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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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10 the search for four missing men from bucks county comes down to a farm right here in solebury township. it's captured national attention. ka dogs are now searching the property. i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. the property that's being searched roigt now owned by the family of 20-year-old koz ms mo dinardo. investigators made a plea to the public. they need information to draw a link between the four missing men and information that could connect the men to the property being searched and they are looking tr any ties the missing man could have the man there on your screen. >> lauren mayk joins us now live with the latest on this investigation. >> he's being held on $1 million bail. that's high and the d.a. says that they wanted it that way because as a person of interest
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he could be a flight risk. neighbors here watch ed dinardo grow up. one tells me he hears him playing his country music and another one says he's a helpful kid. and they are all trying to take this in. a day after police searched the brick home, neighbors trying to make sense of the mystery that's made its way to the called sack. >> i have known him since he was born. >> reporter: this neighbor says he's never had any trouble with the now 20-year-old dinardo. >> my wife talked about this. >> reporter: he and bob gable described delaware narinardo as his neighbors. >> he runs over and grabs the shovel and digs the hole for me. he says i'll do that for you. that's the kind of guy he was. and that's the way i'm always remembered him. >> reporter: he remembered hearing about him in an atven accident. >> he was supposedly in -- i
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don't know it was fact. he was in an atven accident. >> was it bad? >> i don't know all the circumstances. i guess it was. >> reporter: he describes dinardo as a polite boy and his family as hard working. the family runs a concrete business in philadelphia. dinardo home in bensalem a woman who answered the door declined toen comment. >> just like anybody would be and i'm sure the family of the employees are also the same way. it's a tragedy. and it has to play itself out ask we'll see what happens. >> reporter: i reached out to the ben salem police and they confirmed that dinardo is is known to them. they have had contact with him, but they would not describe what their history with him is. back to you. >> the d.a. made it clear he's looking for a connection between dinardo and these four men.
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do you know or should i say do neighbors you spoke with, do they know anything about that? >> reporter: not clear here either. i spoke with one neighbor who knows cosmo and knows two of the missing young men, but they don't know how or if they might know each other. so another mystery. >> reporter: lauren mayk live for us. if you'd like to follow the latest about the mysterious disappearance of these four men, head to or tap the nbc 10 app. this is the most viewed story. we have a full time line of events of the case and the late breaking details. turning to your weather. taking a live at first alert weathradar. we are keeping a very close eye on showers and thunderstorms as we head into the evening hours. let's get right over to chief meteorologist tammie souza. she's tracking the rain and the timing of all this. >> it's going to be a busy night. we're fwing to see. pop up storms here and there. we have already seen at least
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one storm that it moved through south new jersey. it's making its way offshore with a lot of lightning. the warning came earlier this afternoon. it was for small hail and damaging winds. you can see all of these storms beginning it to clear the beach area. you can see a at this point we are looking at activity. it's off to the north of toms river. it's really moving quickly out of the greater philadelphia area. now we look back off to the west pause we have some warnings that are moving through parts of west virginia, moving into parts of maryland. we have some strong storms and also moving towards harrisburg. so we're watching these storms clear the philadelphia area and another batch is entering our area. these storms are very isolated in nature. behind that, we're looking at another batch of storms that's going to be entering the area. so some of this is going to fizzle out. some in the tomorrow of a thunderstorm. it could be a strong storm. we're under a marginal risk for some of these storms to turn strong or severe, but they'll
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have a lot of intense lightning. this is just day one of three we're to see this activity. part two of the story is going to be the temperature. we have seen 91 today. and look at this. we will probably break the record on thursday. the old record is 98. won't be surprised to see 99. we have the heat watches posted tr thursday. that's going to be a dangerous weather day. we will talk about the heat as well as time out the storms and there are more on the way for the next dcouple days. summer break will start two weeks late for members of the senate. hitch mitch says the gop needs more time to work on the health care bill and other issues. but mitch mcconnell blames democrats for slowing down work in the senate. democratings blame the republicans unpopular health care bill. mcconnell expects to release a revised version of the health care bill by thursday. developing tonight, i love it. those words from donald trump jr. when a russian lawyer hinted she had damaging information
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about hillary clinton. to share those personal exchanges today. we have the littest twist in the story. >> trump jr. said he tweeted out the e-mails in an effort to be totally transparent. the e mills only prove the campaign was open to working with the russian government. they were told he would be offered information that would incriminate democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. at one point during the exchange, trump jr. saying if it's what you say, i lo it.
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>> trump jr.'s meet iing with t attorney took place on june 9th, two days after president trump became the presumptivive republican nominee. president trump's personal attorney said the president did not know about this meeting and only found out about it a few days ago. live in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. new at 5:00, a group of lawmakers is speaking out against president trump's newly minted election advisory commission. senator chris coops was among a group of lawmakers that addressed the commission. president trump created a a group by executive order back in may. he wants them to investigate claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election. >> the president's so called commission on election integrity is a perfect example of just that. and should be called out for what it is. no evidence whatsoever that in person voter fraud occurs ob any
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appreciable scale. >> dozens of states refused to hand over certain types of voter information. cricket es inside the state. capitol in harrisburg this afternoon. a lot of silence as lawmakers became law today. tom wolf let become law as he hopes both sides can come to a deal. tensions are running high a the a hearing for 16 of the 18 fraternity members charged in it the death of a penn state pledge. several loud arguments e erupted between the prosecution and defense during teoday's proceedings. the fraternity brothers are charged in the death of timothy piazza. the judge will decide if there's enough evidence to send this case to trial. a former corrections officer was sentenced tr the sexual assault of a female inmate he was assigned to supervise. prosecutors say he was working at the atlantic county justice
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facility when he made sexual comments to a woman and inappropriately touched her. he was sentenced to five years probation and banned from public employment. a a man was shot while sitting in his car in a fast food drive-thru in philadelphia's firm rock neighborhood. it happened just after midnight at this wendy's at broad. police say the robber walked up to the driver's car and pointed a rifle at him. they say the driver gave the gunman $7 and reached for the rifle. the gunman fired and took off. investigators are now trying to figure out if if it was a real rifle or a pellet gun. the victim drove himself to the hospital with a hand injury. work for the department of military and veterans affairs says he was fired because he's gay. michael simon worked at the va, but in 2015, he was shown the door. the va violated the whistleblower law by firing him. the department is not commenting on the case. and transgender rights will
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be the focus of a gathering in center city tonight. the aclu is inviting people for a discussion on the state of those rights in pennsylvania. the event being held at smokiii betty's at 6:00. a start up celebrated the oeching of its new headquarters. the mayor was there and cut the ribbon for gopuff in northern liberties. . if you haven't heard of it, it's a delivery service that has anything you can find at a convenience store. they have everything from eggs to ice cream to beer. two business students started it in 2014. >> it's a number one seller of ice yacream in the city. >> alcohol, whatever to your door. >> next a at 5:00, problems near a pennsylvania landmark. >> this here in reading is one
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of its main attractions but it's been attracting a rowdy crowd. from store clerk to crime fighting hero. why criminals will think twieg before messing with this man. pipeline problems in chester county with construction underway, residents complaining about strange looking water. next why the local township wants to press pause on construction. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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developing story, the investigation continues after a deadly plane crash in rural mississippi. a military transit plane art of a training mission went down killing all 16 on board. the debris field stretches for miles across this farmland. investigators are searching for evidence. >> take a statement tr from air traffic control and any witnesses that may be able to contribute something to what happened. >> military officials have confirmed cargo on the plane included small arms ammunition and what's described as personal weapons. new at 5:00, a pipeline connecting the shale to philadelphia is is getting pushback from neighbors tonight. it will create jobs, supply energy to the region. >> as randy gyllenhaal reports, there are concerns about water problems and worry about gas leaks down the road.
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>> the natural gas pipeline is already being installed just a stones throw from backyards and porch decks. >> summertime you can't enjoy it. >> neighbors say they knew this day was coming. it tracks complaints since construction began starting with funky water coming out of the facet. >> my water is brown. is water is okay. >> state regulators say only a few homes use iing well water h been affected. families who use well water showed us these samples with brown sediment building up. some families using bottled water to drink and give their kids and only using. tap water to clean.
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>> we're not going to take a chance. >> it filed a an injunction and a state senator here also pressing the company to suspend drilling, but the construction is in compliance. in the meantime, neighbors will push forward holding a meeting tonight raising concerns about what happened that the pipeline spills. >> to bring more people in and help to educate each other about what's happening. >> over the past few weeks, there's been a number of meetings on this topic and another one happening tonight at 7:00 at st. paul's eunited churh of christ. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. they held a public meeting to get feedback on their latest water supply plan. it's the first update in 21 years. the plan for threats and the options to ensure new jersey has abundant clean water for future u generations.
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mosquitos skpra sprpraying working to curb the insect problem. they will station at dusk to spray tr mosquitos. the areas will be closed during treatments. >> check that out. locally no one was hurt in all this. >> take a look at this radar. we're tracking the possibility of rain and pop up storms here no our region. let's turn to nbc 10 chief meteorologist tammie souza with the latest . >> we showed you that picture because it's type of thing that it's doing now across the midwest and ohio valley. let's take a look. we had storms moving through the area. especially south jersey where we had a severe thunderstorm warning earlier. that has long since expired.
5:18 pm
there was small hail and damaging wind threat. everything has moved out across the atlantic. we're starting to quiet down. let's go closer and there's no threat towards toms river. things have cleared out. so we'll have a little bit of a lull. it's going to make it steamier. you can see we have some showers and storms approaching harrisburg. we have some coming out of west virginia. and into parts of maryland. all of this is going to head in our direction. it may fizzle out some. e we may end up with some showers overnight from all of this. that's what was expected. . isolated to e severe today. some showers. we do have more that's making its way towards pittsburgh. we'll have to see if that line stays together a as it moves in our direction in the wee hours of the morning. you see a lot of cloud cover. because the main body of that storm is sitting back there and it's going to be lifting by to the north of us. it will be kicking up a a few
5:19 pm
showers. we'll get another piece of energy traveling a along that and we get into thursday that's going to be an oppressively hot day. a dangerous heat day with a lot of moisture and high temperatures. we get this warm front that passes by. you can see spotty showers and thunderstorms on this forecast model popping up across the philadelphia area. and that's going to be a a big concern as well as the heat on thursday for us. let's go hour by hour for you. this evening could see an isolated shower. maybe popping up or a storm. this model has a lot of shower activity making its way across the area. i don't think it will be as heavy as that showed. and we're going to clear out and probably woarm up to the 90s. . not as humid tomorrow, but near and close to where we were today. thursday is the interesting one. here comes the frontal boundary. you can see it laying down some
5:20 pm
stronger showers and storms across the area. the other thing we're talking about is the heat. it's 91 in philadelphia. 90 in wilmington. a refreshing 74 in mount pocono. that's the place to be. it feels like 95 in philadelphia. 97 in dover. 96 in vineland. earlier today it felt like 100. tomorrow this is where we're going. especially to the outdoor activities, pay attention. it will be 93 in south philadelphia with a feels like of 97. we go to phoenixville, 8 with a feels like of 92. allentown it will be 90, a chance of a shower. it will feel like 94. let's go to new jersey. yao going to go out to the township. it will be in the low 90s. it will feel like the 90s. we go to the jersey shore, it will feel like 97. and we're going to go to h harrington where it feels like 101. we're going to talk more about the extreme heat that's headed our way coming up in the next half hour. come on back and get more
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information. could hagh lov coffee lover. a clerk foils a robbery attempt in his own store. it was caught on b surveillance video, but was it a smart thing to do. hear what the owner said. and no horsing around in one local neighborhood. the surprise people got when they looked out their window. that's next at 5:00. nbc 10 news today starts a the 4:30 a.m. >> they are not just a picnic problem. wince oneself they invade your home, they are hrd to get rid of. plus your first alert weather, traffic ask night news. >> weekday mornings from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. join us.
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check out this time lapse of history in the make iing. it's the single largest concrete pour in philadelphia history from this weekend. chances are youen won't see it again once it's covered up. . this massive slab is the base of penn medicine's new pavilion hospital facility. it's 6500 cubic yards. what does that mean? enough to fill the good year blimp. it should open in 2021. the commissioner says anyone
5:25 pm
who can prescribe painkillers should have to get specialized training on them. that's after a two-day meeting with federal health tishls on the l opioid epidemic. the biggest problem is the majority of opioid prescriptions are immediate release formulations. those in particular can lead to addiction. he also. wants to scale back on prescriptions beinged to treat pain tr minor procedures. in delaware the death rate from cancer is down. there's been a 15% dip over the past ten years. the state says it comes tr earlier detection. don't be fooled by the good news. there's a lot of work to be done. t the death rate remains one of the highest this the country. local police officers corralling a problem they have never encountered before. >> a group of horses was found
5:26 pm
in a front yard on west main street. the new castle county police department was able to safely wrangled the horses. police put out a facebook post. for one, our officers are saddled with all types of calls in all types of neighborhoods. it seems like they are just horsing around and trying not to stur run the crowd. speaking of good work. working out, why the eagles flocked to north dakota to improve their team chemistry. plus another reason b to reach for that cup of coffee. not only will it keep you awake, but it will help you live longer. robbery foiled, a a jersey shore convenience store clerk makes a brave move that it leave s a criminal empty handed. >> i'm ted greenberg. what the employee's bog bosse told him about the split second
5:27 pm
decision. and coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, disappeared thin air. a south jersey teen vanished four to eight years ago. why the original detectives are back on the case tonight.
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a clerk fought back ask got
5:30 pm
control of the suspect's gun and tonight he's being call eded a hero. kudos pouring in on social media. >> the video was rolling as the clerk dwot the gun out of the criminal's hands. all new at 5:00. >> reporter: with an assault rifle pointed at him, a clerk makes a surprise move. they managed to yank the gun away. >> he grabbed the gun from his hands. >> reporter: the foiled hold up happened around 7:45 monday night. the robber, sen on video running out empty handed immediately after the clerk grabbed the loaded rifle. >> i always say never do it because money is nothing instead of them. >> there was a round in the chamber. the gun could have gone off and
5:31 pm
injured the clerk. >> reporter: police noting the employee's ri and also the danger of fighting back against as much such a criminal. >> my recommendation is to comply with the individual. and immediately or as soon as possible call 911. >> the owner tells me the store was also held up less than a a month ago. in cash. customers inside at the time but no one got hurt. investigator ises still working to track down the robber who had his face covered. his gun now a piece of evidence after this clerk's split second decision. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. we turn to breaking news. fbs 10 learned investigators called in cadaver dogs. there's no indication they found anything though. sky force 10 has been over a property all afternoon. the property is is owned by the parents of cosmo dinardo.
5:32 pm
he was named as a person of interest in the disappearance of four men and prompted a county-wide investigation. he was arrested last night on ab unrelated weapons charge. he's being held on $1 million bail. to the weather now, the heat wave has begun. you're looking a at the ben franklin bridge. sunny, hot, and temperatures reached the 90s. >> even with the heat, there's still a threat for storms tonight. check out the first alert radar on the screen. you see a little bit of that activity. those green spots moving across the area. let's talk to chief meteorologist tammie souza. what's the latest on the threat? >> right now, we're in between the storms. we had one severe earlier today and that warning was out there for small hail ask damaging winds. at this point, that's all moved offshore. you can see long island up here just next to new york city. new york city not moved, but they have a severe thunderstorm warning for the same reason. so the beam sweeps the sky,
5:33 pm
we're quiet in philadelphia. you can see everything that moved through earlier. could turn severe in our area. we are expecting something to be damaging wind ask hail and a brief heavy downpour if it turns severe. you can see we have more activity making its way across the state. we have a lot of activity in maryland and parts of west virginia. so we're going to be watching all of this to see if it dies off if the atmosphere is neutralized enough in our area or if some of this stays together across overnight. we have a warning right now in pittsburgh as well. that's just the beginning of that because we have more activity that's going to come through the next couple days. the other part of our story, the temperatures. right back up to 91. that's the high today in philadelphia. 86 in the philadelphia suburbs. the high valley has dropped to 85 and 90 in delaware. that's not too hot, but you factor in the moisture and it's
5:34 pm
oppressive. we are lock iing at a feels lik in the mid-90s. this is where we are today. near oppressive tomorrow will be near oppressive. we're going to see dangerous heat on thursday. that's what i'll talk about when i come back. >> you can track the latest weather conditions directly from your phone. just download the nbc 10. app to get updates from the first alert weather team. >> here's a look at the stories making head lines county by county across the e region. >> no one was hurt when a home went up in flames, but look at what happened to that home. this is the view from sky force 10. an entire exterior wall charred. uninhabitable. it's shut down in the area. police say they will reopen the road once they deem the path safe. and look at this. a gas main erupted into flames. out in burlington county, a contractor hit the line causing the rupture.
5:35 pm
they evacuated six homes at the time. >> in north philadelphia police want to find the man who spray painted a wall while walking his dog. . last friday you see a can of spray paint in his hand. e he painted the wall and left the area. they will get another target today. the retailer announced plan to open a small store in the plaza. this is a rendering of what it will look like. the store expected to open next summer. to be the new details in the bridgegate scandal. ing tr no jail time for the master mind behind it. david wildstein is expected to be arranged tomorrow. they helped convict two aids of chris christie. he was never charged. >> a couple is facing charges in connection with with what some are calling the state's largest illegal marijuana growing operation.
5:36 pm
officials say acres of trees in the state forest were cut down to make way for the 1,000 pot plants. some were more than a year old. he tipped off authorities back in april. they tracked down the couple at their home where officials found more marijuana plants along the scales ask other drug pa paraphernal paraphernalia. >> a gun registry is now on hold with the idea similar to the sex offender registry. the plan would require people who have been convicted of gun crimes to register with the police and check in from time to time. the council decided to delay that measure to have more discussion about it. love coffee? maybe you can drink more without feeling guilty. a a new study shows the benefits go well beyond the buzz. >> i'm john clark. carson wentz invited receivers to bond and work out.
5:37 pm
we have the video today. we're going to hear tr carson and his teammates on building chemistry. that's next. keeping active, no matter your age. that's what this 100-year-old skier is doing. hear his secret to living life to the fullest.
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5:39 pm
it's a very exclusive club.
5:40 pm
today george made it into the 100 plus feet club. he just turned 100 years old. cutting. up the slopes like that. they gave him access to a couple private runs. that way he wouldn't have to wait until winter. nobody in his family has lived this long. so what does he do? he attributes the longevity to exercise and positive thoughts. >> on the positive side, you're on this earth a short time. you have to think of all the positive thing its and don't let the negative things outweigh those. >> wise information. looks great for his age too. >> he looks fantastic. >> he plans to keep on skiing as long as he can. >> keep ongoing. >> take a look at this. a day on the lake for a a young fisherman and his dad has become a hot item on social immediamed.
5:41 pm
they were fishing at a state park when they came across this. that large fish is called a a muscle key. his mouth is dinner. a northern pooik. a lot of people want to know where they were fishing when they caught all this. the father ask son are not reveal iing their secret spot. >> very mysterious and interesting. cultivating chemistry on the field. why the eagles left their nest in philly and traveled all the way to north dakota. plus pagoda problems, the push to make the area around a sacred tower more peaceful. heat wave and strong storms, we're going to be watching them both tonight, tomorrow, thursday, i'm going to break it all down for you so you'll know when it's going to be headed to your neighborhood. that's after the break. and coming up at 6:00, chaos breaks out when philadelphia police appear to slam a man in handcuffs. we get answers from investigators as this video goes viral.
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eagles quarterback carson wentz proving to his teammates that fargo, north dakota, is not a frozen wasteland. he got his receivers to fly to his home state for summer workouts. john clark joins us. >> it's not a common destination for an nfl gathering. >> it's not easy to get millionaires to go to it fargo, north dakota, but carson wentz can get it done and he's really stepping up as a leader. he invited them to north dakota to work out and is bond before training camp. his teammates rsvped yes.
5:45 pm
>> carson wentz huddled up his receivers and led them through a a workout. he ran eagles plays, so carson in his second year, is taking over as a leader. >> being the quarterback and everything, obviously, the leadership comes along with it. . >> it says a lot. a bunch of receivers mostly new to the eagles flew to fargo to work out with their quarterback. >> they all flew in and they are like what is this place. but they love it. we have had some fun. got a lot of good work in so far. it means a lot that we got this it many guys to come out. i think it's a big part of build this chemistry. we have a number of new faces. >> alshon jeffrey has taken a liking to his qb. >> he's an awful. no, he's great. this is awesome. everyone around loves him. it's a great crowd. everywhere we go, he's the man. >> great people out here, great time.
5:46 pm
>> the birds are bonding before training camp. working out and chilling. so do the receivers like fargo? >> we love it out here. >> they love it. check their twitter. they love it. >> out here in nld. ain't no rap stations on the radio. straight country music and red heads. >> we will see if carson can get them to go back for a a second year. carson announced today the launch of his foundation. audience of one foundation. he took a trip to haiti this off season. he's pretty much doing everything right. that character box he checks it off. >> that's a good man getting them out in the water soon. >> it looks fun. >> i'm with you. i'm down for this. >> john clark, we appreciate the anchorman reference at the top of the story too. >> any time you get this movie in. >> basketball may be joel embiid's first sport. he showed off his love for baseball last night in miami.
5:47 pm
embiid tweeted out these pictures at marlins stadium. not only did he pose with the ball kids, he put the massive hands of his to work snagging a a few home run balls of his own. >> we're tracking a threat for storms. you can see a few showers moving across the radar. >> take a look at this video now out of indiana. we're flooding where the same storm system that will affect us over the next few days. homes and businesses have been swamped with water. let's check in with chief meteorologist tammie souza. >> that's what we saw. earlier we had a severe storm in south enginejersey and that was wind and hail. those are the threat there is. they did produce heavy rain. it's now moved out into the atlantic. there was a severe thunderstorm warning up here on long island off of new york and that has since expired. so these warnings are very brief in. but the downpours that come with
5:48 pm
the storms very heavy when they move through. there's a lot of intense lightning. so we are still watching because there are some approaching harrisburg. you can see they are beginning to sort of fizzle out. there's one that's now moving through parts of west virginia into maryland. and that one has a warning on it. some of them are beginning to veer into the moist air off to the south of us. but anything that stays intact across our area has the potential to turn severe. they may just diminish into rain showers later. you can see some making their way through pittsburgh. a bow echo line. so a a lot of intense lightning and beyond that, even more for the next couple days. let's go hour by hour for you and take care of the storms first. a little bit of pop up storm activity. that's going to be out of here by 10:00. just some light rain showers
5:49 pm
across the area. they will be out of here. but it could be anywhere. it's indicating that could be some individual storms. another one perhaps tomorrow up toward allentown and lehigh valley and across philadelphia. and tomorrow evening again across south jersey. we just stair step through the day. then we get into thursday. it could be quite interesting. we will be hot and humid. it will be dangerous heat and oppressive and we get this line that's going to drape across the area. so we have the potential for soevere storms on thursday as well. now the second part of our story is the heat. we hit 91 today. we'll see about 93 tomorrow. 99 on thursday. the record is 98. that is the actual air temperature we're expecting. the feels like could exceed 105. the front comes through. 8 3 on friday. a roller coaster into the next
5:50 pm
several days. 91 in philadelphia. feels like 95. that's the heat index. let's go out to ocean city. 89 and feels like 98. it felt like 100 in atlantic city. and feels like 95. . and finally look at this. if you want any relief, go to the poconos. it's 74 and feels like 74. that's where things are much more comfortable. on thursday we have an excessive heat watch in place. tomorrow 93. 99 on thursday. strong storms possible. 83 on friday. 88 on saturday. and the weekend look at that sunday. it looks pretty nice out there. >> to this now, good news for coffee lovers. the morning cup of joe could help you live longer. the positive benefits of coffee. the results reigniting the conversation is coffee really healthy for you. researchers found coffee helped
5:51 pm
to reduce the risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and respiratory disease. one cup lowered by 12%. three cups a day, rr risk drops by 18%. experts say it didn't matter if you were drinking regular or decalf. >> very interesting. trash, drugs and loud music. they have all been problems that plague a sacred area. >> and neighbors are fed up. new at 5:00, the solution to fixing the parties after dark happening around a popular pagoda.
5:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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welcome back. lester holt joins us with the nbc studios in new york. >> ahead for us, did donald trump jr. breathe new life into suspicion in the trump campaign and russia? the e-mails and exclusive conversation with a russian lawyer he met with. details after a catastrophe in san francisco and the lottery mega winner spending their millions on others. for now, back to you in philly. >> that family from our area. we'll be watching that. and a pagoda in reading known for majestic views, but it's had a reputation for
5:55 pm
parties a dark. neighbors are fed up can complaining to the city. >> steven fisher takes us through the possible solutions to help chemothe pa gae da a peaceful lace to visit. >> the play your introduced an ordinance tr midnight to 6:00 a.m. but some say that's enough not and believe police need to be involved. it's an historic site. >> it's a beautiful spot. it's a sacred area. >> you'll find great views and this. >> there's a lot of trash up here. there's been an ongoing problem. >> reporter: she's on the city council. >> it was built in 1908. >> reporter: neighbors have noticed it's turn into a party spot after dark where had had go to drink, do drugs and play loud music. >> it rattles the windows and people on this side the homes that come up can hear it it. >> as a solution, the mayor proposed an ordinance preventing parking from mid-tight to 6:00 a.m. >> i think 12:00 is to late.
5:56 pm
it really isn't preventive. >> she'd like the rule to start earlier and visitors say the only way to prevent partying is if police enforce it. >> this is unacceptable for the area. it will be tough to see it be gone for the rest of us because of stupid actions. >> the city is to try to come together on a decision on how to solve the problem. it they decide, it will go to a vote. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> up. first at 6:00, cadaver dogs snifg out a farm as police keep searching for four missing young men. >> and arrest chaos. the crowd screaming as police seemed to slam a man b in handcuffs. . what police are saying about this now viral video, new at 6:00. vanished from burlington city 43 years ago at the age of 14.
5:57 pm
>> now detectives from the very day of the summer disappearance are teaming with a new investigators to solve the crime. it's a story you'll see only on nbc 10, next. storms could pop up in your neighborhood over the next couple days. plus extreme heat, next in your most accurate first alert forecast.
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5:59 pm
holding out hope. arrest chaos, new video seems to show philadelphia police slam a man in handcuffs. teenager vanishes without a a trace. new at 6:00, why her case is getting new attention four decades later. roigt now at 6:00, the search intensifies for four missing men. sky force 10 live over a farm in bucks county where police are digging up the dirt and cadaver dogs are sniffing around. this farm is own ed by the famiy of a person of interest in this case. cosmo delaware ninardo is in cu unrelated charges. the men disappeared ask the district attorney is tell iing how dig this investigation is getting.
6:00 pm
>> that's what we're dealing with here. we have people combing the entire county. >>. >> had deanna durante is live over the farm where police have been searching. >> reporter: you can see under the large tent is a large hole that investigators have been focusing on. they have been digging down deep into the ground here on this farm. they set up two smalleren tents where you can see investigators, some of them with the fbi are sifting through the dirt, putting that dirt into screens there and sifting it through trying to see what kind of evidence they can find. we have learned from investigative sources that trenzic evidence is being tested and it's hopeful by investigators that this evidence, whatever they find here, will lead to four missing men.


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