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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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price for h.h.s., and mick mulva mulvany, and both of them have some ethics problems. >> about 10 hours ago, we made senator schumer blush when we said that donald trump likes you a lot. i don't uncool because 60 of them are boycotting today's inauguration. there is a relationship there. you need the pre-existing relationships wherever they lie. >> especially to the extent that he is a negotiator. he wants to make a deal and may not be bound to whatever the republican orthodox is. >> but the struggle for chuck schumer is he has the base of the party wanting to go in one direction. red state senators up for reelection in '18, in north dakota, in west virginia, in michigan, in pennsylvania. he's got to be mindful of that too. not an easy task to be the senate democratic leader.
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>> his appetite for deals may come -- he may be the only one whose appetite comes close to donald trump's appetite to get deals done. >> we believe the first family is inside the white house right now freshening up or doing what they have to do and maybe getting their first look. >> jumping on the beds. >> at least the grand kids might be. >> this is their house. >> checking the wet paint and see if it's really wet. >> they live now there. >> they usually slide down the banister. >> because they can. so there's a lot to take in there. to the extent they have visited the white house, they haven't really had a chance to get a full tour, have they? to really understand the workings of the place? >> yes. i mean, mrs. trump was there and saw mrs. obama and i'm sure was shown around, but not in the way that you do when you take possession and you can look everywhere.
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>> not that trip where you come in with the swactches. >> there is the reviewing stand. behind grass. little warmer than the crowd outside. the first family will join there in just a bit and review as the parade comes by. and then of course it won't be finished after the parade. there is a night of more celebrations, the inaugural balls. >> although only two this time as compared to 14 in 19 when bill clinton came in. >> there were 14? >> 14, apparently.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> they also used to have enormous floats sometimes relating to different moments in the new president's past life and that's something that is much less or maybe even by the wayside. >> i can't remember the last float. >> there was a huge model of the pt 109 and on top of the float were his crew men and they were all waving at him and he thought that was just great. he was standing in the reviewing stand. >> what ended that tradition? >> i think just cost and effort and parades are not what they used to be. >> troops awaiting the arrival
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of the first family to exit the white house and make their way over to the reviewing stand. is this the north lawn we're looking at here? >> yes. >> this is the view that you often see network correspondents. >> that's the backdrop. >> and the second floor rooms just under the portico are the rooms that usually the president's children live in. that's where the obama's girls were. upstairs on the far right, that's the upstairs kitchen. >> i've actually had a viewer ask me if there's foil or something in the window. i believe that's simply the glare. >> i was wondering that myself. >> but i see when we had a different angle it wasn't there, so i think it's the glare of the windows. i believe some windows. >> you can see there in the west wing. i believe some of these windows
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have been fortified. >> for sound penetration as well as ballistics. >> we see movement in there. >> that is probably children or at least baron trump going in and seeing his new room. >> that's the second floor. i see where you're looking at now. >> and on the third floor are a huge number of guest rooms and on a weekend like this the new president's relatives are probably staying over for the weekend and probably those rooms are full. >> i find it fascinating, mi michael that apparently they can configure that third floor and make them bigger or smaller. on the bush family they had to make dozen the amount of rooms. they have the ability to remodel the white house. >> every family can do the second floor and the third floor if they try to, for instance,
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repaint the blue room. that's a little bit more difficult. >> first floor they can't really touch but second and third. >> well, they shouldn't. there have been some tiffs in the past but i think that will not happen. >> it will certainly be a change from a fifth avenue penthouse. >> indeed. >> much different lifestyle. of course, he has been living much like a president since his election. we've seen certainly the barricades and the blocked street there is in midtown m manhattan and his movement have been very restricted and seeing new york mostly through bulletproof glass and suvs. >> i'm thinking of harry hopkins kind of figure who moved in. >> there doesn't seem to be but at the beginning of roosevelt d administration harry hopkins didn't do that either. >> before the sun goes down, how
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is kristen welker doing in the truck bed? >> chuck, i have made my way from the flatbed truck to the white house. we are waiting for president trump, the first family to emerge and to walk to the reviewing stand. this was a tradition that dates back to 1873. that's when president grant decided to review the parade from the white house after his inaugural ceremony and then in 1881 president james garfield review reviewed the parade from a especially built box. that is why you have that enclosed box. i'm going to come in front of the camera now. hopefully we won't miss him walking. this is also a chance for reporters to get a question to the new president. he's pretty close to me so we'll give it our best shot. four years ago we tried that with president obama. we got a wave. so we'll see if we can do a little bit better this time.
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in terms of what they're doing inside, this is a time of quiet and reflection. this is the first time they've been in the white house as a family. of course, they're joined by all of their new staffers, so part of it is getting to know those folks as well. they were here this morning with the obamas, but it must be a very different feeling to be here for first time and knowing that this is their new home. >> kristen, when did the obama staffers leave? what was the change over like? >> well, we know that the change over overall takes about five hours and what happens typically is the staffers hearsay goodbye to the outgoing first family and spend those five hours getting ready for the incoming new first family. and typically many of the staffers who work here at the white house stay. they stay on here and continue to work with this new first family. however, in terms of the staffers at the west wing,
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lester, they had packed up yesterday and moved all of their stuff out of their offices and i can tell you that it was a little bit somber here for a lot of the folks who had been here, particularly those who had been with the obamas since the very beginning, a lot of them on the campaign trail back in 2008. so the change over is historic. it's momentous for so many reasons and for so many different people here in the nation's capital. again, for the trump family right now probably a quiet moment of reflection and taking in this historic day. >> it is pretty amazing when you think of how many people had to be replaced in a fairly short time since early november until now. >> one of the fun n ek doanek d that donald trump was surprised at how few staff stay. i think he thought the white house staff was -- that the permanent staff was much larger
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than what he found out and that was ab en eye opening moment fo him of not realizing. actually, when you think about it, he's not somebody that had a lot of experience in government. if you're a ceo and you take over a company, people do stay. it's understandable that he had that mindset going in, but i'm told that it was -- >> we talk about him being an outsider, but mike, it's more than that. he is the first president with no public service experience. >> or military. >> and there are certain benefits about that that he has talked about. certain things you don't know and you have to come up to speed extremely fast. i think the other thing is he's been a successful businessman, but this has not been a fortune 100 corporation. the trump organization is not a large organization of that kind. so, you know, he also has not really managed anything with a huge number of people.
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>> one of the transitions that -- the trap sinsition that everybody is concerned about, talk about these moments right now. there must be nervous moments when you're the new national security team realizing we're in charge now and somebody may test us right now if we're not careful. >> a couple of things. i actually was in touch with a very senior white house official right as the swearing in was happening. because right up to that moment some people have to be thinking about national security, and they were. the second thing, we don't know the names exactly or the full details, but the sense i get from the outgoing team is the senior staff sent staffed up. they're not ready and they're not coming in with a big group tomorrow. we came in the day after inauguration and virtually every senior position at the white house was filled and that's important because they don't
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have to be confirmed. we were not confirmed. it takes a long time for the government to get up and running. having said that, just the top people change. i remember when i walked into the white house, every single person that was on my staff, january 21st, 2009 had worked for president george w. bush the day before. and that's a good thing. those people are going to be there, from the pentagon, from the state department, from the cia. they'll be there working and should be working tomorrow. >> peter alexander, check in with you. tell us what you're seeing right now. >> reporter: we're in front of the reviewing stand. people here who were waiting, they got to wave to the president and got to see the vice president and his family. now they get to sit out in the cold a little bit longer and the parade can ultimately come through here. you've been talking about the crowds here. where we are in some of the most highly sought after, most coveted seats, there are risers
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that go from most of the block from 15th where they made the turn already -- all the way to the reviewing stand. they're almost empty. there's almost nobody in them right now to give you a sense of how different this seen is than the one donald trump tweeted about saying there would be record numbers in attendance. you're getting a look at it right there and you can see how stunning it is. no nonetheless, it is a celebration. some from virginia, others as far as as texas. it's a celebration and one they're privileged to be a part. >> crowds do matter to donald trump. this is going to bother him, even though there are plenty of rapes why you could turn to from the weather, they're been running late. >> oh, i have a guess. they're very thinly staffed. the ambassador just mentioned how thinly staffed they are. they're also thinly staffed on the political side. you know there are people who would have been in those chairs had they been invited.
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but if you're thinly staffed, you can't reach down to that level. they do have to staff up. it is a completely different organization than the trump organization which is lean and mean. this is deep. i don't know how many desks there are at the national security council, but every one of them has -- >> how many of them are career at this point? are they career until they get nudged out? >> do you know what i mean by that? >> yes. the vast majority of national security council staff are career t. career. it's just the top jobs that are political. those people are looking for guidance. there's decisions that have to be made. there's incoming. there's intelligence that come in. and the rest of the world doesn't stop just because we're having our inauguration today. the rest of the world doesn't stop on saturdays either. most of the national security staff when i worked there worked on saturdays. so the notion that they're going
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to have time to settle in, that's not the way the security world works. they've got to be ready tomorrow. >> michael, we have heard about a handful of hold overs that they've asked for frankly it is for national security reasons and this happens quite often. >> it does, but i think we can begin to ask questions. donald trump is now president. he's had since early november. he knew he was going to be president. george w bush was able to get his administration up and running during a period of transition that was a little more than a month because the supreme court decided whac. what is the reason this has happened? >> you handicap yourself a little bit. if you were a republican and an ever trumper or if you were a republican with extensive bush administration high up on the list. >> it's going to take a long time for that to burn off. they are taking that list very, very seriously. >> kristen welker, you're there waiting to see.
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we are starting to see some movement. >> chuck, that's right, president trump and his family, the first lady, melania trump have just emerged from the white house. they're about to walk down the length of this walkway here and they will enter the reviewing stand. this is, again, one of the more emotional i think moments of the day if you are the first family as you sort of take in this historic moment. you see there eric trump and his wife, baron trump is there followed by ivanka trump and jared kushner who's of course going to be one of the top advisors in the white house. that announcement got so much attention because of course a lot of questions about whether or not that violated any ethics rules to have your son-in-law serving as one of your top advisors. the trump administration insisting it does not. and here we see followed by the president's grandchildren,
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extended family. >> pressure's on you, that shouted question. >> we're very close. we are here on the north lawn of the white house. so he'll be able to hear me. that's for sure. the question is will he decide to answer the question that we have for him this evening after he has been sworn in, taken the oath of office and is now the 45th president of the united states. we will certainly do our best. i'm one of several reporters here so i know we're all going to give it a big try. this is a tradition that goes all the way back to president grant. we haven't seen the president yet, but we anticipate that he will be walking along this walkway momentarily as the rest of his family has just come out. again, what they were doing inside, only the first family really knows, but typically it's a moment of quiet reflection the first time they have been in the white house together as a family.
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>> kristen, get ready, the vice president is about to make the walk down there. >> here they come. >> get ready for that. >> reporter: here comes vice president mike pence. mr. vice president, how did it feel to be in the white house? >> very humbling. >> reporter: what are your emotions at this hour, mr. vice president? >> hard to express. very grateful. >> well done, kristen. >> reporter: have humbling, hard to express in case you couldn't hear it. that was his response. and we're going to try when president trump comes along with the first lady melania. we'll give it another go. and again, he's very close. we're here along the north lawn of the white house. as lester pointed out earlier, this is where typically the white house press corp does our live shot. this is a space that's very
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familiar likely to all of our viewers, we have spent a lot of time out here. president trump, the first lady lingering a little bit before they walk out and take this final walk to the reviewing stand where they'll watch the rest of the parade. >> we got a little predictable breaking news is what i'll call it. we now have a new defense secretary. jim maddux has just been officially confirmed by the united states senate. i don't have a full number but we knew going in had a lot of bipartisan rhetorical support. we'll see what the final vote count is. looks like so far it was 92-0 at last count. so i would call that a show of bipartisan support. you know jam maddux very well. >> i do know him well. i think it's great he got that vote. i think he is a fantastic choice for secretary of defense. i hope that he will define the job bigger than just being a general.
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i think that's going to be his talent. i want him to weigh in on everything. >> i hear you. >> all right, kristen. here comes the 45th president of the united states. >> we're going to give it another go. hopefully he will answer our questions. the vice president did. hopefully he will take a que from his vice president. he is of course holding hands with the new first lady melania trump. fortunately the rain has held off for this walk for them. and for the latter part of the parade. so that they were able to walk the distance. >> reporter: mr. president, how does it feel to be the 45th president of the united states? what are your emotions at this hour, sir? >> beautiful day. >> two for two, kristen welker.
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well done on the north lawn. >> reporter: i'm the new al roker. >> i don't know about that neck of the woods. >> reporter: he said beautiful, hard to describe. you could tell that both of them were incredibly humbled i think is how i would describe them walking out. they answered the questions, but they answered them almost very quietly. i think, again, this moment is so enormous for whomever is experiencing their first day as president of the united states and of course donald trump now the 45th president of the united states was able to spend this sm time with his family at the white house and now he heads out to the reviewing stand. again, this is a tradition that dates all the way back to president grant. seemed to be a quite humbling moment for both the president and vice president. >> absolutely. thank you, kristen. you know, michael, it was interesting when we were watching jared kushner and ivanka trump walk in, correct me if i'm wrong, not since the kennedys has family been so
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important. >> i think that's exactly right. of course, because family was so important -- >> announcer: our 45th president of the united states donald j. trump and the first lady of the united states melania trump. >> sorry about that, michael. interrupting you there. i thought that was an important moment for everybody to enjoy. hail to the chief. i guess when you're a new president, you never get tired of hearing that. >> i think that's right. jackie kennedy was once asked what jack's favorite song was and she said hail to the chief and i think a lot of the presidents feel that way. >> i want to finish this thought, helping to run the
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country, having family involved in it really not since the kennedys. >> right. and it was in response to that that congress passed what is called the bobby kennedy law which is that a family member cannot serve in the cabinet and so jared kushner can be on the white house staff, but if his father-in-law had wanted to put him in the cabinet, couldn't do it. and the reason was because j.f.k. brought his brother into government as attorney general. >> his brother-in-law was an important advisor. >> indeed. started by sergeant shriver. >> dow expect more family? >> i do. i expect ivanka and jared, they have made tough personnel decisions and he trusts them intimately. what a journey, though, think about the man sitting down from the time he came down trump tower until this moment it is
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the most unlikely journey i've watched in 60 years. >> thanks for keeping the conversation going. i'm rejoining you as i was involved with some of our preparations for nightly news. i understand while i was recording something for nightly. you kind of wonder how this is sweeping over him. each moment of this day how real this becomes. of course, i guess once you sit in that oval office -- >> it was funny, mike pence, i asked him that, is it starting to sink in. he admitted it was only in the last few, suddenly his family was coming in and you suddenly have to deal with more family. he'd been working, working working and it's starting to hit you. that was two days ago. i can only imagine what it feels like today. >> so when all our old friends come and start calling pyou mr. president, that begins to allow
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that to sink in. >> he's going to be surrounded in washington by a lot of people in his party who were about ready to drop him, especially after that infamous tape came out. >> in some ways, he sees that as a strike. he owes nobody anything. he has this freer hand than n m normal because he feels like nobody official in this party, at least he feels like he doesn't owe anybody. that's pretty powerful. >> he will need speaker ryan and senator mcconnell to cooperate with him. and from chuck schumer, there's great opportunity to get things done. i'm hoping an immigration overhaul, but we will see what comes of that cooperation, but he can't do it by himself. >> will he do some of those negotiations unilaterally? cut out the middleman? >> i think much more than president obama who is known for not having great relations, i
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think president trump is going to live quite a lot with members in his office. >> and it may be just the opposite problem where staff is, like, wait a minute, you've -- wait. you promised joe what, mr. president? >> they're learning it. i thought it was interesting about a week ago he was asked that and he said i see what he tweets when you see what he tweets. when you're the communications director to the white house, press secretary, that's not what they taught you in press secretary school. >> how much is it possible, he says when he wrote in his book the art of the deal 30 years ago that one of the ways you make a deal is to begin with an extreme position and then let other people begin to talk you out of it. let's begin with the inaugural address today which some people i think among our group the thought was pretty harsh and
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pretty extreme s. there one way of looking at it which he was ti sticking out his extreme position with the understanding that he's going to have to back up? >> that's what i hear from his supporters. his supporters will say we've gone through this issue. you take him literally. we take him seriously. they bought into that. they said they think half the statements he says give him the tactic. that's why guy him the pass. the question is how long does that las. >> and to what end. at a run for reelection, you have to pass something. president obama passed the affordable care act. he has to pass something and that will require organization on his part. >> each of the services bands are making their way past the
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reviewing stand. >> announcer: and the next group of fine young men and women of the united states army reserve third transportation brigade. marching in today's parade represents the 205,000 souldier who current ly serve. they have served in contingency pragd prag operations in afghanistan, iraq. >> they have carried a lot of water in the war's last decade and beyond. >> they sure have. >> to keep referring to them as reserves i feel like sometimes is unfair. they've been not the reserve.
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they've been -- >> yeah. and this president has talked a lot about rebuilding the military and about -- he hasn't quite always articulated what that means in terms of numbers or we know he's been active now in the negotiations regarding the next fighter airplane. >> this is actually sort of like it depends on the eye of the beholder of what the military you want it to look like. there's different ways of increasing the military. some people think we need to go to more 20th century metrics, troop levels, submarine level, things like that. then you've got in the defense department the last couple years, concluding with rumsfeld and gates, ways that respond to the 21st century warfare. >> he did lay down a 350 ship marker. it is the one thing he would be
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held accountable for in four years. to ensure that ship building matter gets moving and i think he's already assembled a group of operations moving on it. >> not every military planner thinks that's the right call, right? >> right. i mean, where did that number 350 come from? what is the military mission that we're assigned to that. those are the details we don't know. i think your point is an important one. secretary carter wanted to modernize, innovate. he's opened offices in the silicon valley. pentagon never had offices in the silicon valley until under mr. carter. that's a different model than what you were describing. >> but the chinese expansion and the artificial islands and whether the u.s. is prepared to challenge those in a meaningful way. >> this is where it's a challenge of being president. on one hand, you have the shift
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of increasing our military presence in asia. some would argue the best way to confront china is to unite the rest of asia in a trade deal with the united states. this is the big debate. >> when he says in his speech we're going to do protection, some of our most important trading partners around the world are also our allies. and so that tension i think is front and center, especially in asia but also in europe. >> mr. ambassador, when he said e r eradicate islamic jihad is vaster than anything laid out in the campaign. >> i think he's going to hope we don't remember that phrase in four years time but that's just not possible, but making that an aspiration means we're going to spend a lot more. if you want to irrad indicate isis, that may mean putting troops on the ground in places like iraq and syria.
5:32 pm
so there's some real foreign policy tensions there. >> i wrote it down. eradicate from the face of the ae earth completely. you don't leave yourself a lot of wiggle room there. >> what i mean by that, we've been talking about it. our new president is sort of the polar opposite of our previous president. like george w. bush only use black and white and barack obama was all gray. some people thought too much gray area. now donald trump to a more stark. >> but to make a commitment that lester writes down means that it will be remembered. and everybody else got that and in four years you're going to ask there s there a brussels, is there a nice. >> it's a hard threat to quantify, because we have seen isis inspired individuals here in the united states.
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we've seen the isis on the ground in syria and iraq. we've seen what happened in europe. so it is more than one place. >> you wonder what the general thought when -- president bush when he might say something i would also say but islam, we're not at war with islam. president obama would have said the same thing. you don't hear that from president trump. >> there was no nuance to it at all. >> what i also heard in that speech is this is why you elected me. >> i was just going to say i want to -- i'm not working off notes here. the new york military academy, is that -- >> it might be his school. >> he's gotten very fired up by this. that's got to be a neat feeling. think about where you were in
5:34 pm
childhood and they're there honing our presence.
5:35 pm
>> pretty heady stuff. >> announcer: next up from louisiana it's the west monroe high school marching band and ra raiders. ♪ ♪
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>> president clearly enjoying the different marching units as they come by, giving his trademark thumbs up and saluting from time to time. ron allep n is on the north law just beiyond the reviewing stan. what do you see from there? >> reporter: it's quite a moment when the president and vice president and their families walked by. when kristen welker yelled out the question, you could see how this is all affecting them plch. mr. trump said it's just a beautiful day. mr. pence said it's a very humbling experience. you could feel that as they're walking by. they walked slowly and trying to take it all in. they spent a relatively long period of time in the white house. this is usually just a stop over on the way out to the reviewing stand but they stayed there and they seemed to linger there. we don't know exactly where they went. probably into the residence which is the area they came out of. they walked through the west wing. it's unclear whether mr. trump
5:37 pm
stopped by the oval office. i think at this moment you were able to get a sense of how this is affecting mr. trump and how this day is just probably very hard for him to take in. also i'm sure at this point he probably feels very clearly and without any doubt the weight of the office that he has now assumed and the challenges that face him and the challenges that face this country. right now they're just trying to enjoy themselves chl. we see some of the cabinet members coming out and going back into the white house. now probably just a good moment for them to sit there, take in all these bands and all the entertainment, and just enjoy themselves. take a deep breath at the end of a very emotional day no doubt before they go out this evening and party into the night at several balls. >> i know there was a skeleton crew there in the white house during the actual inauguration, but do you get the sense the place is coming back to life now that people are taking their positions? >> that's a very observation. yes, this place is much more lively. we've been here all day.
5:38 pm
at one point there was literally one press officer here from the new administration and there was one from the old administration. they were pretty much alone in the building. also a lot of offices were cleared out. the cleaning crews were in here. they had overtaken the place as they had about six hours or so. we could see -- we couldn't go back to the south portico but we saw a truck parked there for the change over area. it was very quiet. there was some legal staff here, but not many other people. and we were told that very slowly as the day went on and as the week unfolds, there will be more people coming in to as they say go on board is the term that was used here. now this place is full of life. full of energy. it's the white house again. it's not a place that's not occupied by either first family
5:39 pm
and, again, right here standing here you feel the power of this office. you feel the majesty of this moment. when we can look mr. trump and mr. pence in the eyes, we can feel and sense that it's a very humbling and time for them to come to the white house for the first time as president and vice president of the united states. >> well, his speech today, ron, certainly made it sound as if he's got a full head of steam, so it will be a very, very busy place as the new era in washington, the trump administration, takes over and sets their course. the president right now and vice president for that matter seem to be having a ball. he's been on his feet for quite a while. he's clapping. he's saluting. he's giving a thumbs up. clearly taking in this moment. i guess the hardest part of his day, making the speech, is over now and he's just trying to take in all these marching units as they come by.
5:40 pm
and knowing it's all for him. >> michael, you'll be glad to know we did stumble on sony and steve bannon in "the washington post" said it was meant to be in his reception. >> there were those tones. they could say yes, he is trying to break with the elites but the cap net is full of an awful lot of billionaires and elites in the past. >> that's in the eye of the beholder, right? on your political perspective these days. >> indeed. >> the only one to vote against general mattis in the senate. >> that's on a principle. she feels it's important not to suspend the idea. >> by the way the first bill
5:41 pm
donald trump actually signed into law was the waiver for general mattis that was passed both by the house and the senate. it was supposed to be seven years that you were supposed to wait to seven in the defense department and they have waived that rule for him. >> so this has been a long and fascinating day. i kind of want to go around the horn here and get everyone's thoughts. let me start with you. you heard the speech, the tone. what are your feelings on this day? >> i'm very happy with the day. i vehicle the change in washington. i believe the emphasis on populism have very good. the emphasis on downsizing the government and returning the role to the government is very good. i would have liked a little more lunch in the morning. i would have liked a little more recognition that everyone on that stage served and everyone deserves respect, but he was delivering a message has steven bannon is confirmed that he wanted not to in any way diminish and he did. overall i'm very happy with the day and i'm glad the new team is in town.
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>> chuck, what are your thoughts? >> it was a different kind of inaugural speech. i think he set a tone that's going to be to some somewhat confrontational. to others they view it as this was a movement and he's there to be the leader of the movement. it is i think the speech was designed to say hey, i'm not going to go along. one of the big criticisms that some had of president obama is he ran as a major change agent and he came here and he tried to work within the system. donald trump was sending a message at least today that he is here to break the system. whatever that means to people in a negative connotation, that he's here to break it. let's see if he can and what that looks like if he does. >> and he didn't make a promise to bring the country together. there's more to change. >> no. i think it was a political tactic. >> expectation sufficient his -- >> he views it as this is the best way to accomplish a goal. >> i think he's lost an
5:43 pm
opportunity the last couple of months in transition. he could have talked about unifying the country, could have put democrats in the cabinet, maybe just one or two and given some comfort to people who are skeptical about him.
5:44 pm
the inauguration of donald trump. >> congratulations, mr. president.
5:45 pm
>> the new york billionaire who turned the political world upside down. >> when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. >> now, the 45th president of the united states. a look at the scene in washington tonight, the parade taking our new president prom the capitol to the white house is winding down. president donald trump walking at times down pennsylvania avenue and waving to people along the route. good evening, i'm jim rosen field. >> i'm jacqueline london. we're coming to you live from washington, d.c. where history has been made. >> we have a team of reporters in washington and back home in philadelphia to show you the pomp, the circumstance, also the protests. but we begin with the inauguration itself. >> which happened exactly at noon. >> i donald john trump, do
5:46 pm
solemnly swear. >> and with that donald trump became the 45th president of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> the rain started falling in washington as president trump gave his first address to the nation. >> we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. >> in his inaugural address the president spoke directly to the citizens. >> this moment is your moment, it belongs to you. >> he held true to his campaign and the promises he made on the trail. >> from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. >> and he looked forward to what the future holds. >> together, we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud
5:47 pm
again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. and god bless america. >> at times today we have seen protests though here in washington, d.c. and else where across the country, including philadelphia. >> watch now as anti-donald trump protesters clashed with police here on the streets of d.c. officers in riot gear used what appeared to be tear gas and pepper spray on the crowds. a group of protesters smashed the windows of downtown businesses as they denounced capitalism and trump. police arrested nearly 100 people.
5:48 pm
it was a calmer scene in center city, but protesters still made their voices heard. the streets around city hall, independence mall and ritten house was strong. >> let's talk about the weather in washington. it wasn't terrible. chillier than yesterday. there were some showers during the parade itself. not a total downpour. not a washout. >> we know it could have been considerably worse with heavier rain and colder temperatures. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for a look at our weather. >> well, we just had an appetizer with the rain today. we've got some serious weather coming before the weekend is over. that's why we've issued a first alert for heavy rain, strong gusty winds, and coastal flooding. this covers the entire area from
5:49 pm
sunday afternoon through monday night for the rain heavy at times, the strong wind gusts and the coastal flooding. the rain that we had today is pretty much gone. that has moved out. we still have clouds, drizzle and fog. as you can see the significant rain has moved past. it's over new york city now. it's not coming back. as we go through the next couple of days, though, we're going to find this next storm is going to develop into a nor'easter down to our south and start bringing moisture up. so not during the day on saturday. saturday is generally dry, kind of cloudy, kind of mild. maybe even into the 50s. here comes the first batch of rain. sunday morning, starting to see some of that. some on the heavy side, even with the first wave late saturday night and into sunday morning. this particular commutputer mod
5:50 pm
gives us a break and the second system coming in monday. monday is the day where we'll have the worst weather, strongest winds. look at this area of rain at monday, 11:30 just now getting into philadelphia. washington getting clobbered with some really heavy rain. maybe even thunderstorms. and delaware as well. that comes up through the philadelphia area. again, during the day on monday. now, look at this, the wind is going to be coming in off the ocean. no doubt about that and getting stronger and stronger. by 11:00 on sunday, we're talking about 30 mile an hour wind gusts. look at what happens monday morning. this is perhaps 40 to 50 mile an hour gusts over the philadelphia area, extreme south jersey, northern delaware. that is over 50. 55 perhaps in parts of ocean county e. and that spreads in by 6:30 a.m. that's the heaviest wind.
5:51 pm
it's still coming in off the ocean. that's going to help cause the coastal flooding. later on during the day. the wind tapers off toward southern portions of the area and eventually shifts into the south and then west. the high tides, rehobeth beach in delaware, 4:30 a.m. on monday and 4:30 p.m., cape may, 5:00 a.m. and 5:20 p.m. and atlantic city 4:00 a.m. 4:20 p.m. i expect at least minor tidal flooding during those times. and if those 50-60 mile an hour wind gusts do materialize we could get moderate coastal flooding. for tomorrow, we don't have any of that. we've got a decent day. it's going to be cloudy. 54 in fairmount. 51 in shranksville. allen town and easton into the
5:52 pm
upper 40s. voorhies 54. egg harbor township 56. rehoebth 57. the amounts of rain will be incredible. this is one computer model to give you the type of idea of the type of potential for rainfall. if you can get two to three inches of rain in parts of the area, there certainly is the possibility of some street flooding from all of this. as we go through the weekend, we see temperatures in the 50s on saturday. that's the better day for the outdoor activities. sunday, the rain comes in, especially in the afternoon and monday is the day where we really get clobbered. and now that the nation has a new president, the obamas have left washington. >> after a much needed vacation, they'll head back to the nation's capital so their youngest daughter can finish
5:53 pm
school here. this morning the former first couple greeted the trumps outside the white house. melania trump presented michelle obama with a gift inside a tiffany blue box. the four had morning coffee and tea in the blue room. shortly before that meeting, mr. obama spent his final moments in the oval office before becoming a private citizen again. he walked past the desk, he spoke to a staffer before walking down the colonnade. when he was asked if he had any final words for the american people, he simply answered thank you. following the inauguration, barrack and michelle obama left aboard executive one. they touched down in joint base andrews before heading off on the vacation in palm springs. mr. obama delivered a message of gratitude to americans. >> and all the amazing things that happened over these last ten years are really just a
5:54 pm
testament to you. >> also before leaving town, the obamas released a fare well video on their website where they shared their plans for life after the white house. >> we want to invite you to help us with just one of the projects we're excited to work on when we get back. check out this website for our future presidential center. the center will be based on the south side of chicago. but it will have projects all over the city, the country, and the world. more than a library or museum, it will be a living, working center for citizenship. that's why we want to hear from you. >> former vice president joe biden and dr. jill biden left washington today. they boarded a train bound for wilmington today. it's the train he took back and forth from delaware to d.c. for years. they arrived at the train station wilmington named after him. he was greeted by wilmington's
5:55 pm
new mayor. the marching band, and people who appreciated his dedication to public service. nbc 10's tim furlong was on the train with the former vice president. we'll have his story coming up at 6:00. >> people throughout the country glued to the television today. >> it attracted the attention of so many people of all ages. deanna durante is with a group of children from montgomery county. >> we're get agnew president. >> i think it's exciting because we're going to have a new president. >> the president elect of the united states. >> reporter: they don't know why it's time for a new president. >> it wouldn't be fair for the other people that want to be president, because it would be one person. >> reporter: they know it's a big day. >> when a president gets elected, he has to say an oath. >> reporter: you may not know it by everything they're saying, these kids have lived long
5:56 pm
enough to know one president. he was president for your whole life? >> well, i'm eight half. >> reporter: i stand corrected. >> he's going to protect the united states and that he's going to try his hardest to make us happy. >> reporter: i think they had all eyes on the big screen. some were not so sure if applause was welcome. more than 270 students in the school and all of them watched the oath of office. the principal saysist not about republicans or democrats, it's about watching history. >> i think it's a good day. >> reporter: we did mention they're eight and the opinions of older kids are surprising. >> it could go either way. hopefully it's good his success is our success. >> reporter: in these classrooms they'll be watching. >> i think we should trust him and hope he'll do the best for us. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the festivities are far from over here in the nation's capital. >> the balls will be underway this evening.
5:57 pm
we have a special that will begin this evening as well. more on ininauguration at 7:30. we'll be back with 6:00 p.m. with more coverage on this historic day. >> thanks for joining us.
5:58 pm
history made. >> i donald john trump do sol n
5:59 pm
solemnly swear. >> the 45th president promises power to the people. >> i will fight for you for any breath in my body. >> nbc 10 is here in washington in full force. for the inauguration of donald trump. good evening from washington, d.c. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. tonight our nation has a new president, donald j. trump. right now he's getting ready to attend three official inaugural balls that are taking place this evening. it's the final act in a historic day here in the nation's capital. president donald trump parading through washington. celebrating his victory and inauguration. >> we the citizens of america, are now joined in a great national effort. to rebuild our country and
6:00 pm
restore its promise for all of our people. >> president trump's inaugural address continued the message of his campaign. >> america will start winning again. winning like never before. >> he talked about the problems created by the government. >> their victories have not been your victories. their triumphs have not been your triumphs. and while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. >> as the rain fell, he tried to offer hope. >> we will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. >> and made a promise to the country. >> together, we will make america strong gets. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america


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