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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 23, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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ocean city, parts of the shore in for my mall coastal flooding. check out the scene of north wildwood.
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this is earlier this morning where the rough surf is spilling into the town. that's why we have issued a first alert for the rain, the wind and the threat of potential flooding across our area. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. it is a messy day inland, as well. here's center city where the rain and whipping rains are a problem. heavier pockets of rain are expected to develop. utility crews are busy this morning as the wind is damaging power lines already. downed wire actually burnt the sidewalk along ridge avenue in red so roxboro and a huge mural has fallen in center city. that is live camera showing broad and ray streets. a large chunk of the mural on the ground. the area blocked off. no reports of any injuries. and the wind has everyone's hair whipping walking auds. people see awe in university city with the hoods up or hats on this morning. light mist coming down here.
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similar scene here. you can see the wind blowing the trees under very gray skies. and you may run into some delays if you're flying out of philly international. the airport tweeted that some flights are canceled because of the nor'easter. check with the carrier before you head out. parts of the poconos could be in for snow or sleet later today. here's a live look at the resort right now. we have a team of reporters and meteorologists covering this nor'easter throughout our region. let's begin with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. bill? >> it's a massive storm. this nor'easter issued a first alert for the entire viewing area through late tonight. the worst of it i expect to be happening during the day today and into early evening hours and then improving conditions after midnight tonight. what we're in for, more damaging winds. we've already seen downed trees. likely see more. these winds blowing all day weakening the trees today and
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tonight. power outages, we have had many reports of power outages likely to get more with more trees coming down. coastal flooding, set to reseat later today and beach erosion right now. look at the winds in philadelphia. ben salem with a wind speed of 50 miles per hour this morning and it could grow stronger this afternoon. some spots of the shore seen 57-mile a-hour wind gusts. cape may, rough seas. coatsville at 50 miles per hour. you can see the strong winds for wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. millville settled down. the winds were topping 40 miles per hour and closer to 50-mile-a-hour mark today and now 48 gusts at atlantic city. flooding not happening right now but with the winds still elevated, late today, at the time of the next high tide, going to likely see some more
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minor flooding at the shore. and for the delaware beaches. 4:24 high tide at rehoboth. cape may, 4:54 this afternoon and later for back bays and atlantic city you expect to see more minor flooding and some spots of moderate flooding 4:20 this afternoon. then there's the rain. krystal klei as that. >> picking up in the afternoon hours and almost to the noon hour and we're starting to see more action on our first alert radar. look at the green. now at this point, still not bad rain. this is a light to moderate rain. deeper greens you see. spreading anew jersey and parts of wilmington, philadelphia and trenton, as well. off to the west we actually still have the heavier, steadier rain and not here yet and now tracking the more steady showers that are moving through. especially parts of camden
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county, gloucester county and burlington county, as well. these are the zones in the morning hours looking at light mist and rain so these are already wet spots and now we're going to start adding on and building the forecast of the morning and that's in a moment. here's the radar and satellite wide view. look at the pockets of yellow, oranges, reds, where the heavy rain is because the storm center is pretty far off and has the move near us and then just past us and we have quite a few hours. in fact, through the rest of today and tonight for the heaviest rain to start to move through. let's get to your time line. this is the time line starting right now through 2:00. still just a light to steady rain and scattered in the region and 2:00 p.m. all the way through this evening, that's when the heavier rain moves in and as bill was talking about still very windy forecast. in fact, we are still windy into the night with area downpours through about midnight. the rain then starts to weaken but it does linger all the way into the tuesday morning so when
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this is all said and done by tuesday afternoon and everything is out, talking accumulations of right around an inch but some spots may see more. we'll get to that in detail in a bit. >> thank you. our live team coverage continues with nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenburg. we had one high tide early this morning and another one near dinner time. tell us what the conditions are like wherer. >> reporter: the winds picked up in the last few hours or so. you can see how fierce the winds look and tough standing where we are right now. as you heard bill mentioning, winds gusting close to 60 miles per hour in some spots and those winds brutal and already causing damage. wind and water. pounding the jersey shore. >> having trouble even standing up here. >> reporter: a traffic light at connecticut and pacific avenues in atlantic city blown down as
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powerful gusts slam the coastline. >> i almost fell down. the lights are down. this is really bad right here. >> reporter: the back bay raging in the wildwood. minor flooding in some spots in the high tide but most finding the wind is the biggest challenge so far. >> it was a little blustery. the bus stop was definitely difficult for us. >> kind of difficult. had a little problem getting out of the car. the wind is pushing against the door. >> reporter: back here live in atlantic city, again, we are concerned about the next high tide, the one coming up later this afternoon and this evening. where we could see higher water levels than what we saw this morning. also, we're getting lots of reports of wires blown down. utility lines being blown down in the waters. and causing power outages, outages throughout the area. at last check, atlantic city
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electric reporting 3,000 customers in the dark. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. our weather coverage continues now with a check of the roads. nbc 10's pamela osbourne is live. where are you and what are the conditions like? >> reporter: tracy, we are on 202 north towards king of prussia right now and you can look at the road. within the past hour or so we have seen a pick up in the winds happening right now. we are also seeing some rain this morning and that's fairly new i would say within the past 30 moneys or so. we are seeing just a light rain come down on the freeway. we are traveling at about 50 miles per hour right now. as we head north towards king of prussia. again, we can kind of feel the winds impacting us on the drive here so just taking a little bit more navigation within the lanes this morning and continuing going north. we'll head towards the city and
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see you again for another update but again we're keeping an eye on conditions for the road, on the road for you this morning, as well. tracy, back to you. >> speaking of the roads, let's get you updated on all the roads in the region look. first alert traffic reporter jessica boynton. what are you seeing? >> we're watching a story of the morning and continues into the afternoon and evening for a couple of days at least. there's the bridge closure, new jersey turnpike and p.a. turnpike connector bridge closed for repairs until further notice. you have to get around that pretty much for the rest of the time that it's closed. take the exit of ben salem around route 1 northbound and 95 northbound down to 295 southbound and then 195 eastbound after that take exit 6 and that will take you to new jersey turnpike and another bridge in the area, 95 and also have the trenton bridge from route 1 and watch for delays on all of them.
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heading around 413, you can see slow downs in both directions, of course, because the traffic is moving all detoured around the area, as well. also, to the water, watching the cape may and lewes ferry canceled. for the rest of the day. here's the expressway. of course, we are watching wet road conditions right around dyth street and the roads seemed to lighten up a little bit and not watching major traffic jam-ups right now but a few things weather relatted, as well. upper merion township. and also we're watching down poles and cables over in claymont, delaware. only expect it to get worse as the weather worsens later on in the afternoon and evening commute. that's where we see the stickiest spots. give yourself extra time today. tracy? >> thanks. you can download the app for the nor'easter hitting the area and the most accurate forecast for
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your neighborhood. donald trump has already had a busy morning on the first full week as president and plans to meet with lawmakers, business and union leaders before the day is over. in just minutes, he is expected to sign executive orders on two trade agreements. president trump wants to renegotiate the free trade agreement of the u.s., canada and mexico known as nafta. it was a frequent campaign promise and signed an executive order to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. president trump wants to begin individual trade negotiations with the 11 pacific rim countries in the partnership. the president met with business leaders in a breakfast this morning and reiterated the goal to increase manufacturing in the united states. the president said companies that make their products here will find advantages in the long run. he says he plans to cut taxes and regulations on companies to increase business growth. and today president trump's nominee for secretary of state faces a nomination vote by the foreign senate relations
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committee but this morning the top democrat on the committee said he can't support rex tillerson. maryland senator cardin says he's basing the opposition on the refusal to call out russia and syria on war crimes. then just this morning rubio announced that he will support tillerson. picking up the pieces. xlook at the aftermath, the damage of deadly tornadoes that tore through the south and ripped entire communities apart. and we continue to track that nor'easter that's bringing heavy rain and gusting winds to our area as we take a live look at center city philadelphia. now the rain in the area after a light rain first thing this morning and heavy downpours on the way. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future cast just ahead.
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windy and wet, and the rain is heaviest to our south, even spotting some thunderstorms this morning. we are tracking a nor'easter that's going to continue and impact the area through the day today and into this evening. >> and now a live picture of storm force 10 checking out the road conditions. 202 in montgomery county with
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light rain and strong winds. they're telling me they can feel it inside storm force 10. this just in, doctors say former president george h.w. bush is moving out of the intensive care unit today and former first lady barbara bush is being released. the former president was admitted to the hospital last week with pneumonia. his wife was also admitted with bronchitis. well, the same storm system that's hitting the area is responsible for 18 deaths in the south. it spawned deadly tornadoes over the weekend. gabe gutierrez has more on the damage from albany, georgia. >> reporter: authorities fear the death toll could climb after a weekend of powerful storms. you can see this tractor trailer up ended and tossed into the power lines. >> there it is! >> reporter: this morning, shock across the south after another deadly round of relentless storms cut a path of destruction across several states. >> dude, i think that's a tornado. >> reporter: the large
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rain-wrapped tornado left stunned residents overnight. >> twent in the closet and hear debris hitting the house. >> you literally have a trailer park that looks like it's disintegrated. >> reporter: drone footage shows another storm sliced through a park killing at least seven in adelle, georgia. >> woke me up, got to get the boys in the bathroom now and heard a little girl yelling. our neighbors granddaughter had gotten thrown from the trailer and into our yard. >> reporter: for those with nothing left, churches here have become makeshift shelters. >> the house just started shaking. 30 seconds later, everything was gone. the whole trailer park demolished. >> reporter: the deadly weekend started in mississippi where four people were killed. >> right here. >> reporter: in louisiana, one of several tornadoes caught on video. and in east texas today, a cleanup effort is also under way. but it's georgia that's now
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reeling from its deadliest severe weather in six years. >> for the first time as consoler in chief since taking office, president trump is pledging his support to help several southern states recover. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, georgia. a mississippi woman is lucky to be alive as a tree was tossed on the house. she was pinned to the bed by the tree and alone and was able to grab a cell phone and call 911 an crews had to cut the tree in pieces in order to free her. she had broken bones but going to be okay. an apparent tornado is blamed for this damage at a south florida high school. officials closed the campus. the storm threw roofing material, siding and plywood around the school. the baseball field was also damaged with a bleacher thrown in the street. look that the video of a car being washed away by floodwaters in southern california. the woman driving the car got
11:19 am
out moments before that car was swept away. the car tumbled and slipped through the water. flooding has also washed away this road in central california. a sinkhole just opened up after streams overflows. california has been hard hit by these storms. forecasters say this could be the strongest storm to hit the region in seven years. we are under a first alert for a nor'easter that's going to be with us right on through the day today and in to tonight. philadelphia international, a ground stop at philadelphia international. for departing flights, gusty winds. the camera shaking this morning. the rain isn't all that heavy but there's heavy rainfall that's destined for the area. the shore, been looking at rain all day and the strongest winds have been reported at the shore. up to 57-mile-a-hour wind gust. you can see the camera shaking there, too.
11:20 am
the rain is starting to intensify in ocean city. meantime, massive system so it extends even into easton. the rain isn't there yet and winds blowing the clouds through and seeing significant wind gusts well inland. allentown, winds gusting to 39 miles per hour. 40 miles per hour right now at coatesville. 45 in wilmington, philadelphia, with winds likely growing stronger at the day. at shore, just shy of 50 miles per hour right now in atlantic city. now, the future shows that the winds will be a bit stronger as we go into the afternoon. hour by hour forecast is 2:00 this afternoon, winds topping 50 miles per hour for dover and wildwood. atlantic city, may taper off briefly but they will be back and unfortunately it's going to occur again at high tide later this afternoon. so between 4:00 and 5:00 this evening we'll see those elevated winds at the shore. that onshore flow is pushing the ocean waters closer to the
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shore. that's why we're expecting to see more flooding. mainly minor flooding and atlantic city area and a bit further to the north, there could be some spots of moderate flooding. meantime, inland, the rain isn' heavy enough for flooding but more damaging winds this afternoon as the winds stay elevated. by late tonight, this is 11:00, the winds breezy. gusting to 34 miles per hour in philadelphia and taper off and improve overnight tonight and the worst of it is during the day today and this evening. we have yet to see the worst of the rainfall. this is doppler radar showing light rain moving in to the area. and that is also light rainfall so far from philadelphia to atlantic city but it feels like it's so much heavier with the driving rain. the heavier rain to the south, thunderstorms in eastern maryland heading towards the d.c. area, virginia getting thunderstorm activity and slowly moving the way that's going to be with us right on through the
11:22 am
afternoon. can't rule out a thunderstorm and more likely will get occasional heavy downpours and then tapers off. seeing that. storm system way to the south with a ways to go before the worst of it moves into our area. but it is on track for some heavier showers at 2:00 this afternoon and central delaware and south jersey reach boog the suburbs at 4:00 this vmpb. and that rainfall continues through the evening rush. what we don't get out of this is this. that's snow to the west. much colder air will stay out of the area. we might see a wintry mix in the pocono mountains and by 11:00 tonight moderate showers extending through new jersey and then tapers off into tomorrow morning and seeing improving conditions overnight tonight and into tomorrow. but we may start the day as krystal mentioned earlier with some showers and not expecting heavier rain here. calling for lots of winds and rain and temperatures in the 40k
11:23 am
for philadelphia. suburbs in the upper 30s this afternoon with the winds gusting into late this evening and the lehigh valley, rain heavy this afternoon and then not as heavy in the evening hours and no sign of sunshine for delaware or new jersey. winds gusting to near 50 miles per hour. with gusty winds late tonight at the shore and then we have improving conditions, show you when you get to see the sun again with ten-day on 10 in the next half hour. tracy? >> excellent. thank you. we have new details in a bar fight that turned deadly overnight in south philadelphia y. the man's friends didn't realize he was shot. we continue to track the nor'easter. a live look at the road conditions in delaware. this is south shore marina in bethany beach.
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philadelphia police are
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looking for a killer after a man was shot and no one realized it until he was taken to the hospital. the victim's friend told police the man was in a fight in a bar in west philadelphia. they found him unconscious, put him in the car to take him home and when they couldn't wake him up, they called for help. medics rushed the man to the hospital and he was shot in the chest. there are no suspects. powerful winds and heavy rain are a big problem in the area today. here's a live look of storm force 10 as we continue to check out conditions throughout the region. our nbc 10 first team of meteorologists tracks the nor'easter hitting the area. president trump begins the first full week as commander in chief. some of the executive actions that could come as early as today.
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tracking a nor'easter, the jersey shore getting hit with
11:31 am
strong winds and rain today. here's a live look. this is atlantic city. as the shore prepares for the worst of the storm. a live look now at the delaware beaches. it is a windy, wet day in bethany beach suffolk county. look at the wind whipping the loose shingles in west philadelphia. and if you're heading out on the roads be careful. we have a number of power outages affecting traffic lights. a live look at center city, philadelphia, from the kimmel center campus camera and philly international and a ground stop has been reissued by the faa. the airport just tweeted that about five minutes ago for flights departing from philadelphia. the airport warning travelers to check their carriers before you head out. we have a team of meteorologists tracking this nor'easter and reporters fanned out throughout the area giving you a look at the latest conditions. let's begin with nbc 10 first
11:32 am
alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? >> this is a powerful nor'easter today. wind gusts topped 55 miles per hour at the shore. have already topped 45 miles per hour inland. and are likely to continue this morning for the rest of the morning and through this afternoon. you mentioned traffic lights. we got a report that a traffic light has been blown down in atlantic city on pacific avenue. that's how strong the winds are. we'll likely see more damage. coastal flooding and power outages. the flooding going to wait until high tide this afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00. at the shore and little later in the back bays. power outages at any time in the day today with trees being downed in strong gusty winds that will be unrelenting for the afternoon. those winds already peaked at 50 miles per hour in philadelphia and we have seen wind gusts of 57 miles per hour at the shore. that's a look at the seas in cape may. a rough one through the day and
11:33 am
tonight in cape may. the wind gusts earlier topped 50 miles per hour in coatesville. now 40. 40 in philadelphia. stronger in wilmington at 45 miles per hour and back up to 44 in wildwood and holding at 48 miles per hour in atlantic city. those winds blowing all day long will likely weaken more branches and trees leading to more problems as the day goes on. and then there's the rain. which is just starting to get going in our area. and there's a potential for heavy rain fall in the day today. krystal is tracking that. >> yeah. really it's the afternoon in the evening seeing the heaviest pockets of rain in the area. this rain not too rough to deal with and unfortunately that means the worst rain at your commute home. so here's what we're dealing with right now. radar and satellite, this is more a light to steady rain to pick up in new jersey and then passing into philadelphia. now extending into parts of the p.a. suburbs, as well.
11:34 am
heavier rain just barely see it on the screen. producing now some lightning, pocket thunderstorms. that's still to our southwest. let's look closer what we have right now. so the deeper green, a steady rain near philadelphia and stretches up to king prussia and aven avington, as well. continues to the shore point. ship bottom and tracking north up to about monmouth county and down to near cape may county and now widespread showers popping up but the strength not there quiet. that's further back. the center of the storm is still well to the southwest so as this continues to move our direction, some of the steadier storms and possibly isolated thunderstorm to pick up in our neck of the woods but that's later today and the heaviest rain moves in 2:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. and that's what the gusts still 40 to 50 miles per hour. rain totals one inch and then more detail on rain totals
11:35 am
coming up. now nbc 10 ted greenberg joins us in atlantic city. you have been pelted with water all morning long and looks like it's continuing. >> it is still. still pelting me in the face. that's right, tracy. the wind continues to get stronger. in fact, i just saw a report that came in not too long ago of a wind gust of 63 miles per hour. that came out of cape may. and you can see what all that wind is doing to these waves and it is also causing damage. take a look at some video we shot a short time ago from here in atlantic city at the intersection of connecticut and pacific avenues. that is where these fierce wind gusts blew down a traffic light. that shows you just how strong these winds are. they basically brought it down on to the street. still flashing. we were down in cape may county earlier today and started at 4:00 this morning in the wildwood. and at high tide then it caused
11:36 am
some minor tidal flooding as the water came crashing out of the back bays and spilled on to the streets. and more tidal flooding, perhaps of the moderate level, a possibility with this afternoon's high tide. but the main issue here at the shore really is the wind. it is really hard to deal with and some folks are finding out. >> i almost fell down. the lights are down. this is really bad right here. >> the wind is starting to pick up pretty good and i'm just stopping over here for a cup of coffee and going back home and hunker down a little bit. >> reporter: a good idea to do that, hunker down inside if you possibly can. number of power outages is going up as the wind speed is going up. since i last talked with you at the top of the hour, more power outages reported by atlantic city electric and last check, that number more than 5,000
11:37 am
across south jersey. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you for the update and now further south. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is in bethany beach. how are the conditions there? >> reporter: i have been up and down the entire state. i left my home and it was windy and rainy and now bethany, the other side of the flags that's the beach and the ocean. you can see it whipping through here. i came to bethany also to check a couple of the spots susceptible to flooding. not too, too bad yet. you can see the conditions sort of going that direction. but so far, not too bad in the spots that usually get hit the worst and that's a good thing. i can tell you a couple of spots by the indian river inlet, south shore marina, some of the roads almost impassable and the road in front of me here, a lot of trees down, branches down a lot of leaves flying here and pine
11:38 am
needles all over the place and in the a great situation and tell you in this boxy storm vehicle, i used a ton of gas to get down here and a fight to keep the vehicle straight on the road because the wind is pulling you and i think you can probably see the wires up top. i also want to show you some video from our loyal delaware viewers. we have some video first from claymont. a utility pole down on philadelphia pike and also some video somebody sent in of downed power lines on cars. so yes, wherever you are in the state feeling the wind, the rain. live back to bethany, see the wind on the power lines above me and at this point, the flooding isn't bad and be careful about there. don't go through anything that's not smart. i would go through some spots and decided not to do it but back up even in a vehicle to handle it. not worth it. you can see when's happened here on the sides of the road, shoulder areas filling in and a
11:39 am
couple hours before the road is covered with water, too. be very, very careful. we'll monitor the roads in delaware. live in bethany beach, delaware, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. pamela osborne checking out the roads inland in roxboro. you said you're having the same trouble as tim furlong, keeping the car on the road. >> reporter: absolutely, tracy. it's getting a point now where you can definitely feel the winds whipping around as you drive on to the roadway. now i'm going to flip the camera around to give you a view. a little bit of light rain and the big story for us right now is the winds. we are on ridge avenue right now and roxboro and seen leaves and branches down and this morning elsewhere and showing you video of a tree that fell down. now, this is right near ridge
11:40 am
avenue right near fairmount park there. and tree came down on cars parked there. a testament to how significantly some of these winds are blowing right now at this hour. as we come back out here live, another look at ridge avenue as we're heading making our way closer to the city, the center city, rather. just, again, a little bit of rain. you definitely want to take things slow. i know kristen my photographer was driving with both hands on the wheel and just that kind of day, those type of conditions out on the road here. tracy, back to you. >> pamela, thanks. for realtime updates for your neighborhood, download the free nbc 10 app, track the storm and get updates on the most accurate forecast all day long. this afternoon, the rush hour is expected to be a slow go for anyone trying to avoid the closed delaware river turn bike bridge closed because of a crack found in the truss on the bridge
11:41 am
connecting the turnpikes o. officials say it will be weeks before engineers fully understand how badly the bridge is damaged. looking forral tern gnats, go to nbc or the nbc 10 app. president trump could announce he's moving from the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. the palestinians have warned that that move would cause chaos. president trump is being sued over his business interests. a group of lawyers and ethics experts filed a suit today alleging the president's business interests violate the constitution. they say the president can accept gifts of foreign gifts through the businesses, the administration says it's doing nothing illegal. now part of the goal of the lawsuit is to force president trump's hand on the tax returns and might illuminate any conflicts. kellyanne conway reversed
11:42 am
herself. yesterday she said he would not release the returns. today she tweeted he will release them once an audit is complete. the showdown in houston is set. a look at the two teams to battle it out in super bowl li and why there's interest in our area. we're battling a nor'easter today. some of the worst of it at the shore and wil ling on the inland seeing strong gusts. this is a live view from the stadium. see the camera shaking and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. and then the rain. we'll take a look at how much you can expect before it winds down and pulls away with a future cast when we come back.
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wet and windy conditions. it's a nor'easter. the heaviest rain is yet to come but we have already seen wind gusts of 50 miles per hour in philadelphia and topping 60 miles per hour at the shore. neighborhood forecast show you how much you get when we come back. >> all right, bill. thanks. now show you what conditions look like. this is live picture of ocean city, cape may county. you can see the rough surf there. gloomy skies, rain and high winds. we can also tell you we got this
11:46 am
information that the blue route in both directions will be closed, is closed now, from the villanova st. david's exit to the schuylkill in both directions because of downed directions and half hour closure. we'll keep you updated. hoping to get the tax refund, as quickly as possible, you can start today. the irs is accepting electronic tax returns and processing paper returns. the agency says it expectless more than 153 million tax returns to be filed this year. this year's tax deadline is tuesday, april 18th. we have a beer recall to tell you about today. sierra nevada brewery pulled some from shelves including in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. a packaging flaw could cause pieces of the glass to break off into the bottles. they were packaged between early december and mid-january. consumers can get full refunds
11:47 am
for any recalled beer they purchased. details on the website nbc and nbc 10 app. we are two weeks away from super bowl 51 and the matchup is set. patriots and falcons. matt ryan the first to punch the strict. they crushed the pack earls at home. and then just a few hours later, the patriots won the afc title game after cruising past the steelers. this is new england's seventh trip to the super bowl in 15 years. super bowl li is february 5th. well, if you've been thinking about adopting a pet, the providence animal center in del care county as reasons why now is really the right time to do it. emily craft is here from the providence animal center. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> you brought cookie. >> we have cookie here. >> super sweet cookie. >> sweet cookie. >> tell us about cookie.
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>> about 3 months old. we rescued her from an overcrowded shelter. she will be available for adoption tomorrow. if anyone is locking to add on to their family, we have cookie for you. >> you have a construction special coming up. what's that? >> our construction special is until the end of january. all animals that are under 6 months old and qualify for cookie are 25% off and that's great because normally we don't have adoption specials on puppies and then our adult animals 6 months and up they are going to be 50% off so that's a really good opportunity for them. >> you have an interesting specials and one for yoga. >> yeah. yoga with cats. it's february 18th. 11:30 to 12:00 and we will have some in the coming months, as well. but it's going to be yoga with cats so it's a relaxing experience for you and relaxes the cats and maybe fall in love
11:49 am
and adopt one when you're done, as well. >> that sounds nice. the effort to clear the shelters and people should know before they jump into this because this is a commitment. >> it is. >> what should people know? >> basically, if you're adopting a puppy, they need a lot of care. they need a lot of attention so if that's the route you're going to take, be prepared to be pretty dedicated for a couple of months and then getting an adult dog they might already come trained and might have to put in a little extra work. a lot of times they're already house broken and pretty good. they need homes, as well. >> what you get in return is priceless. >> yes. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> the providence animal center offering 50% off dogs and cats over 6 months, 25% off puppies and kittens. now through the end of january. for more information about that promotion and some of the other events coming up, find that on our website nbc or the nbc 10 app.
11:50 am
it's a nor'easter. we have a first alert in place for strong, gusty winds and heavy rain. no heavy rain yet in philadelphia, though. the rain is coming down. you can see the banners that are blowing in the wind. those winds will be increasing as we go into the early afternoon hours and they'll start to taper off later today. winds of 45 miles per hour. that's how high the gusts have been at wilmington. see the camera shaking. rain heavier in the afternoon for wilmington. that is view from storm force this morning. see the gray skies. you have heard about how difficult it is to drive in the conditions with the strong, gusty winds making it difficult to drive straight. here's a great display of those winds. that camera is shaking in the strong gusty winds and now the rain is starting to spread inland. this steady light rain has been at the shore for hours and feels like it's heavier in montgomery county and bucks county. that rain is being blown by the wind which will make it feel
11:51 am
heavier but we are likely going to get heavier downpours and steady rain in cape may and into the ocean city area. also through sussex county and delaware. this is on the move and swinging through dover which is going to get some very strong winds this afternoon. the heaviest rain and some thunderstorm activity is still to the south. you can see spots of heavy rain. not all heavy rain this afternoon but a blowing wind and gusty winds with that rain coming down. that will be heavy at times. so the winds pretty steady in the day. the stronger downpours, this is 2:30 this afternoon. new castle county and kent county and moving into new jersey and that line of should recalls, that's set for this afternoon at 5:00 in philadelphia. that will swing through and during the evening hours we could still see some moderate showers even an isolated downpour in atlantic county. this is 11:00 tonight. but then overnight tonight the conditions will be improving. we'll still start the day with
11:52 am
some showers tomorrow morning and the wind will be blowing but not to the level that is we're going to see in the day today. and to this evening. how much rain will we get? by 7:00 tomorrow morning, less than an inch in philadelphia but pottstown more than an inch and egg harbor, closer to an inch and a third in wilmington and an inch there and a few scattered showers at 7:00 in the morning and won't last much longer and improving conditions tomorrow. but for today, still under a first alert for a nor'easter for our entire viewing area until late tonight. after midnight, improving conditions. the wind dies down and the rain will not be as heavy but for the rest of the day into the evening hours, those damaging winds will likely down more trees as they have already this morning leading to more power outages, coastal flooding set this afternoon for high tide between 4:00 and 5:00 and beach erosion, well, this's possible right on through this evening. and then improving conditions
11:53 am
for tomorrow. the first alert ends at midnight and then tomorrow breezy, a few showers in the morning, 46 degrees the high temperature. drying out in the afternoon. sunshine, will finally be back after days of clouds on wednesday. look at that warm-up. 38 in the morning. 54 in the afternoon. and then a cold front comes through and feels the winds on thursday. it will come through dry and don't expect to see showers and will return the normal winder temperatures and lows in the 20k and high temperatures in the low 40k. that's the weekend and looks like that normal chill with dry conditions to next week. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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we want to update you on breaking news along the blue route and piko says it's shut down in both directions. here's a live picture. seems to be breaking up. intersection of 76 and 476 and they tell us it's removing an aerial wire in danger of falling because of the strong winds and the stretch is closed for at least half an hour. you've been warning us about that downed power lines and power outages with the high winds. >> i think more reports like this, the winds are so steady and so strong and going to stay with us for such a long duration and likely more damage reports
11:57 am
in the evening. >> thank you for watching. stay updated on the storm as it moves through with the nbc 10 app.
11:58 am
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