's march is happening tomorrow. >> and falling on a friday, allows for protest planning on the weekend and that's probably going to swell the numbers. >> and we have seen protests in other parts of the country as well, all related to this. people will be as we have been
4:59 pm
die seconding the inaugural speech today, trying to get a read as to president and where he plans to take the country, how quickly and whether or not he will reach out, you know, beyond his base of support. it's a pretty interesting formation there. >> it was interesting, casey hunt, our capitol hill correspondent, said that during that luncheon when the cameras were off, there was a very lengthy conversation between president trump and chuck schumer, a report on the confirmations and trying to do this, but for quite some time, they spent time talking to each other. and you heard, when we got to see the toast, you would see these now, after casey's reporting, the veiled references, oh, chuck likes this, referring to chuck schumer. and apparently there are two that he has problems with, tom
5:00 pm
price for h.h.s., and mick mulva mulvany, and both of them have some ethics problems. >> about 10 hours ago, we made senator schumer blush when we said that donald trump likes you a lot. i don't uncool because 60 of them are boycotting today's inauguration. there is a relationship there. you need the pre-existing relationships wherever they lie. >> especially to the extent that he is a negotiator. he wants to make a deal and may not be bound to whatever the republican orthodox is. >> but the struggle for chuck schumer is he has the base of the party wanting to go in one direction. red state senators up for reelection in '18, in north dakota, in west virginia, in michigan, in pennsylvania. he's got to be mindful of that too. not an easy task to be the senate democratic leader.


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