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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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posts. these are sometimes the faces of the administration. your press secretary, communications director, chief of staff. tonight one less familiar one in the white house staff. >> anthony scaramucci entered the white house with drama. six days later he is out and with more of it. >> does not have a role at this time in the trump administration. >> scaramucci's short tenure in brief but colorful fashion with white house chief of staff reince priebus. scaramucci attacking priebus in bold language. >> the president felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession. >> reporter: kelly is general john kelly sworn in as chief of staff today taking reince
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priebus's place hours before scaramucci was out. kelly said all staff reporting to him. for now that includes sean spicer who hit the door as scaramucci arrived but stayed on for a administration. the staff shuffle swirling as president tweeted about economic achievements with the tweet with the words no white house chaos. he had been in the role for less than a week. the white house said today scaramucci felt it best to give the new chief of staff a clean slate. sean spicer also using those words, clean slate when he stepped down. >> lauren, stay tuned for nightly news for the latest on this new white house shakeup and what it means for the president at 6:30 right after this newscast. the man hunt continues for a murderer on the main line. police say this man killed someone at random.
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investigators say the same man shot at two other people. the incidents all happened in about an hour saturday night. steven fisher is live tonight. police are getting tips tonight? >> we have been in touch with philadelphia police. both are investigating and actively looking for this guy and tell me a lot of tips have been coming through which has been helpful. right now the biggest priority is to get this guy off the street. >> the manhunt continues. the man seen walking away from a murder scene. >> we are not used to hearing about that. >> reporter: police say he unloaded 17 shots. two people in a car and 45 minutes later police say he shot and killed john le. >> he is putting his hood up and tucking what appears to be a
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weapon. >> reporter: police chief says they are still unsure this was targeted or random. >> could have had confrontation. it is missing. >> his friend heard the shots and tried to save him sfwlmpt can came down very quickly. administered first aid. >> reporter: le graduated high school and went to temple. he was working locally as an accountant. >> minding his own business. i don't get it. >> reporter: and chief did tell us that this violence here in the township is rare. also went on to say there hasn't been a murder in the last 14 years. there is the $5,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest. of course, we'll post an update on the nbc 10 app. the moment this suspect is arrested. turning to your first alert
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weather. a picture perfect day outside. people enjoying the sunshine and getting some ice cream. anyone who took a long weekend at the shore is enjoying themselves. a live look at beautiful cape may. the heat is about to turn up. >> let's bring in glenn "hurricane" schwartz. temperatures and the humidity going up. >> absolutely. we are not going to be getting into dangerous territory but not quite as comfortable as it has been. what a great day for baseball. you don't get days like this in the middle of summer very often. it is going to start feeling hotter. it was extremely nice yesterday and today. it is going to gradually get more uncomfortable, steamy by wednesday. still not in the oppressive range let alone dangerous. by tomorrow afternoon, for example, feeling like 90. it will be about 90. it will feel like it is about 90
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across most of the area, maybe a little bit shy of that in a couple of places. at the jersey shore it will feel nice and comfortable. sunshine all day and so we have some pretty nice weather ahead. it will keep getting a little bit hotter and more humid as we go through the week. i will let you know when storms are coming back, too. new from bucks county. a man is guilty of killing a bensalem girl nearly 33 years ago. prosecutors say shaw killed her back in 1984. prosecutors say rowen was baby sitting shaw's daughter when he killed her. vice president mike pence says despite hatest moves by russia american wants to improve relations with moscow. pence made the comment. on sunday russian president vladimir putin ordered 755 u.s. diplomats and staff out of the country. it was in response to sanctions
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imposed by the u.s. as the u.s. increases its military presence in the area president trump said today the situation in north korea will be handled. he did not elaborate. the u.s. flew two supersonic bombers on sunday. the show of force followed north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile test. after several false starts by the gop, democrats and republicans are working together tonight on health care. it's a story we broke last night. a group made up of members of both parties calls itself the problem solvers. they want to make changes to obamacare before insurance companies set premiums for next year. it is part fix, part repeal and part stabilizing the market. ryan cost elo was part of the caucus. >> the only way to create something that is durable and that has credibility and that has buy in from everyone is to have republicans and democrats
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both see the value in the health care system. >> the plan includes having congress oversee payments to insurers and changes mandate requiring to offer health insurance. right now the number is 50. today new jersey lawmakers are working a rare summer session and their priority seems to be chris christie's infamous july 4th vacation. you may remember christie was caught on a beach closed to the public because of a government shutdown. he refused topolo apologize. the bill passed another bill to keep state parks open during a shutdown and approved a measure to pay workers who were furloughed. governor christie leads the commission on combatting drug addiction. today the group asked the president to declare a national emergency. and providing federal funding to enhance access.
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recommendations include manda mandating medical education training and providing model legislation for states to allow dispensing of overdose reversal drug. in delaware police think two overdoses triggered a traffic backup this afternoon. state police thought a car had crashed. instead two people were inside apparently overdosing. one was arrested. the other taken to the hospital. assurances that this stretch of land in one philadelphia neighborhood will look completely different in a month thanks to a new cleanup effort. this is what is called the tracks. it has become known as a hot bed for drug use. it agreed to clean up the entire section with help from neighbors. officials told us drugs and crime will not define the neighborhood. >> there are a lot of great people in this neighborhood who don't deserve to be classified as in this particular
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neighborhood it isopeless. >> human services will be available for people looking for help with their addiction. the cleanup is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. the nbc 10 digital team has been pushing the city for years to clean up the area. tap the app to see our award winning reporting on the opioid crisis and the impact on families around our area. dozens of philadelphia kids are spending the weekend at camp put together by pennsylvania state police. it is called camp cadet. this is the first year the camp is being held at girard college. boys and girls will interact and learn about the patrol units that make up the state police. >> we try to teach about team building, respect, working together. they will do different challenges. we have horses out here today. philadelphia police have aviation. >> the camp is free and serves children in philadelphia, montgomery and delaware counties. a legendary philadelphia
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radio broadcaster has died. allen stone is best remembered for his 35-year career on wfil radio. he was a newscaster and analyst. he died yesterday at the age of 91. up next all new at 6:00 an nbc 10 exclusive only nbc 10 learns why hundreds of people can be tied to a drug investigation at the jersey shore. a giant surprise. can you guess what this catch is tipping the scales at tonight? the answer when we come back. it's going to be coming in hot. tracking more heat and humidity in my first alert neighborhood forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. all new at 6:00 in the last two hours the atlantic county prosecutor announced that hundreds of people could be tied to an investigation focussed on prescription drugs and city employees. >> we were the first to tell you how grand jury subpoenas were issued. now confirmation atlantic county is involved as we are getting specific details. jersey shore bureau reporter explains in an nbc 10 exclusive.
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>> it could involve anyone from a public employee to a pharmaceutical rep to a doctor to anyone who played a role in deceiving the insurance companies. >> reporter: atlantic county prosecutor confirming to nbc 10 tonight his office and federal authorities are conducting parallel investigations into prescription drug insurance fraud in the county potentially involving municipal employees. >> it's wide in scope. it's wide in the numbers of the community. >> reporter: revealing key details the same day nbc 10 obtained this grand jury subpoena issued to those three cities ordering them to turn over information about police, fire and other employees who have certain prescription coverage as part of their health insurance plans. federal subpoenas first reported
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requested the same information in june. we also uncovered the amount of brand name spripprescriptions quadrupled. >> we are obviously committed to getting to the bottom of this scheme. >> reporter: the prosecutor confirming a connection between the probe and last month's search at the medical office. >> tells me vitamins and compound prescription creams are part of the investigation. he says the case potentially involves hundreds of defendants and may result in federal and state charges. no arrests or indictments have been announced in the fraud investigations causing speculation to keep running rampant. the mayor of ventner. >> we don't know. the uncertainty of what is going to happen or what co worker is going to be effected causes moral issues.
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>> nbc 10 news. you can see all of ted's exclusive reporting into this prescription drug investigation all free on demand on the nbc 10 app. to this. danger by the dunes. the result of a combination of new dunes and pounding rains this weekend in margate. giant ponds of flood waters sitting on the beach between homes and brand new dunes. residents and vacationers say it is a danger that can lead to drowning. the mayor wants a stop work order for bull dozers and army corps of engineer work until and unless this is resolved. >> bacteria, mosquitos. i don't want little children in there. there is certainly enough water in there that can be fatal to somebody. >> the army corps of engineers plans to fill some space with sand and create walk ways to restore beach access. new at 6:00, this guy has quite a fish tale to tell. check out that carp he caught in
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the river. that bad boy weighs in at 30 pounds. the carp was reeled in around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. a perfect day for fishing today. >> a live look along boat house row if you don't run into that big there. let's go for a live look at the blue cross river rink. sunny skies. about to get hotter as the week wears on. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more. >> going to get a little more comfortable to go out to the park there over the next couple of days. we are not talking about the dangerous heat. we have been as high as 96 degrees so far this month. not going to get anywhere near 96 this week. 88 degrees in philadelphia is the high temperature today. pretty close to that as far as the rest of the area. you see sunshine in allentown a little bit hotter close to 90 degrees. and the way it feels right now
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at the airport 87 degrees. feels like 94. 91 in society hill. 94 at fox chase. humidity builds up a little bit more as you get into the heat in the middle of the city. and the temperature is going to be right around the 90 degree mark for the next few days. it is kind of a borderline heat wave. one of the two days can be 89. i think friday and saturday will be down partly because increasing cloud cover. we are not seeing much cloud cover right now. as we head to the north you can see a couple of showers just south. they are weakening and more showers in the northern pennsylvania and western new york state moving straight to the south. so that should not be effecting us certainly not tonight. that area is going to be gradually moving eastward and
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our threat for showers will be increasing as we go especially towards wednesday. tomorrow looks like the humidity still fairly low. higher than today close to 90 degrees. only isolated shower. by wednesday afternoon it's going to be a little more scattered around even potentially locally heavy but most places not seeing the rain. on wednesday or thursday. as we head towards friday and saturday i think there is going to be more of that activity around. now, over the next few days there are those temperatures in philadelphia. there is the symbol for the showers and thunderstorms that we are talking about some sunshine and a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. that is true for most of our area. but i don't have any precipitation in for the jersey shore or most of delaware. i think the threat of showers and storms is pretty far to the
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north. a tropical storm believe it or not did form off the florida west coast caused damage just out of nowhere and expected to redevelop and go out into the ocean and could kick up some waves around here later in the week. >> before the game top pick paid first visit. we will hear after the break.
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. this is sports desk brought
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to you by xfinity. x 1 will change the way you experience tv. good to see you as always. phillies looking to wrap up ten game home stretch and sweep braves out of town looking for first four game sweep since 1949. summer camp day. several groups enjoying the afternoon game. phillies putting on a show. gone. bottom of the third. two men on. 434 feet into upper deck. number 11 puts phillies up 4-zip. bottom of seventh doing flexing. 424 feet. he is going opposite field into the upper deck. that's strength. the braves make an interesting play. their fifth w in a row. phillies are trusting the
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process. new sixers star was invited to throw out the first pitch in the game. here he is with the experience. >> that was pretty cool. my goal is just to not throw in the dirt or away from the mound. i think i did a pretty good job. that was my first time doing that. i think it was a good experience and good atmosphere. >> also after today's game the phillies announced they traded relief pitcher for right handed pitcher. the eagles have the day off after the open practice to get back to work tomorrow. the first day of actual tackling to the ground. head coach knows very important step when fine tuning the team for the upcoming season. >> main thing is we want to keep conditioning our players with the physical nature of the contact and obviously come away healthy but at the same time being proper position to make
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tackles let our running backs feel that extra hit. >> check this out. wide receiver said the first time he would like to be invincible so thanked by giving his own signed copy. i think he presses those in the garage. john clark amped up. here he is with jalen mills, barbersh barbershop, mills getting fresh with trademark green hair. john decided to dye his hair green. we'll see him tonight at 11:00. stay with us. nbc 10 news coming right back.
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate.
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no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. really gorgeous day. >> and yesterday was spectacular too. looks like jumping ahead to next sunday looks like it might be like yesterday. of course, in order to get there we have to get through potential heat wave and a couple of days of thunderstorms. >> a few things to get through. that's our news at 6:00.
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thapgs for watching. >> up next nbc 10 nightly news with letter holt tonight, taking command. another major shake-up at the white house as general kelly grabs control and anthony scaramucci is gone after just days on the job. a dramatic turn of events. opioid nation. a staggering new look at the epidemic touching so many family, perhaps even yours. how so many are getting their hands on the drugs, a finding that surprised even the researchers. hbo hacked. cyber thieves strike and reports they may have hit "game of thrones." how bad is the breach? fatal treasure hunt. fears of a third death tonight as fortune hunters set out into wilderness in search of hidden gold and jewels. and courage under fire. an emotional scene as a genuine american hero is honored for risking his life to save wounded comrades. "nig


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