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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 24, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> don't put them away just yet. that's our news. >> up next nightly news with lester holt. tonight, president trump's false claim. with no evidence, the president accuses millions of people breaking the law, claiming massive voter fraud caused him to lose the popular vote. the white house doubling down under fire. also tonight, the supreme court short list. spreading virus. making people violently ill. schools scrambling to contain it nationwide and the way to protect yourself might not be what you think. grim reality. tv cameras following law enforcement in realtime coming upon a crime scene. now family says they learned of their loved one's death on national television. history at the oscars after that storm of controversy hit the academy awards. brotherly bond. the vision they share. how it's inspiring
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america. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. even as he rapidly reshapes american politics with a flurry of executive actions, president trump is making a false claim that millions of false votes were cast. his focus on election conspiracy sththeories is in sharp contrast to the bold actions he's taken include his resurrection of the keystone pipeline. we start with white house correspondent hallie jackson. >> reporter: instead of working to clarify or backtrack on president trump's false claims, today his press secretary tried to cement them. this time it's not
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candidate trump repeating false claims of widespread voter fraud. >> you have places where people walk in and vote. >> reporter: but president trump with the white house now officially endorsing a debunked conspiracy theory that millions of people voted illegally. >> it was a comment he made on a long standing belief. >> reporter: citing studies that don't back up his claim. the press secretary backing up his boss who told congressional leaders that illegals, people voting illeg illegally, cost him the popular vote. if proven, it would be fraud on an unprecedented scale. something that could undermine an entire election yet the white house confident in his victory. >> why not say he will investigate if he believes and the administration's position is there was massive voter fraud. >> he said three to five million people could have voted illegally. we're here on day two, i think let's not
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pre-judge what we may or may not do in the future. >> reporter: the national association of secretary of state standing by its confidence. not aware of any evidence supporting the president's voter fraud claims, but open to learning more about the administration's concerns. >> free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy and seems like president trump is trying to take a jackhammer to hit. >> reporter: republican senator lin lindsey graham all but pleading. >> this will erode his ability to president. >> talk about things. >> reporter: hallie jackson, the white house. >> reporter: this is kristen welker, president trump resurrecting two projects today. casting it as a campaign promise kept to create more jobs. >> we will build our own pipeline.
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we will build our own pipes. that's what it has to do with. like we used to in the old days. >> reporter: a reversal on two obama era projects that are were stalled. a flash point for environmental protests. many who camped out for months. native americans say the project could destroy their homes and sacred sites. last year they won a battle with the army corps of engineers to delay the project. tonight they're devastated but vowing to fight on. >> we will stand in prayer. we will continue to stand, and we are not afraid. >> reporter: environmentalists and land owners are heated about blocking keystone. that would care 800,000 barrels of oil from canada to the gulf coast. it could create close to 10,000 short term construction jobs but only 50 would be permanent. opponents the move would harm the environment. the white house insists construction will move quickly. >> he wants to make
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sure we get this process back on track and get it moving. it's too important for the jobs and economy of our country. >> reporter: tonight the senate confirmed nikki haley. she could be sworn in as earl as tonight. in administration official tells me the executive orders still on tap this week relate to immigration and border security. lester. >> thank you. meantime, as all that plays out another battle is brewing over the supreme court. the president said he will announce his nominee to replace the late justin antonin scalia in the coming days. we're getting word of who might be on the short list. pete williams has details. >> reporter: president trump said today we'll know his supreme court nominee next week. >> we have outstanding candidates and we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. >> reporter: insiders say the lending contenders are federal appeals court judges appointed by judge george w.
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bush, all white meals. neil gorsump said the federal government took on too mump power. thomas hardiman strong on the right to have a gun outside the home. less likely is william pryor of gibirmingham. conservatives like they all have a record of ruling. >> we heard the expression no more suitors. there's a reluctance to put somebody on the bench based on winks and nods saying i know this person. >> reporter: it would not alter the court's make up but the trump choice is in for a fight. democrats are furious that president obama's nominee never got a hearing. republican leaders insist they will do whatever it takes to win confirmation. it takes an average of 70 days from
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nomination to confirmation. that would put the new justice on the court in late april in time to hear and vote on the last few cases of this current supreme court term. lester. >> pete williams, thank you. it's been another day of brutal weather. a norester battling homes and states leaving homes and businesses without power. kristen dahlgren has it all covered from portla portla portland, maine. >> reporter: it pounds the east coast. >> it's brutal. wind slapping you in the face. >> reporter: on long island 70 miles an hour wind gusts toppled trees and damaging homes and cars. a massive tree fell into this home in massachusetts. this window washing rig no match for the punishing winds that tossed it from the side of a building in new jersey. >> i was getting blown. i was getting scared. >> reporter: in massachusetts, waves crashing into the sea wall was nearly as
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high as these two-story homes. >> waves are huge. beach is gone. wind is coming in. it's crazy. >> reporter: on the jersey shore, some towns under water. across the region thousands left without power. roads covered in snow and ice made driving treacherous. on the west coast, a state of emergency in california as a different but equally dangerous storm wreaked havoc. flooding, mudslides and more than 20 inches of snow in some places. now, it's moving east. where we are here in portland, maine tonight, a freezing rain advisory remains in effect until erm tomorrow morning. up and down the coast thousands are still without power tonight. >> looks like a nasty night out there. kristen dahlgren, thank you. we have an update on that ongoing poison water crisis in flint, michigan. environmental officials say flint's water system no longer has levels of lead exceeding the federal
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limit for the first time since 2014. residents must still use filters because of the ongoing replacement of pipes there. in health news you're probably hearing a lot about the flu as we reach the peak of flu season. there's another kind of virus that makes your besiody hurt. it's a brutal bug called noro virus from indiana to maryland to ri. t rhode island. the way to prevent it might not be what you think. >> reporter: high school seniors mitchell is back on the court after a nasty bout of noro virus. >> i've never been that sick in my life. >> reporter: after more than a thousands students got sick, officials at st. charles east high shut it doin awn and scrambled to contain the outbreak. >> what did you do to clean the school? >> we took everything and used a 10% solution of bleach which is what the cdc
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recommended to us and cleaned all our classrooms throughout the school district. >> reporter: it's spreading nationwide. in maryland, laura's sons are still recovering. >> it came on quickly. they were fine one minute and the next they were laying down and very sick. >> reporter: the virus hit some 20 million americans a year. there's no vaccine and it's extremely contagious. >> it can also contaminate the environment so you can pick it up that way on your fingers. >> reporter: what can you do to prevent it? wash hands with hot soap and water at least 30 seconds. land sanitizers aren't enough. the virus can live on dishes and in bedding too. handle with disposable gloves and wash in very hot water. disinfect surfaces with a bleach based cleaner. st. charles east is open again but taking every precaution because it's possible this virus could strike again. nbc news, st. charles, illinois. now to an nbc news
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exclusive with the world closely watching the first days of the trump administration. we have a rare interview with one of china's top government officials. he's speaking out for the first time since president trump took offic office firing back at the u.s. >> reporter: the trump administration is sparking a strong reaction from china tonight after this warning over china's military build up in the south china sea. >> if those islands are in international waters and not part of china proper, we're make sure we defend international territories from being taken over by one country. >> reporter: china has been constructing artificial islands in disputed territory to use as bases. >> that's not for the united states. that's between china and some other countries in this region. >> reporter: today sat down with the foreign ministry's top spokesman in beijing
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for rare interview. >> you say it's none of the united states business? >> that's not the united states territory or the international territory as pete mentioned. >> reporter: then there's taiwan. china doesn't recognize taiwan's independence but trump, after winning the election, took a call from the taiwanese leader prompting china to send jets near the island as a threat. >> how would china respond if trump took more steps to recognize taiwan? >> by no means this is something that could be negotiated. >> there's no room for discussion from your perspective? >> one china policy. >> 100%? >> 100%. >> reporter: these days china values stability more than anything else. after all, it's taken this country decades to pull itself out of poverty to become a world power and china doesn't want president trump making waves and putting all its
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progress at risk. trump has been a fierce critic of china accusing of it unfair trade and currency manipulation leading to talk of a trade war. >> do you think that's coming? >> we don't want that, but it's not only up to us. that needs efforts from both sides. >> reporter: china, which had been silent on president trump is now laying down markers. beijing wants the president to know what its red lines are to avoid a costly military war or economic conflict. >> thank you. still ahead, a mother gets the shock of her life when she turns on the tv and cease her son dead at an active crime scene. we'll look at the case testing the limits of what can and should be shown on tv. also the oscar nominations are out and what a differenc
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we're back now with a family's outrage over a new real life tv program that hit way too close to home. it follows real police officers much in the manner of the long running show "cops," but with a twist. this action is streamed live. when this family tuned in last week they say they were blind sided by horrific news. gabe gutierrez has details. >> reporter: in its first season on a and e, live pd follows law
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enforcement act sgencies around the country and broadcast in realtime on friday night. the latest episode is causing controversy after a camera crew rolled up another a climb scene in south carolina and the shooting victim's mother said she learned of his death on national television. >> i seen yellow tape and when i seen that i already know somebody gone, and i knew it was my brother. >> let he see your hands. >> reporter: the ri richland county sheriff department says it allows them to ride along for transparency. >> this is a new day and age. >> reporter: the show's executive producer who worked at "nightly news" says live pd operates on a slight delay and follows strict standards for news gathering. >> it's not a reality program. it's not unscripted television. we're a live documentary program. >> reporter: he says there was one family member at the scene who had been notified of the shooting. >> this is a tragedy.
6:48 pm
we were there. we were documenting it. it was inadvertent. >> reporter: televising police work is not new. cops has been on the air for 29 seasons. some wonder whether streaming investigations almost live crosses the line. >> i don't think we should get into the idea that police departments are reality television. >> reporter: a tragic moment captured in realtime raising questions about the balance between transparency and sen sensitivit sensitivity. we're back with sensitivity. we're back with another view fro c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! sensitivity. we're back with another view fro i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one.
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>> reporter: hollywood is going gaga for la laland. it tied the record for titanic in all about eve when a year diversity is taking center stage. >> as long as you in my house, you put a sir on the end of it when you talk to me. >> reporter: best picture include fences, moonlight and hidden figures, the true tale of afric african-american math me tigss in the 60s. >> we're happy that people are receiving it and children and families are responding to these women. >> reporter: octavia spencer is one of seven actors nomina nominated, a stark contrast to two years ago when the oscars were so white. this year viola davis is making history becoming the first black actress getting
6:53 pm
three oscar nods. >> it's not year to year but the overall picture. this year looks to be pretty good. there's no guarantee it will be the same next year or it could be better. >> reporter: years after mel gibson's scandal, he scored a director nomination for hacksaw ridge. far less shocking, meryl streep is now a 20-time nominee using her tone deaf role in florence foster jenkins to shatter her own record and perhaps a few glasses. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. a police dash cam captured a shocking moment in utah. the semitruck on the left as a train smashed amazingly there's no serious injuries. the crossing arms weren't down nor were the flashing lights. they are investigating to figure out why that occurred. they have a hot clothing brand. these f
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can see that matters. ann thompson has more on them in our aspiring america report. >> yeah. >> reporter: bradford and bryan manning are men of vision. >> who's the better looking brother? >> me. >> it's clear. look at the youtube videos and i think you can determine. >> if you make your own accounts and post it, it doesn't count. >> reporter: constant ribbing as they run their clothing company. to change the way they see or don't see the world. >> our disease is we lose our center vision and keep a lot of our periphery. >> what can you see? >> everything outside of this. >> reporter: that's why their company is kpa called two blind brothers. >> when i think of fashion, i think of line, style, color. what am i missing? >> touch. >> it's amazing. >> that's lovely. >> it says love. that braille letter is the letter o. >> reporter: with 100% of the profits going to research for the
6:58 pm
foundation fighting blindness. >> we're on the five-yard line of crazy, crazy treatments. it inspires us to do that. the message is that s we get motivate us. >> i think you are great role models for people with visual impairment. keep doing what you're doing. >> reporter: diagnosed as children, they learned from each other, encouraged by their parents. >> they were more than happy to let us fail and get us back up to do something else. >> reporter: this nine-month old venture has attracted attention of ellen. >> thank you. >> reporter: raising $33,000 for research with more to come. >> this is a long sleeve forest green henley. >> charcoal. >> charcoal. i can't see well. >> reporter: but with a clear view of their future. nbc news, new york. >> that's going to do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt. thank you for watching and good night.
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erin andrews' secret battle with cancer. >> the "dancing with the stars" co-host stunning health confession now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra "dancing's" erin andrews revealing her cervical cancer diagnosis, how she got the
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crushing news at 38 just months after battling her stalker in court. her emergency surgery and how she's doing today. kellyanne conway's fistfight at the inaugural ball? all new details who trump's top aide allegedly punched just hours after the president's swearing-in. was michael jackson murdered? his daughter, paris jackson's headline making new interview in "rolling stone." "la la land's" titanic morning, tying leo's famous movie with oscar nominations. >> the two stars originally lined up for the roles. >> denzel, viola, octavia and naomi. >> one of diverse oscars ever. chen priyanka chopra on her steamy "quantico" sex scenes and her real-life dating confessions. >> i don't see anything on my finger. >> she turned into beyonce on me. sean hayes filling secrets and spoilers from the "will &


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